Turning The Nightmare To A Dream (Part 2)

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Thank you all so much. None of this would be possible without you and the love you've shown.

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13 Oca 2022




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Zarka 4 aylar önce
Shyla is literally making a movement for women right now. I’m here for it!
rxxyle 18 gün önce
@Leigh Anne Hardee she was no abused bye. this entire “series” was about promoting her “BRAND”
rxxyle 18 gün önce
@A Marie they are laid up right now & you are eating it UP!
Sincerelyn Aylar önce
@The G fam I bet YOU watch ace family and support Landon
shahad 4 aylar önce
@Mrs. Ofray “didn’t need to be made” ??? this is THE most superficial/ coldhearted point of view i’ve ever read. Everyone deserves to tell their story. Everyone deserves to claim victory of their survival after terrible experiences. No matter what her intentions are, she inspires many women, me included. You can’t just ‘move on’ after going through such things, let alone an influencer with a big platform. she can’t just let herself be misunderstood esp being involved with those evils.
_glamxobells 4 aylar önce
@Mrs. Ofray Miss Girrrl, didn’t you comment on her previous My truth video talking about “ I stand with Shyla “ 😂😂 goofy ass.
LaydeehDx3 4 aylar önce
I really like this Shyla, it’s crazy to see how much being in a toxic relationship could really take away from the potential and inner beauty of a person ! She is such a beautiful woman now her happiness is making her glow ! It’s beautiful!
Lisa-Marie Rota
Lisa-Marie Rota 2 aylar önce
cnmmd qiuoo
cnmmd qiuoo 4 aylar önce
scenes as well
Jennifer Taylor-Wright
This is a brand I can get behind! Made in the USA …. Size inclusiveness, the message, the owner, I’m loving it Queen!
Darian Shae
Darian Shae 4 aylar önce
Cringy but I use to be a huge ace family fan & had watched your channel in the past. I since have seen all your videos & everything you’ve been through. I am so proud of you girl for speaking up & I can not wait to support & buy something from your brand ! You’re doing amazing girl.
Isabelle Etienne
Isabelle Etienne 2 aylar önce
@Simply Paul who is Shadela and why are you bringing negativity here? Landon is old news.
Simply Paul
Simply Paul 3 aylar önce
Did u watch Landons? He posted receipt Shadela did not
Haley Pierce
Haley Pierce 4 aylar önce
I lost my 13 year old little brother to suicide in 2019.. loosing a sibling is such a different type of grief. It is so hard. I love you Shyla always have and always will. You are such a strong person mamas.❤️😩🤞🏻
Emma Jane
Emma Jane 2 aylar önce
I am so so sorry for your loss. I lost my partner to suicide but he was 37 so I cant begin to imagine what you and your family must be going through right now. But I am sending you my deepest condolences 💖😘😘😘
Tiana Merriman
Tiana Merriman 3 aylar önce
13 😭 thats heart breaking I’m so so sorry for your loss.. sending so much love & strength xx
Haley Pierce
Haley Pierce 4 aylar önce
Thank you guys. It still is so hard here n there but in the beginning I have never felt something worse in my life. I am taking it day by day thank you guys for the comments.💜 sometimes I get sad cuz I feel like people forgot about him but I will always live in his name.💜
Jade Granillo Myers
Jade Granillo Myers 4 aylar önce
Nobody deserves to go through this… I’m sorry.
Millie Lugo
Millie Lugo 4 aylar önce
I’m so sorry for your lost ❤️❤️
Adaezebeauty 4 aylar önce
The way Shyla fights back her tears…. I hope she gets her happily ever after this year
obaid almuhairbi
obaid almuhairbi 2 aylar önce
indy 4 aylar önce
Girl, this is her happy ending
Selina Manickum
Selina Manickum 4 aylar önce
I literally see it happening this year
Michelle Chartoff
Michelle Chartoff 4 aylar önce
Maybe you can help domestic violence victims or open a charity eventually in your sisters memory! I would be so down to help💕🙏
Arianna Herron
Arianna Herron 4 aylar önce
I LOVE that she included different body types and created a line accordingly. Thank you, Shyla, for including all women and inspiring and empowering us all. Keep up the hustle. We love you!
Makayla Byron
Makayla Byron 4 aylar önce
I never been a fan of landon or her, but I'm know starting to feel like he was holding her back from being her true self. They were just childish and drama, but evidently it was him. The best thing she could have done was get way from the mcbrooms. I'm seeing a whole different person. This literally gave me chills. It's incredible how she turned most of her haters (including me) into her biggest fans.
Kash Abad Arguello
Kash Abad Arguello Aylar önce
I use to dislike her nd one cringe at her but now I’m just impressed. No words.
Kash Abad Arguello
Kash Abad Arguello Aylar önce
Facts literally
dcoog anml
dcoog anml 4 aylar önce
“Dreams do take time” i love seeing Shyla coming out a bad space & being amazing. It just gets better from here.
Mary Y.
Mary Y. 4 aylar önce
Hey Shyla! You'll probably never see this but I just wanted to let you know that I spent over $500 on your brand today. Which is totally unlike me, especially being a broke medical student. haha But I really wanted to sow into you and your endeavors because I resonate with your story and what you've been through, and I deeply admire that you have kept a heart of gold through everything you've survived. The fact that your brand is so intricately and intentionally designed to be ethical and sustainable speaks deeply of your character and your integrity. I read an Instagram post you made that said that you've given God another shot, and I really pray He blows your mind with the amount of favor, joy, and grace He's about to pour into your life. This is just beginning! Take time to really sit in this and reflect on how amazing you are. You are strong and worthy, and you will have a beautiful life for yourself and your daughter. Love ya like a sister! -Mare❣
Sheila Risper
Sheila Risper 3 aylar önce
I hope you don't think its me 😂 am not the shyla you are talking of 😊
Mary Y.
Mary Y. 3 aylar önce
@Mónica Deana Huh, where? haha
Mónica Deana
Mónica Deana 3 aylar önce
Nice of Shyla to respond.
Sheila Risper
Sheila Risper 4 aylar önce
This is such a beautiful message 😍😍❤
Desi Perkins
Desi Perkins 4 aylar önce
You go girl 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 So inspiring
Caitlin Baker
Caitlin Baker 4 aylar önce
The Velasquez Family
The Velasquez Family 4 aylar önce
Gods Girl
Gods Girl 4 aylar önce
Definitely hearing her story is healing for me I went through something similar
Kristen Patton
Kristen Patton 3 aylar önce
Shayla I’m crying with you. Your words are so inspiring, and your pain is so relatable. Grief, and trauma is so hard.. You are incredibly strong. Life never stops.. Please continue to take the time you need to heal. Keep your head up! So happy to see you finding yourself outside of all the negativity that has came your way recently. Keep going, keep growing, and keep glowing 😁❤️
We’re here supporting a single mom doing her thing and becoming the best version she can for herself and her daughter
micayla morrison
micayla morrison 4 aylar önce
Kawthar Seyeed
Kawthar Seyeed 4 aylar önce
I wish she finds someone who loves her and Soul so hard and gives her the happy family she's always wished and rightfully deserves to have♥
brightlybrittany on Instagram
Shyla is LIGHTYEARS away from those broom people in terms of class, authenticity, maturity, beauty, strength, values, honest work, grace, compassion, intelligence, parenting…just everything. Huge fan 👏🏻
Jocelyn Watson
Jocelyn Watson 4 aylar önce
This comment
Miim Mm
Miim Mm 4 aylar önce
Catherine would never lol
Nona Reacts
Nona Reacts 4 aylar önce
Um chile anyways…part two of Shyla Walker’s business commercial ☠️☠️☠️
Mayra y Raul Family Vlogs
Awesome 👏
UMβRΔ 4 aylar önce
Um ok
marliez 4 aylar önce
Not gonna lie, my first thoughts were "oh not another active wear brand", but damn i saw your stories on the products and wow i'm actually so impressed, you really stepped up the active wear game, this is something i would actually buy, you go girl!!!!!
Annette Villamizar
Annette Villamizar 6 gün önce
Hey! my names Annette, I’m 22 (don’t mind my picture lol it’s old) I live in south Florida. Honestly I just wanted to say thank you. You’re story is so inspiring. I have been through abuse and traumas and I felt like my life was over. Honestly watching your videos gave me motivation again to keep following my dreams and feel like I still even have them in the first place. I have felt unsafe for so long and now I have this urge in me to get into self defense classes on my free time. I saw your videos and looked into your brand and was like wow lol that clothing is incredible. I’m definitely going to be saving some money so that I can buy some of your clothing and get into these classes ;,) Any way, good luck to you and your daughter, your company and your family, I’m praying for all of you and thank you again!!!! rock bottom really does bring out such an amazing and strong side of women and now I’m finally starting to see some light…Thank you God
Martha Gonzalez
Martha Gonzalez 4 aylar önce
I felt your heartbreak when you were talking about your sister’s passing. May peace be with you & your family.
D.Ruiz 4 aylar önce
wow this made me tear up. i see so many influencers starting their own AMAZING companies/brands but this one .. this one really inspired me the most. you are a phenomenal woman, Shyla.
Y. Nuñez
Y. Nuñez 4 aylar önce
Look at this girl.. for all those who said she hated on Catherine and was making things up to make Landon look bad.. this girl is thriving now you go girl!!!! Good things come when you let go of the negative people who hold you back.. May god continue to hold his hand over you and continue to bless you with so much more!!
Diana Diakaki
Diana Diakaki 4 aylar önce
@Lisa Lanese nah everything she said about her ex HE did it she has proof and she showed it he is the one saying „it‘s not true“ but didn’t show anything to proof that she showed who he really is he fucked up and she is glowing
Diana Diakaki
Diana Diakaki 4 aylar önce
@Lisa Lanese she has proof baby not like landon saying it’s „all lies“ and then showing no proof
Erin Alvarez
Erin Alvarez 4 aylar önce
@Lisa Lanese yes ! Thank you I strongly agree with you 👏🏼
marie gold
marie gold 4 aylar önce
@Lisa Lanese honestly not even concerned about who's lying anymore ? They both obviously lied here and there. Let people just move on for soul
Y. Nuñez
Y. Nuñez 4 aylar önce
@ Marie Gold- girl I didn’t speak bad on Catherine!! All I said was “those who said she hates on Catherine”. Don’t try and read more into it.. chill! Im just here rooting for a woman who is thriving after going through what she did. You just assumed I was talking sh** and you know what they say about those who assume???… talking about we are part of the problem when you’re the one coming on here talking crap!
Based Mom
Based Mom 4 aylar önce
Shyla is doing so well for herself and Solié! So inspiring to see how far she’s come! Nothing but positivity! 💓
Valerie Contreras
Valerie Contreras 4 aylar önce
The strength of a mother is like no other. Shyla you deserve all the success and happiness! God bless you ❤️
Camila Paola
Camila Paola 4 aylar önce
This made me CRYYYYYY. because I also had to hit the lows to get to where I am today. so proud of you girl!
Tori Ferrer
Tori Ferrer 4 aylar önce
I don't even understand how only 3 videos can inspire me so much more than the past year of content I've watched from other creators
Cristina Michelle
Cristina Michelle 4 aylar önce
The fact that shyla is using her channel instead of the l&s channel, which has a lot of subscribers and could reach a lot of people, is showing maturity and independency. Woman power right here ❤️❤️
Irais Vargas Perez
Irais Vargas Perez Aylar önce
@Ava Wells Bro u literally should’ve said that
Ava Wells
Ava Wells 4 aylar önce
@Irais Vargas Perez bro I literally know
Irais Vargas Perez
Irais Vargas Perez 4 aylar önce
@Ava Wells she just said she’s using HER OWN CHANNEL 😑🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️
Celine Winslow
Celine Winslow 4 aylar önce
This but also there are likely many haters on that other channel already and she definitely doesn’t need that. So, yes.. for her to make and use her own is incredible and it’s going to grow✨✨
cqvio doli
cqvio doli 4 aylar önce
That smile when you talked about your company. I sense that confidence girl. Keep going, keep appreciation and being kind to yourself. Wish you great success
Feydan 4 aylar önce
I'm not even a girl but I'm pumped for the release haha, keep winning.
Klara Brunetta
Klara Brunetta 4 aylar önce
Whenever I feel down with my life or situations that arise, Shyla truly inspires me to continue pushing through. She is the definition of turning your wounds into wisdom!
Genes Boyer
Genes Boyer 25 gün önce
I just have to say you personally changed my life for the better. I’m now a funeral director because of you I followed through with my goals
Miranda Flatbush
Miranda Flatbush 4 aylar önce
Shyla is literally making a movement for women right now. I’m here for it!
Miranda Flatbush
Miranda Flatbush 4 aylar önce
@Nona Reacts lots of people who go through traumatic events in their help them push to do their passions. The fact hers was about people who went through what she went through with Landon and came up on the other side to work hard for her daughter is admirable. Sooo 🤐
Nona Reacts
Nona Reacts 4 aylar önce
Um chile anyways…part two of Shyla Walker’s business commercial ☠️☠️☠️
😵‍💫 4 aylar önce
@Chaka Con Estiló um maybe if you’d pay attention to them on social media London pretty much exposed himself for lying plenty of times so who are you willing to believe?
Gods Girl
Gods Girl 4 aylar önce
BH Of Everything
BH Of Everything 3 aylar önce
Love you sissy!❤️ You go girl and I bet your daughter will be so proud of you and she will flow your steps and become an inspiration too💖
Kelly Mass
Kelly Mass 3 aylar önce
I am SO SO proud of YOU mama. Your first video just broke my heart. You deserve all the best and much more.
Julie D
Julie D 4 aylar önce
Her voice holds so much power! Wishing you all the best on this journey, Shyla! ✨💜
Simple Life With Erika
I really am so so proud of you! Your story is so inspiring. May God continue to bless you and your daughter!.
Jeyena sumi
Jeyena sumi 4 aylar önce
shyla you deserve someone better than Landon it is his lost to lose someone who is strong, independent woman. You’re such an inspiring person I look up to. May God bless you and souline 🕊🕊🕊
Isha Mamood
Isha Mamood 4 aylar önce
Respect to Shyla. For pulling herself out of a dark place and reinventing herself. Her energy is so controlled, contained. calm and aligned.
Djandfamily 3 aylar önce
ABSOLUTELY PROUD OF YOU YOUNG LADY. I’ve watched you grow up. Continued success
mercy 3 aylar önce
I’m so proud of you Shyla!! You’ve been through way too much.
Gypsi 4 aylar önce
this will be the first TRvidr brand, I'll support because Shyla my heart resonates with you and God, I pray this woman reaches the highest of highs.
Bri Mendoza
Bri Mendoza 4 aylar önce
Same girl
Zivi s
Zivi s 4 aylar önce
m4567 M
m4567 M 4 aylar önce
this is exactly how i feel and i’ll do the same❤️
Alecia Wood
Alecia Wood 4 aylar önce
Emily Elenaa
Emily Elenaa 3 aylar önce
this is so beautiful Shyla! We love you and your family! Thank you for being so strong for us!
Gabriella Rodriguez
Gabriella Rodriguez 4 aylar önce
Congratulations 🍾 you are truly inspiring! ❤️
Shawn Smith
Shawn Smith Aylar önce
God ❤❤❤❤ your story is amazing, inspiring, life saving. Prayers for us all to find that same strength
stacy morales
stacy morales Aylar önce
Yesssss! The message and vision !!! I'm here for it and love this. Your a voice for some many woman and what your using your platform to do it everything!!! May god bless you and your journey. Keep going keep striving 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
HayAngelly 4 aylar önce
She was so right when she said her and Catherine didn’t have the same goals or heart… she is so genuine
Miim Mm
Miim Mm 4 aylar önce
Catherine would never!
shannen 4 aylar önce
@Becca Sawyer she said it on the L&S channel. I believe when she was reviewing Catherine's 1212 gateway products. She got a ton of hate over it but we all knew she was right. Catherine is cray.
annmarie sophie smith
annmarie sophie smith 4 aylar önce
@11sparkle77 she only has 3 videos its the 1st one called the truth
11sparkle77 4 aylar önce
@annmarie sophie smith what video? Post the link
JJ Gaming
JJ Gaming Aylar önce
We love and support you stay strong 😍
Daniela Centeno
Daniela Centeno 4 aylar önce
My heart. I’m so sorry for your loss. You’re an amazing woman! And I can’t wait for the next chapter!!
Micheline Heise
Micheline Heise Aylar önce
Yes, and yes please. I love your brand already,. And I know there's more too come. I'm so pleased Shyla, with everything you have achieved.
Queen Kay
Queen Kay 22 gün önce
Literally just put me in go mode !! Keep healing Shyla blessings will continue to pour
Diana M
Diana M 4 aylar önce
I cannot believe the woman she has become ! You're truly inspiring Shyla and are definitely leaving an imprint of inspiring on many. Thank you for allowing us on your journey and being so vulnerable. You're so beautiful inside and out. 🥰
ishe vee_xx
ishe vee_xx 4 aylar önce
I can’t wait to hear this from someone. One day, I will. I dealt with a covert narcissist and I was left broken I healed and I an whole again. I am already telling myself that because I can’t even believe how much I’ve made myself proud so far.
Amber 4 aylar önce
“Dreams do take time” 💕 i love seeing Shyla coming out a bad space & being amazing. It just gets better from here.
Belen Rodriguez
Belen Rodriguez 4 aylar önce
The day my sister passed.. I too had to tell everyone... It hurt sooo bad... I couldnt remember how i got home.. I just remember waking up because my hubby wanted me to eat... Losing your sibiling is the most heartbreaking thing anyone can go through.... Shyla you are very strong!!!
kolim jone
kolim jone 4 aylar önce
That smile when you talked about your company. I sense that confidence girl. Keep going, keep appreciation and being kind to yourself. Wish you great success
Jocelyn Pena
Jocelyn Pena 2 aylar önce
I love you Shyla your an amazing human being your a superwoman ❤️
Allissa Jimenez
Allissa Jimenez 4 aylar önce
The part you said having kids at a young age doesn’t mean you’re life it’s over…you get up and do it for them. I needed to hear that, you are such a inspiration♥️
WildBill Crazy Lifestyle
Muni Eats ASMR
Muni Eats ASMR 4 aylar önce
@Cristal Maldonado ❤
LEA 4 aylar önce
This is true but it is best to not have a kid at a young age. Your experience may not be the same as Shylas
Cristal Maldonado
Cristal Maldonado 4 aylar önce
WORD!!!!!!! Best comment Ever!!
princess ruby
princess ruby 4 aylar önce
Yessss ❤️❤️
viiont eooiy
viiont eooiy 4 aylar önce
The heartache, the inspiration, the will, the power, the devastation. This video hit so hard and closer to home than id like to admit. We're here for you Shyla.
SpecialTouch Roses
SpecialTouch Roses 29 gün önce
So proud of you!!🥰 keep your head high!! From one mom to another.
Neida Gonzalez
Neida Gonzalez 4 aylar önce
This made me tear up. Seeing everything you went through and your finally here. Truly inspiring.
Jocelyn Barber
Jocelyn Barber 4 aylar önce
Shyla!!! Babe you are such an amazing women !! I am so here for it, I am forever rooting for you and Soul ❤️
Federico Reyes
Federico Reyes 4 aylar önce
This girl humbled herself so much since she left Landon. I like this version of her better! You go girl! May all your dreams come true and you continue accomplishing all of your goals! God had a purpose in your life. You have inspired many women, not only your sister. Shyla, you deserve it all!
shannen 4 aylar önce
@jenni williams 🎯
iitsGrace 4 aylar önce
Shyla has been the same. It was always those ace fam fetus stans hating on her for absolutely no reason. They were always comparing her to Catherine. Landon was really betting on taking alot of followers with him, but he was wrong and thank God people opened their eyes.
TF family
TF family 4 aylar önce
I thought she was always humble just think she was living in Landon’s world not being herself.
Sophia, with Love.
Sophia, with Love. 4 aylar önce
She was always "humbled." That's the type of person she truly was all along. She was broken all these years which showed in her actions. She didn't change. She found herself again.
jenni williams
jenni williams 4 aylar önce
I dont think she changed. I think this is who she is. We saw what the Ace family wanted. And that was her gone. esp MOMSTER was on a war path hated Shyla from the jump.
Julianna Lopez
Julianna Lopez 4 aylar önce
I know exactly how it feels, almost one year ago my brother had an accident that left him brain dead. One week later he died. The hardest thing I had to go through. I still have a hole in my heart but everyday it gets better. Keep pushing Shyla❤️
Stephanie 2 aylar önce
YES SHYLA. I love this from the beginning to the end. Woman of the year. This whole story makes me want to buy it. If this was a commercial I’d rush to buy it. This is super inspiring. I love the inclusiveness. I love that you made sure that you told everyone that your daughter came first. I love that you’re not afraid to hide your struggles or the negative parts of life. I love everything. Keep staying true to yourself Shyla & you will continue to get everything you deserve. We love seeing your happy glow ❤️ we 10000000% missed it
Vaneza Lopez
Vaneza Lopez 14 gün önce
you're a strong inspiration woman. you GO GIRL!
Mryam _i7
Mryam _i7 4 aylar önce
This is the definition of GLOW UP!! keep glowing Shyla. Proud of you!
saaruh 4 aylar önce
THIS is how you heal and get through a messy situation. You don’t get on private jets and try to show off and go on dates and do whatever else extra BS Landon is doing. Try to be better. She’s clearly on a path. Go shyla 🎉
Mo Khayoun
Mo Khayoun 4 aylar önce
Yessss you hit the nail on the head And said exactly what I wanted to say
Celine Winslow
Celine Winslow 4 aylar önce
Ashleyann Soto
Ashleyann Soto 4 aylar önce
Exactly 👏🏼 you don’t post a video worrying about if u still got game with girls or dating just like he did. No ! You work on you like she did and this is just so inspiring and good for her and Souline ✨
Christine Wong
Christine Wong 4 aylar önce
I’m in awe of you. In what you’ve gone through in your life, from your ex, to your daughter, to having to start all over again, to the loss of your sister, to raising your daughter full time as a single mother, to starting and creating your own line of Yoga wear, to where you are now!! You are amazing and accomplished, and such an inspiration to so many. I’m here at rock bottom, and I’m stuck. I’m a newly divorced person, after 15 years of marriage, and I didn’t want the divorce. I can’t have children, which is what I’ve wanted all my life. I don’t know who I am anymore, and I’m really scared. I’ve lost everything!! But you got through it, I just hope that I can. I truly am in awe of you and I wish you all the happiness in the world. Congratulations, you got this!! My condolences about your sister. I’m so very sorry for your loss!!
Lizbeth Carrillo
Lizbeth Carrillo 4 aylar önce
So inspiring. Love you Shyla ❤️
Nekole Ramey
Nekole Ramey 4 aylar önce
#7 on trending right now!!! Go Shyla, Go! You earned it. 🎉💞
Lisa 99
Lisa 99 4 aylar önce
You got it Shyla!!❤️ keep going, remember this
jaz 4 aylar önce
she is glowingg. so empowering to see her excited for her future and all that she has accomplished, regarding all she has gone through. THIS is how you inspire other people and set such an amazing role model for your daughter. wow. you go girl!!
Gods Girl
Gods Girl 4 aylar önce
Definitely hearing her story is healing for me I went through something similar
T Lyn
T Lyn 4 aylar önce
I stumbled onto your channel, your story is very inspiring!! Wishing nothing but blessings moving forward...#womanempowerment #strength #bosschick
rose24 3 aylar önce
Congratulations Shyla 👏 👏 well done! I enjoyed hearing your journey ❤❤... Dreams do take time ✨ 🙏
Jessica Munoz
Jessica Munoz 4 aylar önce
Soooo freaking proud of you PERIODDDD ❤❤Now how do I become one of your models?!! 😩
Leticia Briand
Leticia Briand 4 aylar önce
you are incredible Shyla! you go girl❤️
Victoriously Loved
Victoriously Loved 3 aylar önce
Praying for you Shyla🙏🏽❤️thank u for inspiring me
Valeria Martinez
Valeria Martinez 4 aylar önce
I hope the father doesn’t come out talking more crap. She’s telling her story and moving on and doing soo well. Keep going Shyla . I love how your daughter is your priority and you’re putting her first. You’re a strong women
Xy & Kam
Xy & Kam 4 aylar önce
@elisabeth brown lol sure with what proof ? Personal pics don’t mean anything , I’m talking a police reports , court documents actual legitimate proof this girl is playing all of you 😭🥴
Stacey Vizcaino
Stacey Vizcaino 4 aylar önce
@Sara Love she’s not talking crap and she’s being honest
gaming with renzo
gaming with renzo 4 aylar önce
@jenni williams FACTS
Jen 4 aylar önce
@jenni williams is he really living w them lol
JJ 4 aylar önce
Love that she cares so much down to how much her workers are getting paid❤️❤️❤️. A lot of “influencers” profit off the hard work while the people behind the scenes are struggling to make ends meet.
Aria 4 aylar önce
I love that you actually designed and made locally. I’m so sick of these people “opening a business”’when all they do is sell private labor bs for 1000% markup. Good job girl!
HarlowsMama34 4 aylar önce
Praying for you 🙏🏽. You’re so beautiful and strong
Madeline S
Madeline S 4 aylar önce
Im so sorry about your sister Shyla… You are so strong we love you!❤️
mojo jojo
mojo jojo 4 aylar önce
Dear Emma
Dear Emma 4 aylar önce
Itzamary Salazar
Itzamary Salazar 4 aylar önce
Sandra Monroy
Sandra Monroy 4 aylar önce
You got this babe! You’re stronger than you think ❤️
tamara fasthorse
tamara fasthorse 3 aylar önce
Shyla really doesn’t know how much she motivates women. She truly deserves the best life with her daughter. ❤️
Ashley Blake
Ashley Blake Aylar önce
I love this Shyla ! The maturity , the strength, the beauty and power she now has as a women is so inspiring. Keep going love this is You. You got this
Wendy Smith
Wendy Smith 3 aylar önce
The best revenge ever is SUCCESS, and you DID IT Shyla!! So proud of you sweetie. You are building a legacy for your baby. ❤️
Caroline Delacruz
Caroline Delacruz 4 aylar önce
Shayla you are An amazing women I’m so proud of you keep it up girl🙏🏽👌🏽
Kenya Flores
Kenya Flores 4 aylar önce
Shyla does nothing but make me look up to her. She's such a strong woman/mother
Muni Eats ASMR
Muni Eats ASMR 4 aylar önce
Latoya Charlie
Latoya Charlie 2 aylar önce
Now Shyla... self made billionair 🥰 you truly inspire me!!!!! I'm so happy your dreams are coming true
Soul Foodtz
Soul Foodtz 4 aylar önce
listening to her story makes me feel beauty from the inside to the outside, God bless you Shyla
Sandylatinamua 4 aylar önce
Bet landon is mad he's not getting a piece of the pie 💰💰💰💰💰👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
CieraLorayne 4 aylar önce
Girl you’re amazing, this brand is so hot & so professionally put together. Definitely going to shop with you !
Cristen Hughes
Cristen Hughes 4 aylar önce
I really like this version of Shyla. So authentic, so genuine... just being simply Shyla.
 シ ♥ 𝕄𝕚𝕔𝕙𝕖𝕝𝕝𝕖 𝕃𝕪𝕟𝕟 ♥  シ
That is a good name brand for her in the future, "Simply Shyla."
Valerie Cantu
Valerie Cantu 4 aylar önce
Love this and your story. One thing i noticed was plastic was your choice for donations. when the brand stems from a very personal place that other women relate to, I thought we'd see your donations go to women struggling in single parenthood or fighting for custody in bad situations. Just a thought, with love. xoxo
Me, Indeed!
Me, Indeed! 2 aylar önce
Love, so happy to see you soar 🌅 life is by design and you were brought to this very place because it’s meant to be yours. Sending So much love to you and positive light throughout your journey. 💋
Gabriela Santos
Gabriela Santos 3 aylar önce
aww i love this!! you are truly inspiring!!
Jocelyn G
Jocelyn G 4 aylar önce
You got this Shyla!! Keep going mama 💕
Boni Bosquez
Boni Bosquez 4 aylar önce
Hearing Shyla talk about her sister was hard. I just lost my mom to covid. I am only 21 and now raising my three sisters. Losing someone you love is so hard. So sorry for your loss shyla! May your niece always be bless ❤️
Boni Bosquez
Boni Bosquez 3 aylar önce
@delaneyexpressionalart you are strong you are in my prayers! I can never imagine what that May feel like. Sending you big hugs❤️ live life beautifully
i just lost my dad in December & i turn 21 next month. my birthday is a day after my dads death day, december 8th he passed & my birthday is march 9th 😭 stay strong love
Tiana Merriman
Tiana Merriman 3 aylar önce
💛💛💛 sending you endless love & strength
Staci Parish
Staci Parish 4 aylar önce
NinjaBadness 4 aylar önce
@new hope sure you are.
Kayla’s World
Kayla’s World 4 aylar önce
Thank you for sharing your story with us Shyla! Nothing but blessings to you and your family 🙏🏽
Kirisitiana Varayame
Kirisitiana Varayame 4 aylar önce
Shyla...😲 Hello from Fiji. I've followed you from This is L & S and on IG, hun I tell you, you are on fire! I love you for your growth and till today, you're creating a movement for women all around the world! This is inspiring! I watched your 3 vids with my 3 daughters and my eldest said, "she's a strong mom. She inspires me too." You are amazing Shyla. Keep it going and never stop. 💯 Love and regards from Fiji🇫🇯
alexis gonzalez
alexis gonzalez 4 aylar önce
i’m so sorry shyla for you and your family , your gonna do amazing things 💖💖💖
Amanda Gutierrez
Amanda Gutierrez 4 aylar önce
Ma’am I don’t do yoga but I’m definitely supporting!! 💕💕
Brooke Baxter
Brooke Baxter 4 aylar önce
Shyla you are the epitome of strength. your entire life you’ve been dealt cards that would cause most people to fold and go down really dark paths but you come up on the other side each and every time. the trials & tribulations have brought you to this amazing side of life doing big things and it’s given me hope for myself. you’re so inspirational
Raquel Calderon
Raquel Calderon 4 aylar önce
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