Turning my balcony into a cosy paradise ☁️ | DIY Balcony Makeover

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3 months of waiting for deliveries
3 full days of work
...and we have a cosy paradise 🌱

This might be my favourite video yet :')


FAQ - What do you do when it rains?
There is a roof / the balcony of our upstairs neighbour, so we don't get much rain on our balcony, unless it's windy or heavy rain. That said - the rug, trellis, sofa base, lamp are meant for the outdoors meaning they are waterproof. We put a uv + waterproof tarp over the bbq & entire table if there's any chance of rain, and cushions are kept indoors. It takes only 1 minute to protect our cosy balcony ^^


S O C I A L 🔅

art: @ccloudyhills
life bits: @ccloudy.jpg


Links marked with * are affiliated links.
Patio tiles - www.ikea.com/de/de/p/runnen-b...
*Sanding pads - amzn.to/3zHQBTh
*Wood lacquer (my colour is not available, but this is the range) - amzn.to/3tnpTgJ
PVC privacy fence - www.jalousiescout.de/sichtsch...
*Wood trellis - amzn.to/3zK69Gf
*Faux ivy - amzn.to/3BwlJpo
*Balcony hanging planters (rotbraun) - amzn.to/3kRW1F0
Black metal planter - www2.hm.com/de_de/productpage...
Black rolling table - www.ikea.com/de/de/p/bror-ser...
Plant stand (DIYed by me) - trvid.com/video/video-Fa-jC1eVxVo.html
Round pom pom cushion (sold out, colourful version) - www2.hm.com/de_de/productpage...
Rectangular fluffy cushion cover - www2.hm.com/de_de/productpage...
Fairy lights (battery-powered) - www.ikea.com/de/de/p/utsund-l...
Watering can - www.ikea.com/de/de/p/vattenkr...

Below are links to the other pieces I bought for the balcony. I DO NOT RECOMMEND this store as the pieces, although look beautiful, all came with defects and were delayed by almost 2 months (even though shipping itself was already supposed to take 1 month). Customer service is also pretty much non-existent. Purchase with caution~!

Outdoor rug - www.sklum.com/de/kaufen-garte...
Solar powered rattan light - www.sklum.com/de/kaufen-ausse...
Blanket - www.sklum.com/de/kaufen-decke...
Sofa base - www.sklum.com/de/kaufen-chill...
Sofa cushion - www.sklum.com/de/kaufen-chill...


T I M E S T A M P S ⏰

0:00 prologue | the before
1:09 chapter 1 | refinishing ikea patio tiles
4:50 chapter 2 | privacy fence + ivy trellis wall
7:13 chapter 3 | repotting plants
9:30 chapter 4 | adding furniture
11:21 chapter 5 | the reveal



camera: canon g7x mark ii // gopro hero 9 // iphone 11 pro
editing software: adobe premiere pro 2021
digital art/drawing timelapses: ipad air 4th gen + procreate 5

get to know me (ᵔᴥᵔ) - trvid.com/video/video-Qaa05Bq4CJo.html


M U S I C 🎶

sign up for epidemic sound - www.epidemicsound.com/referra...

summer cologne - kelsey kuan - thmatc.co/?l=562EEF97
call me out tiger - velvet moon - www.epidemicsound.com/track/e...
the things you do - wildson ft. frida winsth - www.epidemicsound.com/track/R...
this love of mine - l.m. styles - www.epidemicsound.com/track/i...
kings and queens - ramin ft. staffan carlén - www.epidemicsound.com/track/y...
golden things - kylie dailey - www.epidemicsound.com/track/g...



3 Eyl 2021




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Zahava Ilan
Zahava Ilan 19 saatler önce
Wow it’s absolutely gorgeous and I love that run too!,
simegn dejene
simegn dejene Gün önce
thats good....but as an opinion....i think it would b more cozy and modern if u change the white wall in to black...it can go better with the green plant and wood as well the lighting .am an architect and interior designer .....
Mara Lorrane
Mara Lorrane Gün önce
Legendado pt-br ☺️💓
îhs Lb
îhs Lb Gün önce
Taiane Rosas
Taiane Rosas 2 gün önce
Amei a decoração, mas a minha varanda é aberta e quando chove forte, molha um pouco. Nesse caso eu não poderia fazer uma decoração tipo essa né?
Jane Barry
Jane Barry 3 gün önce
Such a cool result! Inspires me to make changes to my project in planner 5d.
mahnooor mughal
mahnooor mughal 5 gün önce
What if rain comes?
Zainab Ali
Zainab Ali 6 gün önce
Bro the ending somehow reminded me of that novel The Girl On The Train.....❤️
sialkoti brown munday 😎
You put a great effort 🥰
Its Me Nuha
Its Me Nuha 6 gün önce
So cute for the last part 🥰
Avec Lulu -
Avec Lulu - 7 gün önce
Love it 😍 turned out beautiful 💜
Sabrina B.
Sabrina B. 13 gün önce
I love her videos and more so the music. 🤷
julia bessa
julia bessa 13 gün önce
Do you have a pinterest? I looove your style and me and my boyfriend are moving together next year, I really wanted to get some more inspiration but I'm not as creative as you are and I have a hard time picturing things that would look good together. Any advice would be super helpful and appreciated!
Ike wining
Ike wining 14 gün önce
Keren 👍
walaa X
walaa X 14 gün önce
This is amazing
Maria Antonia Campos
Maria Antonia Campos 14 gün önce
Ficou lindoo, aconchegante ♡
klove545 14 gün önce
What a beautiful transformation. Love the color combo you pick for your balcony..
Miss Jnet
Miss Jnet 15 gün önce
Very cute.
spriya lol
spriya lol 17 gün önce
What if heavy pouring happens after all this?
cloudyhills 16 gün önce
Haha yes, heavy rain doesn't happen often, but either way I take measures to protect it from rain ^^ (I showed how on another video of mine)
D Kong
D Kong 17 gün önce
she has answered this qn a thousand times but yall still keep asking the same qn... it's common sense that she has rain protection -.-
Pepciiz Zaa
Pepciiz Zaa 17 gün önce
ฉันชอบเพลงที่คุณเปิดฉันต้องการลิงค์เพลงถ้าไม่รบกวนคุณจนเกินไป ขอบคุณค่ะ
Two kims
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Ilove the vibes so much
Sri Chavan
Sri Chavan 18 gün önce
Beautiful working with music with lyrics.good makeover.
Rachel Rentas-Baker
Rachel Rentas-Baker 18 gün önce
Such a beautiful space
sun city
sun city 18 gün önce
What if it rains
Prescilla Marie Galang
Oh my gosh! It's so beautiful I'm an architect I really love your style ❤❤ please keep on uploading these kind of artwork that all women like us can also do men stuff! Godbless
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Es muy lindo 😍
Nadia Nawaz
Nadia Nawaz 21 gün önce
It's good that you have arranged it so well, but I'm wondering the stuff you have put outside is strong enough to handle even one rain or wind storm.👍👍👍👍any way
cloudyhills 16 gün önce
haha 😅 many thunderstorms later, balcony is still standing strong 💪🏻
D Kong
D Kong 17 gün önce
she has rain protection... i follow her on ig and it has withstood so many thunderstorms
Yas Hughes
Yas Hughes 21 gün önce
What a wonderful balcony❤️❤️where did you get cointainers for your herbs?
spooks7617 22 gün önce
You did an amazing job. Looks fantastic!
Elisabete Antunes
Elisabete Antunes 22 gün önce
Parabéns pela bela reforma, muito lindo ❤️ e inspirador.
ليلى العازمي
Nedqlka Dimitrova
Nedqlka Dimitrova 22 gün önce
Прекрасна обстановка.... трудът е възнаграден!♥️♥️♥️
suvadra rai
suvadra rai 23 gün önce
Train sound create the kinetic energy that atrrack spirit!
الورده الحمراء
منضر جميل وروعة
Nuha 25 gün önce
This inspires me to decorate my balcony too
waldfrauke 25 gün önce
Is that sofa comfortabel? I want to buy something like it, but most are saggy pretty quickly. Can you recommend this one?
Growing Kids
Growing Kids 25 gün önce
Wiwik Mega
Wiwik Mega 27 gün önce
like all of your playlists, you've got good taste of music :)
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Rebeca Pinho 28 gün önce
AMEI demais o resultado, que lindo que ficou!!
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Geralden Celeste 29 gün önce
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Geralden Celeste
Geralden Celeste 29 gün önce
I hope one day my mad*m do like this hehe
Sara Jawed
Sara Jawed 29 gün önce
I'm watching your video for the first time and honestly I love your content and the way made this video. I'm from Pakistan 🇵🇰 keep it up 👌🏻
Juliana teodoro
Juliana teodoro 29 gün önce
Eliana Fernandes
Eliana Fernandes Aylar önce
Parabéns, muito linda! Amei Seu vídeo chegou no 🇧🇷
mamsheikh's vlog
mamsheikh's vlog Aylar önce
Pepi Santiago Martin
Que buen trabajo y todo muy bien explicado
Verena v
Verena v Aylar önce
i really love your home and videos ^^
wholesome.living Aylar önce
🌱🌱🌱💚💚💚 I love your Channel...
Munteanu Aurelia
Munteanu Aurelia Aylar önce
Super!!!🥰. Dar cand ploua ce faceti?
Shantel Ashlyn
Shantel Ashlyn Aylar önce
Love the calming vibe of this video, new sub here! Also thank you for introducing me to new music 🥰
xiao wei wu
xiao wei wu Aylar önce
亲爱的 我想问下阳台防腐蚀的油漆叫什么 谢谢你的分享
cloudyhills Aylar önce
Outdoor wood lacquer / Universal holzlasur amzn.to/3tnpTgJ :)
Nezeo Aylar önce
Love what youve done to it, especially the thing against the white wall is so clever! And the rug is to die for 😍
Darling Arts
Darling Arts Aylar önce
You have a beautiful and relaxing place. I love it here 💛😊
Lange Winchester
Lange Winchester Aylar önce
O trem no final, q legal!!!!!
vivianna hinks
vivianna hinks Aylar önce
What the heck?!? That train straight up got me sober at the end. Anyways great vid thanks for d ideas.
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Venice Mitchell Aylar önce
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Gail Williams Aylar önce
great video
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Angelita Radünz Aylar önce
Wonderful! Wunderschöne!
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Jyoti Pandey Aylar önce
11:09 🤤😘❤️❤️❤️
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คนบ้า หน้าตาดี
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ELL DJ Aylar önce
what a gorgeous makeover you did 👏❤️.. and you've gave me an inspiration for this 🤗 thanks
Safai briki لترجمة الوصفات التركية
Thank you so much my dear friend for sharing this lovely work very very nice video WOW 🌹💯👏
Sabeen Nader
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jus subscribed..n lovely paradize 😊
Athenkosi Zakhe.
This is so beautiful. I love everything. 💚
ulrich ngodjou
ulrich ngodjou Aylar önce
Hi which camera do you use please?
r.z Aylar önce
Hello, am new to your channel. Where do you get the sofa from? Thanks
azzah Ali
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يمكنكم إضافة مظلة في المستقبل لحماية الأثاث من المطر
azzah Ali
azzah Ali Aylar önce
أصبحت جميلة جدا👏🏻
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Shocked the apartment company would allow grill.
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ansh j Aylar önce
Very relaxing.... finding my reason to exits amist sorrow....and I just felt peace throughout your video.... subscribed for ever
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EishuVlogs Aylar önce
Awesome 👍
for phone
for phone Aylar önce
Lucky, in my country the pigeons would poop in balconies a lot 😞
Nora Kitchen
Nora Kitchen Aylar önce
Like a holiday every day. Creative
cha cha
cha cha Aylar önce
NEWBIE HERE! 🥰 I LOVE YOU VLOG. You have you own style to make a video. I love to hear the sound of keyboard 😂
반디의 공간 Bandi space
Wow I love your video and it's so beautiful💗💗💗💗💗
Lydia Grace
Lydia Grace Aylar önce
Your music taste is so great! Love your vids! Quite relaxing and your decorating skills are amazing!
Kristina Clendenin
Kristina Clendenin Aylar önce
Wow love it!!! So where did you get the couch with wonderful green pillow
Lili-Anne Aylar önce
You are so damn good!!!! That’s all I have to say!
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“I’d rather have a pantry full of herbs than a closet full of heels” It’s giving pick me vibes pls no ily doe😃🤠💃🏻🧍🏻👨🏻‍🦽🏃‍♂️💀
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Oh Chanmi98
Oh Chanmi98 Aylar önce
What if it rains????
Tinh organ
Tinh organ Aylar önce
Good job. Your video is very interesting to watch in full. Excellent. It was an interesting experience. Confidence and good friends. It's so beautiful. I wish you all the best and happiness, my friend. make friends and communicate with me. Live subscribe to your support channel Ilove you 🙏🙏🙏👏❤️
Avea Illium
Avea Illium Aylar önce
This is beautiful. I feel these small creations make our world so much more beautiful and comfortable. Have a good life.🙂
TG Aylar önce
Love your videos so much they have inpired me to start my own chanell so thank you
Brasil Brasil Brasil
illy Aylar önce
Is all that stuff waterproof?
Silvia Hernandez
Silvia Hernandez Aylar önce
anna varghese
anna varghese Aylar önce
this is beautiful, but i could never do it here in india, the rainfall is just too unpredictable even though there are 4 seasons
Yusuf Huseynli
Yusuf Huseynli Aylar önce
Fantastic,i love your cob,love from Azerbaijan
Layila Faon
Layila Faon Aylar önce
Looks so adorable ❤️
Lumi Aylar önce
everithing you touch turns magic ! 💓💓💓 love from Buenos Aires, Argentina :)
Nataly Hidalgo
Nataly Hidalgo Aylar önce
Sethmi Manodya
Sethmi Manodya Aylar önce
Very nice balcony 🤩🤩🤩🤩
gargi chakrabortty
gargi chakrabortty Aylar önce
Vry nice...love frm India
Mel Wee
Mel Wee Aylar önce
What a great job! Your balcony looks really beautiful and cozy... wishing u many wonderful evenings spent in this nook :)
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