Tucker's big takeaways from the Trump impeachment saga

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Tucker: Impeachment saga is boring, hard to understand, never ending. #Tucker #FoxNews
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21 Nov 2019




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MediaSock 6 saatler önce
If, tomorrow, I tell the press that, like, President Donald Trump will get impeached, nobody panics, because it's all "part of the plan". But when I say that little old Hillary Clinton will loose the election, well then everyone loses their minds.
MediaSock 6 saatler önce
Judge: OK so what evidence do you have for me? Lawyer: uh, he looks guilty your honour so we just made the assumption that he was guilty. Judge: get the f*** out of my court!!!
MediaSock 7 saatler önce
3:55 Congressman: What evidence do you have that Donald Trump committed an offence? Sondland: "just my own presumption" Congressman: which is nothing, zero, zip, zilch, nada, nil, none, naught, bupkis, jack sh*t, f*ck all & diddly squat. (ouch!!!)
Samsung's Apple
Samsung's Apple 9 saatler önce
BERNIE 2020.
D R 9 saatler önce
I think 2020 will be the biggest landslide victory in the history of our country, The democrats have turned all but the most afflicted Trump derangement syndrome patients against themselves. The people will speak loudly in 2020.
Dan Johansen
Dan Johansen 23 saatler önce
Hair hats ? Racist lol
Angela Jones
Angela Jones Gün önce
... just another boring smiling liar... this will be over soon... when we send Rupert Murdoch and Fox News back to Australia where they belong...
Ralph Stgermain
Ralph Stgermain 2 gün önce
What I thank Tucker for is making me laugh at the politics and criminal acts of the govt. and politicians, when I would otherwise be raging like a dumencrat. Thanks Tucker.
john adams
john adams 4 gün önce
THIS is a SAD DAY in History of AMERICA
Joseph Ferguson
Joseph Ferguson 15 gün önce
A couple of points here: 1 not a democracy but a republic with a handful of democratic conventions. 2 they do learn, they have just applied that knowledge to their intended purpose. The total and complete destruction of.the west to be replaced by communist dictators.
Alex Barranco
Alex Barranco 15 gün önce
I find the democratic party guilty of treason against the US and its citizens. I thereby call for the democratic party to be prosecuted.
cuffo off
cuffo off 22 gün önce
The truth is, worldwide normal people are sick of the nation hating left, constantly screaming. The PC, Marxist radicals are being exposed, Greta and the green nutters just one example.DEMOCRACY RULES.
T L 24 gün önce
Blowtorch 😂
David Wilcox
David Wilcox 24 gün önce
politicians have been in power for what 2 3 hundred years? its all Trump's fault though, blows my mind.
jens jensen
jens jensen 27 gün önce
i hate trump but thank god hes on top orhrtwise we be screwt
VW and tiny
VW and tiny 27 gün önce
OBJECTION! leading the witness....
U WUT M8? 28 gün önce
quid pro quo. What a strange phrase
Suicide Booth
Suicide Booth 28 gün önce
So no one is paying attention, so the Democrats next move is to do it all over again. Genius.
Waqid J
Waqid J 29 gün önce
As if they would tell the truth
Thomas Jackson
Thomas Jackson 29 gün önce
All witnesses gave presumptions. FISA warrant had false information and tampered evidence. DNC paid for a fake dossier Two FBI personnel exchanged text messages showing clear bias Sondland says there was a quid pro quo, and then changes his information. Adam Schiff files a report and does not show up to defend it, with subpoenas for phone records of OTHER GOVERNMENT officials and reporters. and this isn’t about hate to President Trump? Lmao. The video with Biden admitting a quid pro quo has been taken down
Darth Traya The Wise
This is where the Philosophy of Kreia comes in
Raa16 Aylar önce
Ricky Pisano
Ricky Pisano Aylar önce
Ricky Pisano
Ricky Pisano Aylar önce
2k people who are blinded by hatred.
Anulug Noynil
Anulug Noynil Aylar önce
Tucker Carlson is an idiot.
Professor Bernard Quartermass
"Only boring people get bored".
Dave Studdaman
Dave Studdaman Aylar önce
Those at those fkn big eyes
Monique Huizar
Monique Huizar Aylar önce
Just as disgusting, the participation from the foreign diplomats. Maybe if they just do some extra homework they might get extra credit and pass the impeachment trial like good little boys and girls.
Monique Huizar
Monique Huizar Aylar önce
Schiff is totally feeding the interviewee to steer the direction of the outcome .... how pathetic ... Schiff is short of coaching his pawns. How disgusting. To think that Schiff would get ahead in life on the backs of these foreign diplomats.
Benjamin Henrie
Benjamin Henrie Aylar önce
It would be a power move for trump to have this guy testify to discredit Democrats and draw the attention of centrists and their votes
Scott Downing
Scott Downing Aylar önce
Hearing Brian Williams tell us any kind of news is so freaking hilarious that guy the greatest liar on television
Gerberger Aylar önce
which law says "quid pro quo" is illegal?
Diablo Mephisto
Diablo Mephisto Aylar önce
Remember, all this drama is what your taxes pay for😑.
Thomas Godwin
Thomas Godwin Aylar önce
Trump wanted bidens SON investigated not Joe Biden
Robert DiRocco
Robert DiRocco Aylar önce
Liberals and Democrats HATE America!!
trac nunya
trac nunya Aylar önce
pelosi is no dope removing trump was never the goal the dem house handed pelosi articles of impeachment, which are also known as a senate bomb, pelosi now has the power to stop all senate business when SHE DECIDES to stop it. consider this scenario. ginsberg didnt retire under obama cause she wanted hillary to name her replacement so follow me here... june july the dems nominate their person for president end of august ginsberg retires effective immediately the senate moves full speed to fill her seat. after weeks of action the senate schedules a vote and BOOM PELOSI DROPS THE BOMB stopping all senate work assuming the senate fast tracks the impeachment, so they can move forward to fast track the justice seating, america will be outraged trump will lose, the dems will sweep all elections possibly taking the senate with enough to expand the seats on the court to LEGITIMATIZE it. my advice, if this all comes to pass, then trump needs to postpone the seat until feb 2020 and state AMERICA WILL DECIDE this will be the smartest way to derail pelosi and the dems
smitty smithers
smitty smithers Aylar önce
Presumption assumption what's the difference
Sir-Thrival Thriving Survival
What benefit are we getting from polosi and the bootlips? Ever?
Truth Speaks
Truth Speaks Aylar önce
The money in question is about arming Ukraine..... Obama gave billions of dollars for weapons for them while saying we America citizens are not allowed to have guns....
Cromie Aylar önce
Knew the left couldn't keep their grungy fingers out of this. Literally forcing a man to deliver a fake and scripted statement. Evil.
watch in
watch in Aylar önce
Drumf told him he didnt want a "quid pro quo" after the public found out about the whistle blower and his complaint...keyword: after
john doe
john doe Aylar önce
Lawyers writing statements for elected officials?
Gitfiddle 7766
Gitfiddle 7766 Aylar önce
Tucker has a way of laying things out very simply. I respect him for that.
Darren Rennick
Darren Rennick Aylar önce
Michael Trevino
Michael Trevino Aylar önce
I want my tax refund to skyrocket to 80k USD. What a waste for nearly 4 years. Do nothing Democrats. The DDs of 2016 to 2020.
PeacefulBill Aylar önce
Whatever The Outcome Of This Hearing is Neither Party Will Get My Vote For 2020: Both Parties Democrat & Republican Should Be Spending Plenty Of Time In Jail Where They Belong:
The Path That Rocks
Beautiful *slow clap* Simply beautiful
Angel Alvarado
Angel Alvarado Aylar önce
Earth is flat
Sofia Layes
Sofia Layes Aylar önce
Jimmy Jennings
Jimmy Jennings Aylar önce
Any body with a brain knows Donald Trump didn't do anything wrong and these democrat's and they're ignorant fake news media are spinning a huge lie and they're idiot Base believe every word of it what a bunch of complete idiots.
js Aylar önce
What if all of these people and resources instead had been devoted into making life better for the poor and homeless populations in this country?
Corek BleedingHollow
Impeach Trump because he won the election... He made the Democrats and the liberal media a laughing stock.
V10L3NT N0M4D Aylar önce
Presumed guilty until proven innocent
Gamer Boy
Gamer Boy Aylar önce
I'm amazed the people still believe this puppet show...left vs right...what a joke...they all serve the same masters...look at the price of medicine in the USA..look at the bills passed by both sides that always favour the corporations and the elites...they take from the poor again and again and again and keep us ocupied with television and cheap theatrics and war...and divide the poor by gender race ethnicity and so on ...
Robertson Thirdly
Robertson Thirdly Aylar önce
The Justice Department’s top watchdog concluded the FBI did not act out of political bias in launching a probe into Trump’s campaign ties to Russia, and that the FBI had good reason to launch an investigation into President Trump’s 2016 campaign ties to Russia, delivering a stunning rebuke of the president’s repeated claim that he was the victim of a “witch hunt.” The 434-page review from Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz stated the FBI was “in compliance” with bureau policies and not influenced by political bias when it decided to begin the counterintelligence investigation of the Trump campaign code-named “Crossfire Hurricane.”
Robertson Thirdly
Robertson Thirdly Aylar önce
So sorry to the illiterate morons that actually believe Barr's cry that the Mueller report showed nothing... Trump is guilty of treason and deserves to be displayed in a cage.
Stanrijo ™
Stanrijo ™ Aylar önce
How is this news and not a comedy show? Dude is a joke
Paul Thomas
Paul Thomas Aylar önce
@Stanrijo ™ Yes, it is speculation that he was trying to fire people over the investigation. He controls the Executive branch. I was just sharing my speculation that this could be an attempt by the Democrats to interfere with the future elections by casting a dark cloud over Trump, or to claim Ukraine interference if he was to win in 2020. I didn't mean to make it seem as if I was using anything against you. I've also heard the "Obama's economy" angle, but I still don't see the evidence; especially after three years. One of the reasons the economy, and jobs, are doing well is because the Trump administration had removed small-business regulations that strangled their growth and employment. These regulations were put in place by the Obama administration. Therefore, I see more evidence that this is not an economy that is just continuing growth from the Obama administration. Definitely not the jobs/unemployment, or even the stocks. Good debate with you, sir/ma'am.
Stanrijo ™
Stanrijo ™ Aylar önce
@Paul Thomas Speculations? Okay if you think so.. So when it's written in the report that he tried to fire the people behind it, it is speculation? I am sorry I don't think I get this :) And please understand I am not taking the democrats side so you can't use that argument against me, that they are trying to interfere in the election. And for example the economy is not doing great because of Trump, it has been steadily been doing better since Obama took office and is doing good DESPITE of Trump.
Paul Thomas
Paul Thomas Aylar önce
@Stanrijo ™ Both of those are speculations and not proven. Obstruction of the Mueller investigation was false and not even part of the current articles of impeachment. If it was proven it would be in the articles or in a third article. They didn't even bother with that. The economy, unemployment, and jobs (just to name a few) would disagree with your last opinion. I guess we will see next year. It is my SPECULATION that this impeachment was an attempt at their own version of election interference for next year; to cast a dark cloud over the President, and to perhaps even claim Ukrainian election interference if he wins next year. I guess we'll just have to see how this all turns out.
Stanrijo ™
Stanrijo ™ Aylar önce
@Paul Thomas Because he intervenes in elections, and the Muller investigation and so on. A lot of things that are straight up illegal. And to be honest he is not doing good as a president either.
Paul Thomas
Paul Thomas Aylar önce
@Stanrijo ™ For what reason? And, I agree, radicals of any ideology are a joke.
Michael Price
Michael Price Aylar önce
Tucker's takeaway: I will defend anything as long as these Trumptards continue to give me money to be a traitor.
StrayGamer Aylar önce
The left hate facts
Cooper Bradford
Cooper Bradford Aylar önce
What a tangles web we weave when we tangle to deceive
Timothy White
Timothy White Aylar önce
Leftists and their [{(attorneys)}] have no integrity.
Bryan Brumbeloe
Bryan Brumbeloe Aylar önce
play what he said after "yes"