Tubbo & Tommy Get the Discs Back from Dream!

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Tubbo and TommyInnit get on the Dream SMP and go to FIGHT DREAM to get the discs back, it goes very horribly... until it doesn't.

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Twitter: twitter.com/TubboLive
Main Channel: trvid.com/u-tubbo
Twitch: www.twitch.tv/tubbo
Discord: discord.gg/tubbo

Everyone on the Dream SMP; Punz, Sapnap, JackManifoldTV, Quackity, Ranboo, AntFrost, Eret, Hbomb94, Callahan, awesamdude, Nihachu, Fundy, Badboyhalo, Ponk, all come together to help defend TommyInnit and Tubbo from Dream! They eventually send Dream to PRISON TOO!

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19 Oca 2021




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Human animations
Human animations Yıl önce
Punz: “I’m sorry dream but you didn’t pay me enough” Me: *starts crying happy tears* 57:22
Muffin head
Muffin head Aylar önce
Charlotte Swankie
Charlotte Swankie 3 aylar önce
Me tooo
Charlotte Swankie
Charlotte Swankie 3 aylar önce
@?ersvx¿ yassssss
The blockskid-000
The blockskid-000 8 aylar önce
Ya so true
Polar 6767
Polar 6767 8 aylar önce
Haha same
Mulldova Yıl önce
“he described me as a pawn, this is checkmate” that line is so brilliant
A B 2 aylar önce
averagegenzguy 4 aylar önce
@Blake Kelly they're not perfect, but that was honestly the best thing Tubbo couldve said, based on his character. Also, the fact that he literally and metaphorically played chess with Dream
Isaacbuiltdifferent 5 aylar önce
@Zer0_inn1t chess things
Atlantix 5 aylar önce
The only thing I don’t understand is why is the “king” checkmating the pawn
Tacoanime 11 aylar önce
I can’t take this seriously imagining Sapnap in the room next to Dream like listening to all of this happen
Emma Warren
Emma Warren 2 aylar önce
dream crying to him about how he betrayed him
Ellie The van
Ellie The van 3 aylar önce
AroGaming 5 aylar önce
Omg me realising that they r roomies and BAHAHAHA
moon_ 6 aylar önce
@I Am a Rock ew so lazy to the point you have to comment to get subscribers
I Am a Rock
I Am a Rock 6 aylar önce
Ew gacha
Julian K
Julian K 11 aylar önce
Tommy: How do you sleep at night?! Dream: ... Just fine.
Woo 7 aylar önce
@Xx Idiotic .person xX 🗿💅🏻- lmao
Xx Idiotic .person xX
Xx Idiotic .person xX 9 aylar önce
I laughed hard at that idk why tho
icatcats 10 aylar önce
He also said to technoblade that he doesn’t sleep so I guess that was a lie lol
aavenss_ 11 aylar önce
Times i cried: “Tubbo what am I without you?” “Yourself” *when everyone walked through the portal* “Dream put your stuff in the hole”
Big F
Big F 3 aylar önce
@nukulus so true lol
Big F
Big F 3 aylar önce
As always I always cry lol
aavenss_ 5 aylar önce
@爪乇卄м glad to know that you cared so much that you commented 😩
爪乇卄м 5 aylar önce
We don’t need to know your insecurities with ur tears
Zer0_inn1t 6 aylar önce
⟟ laughed at the first one-
Sitora Murodklova
The fact that sapnap was in front of all of them and when dream got close he was like “step away from them”
Emma Warren
Emma Warren 2 aylar önce
Holy Shit Shea
Holy Shit Shea 11 aylar önce
I loved that so much
Lillith SKZ
Lillith SKZ Yıl önce
The fact that sapnaps my favourite and how they used to be rude or die that was my breaking point, I started bawling
July 7472
July 7472 Yıl önce
Dream: “If I die, death is permanent.” Me: “Yeah, that- *That’s the point”*
•Koala Girl•
•Koala Girl• 7 aylar önce
@France TRvid r/whoooosh
France Youtube
France Youtube 7 aylar önce
No theres 3 lives on duel if he dies in the game 3 times its permanent
•Koala Girl•
•Koala Girl• 8 aylar önce
@Ng Damien r/whooosh
• Friend •
• Friend • 9 aylar önce
true and 5
Rhea Amito
Rhea Amito 11 aylar önce
@Ng Damien yes ik ty :)
Esther M
Esther M 11 aylar önce
Dream: *talking about how he's gonna kill Tubbo* Tubbo: the discs aren't even centered :'(
Laura Bloor
Laura Bloor 9 aylar önce
@Rhea Amito tubbo is so sad and I ceyied at his we'll be Ded before we get to the portal
Rhea Amito
Rhea Amito 9 aylar önce
Thats sad
Laura Bloor
Laura Bloor 9 aylar önce
I was like omg poor tubbo
Howler 9 aylar önce
the discrespect
iForeverImmature 11 aylar önce
tommy and wilbour: * shouting at each other * tubbo: * happy dance *
Abi Ade
Abi Ade 7 aylar önce
Woo 7 aylar önce
brook_123a 11 aylar önce
Tommy: *doesn’t know what to say so just does short dramatic breaths*
MARCIN✨ 2 aylar önce
@brook_123a yeah i didn't. don't worry😂
brook_123a 2 aylar önce
@MARCIN✨ let’s not say stuff that could upset people:) i’m sure you didn’t mean it in a really nasty way (hopefully) /lh
MARCIN✨ 2 aylar önce
Yeah thats kinda annoying tbh
xAlmond Honeyx
xAlmond Honeyx Yıl önce
The fact that Tubbo just completely casually accepted death like at least two times during this stream makes me sad
IZZYbella 9 aylar önce
IZZYbella 11 aylar önce
@Kitty Cat I think he was trying to see if he could get both but couldn't
Kitty Cat
Kitty Cat 11 aylar önce
@IZZYbella but Tommy hesitated between Tubbo and the disc and that and THAT is why Tommy is not a true friend
Holly Yıl önce
When I thought TUBBO was gonna die I was sobbing like mental breakdown level tears
XeeGoArson Yıl önce
I cried during the actual stream lmao
AngryAnonymous 11 aylar önce
4:24 Saying goodbye 27:09 Seeing dream 29:52 The fight 44:36 The secret base 47:43 Attachments 55:02 Saying bye to tubbo 57:30 The save 1:01:11 Cannon lives 1:04:53 The book 1:08:49 Prison 1:09:31 SUCK IT GREEN BOY 1:12:21 The Dream SMP 1:13:16 Found attachments 1:20:00 The bench 1:21:40 Ghostbur These are just some time stamps but watch the whole thing, it’s worth it!
aiden corker
aiden corker 11 gün önce
thank you sm
Brynlee Johnson
Brynlee Johnson 10 aylar önce
holy crap thank you
Emma Penberthy
Emma Penberthy 10 aylar önce
dream is a terrifyingly good actor omg
Liv Ivy
Liv Ivy 11 aylar önce
“All good thing must come to an end eventually” that hit hard same as: “who am I without you?”, “yourself”
✩Mushroomシ☆ Aylar önce
And when tubbo said "this is checkmate"
Wizzy 10 aylar önce
Everyone: *in full netherite it’s or gold or diamond* Quackity: *comes out of the portal in his yeezys*
24Agent75 3 aylar önce
Ash Harvey
Ash Harvey 3 aylar önce
@NY KALAP ⛩❄️ Omg thats so cute
cameron eveleigh
cameron eveleigh 5 aylar önce
NY KALAP ⛩❄️ 5 aylar önce
58:37 you can see big q waving at them lol
Woo 7 aylar önce
Yes but ponk he's wearing a dyed leather helmet- 👁️👄👁️
Katie Goodman
Katie Goodman Yıl önce
This was such an emotional roller coaster watching this live
Kitty Cat
Kitty Cat 11 aylar önce
It’s x10000 times better live tbh
Sabi Yıl önce
It really was! I literally gasped out loud when Dream said Tubbo could be Tommy's 'Uncle Ben'. Like just NO. Don't you DARE. I was NOT expecting that twist with Punz either that was great!
⏁⍜⏚⊬ Yıl önce
yeah it really was
Anya McOwen Wilson
Belle'z Place
Belle'z Place Yıl önce
Kyra Alena Aguilar
Kyra Alena Aguilar 11 aylar önce
Most people are talking about how painful the line "Yourself" is... Meanwhile, I could hear his voice breaking down while he said that...
toniitea Yıl önce
Ponk: Cat got your tongue? Dream: *hey techno uh I kinda need that favour*
BronzeGiraffe 8 aylar önce
I want to like but I don’t want to ruin 69
paypay1 Yıl önce
*Whole fuckin’ war* *George: Snores in british*
Katiemarie2804 5 aylar önce
All54321 Gaming
All54321 Gaming 11 aylar önce
Tommy: I’ll see you all when I get home- when we get home. Tubbo: When you get home, you’re going to sacrifice me. Well that ended up hitting different by the end :(
Dilara Yavuzkara
Dilara Yavuzkara 2 aylar önce
Eioua 3 aylar önce
The amount of times someone almost spoiled the script is hilarious tho, keep in mind everyone knew what was going to be said and what would happen, so saying that was ridiculous :)
aceofspades Yıl önce
Time to make an iconic/funny timestamp list with my own commentary (reply with suggestions of timestamps or quotes) Oh, expect spoilers, not quite sure why you'd be here though if you didn't want them: 0:52 Tubbo being Captain Obvious here 3:27 They really know how to get pity subs 4:28--9:49 A proper o7 from the gang 5:46 YOUR NOTES WERE SO LEGIBLE!!! 7:27 Tubbo's reaction was adorable 8:16 dRuggSsS?? PoOoGGg!! 10:08 Tubbo being scared, dunno kinda warmed my heart and broke it at the same time 10:31 I just thought the way tommy replied was funny 11:49--12:42 N̶̼̚ö̶̺́t̸͇͛ ̷͈̌t̵͓̑h̸̝̾e̷͔͝ ̶̨̍b̶̥̀ë̵̗́s̶̟͆t̷̢̎ ̴̢̎t̴͈͝i̶̬̕m̷̝̈́i̷̼͝ǹ̸̘g̴̟͆ 13:30 Okay: can someone please tell me if Tommy is being sarcastic? I genuinely can't tell and feel stupid 15:12 I love how these British boys casually throw out Hamilton references 15:49--17:01 I liked this bit a lot for some reason 16:34 Damn this line was fire 17:06 PFFFFTTTTT, ME TOO TUBBO 17:32 (suddenly realizes tubbo is quoting markiplier's boat dog video) 17:53 Tommy talking about the character's trauma and then asking Tubbo how he was, really got me fam 19:06 *quietly sings stay aliiiiiivvveeeee from Hamilton* 19:17--19:59 Lmao the accent mocking (GRRRAAASSS) 20:58 Philza god arc? Pog? 23:02 I may be hearing things, but I think I heard Tommy almost call Tubbo, Toby (friendshippppp) 23:48 They find the mountain! 25:26 "This might be our last sunrise" 26:28 Aaaaaand Tommy ruined the moment by falling 27:08 When they finally get to Dream 30:12 The audacity and sheer confidence in this bitch-- 30:30 The fight begins! 32:01 They are terrifyingly high up, just look 35:00 And this is when I began to panic 35:24 Tubbo almost dies cornered by a cliff (Tommy screaming "stop" also hit me in the feels) 36:34 Tubbo's little comment on the armor, dunno man, just felt like writing it down 37:44 THE CARE FOR THE FRIEND 38:18--38:51 Tubbo was worth more than the disks ever were.... 38:55 Dreams snaps and goes on a rant 40:20 "Drop it in the hole" (this is when I REALLY wanted to murder Dream) 41:43 Tommy just wanting Tubbo near him, my hearrrtttt 42:52 "How do you sleep at night?" "Just fine :)" 43:15 ᵈʳᵉᵃᵐ ᵗʰᵉʳᵉ'ˢ ᵃ ᶜʳᵉᵉᵖᵉʳ 44:22 Tubbo just giving up instantly breaks my heart 44:44 Hey look! The green teletubby isn't homeless after all! 45:46 Just the pure-- 46:17 DREAM I CAN'T FEEL BAD FOR YOU STOP THIS AT ONCE 47:38 The hallway reveal (ugh this tears at my soul) 48:12 Skeppy's cage 48:37 Okay yes seeing Friend was emotional but Dream just going: "Freeaaaaannnndddd" cracks me up 49:37 The prison purpose reveal 50:34 "You make everything good Tubbo....you really lightened the atmosphere" "Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry" "No it was good, it was good, I like that when we're feeling down you make us feel better." MY HEARTTTT 51:30 That panic acting was good 51:41 "I NEED YOU ALIVE, I DON'T NEED TUBBO!" 51:50 Bully Tubbo and Tommy will take your kneecaps 52:28 This line was so goddamn good, it gave me chills man 53:50 "It's Tubbo's time to go." 54:01 "I choose you. And I'll choose you over and over and over. Without pause, without a doubt, in a heartbeat. I'll keep choosing you." (I realize this is a love quote bUT I THOUGHT IT FIT JUST STICK WITH ME HERE) 55:21 Tubbo's acceptance of the death and Tommy protesting breaks my heart 56:03 "WHAT AM I WITHOUT YOU????" "Yourself." 56:47 "This is checkmate." 57:00 *try not to cry* *lie down* *cry a lot* 57:29 Cue the Endgame portal music 59:19 The roles are reversed! 59:33 Head empty, heart full. I love their friendshippppppp 1:01:25 I'm gonna kill you.....UnTiL yOu'Re DeAd (ah yes, the floor here is made of floor) 1:02:33 & 1:02:41 If you pause here you can see good ol' Quackity. Coming to battle fucking naked. That's our boy. 1:04:26 *record scratch* 1:05:42 Ooooooh, bringing the people you love into the mix to convince you not to kill him..... 1:06:50 Dream in a box. What will he dOooOoOOo? 1:07:01 I have two things. 1) Is Dream crying???? And 2) Tubbo being triggered with the box thing and Tommy reassuring him he's alright, I love it. The way Tommy wanted his abuser to feel his pain but Tubbo doesn't want anyone else to go through that experience ever again really fits their characters. 1:07:43 Sam's idea to put Dream in prison 1:09:23 "Let's make Wilbur proud." 1:09:30 YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO SUCK IT GREEN BOOOOOOOOYYYYYYYYYYYYY 1:10:33 Pffffftttt bye bye Dream 1:10:45--1:13:08 Tommy's little speech 1:11:22 The parallels to the Lion King! "Tell them what you did!" "I killed Mufasa." "Dream, tell them what you did." "I blew up the community house." And everyone else thinking that the protagonist did the horrible stuff. That SIMBA killed Mufasa, that TOMMY destroyed everything. Am I the only one who noticed this??? 1:12:22 This is the DREAM SMP not DREAM'S SMP. (Clever) 1:13:10 The rest of the server finds the hall of their attachments 1:15:09 Dream fucking falling and dying 1:15:44 "I'm not allowed to ask like 30 people to leave VC 2" 1:19:07 Lmaooooo Tubbo 1:20:00 IT'S BENCH TIME BITCHES 1:20:47 Again, Tubbo with the moon 1:21:38 WILLLBURRRRRR 1:23:11 "I never seemed to die" Could be a stretch, but was that a reference to Hurricane from Hamilton? 1:24:27 YEAH NO SHIT 1:24:40 Honestly same, I like Ghostbur a bit more (for context look at the whisper tubbo sent to tommy and the head nodding) 1:25:12 PFFFFTTT WILBUR 1:27:07 "Maybe Schlatt is different...." OKAY I HAVE A THEORY! Not necessarily part of the Dadschlatt AU, but Tubbo and Schlatt had a relationship (not that kind, ew). Tubbo was basically abused. He's hoping maybe Schlatt has changed for the better because he still cares about Schlatt after everything. I can't explain this well but hopefully you understand. 1:28:06 Brothers, arguing from the afterlife (and tubbo just be vibing) 1:28:37 "I'm proud of you, Tommy" 1:28:53 SEASON 3 BABYYYYYYYY 1:29:21 *cries with happiness in tommy still worried about his best friend, letting him keep the totem* THAT'S ALL FOLKS! Yeah the video ended abruptly, but from the live, nothing important happened. Tommy ended stream and Tubbo went to work on Snowchester for a little longer. Yes I did watch this live, but decided why not do this for all the kind people who could not. I did this for YOU. YOU'RE WELCOME. And sorry it's so long, lmao.
The Cubing Duck
The Cubing Duck Yıl önce
@aceofspades you deserve it
aceofspades Yıl önce
@The Cubing Duck That means a lot, thank you!!
The Cubing Duck
The Cubing Duck Yıl önce
@aceofspades dude, srsly awesome work. I've never seen anyone so dedicated
aceofspades Yıl önce
@The Cubing Duck Thanks! I’ve been at this a while, lmao
The Cubing Duck
The Cubing Duck Yıl önce
Damn, this is good, you need likes Edit: typo
Tommy Innit
Tommy Innit 9 aylar önce
“We had some laughs, it was fun! you know? all good things must come to an end eventually.” - Tubbo. 🥰🥰😢😭
ItsMystery_ 11 aylar önce
No one: Tubbo in the middle of a hard time: It’S LiKe ThE ToWeR FrOm lEgO BaTmAn WiTh ThE eYe On ToP
Emmie Fast
Emmie Fast 11 aylar önce
The way the tommy stands up for Tubbo makes me wanna cry
the amount of memes I smell from the simple phrase: *"dream in a box, what will he do?"*
Cyber gamer parth
Cyber gamer parth 10 aylar önce
@Rohan Uchil Dreamox
Alex mcColgan
Alex mcColgan 11 aylar önce
When dream tells tommy how much fun together its like that anakin and younglings scene when they call him master Skywalker and he is angry because he is reminded that he is not granted the rank of master and he slaughters them
Stan4Sans 11 aylar önce
*Boxed like a fish.*
I like cakes and cats meow
@Maybe6292 omg yes, way better than my idea.
mikoriae 11 aylar önce
“I’m not a psycho!” *attempting to jail a youtuber named skeppy in a 2block ceil*
Aliea Howe
Aliea Howe 11 aylar önce
"Come back down, right now... or ALL of us are gunna come up." Idk why but thats such a powerful line and it gets me every time 1:02:33
Nexiloo Xx
Nexiloo Xx 11 aylar önce
"Uh we'll be dead before we get to the portal... too much of a distance.. It's alright, we had some laughs, it was fun while it lasted.." GOD DAMN IT THAT FUCKING HURT YA'LL
LiaWasFound 8 aylar önce
Tubbo s mum walking past his room then hearing “ WE NEED UR MONEY “
ghost kid
ghost kid Yıl önce
The way they treated tubbo like he didn’t even matter and as if he was worthless hurt.
Emma Warren
Emma Warren 2 aylar önce
Without tubbo tommy would be nothing. Tubbo is very special especially to tommy
ghost kid
ghost kid 11 aylar önce
@Hufflepuff4life IkR
ghost kid
ghost kid 11 aylar önce
@TurpinSoups definitely agree :)
TurpinSoups 11 aylar önce
Just because he's often overlooked doesn't mean that he's at all worth less. People often mistake the two.
Adam Chan
Adam Chan 11 aylar önce
Keyboard Ghost
Keyboard Ghost 11 aylar önce
Phil making sure weirdchamps are banned on his close friends streams is really wholesome big dad moment right there philza Minecraft
MazKaz 11 aylar önce
Tommy: what will i be without you Tubbo: yourself Me: crying in a corner for the rest of the night bc im watching this at 2am 😩😥😭
Jadelyn 3 aylar önce
59:34 "Someone make sure tubbo's ok" I love that line
Luke Zimney
Luke Zimney 10 aylar önce
I’m surprised no one is talking about how they literally had an ender chest in their inventory the whole time
Sewer Fern
Sewer Fern 9 aylar önce
They did??
Jill Yıl önce
“Tubbo, what am I without you?” “Yourself.” Dang, idk why but this exchange hit me hard ;_;
Васька Yıl önce
i just straight up cried, wow, brilliant
Sophie Arthur
Sophie Arthur Yıl önce
@Sahraydr 07 56:07
Sahraydr 07
Sahraydr 07 Yıl önce
When was that again? 😅
Holybiscuitss Aylar önce
Tommy: *random and wholesome talking* Tubbo: *"are we there yet?"*
Benny Boey
Benny Boey 11 aylar önce
When everyone came out of the portal that gave me end game vibes
Lila Parker
Lila Parker 6 aylar önce
55:55 "We had so me laughs,It was fun...You know,All good things must come to an end eventually." -Tubbo
Liz R
Liz R Yıl önce
The way dream talked about tubbo had me In tears and then tommy goes “please don’t leave me” that broke me 😭
1s6mif Yıl önce
Punz: I’m sorry Dream, but you should’ve paid me more *Avengers music starts playing*
Connor Heinzmann
Connor Heinzmann 5 aylar önce
Erick Killmonger
Erick Killmonger 5 aylar önce
Erick Killmonger
Erick Killmonger 5 aylar önce
Fallen PG3D
Fallen PG3D 7 aylar önce
help me reach 1k with no videos
Whenever your hungry, just remember there is pineapples like me to eat! -pineapple
Qvlrky 05
Qvlrky 05 11 aylar önce
I love their Tommy and Tobys friendship though, they're truly my favorite so far
Nightmare_Gacha _
Nightmare_Gacha _ 10 aylar önce
tommy's "please dont go" that made my heart hurt so bad you can hear the desperation in his voice :( :( :( :( :(
Sally Noneyabeeswax
“...Beckerson?” THAT GOT ME I STG
Sally Noneyabeeswax
Sally Noneyabeeswax 2 aylar önce
@Emma Warren YESSS
Emma Warren
Emma Warren 2 aylar önce
$er0t0nin ru$h
$er0t0nin ru$h 9 aylar önce
THAT AND BAD'S “Skeppy?” ARE JUST- **distant sobbing**
Fishy Cyclone
Fishy Cyclone 8 aylar önce
This was so wholesome when Tommy was standing up for Tubbo It was just so heartwarming
Bottled_Blu Yıl önce
Tubbos character on the Dream smp Is so engaging with all of the arcs he’s had
Bottled_Blu 9 aylar önce
@Jellyophie ikr!
GameErica Yıl önce
@Jellyophie That's because his skin is Tweek from South Park lol
Jellyophie Yıl önce
But his skin does has blinde hair and irl he has brown hair ,_, It's so confusing for me...
Holy Shit Shea
Holy Shit Shea 11 aylar önce
57:38 Dream’s last desperate attempt at having leverage and going to get Tubbo is giving me damned chills holy shit, thank you Daddy Punz for coming in time
elishamartin1123 9 aylar önce
Is it okay if I cried because Tommy and tubbo are too wholesome 🥺💗
Katie Dobrenen
Katie Dobrenen 4 aylar önce
That stream was insane. I watched it from tommy's view and I'm coming back to watch tubbo's view of it. This was insane. My favorite thing was probably the fact that everyone came through the portal, all dressed out in netherite, gold, iron, diamonds. Then theres Big Q. In his *yeezes*
Trilbz 9 aylar önce
I am going to say this, I knew from the moment everyone was lined up along the path that tommy and tubbo will get help, they would never be left alone
Femke Holswilder
Femke Holswilder Yıl önce
Tommy: "Al the bad things that happend were caused by Dream" Antfrost: *So you taking me hostage was actually Dream?* btw tnx for the likes never got this many:)
Doxxie 9 aylar önce
The grammar in the replies section and the comment is bad but it makes it 100 times funnier-
Lemon Studioz
Lemon Studioz Yıl önce
@Shiro the Lacraia sem pena Bro! He legit had Tommy’s stuff and said “I’m not gonna give it back unless u help me” u clearly didn’t watch the video
Lemon Studioz
Lemon Studioz Yıl önce
@Shiro the Lacraia sem pena It’s not 😂! Tommy didn’t even want to help Sapnap! But Sapnap stole his things and only gave them back IF Tommy joined him. Did u even see that? No. It’s Dream
The Ava and MJ podcast
İyki Gugu
İyki Gugu Yıl önce
@Shiro the Lacraia sem pena better watch kombatrolltrvid.com/video/video-a1j9owBuwdQ.html
Violet111 10 aylar önce
after ranboo's stream yesterday i went back to see how he acted here. (for those who missed it, yesterday he found out that during this entire confrontation, he was in his enderwalk/sleepwalk state.) there's a lot of different things. during the intro section, he's definitely his normal self - normal talking and normal mannerisms. but during the end scene, he is ABSOLUTELY in enderwalk. the slow head turns, the stares, the almost mechanical walking, the eye contact (he never makes such constant eye contact unless he's in enderwalk, cc!ranboo does a very good job keeping that consistent, so this was definitely on purpose). throughout the whole thing, he seems very hesitant. or conflicted. or just nervous. the whole time, he tries to keep hidden - either by blending in with the crowd, staying in the back, or just being out of view entirely. he keeps glancing back at dream and tommy and tubbo and his book as if he doesn't know where to look. then, when dream is being taken away, he seems very...... reluctant? im not sure what word it would be, but something like that. he keeps looking back at dream's box, and after dream is gone, he stands below and just stares up at the elevator. he definitely does want to protect tubbo and tommy though. he knows that dream in this moment is dangerous, and he knows (or now knows) that dream has done bad things. he isn't some """evil psychopath other half""", nor is he completely emotionless or unaware of everything around him, nor is he an idiot. enderwalk ranboo is still ranboo, but with a bit more cryptid. he cares about his friends. he can think through logical courses of action. he knows when things are evil or wrong. heck, he even did the little nod to tubbo at 59:40, thats some best friend / platonic husband kinda stuff right there. we can't tell what enderboo (what im calling enderwalk-ranboo from now on to make things simpler) and dream's relationship is, but there's a few possibilities. 1: dream might be forcing enderboo into helping him through blackmail or threats, in which case enderboo is 100% not doing this willingly, and he doesn't agree with / like dream at all. 2: dream might have promised he can help everyone somehow if enderboo helps him, or that all of this stuff is working towards a positive goal. in this case, enderboo probably feels awful about everything he's doing, but believes it's worth it for the end result. 3: enderboo might genuinely believe in dream's ideals. you can see _so_ many similarities in their philosophies - not picking sides, the "big happy family" line, etc etc etc. enderboo might be siding with dream willingly, and of course dream manipulates everyone so it wouldn't be completely genuine between them, but it'd be more genuine than a lot of dream's other relationships. enderboo might be doing this out of an actual want to help and belief that this is the right thing to do. and actually, enderboo and dream don't seem to hate each other or anything? from what we've seen or heard about, they're pretty friendly with each other. the dream voice called them "best friends". dream said he missed ranboo's visits. i think they could have developed a sort of warped version of friendship, while working towards their similar goals. personally, i think 3 is most likely. ranboo doesn't seem to completely hate dream during this scene. he looks almost sad to see dream go, or torn on whose side to choose. however, if option 3 _is_ true, it DOES NOT make enderboo evil. he still cares about his friends. the only difference is, dream would be included in that list of friends. so i guess, in conclusion? ranboo was indeed enderwalking here. he seemed very hesitant to lock up dream, or to do anything during this entire scene, and there's definitely something going on between him and dream. but this is all very complicated and we don't have enough evidence yet to really tell what enderboo's motivations are. however, whatever is going on, he *_has a reason_* - even if it isn't the best one.
abcdefg 5 aylar önce
Did i read all that No i didnt
Margot Voisinet
Margot Voisinet 10 aylar önce
also idk if you had noticed but when everyone went to go look through the hall of everyones most prized posessions. ranboo had stayed staring straight at the box but what caught my eye was he had a book in his hand. the fourth book.
Pixeleighted Yıl önce
watching this live was insane!! Rewatching both vods now to do some artwork. Keep up the good work!
Ars0nal.l0v3r 11 aylar önce
THIS IS THE BEST!! I loved it,they did so good at improv and acting! They always find a way to make it look so realistic! I absolutely love this!
xvy Yıl önce
"All good things must come to an end" That hit hard
Tkd Turtle
Tkd Turtle Yıl önce
Tommy and Wil: yelling at each other Tubbo: just vibin
İyki Gugu
İyki Gugu Yıl önce
@Megawati loltrvid.com/video/video-a1j9owBuwdQ.html
Peyajays Yıl önce
Tommy: I know ur not gonna kill me. Also Tommy: holds totem of undying in off hand
Kemaonn 11 aylar önce
It was like a scene from endgame when everyone comes back
Atlantix 5 aylar önce
Tubbo is like a petulant child, “are we there yet?!”
Kelly Kudas
Kelly Kudas Yıl önce
This warmed my heart so much the way they helped eachother and at the end with wilbur i nearly cried!!!
Chat Noir Fanclub
"Your pure evil. How do you even sleep at night?" "Just fine"
MANAN Sood 7 aylar önce
@Woo and I don't give a shit
Woo 7 aylar önce
@MANAN Sood and no one asked.
Woo 7 aylar önce
@MANAN Sood we know do you think we're blind? We're just saying.
Woo 7 aylar önce
LMAOO hi chaton 🤧
Diego Mata
Diego Mata 10 aylar önce
99999999999999 iQ
lizzy !!
lizzy !! 5 aylar önce
I love how everyone is in full nethorite armour and quackity just has diamond yeezeez
Frostbite 11 aylar önce
I like how they were arguing while tubbo was just dancing at the end
Rebecca savage
Rebecca savage 9 aylar önce
“All good things must come to an end eventually” “What am I without you......?”
NotMasterlive 7 aylar önce
Time stamp?
Lord Peanut
Lord Peanut 4 aylar önce
Everyone fully geared up with enchanted armor, meanwhile big q just wearing some diamond yeezeys
Corrat Yıl önce
Punz really pulled a “I’m not paid enough for this shit”
ThisZeeArt 7 aylar önce
pahahaha i agree i literally wheezed when he said that XDD
GoatCraft 9 aylar önce
@Corrat get eaten
Sasuke hokage 2.0
Sasuke hokage 2.0 9 aylar önce
Tommy: oh DRUGS POG 💊
s4mmyIX 10 aylar önce
Faz 10 aylar önce
@CARNAGE Gaming I have a full chest of Diamond Blocks in my Survival world--
Miko 10 aylar önce
sapnap saying “step away from them” just gets me hiped and is anyone gonna talk about Big Q 😂
Kitty 5 aylar önce
This stream was by far my favourite! Everyone arriving at the prime path kinda felt like a guard of honour - it reminded me of graduation. Then Tommy and Tubbo making jokes the entire way was just amazing - those two could talk about literally anything. I loved in particular when they were in the flower biome Tommy mentioned optimism and then when they left it; he talked about looking at things realistically. He also kept asking if Tubbo was genuinely okay and stuff which is a sign of a very good friend. The sunrise they saw as they climbed was SUCH symbolism too. Continuing on, the fight itself was so hype; and when Tommy had to choose between Tubbo and the discs and Tubbo just told him to get the discs really shows the effects of what Tommy said: "the discs were worth more than you ever were." that probably hurt. And that willingness to die just continues as he really had no purpose to stay alive - its so sad. Then the moment where Tommy and Tubbo had to say goodbye hits really hard. Everyone arriving was EPIC and then the moment where Tommy tells Dream to put things in the whole was POWERFUL - OVERCOME THE TRAUMA >:D. Then finally when they were heading back and Tubbo asked where they were heading despite knowing because he wanted Tommy to say it out of HIS mouth was just wholesome - and then they listened to Cat like back in the day which was SUPER surreal. Finally uhhh Wilbur coming in was hilarious - especially when Tommy and Wilbur started arguing and Tubbo was just dancing to Stal. And yeah! This stream was EPIC!! >:D.
Keisha Shek
Keisha Shek 10 aylar önce
Imagine having a friendship like tubbo and tommy 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺
Chloe Finnan
Chloe Finnan 4 aylar önce
My fav quote throughout the whole thing "They're not even centered" Srsly it got me laughing so hard
R4de Yıl önce
Most touching moment is when Sapnap says “step away from them”
brooklynelm 11 aylar önce
Thats my streamer POG
GlowingRegards Yıl önce
S H A Y Yıl önce
Ocjsjdjcakq I need a timestamp.
ariel zellous
ariel zellous Yıl önce
I thought that as well because sapnap usually doesn't care about them
SiryGamez 8 aylar önce
“Who will I be without you” “Yourself” THAT BROKE ME
sh5rk 4 aylar önce
the best line is "im sorry dream, you should have paid me more"
Sam Romero
Sam Romero 9 aylar önce
(WIP) Favorite Moments that I think are worth your time to watch again: 35:25 - 35:50 - Tubbo getting absolutely wacked to shit by Dream and Dream saying Tubbo's gonna die while Tubbo is SCREAMING that he's gonna die. - Dream stopping when Tommy yells for him to stop - Tommy asking how much HP Tubbo is on and Tubbo manages to regen - Tubbo's voice absolutely *shaking* 38:12 - 38:49 - Dream says "Tubbo dies or you give me the disc." Then proceeds to start counting down from ten. - Tommy isn't sure what to do so he asks Tubbo - Tubbo's first response is to tell Tommy to keep the disc. The thing they've fought for so long, Tommy can finally have it at the price of Tubbo's life; which Tubbo is ready to give up, despite having pleaded to not be killed literal minutes prior. - Tubbo screaming at Tommy that he's done enough with his life. 38:55 - Dream's laugh. Pure, unhinged, no sanity left behind those vocal cords. This is a man who's playing with his prey before murdering it.
glox. 2 aylar önce
This is like visiting the village that protected you and finally you say your final goodbyes before saving the world from the evil king
Le Pickle
Le Pickle Yıl önce
I know I shouldn’t have but I was literally crying when Tubbo was about to die.
Le Pickle
Le Pickle 5 aylar önce
@𝚠𝚊𝚏𝚏𝚕𝚎シ︎ basically the whole fight
Arichu 💕
Arichu 💕 6 aylar önce
Don’t worry me too
kyra 11 aylar önce
i was abt to cry
Ninja Pug
Ninja Pug Yıl önce
CrazySkaterEvan Yıl önce
I love how when Wilbur and tommy are yelling at each other tubbo’s just dancing
CrazySkaterEvan Yıl önce
I love how when Wilbur and tommy are yelling at each other tubbo’s just dancing
hi im beta
hi im beta 5 aylar önce
tommy breaking down while tubbo is vibing to stal is such a mood
Sir Pilot
Sir Pilot 5 aylar önce
this is the best stream i've eve watched in my entire life!
asy Asylum12
asy Asylum12 Yıl önce
Tommy and Wilber arguing And then there’s tubbo just dancing
°Roudy° 9 aylar önce
shelle Vautier
shelle Vautier 9 aylar önce
When are they arguing? Time stamp plus?
Spencerシ︎ 9 aylar önce
Doxxie 9 aylar önce
All of you are wrong *Ghostbur
Liteli- 9 aylar önce
Brady Benji
Brady Benji 7 aylar önce
if it was Techno replacing Dream he would have absolutely been willing to fight all of them and cause as much chaos as possible
1ZZ1K1M 11 aylar önce
legit wanted to cry seeing tubbo getting pawned around and stuff. i want to give him a hug so bad omg-
Foxina 3 aylar önce
For the love of god this series is so hard to keep trach of. Ive been watching techno’s pov and finished the imprisonment arc and everything and NOw im here
Lim Cheng yi (Frontierps)
Punz: I'm sorry Dre- *gets inturrupted Punz again: continue's to say what he was going to say
adrian Yıl önce
**Dream and Tommy having an argument** Everyone: **Silent** Quackity: **vibing with his yeezeys and no shirt, nodding aggressively every times he agrees with tommy**
Forrest_Ven 9 aylar önce
°Roudy° 9 aylar önce
CrimznXVII 9 aylar önce
Time stamp???
Anthea CoolWolfie
Anthea CoolWolfie 9 aylar önce
Rebecca savage
Rebecca savage 9 aylar önce
Sparkz 3 aylar önce
I love how tubby is just dancing as Tommy and Wilbur are arguing
Alexander Carter
Alexander Carter Yıl önce
I can't belive they won even with the whole server with them. Tommy has the strategic mind of a block of cobblestone. Like even if that loss was scripted did it have to be that scatterbrained?
keith lubak
keith lubak 8 aylar önce
When tommy said to Tubbo “Let’s make Wilbur proud.” I started crying so hard
kia summit place
kia summit place 10 aylar önce
come to think of it, there’s a lot of symbolism at 30:03. firstly, we see dream build a obsidian tower, that could have many meanings. firstly, it shows how dream sees himself, as he always has above tommy and tubbo, but also that he is unbreakable, that tommy and tubbo are likely not going to go back to the smp. also he plays mellohi, arguably, tommy’s most, prized, if not one of items, by doing this, he is wearing the moral of tommy and tubbo something else i notice: when tubbo and tommy start fighting with dream and dream starts to mess with them both, dream almost never says tubbos name ( i could be wrong, but i think dream also never says tubbos name before this point in the disc saga) why? dream has ALWAYS been focused on tommy, messing with tommy, he sees tubbo as a part of tommy, not as threat, not as someone who could stand up to him as threat, but as someone who can be JUST as easily manipulated as anyone else on the SMP. will likely be adding more to this (:
moon_ 6 aylar önce
Wow ur smart jJSJSj
Eʟʟᴀ 𓂀
Eʟʟᴀ 𓂀 Yıl önce
Ponk saying 'cat got your tounge?" got me scared lmao
alex Yıl önce
i hope it’s in the next animatic
Odin Danger
Odin Danger Yıl önce
He should've said antfrost got your tounge.
Nyke Murakami
Nyke Murakami Yıl önce
Alexx G
Alexx G Yıl önce
@Selma 58:45
Chill Kiwea
Chill Kiwea Yıl önce
@Selma Around 58:40
JJBlueberry 10 aylar önce
I like how when they are battling dream and yelling commands at eachother dream is just ominously chuckling
Musical_Makayla246 10 aylar önce
Not me timing it perfectly so that tommy and tubbo's streams are lined up perfectly so that I can see both sides of the story.
Comrade Karl von Schnitzelstein II
1:28:06 after all that's happened it such a good ending. "Some things truly never change."
Holy Shit Shea
Holy Shit Shea 11 aylar önce
Ranboo and Tubbo having they’re little rave in the back of the group on 59:43 is too fucking cute dear God
Kaena Green
Kaena Green Yıl önce
“if i die, death is permanent” idk dream, sounding a lot like *JESUS*
lil kit cat :3
lil kit cat :3 10 aylar önce
@Willow Hawley i- sorry bro i actually have a human mother
tori 11 aylar önce
jellygeorgia Yıl önce
@lil kit cat :3 same
Fliphare Yıl önce
@Livie no that’s Jesús
Savanah O
Savanah O Yıl önce
@lil kit cat :3 oh god
alfayu 10 aylar önce
Stream: VERY DRAMATIC AND SAD Tubbo: ✨showing no emotion✨
Jamsandwich The 3rd
Jamsandwich The 3rd 11 aylar önce
32:00 That moment when they need a e-chest to put the discs in and tubbo opens his inventory with one in
Suphowyadoin 9 aylar önce
The best friends: they laughed in front of their exact demise
Eidolon - 06
Eidolon - 06 11 aylar önce
You know you're in the shit when even Callahan shows up to fight you.
Akari DR
Akari DR Yıl önce
Wilbur: "YOU ARE A RIDICULOUS CHILD" Tommy: "I'M NOT A FUCKING CHILD, WILBUR!" Tubbo: *vibin' at Stal*
nukulus 11 aylar önce
@SleepOk Thx
Darcy Quartermain
Darcy Quartermain 11 aylar önce
Jacob2770 11 aylar önce
SleepOk Yıl önce
you responding to urself :D
eilaluxs Yıl önce
@Akari DR pwq thx
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