Tua Tagovailoa Concussion explained by a Concussion Doctor

Complete Concussion Management
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29 Eyl 2022




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Complete Concussion Management
Those who are here after the most recent one…now you know why this happened and was 100% predictable
Ryan Eldredge
Ryan Eldredge 4 aylar önce
Came across this and well done! I officiate High School Football and will be sending this to other officials to keep us aware on the field. Thanks again!
Nintendo Legend
Nintendo Legend Aylar önce
Ryan Clark
Ryan Clark 3 aylar önce
I think that's awesome of you take care of them young kids
Claudia Gibson
Claudia Gibson 3 aylar önce
This is such a clear, concise and complete explanation of concussions and what should be protocol. I really hope the NFL starts listening to science and valuing lives over dollars. To think of some of these extremely fit young men suffering the effects of CTE after their careers end - after all the tragic cases we have already seen - is so depressing.
Silvia Rivera
Silvia Rivera 3 aylar önce
Way to go sir. Preventing is more effective than curing 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
LettuceFLYGoats 3 aylar önce
Thank you!
Citizen's Alliance of Australia
I have to say Doc, this is exactly what an explanation should be. Comprehensive (at least to a non doctor), accurate, precise and non sensationalised, clearly understood explanation of the situation. A subscrition worthy video!
Ben Reilly
Ben Reilly 3 aylar önce
@Complete Concussion Management Can you explain to me how or why the NFL believes 7 days is sufficient to recover from a concussion when *NONE* of the medical science literature states that. 7-10 days one may begin to see a reduction on symptoms sure. That doesn't mean you're magically healed from injury anymore than passing a field sobriety test means you're sober and safe to drive. Can you *please enlighten* me here? So far all I've seen regarding healing time, which varies depending on severity, is at *least* 20-60+ days (normal return to activity typically doesn't cover combat sports as much as going to the grocery store) where most women who may have more symptoms are ironically on the lower end of recovery time whereas most men with less severe symptoms are on the higher end of recovery time.
Smurf622 3 aylar önce
Big facts. Clear, concise, comprehensive… it often takes me awhile to comprehend all things medically related but not this. I appreciate this, and your explanation. Keep up the good content! I’ve favorited and plan on forwarding this video to others 🙌🏾🙏🏾
Oahu Hawaii
Oahu Hawaii 3 aylar önce
@szetze: Decorticate posturing doesn't truly fit, since it describes clenched fists held to the chest or sides of the body. Tua's hands were locked open with fingers slightly bent and elbows fully bent with hands near his chin. I don't know how this is medically classified, but I feel it's more closely related to what his hands were doing when he was slammed to the turf and suffered his 2nd concussion. He was holding both hands on the ball to his body to protect it, and when he lost consciousness, his grip loosened enough for the ball to fall out, and his hands drifted up to his chin. What I find unexpected is how the fingers on his left hand flexed to bend outward and locked. I expected it to behave like the fingers on his right hand, which stayed bent like he's still trying to hold the football. His brain must've been severely traumatized for this to happen.
krissy elder
krissy elder 3 aylar önce
Scary to say the least. I can’t believe they let him Play on Thursday 😢
Kenneth Thompson
Kenneth Thompson 4 aylar önce
The NFL needs to add you to their payroll. Well spoken..
WILD THINGS 4 aylar önce
I'm a Dolphins fan and any fan wants to see their team succeed by having their best players in action. But I felt he should have never gone back in on Sunday, let alone to play again on Thursday. Forget about wins and losses, the man's life and well being are way more important. We were off to a 3-0 start and it sucks losing your star QB but I would rather Tua sit out the rest of the season even if it means the Dolphins don't win another game. Some things are more important than football.
Charles Evans
Charles Evans 3 aylar önce
And now the NFl swears Tua never suffered a concussion so what does the rest of the world know ?Great job NFl when Tua gets her third hit to his head maybe the truth will come out what really happened to him
Matt Rogers
Matt Rogers 3 aylar önce
Dolphins fan from UK and I'm disgusted with both the coaching staff and NFL themselves for allowing him back in. If he's in before the bye week I'll start a damn petition
EL Jewel
EL Jewel 3 aylar önce
I completely concur. I don't care if he plays another game for the Dolphins so long as this young man has his health. I thought trying to put Tom Brady in a Dolphin uniform was a shitty management decision, but it pales in comparison to damn near killing Tua.
LettuceFLYGoats 3 aylar önce
Gregory Ingram
Gregory Ingram 3 aylar önce
Well said! There is life after football, makes me think of what Andrew Luck did in Indianapolis.
Charles Haines
Charles Haines 4 aylar önce
Thank you for this well-made and well-spoken breakdown of what may have happened to Tua on Thursday night. As unfortunate as this situation may be, it helps to understand the gravity of the medical scenario he finds himself in. I believe that Tua deserves the rest of the season to rest, to fully recover and to be able to show the world what an incredible human and football player he truly is. I am so sorry he or any human being is put in this type of situation. Again, thank you.
Ivy Rose
Ivy Rose 2 aylar önce
@Riftur Did you watch the video?
Mike Àndrews
Mike Àndrews 3 aylar önce
@Riftur I seen Ronnie Lott sitting on the sidelines with two smelling salts stuffed in his nose like air fresheners ..... And played the rest of the game 💪
Mike Àndrews
Mike Àndrews 3 aylar önce
@Riftur damn , how did Marino survive for 17 seasons ?
Riftur 3 aylar önce
@Mike Àndrews The way Bridgewater was taken out of the game, it might be time to use flags.
Mike Àndrews
Mike Àndrews 3 aylar önce
Put flags on the players 🤔
Ronald Patterson
Ronald Patterson 4 aylar önce
Thank you doc! As a medic for the army for 16 of the 20 years, I tried to explained this and some people thought I was crazy and making this up! I've had to deal with multiple head injuries in two deployments, not only that, but everyday activities from the head being jarred and I knew it the first time and couldn't believe he was cleared to play the rest of the game! It was disgusting and then they tried to say it was his back... I immediately called bs, cause as someone who deals with migraines and back issues, when my back hurts, I def don't reach for my head... and I don't stand up so quickly when my back is hurting cause I can't... but when I have a migraine, I've actually stumbled cause it was so bad and I lost my equilibrium and I reached for my head cause it was pounding! Maybe they'll listen to you cause they failed Tua majorly!
Apoc Morrow
Apoc Morrow Aylar önce
@markeith whitaker Yes... nobody is questioning whether or not brain injuries are a big deal.
markeith whitaker
markeith whitaker Aylar önce
@Apoc Morrow Ppl die from these years later, he may feel better or fine.. but brain damage in NFL players are serious and widely spread, it's accepted cause it's Football
markeith whitaker
markeith whitaker Aylar önce
@John Coll His wife and child will, a third concussion may disable him permanently
markeith whitaker
markeith whitaker Aylar önce
@John Coll I think these 2 loses by Sanfrancisco and San Diego are the result of Tua being affected by his neurological problems, and that's why he is off target.. he got away with it the 1st 5 games back. I don't think Tua tagovailoa understands the importance of staying safe and healthy.. Remember Junior Seau
Apoc Morrow
Apoc Morrow 3 aylar önce
@mackhomie6 Yea but he's not part of this conversation in any significant way. The conversation isn't about why this channel isn't covering Tee Higgins or Kenny Pickett. Obviously this channel isn't covering it, because NOBODY is covering it! This doctor didn't even know those cases existed until I told him about it... and even then still probably doesn't know. The question is... Why is NOBODY covering those cases, but the world was coming with torches and pitchforks for Tua, McDaniel and the entire organization? It's a ludicrous discussion, and the only significant part this doctor plays is buying into it to the point of creating a video about it...... while ignoring those other much more serious cases of egregious disregard for player safety. It's hypocrisy, and I think the doctor is only guilty of being unaware, and a victim of the media's coverage..... probably much like yourself.
Alexandra 3 aylar önce
Thank you so much for this overview! I’m an enormous football fan, I love the sport, but the disregard for players’ long term health, specifically when it comes to cognitive health, just sickens me. Tua’s injury was totally horrifying to watch in real time and the only way for this sport to survive is to take possible brain injuries more seriously and stop trying to rush recovery for the sake of winning.
Dr.Aisha,FNP 4 aylar önce
Fantastic explanation! The reporter on ABC World News said Tua reports he feels better and is focused on recovering to get back out on the field 😳. This makes me worry for his well being. The NFL doesn’t care about players, they’re disposable. The NFL should definitely manage concussions better.
Perpetual Student
Perpetual Student 2 aylar önce
You have the prefix of Dr. in your name, thank you for including your credentials and the fact that you are a medical provider. Also congrats on your accomplishments.
Marla Fowler
Marla Fowler 3 aylar önce
​@Coronavirus is a COMMUNIST CHINESE Bioweapon Wow you're dumb!! Most concussions are painful, you're taking a hit to your head for God sake lol duh. Plus, its shocking you dont know that concussions are debilitating IN THE FUTURE!!
Marla Fowler
Marla Fowler 3 aylar önce
Aaron Humphrey
Aaron Humphrey 3 aylar önce
Agreed. GB QB Brett Farve admits to getting concussions and still playing. He doesn't remember some games .. He's aware that the cumulative effect has definitely affected him cognitively.. The decision to pull the player must come from a third party Dr to reduce Team/ Player influence on the medical diagnosis... The NFL should rethink some of the contract incentives that put pressure on players to stay in the game..
Benjamin Rood
Benjamin Rood 3 aylar önce
@Coronavirus is a COMMUNIST CHINESE Bioweapon This is so straightforward, people are overcomplicating it. You take it out of the players, the teams, everyone's hands. If ANYTHING looks like a possible concussion-and Tua in the Bills game *clearly* had symptoms to suggest a possible concussion, there is zero debate there-you ground the player for a week and wait and see, give it time. How is this so hard? For EVERYONE, same rules for EVERYONE. Come on, this is just obvious and common-sense, it's never worth it. That's what the public is outraged about, and it is *good* that they are.
Eye of the Tiger
Eye of the Tiger 4 aylar önce
I feel so bad for Tua. This was his big year where he has been playing great and has a ton of help around him now, instead of the sub-par help he had before; and the Dolphins are dominating. Then all these injuries happen early in the season. Just terrible to see this.
Zeek sheparzo
Zeek sheparzo 3 aylar önce
Same. I'm a bill's fan and I was SO upset with how the Dolphins handled this situation. Apparently they really valued a 3-0 start vs player safety
Sarah Christine
Sarah Christine 4 aylar önce
So what this video tells me is Tua may be in serious danger as Miami’s HC is (still) denying that a head injury occurred and continues to claim the two injuries are unrelated. This is incredibly scary for him! I’m genuinely worried about him on a human level. Thank you for this breakdown.
Apoc Morrow
Apoc Morrow 3 aylar önce
@TC Mitchell jr Turns out IR isn't necessary... Tua will be back on the field one week from today.
Apoc Morrow
Apoc Morrow 3 aylar önce
So Sarah... now that the NFLPA has concluded that the Dolphins properly followed all protocols, and that all evidence showed that Tua did not suffer a concussion against the Bills... what do you have to say?
J Taylor
J Taylor 3 aylar önce
you need to read Saturday afternoon's report the Dolphins have been cleared of any wrongdoing the first injury was due to his back
Apoc Morrow
Apoc Morrow 3 aylar önce
@TC Mitchell jr By the way, which NFL team did you play for?
Apoc Morrow
Apoc Morrow 3 aylar önce
@TC Mitchell jr You're not aware of the Tee Higgins situation? It's not like it's hard to find out... but it does raise the question, why do you know about Tua, but not Tee, given that Tee's situation is MUCH MUCH worse and MUCH more irresponsible?
M 4 aylar önce
I exprienced a concussion 3 years ago and I'm still not the same as before. Watching this game I couldn't believe Tua was playing last night against the Bengals after he clearly got his 1st concussion on Sunday against the Bill's. The NFL's and Miami Organization made a poor decision and failed to protect Tua's health. I think he will be put on IR for the rest of the season. I hope for the best for Tua and a fast recovery 🙏
Josh O'Brien
Josh O'Brien 3 aylar önce
@Coronavirus is a COMMUNIST CHINESE Bioweapon depends how bad it is, I guess. While playing baseball in middle school I was playing second base and the Center Fielder barrel full force with the crown of his head into my left ear. Blew me up pretty good. Blown ear drum, fractured skull, and concussed all to hell. Like you said, it don't hurt, after the ringing stopped I actually took my next turn at bat. Then my ear started bleeding pretty bad so I went to the ER. Sometimes still get migraines and lapses in memory for a while.
Josh O'Brien
Josh O'Brien 3 aylar önce
@RazorStrap I didn't have to got thru med school to know that boy was concussed in the Bills game. Back injury my ass! They're damn lucky he didn't die from that second 1! He wasn't looking to good there.
Josh O'Brien
Josh O'Brien 3 aylar önce
@LloydC or are they covering up the concussion to get the star QB back on the field?
Tony Mills
Tony Mills 3 aylar önce
This was my fear exactly, watching the Buffalo game I knew he was concussed, the team just flat out lied they didn't do concussion protocol this concussion could have killed that young man, the Fall Guy is the Miami doctor but the team should be hammered, and so should the NFL, they watch all of these major injuries they saw what happened in that Buffalo game, the Miami doctor will be the Fall Guy but you can be sure of this the powerful NFL will protect its brand by any means remember initially the NFL tried to downplay concussions, this kid may never play another down in football
Tom Hood
Tom Hood 3 aylar önce
He will probably be playing again in 4 weeks which is very scary to think about. I feel very bad for Tua he should sit out the rest of the season but I think he willl return early and risk further damage
coopericus 4 aylar önce
Thank you for the thorough explanation of concussions. I feel really sorry that Tua is in the Miami Dolphin organization. Their ignorance on this matter could end a young man's life, much less career.
Charles Evans
Charles Evans 3 aylar önce
Good Lord willing the Dolphins will take their time with Tua 's injuries I have a feeling he will be back after a couple of weeks this was a great explanation that explains concussions and their effects on the Brain someone will eventually die from the actions of the NFL and that will be a very sad day
Cole Cummins
Cole Cummins 4 aylar önce
@Demineon I have a bad feeling the NFL will just scapegoat the independent doctor (he was just fired by NFLPA) and that the investigation will lead to nothing being changed in the NFL
Demineon 4 aylar önce
It’s not just Miami’s doctors but the independent one as well.
Diane Rogler Lord
Diane Rogler Lord 4 aylar önce
Many decades ago, Mom (psychiatrist boarded in psychiatry/neurology) told us that repeat concussions in football players caused permanent brain damage. She worried about my cousin, Doug, as he was a quarterback for his high school team. If this was known 40-50 years ago it certainly is well known today. So disgusting to see the Miami Dophins value winning games more than Tua’s health.
ravensgyrl 4 aylar önce
Thank you! You explain this more than anyone has as of yet. I have a much better understanding. I really hope this incident causes a lot more change in the protocol and definitely prayers for Tua!
Lochton Grant
Lochton Grant 4 aylar önce
@Calvin Rogers Yeah, all the folks that have a financial stake in keeping him on the field.
@Calvin Rogers tua need to rest for the whole season tto risky
Calvin Rogers
Calvin Rogers 4 aylar önce
@Mitchell L actually, you’re wrong. It was followed. Team doctors cleared him to play, as well as an independent doctor, which is the protocol. Protocol was followed, but the protocol needs to be changed.
Mitchell L
Mitchell L 4 aylar önce
There IS a protocol..it isn't and wasn't followed
Mercy H
Mercy H 3 aylar önce
Wow, you explained this so well Doc! I'm a nurse and I work with TBI pts and pts with high risk for falls, so your amazing breakdown and explanation of concussions is so vital. Thank you!
William Jackson
William Jackson 4 aylar önce
I thought Tua should not play Thursday after the injury on Sunday. You really explained this serious condition in laymens’ terms. The NFL needs to take heed and listen to your explanation and solutions.
Dominic M.
Dominic M. 3 aylar önce
I'm a hockey fan, but the Tua story really has me interested. I'm concerned for his health and I hope that especially collision sports like football and hockey learn. Definitely need better protocols. Is it possible for their protocols to include baseline and injury energy levels as you described? it seems like a valuable metric aside from what appears to me like more rough clinical evaluations around cognitive ability that a cup of coffee can influence.
BP Lup
BP Lup 4 aylar önce
While working as a bouncer, I saw a guy take an average punch and hit the back of his head like Tua. He was unconscious and his hands fencing at his side. Put ice on his head to reduce swelling but he ended up dying at the hospital. It looked like nothing and he died.
Doctor Bashir
Doctor Bashir 4 aylar önce
@Joaquin Solis the fracture is usually the result of the head hitting the ground
Joaquin Solis
Joaquin Solis 4 aylar önce
Was he punched on the temple ? Maybe that’s what killed him
Tk _music_
Tk _music_ 4 aylar önce
@Doctor Bashir that happened to me with my latest concussion 6 months ago
Tk _music_
Tk _music_ 4 aylar önce
@thunderpantz oh yeah concussions are no joke when you get a concussion you may feel nothing at first but when you get hit again the concussion symptoms gets aggrivated sometimes you may not feel symptoms until a couple days later. Coming from experience.
P J L 4 aylar önce
@Doctor Bashir yes - an epidural hematoma or swelling of the brain due to hemorrhage/ bleeding is where the swelling has nowhere to go and finally resorts to the path of least resistance which would be down the neck. Anyway- if I am in Tua’s shoes I would seriously consider if I ever come back to play another down. I can not see him returning for at least a month and maybe much much longer.
Beth O
Beth O 4 aylar önce
Agreed. I’m 3 years out & still have symptoms. Thank you for this.
Andy Riddle
Andy Riddle 3 aylar önce
Yes I understand too. I still have issues 6 years later from my last brain injuries
Complete Concussion Management
check out Concussion Fix program! concussiondoc.io/offer/the-concussion-fix/
Daniel S
Daniel S 3 aylar önce
Wow, this video is incredibly well done. I learned so much about the subject of concussions, thank you for breaking it down this way!
Vanessa Randolph
Vanessa Randolph 3 aylar önce
You did an excellent job of explaining! Thank you and I hope decision makers see this.
Ay Blinkin
Ay Blinkin 4 aylar önce
Thank you for your analysis. All of sports should have awoken years ago to this obvious problem. The medical field has certainly recognized it. We see all sorts of studies to back that up, even documentaries and movies that spell it out to us laymen. This all means very little to us that are too unskilled or too old to participate in high impact sports, but it should mean something to the organizations, the players, their physicians and trainers. The case of Sydney Crosby should have taught everyone a lesson. He missed 2 years of his career due to multiple concussions. He also lost 2 years of normal life during his recovery. That pretty much aligns with your assessment of recovery time for those cases. Fortunately, he did recover and it caused the NHL to examine the rules of the game. Hockey is a tough sport but that doesn't mean that the players should lose their future, or possibly their life, because of it. I will not discuss the hits that caused his injuries other than to say that they were dirty. Nonetheless, the injuries occurred. The same goes for football and there are many many cases that can be cited to prove the point. In my opinion, the hit that he took was completely legal and in no way showed intent to hurt him. Nonetheless, the injury occurred. I believe the Tua situation was completely botched by the team, their doctors and ultimately, the league. In our day, with the availability of so much information, these incidents should never occur. I certainly hope the young man makes a full recovery, but if he takes the field again this year, I would seriously question the motives of the organization and the competency of their medical staff. Thanks for taking the time to read my comment.
hatuxka 3 aylar önce
Pushing him down with both arms at the end of a running start after he had released the ball and so was vulnerable and unable to brace himself to impact was probably an illegal hit, roughing the passer.
Travis Runnels
Travis Runnels 3 aylar önce
Thank you. Actual question. How does age play into this? Brain plasticity is a potential thing. If I'm a football player at, say 15, and I have a concussion, would that be different when I'm now 40 and I had the same, or similar impact, on a ski slope. Does age play a factor? Truly curious and thank you in advance for any insights.
Complete Concussion Management
Yes - but it's actually kind of a U-shaped curve. Worse for younger and older and not AS bad for middle of the curve. The issue for younger people is myelin (it's the fatty protective layer in our brains that helps with signal transmission) - myelination isn't complete until around 22-25 yrs old. So concussions younger than this are potentially worse with more damage and potentially longer lasting issues. This is why there is a push in the USA to ban tackle football for athletes under age 14 (which I agree with). In older people (i.e., 65+), things start to worsen again but it's mostly on healing issue - more inflammation, slower cellular metabolism to begin with, and massively increased risks of dementia if you get a concussion later in life (brain ages quicker). If you're gonna get a concussion, you want it between 25-35 for the best outcomes.
Africa Rain
Africa Rain 4 aylar önce
I am an ER physician and cannot agree with this Concussion Doctor.more. And want to thank him for posting this important video.
Perpetual Student
Perpetual Student 2 aylar önce
Thanks for all of your hard work during these last couple of years w/ the Wuhan virus.
MoJo 3 aylar önce
NFL only cares about $$$$$$ The money and pressure from above corrupt doctors. "Back Injury" just a Dr making up bullshit
Africa Rain
Africa Rain 3 aylar önce
@Riftur Honestly, a lot of us physicians aren't football watchers. Tua's case just made the news. I just looked up Hine's injury from two days ago. It is a blaring concussion/head injury/traumatic injury. The appalling thing about Tua's case is they let him back IN in 2nd half and then 5 days later for another game. If they allow Hines to play after that initial concussion, the outrage should be the same as the outrage on behalf of Tua.
frank hernandez
frank hernandez 3 aylar önce
I’m a strawberry picker and I appreciated the video as well.
Riftur 3 aylar önce
Why is no one worried about Hines, Higgins, Isaiah Mckenzie, or Joe Burrow just to name a few? Hines and Mckenzie's appeared much worse than Tua's considering McKenzie was paralyzed for a short time. Where is the outrage that he is practicing again 4 days after the concussion and could play this week. Why is no one saying they should retire?
jerzeygeneral87 4 aylar önce
As an athlete, coach, and sports fan, thank you for this explanation! Hope they keep Tua out for awhile and the brother gets healthy!
Douglas Neuman
Douglas Neuman 4 aylar önce
Excellent video explaining the consequences of insufficient recovery time. Everyone involved in the first incident was saying "it wasn't a concussion". Then my question would be is there any definitive tests that can ensure that there wasn't a concussion? If there isn't then caution should be taken to make sure that sufficient time has been given for full recovery. Without any evidence other than someone's opinions then it is always better to be safe than sorry.
Complete Concussion Management
There is a very common/popular phrase throughout the sport-medicine world when talking about concussions, and that is: "When in DOUBT...sit them OUT!"
he has a series where he goes into the actual physics and chemistry behind how concussions work (very interesting watch btw even tho i don’t know that science too well), but from what it seems to be is that the stretching of the brain tissue alters the way the brain cells function but not how they structurally look. so even if an MRI shows no signs of brain damage, if the person is exhibiting the behavioural symptoms of a concussion then they should still be resting for the necessary amount of time as they likely do have a concussion
Christian Zhang
Christian Zhang Aylar önce
Thx Doc, this is a really reliable video to understand what kind of dangerous situation that Tua is now suffering. I am a Patriots fan but I am still worrying about his career, and also I was been shocked by the inaction of the Dolphins franchise.
bodasactra 4 aylar önce
Very interesting and informative, thank you. I will tell you what I tell all doctors as a person who has survived several near death brain and body injuries, empirical test data and expected patterns are extremely important in medical study. However, every person is different and it can lead to the most unexpected outcomes, both good and tragic, despite the data and/or experience of the treating team. Some people are just a tiny bit more susceptible to this type of injury and I would say this is the case for this player. It seems more the whiplash than the impact that injures him repeatedly.
Bruce Sanders
Bruce Sanders 4 aylar önce
I agree. Certainly, the first injury was just Tua falling backward and whipping his own head back toward the ground. The second injury appeared much more dramatic with that 300 lb cow slinging Tua down hard.
Jeff Tam
Jeff Tam 3 aylar önce
Thank you..Very clear and much needed understanding about recovery!
TripN With Red
TripN With Red 3 aylar önce
Your explanation is incredible. I was shocked they let him back into the game Sunday after his first injury. It was clear to see he had a serious injury. When he was hit a second time on Thursday and his hands were twisted it was downright scary. This man should have never been allowed back in the game Sunday. It was obvious even to non-medical professionals and negligence on the part of the NFL.
John Damon Walls
John Damon Walls 4 aylar önce
Miami is in trouble. Definitely negligent. Get better Tua.
Jean Breitlung
Jean Breitlung 4 aylar önce
Great explanation 🙏🙏 thank you sir 💯
Circusgirl1002 3 aylar önce
Exceedingly well presented and explained. Thank you so much for this video! Is there any chance you could please link the studies you’ve mentioned in the description? Sincerely an ATC who’s trying to keep her kids safe.
Andrew 3 aylar önce
Dear Doctor, thank you for explaining this in detail. 🙏 This brought me to tears thinking about what happens to players who are pressured to go out there and play after a concussion, without proper recovery. I wonder if someone will ever do a series on retired players who have struggled with long term health problems years after retirement. Maybe get perspective of families and doctors who had to take care of the players who suffered.
John Enghauser
John Enghauser 3 aylar önce
This is fascinating. Thank you for breaking down concussion recovery, I’m sure this is new to most people. Prayers for Tua and his family.
Brian Wilner
Brian Wilner 4 aylar önce
Thank you for the explanation, I feel sorry for his future. I am a Dolphin fan, but he should consider retirement. Money is good, but family, health and quality of life trump all.
Ragnar 4 aylar önce
I have to agree with a lot of people here on how well you explained this.
Janene Jeffery
Janene Jeffery 4 aylar önce
Thank you for such a clear and well supported presentation on concussions and the necessary concussion management guidelines. Sharing the research with visuals of the findings is particularly appreciated as it grounded the facts in evidence based data. I, too, am concerned about Tia’s future and risks for further neurological trauma.
P 4 aylar önce
Well done. I feel more informed about this. Wish Tua and his family the best!
Benjamin Alexander
Benjamin Alexander 3 aylar önce
Doc, this video was fantastic! just curious if there is a way to measure this brain energy non-evasively. If there's a better go no-go test that the NFL and sports agencies could implement.
C.C. 4 aylar önce
Should be mandatory viewing for every NFL owner, coach and player. For a business that relies so much on data and analytics, the NFL ignores all the the science on concussions. Apparently they're not going to act until someone actually dies on the field. On Sunday, Tua didn't grab his back, he grabbed his head! You don't need to be a doctor to see what was happening. It's totally impossible to watch those plays on both Sunday and again Thursday without recognizing he was not fully in control of his body.
Jacob H
Jacob H 4 aylar önce
Amazing video. So easy to understand your explanation. Thank you for doing this. People need to know. When I got my first concussion, I was out for a month and a half to be safe. It was very mild but better safe than sorry.
Jeanie Koechley
Jeanie Koechley 3 aylar önce
As someone that is dealing with PCS, these hits were hard to watch and brought tears to my eyes. I hope Tua makes a full recovery.
LilMissJ2468 3 aylar önce
Thank you! I have 3 kids (all high school athletes, 1 currently in high school and 1 that's now a college athlete) & this was the best explanation of concussions I've ever had. My introduction to what a concussion was, when my oldest child was hit in the face with a softball during a game. No concussion, however, my middle child wasn't so lucky when she fell during a basketball game and hit her head on the court. I'm now even more grateful for the high school basketball program gir not letting her back on the court too early, and I feel a lot better about my baby girl being in the same program. It's all fun & games until someone is no longer with us or left with life altering results! It should never be this serious to win a game. Not at *any* cost and someone's life is literally in question!
Blaine Butler
Blaine Butler 3 aylar önce
What a great explanation. Interesting to know that it's not the amount of concussions rather the proper amount of healing time that matters most.
J Ca
J Ca 4 aylar önce
Even if it was a “back injury” on Sunday, Should he still be playing 4 days later?
Danny Kobos
Danny Kobos 4 aylar önce
Especially in week 4 with a game lead in the division and a tie breaker over buffalo and New England
Jay W.
Jay W. 3 aylar önce
Thank you for breaking this down! I can't imagine NFL doctors not being aware of what proper protocol is, it's just about greed, has to be. The worst part is he's set to play starting QB vs the Steelers this coming week. Smh. Damn. What a tragedy.
MSDNC 4 aylar önce
I have had multiple concussions, each subsequent one takes longer to recover from than the one before, after the latest as the result of a car accident I have had post concussion issues for almost 4 years, memory issues, struggle with balance in darkness, head aches etc hope he is ok, shout out to Cantu Concussion in Concord MA
Complete Concussion Management
check out Concussion Fix program! concussiondoc.io/offer/the-concussion-fix/
Huntington Beach Anthony
Thanks for the clear, well-done, explanation for everyday people.
Frank O
Frank O 4 aylar önce
Thank you Dr. for the excellent presentation regarding concussions. I really like your visual on our jello like brains as the react to whiplash. Also the explanation on recovery times was very impactful. I would like to see that the players and their families get to see your video so they can learn more about the real risks of the sport to allow them to make sure their injuries are managed with their health first.
Matt Northrup
Matt Northrup 3 aylar önce
Well spoken and presented, this was the concise information I was looking for…. Thank you for taking the time to do this!
MA 4 aylar önce
You’re right that it’s scary to see this at the TOP level . And disturbing so many average fans justify the Dolphins medical staff and their management of Tua because they “cleared” him 😢
captain deadpool
captain deadpool 3 aylar önce
​@STEVEN NEWMAN he got fired.
MA 3 aylar önce
@STEVEN NEWMAN The point of the expert Neurologist's is to take the decision out of the players hands so Tua can say whatever he wants. the Dr.s job is to determine the truth regardless of the player convictions and thats why the NFLPA removed the Dr. Because they found he made mistakes (potentially fatal). and they had the right to do that.
STEVEN NEWMAN 4 aylar önce
@MA Gotta have a scapegoat. Maybe Tua lied and was able to cover it all up. But how does a coach bench a player when the player and the medical staff all say there's no issue?
MA 4 aylar önce
@STEVEN NEWMAN Sooo the independent neurologist has been fired for “making several mistakes” on the initial evaluation and assessment from Sunday…
STEVEN NEWMAN 4 aylar önce
The independent NFL neuro specialist cleared him, he showed no signs of concussion, the rest of the game showed no issues, no cognitive issues, the next 3 days before Thursday night came he had no signs of any head issue. So why should he not have played Thursday?
Spig 13
Spig 13 4 aylar önce
This was so interesting, thank you for explaining how the recovery should work!
Arlene Prisco
Arlene Prisco 3 aylar önce
Well explained and documented. A very valuable video. I hope more people see this video. I am a retired PhD neuroscientist.
The Face of Bobby
The Face of Bobby 4 aylar önce
Thanks for making this video. I don’t know very much about things like this but I could understand everything you said. This video was very well put together
amy dirschell
amy dirschell 3 aylar önce
I want to thank you for speaking up about the reality of head injury. And the way you explained it was so very helpful and right on. People don’t realize the damage that is done and can mess up your life forever. My son had a brain injury very young and it really ruined his life. No amount money is worth losing your brain. I pray for Tua’s recovery. Thank you again
Amazing Phoenix Homes
Amazing Phoenix Homes 3 aylar önce
That was a lot of detail thank you so much for explaining all of that I learned a lot as a former football player myself
Patrick L
Patrick L 3 aylar önce
Excellent explanation! I knew it was important to wait after a concussion, but I didn't know the specifics about brain energy. Very interesting! Hopefully, helping people understand in such a clear way will make an impact
DIRTYRICE 3 aylar önce
Very concise, extremely educational, and very shocking. I’ve never thought about Concussion Management until I watched this video and got schooled on it hardcore. Not once have I heard the words “Concussion Management” ever from the NFL or any team. There’s been so much coverage and debates about player safety and the steps taken to insure that things are being done to protect players…..and it’s all been a bunch of BullHocky nonsense. Misdirection at its finest. You really think one of these teams will ever be on board sitting their franchise player out for a month after a concussion??? They wouldn’t dare do that. That’s exactly why nobody has ever heard of Concussion Management, and it’s freaking sad. This should be watched by the NFL, and ESPN should be playing this video and talking about player neglect opposed to player safety.
Loving life!
Loving life! 3 aylar önce
Thanks for educating us Dr. Most people that aren't trained in the area of concussions don't understand that the problem isn't the concussion itself but the necessary recovery time! Thanks again!
Greg Cunningham
Greg Cunningham 4 aylar önce
Thank you very much for the breakdown. The amount of excuses from people who profit off the NFL has been disturbing.
Alex 4 aylar önce
Thank you for the explanation. I appreciate the scientific data to prove how NFL has a bad concussion management. Thankfully Tua did not die or become an invalid with the second impact. I have had 2 concussion due to accidents and recovery management is the key. I have no issues 15 yrs later since my doctors properly organized my recovery. Thank you for great content. You and Dr Brian Sutter are great TRvid channels.
Apoc Morrow
Apoc Morrow 3 aylar önce
Hello Doctor! I wonder if you can explain why there has been so much focus on this situation with Tua, but the Cincinnati Bengals had a player (Tee Higgins) who was knocked unconscious during his game against the Jets (the same day as Tua's game against the Bills. Despite being knocked unconscious on the field, he would later return to the game, never underwent concussion protocols, and played 4 days later against Miami. That situation seems far more egregious than the situation with Tua.... so why are people making videos about this, but not about Tee Higgins?
Apoc Morrow
Apoc Morrow 3 aylar önce
@Complete Concussion Management Definitely, and in these two cases, the one that's getting the focus is not a clear example of error and over-looking the problem, while the one being ignored is.
Complete Concussion Management
I think it's probably just because of the attention that this particular case received. But you are absolutely right! This happens constantly in the NFL!
andrea mclean
andrea mclean 3 aylar önce
I know this video is about this specific situation however it is important to note that CTE is not only caused by concussions. Sub concussive hits (which are hits to the head that do not cause concussions) are problematic as well so it is not just a matter of letting concussions heal properly at least regarding CTE. For example in boxing there is actually starting to be more concern about how often/hard boxers are sparring because majority of the time they get hit more often during their preparation for a fight than they do in an actual fight. Obviously in this specific case mentioned in the video it is important to discuss how concussions affected this football player and this was a good visual and verbal breakdown of what’s happening to a brain during a concussive hit. It’s just important to note that damage is being done with sub concussive hits as well so it is not enough to say “ there is a concussion recovery problem.” There’s so much more.
BigChico TV
BigChico TV 3 aylar önce
This video is eye opening!Some of my favorite boxers of all time, Muhammad Ali, Terry Norris, Evander Holyfield, all got permanent brain damage due to the training they went through getting ready for a fight. Even though they would wear head gear, the jarring their heads would be taking took their toll. They Never could speak the same way again. Thanks for the education!
Complete Concussion Management
Again...is it because of the concussions (headgear does nothing) or is it because of concussions TOO CLOSE together?
The Egyptian Queen
The Egyptian Queen 4 aylar önce
EXCELLENT video! I've seen the Fantasy Doctors video and Brian Shutterer, MD, and your video was the most intellectual, informative, and understanding of them all. We (the world) now know that Tua sustained a concussion on Sunday, not a back or ankle injury that made no sense he didnt grab at his back, or ankle, he shookhis head and staggered sideways prior to going oden to a knee before he was pulled back up by his teammates. Without the proper time to heal his concussion from Sunday like 3 to 4 weeks, made him hitting his head again Thursday more prone to another concussion then. I'm very upset and sad for Tua. Based on what you said he needs 90 to 100 or so days to recover and thats next year which ends his season, but rightfully so. Thanks you, I am so thankful for you knowledge, and video... I subscribed 🙏🏽🧡
Tobin Bybee
Tobin Bybee 3 aylar önce
Well done, one of the best description of his injury and explination of what's in store for his future. So many making guesses and CHI dx.
David Baca
David Baca 3 aylar önce
Thank you for posting this video. I coach high school football in Colorado where the head coach is from and I'm disappointed. Colorado High School Sports Association implemented Heads Up 12 years ago, it works pretty well and I'm proud of the major decrease in multiple concussions and extended health protocols for the safety of our youth. I knew it was a concessions the moment I seen him get up and then Thursday night short week I wondered and then seeing head hitting against the turf I just felt it in my gut. Money over health seems to be the motivation for the dolphins organization maybe the league also? Praying for this young man and his health.
Shuzkan61 4 aylar önce
FYI. Thank you Doc for the explanation in Concussion Management Problem and Recovery Timelapse. Based on this theory, Tua's season is practically over and/or limited play on physician's advise. I get this gut feeling that some folks will be sued, fined, jail time, fired and permanently ejected from the league.
Darcie Hum
Darcie Hum 4 aylar önce
I remembered screaming at the TV when the highlights showed him staggering after the 1st concussion. I can't believe some tried to pass it off as a back injury. Thanks for the video, needs to be watched and re-watched by everyone.
Justin Time
Justin Time 3 aylar önce
I hope this will help not just the NFL, the coaches, trainers, but the players themselves also to take this seriously. 🙏 for Tua for a full recovery.
Dudeman 3 aylar önce
I had 2 concussions back to back and it kept me out of sports for several years. It led to post-consussion syndrome that lasted almost 5 years. These can be life-changing events that outweigh the importance of entertainment and competition.
Anthony 3 aylar önce
Did a really good job at explaining everything and how the video was put together really broke it down and taught all of us here something im sure thanks a lot !
Joseph Jackson-Bey
Joseph Jackson-Bey 3 aylar önce
Excellent Breakdown from a medical perspective & neurological perspective. This is a sensitive topic and issue. Professional football is such a beautiful yet brutal game . However ratings and monies shouldn’t trump the health of the athletes who makes all sports what they are . I wish Tua a full recovery and I hope that the NFL doesn’t have to endure a death related to the negligent handling of concussion recovery . Thankyou Dr for this video.
Kim MJ Barron
Kim MJ Barron 3 aylar önce
Thank you for your expertise in succinctly explaining what a concussion is and the protocol for concussion management. I appreciate the well-learned lesson I received by watching this video.
G Rou
G Rou 3 aylar önce
Your explanation was extremely clear and well articulated. The Dolphins need to do this: let him recover for the rest of the season. It was a huge mistake to let Tua play soon after the first injury. Who cares if the Dolphins lose again another season. If they really want another Bob Griese or Dan Marino in Tua, then the Dolphins need to take him off the field for the 2022-2023 season.
markeith whitaker
markeith whitaker Aylar önce
You can clearly see Tua tagovailoa degrees rapidly.. His completions are way down.. A sign of neurological problems, he is not this awful.. 4 for 17 is not Tua like
Jeff Stewart
Jeff Stewart 4 aylar önce
Great explanation. The NFL needs to completely rework how they deal with concussions. The doctor being fired should be the first step of many. More heads need to roll over this.
Michael West
Michael West 3 aylar önce
This is a fascinating program. Lots of good information. Here is a situation my wife finds herself in- She was unloading a semi-trailer one day at work, this trailer had roll up doors- not the traditional doors that open up to the side. As she was pulling a pallet out of the back of the trailer an item on top of the pallet caught the door and pulled the door down on top of her. The door impacted the rear portion of her head, traveled down her neck and finally impacted the base of her neck/shoulder area. She hit the ground but did not lose consciousness. Her employer did send her to a local urgent care clinic who told her she had a concussion. However, when corporate got involved and sent her to the "workman's comp. doctor," he told her that since she did not lose consciousness- she did not sustain a concussion. He actually told her that she had a sinus infection. This happened 3 years ago; she's still doing the same job at the same company and still fighting the same headaches and swimmy head fog. But, if we take her to another clinic or doctor, they find out that the injury occurred on the job and no one will treat her.
John Reeves
John Reeves 4 aylar önce
Wow. Great video! Clear, authoritative, and thoroughly understandable. Thanks, doc!
D4J2K 4 aylar önce
I have a TBI and once I first was diagnosed with it I thought I was fine a few days later then I had a concussion due to a fight I seen black that was 3 years ago.. and still to this day I haven’t recovered you explain everything right I just hope he will be fine and not get PTSD because it could happen
Chase Orosco
Chase Orosco 3 aylar önce
You’re description of a concussion reminds me of one time years ago when I went to a concert, got decked so hard in the mosh pit, I saw a sparkle in my eye the moment it happened, and for the next twenty or thirty minutes, I felt like I was dreaming. It was like I was there but didn’t feel like I was really there.
Benjamin Rood
Benjamin Rood 3 aylar önce
Very well explained, Doc. From a management perspective, they did everything wrong. This problem is so straightforward: You take it out of the players, the teams, everyone's hands. If ANYTHING looks like a possible concussion-and Tua in the Bills game *clearly* had symptoms to suggest a possible concussion, there is zero debate there-you ground the player for a week and wait and see, give it time. How is this so hard? For EVERYONE, same rules for EVERYONE. Come on, this is just obvious and common-sense, it's never worth it. That's what the public is outraged about, and it is *good* that they are.
Russell Street Report
Russell Street Report 4 aylar önce
You should be a guest speaker at the next NFL owner's meeting. This was outstanding. Thank you for the effort.
TC Mitchell jr
TC Mitchell jr 4 aylar önce
Great job of giving us a great analysis about Concussion and the symptoms and negative effects
Ace 4 aylar önce
Great video, appreciate you breaking it down like you did, made it easy to understand and I learned something new about concussions. As a life long die hard Fins fan & someone that has been a Tua fan/supporter since Day 1, it was really hard to watch that play Thursday and now hard to fathom that he didn’t have a concussion last Sunday vs Bills. In which case them allowing him to play Thursday was a horrible decision, and that sucks because McDaniel is the first Fins coach I’ve liked and been excited about since Jimmy Johnson left, but he has to take some responsibility as a coach for letting him play, even if he passes all the concussion protocols and doctors gave the OK, and I’m sure Tua played it as he was ok and didn’t have a concussion Bc he feels he has so much to prove to everyone, still some of this falls back on McDaniel being HC and sayin “No your not playing Thursday”… and that’s hard for me to say bc I know it’s going to hurt the team I love BUT as a father myself of 2 kids that play sports nothing is more important then your health. I probably wouldn’t have said that 20 yrs ago, growing up playing sports competitively year round you just want to win and you’ll do anything to play the sport you love including playing thru injuries, but once you become a parent and it’s your child out there, then all that changes. Prayers up for Tua and hope he has a full recovery and takes the time needed to fully heal 100%.
Ace 4 aylar önce
@Complete Concussion Management totally agree
Complete Concussion Management
I think the thing about this that we don't consider in the moment is that there is a very real possibility that he could miss the rest of the season based on this decision to play him on Thursday. What we need to consider is that by having him miss this ONE game, we could have kept him in better shape for all the other games! So it's really short-term vs. long-term thinking that needs to change!
Kevin Jones
Kevin Jones 4 aylar önce
Very informative. Thank you for putting this out.
Larry 4 aylar önce
Very well explained. The Dolphins medical staff should be ashamed and held accountable. Tua needs to realize that life goes on beyond the NFL. Nothing is more important than your health
markeith whitaker
markeith whitaker 4 aylar önce
What's more important winning a f@cking game or dying on the Field This was a whiplash by a UFC slam to the ground.. this coming off the 1st concussion on Sunday Wasn't a dam back injury
Salvatore turieo
Salvatore turieo 4 aylar önce
man is this scary, very hard to watch, but people need to know what this is all about, good job explaining sir.
kattmilk 3 aylar önce
Once, I was horsing around and wrestling with a friend, and ended up hitting my head on the wooden side of a sofa. I too had the "shake the cobwebs" effect, but dismissed it and didn't go to the ER/doctor. Days later, I was disoriented, vomiting and had severe muscle spasms. So to tell me that these highly paid NFL coaches, players and medical staff didn't know Tua had a concussion after the Bills hit makes me sick to my stomach! I am an avid Bama and Dolphins fan, but this atrocious negligence compels me to re-think how I view the Dolphins organization. Prayer to Tua from the Bama Nation.
kbrewers 3 aylar önce
This was good. first time i have heard more about the recovery, and the impacts of not waiting for enough time to heal. Really good breakdown.
Mchain24 3 aylar önce
The scary part is this happens at every level. High-school included. An opposing team member lost his life because of two concussions in a short period of time. A friend of mine also suffered two concussions in a short time but recovered after being life flighted and hospitalized.
William Ritchie
William Ritchie 4 aylar önce
Best explanation of the issues I have heard. As a former paramedic I have seen a number of these
Noemi Grant
Noemi Grant 3 aylar önce
Excellent & fully supported concussion analysis. Thank You Doctor!
Mike Grevey
Mike Grevey 3 aylar önce
Great information. The NFL will also have to analyze playing surfaces in stadiums. I believe this is also part of the concussion issue.
Cary Soriano
Cary Soriano 3 aylar önce
Great breakdown, explanation, and analysis! Thanks for this video
Roman Gomez
Roman Gomez 4 aylar önce
Thank you very much for the great explanation. The only person who I have heard that speaks with facts. Unfortunately, if this kid had played and may be won the game, most of the media would be praising his game. The media should be as emphatic as they are today since Sunday, and maybe today's pressure would prevented. Now, we just have to pray this kid goes back to his normal life with or without football.
RazorStrap 4 aylar önce
A cut is a simplified analogy I use to explain that lack of symptoms does not equate to being healed. The main typical immediate symptoms of a cut are pain and bleeding. Both are typically abated within just a few minutes. But the wound will take a week or more to fully heal. Concussion symptoms may no longer be present. But that is irrelevant to the state of the wound healing. It typically takes far longer for a wound to heal, concussion is a wound in the brain, than it does for the symptoms of the wound to abate.
Nick Smith
Nick Smith 4 aylar önce
I tried explaining this to someone who was claiming it was tua's fault. As someone who's has a couple concussion, thank God they were years apart and I never really had lasting problems, you could have no more than a head ache and loss of balance for a few minutes and then feel okay. Tua after half time Sunday probably felt okay and if the doctor cleared him, felt he was okay to play again. And by Thursday he probably wasn't even thinking about it anymore as he had no symptoms. That's why they hire doctors to take care of players, to protect them when they don't know any better
Complete Concussion Management
This is great!
Williams Williams
Williams Williams 3 aylar önce
Thanks, I learned a lot from this. Didnt know about the role of recovery in all this.
Matthew Lepak
Matthew Lepak 3 aylar önce
Thank you! This is new to me. Well expained. If one gets a concussion or might have they need to take 5 weeks+ to recover to be safe. Definitely beat to be on the safe side
Butch Noto
Butch Noto 4 aylar önce
Even though he will want to get back on the field, he just got two bad concussions in less than a week and should sit out the rest of the year. By doing this, he will be able to save his career and his brain.
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