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Who Saw That Coming?😂

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29 Ara 2021




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Super Beast
Super Beast 2 gün önce
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Default 28 gün önce
Me getting this recommended in April 😂
Jax 4 gün önce
Me getting this recommended on May 21th
Rainbow Gaming
Rainbow Gaming 4 gün önce
Hilarious Hives
Hilarious Hives 4 gün önce
@Immanuel Essien in May for me
gally aquarius ♒
gally aquarius ♒ 8 gün önce
I got recommended on May 17th at 23:29 wich is now by the way mine is an military time
LeakCentral 3 aylar önce
Guy was so focused on recording a perfect video he didn’t even get to enjoy the moment.
Salaam Boss
Salaam Boss Aylar önce
K O Aylar önce
@Big Yup 2 there's no "personality," they're all bots.
Big Yup 2
Big Yup 2 Aylar önce
@Mas Animations because their whole personality is going to every video they see and copy pasting the most popular comment, just to get TRvid comment likes because that’s how lonely they are. Stop encouraging them
Mas Animations
Mas Animations Aylar önce
I keep seeing u everywhere
๑w e i r d o๑
๑w e i r d o๑ 3 aylar önce
Check my about page link
Let's take the moment to appreciate how much effort he puts into his content for us💙
Poppin 11 gün önce
“Be honest who else is just scrolling through shorts rn? 😂”
Wox 10 gün önce
“Be honest who else is just scrolling through shorts rn? 😂”
SAM 999m
SAM 999m 29 gün önce
Tony Stark: *DIES* These guys: "HAPPY NEW YEAR"
A Wooden Crate
A Wooden Crate 4 gün önce
@Suman Saxena Ratio + no pfp + last name sounds like saxophone + not even going to respond back
Arshiya official
Arshiya official 4 gün önce
I can change your likes from 999 to 1k 😈feels like 6 infinity stones know my hand
Avenger101 4 gün önce
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YMM bocaj 7 gün önce
@Suman Saxena my guy commented 3 times
drunk venti🍷
drunk venti🍷 7 gün önce
Fortnite all day
Fortnite all day 2 aylar önce
*These shorts will never fail to entertain me* 💙
These shorts never fail to entertain me!♡♡
oHqn 4 aylar önce
Well it’s a good thing I saw this on January 2 can’t wait to- wait for another 363 days for next year…
Kenzie Riddle Barnes
It’s May 18 now so 226 days now
x_illxsion_x 6 gün önce
U got it
Karson Fletcher
Karson Fletcher 7 gün önce
@CEO of Walmart the watch doesn't do that
Karson Fletcher
Karson Fletcher 7 gün önce
Thanks for saying my bday in your comment
?SHIMI? 8 gün önce
I watched this is may and I’m so ready for December now
Reggretz Aylar önce
Omg perfect timing this was probably y’all’s favorite new year. 😂😹🤣
Frikshun 27 gün önce
Why do you wanna start a new year by Tony's death😂😂😂
Angiras Nazar
Angiras Nazar 21 gün önce
Bro's been trying this since the movie released 😂💀
Mia 14 gün önce
These shorts are very entertaining!! They make my day so much better💕
Zy Unlimited
Zy Unlimited 4 aylar önce
NathanXD •
NathanXD • 3 aylar önce
@DanRC no if wrong
DanRC 3 aylar önce
Exactly the same as EVERY apple watch.
NathanXD •
NathanXD • 3 aylar önce
@anonymous u don’t have to be rich to have an Apple Watch? 🤨
doccu 3 aylar önce
The Alfonso Nation
The Alfonso Nation 3 aylar önce
Did that this New Year. Was fire! 🔥
Tafrid Emdad ⸜⁄
Tafrid Emdad ⸜⁄ 3 aylar önce
Now he can tell everyone it takes a year to do this
Mrgamingpotato 3 aylar önce
I have full respect for the guy that went “holy sh”
Daily Donoven
Daily Donoven 3 aylar önce
Imagine it was a second late and they had to wait on another year.🤣
Inception 4 aylar önce
that was literally perfect
Inception 23 gün önce
@꧁𓆩It's ༒ iGx𓆪꧂ wdym haha
꧁𓆩It's ༒ iGx𓆪꧂
U here too u stalker
Tailor Aylar önce
Trikolishaシ 2 aylar önce
@Sham Ram Same for me, but it still looked pretty cool
Rosemerry 29 gün önce
Imagine not timing it right and having to wait a whole year💀💀💀
Ella Dont tell mom
Ella Dont tell mom 8 gün önce
I did this to enter 2022 and it was probably one of the coolest things I've ever done RIP tony❤️
Charles is floating.
The amount of calculations 😂
Aiden Thorpe
Aiden Thorpe Aylar önce
Just imagine how long it would take to get this perfect
Chillax Clips
Chillax Clips 4 aylar önce
Just have to wait a year to try this
Rainbow Gaming
Rainbow Gaming 4 gün önce
kikelomo arajuwa
kikelomo arajuwa Aylar önce
@Jon D how
doggy lover 🐶🐶
doggy lover 🐶🐶 3 aylar önce
It doesn’t work
r͏o͏s͏e͏ 3 aylar önce
@OhYAMKRK not funny
Yo Fav Foreign
Yo Fav Foreign 3 aylar önce
ima jus leave this comment here so i can do this 2022
ITZYEASTIC 3 aylar önce
BRELISH 2 aylar önce
Bad Internet Connection: I’m about to ruin this man’s career.
🧀AdxrbsMae🧀 Aylar önce
I love how everyone was on their watches and barely watching the tv 😭😭 the amount of concentration
insert name here
insert name here Aylar önce
Imagine you get the timing wrong and have to try again next year 🤣
NHL Firsts
NHL Firsts 4 aylar önce
me seeing this after new years: “well, i guess there’s next year”
Or is there 🤨
Tinka Lerotic
Tinka Lerotic 4 aylar önce
Un Fantasma
Un Fantasma 4 aylar önce
Maddy Russell
Maddy Russell 3 aylar önce
Time to wait 10 months to try this!
ima bucket
ima bucket 11 gün önce
"Wait we are 1 second off" "No worrys just wait another 365 days"
Team Nitus
Team Nitus 3 aylar önce
Just want to say thank you for always bringing great content! I love these! ❤️
that random guy you found
How dope do you want this video to be This guy: yes
MossMakeup 3 aylar önce
That was the greatest “Ball Drop” to ever exist
Untouchable Aylar önce
xxelijahxx Aylar önce
@Guts Listening to ASMR oh, well I’m still going through and it’s really annoying
Neptunenerd Aylar önce
Imagine if they got it off by a min they would have to wait another year to do it again 😂
MR BASS YT — clips
MR BASS YT — clips 3 aylar önce
Just would like to say thank you for the great content 💚💚
SnipTamil 3 aylar önce
Respect him he only know how many takes are gone😉💯
A Rose By Any Other Name
It's alright y'all, I'll turn back time about 2 months, and then we can do this. 👍
yelena 26 gün önce
i did this with my sister it was amazing on New Years
Lucas Huang
Lucas Huang 26 gün önce
Him : Start endgame at 9:29:30 Lag : I'm about to end this man's whole career
FunniMemer 24 gün önce
That scene will always be remembered for marvel history🫡🫡
V1nce cuh but much worse
What a legendary new year We will miss Tony
Ben Dover
Ben Dover 4 aylar önce
It’s funny how everyone is cheering at his death 😭
Laalu Panju
Laalu Panju 4 aylar önce
@Ben Dover He kinda was .Very cocky and overconfident . But he learned from his mistakes.
Laalu Panju
Laalu Panju 4 aylar önce
@Ben Dover He kinda was .Very cocky and overconfident and no smart planning for combat . But he learned from his mistakes
Mark M
Mark M 4 aylar önce
@Giovanni Merlos what are you talking about?
Ram Jee
Ram Jee 4 aylar önce
you are real spider man or not
T R I P L E   9
T R I P L E 9 4 aylar önce
@l u c i o u s It's 2022 and we still got people out here who don't know the use of punctuation marks.
War_sponge Aylar önce
Perfectly timed lmao
Kendrick Brofar
Kendrick Brofar Aylar önce
Imagine failing every year and having to wait for 365 more days
ObitoEdits 26 gün önce
When you miss it by 1 second and you have to redo the whole thing
CryingShovel Aylar önce
Imagine the video stopping at exactly when he snaps his fingers 🤣🤣
lily liz
lily liz 4 aylar önce
i can’t believe that everyone saw THIS SCENE and were happy and clapping. 😭😭
Smrt Homer
Smrt Homer 4 aylar önce
I've senna that scene so many times from memes and random vids and I still haven't seen the movie lmao
T R I P L E   9
T R I P L E 9 4 aylar önce
It's not that hard when you watch it for the 19th time
BryLee 🏠
BryLee 🏠 4 aylar önce
@hopelesscowboy when you have watched it more than 12 times
Henry wheeler
Henry wheeler 4 aylar önce
I'm happy
@BurgerBoi Leave.
Kurien Kochukoshy
Kurien Kochukoshy 2 aylar önce
Can't wait for a year Respect those who waited
kingkronton Aylar önce
Pov: You watched it more than 3 times.
Car Commanders
Car Commanders Aylar önce
Will definitely use for next year
💙UnworthyE💙 Aylar önce
He snapped the new year
EastOakland8500 4 aylar önce
That's the cleanest shit I've ever seen
Fat Broccoli 8
Fat Broccoli 8 3 aylar önce
@Arad Azhdari yes 19 means a kid, you’ll understand when you’re older lol
Angelic demise
Angelic demise 4 aylar önce
@Franklyn where'd you go it was just getting good come back
jjjoohhn 4 aylar önce
@Arad Azhdari "so you think im a kid 19 years old means a kid? HUH" cap🧢, sounds like a legit kid that doesn't know what's "," and used double space instead.
Abhay Singh Adhikari
55 heart rate while standing this guys cardiovascular health is way above me 😂😭😭
ÑIRANJAN Zilla 3 aylar önce
Well somebody did this exactly on 2020 new year nd .... The rest is history 😂
bees art
bees art 3 aylar önce
My respect for Thanos
Nah Make me
Nah Make me 21 gün önce
This…puts a smile on my face
SAR Gaming
SAR Gaming 4 aylar önce
His sacrifice was so powerful, the new year hit
Md. Abdul Motaleb Faruk
SAR Gaming
SAR Gaming 4 aylar önce
@Unseen Lefty ' did I ask
Suki Why
Suki Why 4 aylar önce
Wow it was so powerful that it made me go 6 days forwards in time to see this! I wonder when it’ll go back in time… oh wait that’s right.
TheEpikLoaf 3 aylar önce
Whoah that’s so cool I never thought of this 😀
sagexleaf 3 aylar önce
I rewatched this multiple times... Well... something to look forward to NEXT YEAR *SOB*
stefan95 28 gün önce
Imagine lagging at that moment😂
Mason Vilhauer
Mason Vilhauer Aylar önce
Bro I swear I see this after every New Year’s
Saloni Saraogi
Saloni Saraogi 4 aylar önce
Perfectly balanced just how everything should be
ruidri tabeek
ruidri tabeek 4 aylar önce
@rakhi saxena impressive my guy (or gal). By far my favorite marvel movie because the bad guy wins!
rakhi saxena
rakhi saxena 4 aylar önce
@ruidri tabeek no
ruidri tabeek
ruidri tabeek 4 aylar önce
@Yannick did you look it up? Be honest
Yannick 4 aylar önce
No thats not the correct way... It goes like this: Perfectly balanced, as all things should be... -Correct Version of Thanos
ruidri tabeek
ruidri tabeek 4 aylar önce
XLazyX 13 gün önce
Now that's what I call perfect
Simon Bhandarkar
Simon Bhandarkar Aylar önce
Imagine getting network problem while watching 🤣
lil moon
lil moon 5 gün önce
This is how the boys spend New Years eve
S🅱️inotto son
S🅱️inotto son 4 gün önce
Imagine someone paused it 💀
Akerzy 4 aylar önce
this is awesome, that dedication 🙏
the original cool kid
the original cool kid 4 aylar önce
@LKoldsae Who asked
okay okay
okay okay 4 aylar önce
bruh just skip to this part like 20 secs before New Years hit
Mr cool Xoxo
Mr cool Xoxo 4 aylar önce
All you have to do is look up what time this scene happens and subtract that time from midnight... Thats it, its just math.
The Flammable
The Flammable 4 aylar önce
Now the 1000th
The Flammable
The Flammable 4 aylar önce
When your the 999th like sweet
Lee Bare
Lee Bare 2 aylar önce
I love how the guy said holy shi HAPPY NEW YEAR
110Howling 24 gün önce
The second it hit 12:00 I sneezed at the same time
Lady Marvel
Lady Marvel Aylar önce
I’m going to try this this New Years eve
Syyh 3 aylar önce
You can literally set the time 40 sec or 10 sec before it snap and it will do 😂
Noob Pro
Noob Pro 4 aylar önce
I love the fact that they are celebrating Tony's sacrifice! XD
FerretLord 3 aylar önce
I hate it
Ramon Tagacay
Ramon Tagacay 3 aylar önce
Dude there are celebrating the new year
Not I, but the Spice Girls
@Mick OKeeffe yep. and to think that they worship it KNOWING its fictional.
Gonna do this for new years
 ᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠ• 5 year ago
Imagine you fail and you need to waiting 365 days💀
Ananya.K 3 aylar önce
I would have started sobbing 😭
dwochi Uchiha
dwochi Uchiha 27 gün önce
Them:failing Also them:calls thanos to rewind time
FrostAndFurious 4 aylar önce
This takes “snapping you into next year” to a whole new level
Yeah really?
Actually Stupid person
People actually say that?
Lucas Haynes
Lucas Haynes Aylar önce
I did the same thing it was so cool to watch maybe it was made for new year's day
Da katteln
Da katteln Aylar önce
I hope yall are doing good right now
KedoxPlayer 3 aylar önce
The guy said “ Holy shit” at the right time
Kings dominion enthusiast
POV: you watched this more than once
Spiderr 4 aylar önce
I NEED TO DO THIS EVERY YEAR! This is honestly just so perfect. I need this to happen to me!
Yehia Abuelnasr
Yehia Abuelnasr 5 gün önce
Me: tries it. The Internet: I'm about to end this man's whole career. Hits me with a loading screen in the middle of the movie
Adrian Hernandez
Adrian Hernandez Aylar önce
I did this for the year 2020 and it was lit as fuck
RepeatedMemories 3 aylar önce
Well you could say it took you a year to finish the movie… No? I’ll show myself out
ICCYEE Aylar önce
Wow so good and all I need to do is remember to do this for a whole year
Y4cult_ 4 aylar önce
Everyone: “I’m just mourning the loss of Tony…” Them: “HAPPY NEW YEAR” Wait why tf is this getting so many likes lmao-
Y4cult_ Aylar önce
@T E E M U ur just dirty minded bro
T E E M U 4 aylar önce
@E c h o _ P l a y z Theres better words than "mourn" shit sounds sus af
E c h o _ P l a y z
E c h o _ P l a y z 4 aylar önce
@T E E M U ...Yes?
T E E M U 4 aylar önce
Dude said mourn🤣💀
Happy new year 😂😂😂
Initial GD
Initial GD 26 gün önce
dudes the legends, missing out the family, fun, singing, eating just straight up calculating the time to press play
ender 922
ender 922 Aylar önce
That is the coolest new year celebration i have ever seen
Psykology Aylar önce
Yes because I'm gonna spend 3 hours watching avengers endgame instead of getting absolutely shitfaced with my mates at a 3 day festie 😂
Sneha 🌹 Felix
Sneha 🌹 Felix 4 aylar önce
We did the exact same thing and it turned out so perfect 😭
rajiv ranjan
rajiv ranjan 4 gün önce
Tony stark: *sacrifices* These people: yaaaay cheers,happy new year!
William Bignami
William Bignami Aylar önce
Imagine you do that on accident on new years!
iBotYT 25 gün önce
I wonder how many years it took them to perfect it...
Snehal Patil
Snehal Patil 15 gün önce
Imagine if that snap was real and there was no new year 👀☠️
Utter 4 aylar önce
That snap is one of the best yet saddest moments of all time
JaxonPlayz2047 2 aylar önce
The guy with the watch on didn’t move his hand so I’m guessing he just went😐
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