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Big Macs, McGriddles, and French Fries, OH MY! What food item at Mcdonald's truly holds the crown at the golden arches? Watch Eugene, Zach, and Kelsey debate to proclaim, “I’m right, you're wrong, shut up!”

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3 Şub 2023




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Jojo G
Jojo G Aylar önce
Kelsey did more research for this than she’s done for every episode of guilty pleasures combined
Megha Singhania
Megha Singhania 13 gün önce
​@Jayden Ems Ok you tell me "the correct information"!!
Bill Billy
Bill Billy Aylar önce
reppin tha burgh
Jayden Ems
Jayden Ems Aylar önce
Half the research done is not even correct which makes it funnier lmao
kelsey darragh
kelsey darragh Aylar önce
Factual 😂
Trans Plant Man
Trans Plant Man Aylar önce
People treating everyday things like they’re very serious is my EXACT brand of comedy. 😂😂😂 Eugene trying to “disbar” Kelsey for not having seen LotR had me in stitches.
Cheska Araña
Cheska Araña 20 gün önce
​@xgreydovex oh shit, two of my favourite comics have a podcast together???
L S 22 gün önce
@xgreydovex that sounds interesting. I’m gonna to check it out.
xgreydovex Aylar önce
You should watch/listen to the Hold Up podcast by Dulce Sloan and Josh Johnson. Debating about inconsequential things is the whole premise.
I'd watch the Try Guys & Friends do a science fair! Like total middle school science fair type with the poster boards and ribbons. Everyone is so great
Hi. Goodbye
Hi. Goodbye 7 gün önce
That’d be awesome
Neha Ghosh
Neha Ghosh 8 gün önce
Try Guys please do this!
DustyStarr 22 gün önce
Krista O.
Krista O. 24 gün önce
Stephanie Appleby
Stephanie Appleby 29 gün önce
Science Fair Without Instructions!
Lia Hanchett
Lia Hanchett Aylar önce
Zach arguing for the McGriddle without ever actually eating a McGriddle is like giving a book report without reading the book 😂😂😂😂 also Kelsey, WATCH LORD OF THE RINGS!!!
Bella 25 gün önce
i've done many book reports without reading the book😭
Megan Evans
Megan Evans Aylar önce
This had no business being as good and as funny as it was. Keith the puppet, the lord of the rings references, and seeing Eugene! Probably one of my favorite episodes ever! I like that they’re all finally just having fun!
K Rose
K Rose Aylar önce
Agreed. I only begrudgingly clicked it thinking I wasn't in the mood to enjoy it but I enjoyed the hell out of it.
Mari White
Mari White Aylar önce
Eugene and Kelsey running to the bench has the same energy of two siblings running to their dad to tell on their little brother
Brandon Simmons-Rawls
The fact that no one is defending the true GOAT, the chicken nugget, is a missed opportunity
DakotasKong 6 gün önce
Byron Fauc
Byron Fauc 13 gün önce
They actually taste pretty bad lmao they are basically sauce vessel's
Cheska Araña
Cheska Araña 20 gün önce
People only buy the nuggets for the sauce though.
DustyStarr 22 gün önce
exactly what I was thinking
Seymour Disapproves
Seymour Disapproves 27 gün önce
They have such a weird texture to me. I've never been able to stomach them, I always had to get the chicken tenders because felt more like meat to me lol
Kary Aguilar
Kary Aguilar Aylar önce
keith calling “order order please don’t be so funny” w a chuckle followed my zach’s giggle at 2:21 gave me so much serotonin i love it here🥺😭
Jessica Shrock
Jessica Shrock Aylar önce
"It's fries, you fools!!!" Best line in the whole vid 😂 I loved all of this insanity
Emmi Djam
Emmi Djam 16 gün önce
Wait wasn’t it ‘fry… you fools’ like a wordplay on Gandalf’s ‘fly.. you fools’? 🧙‍♂️
Tony C. 0451
Tony C. 0451 Aylar önce
Being a french fry fan myself, I went to buy jumbo fries after watching the Try Guys' McDonald's Favorites vid. Thanks, Eugene.
Marvin Miller
Marvin Miller Aylar önce
Kelsey: “the McGriddle has too much ingredients!” Also Kelsey: *representing the Big Mac* 💀
I love how Eugene says “daddy!” With little Victorian child energy
Tiny_giant Aylar önce
Keith is such a good puppeteer LMAOOO the eyebrow raise killed me
julian Aylar önce
kelsey being the most sane person in the room is wild
Cheska Araña
Cheska Araña 20 gün önce
I'm never gonna be on this show but if I do, I reckon it'll just turn into an absolute yelling-fest.
Legion Ivory
Legion Ivory 21 gün önce
No one is sane at 2nd Try.
Jessica Dean
Jessica Dean Aylar önce
She reminds me of Aubry😂
White Rabbit
White Rabbit Aylar önce
We all have beautiful hearts. Please don't misunderstand each other. please Trust each other.
CLB30ROX Aylar önce
I love how Eugene and Kelsey teamed up to roast Zach in the middle. Perfect plot twist
Mel M
Mel M Aylar önce
Kelsey calling out Zach for admitting to never trying the McGriddlehad me 😂😂😂
Trini Fernandez
Trini Fernandez Aylar önce
Kwesi's camera shaking every time he laughed gave me so much joy for osme reason
TheaterLover14 Aylar önce
K … All I want now is Eugene (possibly drunk, possibly high…) telling us the entirety of Lord of The Rings as if we’ve never seen it 😂
Alessa Aylar önce
As someone with chronic pain the group of friends yelling "Zach stop! Your body! Inflammation!" Was v relatable 😂
Paige LaPier
Paige LaPier Aylar önce
Legit me! Yes I'll flare but the CARBS TASTE SO GOOD
Rai Aylar önce
I'm that person yelling at my brother 😭 I'm here making safe dinner and he dares coming into the house with pizza on hand
lizzardsthename Aylar önce
Keith’s comedic timing with the puppets eyes was iconiccc
HDgreen Aylar önce
ok but i actually really love this new show?? like, keith is incredible as the judge and all the editing is so tight and punchy, im excited to see more episodes of it :)
Jessie Ray
Jessie Ray Aylar önce
A sausage, bacon and cheese Mcgriddle with a hasbrown and a orange juice will just hits different 😍 I was pissed when they stopped all day breakfast😂
Emma Hackler
Emma Hackler Aylar önce
so many things to love about this: the fact that zach has become the hero of whatever is keith’s favorite, the absolute insanity of the puppet being eugene’s dad, and the endless joy it fills me with.
tdudleypdx Aylar önce
I’m Team McGriddle, tbh, but Zac went absolutely WILD in his opening statement. 😂 Addendum: Keith was on fire in this episode! I laughed so hard, the whole time. 😂😂😂
Mari Bel
Mari Bel Aylar önce
I'm sorry, no one is representing the iconic nugget? The bone? The Boot? The ball? The bell? Their unique batter making that crispy texture unlike any other nugget on earth? I call mistrial!
Mary M
Mary M 22 gün önce
McDonald's nugs plus Spicy mustard. The boots are the best for dipping everyone knows that.
Ella Vari
Ella Vari Aylar önce
@Void Breather 100% tho. I will actually seek out wendys nuggets but I will only eat mcd nuggets if it's the only place around. Wendys fries are way better too!!
That Girl
That Girl Aylar önce
I wish y’all had red rooster (an Australian fast food chain similar to kfc) cause that place is bomb!
Gina Junio
Gina Junio Aylar önce
@Void Breather wendys suck mc donalds better
Vanessa Aylar önce
I love that Quinta was just thrown in there with her Emmy ✨✨04:52
Corine T
Corine T Aylar önce
“Order, order please… don’t be so funny,” 😂😂😂 I just about died.
crimeny Aylar önce
Can we talk about the fact that Kelsey is dressed like an extra from Saved By The Bell? ICONIC
is123 Aylar önce
truly incredible outfit
Yim Yimms
Yim Yimms Aylar önce
Snake Eater Games
Snake Eater Games Aylar önce
Keith is an amazing puppeteer 😂 love how he nods his head when Korn daddy is complimenting Keith 11:00
Dorothy Yang
Dorothy Yang Aylar önce
“ORDER ORDER, don’t be so funny” 😂😂 I died laughing
Krista Harrington
Krista Harrington Aylar önce
Eugene saying “Thank you daddy” so seriously took me out
Jasmine Lozon
Jasmine Lozon Aylar önce
Keith opening the puppets mouth when he had to sneeze is comedy gold bro
mermaids&magic Aylar önce
"They're taking the hobbits to FRIES-ENGARD" was RIGHT THERE, Eugene!
ArgoVaughn Aylar önce
God I love Kelsey with the TryGuys! She brings such a great energy to the group.
Meg M
Meg M Aylar önce
I feel like they’re having more fun then they used too. It’s rad!
raconteur riffraff
raconteur riffraff Aylar önce
the minute eugene and kelsey synced up and simultaneously starting shitting on the mcgriddle was peak comedy
B H Aylar önce
I love that we're getting more of Keith's puppetry skills
Jules Aylar önce
He has a talent! Lol and his big personality works perfect for caricatures like that. Maybe he'll do voice acting!
QueenTroller Aylar önce
I want the puppet judge to be a guest on puppet history on Watcher.
K Rose
K Rose Aylar önce
Julia Freeflow
Julia Freeflow Aylar önce
Ngl I think the new era is WAY funnier, last handful of vids I've been genuinely laughing out loud, great stuff great stuff
Katie Bromborsky
Katie Bromborsky Aylar önce
I love Eugene’s random dirty jokes they’re literally what we’re all thinking
Elena Green
Elena Green Aylar önce
This video feels like y’all were having a similar conversation and said “that should be a show” and then just did it and I’m loving it 😂
HPOL001 Aylar önce
Kelsey listing off the ingredients for the Big Mac is giving "Krabby Patty Secret Formula" vibes
Ariel Aylar önce
"did we just-?" "become best friends?" "do you wanna-?" "should we?" both, instantly ripping into zach: FUCK THE MCGRIDDLE
heavn Aylar önce
it’s criminal that there isn’t a team apple pie or a team chicken mcnuggets.
SkyBlaze21 Aylar önce
The nuggets suck so bad now.
t Aylar önce
You lost me at apple pie
Joe Blow
Joe Blow Aylar önce
if you ever had an apple pie when they were deep fried, you'd know why they couldn't find anyone to argue for that sad baked so called pie.
Ashely Diaz
Ashely Diaz Aylar önce
Maybe they'll do a part two
Secret Forreddit
Secret Forreddit Aylar önce
It's because everyone knows that these are the best items already; there would be no competition!
AbronAnimation 26 gün önce
i love that eugene never once even defends fries, hes mostly just campaigning for the concepts of the potato, double entendre and lord of the rings
kaylyn miley
kaylyn miley Aylar önce
The face Eugene makes after she says shes on his team is so adorable 😩😩😩 at 15:40
Morgan Vaughn
Morgan Vaughn 24 gün önce
It's hilarious that Eugene never had to compliment anyone 🤣
Gabrielle F
Gabrielle F Aylar önce
Can we talk about how both Keith and Shane Madej, Buzzfeed's former tall boys, have shows about puppets? Speaking of, I would love an episode with the Watcher boys. Chaos would certainly reign lol
Messina Lyle
Messina Lyle Aylar önce
Starting at about 15:44 or so to provide a bit of context--when she points out that the Big Mac comes with its own French fry holder and reminds Eugene that she's on his team, that smirk that he does is probably one of the cutest expressions I've ever seen on a human face.
rhiannonmerlin Aylar önce
I love this new addition but am really sad that Keith for some reason isn't defending his case so far! Does the Rank Judge not like Keith? This is a mystery that might remain...unsolved.
Maya Rosales
Maya Rosales Aylar önce
@Magdalena Sacco is the Rank King behind Keith's horrible incident with the bear trap in the illusion cakes video?? Is this the foot beef (feef) we've been waiting for??
Turnip Crazy
Turnip Crazy Aylar önce
@Magdalena Sacco Everyone holds out hope that one day they will rekindle their former bond. Bringing forth an age of peace and prosperity within the food eating and ranking shows. However, that day may never come, since Keith refuses to talk to the King over his hate towards his sneakers.
Void Breather
Void Breather Aylar önce
@Amonni r/woooosh
Amonni Aylar önce
keith is the rank judge😂
Magdalena Sacco
Magdalena Sacco Aylar önce
Rumor tells it that the Rank King and Keith used to be really close... like Keith was the Rank King's right hand (or was it the other way around?) but the Rank King insulted Keith over his choice of sneakers, and Keith called him out over not even having feet - but it's just a rumor. One could still be the other's right hand for all we know.
Sylvan Rotscheid
Sylvan Rotscheid Aylar önce
It's a dangerous business, Frodo, going to the McDonalds. But all we have to decide is what to do with the food that is given us. And as it turns out, the humble po-ta-toes are truly precious.
Haystack Aylar önce
Best 21 minutes of Try Guys chaos we've gotten in a while. Was laughing the whole time - thanks for the fun, y'all.
Papi Chula
Papi Chula 20 gün önce
I lost count of how many times I rewatched this series. I hope it continues
Ri Si
Ri Si 23 gün önce
Kelsey really knew her Big Mac history. 10/10 argument.
Jennifer Hiemstra
Jennifer Hiemstra Aylar önce
I'm sorry, FORMER RanKing??? Is that series over?? I never got tired of Eugene ranking random shit! Also, these Rank Court videos are utter comedic chaos and I love every single bit of it, so if indeed the intention is that this is replacing RanKing, I can live with that :)
Michelle Aylar önce
I love the dynamic between the try guys as a trio. Everything is so much lighter and funnier. They truly act like they want to be there and don't have horrible egos like disgraced dude did.
That Girl
That Girl Aylar önce
@Jimmy Radeyou’re right the other one just “existed” the people actually came for the other three 😂
a username
a username Aylar önce
@Dorena LYW was it not a duck?
Dorena LYW
Dorena LYW Aylar önce
@Kay Wells wasn’t it a turkey?
Kay Wells
Kay Wells Aylar önce
@Jimmy Rade i thought it was two chickens
Molly Beardall
Molly Beardall Aylar önce
I would love Eugene to do a Rank King episode where he ranks the best Zodiac sign couples.
Tiara Herr
Tiara Herr Aylar önce
How did Eugene miss the chance to say " They're taking the hobbits to FRIES-engard!"???
Taylor W
Taylor W Aylar önce
Eugene's face when Kelsey tells him, "I'm on your team." 🥰
Lydia Rux
Lydia Rux Aylar önce
I didn't think Keith could get funnier, he is indeed did, AS A PUPPET!!!!! LOL
Danae Green
Danae Green Aylar önce
Keith as the puppet is literally one of my favorite things in the world now and I can't explain it.
ann_len Aylar önce
Kelsey and Eugene teaming up is so funny for no reason hahah
Clorox Bitch
Clorox Bitch Aylar önce
Ikr but they have a point 😂 Big Mac + fries 😩
LauraK483 27 gün önce
I'm firmly on Team McGriddle, one of my favourite things in Fast Food literally ever. Salty, sweet, compact, not too messy, and I would happily eat one at any time of day.
Sione J.
Sione J. Aylar önce
I absolutely love this new spin on Rank King! Gimme more 😭 also, I knew this beforehand, but Keith you really are phenomenal improv comedian and puppeteer 😅
Cam Aylar önce
The eyebrow gag took me out. I forgot they could move, so seeing the puppets' small little eyes was hilarious 😂
Ashlsdesu Aylar önce
Am I the only one who would love to see the judge and the professor do a collab?
whatisaname Aylar önce
I’m with Eugene here, I’ve literally only ordered McDonald’s just because I want the fries.
::star girl::
::star girl:: Aylar önce
@Arely perez “hungry but don’t want to be full” oh so THAT’S how I feel all the time lol
Arely perez
Arely perez Aylar önce
Their also a great snack for when you're hungry but don't want to be full
Ayla Aylar önce
The fries and the McFlurry are the best things at McDonald's and they are the only reason I would ever go there. Lol
Ath Aylar önce
If I want a snack when im out, 99.9% of the time it's gonna be mcdonalds fries and a soda
Lulu Fields
Lulu Fields Aylar önce
I literally can't remember the last time I ordered fries. A small is more expensive than a burger now
Jordan Aylar önce
Please never get rid of this format. I love Keith as the puppet, it’s what keeps me going
Frances Leones
Frances Leones Aylar önce
Petition to have them do a Rank Court episode with Shane of Watcher and rank Muppet characters.
Nyasia C
Nyasia C Aylar önce
2:24 she set it up so perfectly and I said, "in thier wives" a second before Eugene said "in each other". I am tearing up in laughter 😂 😂 😂
593swheeler Aylar önce
I don't get how someone could say a McGriddle's ingredients don't make sense together. It's literally one of the most common breakfasts (or was not too long ago anyway) just turned into a portable sandwich form.
Cynn Thor
Cynn Thor 29 gün önce
The chaos, the sass, the yelling, the jokes, I'm here for it all!!!
j ong
j ong Aylar önce
I thought that Without a Recipe would always be my favourite Try Guys series... Then they went to make Rank Court and Phoning it in
gabiluch87 Aylar önce
Phoning it in has to be my new favorite
Secret Forreddit
Secret Forreddit Aylar önce
@jocelyncade I completely agree, Phoning It In is the perfect miasma of what makes their other shows great! Knowledgeable experts, WAR-like chaos, and a competition that doesn't favor anyone. I love it!
jocelyncade Aylar önce
Phoning it in KILLED me its all the best parts of WAR with even more gleeful snickering over professional chefs describing how to do something while the Guys sure make Something :)
Alex DV
Alex DV Aylar önce
Kelsey and Eugene are giving Cece and Niles energy from The Nanny 😂
lemonade Aylar önce
i live for keith doing puppetry, and hope there's more to come.
Bernie 10 gün önce
I LOVED this episode. Laughed till my stomach hurt😂
xX~Spooky-Chan~Xx Aylar önce
Hey! it's nice to see you guys back to your old selves after everything that happened. It would be so cool to see you maybe attempt an escape room if you haven't yet, that or maybe building cosplay props without instructions, I can already imagine the chaos XD
Lauren Knowles
Lauren Knowles Aylar önce
I want a McGriddle so bad right now.
Brandon W
Brandon W Aylar önce
“Where do our boys come after a long day of work?” Eugene “In each other”
Yamile S.
Yamile S. Aylar önce
I died when he said that 💀
SAM R Aylar önce
This should be top comment 😂😂😂
Isha Thakor
Isha Thakor Aylar önce
obsessed with the way eugene decided to start talking about lord of the rings as soon as he had the chance
Andrew W. Jenkins
Andrew W. Jenkins Aylar önce
As a classical musician, I just love how often Verdi's Dies Irae and Handel's Zadok the Priest are used in videos. It just brings a smile to my face.
Komaljit Kaur
Komaljit Kaur 27 gün önce
Loved this episode. Agree fries are the best!! ❤❤ They should do an episode on the best drink - coke, sprite and Pepsi. Which is the best? Kwesi needs to be in one of these episodes
Pearl the rebel
Pearl the rebel Aylar önce
KELSEY IS SO BEAUTIFUL. I love her makeup, hair, and outfit. She’s such a queen.
Patterrz Aylar önce
It's crazy how heated people get over McDonalds opinions I love it
Kasi Casillas
Kasi Casillas Aylar önce
I’m stuck in bed with covid this weekend and am so thankful to see this in my subs box because try guys content lately is so funny or wholesome and brightens my day, thanks yall
oliamoliakorea Aylar önce
Include Kelsey more, she always spices up any content. The Rank that I like the most for so long
aimee ro
aimee ro Aylar önce
“Fries, you fools”, quality content.
Micah Williams
Micah Williams Aylar önce
I replace the folded egg on the mcgriddle with a round egg (that they use on the mcmuffin), and it elevates the sandwich sooooo much.
Kevin Inlay
Kevin Inlay Aylar önce
I don't know if I like this new format, I miss Eugene being the rank KING on his own. With maybe some guests sometimes.
gamberlane Aylar önce
Every time there's an episode with Eugene I remember how much I miss him. He's so great.
Hannah Ashley
Hannah Ashley Aylar önce
Try guys content and energy is leaps and bounds above what it ever has been before and I love it
ThinlyCut90 Aylar önce
I am absolutely living for the chaos that is this episode.
Rachel Dytrych
Rachel Dytrych Aylar önce
Keith’s puppet skills are so freaking funny
superbahamamama 29 gün önce
I gasp laughed at Judge Keith’s closing line 😂
needy Aylar önce
Okay I have to admit I came in fully expecting to disagree with McDonald’s fries as a favourite but Eugene immediately won by quoting Sam in LOTR??!
destiny daftari
destiny daftari Aylar önce
kelsey’s face when zach said “make america great again” 💀💀💀
Little Flower
Little Flower Aylar önce
She said all lives matter protest and walked right into it
Hannah Collins
Hannah Collins Aylar önce
Shots fired 😅😂
Tara Sue Heade
Tara Sue Heade Aylar önce
I have really been loving the rank court videos and the phoning it in cooking videos. Fantastic!
K.B. Aylar önce
No one’s going to call out the shaky camera footage and weird cuts lol it made it funnier for some reason. I just imagine kwasi laughing the whole time
Mariah Moorehouse
Mariah Moorehouse 25 gün önce
Kelsey is giving me drunk history vibes 😂
Nikka Jay
Nikka Jay Aylar önce
Kelsey and Eugene teaming together against Zach for a brief moment is hilarious.
Jaime K.
Jaime K. Aylar önce
There can never be enough LOTR references in my eyes, so fries had to win. I'm gonna be saying "Fries, you fools" for a long time to come.
Emily Balan
Emily Balan Aylar önce
OMG i was wondering why the camera work was so frenetically chaotic and yet I am loving every second and then we see Kwesi back there and it. all. made. sense. A man of many talents with consistent energy is my kind of man. I am a gay woman, so you know it's not just cuz he's hot.
Danielle Huntley
Danielle Huntley Aylar önce
I had the same thought about the camera work and then was like omg Kwessi. Perfect.
Emily Balan
Emily Balan Aylar önce
Just finished and this video is honestly hilarious
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