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19 Jun 2019

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dont bother
dont bother Saatler önce
i get homie came out as gay, dope for dude. but y do they all have to be feminine. the gay man is the manliest one. i understand 2 are married but this should be the try people lol lets trigger some of you.
Sad Baguette
Sad Baguette 6 saatler önce
*To think people could ever disagree with the king is disappointing*
Geetha Kasibhatla
Geetha Kasibhatla 15 saatler önce
Ok, like what the fuck, though? How are the fries at McDonald's not vegetarian?????? Uuuggghhh (I was born vegetarian, so I've actually never been to McDonald's, but I've stolen a few fries whenever my friends got some, oh no).
Dan Says Stuff
Dan Says Stuff 17 saatler önce
Love you guys but big yikes on that famine comment. There's nothing funny about the organised mass starvation of an entire country by a colonial power. Ireland is the only country whose population is smaller now than it was 150 years ago as a direct result of the great hunger. The country was producing 3 times as much food as was necessary to sustain the starving population, and it was exported to England at gunpoint to feed the oppressor. Some were offered soup by settlers, but in exchange they had to convert to a religion they believed would send them straight to hell. Most didn't take it and died slowly and painfully. People were burned out of their homes by settlers, sometimes resorted to cannibalism and if caught stealing as little as a hunk of stale bread they were transported to Australia to do hard labour, never to be allowed to return home or see their families again. Starving men were made build roads that started nowhere and ended nowhere. Those so-called "famine roads" are still visible in fields and woods across Ireland. They built them on the promise that they would receive food to feed their starving families. Most were never paid, because starvation was seen as God's punishment for Irish sub-humans who in the eyes of the colonisers were wretched, lazy animals. Not cool to joke about in any capacity.
Riley Raker
Riley Raker 20 saatler önce
can we stop and talk about Zach AND Eugene eating their burritos FUCKIN SIDEWAYS
Amber Nightflower
Amber Nightflower 21 saatler önce
Does Zach eat Kosher?
Ali Oh
Ali Oh Gün önce
7-layer burrito doesn't have meat in the first place. I'm a vegetarian and I get it all the time.
Gaudy Gün önce
I want that somebody pays me for eat plz, i want it so bad
Juusto Snagero
Juusto Snagero Gün önce
Finnish mcdonalds have mcvegan and vegeburgers and tofu shit and everything. So weird the country it came from doesn't have it
Juusto Snagero
Juusto Snagero Gün önce
Mc vegan is just a big mac without cheese and mayo and it has vegan patties
Hala Gün önce
why is them being drunk, me being sober lmao
Marvella does animations
Ned's the only one that actually looks drunk
mariam rasheed
mariam rasheed Gün önce
They are not really drunk
Ali Ell
Ali Ell Gün önce
Zach’s hair???? It’s long???
Jenrose Gün önce
god, zack, I feel you on the ibs
Camilla Jefferson
Camilla Jefferson 2 gün önce
What's with the echo?
Hannah F
Hannah F 2 gün önce
Hannah F
Hannah F 2 gün önce
S e e k e d
K.A. GORDON 2 gün önce
McDs french fries have beef fat. I wouldnt trust anything from there because they like to add animal fat for flavor. SOMEONE DIDNT DO THERE HOMEWORK.
Caf fè
Caf fè 2 gün önce
Mc Donald's has a vegan burger, in Germany at least, and it's very good
Life of Lem
Life of Lem 2 gün önce
OH GOD, Keith's Mary Berry voice! Hahahaha
Jasmyne Squyres
Jasmyne Squyres 2 gün önce
I'm vegan and I rarely eat fast food but when I do its taco bell haha I will never order McDonalds and yes the apple pie is completely vegan there
Totally Not Quack
Totally Not Quack 2 gün önce
10:40 what’s happening to Keith
Yong Ling Lee
Yong Ling Lee 3 gün önce
Keith flipping out about the lack of guac was the funniest shit 🤣🤣🤣
SpringThePig 3 gün önce
Moral of the story.... Don't forget Keith's guacamole
DeniseAnn Swampy
DeniseAnn Swampy 3 gün önce
New motto: 11:03 Thanks Zach
DeniseAnn Swampy
DeniseAnn Swampy 3 gün önce
Noone: Not a soul: Keith: 10:40
Aj Claydon
Aj Claydon 3 gün önce
The music in the background I had to sing for choir
Vicente Martinez Jr
Vicente Martinez Jr 3 gün önce
Are they high or drunk?
Boo Train
Boo Train 3 gün önce
THEORY TIME Eugene is always drunk
Boo Train
Boo Train Gün önce
You're actually right
Mohannad Khorshid
Boo Train that’s not even a theory that’s just a reality
Joshua Hale
Joshua Hale 3 gün önce
I worked at Chipotle, and yeah sofritas are really good. Also if you get chipotle shits, you’re a weak person
Michelle Pendley
Michelle Pendley 3 gün önce
They used almond milk
Sébastien Lalonde
Sébastien Lalonde 3 gün önce
Almost everything they ordered isn't vegan... Bread and crust are made with at least one of eggs, butter, milk!
Titus Libell
Titus Libell 3 gün önce
They forgot the Carl's Jr. Beyond Burger, it's awesome
Jessica D
Jessica D 3 gün önce
If you went around to each convenience store in Japan and ate everything, I'd watch the shit out of that!
FrostiMintz 3 gün önce
Is it just my earbuds or where there microphones echoing?
Ana Hansen
Ana Hansen 3 gün önce
Zach... maybe everything gives you diarrhea because you say you're gluten-free for health and then very much are not ha
Erik Lundstrom
Erik Lundstrom 3 gün önce
Pretty sure none of that McDonalds stuff is vegan or vegetarian
Emma Hughes
Emma Hughes 3 gün önce
“Is the ketchup vegan?” 😂 - Ned 2019
panda 789
panda 789 3 gün önce
Eugene continuously asking whether Wendy died with genuine concern 😂😂😂
Kylie JoLynn
Kylie JoLynn 3 gün önce
Shoulda done White Castle impossible slider
Emily Palomino
Emily Palomino 3 gün önce
Perfect bite club represent 🤙🏼
Serena Tauer
Serena Tauer 3 gün önce
Zack : Cheese is not that good. Wisconsin: *intense stare* What did you say!!
Shanez Veganess™
Shanez Veganess™ 3 gün önce
Just one of the reasons we're vegan: trvid.com/video/video-BrlBSuuy50Y.html Living vegan is living humanely ... oh and real men protect lives :) :) :)
Marigold _playz
Marigold _playz 3 gün önce
If I don't have money for a Big Mac, I order a burger with Mac sauce and its the same wothout that extra layer of bread and patty? 😂😂😂😂😂
Mistake Animations
Mistake Animations 3 gün önce
10:08, is no one else concerned that Zack too a bite in the middle on the side of the burrito???
Sascha Wasilewska
Sascha Wasilewska 3 gün önce
Yes, us vegetarians and vegans, do order burgers without patties from McDonalds. We like to suffer
Ary D
Ary D 3 gün önce
"Free will doesn't exist" Sam, Dean and Cass are hating Zach right now.
Lauryn Carter
Lauryn Carter 4 gün önce
Ned and Keith is the funniest Try Guys 😂😂😂
Kayla Rose
Kayla Rose 4 gün önce
My two stans: Billie Eilish: Where are the avocados? Keith: WHERES THE GUACAMOLE?! NO GUACAMOLE?!!!
Tess Callahan
Tess Callahan 4 gün önce
keith how can you live with out fried chicken
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