Trump impeachment hearing Day 4

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The fourth day of the public impeachment proceedings will take place in two parts. Gordon Sondland, U.S. Ambassador to the European Union, will testify at the public hearing before the House Intelligence Committee at 9am.
Part two of the hearing will be a panel featuring testimonies from Laura Cooper, Deputy Assistant Defense Secretary for Ukrainian and Eurasian affairs and David Hale, Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs. Chairman Schiff is expected to gavel-in the second hearing of the day at 2:30 p.m. ET. #FoxNews
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21 Nov 2019




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Tire of flip floppers, Enforce laws on the books
Adam Schiff should be in jail waiting for his execution for Treason with Pelosie Nadler And every Democrat that had a part of pushing this hearsay evidence then voting for impeachment. This is a disgrace and allows the leaders from around the world to not pay their commitments and payments owed to us for their abuse of our kindness . When you stand in the way of allowing the President from doing their job, and convince leaders that The President will not be in office so don’t worry about your commitments. This is a crime and these so call, self appointed guards of do what we tell u or be impeached , THIS IS TREASON WHEN YOU ONLY WANT POWER BACK AND TELL 62 AMERICANS THEY ARE SO DUMB FOR VOTING TRUMP IN OFFICE SHOWS YOUR NARCISSISTIC AGENDA. DEMOCRATS ...HEAR ME NOW... YOUR ARE NOT SMARTER THAN THE AMERICAN PEOPLE AND U WILL NOT TREAT US LIKE WE HAVE NO CHOICE BUT TO PUT UP WITH YOUR POWER AND AGENDA TO SELL AMERICA OUT WILL HAUNT U AT THE POLLS
-Ar•tsy- 8 gün önce
TRUMP 2. 0. 2. 0 😀💪🏽❤️🇺🇸
Svetlana Van Wyk
Svetlana Van Wyk 12 gün önce
"How do you reconcile stating there was a quid pro quo and president saying there was no quid pro quo?" -"It is difficult to reconcile" No. It isn't. Let me explain. There was a condition (i.e. quid pro quo) for aid in exchange for investigations into corruption. There was NO quid pro quo conditioning to hold the aid for specifically investigating Bidens.
Kim Gill
Kim Gill 15 gün önce
Trump 2020
Frank Brunt-Sinapati
Frank Brunt-Sinapati 15 gün önce
The outside world don't give a .... TRUMP is the BEST World View.
Clarence Clark
Clarence Clark 15 gün önce
Wow. Adam Schiff is beyond sad; he's worthless! Any man who can straight up lie like he does, has no place on this planet!
Curtis Sherrill
Curtis Sherrill 16 gün önce
Milo Wilson
Milo Wilson 16 gün önce
All I see here is leading witnesses. Putting words and ideals in witnesses mouths, pressuring witnesses to answer that they can't specifically rule this or that out. . . Wheres the legality in this? None of this would be occuring in an actual court of law. You can clearly see the majority of these witnesses are coached as partsbof their closed door testimonies. . . Y'all... This is a show. It's hands down, 100% scripted, planned and is simply a well rehearsed curtian call. Smdh . what a sad week for America.
bonnie448 18 gün önce
Mr Maloney acts like he has made the grand connection, when he twisted it all around. While politically in the future an investigation into Barisma might reflect on Biden, the more important issue is corruption in Ukraine and the past harassment of President Trump and Justification of his belief and mine and many others, that the democrats used the political system in Ukrania to persecute President Trump for the last three years. Even before the election! That is more important than the future silly election that Biden could not win on his unsuitability to serve when he is obviously living a confused and delusional life now.
Janis Whipple
Janis Whipple 19 gün önce
I’m so tired of all this being based on maybe’s, presumptions, opinions, and some outright attempts at twisting the truth to get rid of a President they disagree with. Absolutely sick of it.
Steez Hooligan
Steez Hooligan 19 gün önce
Who’s ready for the Burlington Coat Factory annual employee sale?
Àlan 237
Àlan 237 19 gün önce
johnsun john sun
johnsun john sun 20 gün önce
I can't see anyone very long shot focusing camera
thozeguysagain 20 gün önce
Oh my Gosh, I cannot wait for Trump to sweep the 2020 election and get this moron off his high horse. Schiff is such a moron
Independent Jack
Independent Jack 20 gün önce
Sondland confirmed that there was a quid pro quo asked of Ukraine in return for a White House visit. He also said that Trump, acting through Giuliani directed the scheme and that other officials including Vice President Mike Pence and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo were all in the loop. If Giuliani, Pence, and Pompeo can clear Trump. Why don’t they bring their documents in and testify under oath?? Most people with brains know why they won’t testify.
American Citizen 1986
American Citizen 1986 20 gün önce
Since when is any other country entitled to USA tax payers money?
Angel Powell
Angel Powell 20 gün önce
I agree. It’s like a broke person being mad because their food stamps got cut off because they had to do something to actually earn them. Lol.
thozeguysagain 20 gün önce
Corruption is still corruption, regardless of whether or not its a political opponent. Why should Biden be able to be corrupt but not be investigated just because he's a candidate for the democratic nomination?
Richard Willette
Richard Willette 20 gün önce
Sissy Christ
Sissy Christ 20 gün önce
Adam Schiff throwing a toddler tantrum at the end, because this witness didn't go along with his impeachment bs. Adam looked like an idiot too. Lol. Impeach Adam Schiff! Trump 2020! 👍
Steez Hooligan
Steez Hooligan 20 gün önce
Castor tore the Ambassador apart
Sissy Christ
Sissy Christ 20 gün önce
Rep Elise is on fire! Wow, she is excellent! She is straight to the point, and tears up all of these witnesses by putting them all to shame! I like her! You go girl! Trump 2020!👍
Steez Hooligan
Steez Hooligan 20 gün önce
Can we just charge all of them with treason already?
joshua minnich
joshua minnich 20 gün önce
Lol what a joke. Especially that Adam guy. Hahahaha Hahahaha. When your trash your trash
Sissy Christ
Sissy Christ 20 gün önce
It's my feeling, my assumption, and I heard millions of other people tell me that my wonderful and awesome POTUS will never be impeached! Lol. I'm still on the Trump Train 2020 folks! I love my President Trump! ❤😆👍
Sissy Christ
Sissy Christ 20 gün önce
We are giving Ukraine 400 million? Good grief! I don't blame POTUS for waiting on aid until he knew if Ukraine still had corruption, and investigating as well. No wonder the US has been broke in trillions of dollars in debt. We can't keep up the entire world on the back's of American taxpayers! We police and keep up the entire world! It's ridiculous! POTUS is correct other foreign countries need to step up in helping these countries instead of the US always keeping them all up! I love that my President wants to watch how he spends my tax dollars! Going to vote for Trump in 2020, I like the way POTUS thinks! Why are all of these witnesses not in favor of holding these funds back until our POTUS is sure the corruption is gone? Why are these witnesses in such a hurry to hand over our tax dollars? Maybe....because the witnesses are getting paid a huge chunk of it, and part of the Ukraine corruption going on. Smells fishy folks! Thank God for President Trump looking out for us and our nation! The other idiots just want to hand our money over to corrupt countries! Trump 2020!
michael 21 gün önce
shiff's body unconsciously and naturally tries to swallow his nose when he is overcome by a common sense question that requires the whole truth to answer
michael 21 gün önce
impeach all the goof balls or just get of em by common sense methods, Trump is the only USA lover we have had in 55 years
nld1960 21 gün önce
Sondland, don't you see what they are doing??? They are beating you down.
bonnie448 21 gün önce
Supposedly an investigation, Shiff starts out condemning and creating his own narrative of what was in President Trump's mind. Wow a mind reader in charge!!
Sean Devine
Sean Devine 21 gün önce
Again ambassador I'm asking you to lie if you haven't gotten it by now. Well my text....I don't care about the text, I need you to lie
Crystal Curtis
Crystal Curtis 18 gün önce
EXACTLY! Thats all i got from this the entire dang time! Straight b.s. then "bug eyes" has his final word to sound plain stupid in hopes to get people to believe this crap while giving the BIG EYES to the witnesses because they didnt say what he wanted them to say! Ive now invested far too many hours into this crap all while our tax money is paying them to do it. The american people should get a tax refund for actually sotting through it. Smh!
Hope Sorrowgrave, The Outcast
11 hours? What a waste of time.
Kellie Humphrey
Kellie Humphrey 21 gün önce
Am I the only person who felt like vomiting when Adam Schiff was doing his phoney rant! I couldn’t wait for him to STOP TALKING!
Georgina Joubert
Georgina Joubert 20 gün önce
His constant eyelids flicking reminds of thooose "doggies" that people loved to put in their rear car windows in the 60/70's that would bob their heads at every bump and turn on the road - nothing there!!
Abdelkader Safir Medjahed
Another brick in the wall ? No ? Ok 👌
Canned Heat
Canned Heat 21 gün önce
WAKE UP !! Only on Fox is there this incredulous, stupid denial. Trump abused his position, he sought personal gain through holding back aid to Ukraine. It's plain and simple. He has to go. FOX AINT NEWS!! IT'S PROPAGANDA!! Trump has always been a crook, he's always been completely selfish, he's always been a spoiled brat. Sorry if that hurts folks but he's not presidential material. He's not even tempered, you couldn't even call him an adult. He has zero ability to consider opinions other than his own, he lacks the intellectual capacity and discipline to deal with any of the major issues facing our country. Fox (faux) News, Jim (locker room) Jordan and Devon "drug Deal" nunez have pimped themselves out to big money players in hopes they'll get a payoff and/or they're just plain stupid.
nld1960 21 gün önce
Was this guy living on another planet, if he didn't know that they were after Trump
K E B 21 gün önce
Biggest dog and pony show I have ever seen in my life, and I’ve seen a lot, literally! Is this the IQ2 committee or the Adam Schiff sh•• show? Or both? Both!
Brandon Black
Brandon Black 21 gün önce
hands down The Greatest President of All Time in U.S. history ! Period
Georgina Joubert
Georgina Joubert 18 gün önce
@Sissy Christ I retract my statement, you're so right, wish we had a "Donald Trump" in my country!!
Georgina Joubert
Georgina Joubert 20 gün önce
Love all reports because it shows some reports and maybe some silliness
Sissy Christ
Sissy Christ 20 gün önce
@Georgina Joubert I disagree with you. I voted for Trump, because he wasn't "presidential." Being or acting "presidential" in our past presidents hasn't done a good job for our country, or for the American citizens in my opinion. I like President Trump, because he isn't weak minded, & he is a very strong leader. He doesn't let others walk all over him, our nation, or it's citizens. POTUS speaks for me. I like a strong attitude in a personality. It takes that to become an excellent leader. Past presidents let other nations walk all over them and us. The very reason our nation was in trillions of dollars in debt. Trump is doing an excellent job getting us out of it. I like POTUS telling it like it is period. He is different and I like it. Trump is rich, so he must be doing a lot right in his own life before becoming our president. He is intelligent, knows how to handle the USA's money, and make great deals. Our government needs that right now, and other politicians in our government need to learn how to do it as well. Being "presidential" hasn't given us intelligent Presidents in the past. I would rather have a prospering great nation and enjoy my freedoms than a "presidential" person that does nothing for the good of our nation or it's citizens. With that being said, President Trump has my vote in 2020. God Bless.😊
Georgina Joubert
Georgina Joubert 20 gün önce
@Sissy Christ He might be good at what he is doing within this framework, but a little more caution when expressing and implementing his wishes that which is just not "very presidential" ( quoted from a prominent US businessman that cautioned him). Not all is won in war and games by an irate and a abusive attitude.
Sissy Christ
Sissy Christ 20 gün önce
I agree! POTUS is awesome!👍
Tom Chesney
Tom Chesney 21 gün önce
The US seems to have a rather blatant double standard when it comes to interfering with other countries elections. We clearly interfered with the elections in the Ukraine. We clearly seem to be doing it in every election in every country, at least in every country that we have a vested interest in.
Florida A Holbert
Florida A Holbert 21 gün önce
The person that set this up should give back his or her paycheck for the time they stood around pretending to be doing something important! For the elected individuals this is not what you were elected to do, may it be known there is a record of this foolishness!!!
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