Trump calls into ‘Fox & Friends’ amid impeachment probe, upcoming FISA report

Fox News
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President Trump calls into ‘Fox and Friends’ for a wide-ranging interview. The president shares his thoughts on the FBI and upcoming IG report, predicts the report will be "historic." #FoxNews



22 Nov 2019




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victor c
victor c 12 saatler önce
How low does your intelligence have to be to belive anything fox new propaganda machine tells you, even after you hear the moronic ramblings of trump, sheep people still dont get it.
Be1smaht 22 saatler önce
Trump is a joke.... everyone is laughing
roamerw1972 Gün önce
Tim Apple:-)
Brandon Piegari
Brandon Piegari Gün önce
Ian Smith
Ian Smith Gün önce
The National Enquirer is more credible then the New York Times today 🤷🏻‍♂️
yehmiyah Gün önce
TRUMP is the Best
Born Again
Born Again Gün önce
Born Again
Born Again Gün önce
no stars in hollywood
Born Again
Born Again Gün önce
lol pencil neck is a sick puppy.
Mr. X
Mr. X Gün önce
This is one strange cult.
Born Again
Born Again Gün önce
it is so obvious. Just look how many seats obama bin laden left open at the end of his term. That is because obama was just as sure clinton was going to be president. He knew of the insurance plan.
Born Again
Born Again Gün önce
4500👎 losers, liars, crooks, treason
Jerry Marley
Jerry Marley Gün önce
K Kaye
K Kaye Gün önce
This is painful to watch: a president who's letting off steam in a rambling rant and TV hosts who are obviously uncomfortable. I'm a Republican who's watched most of the impeachment hearings, and I'm dismayed by the lack of a concrete defense by our president or his defense team. Their main "defense" seems to be smearing everyone else - what I call the "OJ defense." The impromptu rant on FOX did not help President Trump or our Republican party.
Darlene Dubey
Darlene Dubey Gün önce
President trump bluetearwater here my veterans were at war didn’t even no networks riseup black panther s
IT'S ME FROM 713 Gün önce
He is insane. My god how is this the president?
Peaceful and sensation World
IT'S ME FROM 713 - Nicole Toussaint you’re supporting DemocRATs corruption system, devil 👿 HollyWEED drug trafficker, They try sell off America jobs to China and offshore. Crew them all. Vote out DemocRATs. Mr. President Trump 2020.
Nicole Toussaint
Nicole Toussaint Gün önce
Donald Trump is a sick man!! Its funny how something is wrong with everybody accept him!
Peaceful and sensation World
Nicole Toussaint you’re supporting DemocRATs corruption system, devil 👿 HollyWEED drug trafficker, They try sell off America jobs to China and offshore. Crew them all. Vote out DemocRATs. Mr. President Trump 2020.
Peter McNally
Peter McNally 2 gün önce
Ainsley Earhardt claims Adam Schiff gave his parody of the phone call because he didn't know Trump was going to release the transcript. The transcript was already available to the public when the hearing took place. I had downloaded it and read it before the hearing started. Fox & Friends is a kiddie show for idiots. Perhaps that's why Trump likes them so much.
Colin R
Colin R 2 gün önce
I heard Hillary shagged Obama. But because she got pregnant. Bill shagged that girl in the oval office. Real or fake news?
Mike King
Mike King 2 gün önce
Most of us love this President, and it tells you how little these dem A-holes have done to improve our nation for years.There concern is the destruction of our country
Ace D
Ace D 2 gün önce
5:30-6:30 Trump blatantly says "why would we give money to these people" after saying he asked for investigations into the crowdstrike conspiracy theory on the phone call... This is what the quid pro quo talk is all about and he admitted to it lol
MOFLEX MUSIC INC. 2 gün önce
The Democratic Party has always bin scumbags but this is definitely a new low - and it’s hurting our country
jason bourne
jason bourne 2 gün önce
God bless and protect Donald Trump. His is welcomed by all true patriots in Britain. Our swamp needs draining too.
1st name Big Last name Mike
Sometimes these guys sound like they work for CNN especially when they quickly dismiss the Hunter Biden points and jump elsewhere.
D.Lorenzo 2 gün önce
If 100 people and ur momma told you that I smashed your mama's pocketbook and I say no I didn't where's your proof ! Who would you believe
D.Lorenzo 2 gün önce
I am so embarrassed by my Republican party.... I must be honest I'm a Republican a felon and a fast talking slick tongue crook and if it was me y'all want to impeach me to....... But don't try to hide the fact that this dude is crooked and did something wrong.... So all of us crooks we must continue to stand together and fight for Donald
Adam Wade
Adam Wade 2 gün önce
Hater raid that’s what Democrats are they are a bunch of whining babies. Trump is your president. Trump 2020
Edmund Singleton
Edmund Singleton 2 gün önce
Never underestimate the faintness, that almost seems to be well hidden of a truly powerful marketing campaign, as proof I offer that ‘blond dye head heroine’ in movies always being routed for by members of an ethnic group that does not share any physical resemblance in appearance, and why they are all over televison dramas, in commercials and anchoring our news programing. Hats off to all those Fay Wray types in every film version of King Kong…”the girl can’t help it”, the studio made her do it… And yes, even on the radio, you can almost hear the ‘blondness’…
Tracy K
Tracy K 2 gün önce
Trump is right! They are sick!!
Edmund Singleton
Edmund Singleton 2 gün önce
Upon learning they will be appearing on Face the Nation, questions are asked, what must I wear, what hair dye shade looks best on me? questions posed by a ‘home town’ Judge Judy civilian litigator, no, a professional television journalist from The New York Times deep into the practice of ‘appearance journalism’…in other words, “Be Best”…
Michael Aguirre
Michael Aguirre 2 gün önce
Stop interrupting the president!
David DeRousse
David DeRousse 2 gün önce
Can't believe no one from Obama, Hillary a ND current Demorats do not go to jail. The Demorats...Untouchables...liars and hypocrites... To hey alone will threaten the security of America. Rotten Bastards may they rot, now!!!??
Braiden Franks
Braiden Franks 2 gün önce
This man is SO proud of himself.. trump is the most narcissistic and self absorbed person I’ve ever witnessed.
Marie Messina
Marie Messina 2 gün önce
Why are your faces so glum.
Barry Brown
Barry Brown 2 gün önce
Crude media, crude media, crude media, crude media totally scripted
Barry Brown
Barry Brown 2 gün önce
These guys are interested in the truth they are only interested in repeating scripted diatribe of faulty media these guestions don't even reflect what has happened people flush this media it's wicked and unresponsive
Barry Brown
Barry Brown 2 gün önce
Why is this guy acting like a Patsy asking the questions then cutting Trump off the media is straight garbage they think it's funny as this country gets trashed
Morefiend 2 gün önce
Wow, this is probably the most important episode of Days of our Administration
drew clue
drew clue 3 gün önce
I luv trump
On Purpose
On Purpose 3 gün önce
The narrative put out by the CIA, to think most in congress not corrupt by CIA IS A JOKE LISTEN TO THE REAL WHISTLEBLOWER BERGY ON GEORGE WEBB What is the shadownet?
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