Tropical Storm Ian update: Cone shifts west with rapid intensification expected | Recorded 7pm 9/24

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Tropical Storm Ian continues to move through the Caribbean on its way to the Gulf of Mexico. On its current track, the system is expected to have an impact on the Gulf Coast next week.

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23 Eyl 2022




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Good job, Pat! All of the KHOU weather team are great! I appreciate them all ... but I'd never heard Pat til tonight.
This is probably one of the best meteorologist that I’ve watched in a long time. He does a great job of explaining what is going on.
This guy should be the model for all weather newscasters. Actually explaining how weather models are used. What a concept.
Wow. This is the best meteorologist I have ever watched. Totally explained it so so well and in detail. I don't know who you are, but kudos to you. You need a huge raise! I'm in Missouri, wish we had someone like you around here come tornado season. Great fantastic job!
Wow this guy needs an Emmy. No drama, etc just facts and a very good explainer. You can replace the weather channel any time with this guy.
I am VERY impressed with this young man and his passion for his job as well as the way he communicates it. I am in my 50's and love to see knowledgeable young people like this. Your family should be proud dude! very proud! You should ignore my words and just proceed as you are doing. Thank you for the well described update!
I'm in the Pacific Northwest and for some reason I watched the entire video because this guy is such an engaging communicator. No hype, just earnest, enthusiastic, and effective.
I live in Southeastern Indiana with no hurricane threat, and I couldn't stop watching this man. Absolutely amazing. 💯
This guy is on top of things and knows how to communicate it. He doesn’t miss a beat. I actually enjoyed watching the whole forecast. Keep up the good work. Impressive! Praying for everyone in the path of this storm.
This young man needs to get picked up by a National broadcaster, the way he conveys this information is perfect.
AAAAMAZING presentation, Pat! I'm all the way here in Central Orlando and I feel more informed by you in Texas than what the local weather peeps are doing! Thank you and keep up the GREAT work!
That was well done young man! Easily the easiest meteorologist to understand. Great job!
Give Pat a raise. that guy is passionate and is great at his job!
This is amazing! This meteorologist really took me to school! Thank you for the well informed and educational forecast
Wowzer! This was the best explanation of a hurricane forecast I have ever heard. Well done sir. Leaving on a cruise in a couple of weeks out of Miami. I'm subscribing to this channel just to watch this young man.
We need Pat in Florida! Very articulate, and able to convey the wealth of knowledge in a concise relatable manner. Thank you ❣️
This is the best weather forecast I’ve ever seen in my life! I’ve learned so much today!!! Thank you!!!
You guys are doing one hell of a time with forecasting this storm. Always knowledgeable always giving the right information that we need to be safe. Can I thank you guys enough for the job y'all do some of the best meteorologist around on TRvid 💪✌️♾️❤️💯
Best meteorologist! I felt like class was in session. Learned so much, thank you!!
Excellent forecast , much appreciated. This young man does a great job. ☺️
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