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Time to make a triple-screen laptop! AD: Want to try Huel? Visit: jlinks.io/diyperkshuel it’s SUPER tasty! Thanks to @HuelYT for the sponsorship!

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4k 120Hz Panel:

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Fix This Build That
Fix This Build That 2 aylar önce
Loving the incorporation of 3Dprinting into your arsenal, Matt. And the brass legs give it that classic DIY Perks touch. Your creativity is inspiring!
IgnitionStunting 18 gün önce
Bro it's so damn cool seeing you here
CallmeMAck Aylar önce
lets make the frame out of wood and make it really high end, right? ;D
Lord Teaspoon
Lord Teaspoon Aylar önce
Haha, when I saw the 3D-printed case I was like "Aww, where's the brass?" but then I saw the legs and the world felt normal again.
univera1111 Aylar önce
Let me give you an idea for your next project. Using raspberry pi or jetson board to make a 6.8 inch phone . With very small bulk size. You can add the fan to it only if your going to over clock it to the extreme. Running Android. Let's see what you will build. From West Africa
IgnitionStunting Aylar önce
Emad Hamid
Emad Hamid Aylar önce
I love how much work is put into this The engineering The craft The design Brainstorming Sourcing materials Concepts Then filming the entire thing Maybe I missed more Damn , never gonna be this productive in my life ever
m marco
m marco Aylar önce
Do you?
Drake Is A Cake
Drake Is A Cake Aylar önce
dont forget the hours of editing!
SPIDER Phone Aylar önce
Every time this guy publishes a new video I tell myself , there is no way he can do better than what he did.THIS GUY STILL AMAZES ME EVERYTIME.
Khristopher Komodoensis
i love how even when he doesn't actually use as much brass as normal, he still adds that signature brass look somehow.
Charles Covington
Charles Covington Aylar önce
I haven't even finished this video yet, and I am blown away. This formfactor is EXACTLY what I need for school. I need a lot of screen real estate for the level of reading and research that I perform. Waiting for a computer that is capable of just this...I'm all over it!
Chris Kent
Chris Kent Aylar önce
What you've created there mate is a modern take on an old school luggable. Awesome work!
Somerandom 2 aylar önce
This is the sort of stuff I was excited to see when I first heard about Framework. Yes there laptops look nice, but because all the parts can be purchase individually and they don't do any lockdown shenanigans, it makes projects like this way easier and importantly, consistent if other people want to do it (rather than gutting an old laptop).
Snakebloke Aylar önce
@Yiğit Anıl Genç ahh yes, Apple. Hates consumer repairability, and all products made in a factory with suicidal workers. Who wouldn't want to support that? Qualcomm is making desktop ARM based CPUs soon. I'd rather wait for that, than buy something that makes Tim Cooke that little bit richer...
univera1111 Aylar önce
The finish in 9:41 is mad
Tech Freak
Tech Freak Aylar önce
@Alex C The entire laptop is still together by nothing but screws, and the motherboard can actually be used as a separate standalone computer. Most computers don't let you do that. Almost every single component that could break is replaceable. Hinge brakes? Replaceable. Keyboard? When placeable. Screen? Replaceable. All with a screwdriver and a little time, with no need to take it to a repair shop. And unlike every other laptop in the world, it's actually upgradeable. It started with an 11th gen processor, now you can replace it with a 12th gen. Linus fell in love with this concept so much that not only did he actually buy the computer as his new daily driver, but after the first video he made on it he invested $250,000. It sounds like a small investment, and that's because they weren't actually looking for big investments by the time he finally asked. He's also made it clear that should the company eventually betray its users, he will publicly denounce them and end his investment.
Omar Faruq
Omar Faruq Aylar önce
I wish i could have...but u r far away...Thanks From Bangladesh
Ms Ch.
Ms Ch. Aylar önce
This is absolutely amazing! Not only a new design, but a new way of using a computer. That's a whole new thing right there! Your engineering is truly breathtaking, the way you are able to see BEYOND what already exists. Damn!
Brethem Aylar önce
Sir I've been watching you for almost a decade now and I consistently re watch your videos more than anyone on this platform. You have helped me articulate myself better through electronic repairs and such, I just wanted to say thank you for staying on TRvid and keeping the same yet fresh and original content!
J S Aylar önce
I would likely not utilize them on my own (my HP laptop will become dust before I purchase another laptop), but I want to say the largest possible THANK YOU for making the 3D printing files open-source and allowing, nay encouraging, other people to modify them on their own. I'm sure it takes a lot of work to create this, and ending your (presumably) days and weeks of hard working and engineering with a desire for other people to share in your amazing creation is truly, well, amazing! Thank you, good job on the excellent video, and have a nice day!
A Amorim
A Amorim Aylar önce
From DIY glowing mushrooms (which I never managed to get done right) all the way to custom laptop build. You've come a long way, dude. Many people cannot understand the degree of craftsmanship that such builds require👏
Jazz 3D
Jazz 3D 12 saatler önce
Great, I admire the work done, I do similar things myself. I look forward to even more daring similar projects from you with an even tighter arrangement of components.
Nurolight 2 aylar önce
Matt puts in so much time and effort into these projects, not to mention the process and video itself, and then just gives it all away to us. What a dude!
Fespel Aylar önce
@Nurolight I don't think he would get many new subs doing this. It's interesting to watch, but usage scenarios are limited
Tellux040 Aylar önce
@Jacob Nelson grow up
Matthew Anderson
Matthew Anderson 2 aylar önce
@Jacob Nelson while true altruism is impossible to achieve, it is possible to be less greedy. Matt could milk this project for every penny. However, he decided that the ad/sponsorship revenue was enough for him. And that he didn’t need to sell the project as well. I will never fault someone for trying to get the last dime out of their hard work. Money is something we all need. But when there is more money to be made, yet you forgo it to help others… well I would consider that commendable and kind.
Tech Freak
Tech Freak 2 aylar önce
@Jacob Nelson he could have chosen to lock the project behind a paywall, but he makes it freely available for everyone, how's that not altruistic?
Nurolight 2 aylar önce
@pavulon5000 Making the project open source rather than gating it behind a patreon paywall.
GingerBread 5 gün önce
Now finally, a laptop with proper ergonomics that can help me get me more work done on train travels.😁 Seriously, I'm a big fan of this design. I day-dreamed of having folding vertical side panels to my laptop when I was gone studying far off from home. So satisfying to finally see it built, in probably the best possible way. That also goes for all the content on your channel. You always put loads of thoughts in every projects, and come up with something that is both pleasing and functional.
Demonitized X
Demonitized X Aylar önce
i have a suggestion. you should make the stand adjustable like those tripod stands because depending on your location you dont want the screen to be so high up
Delos Wilbur
Delos Wilbur 14 gün önce
I love watching your projects and can only imagine the effort that goes into developing the product and also the great video production. Thank you. I watch each one thinking "that is such a cool idea" and then in the back of my mind a voice is saying "but you will never try to make this" :-D
HavadaBulut55 Aylar önce
Love to see the framework parts used this way! This enables such a new way of DIY projects!
barrysrandomness Aylar önce
Matt, I've been watching you build beautiful and exceptionally well-engineered creations for years now and THIS is the project that I want to create the most. I can't wait to give it a go! Thank you.
平和 2 aylar önce
Not only does Framework try to make the consumer electronics industry better, they also empower amazing projects like this!
toastal 2 aylar önce
And the DIY side can get you a decent wide gamut OLED panel which they don't offer on the laptops
deemon710 Aylar önce
Major props for making the project fully open source. It's got its detractions but for the right person, this is an amazing idea. Thanks for the interesting video as always!
Dan Sam
Dan Sam 12 gün önce
Very interesting and impressive. Open source too! Good on you mate. Setting a great example
Jompfobo Aylar önce
DIY perks is so creative. This guy should start a tech company
Jesse Kime
Jesse Kime Aylar önce
I would love to see somebody take this idea, and make a all in one pc, using desktop parts, with a built in vesa mount. I love the idea of a all in one, with the ability to be upgraded.
Scott Larock
Scott Larock Aylar önce
Thank you for pushing or using screens at the proper angle. It's crazy that poor laptops are not trying to do something like this.
Gab Aylar önce
Loving the idea that Framework not only provides repairable laptops but makes it possible to buy parts and make your own DIY laptop.
HappyBeezerStudios - by Lord_Mogul
@J E One generational upgrade isn't anything special, even in the laptop world. But how they go from here will prove if they can deliver on their claims.
stevey500 Aylar önce
@Zero I really hope framework decides to provide a touch screen. As an IT guy, we have far too many users that demand having a touch screen for me to be able to continue purchasing more framework laptops in our environment. I'd love to see framework keep doing what they're doing but continue to provide more options.
Tanjung Ledang Teknologi
Make my laptop diy? Wow awesome
Dude look a tree
Dude look a tree Aylar önce
No offense to existing cyberdecks, but this is worlds better
Adamiyevsty Aylar önce
the fact you made everything open source shocks me. Such talented man doing stuff for free is honorable, I watch your videos not because I'm going to build the project I enjoy the whole process and the ideas you come up with that are incredible handy. Thanks for bringing us this content!
Hitchslap Aylar önce
Maybe, but giving away the IP creates an ecosystem not competition. I'm sure he would be thrilled if someone starts selling a version of this at $2k a throw which would be cheap at twice the price. He's had 1m views in a week. Anyone new to his channnel will certainly check out his other work. I've only seen one (his artificial sun). His skill and attention to detail blows me away.
Buddy 19 gün önce
This is an incredible idea. I would love to build one. Need to invest in a 3D printer!
Nick nicolay Grooters
Nick nicolay Grooters 26 gün önce
really love the dedication of engineering in this video big RESPECT
RashidTBG Aylar önce
This is my favorite project of yours so far! The stunning design, how small it gets when closed, and the 2 iPad screens on the sides are amazing features. This really is a triple-screen laptop done right.
SiLenT366 19 gün önce
With foldable screens, I'd like to see a portable monitor that folds like this, then out into a curved ultrawide monitor.
A Wideman
A Wideman 2 aylar önce
This is why we wait a month or two for a video from Matt. He always delivers a banger
Kafil Aylar önce
This time it was 3 months!
cryptoIsTheWay Aylar önce
A modern version of the Compaq luggable. 😂😂😂 This is a great start, can’t wait to see who makes it thinner and adds active cooling along with a better stand.
theSUBVERSIVE Aylar önce
I would really like to see a more sophisticated design version of this. With a bit more resource it can become very neat.
Allen K Sajeev
Allen K Sajeev Aylar önce
Hey Matt, u could have made the joining line of the separate panels at different locations and increased the structural rigidity
Da E
Da E Aylar önce
Imagine something like a foldable phone, as a laptop, so you could just fold out both sides and then have a seamless huge widescreen :X That would be so awesome for a mobile studio or video editing pc.... Thanks for showing us your awesome as always idea!!
Shadwan Aylar önce
I love this. Thank you for sharing and making iy. Hope companies catch on to this design.
CalebTheCashew 2 aylar önce
There should be a compilation of Matt being so happy about using brass in his projects because it seems like it appears very time! 😆
nf_prod Aylar önce
@Ricardo Gobin and a leather handle of course
Ricardo Gobin
Ricardo Gobin Aylar önce
😄 it wouldn't be complete without a bit of brass
Nexus Yang
Nexus Yang 2 aylar önce
DIY Brass Projects. 😂
TB1231 Aylar önce
Matt is my technology and wood shop instructor wrapped in 1. I love how he’s super passionate too about what he does and he ALWAYS deliver. He’s super smart and is always artistic with his designs too. I still cannot get over the DIY PS5s. Keep it up buddy!
JUNA Aylar önce
This youtube channel has been providing massive amount of inspiration over the years for me that I never put in use.
modelmanjohn Aylar önce
Terrific! The only downside of the portability is having to carry a keyboard and mouse. Even the smallest takes a bit of space in the backpack. Maybe one of those folding keyboards? Or maybe one of those really thin ones, witha 3d bracket on the main unit to hold it?
dfgatorfan Aylar önce
That is a great project, well done! What was the final weight of the full setup?
Sanin Aylar önce
Mat you are one of purest and most creative guy that im following. i followed your channel grew from almost begining, and im soooo glad that you made it. Best of luck from Bosnia :)
Oğul Can K.
Oğul Can K. Aylar önce
DIY Perks always sets the bar so high each time that I think it's impossible to beat. Yet he beats it at every single video. That's an incredible task.
TechnicalActivity Aylar önce
Hes a kingsman theres nothing less to expect. You cant make brains like this anymore
Nguyen Loctuan
Nguyen Loctuan Aylar önce
indeed, thoes leags r a litte bit to high, but it can be fix anyway, about touchscreen....indeed, it will be super hard to use, about mouse and keyboard, well....in the market, it have a plenty of slim mouse and keyboard to chosse so that maybe not become a problem
Kangal Aylar önce
It's not very compact, but still it should barely fit into a compact backpack. The problem is navigation. Touchscreen on all three displays? Would be neat, but those legs and hinges would be wobbly. Keyboard and Trackpad? There's none. You won't be able to fit it into your bag, unless you get something hilariously small and un-ergonomic. Or you hope wherever you go there's a spare unit to borrow. Or you just don't use one and have no interactability.
Harry Tsang
Harry Tsang Aylar önce
10:35 that mechanism along would have taken me a full days of trial and errors with half a dozen test prints. He made it looks easier than it is
Ozturw Aylar önce
this idea is just wonderful. well impressed, thank you for sharing and making this happen
Wisdom Happy
Wisdom Happy Aylar önce
Well done! Nice idea! could see companies selling this form factor in the future
Jannik Aylar önce
First video if watched of this channel. Blown away by the idea, this has a crazy amount of potential - the nomad solution of the next ~laptop~ generation (needs a new name now)
Zac Koch
Zac Koch Aylar önce
Everything this guy does is premium. Nice work!
Felipe Falanghe | aka HarvesteR
This is a really cool build. I've had triple screen setups for ages, and I've always wondered why laptops couldn't use a screen configuration like yours. Never had thought about the terrible ergonomics of not having the screens up at eye level, but it looks like it's very much as bad as it seems. Also, I never knew such a thing as a modular kit-style laptop existed! Thanks for the tip. My next laptop might just end up being a little less conventional :D
Yianni Migias
Yianni Migias 2 aylar önce
All of your ideas are incredibly unique. But this has to take the cake for one of the weirdest yet coolest builds you've ever done. The use of ipad screens was genius
Barrett DeCutler
Barrett DeCutler Aylar önce
@Martinz Watcher Well, the fact that the resolution syncs up with his main display and that the size and shape are right really help, too.
Martinz Watcher
Martinz Watcher Aylar önce
it's not iPad screens that makes this genius because any tablet screen will do - what makes this genius is brass leg design. It's distinct and lightweight.
Dr. ProjectX
Dr. ProjectX Aylar önce
This is an awesome project man. Great work.
Soren426 Aylar önce
Wow, an all-in-one that's not crap and surprisingly portable. And it comes with three displays
Carrion Crow
Carrion Crow Aylar önce
Instead of brass legs, it would be cool to have lags that unscrew to extend, and screw back in to conceal. Definitely an awesome project
DrivenKeys Aylar önce
Fantastic! This portable luxury pc is missing only one thing: a nice headphones amp. Of course, a small usb dac on one of the usb ports will work. As always, excellent!
Dondon Go
Dondon Go Aylar önce
Always astound by your diy creations ❤❤❤
peacefulreiki 2 aylar önce
I was somewhat lamenting the lack of brass seeing the project was being 3D printed. And then... Foldable legs in brass! Yes!!!! Now, THAT's a proper DIY Perks feel! Beautiful and clever as usual 👍🏼
TheSilverShadow17 Aylar önce
Kinda like a technological reboot of Steampunk in a sense, where lots of Brass and Copper are used in just about every contraption wherever possible. Except the contraption here is a triple screen laptop lol
Vishwas Chaudhary
Vishwas Chaudhary 2 aylar önce
Yup Needs More Brass!!
Kafj302 2 aylar önce
Maybe a brass bezel for even more ridged build?
something something creative
Don't forget the leather handle! Lol
Wandii 2 aylar önce
yeah i wouldn't have minded a tiny little bit more copper and/or brass...still though - a great project as per usual.
Multiarray Aylar önce
the colored filament makes it look like a cheap plastic toy so maybe glueing an aluminium foil over it would make it look better but other than that its a really great idea.
Leonphvlipp Aylar önce
I am absolutely speechless. This is amazing. I can't even imagine what ideas are flying around in this guys head.
Phat s00p
Phat s00p Aylar önce
I would love to see some post processing done on the 3d printed parts so they look a little less plasticky. Maybe some electroplating to get that true brass steampunk dyi perks look.
SanraS Uzumaki
SanraS Uzumaki Aylar önce
Great video!! This makes me want to own a 3d printer, next lets add a 4k camera to this with a sliding door for total privacy.
Andrea Buzzolan
Andrea Buzzolan Aylar önce
This is great exemple of what right to repair can lead to
NoThanksYoutube 2 aylar önce
Love your projects, even tried/been inspired by a few. Especially especially especially love that you champion open source, so valuable and important. Thank you so much for all your hard work in showing us your creative projects! Top tier stuff!
Bullet Punch
Bullet Punch 2 aylar önce
@Adam S. im all for piracy too, dont worry!
Adam S.
Adam S. 2 aylar önce
@Bullet Punch No, it's not piracy. Digital content requires no cost to be duplicated and if it has been published, then creator has been already remunerated. So no. It's not piracy. Even if it's not digital, there can't be piracy - how do you see paying Rembrandt for a copy of his painting? Who got robbed - because that's what piracy is - by copying his artwork (not even counterfeit)? Though I understand people publish their work in anticipation of FUTURE income - which is fair expectation, I admit - it doesn't mean they lost anything from what they gained already. If anything, one should absolutely punish unauthorized re-use (i.e. someone downloads someone's content and monetizing it further). This will take care of actual pirates.
Bullet Punch
Bullet Punch 2 aylar önce
@Robotron Sage yay for piracy!
Robotron Sage
Robotron Sage 2 aylar önce
Also free market principles indicate that any product with an infinite supply (any type of digital data that can be infinitely copied and distributed) should effectively have 0 price in terms of market value.
Robotron Sage
Robotron Sage 2 aylar önce
Also the DMCA is an absolute joke and we should work on getting rid of it tbh. Everything was so much better when nobody took that sort of thing seriously. We would laugh at media companies for trying to ''curate'' their data into monetary exploits. The funny thing is, there are huge antitrust concerns with monetizable data, given you can infinitely copy and produce digital data at essentially ZERO cost, and you can't do that with other industries, so it should be unironically illegal to force monetization on digital (i.e, highly exploitable) data.
Ryan Hunt
Ryan Hunt Aylar önce
I'm not sure whether this would work but if you were happy with hdmi instead of dp would it possible to use 3 usb-c hubs all with hdmi out for the screens so that you would get all the extra usb ports that came with them?
OnceAPunAThyme Aylar önce
I spent way too long not liking the aesthetics of the design before reminding myself of the practicality of the design. I'll be very interested to see what people come up with. Love your work and hearing/seeing your thought process.
Tim Aylar önce
I'm totally blown away! Brilliant idea, executed perfectly. The only improvement that comes to mind might be telescopic legs. Btw, thanks so much for choosing to open source the project!
Sarthak Chandra
Sarthak Chandra Aylar önce
Would a stand at the back work if I want to make it a little more traditional? Also just how secure is this? Because any consumer laptop I've owned is prone to bumps and scratches. Having so much of custom wiring doesn't seem too good for that.
Max Dona
Max Dona Aylar önce
No joke, I would pay for a kit to do this with injection mold parts (or aluminium ?) and a bit more thin, I love the idea !
Aaron Sutton
Aaron Sutton 2 aylar önce
I wouldn't be surprised if big tech is taking notes on this one. Your work is always impressive.
ExpandingCircle 2 aylar önce
Surface Books hinge has a perfect little gap for this to fold into
Nate Diemer
Nate Diemer 2 aylar önce
And I’d be glad if they are - we need people bucking against the “established thing that sells and works” for real development to happen
Wilo Usuramo
Wilo Usuramo Aylar önce
From creating a Lego pull Focuse DIY to this, you sir are just bloody awesome. I have watch all your videos.
Pedro Zurita
Pedro Zurita Aylar önce
This is beautiful work. Glad you made it open source, but I almost wish you would make some to sell and you became very financially successful with this concept. Thank you for your hard work on this very creative form factor.
porto42 Aylar önce
from snail-free tomatoes to this DIY project! I always enjoy watching your content Matt.
OiOChaseOiO Aylar önce
I have a feeling that a few companies might be "borrowing" this build design pretty soon. 😅
Jeric Lauresta
Jeric Lauresta Aylar önce
The contrasting colors you chose are so beautiful. For me, it looks like an ancient royalty design which makes it more premium.
Migu 2 aylar önce
Great job, fascinating work as always! You make DIY look freaking easy. You should make a collab with LTT, and make a gaming rig from this design. :D (Just make it durable enough, Linus likes to drop things)
Yoss3l Aylar önce
@V van Zeller from my understanding the framework laptop has thunderbolt 4 which means that the extra usb-c port could be used with an eGPU, hence making it into a gaming system
Exceldo Yadika
Exceldo Yadika 2 aylar önce
they have huge cnc machine so i imagine a case made from aluminium will make this 1000% better
Lizlodude 2 aylar önce
@V van Zeller Hence the "make a gaming rig _from this design_" ;)
V van Zeller
V van Zeller 2 aylar önce
Very few cards can drive a 4k screen, let alone 2. The only thing you are gaming with this machine is minesweeper.
AMDKilla Aylar önce
2.0 would be a colab with LTT. Linus is such a fan of Framework, he's invested heavily in it, and this would only help spread awareness of the goals Framework is trying to achieve
abdalkader shuker
abdalkader shuker Aylar önce
love the idea , I am currently running an iPad as a secondary display and I can confirm that it is an amazing addition to my system I would love to see a vesa mount on that which will be more reliable and universal
Wall Street Press
Wall Street Press Aylar önce
That was so cool. If I saw something like this on the market, I think I would buy it.
TheMythh Aylar önce
This is insane. Going above and beyond, not going to lie, i think this is the first actually easily feasible for me build as a student (with a 3d printer) that lives in an apartment and doesn't have any power tools. It's really in tune with framework's solutions for you to make it open source. Really appreciated!
Jawad Akhtar
Jawad Akhtar Aylar önce
Great project, super creative, highly practical. Overall its a win.
Andrei Simionescu
Andrei Simionescu 2 aylar önce
This might be his best project yet. I love how he doesn't shy away from picking up new things as needed, like 3d modelling, soldering, etc.
dh 2 aylar önce
yes, not to sure about hinges, as a everyday luggable Item, like idea of the extendable legs, but as it meant to be used in the field as it where (office, hotel rooms etc.) where a really stable table are available that maybe the case, but where wobbly table is king, your going to have problems? (like it he build laptop, from almost scratch, with research, tech,. and a design departments, million pound/dollar budgets
Ali Ettienne
Ali Ettienne Aylar önce
Your creative is impressive. You mention the nuances of dealing with a standard laptop and you're right about all the nuances. Having the laptop elevated at eye level eliminate neck fatigue. This setup does highlight a good prospect of a useful laptop system for productivity.
krpi007 Aylar önce
Masterfully done! Thanks for keeping it open source. 👏
ChrissyCrow Aylar önce
This is amazing. I wish I had the time to have a hobbie like this. Being a teacher sucks all your energy.
Josh P.
Josh P. Aylar önce
i actually would consider buying this off the shelf if it was made into a product
Ducky Aylar önce
Hi, just throwing idea. I've always thought that a laptop on which we could slide the screen on the side would allow it to be more centered between the keyboard an mouse. Allowing this portable setup to be more "video game playable" while approaching a desk setup positon for the user. Could you bring this to life ?!
stefjsd 2 aylar önce
Dammit Matt you've done it again and surprised me with another strange but "damn i wanna do that" project. I found your channel pretty recently and I've been binging all your videos they're just SO GOOD!
Dalibor Čarapić
Dalibor Čarapić Aylar önce
Thank you for making these videos. Always very interesting and impressive.
Savash Zaynal
Savash Zaynal Aylar önce
Besides the ingenious way of mixing together everything to something new with great design, I was waiting for the signature elements of this creator... brass and leather 😁
Justin Ray
Justin Ray Aylar önce
Dear Matt thank you for this video. Got a question different to what has already been said. Have you considered building say a 46 centimetre computer screen that connects to a laptop and has a built in touch screen, along with a built in camera and projector. This is my dream to see this happen as I think it would do more for office work whilst at home at least. Thank you for reading my message in advance Kindest Regards Justin Ray.
Oliver Polden
Oliver Polden Aylar önce
I really like this and it’s great to challenge what’s required from a “laptop”. If you always have a desk to work on then there’s no reason this form factor shouldn’t exist. I did think the taking the iPad screens out, using display port cables and a driver board was perhaps unnecessary when you could use a USB-C cable direct into the iPad and use Duet although then you have a couple of redundant batteries and limitations from using Duet, it might only support one display. Lastly, having a display above a traditional laptop makes the ergonomics better and I think that would be a better commercial product.
G Aylar önce
It's unbelievable to see , whenever I see your work , engineering at it's peak 🔥🔥🔥
G J 2 aylar önce
I dread to think how many hours of design and thought went into this. Really impressive.
Toan Dink
Toan Dink Aylar önce
Just imagine how much better it would look and feel if the case if aluminium or brass. Well done again sir
Hugh. G. Rection
Hugh. G. Rection Aylar önce
you could smear a banana all over the screens
Vanja Zavisin
Vanja Zavisin Aylar önce
Awesome idea, and I like how the case turned out. But I was hoping you would make a stand with adjustable height. It could be fixed to a more sturdy backpanel, with the stand legs sitting at the bottom.
Psyber Aylar önce
This was beautiful! Loved it, plus the 3D printing added flavors to it.
Reg Techa
Reg Techa Aylar önce
Awesome project! How do the 3d printed parts cope with the heat generated by the screens and other components?
Agret Aylar önce
There's not much heat from a screen but the processor might be a concern.
Basement GAS
Basement GAS Aylar önce
I won’t do it myself as I don’t have a 3D printer but I think it’s fantastic that you provide this as an open source project. Shows a lot of love for your viewers and community. Well done ❤
Benoit-Pierre DEMAINE
and some website may even be able to print full size without splitting parts.
+Tec Aylar önce
You an also use online 3d printing services and get even higher quality
Marty .J
Marty .J Aylar önce
there are stores where you can pay to print it for you.
sniff122 2 aylar önce
as a framework laptop owner, i absolutely love seeing this! great work as always matt!
Brian Wood
Brian Wood Aylar önce
Great project once again Matt, just not sure about the brass legs they do look a little spindly and prone to expensive accidents. Thanks for sharing.
Poorna Chandra
Poorna Chandra Aylar önce
You make really good content, but won't a laptop on a fairly rigid and tall laptop stand be sufficient with a separate wireless keyboard, mouse and those additional screens you mentioned earlier in the video be a better solution rather than going for complete redesign of laptop? some of your projects are interesting sometimes.
Rebel Renaissance
Rebel Renaissance Aylar önce
I'd love to see how close you can get to a perpetual motion machine. I think your take on it would be fascinating. 🤜🤛
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