Transforming Back Into Our Old Cringey Selves

Dolan Twins
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Looking back at old photos and videos of yourself on social media is hard, VERY hard... so we took that to the next level :)
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21 May 2019




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Jazmin Patiño
Jazmin Patiño Gün önce
Omg I can't tell who's Ethan and who's grason
lilo kady
lilo kady Gün önce
The outro 😔
EternallyGods86 3 gün önce
The pain on Ethans face when he hears his voice!😂😂😂
delaram nourani
delaram nourani 3 gün önce
I keep coming back to this just to watch their faces as they're reacting to their older selves 😂😂😂killlls me every timee
Real- Deal
Real- Deal 4 gün önce
penny elizabeth x
penny elizabeth x 4 gün önce
Joana Lopes
Joana Lopes 4 gün önce
Dolan twins in 2015 be like American one direction in 2013/14
Joseph Talmadge
Joseph Talmadge 4 gün önce
@Dolan Twins Read this please please... I want you to know that your vice principal or noarmal principal was Elen High. She works at byram schools. In NJ Also I go to byram schools, and she is soon to be my 8th grade teacher. Also Please go to our school channel please here is the link... Links:trvid.com/show-UCRSOW30KaBqB5MdUj4vgOgw
K Missoni
K Missoni 5 gün önce
You know being a bit older than them, I just know that in a couple of years they'll look back to this and cringe all over again
Lanky Gronk
Lanky Gronk 5 gün önce
How did I literally watch the video at the beginning with the clip of the we’re back just before this???
Grace L
Grace L 5 gün önce
i love graysons laugh 😂😂❤️
Bernadeta Vaitkevičiūtė
their faces when they watch their old videos lol
E W 5 gün önce
12:13 fkhhfngshfahfafhs why is ethan making that face
eva :0
eva :0 5 gün önce
lol the ear piercing intro
Jamyia Furr
Jamyia Furr 6 gün önce
I'm trying to get bite
Nothing Nothing
Nothing Nothing 7 gün önce
‘Who’s trying to get bit’ omg I on the floor 😂😭😭
Nothing Nothing
Nothing Nothing 7 gün önce
When E was making grays rips in his jeans bigger it really looked like when you were 5 and your zip got caught and your dad was fixing it 😂😭
Grace K
Grace K 7 gün önce
5:39 why does Ethan look like Harry Styles 2016 for a sec 👀 😂
Meggles Flair
Meggles Flair 7 gün önce
I guess I’m one of the few who aren’t thirsty for the twins? Y’all were literally kids I fr have secondhand embarrassment lol It’s like watching my little brothers
Angeline Ouma
Angeline Ouma 7 gün önce
Grayson got the opposite of improve is deteriorating
Tori Anderson
Tori Anderson 9 gün önce
Wow. They have changed so much in a year!
SoccerRules 38
SoccerRules 38 9 gün önce
Matthieu Zacharie
Matthieu Zacharie 10 gün önce
Degrading is the opposite of involving :)
Isabella Brito
Isabella Brito 14 gün önce
I love how they spent 15 seconds talking about fish! 7:22
Crystal Clam23
Crystal Clam23 14 gün önce
Let's throw this back to "old cringey Ethan" and the "Extreme Laughing Challenge" Ethan 2017 or something like that: I haven't had a nice glass of milk in a while 2019 Ethan: IM DAIRY FREE!!! lol 🤣🤣
Instagram_edits 14 gün önce
Grayson looks terrified when their watching their old videos
_Bvby Trinity_
_Bvby Trinity_ 15 gün önce
Going through a breakup rn and watching the twins' videos is the only thing keeping me sane
michaela torocco
michaela torocco 15 gün önce
pause it at 11:22... gray looks so much like his old self with just the face he made lolll.
Clara Wessels
Clara Wessels 15 gün önce
Ethan's face @12:14 priceless
Emma's Paints
Emma's Paints 16 gün önce
Those were good times ahhh
Kyanna Hagen
Kyanna Hagen 16 gün önce
I have watched you guys since you were at 4 mil
daisy marasciullo
daisy marasciullo 16 gün önce
I cried during this. I started watching them when I was a literal fetus and now I'm a teenager. Hearing about their bullying story and struggles with depression/anxiety really helped me and sometimes I forget how important Tuesdays have been to me. Someone needs to get me a tish.
Hannah Lewis
Hannah Lewis 17 gün önce
21:25 Grays laugh
Lee Williams
Lee Williams 18 gün önce
I'm watching this video right now because I'm sobbing in a corner trying to get cheered up because they always put a smile on my face
Mahi Chaudhari
Mahi Chaudhari 18 gün önce
was anyone else personally offended when the twins were bashing the old twins
Hyo Mee Jang
Hyo Mee Jang 19 gün önce
Ngl, I rlly miss Ethan's hair streak
Harlod Styles
Harlod Styles 20 gün önce
00:27 Grayson's smile is everything😂❤️
Roslyn Parris
Roslyn Parris 21 gün önce
I am legit bing watching your videos in 2020 so
Roslyn Parris
Roslyn Parris 21 gün önce
Wow not even on a Thursday on a TUESDAY
Roslyn Parris
Roslyn Parris 21 gün önce
Meme18 22 gün önce
Hi it’s 3:45am
Brenna James
Brenna James 22 gün önce
Tham say "omg we ues to be soo boring"me which all thar video and laugh because it was fun and funny and cute
cυвιєѕ яσвlι.х
When ethan said my favorite pair of socks i started to crack up and its 5:20 am oml XDDDD
Emily HH
Emily HH 23 gün önce
I got em on, and I'm outta breathe... Bruhh that's what girls deal with daily😂
una 25 gün önce
Louie Antonio
Louie Antonio 25 gün önce
My Opinion... Yes You Cringe, But, It Was A Learning Process & Many Watched You Grow Up... 10 Yrs From Now You'll Think This Video Is Ridiculous... You Learn & Grow... BTW, 65 Is Senior It's Considered Old... Not 30 - 40 - 50 Thank You! Love You Guys!
Flabbergasted 668
Flabbergasted 668 25 gün önce
This was a YEAR ago???? WHERE DID TIME GO? I remember sitting there WAITING for the clock to say 3 so I could watch this. Wild.
Alexa Courchene
Alexa Courchene 26 gün önce
saying your Cringey just makes you Cringey!
Aminah Ebrahim
Aminah Ebrahim 27 gün önce
ULTRA CHARGED 27 gün önce
I am sorry but 2015-2017 was my fav era of the twins .gray's goldish streak and ethan'a coloured streaks
Queen Gaming
Queen Gaming 27 gün önce
That is why I don't do captions😂
Dafine Music
Dafine Music 27 gün önce
You guys make it sound like you started with 2 million subs lmao
Izzy Jane
Izzy Jane 28 gün önce
Mom- "you have online school tomorrow. go to bed now its 9" Me- "okay" *fakes sleeps and stays up til 3am watching old dolan twins videos*
iistxphaniie 28 gün önce
Zohraبتخخن Arbab
Zohraبتخخن Arbab 29 gün önce
Please do this in 2020, i swear they changed alot IN 2020. examples: Ethan hair, in progress of growing tho, Grayson hair is EVERY u know, HE HAS LOTS HAIR. (can anyone agree ^^
hanan ali
hanan ali Aylar önce
It’s fishy how u know so much about fish😂😂😂
Noor Malkieh
Noor Malkieh Aylar önce
15:58 had me dyinggggg whose watching this still in 2020
zydeco Aylar önce
imagine having a 14 year old look like that at your school- physically impossible...
Zoe Mok
Zoe Mok Aylar önce
dont make fun of ur old self i love those videos they aren't boring
Britney Covington
Britney Covington Aylar önce
Let me just say when they transform themselves into anything they go ALL out with it. I LOVE it!
AlexAwesome456 Aylar önce
My guy Grayson said diminishing 😂
Kaitlyn St. Pierre
Kaitlyn St. Pierre Aylar önce
Come back in 2024 and recreate these times. I'm sure you'll find a lot to cringe at 🤣😍
Marlisse Silerio
Marlisse Silerio Aylar önce
why does grayson look so mad the whole video lol😂
Skwinny Aylar önce
auddy Aylar önce
“your legs are aboutta burst out of those jeans bro” AHAAHAHA
multi.edits Aylar önce
Ethan you wanna be heeeee
multi.edits Aylar önce
Don't even 🤣
multi.edits Aylar önce
multi.edits Aylar önce
Pick you're boogies Grayson 🤣🤣🤣
Ricardo Covarrubias
12:48 Bro look at Ethan and Graysons faces, it looks like a mirror, same expression and everything 😂😂
Alexandra Duffy
Alexandra Duffy Aylar önce
Jasmin Xoxo
Jasmin Xoxo Aylar önce
the twins: OMG we were sooo boring!! me: none of your videos make me bored,not even the ones from 2014!
Cmhily 123
Cmhily 123 Aylar önce
can we talk about the fact at 22:10 the thing hanging in their car says "sex wax"
Moose The Very Normal Dog
Ethan: What is the opposite of approve? Me: Ummm… Disapprove
Charlee Batchelor
Charlee Batchelor Aylar önce
Graysons face 😂 15:53
Arnold Palmer
Arnold Palmer Aylar önce
Low key, Ethans colored hair is the truth.
Arnold Palmer
Arnold Palmer Aylar önce
Cheese fest
kartik .s
kartik .s Aylar önce
They should start a reaction channel
Itz Mika.13
Itz Mika.13 Aylar önce
Still really cute
Isabel Napier
Isabel Napier Aylar önce
At 23:00 when they started talking about the past I had tears :( it was so nostalgic
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