Transforming a coin into a goldfish pendant 🐠🔨  

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28 Eyl 2023




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@Hiedny Aylar önce
Bro just single handedly solved inflation
@sariali9281 Aylar önce
@Nezerec Aylar önce
Tf u on bout g? He’s the reason there’s inflation
Наивный он таки причина инфляции
@Dr.Kay_R Aylar önce
​@@Nezerecprinting more money causes inflation (because the value of money decreases). So removing coins from the market solves inflation.
@realchadcat Aylar önce
"How much did that cost?" "2 euros"
@Megalomaniakaal Aylar önce
plus labour
@realchadcat Aylar önce
@@Megalomaniakaal Cost: 2€ Labour:50,000
excuse me sir, im tax manager. dont forget to pay your tax labour sir. thanks, goverment.
@berkarda6581 Aylar önce
Well, in my country the cost is 58 TL.
@syogakusei314 Aylar önce
@AyoKevo Aylar önce
fun fact: destroying or modifyiny a coin is a crime in most countries edit: lesson learnt, dont ever comment a fact on youtube unless you want ppl to fight with u
@whiteladywolf Aylar önce
Does that still count of you use a foreign coin. Say you live in the UK or the US and use a Asian coin as an example.
@AyoKevo Aylar önce
@@whiteladywolf i dont think so
@user-yt8uc4vz2k Aylar önce
@TheWinstonDouble Aylar önce
No it's not. Only if it's to fraudulently alter the value
@AyoKevo Aylar önce
i didnt say in every country, here in my country it is
@TemaVI Aylar önce
Рыбаки, увидев этот ролик, выходят на новый уровень блёсноизготовлений
@karloft Aylar önce
@exploit1306 Aylar önce
Я сначала подумал, что он собирается вертушку на окуня сделать… стоп… Ви??!
@jonathannutt9562 Aylar önce
If that's a Thai coin, you just committed a crime.
@jonathannutt9562 Aylar önce
..but it is beautiful 😮
@FellowFurryLakota Aylar önce
it says 2 euros on it.
really? Wow. smart.@@FellowFurryLakota
@FellowFurryLakota Aylar önce
@@superlativetriumphs i was just saying. no need to be sarcastic.
@Catstars6917 Aylar önce
That's very creative and beautiful, but isn't that illegal? Making a coin into something else is pretty bad.. especially if you're gonna sell it. Edit: thank you kind people in the replies, I now understand coins.
@ThatHawksSimp Aylar önce
There are machines at amusements parks etc that flatten coins and imprint designs on them and they’re completely legal
@Catstars6917 Aylar önce
Ooh, okay, thanks for clearing that up!
@k9officerft434 Aylar önce
It’s only illegal if the intent is to resell the material for your own financial gain. This is legal if you don’t sell it
@user-qu9mg5sy4k Aylar önce
А разве ты не купил эту монету своим трудом? Или уже теперь владение чем-либо фикция?
@kengbrissy3074 Aylar önce
Destroying a coin isn’t entire illegal but making profit from its metal is illegal
@forthefun3134 2 aylar önce
Transforming a coin with a thousand things
@HabbAchmad-rc8bl Aylar önce
That's people do it since centuries before we use paper or digitally electronic instead ....
@zeck5770 Aylar önce
- Excuse me, how much is that necklace worth? - 2 euros sir.
@manmadeo Aylar önce
For those who are searching for the song origin :Busy bee by sue dj
@Aaysha8171 Aylar önce
@borislemer2539 Aylar önce
@XXL.969 Aylar önce
Tertificante! Quelli che dopo aver assistito ad un alto lavoro di artigianato riescono solo a discutere se sia legale o meno modificare una moneta. Brrr, ho i brividi 😄
@GT-43 Aylar önce
Id be impressed if you took a goldfish pendant and turned it into a coin
@KFAARON 2 aylar önce
Thats actually reqlly amazing!
@ryonaicorp Aylar önce
That was worth almost a dollar until you ruined it
@Richardcoffey260 Aylar önce
How did they ruin it?
@Richardcoffey260 Aylar önce
And why target them?
@ryonaicorp Aylar önce
@@Richardcoffey260 If you’re asking that then you’re not gonna like my answer 😂
@Gravedigger933 Aylar önce
Under section 10 of the 1971 Coinage Act it is illegal to do what you just did.
@captainjjz7141 Aylar önce
Thats one complicated fishing lure.
@bambisblume 2 aylar önce
That's the only way to increase the value of money
@joniboni3691 Aylar önce
anyone who destroys a monetary unit is subject to legal liability
@user-tg8mp5ns6x Aylar önce
Бесподобная красота и золотые руки мастера! 👍👍👍🌹
@karloft Aylar önce
@V1RUS750 Aylar önce
Я вообще сначала подумал что он блесну делает 😂
@user-ic6cj6tr1l Aylar önce
Красиво получается ! Явно , что цена увеличится ! Спасибо за подсказку !
@HarmonyHedgehog Aylar önce
Y'all are saying he solved inflation, but those items he uses to make those pendants and such are not cheap.
@vslavkasport9094 10 gün önce
Настоящий мастер, своего дела 👍👍👍
@JELLYISHERE2475 Aylar önce
5 min hacks be like-💀 But like WOW
@ErDa-ns2mz 27 gün önce
Destroying money is illegal. As a German i say: Anzeige ist raus!
@georgevigil7001 26 gün önce
When the coin isn’t worth it’s weight in your currency 😂
@hogantezza6469 2 aylar önce
I can’t imagine a better way to waste 5 hours
@Legend_LEO_ Aylar önce
2 Euro 100x is comingggg 🔥🔥🔥
@user-jq1bu4mc7r 2 aylar önce
А обратно монетку сдеоаешь?
@BlackKnight-ll8qh 26 gün önce
At first I was a little upset, but that turned out really cool
@lucahermann3040 Aylar önce
What politicians discussing minimum wage think you can get with 2€.
@user-mr8cs4vv7h Aylar önce
Голь на выдумки хитра, из одной монетки сделать дорогое украшение, это талант.
@SolArt602 Aylar önce
Looks like gold
For a split second I thought around the world was gonna play
Знаешь, для чего мы это смотрим? Для того, чтобы никогда это не делать.
@wattlife8248 Aylar önce
This was the last video before they took him away.
Simple DIY at home: requires $7921.87 in tools to participate
@silencefiction60 Aylar önce
The precision on that Wirecutter is insane!😁👍
@intermilano5706 Aylar önce
Material costs 2€ Hand work costs 5500€😂
@CrazyBirdGirl-lp3oj 2 aylar önce
Nice! I think a bird pendant would be cool :D
@user-mi6sf7ex3y Aylar önce
بسم الله ماشاء الله تبارك الرحمن ❤
@edsonsoares5054 Aylar önce
Um artista incrível
@alexys9154 Aylar önce
Next video, turn a medal into a 2euro coin 🤣
@laurabarber6697 Aylar önce
The fish is worth MORE then the coin!💝💝💝
@juanfernandez3987 Aylar önce
Si señor toda una obra de arte 👏👏
@johnalexander1736 Aylar önce
You realize you’ve broken a law right?
@rubenleal4821 Aylar önce
Never understood why ppl have to use coins to do this. Too cheap to buy stock sheets of metal?
@tracewallace23 Aylar önce
It's amazing what having the right tools and a little knowledge and skill can accomplish
@saengding Aylar önce
I can't with the music 😂
@user-md9ur6te8z Aylar önce
Подумал блесна для рыбалки, оказалось блесна для украшения))
@freepalestine901 Aylar önce
Now sell it for 2€ and keep working 😊
@cezariolisboa2583 24 gün önce
Lição do vídeo: como transformar centavos de dólar, em muitos dólares!!!
@noground-x Aylar önce
Хорошая блесна для рыбалки.😊
@Jdigger4130 27 gün önce
"how to spend hours turning something you can buy food with into... something else"
@user-fd7xq8fe5p 27 gün önce
Now i have trust issues with buying jwelery 😢
Distroying currency is a illegal act....i'm thinking so....🤔🤔
@user-hf6vo7is4w Aylar önce
Я один думал, что он блесну делает?
@eldimarioche Aylar önce
2 евро превращаются, превращаются 2 евро... В элегантный профлист🤣🤣🤣
@Koruandgray Aylar önce
I loved these so much as a kid 🥲
@michalalfa9823 Aylar önce
Destroying a coin it's a crime. It's the law
@persephone2268 Aylar önce
Well done.
@kayXstarZ Aylar önce
I was waiting for “around the world around the world”
Bellissimo, creazione geniale.
@jazibali5330 Aylar önce
Itny khubsurat coin ko kya bna diya
@happygilmore2100 Aylar önce
That has 50 x the value.
@Filminformer1984 Aylar önce
Everyone is so creative.
@ChannelPro666 Aylar önce
😂😂😂jail deface the queen
@louisdelaunay-ze9of 11 saatler önce
Très jolie 😮
Hermoso trabajo artesanal 🧐
@zukden78 Aylar önce
Очень круто, просто супер
@dontuoharris2362 Aylar önce
How to turn two dollars and $300 worth of labor into jewelry worth $3.99
@kronk4621 Aylar önce
I ain't got time for all that.
@jamaicanroy5697 19 gün önce
Skill as hell. Jamaican Roy 🇯🇲 🇺🇸 1863/1876
@jeremyhorne5252 Aylar önce
To those saying this is illegal in the US, 18 USC 331 says, "
@user-ty3kh1hk8t Aylar önce
Esta cometiendo un delito, la moneda no le pertenece solo su valor nominal,😅
😮 i thought damaging money was a crime 😮
@user-yx1nm9lh8e 25 gün önce
Золотые руки!!!
@Aleksandr-cq2or Aylar önce
Мастер ! С большой буквы .
@Cwafu Aylar önce
What he doing: 😀 The song: 🤮
@xavierdauchy9601 Aylar önce
Il y a une loi qui interdit la destruction de money
Five minute crafts is like:
@ivanjimenez9925 Aylar önce
Impresionante ❤
Esa es la unica forma de hacer que nuestra moneda valga algo 🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷
@user-is1vq4zb1k Aylar önce
Modificar una moneda es un delito hermoso.
@jennigilmakeup Aylar önce
Todo eso salió de una moneda!😨😨
@mt.100gec Aylar önce
Türkiyede olsa bir liraya uygunda 2 Euro olunca piyasa fiyatına geldi
@musasoysal3775 Aylar önce
At first I thought he was making money
@walidissa5975 Aylar önce
بصراحه هذا ابداع مشكور على العرض
@akrim-ak1ak2 Aylar önce
😢هل صليت على سيدنا محمد وعلى اله وصحبه اجمعين ⚫⚫ اللهم صلي على محمد وال محمد الطيبين الطاهرين
@user-sd1kh5uw3b Aylar önce
Сначало думал он блесну - колебалку делал)))
@user-lg3mf1uw6v Aylar önce
Зачем люди тратят время на изготовление никому не нужного говна? Неужели не приятнее сделать что нибудь полезное, нужное?
@dawlamadaniya6800 Aylar önce
You are an artist
@olgamunoz2352 Aylar önce
Ojo con esto. No es delito "destrozar" dinero?....pregunto... Si alguien sabe, por favor, que me indique la ley. Gracias
@normanlorenzo707 Aylar önce
This is crime. Mutilation of coins (legal tender).
@pradisatan7380 Aylar önce
That was great, but isn't it illegal to deform any coins?
@Abdullah-2030 Aylar önce
فن وإبداع
@pricebox858 Aylar önce
На ровном месте исполнил. Красавчик
@user-vs9en8rp4m 15 gün önce
А как он сердечник монеты закрепил к дрели?
@Kanamit. Aylar önce
Extremely creative 👍👍👍
Turning two Euros to £200 👍
Enes Batur param bitti #shorts
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12 ноября 2023 г.
görünümler 40 Mn