Transformers Stunts In Real Life! - Challenge

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This was way scarier than I thought it was going to be. We tried to replicate stunts from the Transformers movies in real life!

I grew up watching the Transformers movies and cartoons, so Nick and I decided to compete against each other by taking stunts from the movies and replicating them in real life! Whoever loses the challenge gets SLAPPED all the way to CYBERTRON *yeet*. 🥲

Huge credit to @Nick Pro for making the original video and therefore giving us this idea!

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3 Ara 2021




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Zealous 8 aylar önce
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Murodjon Xusanov
Murodjon Xusanov 10 gün önce
giải trí channel
Ziyaad Baig
Ziyaad Baig 2 aylar önce
Where is quinn
Nathan Dickinson
Nathan Dickinson 2 aylar önce
Quick Math Check: 5:46, Then it would be a 540 dive roll because you added an extra 180 twist.
Максим Барсуков
TimeBucks 8 aylar önce
You're amazing at doing stunts
Jedi Master Jun-il
Jedi Master Jun-il 19 gün önce
Kamada 4 aylar önce
Bro ges just a nick pro rip off
jackson lynott
jackson lynott 6 aylar önce
and slapping
Anu Nandyala
Anu Nandyala 7 aylar önce
Anu Nandyala
Anu Nandyala 7 aylar önce
Shadow Boy
Shadow Boy 4 aylar önce
My soul is happy just knowing that people still acknowledge Transformers.. MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE-
Blitz _Studios
Blitz _Studios 10 gün önce
@Beastkaiser Hellscream Lmao 😂
jazz_1 12 gün önce
@kinda sus ( COMMENTER ) no ist n same
EhanAyaanRocks 12 gün önce
@sᏢᎥᏦᎬᏃ what's Attack on Titan and where the hell did this come from? It's just so irrelevant...
EhanAyaanRocks 12 gün önce
reny yuliani
reny yuliani 16 gün önce
@sᏢᎥᏦᎬᏃ nah anime sucks metroplex beat the shit out of aot
Austin Morrison
Austin Morrison 3 aylar önce
Just reminds me of how surprisingly light on their feet the Transformers are.
mattttt 4 gün önce
@matthew natividad there not robots
Clarice Delgado
Clarice Delgado 6 gün önce
Clarice Delgado
Clarice Delgado 6 gün önce
Clarice Delgado
Clarice Delgado 6 gün önce
How did u did this
Jørgen Geving
Jørgen Geving Aylar önce
MOSASAURUS 8 aylar önce
Impressive stunts! I think it’ll be super helpful when you”re in a fight with a lion or wanting to survive in the wild
StuffLAND 4 aylar önce
Yeah I’m gonna be doing front flips over lions in the wild
SirTodoroki 5 aylar önce
@Kanchou xD
Kanchou 8 aylar önce
@Zealous slapping lions?
Killerj 8 aylar önce
@Zealous can’t wait!
RoleyLuck 8 aylar önce
Mr. Misunderstood
Mr. Misunderstood 8 aylar önce
Transformers was a huge part of my childhood, I didn’t even realize how many stunts there were in the movies lol. The flips and tricks are so impressive! Good job!
Jonathan Morris
Jonathan Morris 8 aylar önce
Finally transformers getting the respect they deserve 🤘❤
Jessdatheturdle 8 aylar önce
"Optimus Prime catches Shia Labeouf..." Mark Wahlberg: Am I a joke to you? (the movie is age of extinction which didnt feature shia labeouf)
Thabsoffical. -
Thabsoffical. - 3 aylar önce
was about to say
Dom_ Bak651
Dom_ Bak651 7 aylar önce
I’ve always tried to mimic these when I was younger. Transformers 4 life!
Ahx Gaming
Ahx Gaming 3 aylar önce
I have never watched transformers but this is way better than the real movie,I think 🧐 KEEP IT UP 👍🏽 YOU GUYS ARE ALWAYS SO FUNNY 😂
Chad God
Chad God Aylar önce
@TheSpaceMarineDude talk about Your age
Flare Elemental zombie fox
Giving Jazz some respect about time. He died too quickly in the first movie
man built of mixels.
man built of mixels. 12 gün önce
I agree,like,why?
BCStrike Productions
BCStrike Productions 8 aylar önce
Matt: How did you do that so clean?! Nick: Power and flight 🦅
nalterdeeds 8 aylar önce
You're KILLING it with these stunt videos 🙌
Discover With Noura
Discover With Noura 6 aylar önce
Wow i never knew 3 people liked zealous and mrbeast! Edit: i knew more people liked them ofc a lot of them do like them both
Discover With Noura
Discover With Noura 8 aylar önce
Who LOVES mrbeast and zealous 👇
Mythical Hydra
Mythical Hydra 8 aylar önce
first reply first like
Jurassican25 3 aylar önce
Stunt #6 is more so Brawl getting his exhaust port handed to him than an actual stunt lol.
Landyn Crockett
Landyn Crockett 3 aylar önce
@matthew natividad idk he did rain hell upon a city street
matthew natividad
matthew natividad 3 aylar önce
Well that sounds devastating
Landyn Crockett
Landyn Crockett 3 aylar önce
RoleyLuck 8 aylar önce
Your amazing at doing stunts! Keep doing what you love and don’t let anything stop you! I love your videos! :)
Zy Unlimited
Zy Unlimited 8 aylar önce
This is the most inspiring content I've ever seen, very original.
Double stuffed Oreo mcflurry
You have vids
Logan plays VR
Logan plays VR 8 aylar önce
When are you doing your first video
ITACRyan 8 aylar önce
You never disappoint us.
aaronnhorn 8 aylar önce
You’ve really come to be your own TRvid channel. At first it was just a TRvid channel who won a challenge and started off w a milli subs lol. From trying to go the mr beast blue print and being extreme route to now ? I think this is your calling.
PineAppleJess 8 aylar önce
I love the stunt videos lol 😂 watching these videos are the highlight of my day 🤍
Franze Kristian
Franze Kristian 5 aylar önce
5:35...Uhh there's a correction, It was Mark Wahlberg...Not Shia Labeouf Nice stunts btw
Moose and Kara Bara
Moose and Kara Bara 9 gün önce
It was the movie that he was in but I watched the scene and it turned out to be Nicola pelz who played mark Wahlberg's daughter in the movie
GHFOOTBALL18 8 aylar önce
this is sick dude keep up the insane work/ consistent uploads
LemonsidedDice 8 aylar önce
This guys content is addicting I spent the entire of yesterday binging all these guys videos
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty 8 aylar önce
Dude, i really appreciates the work put in this video, amazing, I’m subbing and liking.
Velia Widjaja
Velia Widjaja 8 aylar önce
I would love to see a part 2 of this
Raw egg
Raw egg 8 aylar önce
Dude, i really appreciates the work put in this video, amazing, I’m subbing and liking.
Zealous 8 aylar önce
Sharon Etcitty
Sharon Etcitty 8 aylar önce
I love Transformers 😍
Elijah Bridgewater
Elijah Bridgewater 8 aylar önce
Now what's you should do next is Pirates of the Caribbean stunts in real life.
[ Content Deleted ]
[ Content Deleted ] 5 aylar önce
transformers was part of my childhood. Still is.
Mr duck
Mr duck 8 aylar önce
Let’s thank Zealous for making us this amazing content
P Ccc
P Ccc 3 aylar önce
as a transformers fan, respect
PhantomSAF 8 aylar önce
hey Matt! I'll be in in the Parker area of Colorado early January! would love to meet up and maybe join you for a recording session if you've got anything insane planned👀👀👀
doliio volay
doliio volay 8 aylar önce
I love the stunt videos lol 😂 watching these videos are the highlight of my day 🤍
matthew natividad
matthew natividad 3 aylar önce
Damn being a transformer is hard
OWEN oc arts
OWEN oc arts 8 aylar önce
Dude u are one of the entertaining person I know love your content
Toca 7 aylar önce
I Love Transformers I Watch Transformers Every Day My Favorite Transformers Is Bumblebee
Norina Tamayo-Eleria
Norina Tamayo-Eleria 6 aylar önce
The stunts were amazing! But could you please just reserve one huge slap for the end? I know some guys enjoy seeing you hurting each other but I think a wider audience doesn't, including myself. You could attract a bigger audience of women and kids, if there was less pain infliction and more fun and build-up to the consequence. For that matter, couldn't you think of more interesting consequences other than violence? Anyway, you have a great personality, and your editing is on point! Cheers! :-)
TRS GAMING 8 aylar önce
Love your videos keep up the good work 👍👍👍Can’t wait to see who wins
T. Kaan Duman
T. Kaan Duman 8 aylar önce
Since the Spider-Man moves one this is one of my favorite series of yours, other one is hidden rooms
Matthew Lim
Matthew Lim 8 aylar önce
Just saw your other stunts with star wars and i was thinking how cool it would be to see you replicate stunts and sword skills from the anime sword art online!
Dhyan Kanna
Dhyan Kanna 8 aylar önce
Damn, you guys are amazing
Cheese Curds
Cheese Curds 8 aylar önce
Can u do more of these? I really liked these
New change unlisted_viewer
the action sequences in the bayverse are top tier
will thrasher nesbit
will thrasher nesbit 8 aylar önce
The third stunt is so cool i really want to learn it
Hi Hello
Hi Hello 8 aylar önce
I love these types of videos can u make a Karate Kid version
Pierre Doyon
Pierre Doyon 8 aylar önce
MAN! Can that Nick FLY like an Eagle?!
Meant_to_be 8 aylar önce
Wow this was amazing 🤩
billy kazt
billy kazt 6 aylar önce
can you guys please do more stunts in real life? i really like to watch it, how about maybe do some marvel defanders one, i like iron first and power man a lot,
division 3 gün önce
Here’s all the slaps in this video. 1:18 2:07 4:30 7:27 9:11
AidanNitroblox 4 aylar önce
At the 360 flip, Optimus actually catches Mark Wahlberg, not Shia LaBeouf
malek babar
malek babar 8 aylar önce
Man, you did promise to put out the best content and as frequently as possible and u do that, congrats for the subs. And Mr beast
RJ 8 aylar önce
you should do more hidden gaming rooms
Alina Perry
Alina Perry 8 aylar önce
Good to see another amazing video 🤩👏🔥
Night Fury
Night Fury 8 aylar önce
Love you bro. big fan from India 🇮🇳
Charmy The Charizard
Charmy The Charizard 3 aylar önce
5:35 It was Mark Wahlberg in 4 and 5. That roll is from 4.
Marley Lindeblad
Marley Lindeblad 8 aylar önce
love these vids!!!!
I couldn't think of any name for this account
The first one was literally kind of funny cuz when he said "he does a front flip and rolls out" i bet u already know what i mean..
TheGrillSergeant 8 aylar önce
This video is insane, big up to you
Tommy Francis
Tommy Francis 8 aylar önce
i have watched your videos and i cant believe you content does not get old you have grown the channel thank you
Iaeel1 10 gün önce
Imagine if saitama slaps his back💀
Pecky Playz
Pecky Playz Aylar önce
This is incredible and I love transformers I have seen every movie of them
JCC 1:16
JCC 1:16 8 aylar önce
Epic. Keep up the good work
Chris Gordon
Chris Gordon 3 aylar önce
I realized, when you said, “stylish just like jazz” your voice kind of sounded like a robot. Or that’s just a filter.
Otis Timms - shorts
Otis Timms - shorts 8 aylar önce
7:25 nicks face is so scared even thought He said it doesn’t hurt :/
Otis Timms - shorts
Otis Timms - shorts 8 aylar önce
Zealous 8 aylar önce
I know he lyin big time 😤
Nolan JTV
Nolan JTV 8 aylar önce
I love this 🔥
Captain Scar
Captain Scar 7 aylar önce
The "C3-PO" is actually called Cogman. But great job.
Reign of Fire
Reign of Fire 8 aylar önce
5:35 that clip is from Age of Extinction, which doesn't have Shia in it, instead it has Mark Walberg
SomethingAboutClaire 8 aylar önce
I’m so glad you won the MrBeast challenge
Jaeden Sports
Jaeden Sports 8 aylar önce
Ideas: G.I. Joe or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movies stunts in real life
Kyla Benigno
Kyla Benigno 4 aylar önce
Brent Walsh
Brent Walsh 8 aylar önce
you guys are amazing :))))
L Katagai
L Katagai 3 aylar önce
Keep on going you guys are amazing
Tyler Wynn
Tyler Wynn 8 aylar önce
This is definitely my new favorite video ever
Viv 8 aylar önce
You should see League of Gods stunts and try 'em IRL
Ahsoka_Tano_ 332nd_
Ahsoka_Tano_ 332nd_ 8 aylar önce
Really nice video 🔥🔥
Roberto Stapp (Shadow)
Have you tried the stunt where optimus did a twist flip and megatron did run up flip and stand face to face?
Lorna Kagoma
Lorna Kagoma 2 gün önce
Love the video 😍 You have a great day ❤️
Jstew22 2 aylar önce
I don't care what people say about Michael bay, Transformers 1,2,3, and 4 were great in my opinion. But dark of the moon was the best out of the 5 films for sure.🤔😁👍👍
Halo bricks studios
Halo bricks studios 8 aylar önce
This is my childhood I used to watch transformers
Mr Man
Mr Man 8 aylar önce
If it ain’t my best buds on here. You guys are awesome.
Ariel Minin
Ariel Minin 8 aylar önce
Can't wait until spiderman is out😉
doughnut king  Jc
doughnut king Jc 8 aylar önce
i love your video i been watching seen you have 5k subs
Team Lead Josh
Team Lead Josh 8 aylar önce
Loved the video!
Cudeman 8 aylar önce
Who else misses quin
Sou o único brasileiro q gosta de ver esses video?
That backflip to stomach flop looks very uncomfortable
The Gaming Hackers
The Gaming Hackers 8 aylar önce
some back slaps look fake (if that what u call em) most look real and painful lol
ᴱᵃᶻʸᵐᵒⁿᵉʸ ʙɪᴄᴄʜ
Just wanna let u know im here cuz of MrBeast. I'm watching all of his videos and saw u win a challenge.
zylist 8 aylar önce
I legit watch every youtuber daily in the mrbeast 1 mil sub challenge except you lol
Eldor Xaitov
Eldor Xaitov 7 gün önce
Zealous: Optimus catching Shia Labeouf Mark Wahlberg:💀💀💀 (anyway, like for video)
Alyssa & Julian
Alyssa & Julian 8 aylar önce
We felt every slap lol
Green Heart Roblox
Green Heart Roblox 8 aylar önce
next do matrix stuns in real life :D
Anti Hero303
Anti Hero303 3 aylar önce
1:50 imagine that’s what jazz acually did😂😂😂😂
Help me reach 37k subs without any Videos
Fun fact: coming last is harder than coming first
GremlikesFortnite 8 aylar önce
you 2 should become stunt men in the movies
FOXTROTYT 19 gün önce
My fav video now 🖤🖤
Megatron Aylar önce
Now you have to rip out someone’s spine by hitting their head with an axe and pulling up
Auditory Allusions
Auditory Allusions 8 aylar önce
That last one sounded like he was in actual pain pain.
LUFFY[WR] 8 aylar önce
I just sub and i love these stunt videos.
SULLY 8 aylar önce
Your lucky bro you got to see Mr beast it's been my dream to meet him but due to my disability I can't get out much so its impossible for me to meet him but I believe in the universe that when you really want something things fall in place but great channel and videos bro keep it up
Feisal Amme
Feisal Amme 8 aylar önce
Big fan zealous keep up gud work :)
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