TRANSFORMERS CYBERTRON Full Movie Cinematic (2021) 4K ULTRA HD Action

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TRANSFORMERS CYBERTRON Full Movie Cinematic (2021) 4K ULTRA HD Action

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22 Tem 2021




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This was such a fantastic game and the multiplayer was really enjoyable. I wish they'd do a re-release on PC. There's really not many good Transformers games in general.
Really wish we could get more transformer games like this
IceNinja 1997
I love how this game also lets you play as the villains. Never happens much in a lot of video games so I am intrigued
The Cliffjumper stealth parts and some other levels from Fall of Cybertron actually took effort, wasn't all easy, and I appreciated it. Respected those characters a lot more because of it too.
Mitzvah Boat 123
I love how trypticon becoming the nemesis got referenced in the Prime show but it’s still sad about his fate
Freddy Hammonds
Okay when I saw the title I thought I actually missed a Transformers movie coming out, but this is cool too.
You have ligma Ligma balls
We need a remastered version of this legendary video game
Dildo Baggins
Imagine how horrifyingly loud that fight had to have been. Metal on metal the entire time. Lmao
I'm more of a Autobot fan, however, you gotta love Soundwave's voice!!!
The best Transformers game without doubt! I loved playing as Grimlock especialy when he has his iconic G1 voice actor and i wonder why Warpath and Leapers have same voice and they never encountered each other 🤔
Star Wars Legends
I could only imagine would it would be like on a planet like Cybertron, especially at that moment.
Curtis C. Ball II
I remember when the first movie blew us all alway. It looks even more amazing now.
Dylan Tan jia jun (Montfortss)
megatron tried doing what he thought benefitted the cybertronian race, but in the wrong way, which was why optimus and the autobots protested and the great war started in the first place. both sides wanted to do good for their planet and race, but with different methods, both good and bad. in my opinion, neither the decepticons nor the autobots are good or bad at we perceived them to be, their endgame was the same: restore cybertron and its people.
Jaizon Brown
I freaking loved this game, on Friday nights I spent countless hours playing this.
Mattias Faust
That first clip is from the cybertron games and they were sick! Nothing but good memories from those games.
Yeeters234 2 saatler önce
Epic cliffhanger ending in War for Cybertron, then Rise of the Dark Spark just exists.
I used to always watch this as a kid, such memories
Prime 10
The War/Fall of Cybertron has a good storyline...It should be remastered for the PS4 & PS5.
Still probably my favorite game of all time
🎮 Salve amigo belo jogo adorei a qualidade, tamo junto like garantido 👍✌️
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