Tracking Amazon returns: Here's where they really go (Marketplace)

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Where do all our easy and free online returns really end up? We bought products from Amazon and then returned them with tracking devices hidden inside to follow the trail. Next, we posed as buyers in the lucrative liquidation marketplace where we bid on a truckload of returned products. How much can we resell compared to what will get trashed?

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8 Eki 2020




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J Rideout
J Rideout Yıl önce
Amazon just needs to start a non-profit branch of their company that runs like a Salvation Army/thrift store. They can re-sell their returns to people who don't care if the coffee maker was opened and might not be able to afford the original price.
Leo Calderon
Leo Calderon 19 gün önce
if amazon does that, then it won't be amazon anymore.
Robbie 26 gün önce
Amazon already does that it's called "Amazon Warehouse"
Azazel'sWings Aylar önce
@mark pope you're imagining wrong.
mark pope
mark pope Aylar önce
Off a lot of common are here they think their experts about how Amazon runs their business that are actually clueless about that and about tax law, and are saying things that they could not possibly know to be true. Nobody at Amazon could even know these things.
mark pope
mark pope Aylar önce
@A Griffin I bought 20 of the same item that was being sold by Amazon not not by a third-party because their items that they sell new themselves not for third-party and half of them were fraudulently misrepresented as to completeness and or condition and were missing major parts and one was a complete counterfeit, and they acctually fraudulently lied about the weight of the package in order to make it appear that it was complete and not a counterfeit. I think this is all happening at their Lexington Kentucky returns location
Debbie Gum
Debbie Gum 10 aylar önce
This is definitely true We used to prep, pack and ship for Amazon resellers. Some of them also attempted to buy Amazon’s liquidations. We would get pallets of Amazon returns shipped to our warehouse and then we had to go through all the boxes of returns and keep the good stuff so it could be resold on Amazon. I’ll tell you right now- over 90% of the items we unboxed were complete trash. The worst part of all of it was the fact that people would buy items, use them, put them back in the packaging, return them to Amazon. Those “used” returns were dirty, mildewed , moldy, smelly, ripped, and just plain gross. Food was left in them, underwear had been worn, and pet stuff had pet hair all over it. It’s not so much Amazon’s fault- it’s mostly the consumer’s fault for returning something they bought and used.
Kenneth Wu
Kenneth Wu 2 aylar önce
No worries
Kenneth Wu
Kenneth Wu 2 aylar önce
Kenneth Wu
Kenneth Wu 2 aylar önce
Kenneth Wu
Kenneth Wu 2 aylar önce
No worries about that day
John Smith
John Smith 4 aylar önce
@Debbie Gum Did you and your buddies bring a truck to the back of the store after hours and fish out the booty? I know that's what I was up to when I worked at a large pet food chain. We'd mark beautiful 200-gallon acrylic fish tanks as "scratched", or "returned" cover them with cardboard, make the pickup, BOB'S YOUR UNCLE.
Vic Wiseman
Vic Wiseman 9 aylar önce
If Amazon allowed their customers to keep the item that they were going to return, customers would catch on and start requesting return/refunds all the time. Amazon needs to sell pallets of returned items to third party sellers at a fixed price per pallet. The problem with that of course is that customers who can meet their needs by shipping at thrift stores or other third party sellers are less likely to order from Amazon again. This is a much bigger problem of consumerism and products being designed for consumption not keeping.
Kasi Bree
Kasi Bree 3 aylar önce
I received someone's order to my house by mistake once. I contacted Amazon to let them know and asked if they were picking them up, giving me a shipping label, or if I could drop them off somewhere and they told me to just keep it. Turned out to be pricey sneakers which was a shock that they wouldn't want them back. The box wasn't even opened.
Mathias Ringle
Mathias Ringle 3 aylar önce
@Vic Wiseman. They do sell the pallets already. Where do you think that guy in the middle of the program, who separated products with the narrator, gets his stuff. I did the same thing he's doing 20 some years ago from Kmart. Bought my first pallet for $1100 the year the first playstation came out. There were 18 of them in there and 14 ended up working
SuzyQue 3 aylar önce
The half a dozen times I’ve tried to return sometime because it was defective or wrong item received, Amazon replaced it for free and told me to throw the other item away. I gave them to my stepson, he repaired them & gave them away to a friend. The 2 clothing items I gave to a thrift store. Amazon does sell pallets of returned goods. Vids here on YT attest to that.
CaptivatingAngel Of Passion
Then give them away to homeless children or church organizations!
Shaun McInnis
Shaun McInnis 8 aylar önce
What about a reduction in price, say 20% with proof it was defective?
michele Dickey
michele Dickey 11 aylar önce
When we return an item we don’t know what’s being done with it. I can’t believe the incredible amount of waste and it just doesn’t have to be this easy.
swmovan 10 aylar önce
People love convenience. And some people love to complain, at any chance they get. So, Amazon makes it easier, so they can increase their sales.
P J L Yıl önce
I’ve worked for Amazon near Cincinnati. After Christmas there are tons of returns. I worked in the clothing hub. We quickly looked over the piece, removed hair using sticky rollers & repackaged most of the items to be resold. It was disgusting enough to make we quit a few months later. I went back to Amazon just earlier this year. I did large item returns. Everything you can think of is sent back. The return processor takes the item & has just a couple minutes to make a snap determination on if it is salvageable. Damages/torn/holes in boxes is an immediate strike against the item. It was insane crazy! Amazon would much rather take a loss on returns. I lasted there less than a month. Remember- Amazon does not make the product…. Another company does. Those companies have policies on their new items.
Agree to Disagree
Agree to Disagree 3 aylar önce
@Diane S That's the way of ALL big companies these days. It's a "you touched it last" policy. They get one chance and then I never do business with them again. Like Amazon :-)
Agree to Disagree
Agree to Disagree 3 aylar önce
@Steve M We need to get back to retail stores. You buy it there, return it there, it gets inspected there, it goes back on the shelf there. In the old days (60s) we had to have a reason for returning it.
Louis Hefner
Louis Hefner 4 aylar önce
@P J L we as people have become lazy. People don't want to get out. Why when companies like Amazon give a 100% guarantee. We can order and return and never leave the yard other than going to the front porch. We as people are at fault by letting consumers brain wash our minds and no one thinks if it comes in wrong. We don't look at the vast amounts being shipped nation wide. We only look at it happen to us. Things need to get back to people going outside. But i don't see that ever happening
Louis Hefner
Louis Hefner 4 aylar önce
It doesn't matter who makes the product,just cause a box has a torn place doesn't mean it's broken. Amazon makes billions of dollars each year and as long as they keep doing so and know one complains they will continue. Apparently you couldn't stomach the ways done by this company but what did you do once you left?
deadmanswife 5 aylar önce
@Diane S what are you talking about? They have a customer service number talk to somebody
Devo Tom Ford
Devo Tom Ford 2 yıl önce
They should open Amazon thrift shops all around the country.
Robbie 26 gün önce
i'd actually be down for that
Fergus McGruff
Fergus McGruff 2 aylar önce
Joe jo
Joe jo 3 aylar önce
They sell random pallets and a lot of 2nd hand store sell them
Agree to Disagree
Agree to Disagree 3 aylar önce
@sergio Yes, think globally, act locally.
Agree to Disagree
Agree to Disagree 3 aylar önce
@valkyire williams Sounds like they should shut down the sellers department. Their sellers are why I won't buy from Amazon any more.
David Coulter
David Coulter Yıl önce
And this is true for many big retailers, not just Amazon.
vicadaja1 8 saatler önce
We as consumers should leran to order what we really need ,Its amazing how these people want answeres from Amazon but the consumers are the ones ordering stuff they dont need and then returning it back just because they change their minds ,and we do this because there is no penalties from amazon for returns ,shame on us.
gfs videos
gfs videos 10 aylar önce
From experience, I would estimate that I would find at least a third of the returns that liquidator threw away are items I would still find useful, or even sellable, either in whole, or in part.
MsAZDancer 10 aylar önce
I usually only return damaged items. For clothing if it doesn't fit then it gets returned. The sad thing about this is the companies that make these products that could be restocked and resold have their stuff dumped or destroyed. It's too bad there isn't a 2nd hand amazon shop (like other companies did) to resell these returned items (usable) instead of ending up in landfills.
Harmony Knight
Harmony Knight 3 aylar önce
The bulk of items being destroyed are bad returns which means the customer returned an item that is not in the Amazon system. It could also be destroyed at the request of the vendor. My best advice, if you want to reduce waste in the return system is to make sure you include a reason for return along with original packaging. I would also suggest returning at a return center to reduce the carbon footprint. Also, I would say that consumers should know that all of these Amazon returns you see in this vid have gone through a return center and processed. The process includes removing customer information(top priority) and grading the item.
cindi trautmann
cindi trautmann Yıl önce
I recently wanted to return a pair of safety glasses because they didn’t work over my regular eyeglasses. Amazon refunded me but told me I didn’t need to return the item. I passed the item along to someone who was totally grateful and can use them. A win win.
myterious2022 10 aylar önce
I can tell you that I used to work in a Amazon facility and that I have seen them compact stuff that was completely unnecessary. But let me explain. Some items have a X amount of value. If that value is lets say $50 and it's an electronic device and the customer returns it, now they have to pay for it to be shipped back for like $10 back to the manufacturer. The item may have costed $10 to make, $10 to ship it, $2 in fees, and that's already $22. The manufacturer only makes $28. They would rather dispose of it rather than have to worry about where it's going next and deal with all the paperwork than try and resell it. Logistically it makes since on paper. Profit > Loss.
J P 10 aylar önce
Keep in mind there's also warranty that cover broken or defective things, and with manufacturers making junk to end up in the junk yard. Cost is a big factor, if the Merovingian was running things Amazon would cease to exist. I'd be more interested in the "try before you buy" thing they offer and what ends up with that stuff.
Al C.
Al C. 2 yıl önce
That's why I hope brick-and-mortar stores never disappear, especially for clothing. Nothing can match physically seeing and touching a potential purchase. Sure, I've found some hard-to-find items online, but I shop at actual stores because it's just not the same online. There's also less packaging waste when you buy in person.
Samsiah Abdullah
Samsiah Abdullah Yıl önce
@Al C. Bravo... I like what you said
Samsiah Abdullah
Samsiah Abdullah Yıl önce
Bravo... Agreed 100%...I regretted not buying more when Esprit closed down their shops in my country. Its because of Covid 19..their merchandise are of really good quality. The texture of fabric, you could feel it when buying from the store.. No need to return. The problem at that time, customers could not try out in the fitting room because of Covid 19..
Ariel ASMR❤️
Ariel ASMR❤️ 2 yıl önce
Well said. There is no comparison to shopping online for say, a tshirt compared to going into a shop and physically picking one out. Sadly with covid, it looks like our retailers on the high street are closing id not closed. With the likes of giants like amazon becoming the new way to shop. Like it or not, we all use amazon. I'm certain in many years to come and not in our lifetimes, the good old days of high street shopping will be a thing of the past 😐
Al C.
Al C. 2 yıl önce
@Terrence Bullock just reported you...enjoy
Al C.
Al C. 2 yıl önce
@Terrence Bullock perhaps you are the one that is too TIGHT, resorting to insults after making sarcastic remarks...the adult section of Amazon or any adult store sells items that can assist you with that.
K TheWhite
K TheWhite 3 aylar önce
I've never been a big Amazon buyer unless it's something I can't find in my city, but now I'm going to be even more conscientious.
Dave Affolter
Dave Affolter Yıl önce
I go to an auction about twice a month that auctions mostly Amazon, Walmart, and home Depot returns. Have gotten some nice stuff at killer prices. You do however risk getting something broken or missing pieces
Dave Affolter
Dave Affolter 2 aylar önce
@Cindy Wooster Ohio
Cindy 2 aylar önce
Where is this?
Mugaka Murakumo
Mugaka Murakumo Yıl önce
This is incredibly sad and disturbing beyond so many levels. I'm happy though to say that I've rarely sent back any returns back to Amazon. Aside from a 3rd party seller who sold me a video game which I think the buyer ran off with my money and was never refunded as they said the package was lost. EBay is just as bad. Especially buying from Chinese venders. 😑 There was one item I bought from Amazon and the item never came, it was until I opened a complaint with Amazon when the item came, and then I found myself with duplicates of that item, I informed Amazon and a representative from Amazon told me to either keep the item or destroy the item. For some reason, that felt like a red flag to me. I honestly don't care much about ordering from Amazon or online period. I'd rather go to a brick and mortar store but unfortunately, those stores don't sometimes carry what you need.
Akuma4u 9 aylar önce
Amazon is where buyers remorse and curiosity live comfortably with free return shipping.
Kelly Jean Smith
Kelly Jean Smith 2 yıl önce
I don't know why they are shocked. It would cost a retailer as large as Amazon way too much to go through and weed out the good stuff from the bad. I worked for two weeks at Walmart back in 2002 and I couldn't keep up the pace. The volume of returns was astounding. Open box, damaged/broken and perishable items cannot go back on the shelves but it has to go somewhere. Most of it goes in the trash. I'm sure Walmart and Target have similar policies to Amazon. I rarely return items unless the item is defective or broken and I'm very mindful of what I order/buy. But, inevitably over time most of the things we have will end up in the landfill since it's not profitable to recycle. All you can really do is be careful of what you buy, try to buy as much sustainable and durable as you can afford. Thrift what you can and donate to thrift stores or resell. I have an old phone, old TV and wardrobe that has seen better days but still works. We can only do the best we can.
Beverly Ledbetter
Beverly Ledbetter 4 aylar önce
That's why I don't understand why they chastised me for sending too many returns? It's not coming out of their pockets!
Noemi Pomerleau
Noemi Pomerleau Yıl önce
@Un1234l In that case you can sell it or donate it somewhere with a clear statement that it's second hand. At the very least they should be fined like crazy for everything they throw out that still works, so we can build programs that make better use of the waste.
Un1234l Yıl önce
@Noemi Pomerleau Someone made a good point about unknown risks and liability protection. Suppose the returned item had traces of peanuts on it by a customer who was eating peanuts, and this item was repackaged and sold to someone with a peanut allergy, unknowingly, who do you think will get sued and held liable? The manufacturer of the item of course. They can only guarantee the quality and safety of, and be liable for, brand new products.
Albert Giesbrecht
Albert Giesbrecht 2 yıl önce
@dzlove Donate garbage? 😒
Cora D.
Cora D. 2 yıl önce
Just because that’s the way it is doesn’t mean it is right. Our fundamental system of consumerism in its current state is unsustainable. While it is good to be a conscious consumer, the onus should not fall solely on the consumer, but on the billion dollar corporations that are the root cause of the problem. If they actually cared even a little, they would invest in researching ways to cut waste.
SuzieQGM64 9 aylar önce
Just what I needed to see to finalize the last 6 months of boycotting Amazon. Jeff Bezo’s yacht and now this?!🤬 Our family will NEVER buy off Amazon again!!!
menand30 Yıl önce
Think about all the kids who dream of having a toy. My mom grew up in an orphanage and she says that not enough people donated toys, not even on Christmas, she says that it was very sad to see 4yos heartbroken. I don’t know if they donate all the returned toys, but if not, that’s something to think about.
Francine Bales
Francine Bales Yıl önce
my mum grew up in an orphanage too..a catholique one ..she never got anything
Luminous Fractal
Luminous Fractal Yıl önce
that would be nice. we used to donate our non favourite toys to charity every year. we dont need any of it. but a heart without a smile deserves it.
Elena R
Elena R Yıl önce
Donate to local churches, schools etc. What a sinful waste.
kathryn bender
kathryn bender Yıl önce
There are no orphanages anymore though.
Rita Nelson
Rita Nelson 10 aylar önce
I worked retail in a college bookstore. One time we got our sweatshirts plus 4 from another college. When I called up to report it, they said just throw them put, as it would cost more money to ship them back to mfr, the. Mfr to send to correct college. and they credited us for the 4 as we were billed for them. I offered them to my employees. They were thrilled.
RoundGraf Aylar önce
I used to work retail in some of the bigger chains. The distributor, or manufacturer, will put out a list of products that can be repaired and things that can't. Most things are deemed unrepairable and the retailer will get a credit , and the product is thrown down the compactor to get destroyed. They never test out products that aren't working. A customer may say it's not working so that they don't get a hassle returning it, but in fact it's working just fine. Now, imagine one retailer doing this in each store across the country, then another chain across the country, you get the picture. It's insane.
DropHammer77 2 yıl önce
carlos k
carlos k Yıl önce
Frank Servant
Frank Servant Yıl önce
@tlc You don't say
Luminous Fractal
Luminous Fractal Yıl önce
Stacey Kersting
Stacey Kersting Yıl önce
Non food shopping list: laundry soap, Dish soap, refillable spray cleaner bottle (add vinegar for excellent cleaner). Body soap, face soap, shampoo, conditioner, deodorant. Toilet paper. Moisturizer. These are the only non-food items I buy. Bin liners and food storage...I reuse plastic grocery bags. Anything else, like scotch tape, glue, rubber bands, I use so infrequently, I'll prolly never run out. What the hell are ppl buying?
Eric Castle
Eric Castle Yıl önce
John Hutchinson
John Hutchinson 9 aylar önce
Whow! I’ve always wondered myself about the returns. They destroy everything that’s sent back. Three to five tractor trailers arriving at Amazon where they shred everything they get back.
carlos k
carlos k Yıl önce
Makes perfect sense to me... They dump them at a loss wherever and in return don't have to pay taxes... Buyers get fast hassle free returns and fast shipping it's win win...
Bradlee Parker
Bradlee Parker Yıl önce
It's also a win for Amazon because of the fees for being a seller on Amazon.
Kathryn Carter
Kathryn Carter Yıl önce
Makes me grateful that I've never used Amazon more than once or twice in my life
Calvin Hsu
Calvin Hsu 3 aylar önce
yeah i am sure Jeff Bezos and his 165 billion is really affected by you lol.
John Smith
John Smith 4 aylar önce
Okay Boomer
Dale Harvey
Dale Harvey 6 aylar önce
I'm curious what you gave as a reason for returning the items as they were all new / unbroken. It would of been nice to hear what happened to all the items you returned, resold / destroyed. I wasn't surprised at this, we are a wasteful society.
L. Baughman
L. Baughman Yıl önce
Wow. I am so glad that I rarely return products and only if defective. I usually donate to charity directly and so glad I don’t leave that to Amazon or even burden small local stores with non-defective returns! Big lesson to purchase mindfully.
Karen Sosa
Karen Sosa Yıl önce
@heavenly777 protector Hopefully they only charged you for one item. As far as I know, if you receive something in the mail that you did not order, you can just keep it. Since you did not order it, they cannot legally charge you for it, or require you to return it. Also, in most cases, they do not track packages. So, if you did not order it, yet you received it. How do they even know you received it. 20 years ago I ordered a desktop computer and it was to be delivered by UPS. Apparently, UPS dropped it off at the incorrect location. After I spoke with the company and they spoke with UPS, UPS paid for the company to send a second one. Apparently UPS had dropped it off with a half truck load of stuff at some warehouse. Over a month later the company that had received it contacted me and said they realized it was not theirs. I contacted UPS regarding possibly returning it, since they had ultimately ended up paying for it. Apparently it was too much trouble and they did not understand what I needed. They kept saying, You did receive the replacement one we sent to you. I said yes. I guess it was too complicated of an issue for them to even mess with. I ended up keeping the computer and gave it to my son who was about 8 at the time. That was when a basic desk top computer was around 2,000 dollars.
heavenly777 protector
i recently made a purchase from Chapters Indigo and they sent me TWO duplicate items. Thir Online servicer was beyond incompetent and when I looked up reviews I found a page full of 2-3 star (MOST 2) reviews all saying just how bad the shipping was.
Javier Ornelas
Javier Ornelas Yıl önce
Amazon is not alone in this, I worked fo Home Depot and I remember having to throw carts full of power tools (never sold, brand new unopened boxes) in the trash compactor when I asked why and also why not donate the the responses was that the manufacturer in this case black and decker, would no longer Cary warranty on them because of new models they put out. also some items had a speck of damage they where destroyed like a small dent on a ladder because we if they sell it it goes back to them if it fails and causes and accident. So this makes me think it goes back to government policies that push these companies to operate this way. I’m not an expert just my opinion based on my experience 🤷🏽‍♂️
Raymond #05
Raymond #05 Yıl önce
I work at amazon, as far as i know, we decide where the return goes base on many aspect such as condition of items, customer reviews ( broken, not functioning)… so they end up on liquidations, re sell as used, donate or destroy. Sometimes customer buy item from amazon for just one use, and make a bad review in order to get a free return and refund. Sometimes they return the wrong item bought from other store in order to get a free replacement. How do we know, serial number.
blueridgeocean 10 aylar önce
There should be a maximum free returns per year per household/mailing address. In the event something doesn't work after their maximum return policy they must pay a fee and have a real person process their request and await an response.
Blaine Johnson
Blaine Johnson 5 aylar önce
Much of it goes to auction houses where it's sold to guys like me for cheap, that then resell it. Just because it's returned doesn't mean there's anything wrong with it. Every store in America, online or otherwise, resell their returns.
As a seller on Amazon, you have the option to have returns just destroyed/discarded by telling Amazon. Many sellers and manufacturers don't actually want the items back and don't know what to do with them since they are only geared towards selling new items.
Aletta Pinkett
Aletta Pinkett 7 aylar önce
Donate to many people need things
Robert Cuminale
Robert Cuminale 8 aylar önce
Many of the items are manufactured in foreign countries and there is no way to send it to them that is economical or practical.
Jamil Gotcher
Jamil Gotcher 10 aylar önce
So if I return athletic shoes in perfect condition, they destroy them?
strayblackcatsmeow 10 aylar önce
With brick and mortar closed for business, it looks like a manfacturers boon to sell at retail direct to customer. Doing so they can absorb such losses.
Donna Zivny
Donna Zivny 11 aylar önce
Bezos could use his wealth to do better!!!
Andie Hammett Z4U2
Andie Hammett Z4U2 10 aylar önce
Products bought from Amazon come from infinite locations. Therefore, it gives Amazon the "right" to dump it to infinite locations. Hands off accountability.
B H Aylar önce
This is insane! I wish I hade a dollar for each of these items that get returned.
mr satire
mr satire Yıl önce
Now every time you buy something you need to open it up and make sure there's no hidden trackers or cameras inside.
Rita Goforth
Rita Goforth Yıl önce
Keep it up, Marketplace. Good job!!👍
nonya biz
nonya biz 2 yıl önce
I sell on Amazon, I can tell you they could easily solve this issue by doing three things: 1) limit the amount of free returns an account or address can do a year 2) allow sellers to block certain buyers 3) ease up on the review system, a couple negative reviews over a month can get an item delisted, and if people aren't given free returns they're more likely to leave a negative review.
alb12345672 2 yıl önce
Amazon certainly watches your returns. If they feel you are above average they can block your account. All retail has returns and shrink in the model. Believe me, every thing you buy has a 10-20%cushion for defective, returns, warranty, etc.
nonya biz
nonya biz 2 yıl önce
@Sophia Wilson I think they already put a lot of pressure on sellers to be accurate. They require them to list the weights and dimensions of all products, and if they receive more than 4% of sales back as returns or negative reviews, their item is delisted and they're told to edit the description. There's already a big problem for sellers where competing companies use the review and return systems to put their competition out of business. Not saying it's perfect, but if a seller misrepresents their product, the buyer has protection through the return system.
Ncyphen Aylar önce
Something they aren't mentioning, the private sellers on Amazon can decide where their products go if returned. An FBA merchant can decide to just trash the product if returned.
Linda Johnson
Linda Johnson 11 aylar önce
This lady and her sister are disposable! My son worked for UPS. He said the Amazon returns were almost unbearable! People buy stuff just to see much of it. The returns were just amazing!
wendyannh 10 aylar önce
This is really appalling. I wonder if a desire to avoid all of this is behind the no return but a full refund policy at Chewy.
Kitty 101
Kitty 101 Yıl önce
I thought that the things returned were the items that we can buy from Amazon that are used. I wonder how this works? Maybe they have too much used stuff. The answer to this would be to lower the price of the used stuff even more.
docchocobo 10 aylar önce
I'm so worried about Amazon's pledge to the environment and how they're affecting the environment and yet here I am hauling more Amazon packages straight in the door even though I believe they're misusing their pledge or power to preserve the environment
PinkSpace Aylar önce
They lost my return of a pair of shoes months ago that were “try and buy”and now they want to charge me for their or UPS losing them 😤 ridiculous. Do not do “try and buy”. Unfortunately it’s a hassle months later if something happens. Now I have to take time out of my day to call Amazon to work this out. ☹️
There Chief
There Chief 2 aylar önce
I know someone who worked for Amazon and briefly in returns. They were instructed to toss the items in to be burned. Yes, setting in a broiler -type equipment to burn the returns, even if in original package unopened.
PLOO tow
PLOO tow Yıl önce
Honestly speaking, Amazon shopers are abusing the easy return system. Shame on those shoppers.
Jan Davis
Jan Davis 2 yıl önce
The problem starts with people that keep buying without any thought. Then it continues with the company returns and the lack of multiple avenues of disposal. This is not just an Amazon problem but any company that sells merchandise.
Valerie 2 aylar önce
Amazon sells most of their returns to resellers allowing you to buy perfectly good merchandise at a MUCH lower price.
Adam Selbie
Adam Selbie 11 aylar önce
I think the amount of packaging these days has a lot to do with it. If the manufacturer could find better more efficient ways of packing stuff. We'd make a big dent in the problem.
Pete McLallen
Pete McLallen 2 aylar önce
The buyers in this video act “holier than thou” when they bear some level of responsibility for, in some cases, buying something that they really didn’t want or buying something, using it and then returning it in good condition. It would be nice if Amazon put a percentage returned on their website.
Allen Grota
Allen Grota Yıl önce
I do 10 or 12k per year with Amazon an I may have returned 4 items in 6 years. People buy impulse items or don’t think their purchases through. That’s why there are so many returns. The damaged or defective items that need to be returned are probably much less than the things that are being returned by people who just didn’t choose properly. If you are fussy about certain things like color or fit, perhaps you should go to the mall and see it in person.
MF 10 aylar önce
The same holds true for many other companies, not just Amazon.
Dewi Lew
Dewi Lew 9 aylar önce
I love shopping from the amazon warehouse. The stuff is used and usually quite cheap.
Nikki D
Nikki D 10 aylar önce
This isn't just an Amazon problem. Perhaps the sellers could also look at ways of either reselling or donating to people in their area too?
Rutger MacDonald
Rutger MacDonald Yıl önce
Not just Amazon, all big chain retailers are doing this. Walmart and Target throw out tons of returns.
Maxiej Yıl önce
I buy on Amazon all the time and so does my husband. I’m not surprised by your report. What I am surprised about is people reaction to what happens to returns. We never return anything and usually when we have an issue Amazon says keep it and just replaces or refunds our purchase. So we donate the item if it isn’t broken, use parts if we can and trash the rest. Too bad we can’t recycle everything. Most people don’t think about their actions they just want simple solutions like I”ll order it and just return it if I don’t like it. Hopefully your report will make them smarter consumers. Amazon as I see it is a retail/ distributor business not a return reseller. It starts with each of us individually. Smarter buying, less returns, less waste.
Justin Hart
Justin Hart 9 aylar önce
One thing I would have liked to see in this episode was putting a random unrelated item in the return box to see if they even open the box
Joe Dennehy
Joe Dennehy 10 aylar önce
This does seem amazingly wasteful, but it was hilarious right at the end with little miss expecting the biggest company in the world to listen to her 🤣 why would they?
24Monty24 9 aylar önce
This isn't just an Amazon issue. Our consumerism and buying stuff knowing we can "just return it" is just as much to blame. And yes I am definitely guilty of this myself.
Turtle 7 gün önce
Someone should create a company that tests the returns and sells on a online liquidation site. I think it would be very profitable and save the environment.
Doug Holt
Doug Holt Yıl önce
When you shop on Amazon, when your looking at an item for consideration. Look below the listed price you’ll see the used and like new tab. Anything you buy from the used and like new section is return goods. When I shop on Amazon I prefer buying used and like new if it’s available. On a few occasions the item still was still sealed and never open. On the package will be an Amazon sticker saying thanks for giving this item a second chance at life. Cute saying and better for the environment
Leonardo Artist
Leonardo Artist 4 aylar önce
Good tip!
Jan Lim
Jan Lim 8 aylar önce
I do that too. This video is deceiving. It's obviously not about all Amazon returns, yet they're trying to make it seem like it. This video is about the defective/broken items that get returned. Returned items that are able to be resold are sent back to where they belong, & then marked "used" on Amazon app or by the 3rd party sellers & sold at a lower price/discount.. as Doug mentioned.
ZippedUpKitz 8 aylar önce
@Dr. Zoidberg PhD. the amazon day delivery credit is for digital purchases though… you can’t use those "rebates" for regular purchases…
Mary Milton
Mary Milton 8 aylar önce
Iam on the fence about purchasing a coffee table that retails in regular furniture stores for $ 1000.00 and is listed on Amazon for $540.00 used/ good condition. Sounds good, right! However, I've been advised that if you buy " used" from Amazon, you no longer have the return option. $1000.00 is a lot of money to spend on a table, but at least I'll have the option of returning it if iam dissatisfied.
Chkn Chkn
Chkn Chkn Yıl önce
I've bought some refurbished electronics from Amazon.
None None
None None 11 aylar önce
So upsetting that Amazon would rather destroy the environment because it's cheaper than reselling the returned items. It's all about their bottom line
Gon Freecs
Gon Freecs 4 aylar önce
I shop at one of those liquidation stores. You will be surprised about the amount of stuff you could get for dirt cheap if you are lucky enough to be there when they restock. I.e. you could get hundred+ dollar lego sets and current gen game consoles for 90+% off their retail value. Most of the stuff are in near mint condition with only the outer boxes being slightly damaged.
Karen Sosa
Karen Sosa Yıl önce
I order on Amazon yet usually only purchase what I need. Too many people purchase things they may only want to look at and return. It is a mentality that has to change!
mustardbackpack Yıl önce
These decisions are made based on financial logic, not based on common sense or efficiency. So really, Amazon is doing what makes the most sense from a business perspective. And it's not specific to Amazon either, every other business does this too, and that's what needs to change.
Maria Richardson
Maria Richardson Yıl önce
Thanks to Your Marketplace for enlightening us about Amazon Returns. Destroying all these returns is despicable!
Boston Blackie
Boston Blackie 7 aylar önce
Market place was kind of late on this. All you had to do was watch 'bought returned pallets' from Amazon by Americans on TRvid go see where this stuff went.
Karen early-horne
Karen early-horne 9 aylar önce
Trust me they don't destroy everything
Escander Sanchez
Escander Sanchez 10 aylar önce
Stimulates the economy without diluting the product win win. ... Maybe not the most Christian thing to do but other countries profit heavily off of our trash . Our trash made millionaires in tiawan and in the Philippines
Brenda Partington
Brenda Partington 9 aylar önce
I never have to return anything to Amazon. I love everything I buy.
Audrey Mills
Audrey Mills Yıl önce
All those Amazon customers concerned about the environment, you're clicking that box to get all your products in one box and one trip, right?!?
John Smith
John Smith 4 aylar önce
Lol, you better believe it
Beverly Ledbetter
Beverly Ledbetter 4 aylar önce
I was insulted a few months ago about returning too many items; yet this is a billion dollar company that often does false advertising and accuses you of not returning a product when I know that I did! They've also accused me of returning things damaged, which I also didn't do: it was that way when I got it!
Mike Yıl önce
Its seems unfortunate but the cost to go through each and every return item to check to see if its broken, missing parts, or what ever else would cost more time and money than its worth. Selling is easy, its already packaged ready to ship, returns requires way more processing than selling. To try to resell means storing stuff in some kind of categorical order waiting for another buyer who may end up returning that item as well. Its easier to just junk it and get rid of the problem. The $100 membership fee helps cover some of the costs.
John Smith
John Smith 4 aylar önce
You speak the true-true
Laurie Conway
Laurie Conway 2 yıl önce
My friend worked at a warehouse that processed returns from Costco. Perfectly good and perfect condition items were divided into shredding piles. All fabric items went into the dumpster. I got them to set up a bin for fabrics and clothing that I promised to pick up weekly to donate to my local clothing bank. Employees were allowed to have anything they wanted for asking, and big ticket items were prices at pennies on the dollar. I got a ultra-nice porch set (tile-top rectangular table and umbrella plus 6 matching chairs and two matching adjustable sun lounges) that sold for over $800...I paid just $150. This warehouse has since closed, Costco has stopped outsourcing the processing and does it themselves, putting my friend and her 49 co-workers out of work.
Scott Swierenga
Scott Swierenga 10 aylar önce
I used to have to work on repair those type of locking wheels on shopping carts. I guarantee than in a handful of years, Home Depot will abandon the system. It is problematic, and VERY costly to maintain in regards to parts cost and labor. If this system was installed today, in 3 years time it is likely that one technician would need to put in 5-7hrs/day just to keep up on system maintenance and repairs. I lived that experience, it was a nightmare. I feel sorry for the Home Depot maintenance staff, because they have no clue what is coming.
crazy t
crazy t 6 aylar önce
I understand the E-waste situation as they need to ensure that the product still complies with all electrical safety and the brand is happy with the standard of the product.
Amina M
Amina M 4 aylar önce
Although this video was a year ago. I read recently that retailers like Target and Walmart are going to start telling customers to keep the product and return the money. The returns are causing pile ups and lost of revenue because they have no place for the returns or to store the new items.🤷🏽‍♀️
Nora Canon
Nora Canon 9 aylar önce
Seeing the landfill is heartbreaking.Put pressure to Amazon on handling their returns.
Cali Glory
Cali Glory Yıl önce
I'm not crazy about ordering stuff online but once in a while when I really needed to, I do order items from Amazon and read the item description very clearly to be sure it is what I want before placing the order. I don't do returns unless the item arrived defective.
Skynet Aylar önce
To think... All the Carbon Emissions that went into creating all those goods to Ultimately end up in a Giant Shredder..
Sexy scientist
Sexy scientist 3 aylar önce
I also rarely use etailers. But once I had to return a fully functional trimmer because the listing did not mention the charging current rating. It was mentioned on the product and no such adapter was available with me or any amazon listing.
Jeremy Green
Jeremy Green Yıl önce
i was shocked when i bought a 130 dollar floor heater/fan from amazon. Come to find out, I didn't need it so I returned it first day I got it at my door. They said they didn't need my item. Wow, 130 dollar item for free..wild.
MrWolfSnack 10 aylar önce
I ordered energy drinks and the seller shipped totally the wrong ones. Wring flavor. Seller stonewalled me so I had to contact amazon. Amazon refunded me and told me to keep the item or discard it. I drank the drinks anyway because I didn't mind them, just was not what I ordered. They lasted me a month and a half. They were 6 months expired anyway.
Dan Vetor
Dan Vetor 11 aylar önce
Yup! Never had to send anything back yet! They say they don't want it back. Works for me!
carlos k
carlos k Yıl önce
That's happened to me but only with really cheap stuff like under 10$ I guess they figure it's not worth it to pay return shipping and restocking fees and then try to sell off again... Which makes sense... Though I seen people say they gotten 500$ stuff for free I think this is quite rare....
Alibi Yıl önce
Are you for real? Everything I’ve ever returned had to be shipped back.. it would have been cool if that happened to me.
Frank Servant
Frank Servant Yıl önce
For real?
ungovernable 5 aylar önce
At the landfill where some of my mates work in the UK they will get sacked if they take anything from site even when its blatantly brand new Amazon returns. Amazon should get fined for every item they put into landfill but as long as you throw cash in the right direction all's good.
ctho admin
ctho admin Yıl önce
Imagine the markup on these Amazon goods if they can support a return rate of 40%, and the reverse logistics that goes with it.
T A Yıl önce
I am so upset with Amazon that they are placing items to the dumps. It can go to other countries to be sold or to thrift stores or discounted stores for resale.
Me Jhon
Me Jhon 6 aylar önce
The point is not all the things works thats why they do not sell it. Some of the stuffs buy it but not all i thing half is going to the trash the other part sell it in pallets.
Linda Barrett
Linda Barrett 10 aylar önce
or THEY could lower all the prices to start with. If they can afford to throw a percentage away.
apersonthingy 2 yıl önce
The returns is one of the most consumer friendly policies Amazon has. It gives you piece of mind that you won't get screwed over. Maybe there should be a limit on how much you can do it, but anyone who says we should get rid of it is just anti-consumer
Wayne Guy
Wayne Guy 5 aylar önce
They do limit your returns….
apersonthingy 2 yıl önce
I expect a multi billion dollar company to be more responsible, and I don't want it to be at the cost of the consumer like you seem to want
Captain Splatter
Captain Splatter 2 yıl önce
No. What they should do is charge a restocking fee so it gets properly disposed of.
Jason 9 aylar önce
Amazon makes it too easy to return. The company needs to get a handle on this! Yikes!
swmovan 10 aylar önce
So much for the "environment". I rarely return anything. If I do, it is because the item is defective, or was misrepresented in the ad. With Amazon's try it before you buy it clothing, does that mean the clothing you return, just goes to the landfill? Or do they still do that?
Laurice 10 aylar önce
Shipping cost Much less for a company than for an individual buyer. Because the company ships in bulk. So if more companies start charging customers for returns, fewer people may be willing to choose another option rather than returning their purchases. I’ve already noticed some online sellers indicating that shipping is free, but the buyers must pay for return shipping. This is a huge deterrent for larger or heavier items. Even if the shipping fees are deducted from the customers refund.
Gregory Blair
Gregory Blair 10 aylar önce
Was a difference in reason for return taken into account? Obviously non-working are probably sent for destruction, but returns for not item ordered or wrong size/ color, etc.
Rich H
Rich H Yıl önce
How many of us thought that “returns” were sent back to the manufacturer for repair or recycling? Now knowing that NONE of it goes back to the manufacturer to deal with directly, I’ll think twice before ordering from Amazon.
deadmanswife 2 aylar önce
@EQRuges not ordering things you're gonna return? Some people just don't know what they want to keep
EQRuges 2 aylar önce
I love how your solution is to stop ordering. How about stop ordering things your going to return?
Shaun Gains
Shaun Gains 3 aylar önce
It’s not just Amazon
deadmanswife 5 aylar önce
@J. Wik. I love Amazon I prefer Amazon Amazon gets all my extra cash
ARTIE O 6 aylar önce
Think twice before ordering too, rich. A lot of us order super worry free because it’s easy to return but THIS is the end result. So many returns that they can’t keep up and prefer to just get rid of it. It costs Amazon and it’s vendors more money to receive, process, sell and ship out again, hoping it’s not returned again… It’s not easy thing. It’s all money at the end. Let’s all be accountable from consumer to sellers.
A Day
A Day 8 aylar önce
Amazon returns used to be seamless, however that no longer is the case. Third party returns are the pits and even Amazon shipped item returns are becoming difficult. Refunds long overdue once you do return an item have become more the norm than not. I've noticed all the changes in the last several months. I purchase approx 25 items per month and occasionally some need to be returned for one reason or other. It used to be standard practice that once a return was picked up Amazon would issue a refund. Now it's weeks after they receive the return. When I phoned about this issue, I was told it can take up to 4 weeks to issue a refund AFTER Amazon receives it.
Ida 7 aylar önce
Ship them to warehouses where you can buy the items much much much cheaper. Literally anything is better than destroying the items and then making new ones 😑 And what we as consumers can do is to think extra hard if we need/want the items or if we can live without it. I'm not an Amazon shopper but I do shop at other cheap places online, especially for clothes. Learning this about Amazon makes me question what happens at all other places as well. I'll think more carefully ordering things from now on even though I'm not particularly a big spender.
His Royal Highness King Kenzo
As a conscious shopper and an environmentalist, this makes me wanna cry. How can they just throw away stuff without even considering the environmental impact as well as the help they can provide to people who can't avoid regular priced items. I'm about to return a pair of shoes I bought online (it's too big despite it labelled as my usual size) and I'm worried where it will end up. I could give them away but my taste in fashion is quite different so IDK if anybody would really wear them coz them might just as well end up in the bin. I wish I could resell them but I dont even know how. Sigh.
David Gonzalez
David Gonzalez Yıl önce
Millions of customers like me are still happy with Amazon, long live Amazon!!!
sistakia33 2 yıl önce
One word: Liability. It's easier to destroy than to donate to charities.
Michelle Wesley
Michelle Wesley 2 yıl önce
Kevin Wong, great point!!! Also, those who return stuff (who can't afford to donate it) need to realize that an online company is also made up of people who probably work for Jeff B., (who can't afford the shipping of the return) so they just pass the cost on to the next customer(s). That's how Amazon does it by the way. Newsflash: Those free returns ain't really free.
The_ Joker
The_ Joker 2 yıl önce
Every country is now a Sue Nation :(
C.D. Ruppert
C.D. Ruppert 2 yıl önce
@Kevin Wong @sistakia33 said it best. However, if you mean the buyer gets a refund, but donates the item en lieu of sending it back, it would require the honor system and would open up a big door for online shoplifting. Flyers gotta fly and liars gotta lie. And, as usual, a few a-holes gotta complicate an otherwise easily solvable problem.
sistakia33 2 yıl önce
@Kevin Wong Sadly not everyone can afford to eat the loss of money especially during a time when the average person is using their income for necessities. Still, the absolute waste due to overproduction and the erroneous belief that raw materials will always be abundant is just sickening!
Kevin Wong
Kevin Wong 2 yıl önce
Why don't the people who return if a refund donate it instead. They can't just blame the company
sam gorin
sam gorin 3 aylar önce
There are (3) guilty parties here. 1) the customer - who demands this level of service. How "DARE" they be held responsible for their purchases? Dont like it? Send it back! Its part of the "no responsibility generation". 2) Amazon itself - they encourage returns as a way to pull in customers. If Amazon would make returns difficult (or at least "not on demand") there would be less returns. As the tax code is what it is - you get 3) the various governments who let Amazon et al take off these kinds of losses as a tax write off. If the tax code didnt allow for it - Amazon would have to eat the costs and wouldnt do it! Amazon separates ussed returns from new, and resells the new at auction to liquidators (and takes a tax break). Used returns are also sometimes sold - and those items are either sold to flea market vendors or destroyed.
T Hackett
T Hackett Yıl önce
OMG - the people featured seem entitled. Cut them drama out - all the “outraged” people are STILL shopping at Amazon. The consumer mindset are accustomed to convenience, volume and price. Meanwhile, Amazon donate please!
Philippe-Olivier Tardiff
I totally agree with you. The blame doesn't only go Amazon's way but also to the consumers in Canada encouraging such practices by buying from these online retailers and constantly returning items. This is not new information we're learning in this segment...
MrXLat 5 aylar önce
I like how everybody is quick of pointing fingers at ''bad'' amazon, when persons themselves are just impulse buying stuff they dont need, it comes and person really dont need it so it goes to returns so the 'end user' generating the problem and only then amazon needs to deal with it. It all STARTS WITH YOU! Maybe amazon needs to add some extra annoying windows saying some environmental speech everytime when you place an order, that you need to THINK before you buy!
pam hernandez
pam hernandez 3 aylar önce
This is very disappointing. I hardly ever buy clothing on Amazon but finding a store with maternity clothes available in store is difficult and I thought “if I’m going to buy online then might as well shop Amazon, easy returns if it doesn’t fit” cause those size charts I find to always be inaccurate. Now I feel guilty having had purchased some maternity clothes that didn’t fit and I sent back. If other retailers do this too, then it makes it even more frustrating that they don’t have any in stores!
Mariposa Violeta
Mariposa Violeta 9 aylar önce
Try going back to shopping in person and less returns especially since you can try on things in store rather than wasting and being returned because they don't match what size they're supposed to. Let's stop the online shopping and stop worrying about any illness out there as there's always going to be illnesses and we can't be a society who sits at home afraid to go out and live life over it. Also if that lady wants to complain about recycling then you have take into account that Canadians do a way better job of trying to recycle than other countries. I live with roommates that are international students and none of them recycle; I'm the only one who does. I'm told what's the use they don't do anything back home and why should they do it here.
DA G Yıl önce
I can count everything on one hand all of the things that I have returned on AMAZON in the past 30 years. I am not one of those people that buy three things in different sizes or colors, and use it as a sort of a dressing room to try on things at home, and then return the one that isn't the right color or style. But, that being said, Why can't some of these items (like clothing) be given away to homeless groups...or even set out some of these items to food panty groups for small appliances, etc.. Even bulldozing into landfills the unwanted items costs money.
Margaret M
Margaret M 10 aylar önce
Maybe Amazon can consider charging $1 to discourage returns for any reason and say it's for handling fees (the real reason is so it doesn't end up in landfills).
John Smith
John Smith 4 aylar önce
What for?, no hassle returns are already built into the Prime membership as a valuable perk.
Andrew Ash Mystic Herman
I like this idea!
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