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Best Upcoming Superhero Movies 2021 & 2022 (New Trailers)

Films Included :

00:00 Top Upcoming Superhero Movies 2021 & 2022 (Trailers)
00:06 Spider Man No Way Home
02:54 Venom 2 Let There Be Carnage
05:25 Morbius
08:04 The Batman
10:31 Eternals
13:23 Shazam 2
13:41 DC League of Super-Pets
14:06 Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings
16:09 Black Adam
17:08 Master
18:32 What If

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24 Ağu 2021




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FilmSpot Trailer
FilmSpot Trailer 2 aylar önce
Which Is Your Favorite Superhero Movie ? 00:06 Spider Man No Way Home 02:54 Venom 2 Let There Be Carnage 05:25 Morbius 08:04 The Batman 10:31 Eternals 13:23 Shazam 2 13:41 DC League of Super-Pets 14:06 Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings 16:09 Black Adam 17:08 Master 18:32 What If
TheElectric Dino
TheElectric Dino 12 gün önce
I’m going to watch Shang Chi TODAY!!! I’m sooo excited!!!
Artificial Algorithm
Artificial Algorithm 26 gün önce
@Krusty The Clown Got the Shang-Chi comic first print lol
Krusty The Clown
Krusty The Clown 26 gün önce
@Artificial Algorithm you Will be disappointed. Nothing to do with the good Old “Kung Fu” comics..Well, they only copied his defend stance. Get your hands on some of the comics in your antique comic store. Darker, and more mysterious.
Imm8rtal Thanos
Imm8rtal Thanos Aylar önce
Sup I'm back guys!!
Kong  ツ
Kong ツ Aylar önce
venom 2 and spider nwh
Oudad 3
Oudad 3 22 saatler önce
Batman need it
GlitckCore Gün önce
DID YOU GUYS SEE 7:27 Is'nt that Tobey Maguire?
P-Phrench 3 gün önce
Logically, if SONY has to connect all their anti super heroe movies to the MCU, Morbius should be an introduction door to the upcoming Blade movie !!
Fred Tai
Fred Tai 5 gün önce
its dope
N Strange
N Strange 6 gün önce
I like marvel movies
Martins Zulgis
Martins Zulgis 7 gün önce
Why carnage had very long tongue? Its a fact
Krusty The Clown
Krusty The Clown 8 gün önce
Venom 2 looks cool
Jake from statefarm
Jake from statefarm 9 gün önce
Can completely understand why a lot of these are upcoming Marvel movies.
Krusty The Clown
Krusty The Clown 9 gün önce
Why does my comment being deleted all the times? In a somewhat democratic internet and time, we should accept both criticism and praises from peoples comments.
Gagan Hari Kiran
Gagan Hari Kiran 9 gün önce
Marvel's "What If.......?" "Morbius got Covid 19 instead of superpowers?"
Divine God
Divine God 6 gün önce
Bro I'm dying 😂
Dawit Getachew
Dawit Getachew 10 gün önce
Wow this film should be first because aback film I am talking venom
RezdXP 14 gün önce
No dead pool 🥺
James Pittman
James Pittman 14 gün önce
I think "Spider-Man No way home", Venom 2" going to be a great movie.
Chloe Assiene
Chloe Assiene 14 gün önce
I'm hyped
Texan Football Houston
Only in great movies
Jimmy Dutton
Jimmy Dutton 15 gün önce
me for the moris tralier 'batman'
Charlie Albuero
Charlie Albuero 15 gün önce
spider man no way home December 17 venom 2 let There be churge October 15 Monrbius The Batman Eternals Shazam 2 DC league of Super Pets Shang chi and the legend of the ten rings September 3 Black Adam master what lf Ii
irwin leonardo
irwin leonardo 20 gün önce
Finally an Indian superhero - Gilfoyle
Anthony walk
Anthony walk 21 gün önce
Samaritan should be number 1! Especially with the legendary Sylvester Stallone!
Yafiz Salman
Yafiz Salman 24 gün önce
A stupid generation with zero thirst for intellectual curiousity. Superhero movies and its fan have ruined the entire art of film making
Ting Xian Loo
Ting Xian Loo 24 gün önce
just show them SPIDERMAN:Homecoming, then they'd know what mysterio did
NO NEED 24 gün önce
6:00 Covid will strike again
Millionaire Favor
Millionaire Favor 25 gün önce
Bro. I’ve lost count of all the Batman’s.
Spiderman having a problem of the multiverse while Venom is angry and mad cause he cant eat bad guys without eddies permission
Kpizzle Price
Kpizzle Price 26 gün önce
Fall collection 🤣
D Legionnaire
D Legionnaire 28 gün önce
THE MERCENARY Hyper Violent Martial Arts action Starring a former FFL 2 REP Sniper now on VOD and on Amazon Prime .....................
Good Content
Good Content 29 gün önce
Waiting from Bangladesh
Napolian Solo
Napolian Solo Aylar önce
I was just wondering how Disney was going to whore out the Marvel-verse now that Stan Lee is gone.
Disca TV
Disca TV Aylar önce
so the tva guy become carnage?
ezneux Aylar önce
i think its the first time i watch a trailer with a nirvana song.
Barry Larry
Barry Larry Aylar önce
Dc don't even bother
Rob Str
Rob Str Aylar önce
Used to look forward to superhero movies .. enough already, can’t they make anything else half decent anymore
Hung Cong
Hung Cong Aylar önce
The Batman!
6:14 Fur Elise?
AGlan Aylar önce
Morbius = Batman final form ^^
ดูสไปเดอร์แมนทีไรอดคิดไม่ได้ว่า เล่นมาหลายภาค หลายปีแล้ว พระเอกยังเรียนไม่จบสักที5555555555555+
นายภราดร ฟุ้งเฟื่อง
ไม่ใช้เลือด แรงดันสมองง ไม่ใช้ไฟฟ้า ไม่รู้คืออะไรกัน
KSNAPPER rocks Aylar önce
I honestly didnt like what if 🤷🏻‍♂️it's entertaining no doubt but But couldn't pass to episode 3
3bod 1738
3bod 1738 Aylar önce
Can’t wait for the Batman 🦇😍🔥
Andrew Love
Andrew Love Aylar önce
Marvel and DC is winning with movies every year. Nobody else is making movies people want to watch
Andrew Love
Andrew Love Aylar önce
Morbius looks great. Marvel movies are the best
Andrew Love
Andrew Love Aylar önce
I love Dr. Strange
Gaining Ground
Gaining Ground Aylar önce
The batman one looks stupid!
Tess Sanders
Tess Sanders Aylar önce
Dr Strange was never evil.
Typhoon Aylar önce
Every time I watch the Spiderman trailer I get weirdly frustrated because he has on handcuffs
vrile Aylar önce
spider man no way home December 17th? i guess christmas came a few days early
Mr Krabs
Mr Krabs Aylar önce
ew another batman movie. I have seen too many batmans in my short life. please stop the shit reboots DC
Sky Channel Texas
Sky Channel Texas Aylar önce
Over the few years they made to many Spider-Man movies 🍿
Hydra_Drizz 216
Hydra_Drizz 216 Aylar önce
Dwayne Johnson isn't the best actor for black adam
Hydra_Drizz 216
Hydra_Drizz 216 Aylar önce
9:42 GOD DA...
Hydra_Drizz 216
Hydra_Drizz 216 Aylar önce
That is not batman bro
Just Send TV
Just Send TV Aylar önce
*at **0:23** you can see that the old mean picture guy is back*
Awsome Can't Wait trvid.com/video/video-AnKKwM6DanA.html
Pradeep Selvan
Pradeep Selvan Aylar önce
I always think, Y Super Heroes don't have Brains? 🤔
Albert Mag
Albert Mag Aylar önce
seriously Marvel ...in theaters this fall... can't they be more specific ... I'm chompin at the bit here ..The theaters are gonna do great this winter
DallasTechie Aylar önce
Shang Chi was dope.
Czechbound Aylar önce
So Black Adam is an animated movie. Good to know. WIll definitely swerve it.
jack351137 Aylar önce
Its not
Megalodon Fitness
Megalodon Fitness Aylar önce
It's not lol that's just the trailer
No Name
No Name Aylar önce
Racist Killer Ultimate
When Batman 🦇 Wish he got the Ability and power of Morbius 🧛‍♂️ 😂 😂 😂
Chalermpol Siripongpreda
We missed Tony.
Boston King
Boston King Aylar önce
Spiderman, Shang Chi, Black Adam. looks good.
NENE_KNUN😳 Aylar önce
Paris Cullins
Paris Cullins Aylar önce
I am so looking forward to it all
Young Nasty
Young Nasty Aylar önce
When I see tobey mcguire again as Spider-Man, I think ima talk about it for a year after non stop😂
DeadPoolDab Aylar önce
All of The movies
Alpha msc
Alpha msc Aylar önce
Hello Peter... brilliant but lazy 😴
Tachyon Mask
Tachyon Mask Aylar önce
Inception special effects lol
Raed Khmous
Raed Khmous Aylar önce
I'm wondering when the time will come to stop making spider man movies , so ridiculous
Seun Samuel
Seun Samuel Aylar önce
Ace Aylar önce
Batman Is gonna be so good
DallasTechie Aylar önce
Batman zzz
Razor Sharp Laser
Razor Sharp Laser Aylar önce
whatif isnt a movie
ƈɛƭʏ քɛʀʀʏו
THE SEXY GIRLS ARE BRISEX.UNO THREE IN ONE TRvid: THIS IS FINE. SOMEONE: SAYS HECK TRvid: BE GONE *_Life's story is a short journey so have fun before sleeping forever_* #Чо #эт #делает #на #2 #месте #в #тренде #однако #я #люблю #таких #рыбаков .#垃圾.
The Simmer
The Simmer Aylar önce
Would Blade go after Morbius
Marta Fanai
Marta Fanai Aylar önce
This is good stuff. All in one go.
MISTIC Aylar önce
I'm hyped for all the movies ,they all look so cool and badass
Cesario Da Silva Silva
Gostei dessa
Tsugutaka Meyer
Tsugutaka Meyer Aylar önce
7:11 yes so batman but it's actually batman
Brandon Acklin
Brandon Acklin Aylar önce
Jerry R
Jerry R Aylar önce
Cool movie 🍿
Jiho Han
Jiho Han Aylar önce
The verdant lyre promisingly drum because tyvek serologically blot amid a earthy broker. elite, squalid donkey
celeste ahouma
celeste ahouma Aylar önce
Euhmmm so Morbius is basically a new DRACULA movie??
Blanca Rosales
Blanca Rosales Aylar önce
Well Morbius is a vampire in the comics and also an antihero
celeste ahouma
celeste ahouma Aylar önce
Ok so basically we’re going BROKE this year
celeste ahouma
celeste ahouma Aylar önce
Why can’t Tony starks just come back and fix things 😩😩😩
John Mckechnie
John Mckechnie Aylar önce
4:37 funny venom
Roblox Stock
Roblox Stock Aylar önce
sjir yl
George Shelton
George Shelton Aylar önce
Dat girl from Shan Chi is actually the dragon (shisu) from rays and the last dragon.
Justin Bryant
Justin Bryant Aylar önce
Which one?
DeadPoolDab Aylar önce
Star Jacob
Star Jacob Aylar önce
So another dark themed BATMAN!!!
silvernus agboje
silvernus agboje Aylar önce
Please who can direct me to where I can download black widow
scorpio hurley
scorpio hurley Aylar önce
how is venom a good guy!?!? IN EVERYTHING SPIDER MAN HE A VILLIAN!! as well as Mobius.. Robert Patterson as Batman ?? i wouldn't call that a SUPERHERO .. more of a JOKE!!! NEVER HEARD OF Eternals so meh... NOW SHAZAM OH YA!!! on cuz i dig Zachary Levi since CHUCK...lol League of superpets .. thats a given .. cuz EVERY SUPERHERO SHOULD HAVE A PET!! Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings again never heard of it so another MEH ... Black Adam was also a Villain .. but good to see that THE ROCK is playing .. hes up his acting skills since the tooth fairy & SCORPION KING ..lol and WTH IS THE MASTER ....lol
Eric Khiangte
Eric Khiangte Aylar önce
Spiderman No way home 🥰🥰🥰
Tevin Boak
Tevin Boak Aylar önce
Jessi Valdes
Jessi Valdes Aylar önce
Doc Oc never said hello Peter in Spider-Man 2?! Why are y’all going crazy? I wanna know 😂😂😂
Luis Rodriguez
Luis Rodriguez Aylar önce
@Jessi Valdes they just excited I guess 😂
Jessi Valdes
Jessi Valdes Aylar önce
@Luis Rodriguez My Dad knew the director from the first two Spider-Man’s. One of the executives left the only copy of the original Spider-Man at the gas station on a pimp and my dad returned it. Got to meet Sam and everything .. I think that executive was fired though for being so careless with the film leaving it on a pump 😂😂😂
Jessi Valdes
Jessi Valdes Aylar önce
@Luis Rodriguez I get that but everyone is saying the hello Peter line is significant and it’s not 😂
Luis Rodriguez
Luis Rodriguez Aylar önce
Because we got doc oc back and it’s same actor
Rupahkusum Borgohain
You kiied ironman,and that's the realiy
Ayabonga Ayzo Mkuhlu
I don't know whether to be excited for Venom or Spiderman, they're just both freaking incredible. Shang-Chi is also on my watchlist as an MCU fan.
Gia Moralez
Gia Moralez Aylar önce
The chubby laura jointly signal because sturgeon fourthly wrestle despite a long child. incompetent, wrathful john
Niko Detelj
Niko Detelj Aylar önce
Omg so cool
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