Top 5 Most Underrated Brawlers (June 2022)

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Today I am going to show you 5 brawlers that are way better than you think
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24 Haz 2022




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CryingMan 3 aylar önce
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phantom BS
phantom BS 3 aylar önce
@HallDar yes
HallDar 3 aylar önce
@phantom BS it says you joined youtube on june 25th
HallDar 3 aylar önce
@phantom BS you're new on youtube?
phantom BS
phantom BS 3 aylar önce
@HallDar Thanks for answering tho
phantom BS
phantom BS 3 aylar önce
@HallDar Oh :(
Edwardgamertv4 3 aylar önce
fang is actually still pretty good after the nerf, he is still able to super stack and is deadly in a lot of situations, he can also deal 5700 damage using his super, attack, gadget, attack and hes very consistent i feel
Cauliflower 3 aylar önce
Not in 3v3 mode though
Диего Кофеварочный
@ScarfShek 707 I think he is better than mid-tier. His gadget makes sense now,but his free kill is dangerous to everyone. Even without gadget he is strong. But...he is not as good as Janet,but very deadly. More like good-best tier
Диего Кофеварочный
@ScarfShek 707 I think he is better than mid-tier. His gadget makes sense now,but his free kill is dangerous to everyone. Even without gadget he is strong. But...he is not as good as Janet,but very deadly. More like good-best tier
ScarfShek 707
ScarfShek 707 3 aylar önce
Fang is my favourite brawler, and if I'm honest I'm super happy they nerfed him and made him mid tier, since he takes more skill and is balanced
Suman Prajapati
Suman Prajapati 3 aylar önce
@The noob thanx for ur replu
Georgios_ 3 aylar önce
I believe that when you use Lola's super, her shadow clone should also have the little range thing show up wherever you're aiming.
just._. chilling_
just._. chilling_ 3 aylar önce
Yep and the shadow should shoot wherever Lola is shooting nmw.
al 3 aylar önce
​@#Best Dad Of The Year i hope she gets a better nerf related to this, i hate seeing people just using the ego next to her instead of playing with it skillfully
Georgios_ 3 aylar önce
@SamTheFish Exactly my thoughts!
SamTheFish 3 aylar önce
Yes, and it will also encourage players to use the clone farther away from Lola instead of on top, and I think it will lead to some pretty cool plays in synergy with her second gadget
#Best Dad Of The Year
#Best Dad Of The Year 3 aylar önce
I don't think the clone should have that because she would be broken with it,she would require no skill to use if the clone had it
Klotte Cheung
Klotte Cheung 3 aylar önce
You can see CryingMan's trophy count going up so fast every video starting from his past few vids, as he is pre-pushing for next season 70k. This means he's winning lots of games (maybe showdown more)!
SZSPLAYZ 3 aylar önce
Cryingman:But don't play Lou is showdown Also him: Lou is actually decent in showdown🤣
Detonator58 3 aylar önce
*Timestamps, Tips, Comments, Music, Highlights and Teamers* *Timestamps:* 0:00 - Intro 0:33 - 5th 2:34 - 4th 4:01 - 3rd 5:39 - 2nd 7:37 - 1st _Watch the video to find out what the brawlers are!_ 😊 *Tips:* 1:30 - Use gadget so you can freeze the enemy instantly (e.g. 1:02 1:18 1:33) 5:22 - Use autoaim right after your super connects (This allows you to deal damage instantly) 6:59 - Put your ego on the other side of the wall to pinch the enemy 8:03 - Just walk straight up to and kill the enemy *Summary of Comments:* CM: - Skin giveaway soon - 5th: - Good after rework - 2nd Star power underrated - Gadget is insane - Hard to hit shots - Best in Hot Zone - Don't play in showdown 4th: - Deals lots of damage - Gadget breaks walls - Tank counter 3rd: - Used to be the best - Not used a lot after nerf - Super + gadget = free kill - Can use in any mode 2nd: - One of the best - Practise aim with ego 1st: - Might get huge nerf - Too much HP and dmg - 0 skill - Super tanks all shots - With speed gear is unbeatable *Music:* 0:00 - Johann Sebastian Bach - Cello Suite No. 1 in G Major, Prélude 0:32 - Ballpoint - Body Bounce 2:57 - STRLGHT - Hype 5:20 - Kaivon - First Love (feat. Pauline Herr) *Highlights:* 2:13 - Doesn't get hit by a single shot 2:43 - Bruh I didn't even see her and she died 2:58 - These brawlers are just disappearing 3:07 - She had no chance 💀 3:24 - Where did the Tick go??? 3:46 - Lmao 4:30 - 😕 5:56 - Melted 6:15 - Haha 6:44 - Ego kill lol 8:03 - _SkIlLeD_ 8:39 - _Quadruple kill!_ *Teamers:* 1:10 - 1 Tara (1:26) 1:13 - 2 Janet (2:25) 3:34 - 5 Primo (3:55) _(El Rudo)_ 3:35 - 3 Shelly (3:38) 3:37 - 4 Primo (3:47) _(Default skin)_ 7:52 - Darryl
Ethan the chicken protector
@Detonator58 it’s fine
Detonator58 3 aylar önce
@Ethan the chicken protector Ah nice thanks. I would add it, but editing my comment would remove CryingMan's heart (this is why most of my comments don't have hearts as I edit them so much). I will paste this in the top comment though!
Ethan the chicken protector
Colt sightings: 1 - 0:51- Colt shooting to open boxes (im going to try start doing more detail of what colt is doing)
Detonator58 3 aylar önce
@Jacob Fulea 1. Yes 2. From spending too much time on TRvid and Brawl Stars 3. You're welcome! ☺️
Иван Мазепа
Иван Мазепа 3 aylar önce
Kronikz_22 3 aylar önce
Griff is probably still one of my favorite brawlers, and my first to 800 trophies. I think there are still people who dont realize that he can go one to one with Shelley at close range and win. His damage is just insane.
Nuhan 👾
Nuhan 👾 2 aylar önce
@Hoemin Kim np
Hoemin Kim
Hoemin Kim 2 aylar önce
@Nuhan 👾 Thanks
Nuhan 👾
Nuhan 👾 2 aylar önce
@Hoemin Kim griff rn is better than edgar
Hoemin Kim
Hoemin Kim 2 aylar önce
Whats better from griff and edgar
Nuhan 👾
Nuhan 👾 3 aylar önce
@DilCam1234 nvm now all I'm just saying is that he's balanced
HydraDragonYT 3 aylar önce
Lou's Immunity shield gadget is underrated tho, great vid!
Yeah tho
Yeah tho 3 aylar önce
@Arda Atlas Çakaz Exactly, that's the bad thing about the gadget but it can be really good in certain situations
BeatParade 3 aylar önce
@Péter Gulyás that would actually be too good of a gadget. Like Max's.
Péter Gulyás
Péter Gulyás 3 aylar önce
@á they should add movement while shield is active, like tick.
Māku shōn Jon G ramiresu (Mj)
@á by adding 0.25 seconds. The shield would now last for 1.25 seconds
á 3 aylar önce
@Māku shōn Jon G ramiresu (Mj) how would you buff it? if you increase the duration it would be easier to kill lou after the shield and if it lasted less it would be more difficult to use
Challenge 3 aylar önce
As someone who's 3rd main is Ash, I can say he's ridiculous at killing enemies with his max rage. And you get it almost instantly thanks to his 1st starpower.
TheBoss95s 3 aylar önce
I don't want Ash nerfed, I absolutely love playing with him even if he's a little annoying facing off against him
Fiq 17
Fiq 17 3 aylar önce
He is not even that op... He could be terrible after the potential nerf, actually.
I like how CryingMan put himself in dangerous situations and save himself in showdown
L'inconnu du 33
L'inconnu du 33 3 aylar önce
Nice video ! Could you make a guide video for the next power league season with tips, picks and bans for each map, please 🥺
Xaius 3 aylar önce
I liked Lou better before the star power change. Less reload speed means less supers, and less damage doesnt always mean you die in less hits.
isabella - brawl stars
i still can't believe Lou is an underrated brawler, he is one of my favorites, the fact that he can stun enemies + his range is good and his super...i agree that fang is still decent even after his nerf but he was INSANE before, anyways thank you so much for this video 🙌
Nuhan 👾
Nuhan 👾 3 aylar önce
@doki dokiya can freeze 24/7
doki doki
doki doki 3 aylar önce
I agree Lou just requures practice in aimin but besides that he is pretty good
Nuhan 👾
Nuhan 👾 3 aylar önce
@BeatParade yeah but as Edgar and mortis main , it's so ez to hit shots when ur in range compared to Lou uk... I suck with Lou cuz his range width or whatever u call it is so thin 🤡🤡🤡
BeatParade 3 aylar önce
@Nuhan 👾 Ngl he's my 2nd main. Just hit one of your attacks and that charges up like half of your super. That's why Lou super chaining is so common. It's really fun if you can do it right.
BeatParade 3 aylar önce
@#Best Dad Of The Year sed
I Am A Mushroom
I Am A Mushroom 3 aylar önce
You never let us down and you never will. Great video as always
shada tree
shada tree 3 aylar önce
Lou's Ice Block is so good against melee brawlers like edgar, since melee players would spam their attacks then use super
The Shadow of Chaos
The Shadow of Chaos 3 aylar önce
I can say that Lou is really strong in right hands, cuz I pushed him easily to rank 28 and think to continue to rank 30, Lou is useful with 2nd star power almost in every game mode
3K Diviner🃏
3K Diviner🃏 3 aylar önce
I think the Lou's 2nd SP can rework again like when enemy get hit the damage reduce 30%, but only work when the enemy got freeze point.
MrCatManYT 3 aylar önce
Thank you for this all hard work! Keep up the good work!
Martin 3 aylar önce
I remember games with ash just mauling through any obstacles. I always wondered why he hasn’t got attention.
christian castillo
christian castillo 3 aylar önce
I really like Lou but yes, it's really hard to hit enemies with him. Half the time, im useless on 3v3 with him
Smarty YT
Smarty YT 3 aylar önce
Ash is broken in na region bcoz many ppl know how to use him but in regions like emea and sesa ANZ ppl don't know how play ash and they continue to underrate it's tough to play ash
BlazerOff 385
BlazerOff 385 3 aylar önce
I like how CryingMan put himself in dangerous situations and save himself in showdown
GeniusStorm- Ice Dodo
GeniusStorm- Ice Dodo 3 aylar önce
Cryingman: *plays Lou in showdown* Also Cryingman: Don’t play Lou in showdown Also Cryingman: Lou is actually good in showdown
Tony :)- BS
Tony :)- BS 3 aylar önce
Isn't bibi also underrated? She deals so much damge, has knockback ability, decent health and a crazy super
Elizabeth 3 aylar önce
She is really good brawler but, Brawlers that can a do a Lot of damage per second (DPS) are very strong against her and they can avoid her up close, thanks to their gadgets.
The noob
The noob 3 aylar önce
She is used by a lot of people I would say she is well rated
someone 3 aylar önce
Many people mains and use her. At least for me , bibi is literally everywhere on ladder. So yeah , she isn't really underrated , since her star powers are really good ( speed is very toxic ) and her 1st gadget can keep her alive for a long time.
zone6 ivan
zone6 ivan 3 aylar önce
how she underrated everybody uses her
Shadow Cat
Shadow Cat 3 aylar önce
Other brawler tips: throw super there and use gadget in this moment to get free kill Ash tip: just kill enemy
AGO 3 aylar önce
I also think that penny is super underrated, it all depends on the map and the mode, but her turret is one of the most annoying things in the game, u have to move, always
Pedro Henrique
Pedro Henrique 3 aylar önce
I was more into Lou's old star power, Enemies lost up to 75% of their reload speed, I think it was more useful
Nick Petru
Nick Petru 3 aylar önce
Lola, in my opinion, should get like a 5-7% boost to her damage
tom pro
tom pro 3 aylar önce
Thanks for giving out the skins because it is really kind of you and I just want to say that you are doing great. I love your content and wish you good luck in the future. May you reach to 1 million subscribes!!! You totally deserve it bro.
İbrahim Türkmen
İbrahim Türkmen 3 aylar önce
İki saat çeviri den şunları yazmak için ne uğraşmışsin 😂😂
Pablo - Brawl Stars
Pablo - Brawl Stars 3 aylar önce
CryingMan just casually making OP content
Carson Pope
Carson Pope 3 aylar önce
I agree with cryingman on ash having a lot of hp they should nerf it, but damage is fine.
Fetyun 3 aylar önce
Hey CryingMan, you always put English subtitles on your video and then I can understand what are you talking about, because I am Spanish speaker but I can read English perfectly! Thanks, your videos are always incredibles! ❤
KapRiCoto _
KapRiCoto _ 3 aylar önce
Ash is amazing (as an ash/tank main in general, i don’t want him to be nerfed lol)
I Am A Mushroom
I Am A Mushroom 3 aylar önce
You know, I don’t think there really is this underrated and best in brawl stars. All brawlers are good if you play them well.
king1000 3 aylar önce
i really wish i had ash, even when you getting hit you just becoming more powerful
PiggyMasterY 3 aylar önce
Literally hulk🗿
samohT Gaming
samohT Gaming 3 aylar önce
Emz is extremely underrated. Nobody talks about her really and she can do so much damage if people get caught in her clouds. Her super area is giant, and it can damage annoying brawlers through walls. Easily top 10 brawler.
Da Ling
Da Ling 3 aylar önce
I love to use ice block gadget with Lou in showdown haha… it’s like old last hurrah plus you can really catch people off guard
Just B
Just B 3 aylar önce
I really don't understand why Ash is so underrated. He's amazing, i easily pushed him to 800 trophies in gem grab
Lauren ro
Lauren ro 3 aylar önce
Ty crying an for the tips! Helped me push the underated brawlers that I don’t play.
JayzyLee 3 aylar önce
I must say penny is in a rough spot, but if you can hit your shots with her, she can be really strong
GeneYTBS 3 aylar önce
Thank you, now I know which brawlers would be best to rank up :)
miao ;-;
miao ;-; 3 aylar önce
Ash has always been my main, but if you check him in raid he has too much damage...
ACITAS 3 aylar önce
Ash has very long range for a tank and I think they will nerf range or HP first
Fang reste un très bon brawlers malgré le triple ou le quadruple nerf lors de la dernière saison mais il est resté mon main
Xaius 3 aylar önce
Griff is my favorite brawler to play. Just so satisfying to shred through entire teams.
Диего Кофеварочный
Fang is still good though. He is very deadly and not so many brawlers counter him. He's a bit broken with his 1-st star power which lets him to go crazy
Saltyy PC
Saltyy PC 3 aylar önce
Gene is probably top 10 brawler at the moment and extremely underatted
3t Time
3t Time 3 aylar önce
Thanks for always uploading videos, I’m feeling so good for you!
Alessandro Al pacino
Alessandro Al pacino 3 aylar önce
Finally someone who acknolege that griff is broken I almost see no one use him apart from me because I'm a griff main his recyclyng of super and high damage is insane if you use him right
Eli Hubinsky
Eli Hubinsky 3 aylar önce
THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE LOU RECOGNITION! I have 5 r25 brawlers currently, and Lou is about to be my sixth!
Captain Rex
Captain Rex 3 aylar önce
i want to see at least wo new solo modes in the new update and map maker for every mode at anytime
Ashton of Swiss
Ashton of Swiss 3 aylar önce
Ash is my favourite brawler, it breaks my heart to see that he is the most underrated brawler
The noob
The noob 3 aylar önce
Use him on sneaky fields in bb thanks me later
buzzZone 3 aylar önce
ash is so freaking good in so many maps its actually crazy
Shreyas Jaiswal
Shreyas Jaiswal 3 aylar önce
I have one doubt: Ash automatically gets speed when enraged, then what does his star power do which provides upto 30% speed?
M. Chen
M. Chen 3 aylar önce
30% reload speed
Moon_Boy 3 aylar önce
lou is really op in game modes where u play against robots bosses bc u can freeze them really easy even if u dont have the star powers or the gadgets
Ilyas 3 aylar önce
As a Lola Main, im playing this brawler since she came out and I find her overpowered as hell
MIHTT 3 aylar önce
If you watched Kairos' tier list V.25, he was C tier😱
Liebe 7
Liebe 7 3 aylar önce
I didn’t know ash was underrated. When I found him I was so happy and he is my second most used brawler, after Janet. He is so funny to play
一脸滑稽 3 aylar önce
well but you can only play Ash in certain maps. You can't use Ash in Hot Zone or Bounty or Knock down. So I think he is totally balanced. And by the way, nobody ban Ash in power league I think. Tanks are just on the weaker side in this game.....
Fiq 17
Fiq 17 3 aylar önce
I Am A Mushroom
I Am A Mushroom 3 aylar önce
Cryingman: Lola is one of the best brawlers right now Then puts her in 3rd place
BeatParade 3 aylar önce
Like Ash, people don't see the potential Lola can have.
CaptainWolf_Gaming - BRAWLSTARS
Ye same i didn't know
Dan P
Dan P 3 aylar önce
"Lola is actually one of the best brawlers." Me losing every game with her: "i'll just pretend i didn't hear thar..."
Badri Kokaia
Badri Kokaia 3 aylar önce
i think lola doesnt gets nerf because she is actually weak. also about ash i think he isnt that strong because many brawler counts him. i like to see enemy ash because for me ash is easy to kill for me.
Rodzynek 3 aylar önce
'' its kinda hard to hit shots with lou'' **Casually destroys the whole lobby not missing any shot**
PiggyMasterY 3 aylar önce
I dont want ash should get nerf, (i hope) cuz it is my fav brawler and its fun to use him.
Yeah tho
Yeah tho 3 aylar önce
Griff is insane, one of his star powers heals 15% ( I don't agree about that in the "worst star powers" video)
Dávid Bartoš
Dávid Bartoš 3 aylar önce
1:50 dont play Lou in Showdown 1:58 Lou is actually decent in Showdown 🤣
Максим Мавров
Also the teamers Max when they saw Ash: You know the rules- It's time to die quickly
Ryan Lagado™
Ryan Lagado™ 3 aylar önce
Ash really needs a _nerf_ , because, bro, you can just walk up to your enemy and kill him, it's OP, and about Griff, CryingMan is correct, Griff is a tank counter but there's other brawlers that counter better
Kronikz_22 3 aylar önce
I dont think fang is underrated, hes still played a lot imo
Help me reach 41k subs without any Videos
These videos is the thing we need
FS 303
FS 303 3 aylar önce
Hi Cryingman! Love ur vids! Can you do more Top??? Videos, like tope builds. These kind of vids are soooo intersting!
Syra 3 aylar önce
I'm so sad for Fang he is my favorite brawler. I don't understand why they nerf him sm but he is still good.
DilCam1234 3 aylar önce
Because he was insane
NightMare Gaming
NightMare Gaming 3 aylar önce
Pls do live stream when the brawl talk is live Because I wanna see your opinion about skins and new brawler so it help a lot Thanks for such an amazing Content love you bro❤️❤️❤️
Welx 3 aylar önce
Your tips are really useful 👍 Thanks
Anthony Schuler
Anthony Schuler 3 aylar önce
Lou is one of the most satisfying brawlers to play with and a Lou with Hypothermia cam actually take down an Edgar if he jumps on you
Gigachad 3 aylar önce
Penny kinda got a buff i think the rework made her better
ThundeR 3 aylar önce
Here idea for the new build.Pick colt and his 2nd sp with speed gear.We get more range and speed!
BeatParade 3 aylar önce
But the problem is if you can hit the shots in the first place.
Duong Hoang Minh
Duong Hoang Minh 3 aylar önce
I still think Lou and Griff are a bit on the weaker side, mainly due to their hard-to-hit attacks. Their super, gadgets and star powers are strong, but not being able to hit your shots will just make most of their abilities useless
M. Chen
M. Chen 3 aylar önce
Griff's shots aren't that hard to hit in my experience
Bot 1 Gaming
Bot 1 Gaming 3 aylar önce
3:38 cryingman: but there are better tank counters *for example the one that just died when he said that*
Aaren 3 aylar önce
Ash’s first gadget is so op and brawl stars need to nerf Ash’s health or this will be so unfair
#Best Dad Of The Year
#Best Dad Of The Year 3 aylar önce
Nice to know that 95% of the brawlers i main are somewhat underrated
Ian Glenn Antonio
Ian Glenn Antonio 3 aylar önce
Remember!!! This is why Ash has alot of Health(HP) Because he is a Tank Brawler like Primo,Bull,Frank,Rosa.
Fawzy 3 aylar önce
Tips: Just walk up straight and kill enemy Me: What obvious strategy! How did I not know it before?
Māku shōn Jon G ramiresu (Mj)
Maybe ash's health should be nerf to 7400 or 7200
Nooby 3 aylar önce
The lou star power is really great good against high damage brawlers ;)
HitBlizzz 3 aylar önce
Ash is just op everytime i play him i wins specially to counter tanks 🌚
천랫 3 aylar önce
Griff is stronger than Shelly when you fight against a tank brawler. His Super charge speed is so crazy, and he don't needs to get more closer to enemy!
jack rose
jack rose 3 aylar önce
Yeah,,In Basketball mode he is unstoppable..he sweep the entire opponent 😂😂😂
New Dumbell
New Dumbell 3 aylar önce
Incredible, as always
Jake_Brawl stars
Jake_Brawl stars 3 aylar önce
Lou may be underrated but he easily dominates in token gamemodes like robo rumble.
AhmeDd.D 3 aylar önce
Hello cryingman, i just want to say you that i Really like your content thank you.❤️
Spark Zter
Spark Zter 3 aylar önce
lola's projectile speed and range are straight up perfect, i'd say lola is pretty balanced rn...
Goatlette 3 aylar önce
I think, Colette is underratet. She is insane in showdown against tank brawlers
Brijendra Sai
Brijendra Sai 3 aylar önce
Don't agree with Fand. In gold, diamond PL, Fang is used often and the Fang's team almost always looses
ARGY _ 3 aylar önce
The greef makes the most damage in the game actually
hamss 3 aylar önce
Carl is underrated too he gives so much damage with him super and hims super+2nd gagdet is amazing!
Dragon Legend BS
Dragon Legend BS 3 aylar önce
Lou’s 2nd star power is better than his 1st SP now after the changes. Ash with speed and damage gear is too op. Fang’s 2nd gadget is useless now after the nerf. The problem is the gadget stun radius is short. Buff this gadget radius to 3.33 tiles.
TI SEI MESSO TARAA 3 aylar önce
What about Emz? 😕 She's pretty strong ❤️
Cuts C-OPS
Cuts C-OPS 3 aylar önce
Lately i stopped playing brawlstars but cryingman is just fun to watch icl
리즈 3 aylar önce
전 이런 국밥형 브롤러들 많이 쓰고 있어요❤ 진짜 든든해서 좋더라고요 팽은 확실히 위상은 떨어져도 중간급 이상 성능으로 너프시켜서 만족했어요
Phoenimation Aylar önce
0:39 bro why are Lou and Max's voice lines singing to the song perfectly 💀
They can't Attack🌪🤣
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