Top 20 CRAZIEST Goals In Premier League History 

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These are the 20 craziest goals in Premier League history.
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20 Ara 2022




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@OFFSIDE__Football 9 aylar önce
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@ComboWAY 8 aylar önce
@henrytrudeau4342 6 aylar önce
But that goal didn't win an award like the next one! Son wins puskas for that goal
@user-ns1hx6uz1p 4 aylar önce
⁠ Laura
@user-ns1hx6uz1p 4 aylar önce
@user-ns1hx6uz1p 4 aylar önce
Stop saying bad words
@jgueroz71 11 aylar önce
Martin Tyler’s commentary “AGUEROOOOOO” iconic
@leonferko 8 aylar önce
That Bergkam goal is absolute definitiom.of class
@SangeethaRammohan Aylar önce
Son went crazy with that 90 meters because he had a fight with his goalkeeper in the dressing room
@mivuyonkabi5780 8 aylar önce
Papiss Cisse's goal against Chelsea should've been on this list
@Captain_-cn4ml 3 aylar önce
Henry’s goal against man utd should’ve been there too. Just taking two touches with his back to the goal, he scored a beautiful volley.
Sons goal was an award winning goal
@shaun2463 Yıl önce
0:38 Son's goal was an award-winning goal. It literally won the Puskas Award
@mohamediq1969 11 aylar önce
also giroud goul won the puskas ?
@shaun2463 11 aylar önce
@@mohamediq1969 what? Nobody's saying it didn't. The video says that Son's goal didn't. Keep up, Mohamed.
@mohamediq1969 11 aylar önce
@@shaun2463 oh sorry.. I thought you meant son's goal should be number one because it won the puskas award. Sorry for misunderstanding you shaun.
@Capybarazzzzzz 11 aylar önce
Sons should have been higher then selling ali
@emmawayland1 2 aylar önce
@cubingbadwolf2311 11 aylar önce
Sons goal literally was an award winning goal. It one the Puskas award for 2020
@adamt8310 Yıl önce
8:42 man clutched it up so hard he got the opponent celebrating with him 💀
@hector27shs Yıl önce
@thedrifter69420 Yıl önce
thats what you call sportsmanship
@lifeisadream306 Yıl önce
@Faizan lmfao
@mnmrazeen Yıl önce
Yes he was.but why?
@hiyan2397 Yıl önce
💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀 ohio 💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀
@vishaal-jv8ru Yıl önce
People never appreciate the hard workers bro..but we are always there for u...road to 1 million
This means the world to me, thank you so much! 🥹❤️
That’s so right😊
@h2oflickzz281 Yıl önce
Should’ve used Martin Tyler’s commentary for the Aguero goal it is the better commentary and I feel Rooneys volley from the half way was better than the outside the box or beckhams goal from his own half. But either way great video
@bloodsporty2435 8 aylar önce
​@@probow8896simply put,a volley is when you receive a pass in the air,you kick the ballbefore it bounces. A half volley is when you let it bounce 1 time. Roonys goal in the box was an overhead/scissor kick and a thing of beauty. The best volley in this video was Van Persie,who hit the cleanest volley I've ever seen,it was stunning and very difficult as the ball came from behind him dropping over his shoulder and boom-he hits a pearler.
I love these videos. thank you for making them.
Glad you like them! Thanks for watching
l love these videos. thank you for making them.
i acally dont know. you were the won that is acally inspering me to do socer. Thank you
The first one Almost gave me a heart attack💀
@ObaidFaisal Yıl önce
bro i was watching for a couple days and was going to join the community then realised you only have 2k subs i thought it was glitching but then noticed you do have only 2k am still shocked how criminally underrated you are
Hahah thanks man, I'm glad you're part of the community! I have big plans for this channel
@ObaidFaisal Yıl önce
@@OFFSIDE__Football i will support you all the way if your content is the same
@sportsgo8384 Yıl önce
@@OFFSIDE__FootballI will subscribe and support you too, class content
@george5496 11 aylar önce
I like the part when it said "mean while man u fans" 😂😂😂
@Dreplayz0 Yıl önce
I get chills everything I see that goal last one btw
@karenlawrenson1854 11 aylar önce
2:37 kompanys goal was great
@Mike-zx1kx Yıl önce
Number one was solely picked for its importance in the rank and not for the beauty, brains and skills behind. That was a sad number one after all these fine goals.
@IMsovietsong 8 aylar önce
A controversial number 1 pick drives engagement.
@Mike-zx1kx 8 aylar önce
@@IMsovietsong Funny how disengaged Russians and Chinese people are about their number 1. right?
@lewismason2546 8 aylar önce
Would have been 'crazier' if QPR were actually still playing at that point. As soon as they knew they were safe they were just giving the ball to city. Sad number 1 for sure
@marc21256 8 aylar önce
@@IMsovietsong Thumbs down, and "don't suggest this channel again" fixes that problem, all I need is a few more million people to vote like me.
Amazing goals 💝💝
@blowupnms Yıl önce
Ronaldo's long range free kick against Arsenal for Man U wasn't added
@duckaza6224 Yıl önce
That was champion league
@shwetasingh2202 Yıl önce
@@duckaza6224it was still good
@n.d.miller1543 9 aylar önce
@@duckaza6224 so was Ronaldo's goal #3 in this compilation. This was a weird selection of goals tbh, and they all belong in that top 50 or 100, but there have been many goals crazier than these.
@codskillgap Yıl önce
Agueroooooooooooo..... Damn that's some goosebump moment
@edbarber8823 Yıl önce
I love all the goals🎉🎉😮😮
@levskolnik7151 Yıl önce
Same here
Bro is the w of football revision
@jamaal_ldn Yıl önce
How can you not have the iconic AGUEROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO commentary?
@davetv4705 Yıl önce
I really enjoyed your videos and subscribed.
@wisher1318 8 aylar önce
I think the thumb nail is the BEST goal
Cisse’s goal for Newcastle against Chelsea should be in the top 5 of that list easy
@5169clown Yıl önce
Zlatan's bysicle kick from like 20 yards definently needed #3
@flashcubing3725 Yıl önce
No Zlatan’s bysicle didn’t deserve number 3, number 3 deserved zlatan
@5169clown Yıl önce
@@flashcubing3725 Dam that's actually true
@haadiqureshi5678 11 aylar önce
its only premier league goals
@mythicpvp4031 11 aylar önce
It's only premier league goals zlatan's goal was in his national team
@akubelemc Yıl önce
Greatest goals ever
Theriey Henry's goal was top 20 seriously
Ikr it was not impressive
@FiFaFan390 2 aylar önce
Wayne Rooney has always been my man literally the FIFA player who got me into playing soccer to begin with 2:08 beyond amazing bicycle kick by Wayne Rooney 3:47 Wayne Rooney puts a ball in the net from over 90 yards outs 4:10 Wayne Rooney putting a nice clean ball in the top right corner from 59 Yards out
@buildnstuff1541 Yıl önce
This channel is so good❤
@levskolnik7151 Yıl önce
I know right
@Hil830 Yıl önce
I love your videos keep up the good work
Thanks man, I will!! 🤝
@Fred13169 10 aylar önce
These goals are the worlds best
@cazdekoning2970 Yıl önce
0:20 a defender when he does not have anyone to pass to in under 12
@ChilliTheHound Yıl önce
I like that part where he scores
@SubtoMeRn_TY Yıl önce
Midfield shots are insanely rare, and mindblowing hard.
@samozzi-pp9xk Yıl önce
ur underrated OFFSIDE😤😤😤
@sethz-1008 8 aylar önce
You dont know how happy i am to be an og been here since 4k
@jaliluo Yıl önce
Number 1 Gave Me Goosebumps
@aisha2aisha20 11 aylar önce
drogba's volley shocked me🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯
@thomasbru7597 11 aylar önce
Aguero's goal was winning goal😃
the deeney goal too
@Joshiebox-hx3ge Yıl önce
Me thinking deeney was top 5
the deeney goal too
@highonelights7974 6 aylar önce
Son won Puskas award for that goal
@Unblox Yıl önce
Number 18 ‘wasn’t an award winning goal’ Son laughing with his puskas😂
@Nincangoober Yıl önce
bro deserves 3 million subs
@buitengelukvenue6829 2 aylar önce
Can you pls do a another one like this one but for these seasons
@PuseletsoMotsitsi 2 aylar önce
Winning goal❤
@piko3535 Yıl önce
Now after watching this i feel like Sae's goal in U20 vs Blue Lock was inspired from drogba
@kvmanii Yıl önce
Rooney didn’t get enough credit
@ravenedits1225 Yıl önce
richarlison’s goal at World Cup… was so coollllll
@ravenedits1225 Yıl önce
do a best goals in world cup
@bobbyrichardson2947 2 aylar önce
Alan shearer vs goal line defenders is definitely top 5
@xmochi7 Yıl önce
The fact that QPR made it look easier
@toastygamez8920 Yıl önce
i was waiting for zlatans bicycle kick and then i remebered that it was onbly prem goals :d
@levskolnik7151 Yıl önce
wished Haaland was in here because he is a literal robot with scoring🇳🇴
@Todez_YT Yıl önce
tap ins wont be on a "Craziest goals" video
@andrewbryers-th1ks 11 aylar önce
I love your goals 😮
@ediinfinite7020 Yıl önce
@jake-thecool31 11 aylar önce
@lubovamelescena870 10 aylar önce
If Ur a Manchester City fan like this comment
@lubovamelescena870 10 aylar önce
I’m a Manchester City fan
@fleurlouise9 10 aylar önce
@Martipee 2 aylar önce
Wayne Rooneys goal (4:19) was for Everton against Gor Mahia in a July 2017 friendly. It was recorded as 30 yards, NOT 59 yards as claimed here. Edge of penalty area is 18 yards and you can see from there how the reported 59 yards is incorrect.
What about Rodrigo's goal when Leeds lost 2-4 to Man Utd?
@SillyberryTheClown 9 aylar önce
What about Cisse's goal for Newcastle? Or do only Man utd, Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool and City only score crazy goals?
Did anyone notice that the number of Bale's goal was the same as his jersey number
i was waiting for ronaldo free kick in the blue shirt. should be top 5
When I grow up I will become like them
@user-bc2ym7jb6u 11 aylar önce
@FunFooty-eq5ko Yıl önce
Love celebration 🍾 💕
Notice, most of these goals are from the old man United which was ran by a better coach
@user-cq7of3se5v 8 aylar önce
❤❤❤😂😂Wooowww Giroud
Are we gonna forget about David Beckham’s MIDDLE OF THE FIELD GOAL?!?!
@levskolnik7151 Yıl önce
Been quite a few like that
@fionayeung7205 11 aylar önce
@markmarks1365 9 aylar önce
Man change your avatar...Harry McGuire simply isn't good enough to wear a United shirt!!!!!
@ssimbwaisa8486 23 gün önce
That's our GOAT CR7 wooooo yes love 💘 u
@mfkyoto Yıl önce
Kun Aguero's goal was the craziest 🤯
@Scrafl Yıl önce
no it wasn't
It was a crucial goal. They won the ucl
@Scrafl Yıl önce
@@cuberpianist3269 UCL...? MAN CITY HAVE NEVER WON A UCL
@@Scrafl ohk I wanted to say pl title
@awahiduzzaman Yıl önce
Sergio Aguero not kin aguero
@elguapocortez 4 aylar önce
Which is better giroud goal or goalie bicycle kick 🤔
@ninjaronit5824 7 aylar önce
Wayne Rooney longshot 🔥
@markmarks1365 10 aylar önce
How can you leave out Tony Yeboah?....scored some amazing goals in his time at Leeds United
@1876UTB 9 aylar önce
Certainly did. Was on the intro of The Match of The Day in the 90s
@1876UTB 9 aylar önce
And how could they go without mentioning Jimmy Floyd Hasselbank. Played for Leeds in the 90s but it was this gem when he played for Middlesbrough in the 05/06 season that takes the cake!! trvid.com/video/video-u3F_Bpqpg7Y.html
@lewismason2546 8 aylar önce
Legend status when kids are celebrating that they just scored a 'Yeboah'
@lajohnson1ly 7 aylar önce
Liverpool or Wimbledon?
@IamErenYeager 7 aylar önce
Bro became a teacher 6:25
@donjoki8329 3 aylar önce
Lol, saw cisse celebrating with aguero after THAT goal
@MxngoMm2 Yıl önce
the real best goal was from blue lock
@bobs8386 Yıl önce
which one
@evanboholst4451 Yıl önce
Alli uses our Brazilian magic ginga
@kirby_yay 2 aylar önce
my fav part is when rooney scored that one goal and the commentary was "aNd wHaT a gOaL"
@kashtoncarlsonochcoki 10 aylar önce
3:24 was crazy dude
@RhysDosPassos 3 aylar önce
The way he pronounced Thierry Henry caused me physical pain
@Spaceman420_ Yıl önce
Mohamed Salah goal was 6:10 the best
@Scrafl Yıl önce
@user-ls4ro8sm8x Aylar önce
I liked Ronald's free kick
@harveywoods815 Yıl önce
Henry’s goal was a tap in like wtf 😂😂
@levskolnik7151 Yıl önce
@solomonsophia-qx3rb 11 aylar önce
Hello harvey how are you doing
@test11tecno28 Yıl önce
Ronaldo and Salah are my favourite
@sambwete1647 10 aylar önce
Plus Girouds' goal was only replica to that of Mikterian
@n.d.miller1543 9 aylar önce
2 things.... 1 is that Mkhitaryan was offside and 2 is that Giroud had more to do as he wasn't as close to the goal as Mkhitaryan was. Giroud's was a far superior goal.
@SaintKenshyn Yıl önce
this man deserves more than 550 subs
Thank you for saying that! But hey, you’re just early. I’m not slowing down any time soon 😬
this man deserves more than 550 subs
@randombear5279 Yıl önce
bro called it a curve
How would you call it? 😂
@binges517 Yıl önce
knuckleball 💀
@mrcappy296 Yıl önce
giroud did not deserve the puskas award a goalkeeper scored a bicyckle kick and lost to that wow
@ballemanden8460 9 aylar önce
@lajohnson1ly 7 aylar önce
Who was the goalkeeper?
@ballemanden8460 7 aylar önce
@@lajohnson1ly Oscarine Masuluke
@lajohnson1ly 7 aylar önce
@@ballemanden8460 thank you.
@mrcappy296 7 aylar önce
@@lajohnson1ly Oscarine Masuluke
I liked the first and the 10-th first Rooney goal
@nikolaybekov2331 8 aylar önce
I think there were magic goas in the past as well. Beckham (1996 vs Wimbeldon for example), Stevie G, Scholes, Owen, Shearer, Ljungberg ..... delivered not one of those, for sure. So this is chart does not count all the PL history, obviously.
The first Rooney goal was so crazy he wasn’t even on the epponets half
@tuangpi8357 Yıl önce
Wow very good. Impressive
@buildnstuff1541 Yıl önce
Salah running down the wing❤
@sethz-1008 8 aylar önce
Son became me in school football i once dribbled past 7 players😂
@clemensstiglitz9757 11 aylar önce
fun fact: 8:30 was balotellis only assist that season
@lajohnson1ly 7 aylar önce
Henry’s against Leeds was in the FA Cup not the Premier League
@n.d.miller1543 9 aylar önce
This video is riddled with errors and inconsistencies.
@Mbappe3 Yıl önce
ie love You videos 🎉
where is cisse its one of the greatest goals of all time
where is cisse its one of the greatest goals of all time
I had the same question
@sacrifice_7620 Yıl önce
I love that goal
Newcastle United legand
@Tiktok-nx3pg Yıl önce
Bro this is so crazy 54:26
@AsAgro-ed4bh Yıl önce
zlatan left the chat
zlatan left the chat
@Zacheryok Yıl önce
@@ellasoderstrom5407 the chat left zlatan
Zlatan didint leave the chat the chat left the lion
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