Top 10 Worst Changes in Movie Remakes

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If it ain’t broke don’t fix it! For this list, we’re looking at changes in remakes that had us wishing they’d just left the original alone. And yes, of COURSE we included Godzilla’s design in “Godzilla” (1998) - along with changes in “I Am Legend” (2007), “The Karate Kid” (2010), “The Stepford Wives” (2004), and more! What change really ticked YOU off in a movie remake? Let us know in the comments!
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18 Aug 2019




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flyhound97 Gün önce
One reason Total Recall didn't work is because there was no lesbo scene with Biel and Beckinsale.
Prime 3 gün önce
In all Superhero movies in History *Fant4stic* is the worst remake. It just made the 2000s movies look like Epic
Prime 3 gün önce
Actually as per my experience *Teen Titans Go* animated series in Cartoon Network is *the Worst Remake* in my whole life
wolf wing
wolf wing 4 gün önce
...I get that this is complaining about the movie version, but some of these changes like total recall are based closer to the original book.
zargondm 5 gün önce
The planet of the apes remake made sense, the passed though a time vortex and changed earths distance past. When he returns though it he arrives at the changed earth in the present.
Paul Cadwallader
Paul Cadwallader 7 gün önce
I liked the 1998 Godzilla tbh
Congo Man Dan-
Congo Man Dan- 10 gün önce
Yo godzilla all good tho.
Jeff King
Jeff King 10 gün önce
Hollywood is just out of fresh ideas. They have to have at least 2 sex scenes, lots of cursing, and Socialism. Other than that, all they can do is [poorly] rehash what has already been done. Sad.
Christian Fletcher
Christian Fletcher 11 gün önce
Some remake are good
Gary 14 gün önce
The movie "Planet of the apes" with Charlton Heston is an adaptation of the book. And the ending in the book is the same as the ending in the Tim Burton version, which is another adaptation, not a remake. So this shouldn't be on the list. But the Charlon Heston ending should be in "Top 10 smart changes in book adaptations"
Fame Little
Fame Little 16 gün önce
The new karate kid was better
Jeremy McKay
Jeremy McKay 17 gün önce
Love Don't Cost a Thing urbanizing Can't Buy Me Love. They even use some of the same lines...
Todd Kerby
Todd Kerby 17 gün önce
How in the mother of flip do you do a list of worst changes in remakes and not include the new Be Prepared from The Lion King 2019?
telemachus53 18 gün önce
Lord of the Flies, first in black and white with some of the most memorable scenes in film. The second, a US version in colour which runs like an American kids sit com. The Ladykillers - really! How did they think they could remake a film which starred Alec Guinness, Peter Sellers, Herbert Lom, Cecil Parker, Danny Green and the adorable Katie Johnson. Must've been off their rockers!
Nycot 18 gün önce
The first Ben Hur did not win the Oscars just for effects, it also won them for costumes, music, acting, screenplay, and others. Relying on CGI alone to save your movie is lazy.
Nycot 18 gün önce
Gojira is the creature's REAL name, his Japanese name, and it's derived from the Japenese words for Gorilla "Gorira" and Whale "Kujira". Godzilla is the Westernised version of the name, but it has no definition.
Nycot 18 gün önce
I just realized that 1997 Godzilla also had really bad special effects ... Like, they're the sort of effects you would see in a horror movie with a very small budget.
Nycot 18 gün önce
Godzilla 1997 should not be considered as a "Remake" of Godzilla. Rather, the movie, and the monster in it (who's name has been changed to "Zilla" by fans) should not be associated with Godzilla, and should be treated as a separate monster altogether.
Lavrentivs 18 gün önce
Surely the remake of 'Get Carter' deserves a place on this list.
Dannyphantom415 18 gün önce
All the new disney movies
Eric Bonewicz
Eric Bonewicz 19 gün önce
Why is almost every watchmojo video have physco as number 1..
Eric Bonewicz
Eric Bonewicz 19 gün önce
Being from Connecticut I never understood that phrase by glen close.
Amy Fisher
Amy Fisher 19 gün önce
Johnny Depp as Willy Wonka was just plain creepy, and that extra backstory tacked on at the end - which was NOT in the book - was completely unnecessary. Tim Burton has given us a lot of wonderful original movies, why did he have to remake something that should have been left alone?
Gopi Gandhi
Gopi Gandhi 19 gün önce
Old boy This must be number 1.
Alejandro Elvira
Alejandro Elvira 20 gün önce
Charlie and the chocolate factory is'nt quite bad as said.
WHD Studios 2
WHD Studios 2 20 gün önce
Fact: 10:41 The Woman Getting Stabbed Is Jamie Lee Curtis's MOTHER!!! - Jamie Lee Curtis is most popular for her role as Laurie Strode on John Carpenter's Halloween (1978); A Baby Sitter In 1978 Who Got Stalked And (And Later Stabbed) By Michael Myers, Her mother, Janet Leigh, finally got a chance to be with her in Halloween: H20, Curtis has just finished reprising her role as Laurie in last year's record-breaking David Gordon Green's Halloween (2018), And is expected to reprise her role as Laurie in 2020 and 2021! - It was rumored that all 3 movies; Phsyco, Halloween, Scream, are all 3 horror movies that are based on the same very thing; An evil shadow wanting to kill for evil. Halloween, Phsyco, and Scream is set to re-air on our TV screens later next month as Halloween the holiday fogs among us.
A Fig
A Fig 20 gün önce
Unlike Lil' Bow Wow, who was touched.
mszoomy 20 gün önce
The Fog was horrid
marcress 20 gün önce
How about remaking the Cary Grant classic "Mr. Blandings Builds HIs Dream House" as "The Money Pit (1986)" or "Are We Done Yet (2007)?"
geyik figürü
geyik figürü 21 gün önce
i like zilla come at me
Andrew Small
Andrew Small 21 gün önce
Trying to kill Belle's father is what you disagree with?! How about almost every decision!
Philosophy Love
Philosophy Love 22 gün önce
I’m not one to comment, but I really despise the try-too-hard approach with the actress in a studio and painfully scripted false disingenuousness.
Uncle Quack
Uncle Quack 22 gün önce
Mark Walberg sucks.
Camila Delaney
Camila Delaney 22 gün önce
I Need a boy friend. :/
Planet Ape
Planet Ape 23 gün önce
sh!t.. I didn't even know that psycho had a remake.., now i know :(
blazzee hazzee
blazzee hazzee 23 gün önce
Emmerichs godzilla was the best one of all
Unpopular 23 gün önce
I respect alot of classics but a lot are dated and bad but still get all the acclaim. Clash of the Titans i gotta say i enjoyed the movies. I would never ever watch the original.
Weirdwerwolf 23 gün önce
The first Godzilla Movie was a metaphor for the fear of nuclear weapons but it was also inspired by the Movie The Beast From 20,000 Fathoms which could maybe explain why the Zilla Movie took place in New York.
Brandon Waugh
Brandon Waugh 23 gün önce
1998 Godzilla should've been number one. That movie was less Godzilla and more The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms
XR40 23 gün önce
Thank you. I've been saying exactly that for years and no one had a clue what I meant. Nice to know others can see the connection.
babygirlatwell 23 gün önce
i think the 2018 or 2019 godzilla was the worst. it looks like a shell-less turtle.
babygirlatwell 23 gün önce
@Angel Pérezbecause i don't like the new godzilla movie you had to insult me by making a racist comment.
Angel Pérez
Angel Pérez 23 gün önce
Well you are on a miniscule and wrong minority
Wolfsky9 23 gün önce
THE all-time " WORST REMAKE, EVER " : Any attempt to remake Willian Wyler's all-time classic " Ben Hur" -----------the remake was so bad, it was almost ---------sadly----------funny. ----------LEAVE CLASSICS ALONE !! ---------------------WolfSky9, 72 y/o
Wolfsky9 23 gün önce
The '26 version of " Ben-Hur" was the most honored film of the silent era. It was also the most expensive. ----------The '59 Wyler version cost MGM 15 million , the most expensive film ever, to that date. ----------In today's money that's well over $225 million. ----------The chariot race alone, took a year to prepare, & 6 full months to film. Charlton Heston spent 18 months learning how to drive a full 4-horse chariot. --------------------------WolfSky9, 72 y/o
Margie Whitteck
Margie Whitteck 24 gün önce
They couldn't use the original concept of Godzilla because Toho Studios forbade it.
orc at war 98
orc at war 98 23 gün önce
well i was watching a vid about 98 and no it's the directors choice to change the design and toho (even though it's a bad idea even early planning) said ok
Kalinin Dippy
Kalinin Dippy 24 gün önce
new narrator is mush mouth. Any chance of getting somebody with proper diction.? This feels like a struggle for her.
Chris Cowen
Chris Cowen 24 gün önce
How was over board or max payne or nightmare on Elm Street on this list
orc at war 98
orc at war 98 23 gün önce
one:max payne was a video game then became a movie
Rik Metz
Rik Metz 24 gün önce
You do know roald dalh disliked gene wilder as willy wonka, making him too serious. When you look at it that way, it is gene wilder who put his own spin on the character. Gene wilder looked better playing willy wonka, but johnny depp had the better character. Also the oompa loompas in 2005 the looked like actual small human beings, while in 1971 they looked like gingerbreadmen come to life by some experiment.
Betty Long
Betty Long 24 gün önce
I could care less about the rest....but damn they made Godzilla a lard ass.
Adrian Frank
Adrian Frank 24 gün önce
Robocop. Also, remaking Home Alone possibly. Don’t touch my Home Alone!
captain drama
captain drama 24 gün önce
Gosh darnnit, Disney!
Jae Croe
Jae Croe 24 gün önce
I enjoyed both of those Total Recall's 🥺🥺
David Carter
David Carter 24 gün önce
I loved Beauty and the Beast!
Jonathan Parker
Jonathan Parker 24 gün önce
Agree with Godzilla totally even though I liked the 1998 movie. Nothing can compare to Charlton Heston and the ending of Planet of the Apes. I actually liked the updated Total Recall movie drawing upon pieces from the original.
CHilla415 25 gün önce
It's over 50 years old so it's not a terrible idea to give it an update? Umm... no. Just since something is old doesn't mean it NEEDS to be re-done. Fuck that excuse. Be original.
TobyBeau And Chris
TobyBeau And Chris 25 gün önce
I understand when you talk about Planet of the Apes being a terrible remake of the original movie with Charlton Heston but if you've ever read the original book Planet of the Apes at the end of the book The Astronaut somehow gets the spaceship to fly and he thinks he's flown away from the Planet of the Apes only to crash land on Earth between his original time and the time of the Planet of the Apes only to be picked up by apes driving military vehicles. So, you can say the newer version of Planet of the Apes although a terrible movie, has a script more true to the book then the original Charlton Heston Planet of the Apes.
Craig Heller
Craig Heller 25 gün önce
Don't forget that Heston's Ben Hur was a remake also
June Marie Liddy
June Marie Liddy 25 gün önce
i can guess most endings of videos that seems bad ha ha videos need to be original
Zaia Yacoub
Zaia Yacoub 25 gün önce
I heard they're making "Coming to America pt 2"....Good God why now?
xoobo vola
xoobo vola 25 gün önce
Unfortunately I saw the remake of Psycho as a kid BEFORE the original... Don't cry for me Argentina
carrastealth 25 gün önce
Number 6 didn't ignore the title. The original(alt) ending, he realized precisely what the title meant. But the generic 'sacrifice himself to be a hero' ending being chosen by the studio cause they didn't understand why the original ending was what it was, was what ruined it. The Karate Kid remake was actually pretty good and was universally well received. So I wouldn't call it 'hated' outside of a few people going 'Why not call it the 'kung fu' kid?" but the movie came out and it was good enough that people didn't mind it. And as Jackie Chan is in it, he shouldn't be teaching anything less than Kung-Fu :D
Zilla is not another version of Godzilla, Godzilla in name only.
maureencora1 25 gün önce
Ole Texas Saying "If It's Not Broke, Don't Fix It."
Rob Robinson
Rob Robinson 25 gün önce
If I remember correctly, the Total Recall remake was much closer to the original source material, a short story by Philip K. Dick.
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