Top 10 Raw moments: WWE Top 10, Dec. 2, 2019

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WWE Top 10 takes you back to this week’s Monday Night Raw to revisit the show’s most thrilling, physical and controversial moments.
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3 Dec 2019




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Alketa 3 gün önce
what the 3:09 how did he fall with just a little bit of a pushing with a leg
Koilubai Zholamanov
Koilubai Zholamanov 4 gün önce
anil anil
anil anil 7 gün önce
4:07 😜Booky sit on her boobs 💥💥
SaFaRi Sandg
SaFaRi Sandg 9 gün önce
Colston Cumberland
Colston Cumberland 10 gün önce
I HATE WWE NOW ITS SO STUPID except for Lashley getting arrested and Lana
Zero YouTube
Zero YouTube 10 gün önce
Я русский Россия сильнее всех
6ix9ine Bernard
6ix9ine Bernard 16 gün önce
Lana and Bobby Are like Milk Chocolate
Some Awesomenexx
Some Awesomenexx 25 gün önce
Watching Lashley, Rusev, Lana storyline is like watching Raffy Tulfo in Action with fight scenes
Sibtain Shirazi
Sibtain Shirazi 27 gün önce
Truth should be a hall of fame cause most title wins
Audrey Gordon
Audrey Gordon Aylar önce
Lana slap office poilce
Francisco Torres
Francisco Torres Aylar önce
No shelton obligado the women why
Hector Montes
Hector Montes Aylar önce
Who honestly found this show entertaining? HORRIBLE ACTING!! I just can't get into it .. Everyone forgot Lana used to fake a accent this storyline is going nowhere!! I only watch because Orton and Styles are on the show
Miguel Lopez
Miguel Lopez Aylar önce
5:26 Lashley: It’s cuz I’m black right?
Cass Cass
Cass Cass Aylar önce
Styles clash looks like the glam slam lol
Cricket Lover Selim Raj
Apko subcribe like comment back
Chicken Gaming
Chicken Gaming Aylar önce
Dang kevin
Jayesh Ram
Jayesh Ram Aylar önce
the mic g8irl in the end tho lololololol
Uvuvwevwe Ossas
Uvuvwevwe Ossas Aylar önce
4:07 ..........Nice
Hussain Ali
Hussain Ali Aylar önce
Divine Uloko
Divine Uloko Aylar önce
Why is Randy going around rkoing people
احمد سكان
احمد سكان Aylar önce
أروع مسلسل ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
Palak Jio
Palak Jio Aylar önce
5:55 lanaaaaa🤐🤐🤐🤫☹️
Palak Jio
Palak Jio Aylar önce
1:06... Lana🔥🔥🔥🔥🥰😍 Hotttt
Lea Gemayel
Lea Gemayel Aylar önce
I love the end
Antônia Riquelme
Antônia Riquelme Aylar önce
Alguém em 2020??
Kumari Mowmita Vishwanath Majumdar
stone age girl , stone age man , also a tailor from stone age.
MO HIT Aylar önce
Who is waiting for heel turn of KO
MO HIT Aylar önce
That is the best glamour kick I seen
MO HIT Aylar önce
Hey....WWE you know R Truth deserves more than a 24/7 championship
Nelson Market
Nelson Market Aylar önce
"ya llegó su superhéroe cabrones" - Humberto Carrillo
Monster Jam OCD fan number 1
Me the Bobby Lashley Lana and Rusev story oh my God who the hell cares
Marin bg 2. Jr.
Marin bg 2. Jr. Aylar önce
Renthlei Remrem Fanai
Wwe starts to waste Drew mcintyre again
djhdtv Aylar önce
Number 1 iść tge best hahahaha
Successful death
Successful death Aylar önce
Я один увидел надпись "Кошмар"?
Nick Midoriya
Nick Midoriya Aylar önce
NANI IMPOSSIBLE how can bobby lashey be arested
Kyle Williams
Kyle Williams Aylar önce
This is why aew is better
MR OLD SCHOOL Aylar önce
Y'all waste my dog Bobby lashley the story line was st8 the 1st few times now it's just getting outdated just make the match already I know y'all going to make Bobby lashley take the L any way win faces Rusev y'all be trying Bobby real talk I want to see Bobby vs Brock for title come WWE y'all need to book that for WrestleMania that would be an epic match
Antoine Carr
Antoine Carr Aylar önce
“Is is head still on”LOL
Dj Vegeta
Dj Vegeta Aylar önce
Lana slaps the officer Police officers:😮😡😡 Bobby lashley: 😱😓😓 Me: It was that moment that l knew ... she screwed up
Dj Vegeta
Dj Vegeta Aylar önce
I meant she🤦‍♂️
TG Tha Psycho
TG Tha Psycho Aylar önce
1:31 *Logic Hides*
Emmanuel Alvarado
Emmanuel Alvarado Aylar önce
😆 everything is fake
Jm 115
Jm 115 Aylar önce
Rusev should've put lashley in the accolade
-JJS -
-JJS - Aylar önce
Lmao this is all fake 👇👍 If you agree
ApilashTV Aylar önce
5:52 I'd love to be behind her
Shane Perez
Shane Perez Aylar önce
Damn it no wardrobe malfunction for lana fakkkk
RIP Malice
RIP Malice Aylar önce
Damn Rusev is amazing at destroying Lashley and Lana. Gotta love that.
Protti 73
Protti 73 Aylar önce
who is the blonde girl who slaps the cop?
harsh dubey
harsh dubey Aylar önce
Joe Man
Joe Man Aylar önce
Lashley looks tougher than those 2 fake cops
Mayo Spams LT
Mayo Spams LT Aylar önce
Like if Lana always overrea
TeeYai UnDead
TeeYai UnDead Aylar önce
ปัญญาอ่อน ไม่น่าดูเหมือน10ปีก่อนเลย
Fattah Rahman
Fattah Rahman Aylar önce
It's all fake
Brian Pinkney
Brian Pinkney Aylar önce
This episode sucked
Mike Niemann
Mike Niemann Aylar önce
Finally these jerks get arrested
fp roblox
fp roblox Aylar önce
Comment rusev=💪 Comment lana=💋
Renata Rewa
Renata Rewa Aylar önce
#4 was the most entertaining thing ever