Top 10 Greatest Warriors in Westeros

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5 Ara 2022




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Alt Shift X 8 aylar önce
What's your top 10 list? Dune video: trvid.com/video/video-R0krUthYxF4.html
kckillakrack 14 gün önce
We do know in the books that ned says he would of died if reed wasn't there
Ey Than
Ey Than 18 gün önce
Where's my Ned?
Swaroopanand 27 gün önce
Qhorin halfhand should be in the list. At least honourable mentions.
Patrick Magroyn
Patrick Magroyn Aylar önce
Lyle Crakehall is literally said by Jaime to be one of like the 4 people in Westeros who could possibly beat him in a fight (the other being the Cleganes and Selmy). Criminal he was left out.
Wreaked Havoc
Wreaked Havoc Aylar önce
@Alex Kwiatek i agree with your list, just cant put Jaime above Arthur specially since he lost his hand but given time, yes he could've bested Arthur
kkkelp 8 aylar önce
Barristan Selmy can be pretty much described with a single quote "Beware of an old man in a profession where men usually die young"
Junksaint 3 gün önce
He rescued the old targ king in a spec ops mission basically alone lol
Crispy 9 gün önce
I'm honestly taking Selmy over Dayne.
bigdaddytarkus 12 gün önce
@iianmitchelldub as long as the fight is on ground level, he's unstoppable.
iianmitchelldub 12 gün önce
@bigdaddytarkus you think black iron Tarkus would make the list? Some say tarkus slew a giant golem. Some say he slipped on a banana peel that a painted guardian ate earlier in the day.
Michael Sanft
Michael Sanft Aylar önce
Reminds me of a factoid. Once in Ancient Greece, an old man was attending a play, and there were no free seats. He picked his way through the rows, but no one was willing to give up their seat for him. Then he came to a row of Spartans, and every single man stood up and offered him their seat. Spartans had the utmost respect for the elderly, because growing old was a tremendous feat in Sparta.
Sam Davison
Sam Davison 2 aylar önce
One of my favourite scenes in the show (which is taken straight from the books) is when Ser Barristan is dismissed from the Kingsguard. He is understandably furious and draws his sword, saying “Even now I could cut through the five of you as easy as a dagger cuts cheese.” The whole room goes silent and still. This happens because they know Ser Barristan is right. They KNOW that if he wanted to kill anyone in that room, there would be nothing they could do to stop him. So good!
Hoku 9 gün önce
@Chris P. Bacon No let's let him *die to a bunch of Sons of the Harpy, briefly mention that they have a leader, then have 1 quick scene where they get obliterated as a danger to wrap up the Mereen plot. -D&D*
DMG Roberts
DMG Roberts Aylar önce
The look on Joffery's face is priceless, he's shaking like a jelly and may have needed a change of hose afterwards. He's very clearly realizing he could have just died right on the throne.
Chris P. Bacon
Chris P. Bacon Aylar önce
Then he throws the sword down and says "melt it down and add it to the others." And remember, those are the swords of the kings ENEMIES. He just openly admitted to being Joffreys enemy IN THE THRONE ROOM and walked out untouched because everyone knew he could fuck them all up if he wanted to. Then, (although it happens off page) Barristan kills a bunch of city watchmen armed only with a staff and flees to Essos. Douche and Dumbass did him DIRTY in the show and I'm still pissed about that. He's still alive in the books.
Jason Schwartz
Jason Schwartz Aylar önce
@Brent historically, in The Song of Ice and Fire, the Kingsguard were usually pretty well known for their battle prowess. Most were battle hardened at one point. Very few were taken on due to politics as they had to renounce everything in order to join. The ones that were put there due to some political reason were still great warriors.
Jason Schwartz
Jason Schwartz Aylar önce
@tyson thornton he did immediately. He also had a slight look of "oh sh!t" on his face lol. Outside of the flames, that may have been there only other time he looked like he didn't want a fight at all.
ali ramezani
ali ramezani 15 saatler önce
Aragorn was a superhuman with heritage of both Elves and Human, and a king bloodline of that too, but Jaimie was just a naturally skilled swordsman. George Martin only wishes that Jaimie could defeat Aragorn. Maybe Andre Sakofski could compare his Geralt of Rivia with Aragorn son of Arathorn in terms of combat skills and powers. But not Jaimie Lannister, the guy with a rich Dad!
Peanut Butta Chelly
I’m glad Ser Pounce has gotten the recognition he deserves.
Self-Righteous Ideologue
Yeah but, honorable mention? I don't know.. I'd put Ser Pounce ahead of Loras.
Robert Baratheon
Robert Baratheon Gün önce
My top five would probably be 5:Robert Baratheon 4: Aemond the dragon knight 3: Jamie Lannister 2:Barristan 1: Arthur dayne (obviously)
dm9910 8 aylar önce
I think you're unfair towards Oberyn. He does "lose" the one fight that we see, but that had nothing to do with fighting prowess. He absolutely dismantles Gregor, and has him at his mercy. He could've easily finished the job if he wanted, but he deliberately delayed the kill in order to extract a confession. A fatal mistake, sure, but that was down to unusual circumstances and not his lack of ability.
Yassine EL AZMI
Yassine EL AZMI 2 gün önce
That's exactly my thought when he got to number 3 I knew he'd leave out oberyn. We don't need to see more fights to know that he's a far better fighter than most warriors in this list. Just the fact that he was playing with an opponent like the mountain delaying the finish off and easily getting him to the ground shows how good he is.
Linda Ikpuri
Linda Ikpuri 5 gün önce
I hated the way he died that man was the most skilled fighter in Game of Thrones
Yea Hey
Yea Hey 6 gün önce
@Namelikeanyother how could I have forgotten; 3 swordsmen could attack a spear user from multiple angles, since the spear is only really good for stabbing and keeping the enemy away with the reach, you can’t block and parry with it, it’s just unbelievable a spearman could take 3 swordsmen of equal skill, it barely makes sense. Unless the swordsmen were just sitting there shitting themselves at the sight of a long stick i would say they’d take that fight more often than not
Yea Hey
Yea Hey 6 gün önce
@Namelikeanyother I appreciate the replies though, I’m enjoying the convo. I used to train martial arts and I’ve had some training with the Bo staff but dammit if the sword isn’t pretty. Wishing I had someone to practice sword vs spear with I’m interested now
Yea Hey
Yea Hey 6 gün önce
@Namelikeanyother oh my bad stick wasn’t meant as a criticism. I’ve watched some videos and yea spears are very strong, my point though is a spear isn’t a gun, it’s a very effective stick but it’s not the end all be all of combat, albeit not that it needs to be a gun. What I’m saying is once that reach is made pointless the best you can do is drop the spear and reach for something else, if you have the time before being force fed something sharp, and there are tactics that can be used employed against the range but the speed is what you need to worry about I think. The point is the spear forces you to take a lot of risks, but different techniques have different risk factors, if the swordsmen is able to take up a shield that seems to add a lot of problems, and when you think about it someone with an arming sword should also be carrying a shield. Don’t forget you can train different strategies as long as you have at least one other person and a stick. I come from fighting games where this problem is a bit similar to keep out vs rush down, and I like to think nothing Is so strong that your best bet is hoping you’re 3 on 1, and that your buddy skewers himself. That’s insane
zLucas 50
zLucas 50 Aylar önce
I'm surprised the Smiling Knight didn't appear at the top, considering that, according to Jaime Lannister, everyone dreamed of killing him. In fact, defeating the Smiling Knight is considered one of Arthur Dayne's greatest feats. Also, in the book, he recounts that he had a long exchange of swords against him, which leaves me with the conclusion that he was very adept at holding Arthur Dayne to the point that his sword would break, basically a bandit that could kill you too easily.
Robert J
Robert J 22 gün önce
You're forgetting the part where Arthur Dayne allowed him to take a fresh sword
CruzaderKnight Aylar önce
@bait Whoops. I’m an idiot. Yeah for some reason I was think Knight of the Laughing Tree. I honestly think that Tourney story with the Knight of the Laughing Tree would make an excellent pilot episode for a robert’s rebellion series. Such a classical fantasy story.
bait Aylar önce
@CruzaderKnight you are confusing smiling knight with someone else bruh Edit : the knight you are referring to is the knight of the laughing tree. Which was Imo lyanna stark. The smiling knight was like the mountain
CruzaderKnight Aylar önce
Whether the Smiling Knight was a mystical powered Howland Reed, or just a very skilled Lyanna Stark, would mean they both are alive during the rebellion and thus qualify for the list
bait Aylar önce
He chose the time line during and after rebellion
Compatible with Love
Some other honourable mentions: -Jorah Mormont: fights in Robert's rebellion, then is one of the most recognized warriors during the siege of Pyke, then he wins the tourney at lannisport and after his exile he fights as a sellsword for years. After that comes Dany and all he did for her. -Jason Mallister: A renowned tourney night, like Jorah he did great in the Greyjoy's rebellion (he killed one of Theon's brothers) and even better at the trident, in more recent times he accomplished great results fighting for Robb. -Harras Harlaw: A knight who has a valyrian steel sword, during the taking of the shields he defeats seven men to claim Greyshield. Victarion says he used to thrash him when they were young, but who knows if the same would happen now. -Qhorin Halfhand: Considered a living legend by NW members and wildlings alike, who ventured outside the wall for decades, making it farer than anyone else. When he lost half of his right hand he managed to get as good with his left. -Areo Hotah: Trained with the bearded priests for about a decade, then served as a guard for Mellario and house Martell for the rest of his life, he hasn't done much in the story but he killed a kingsguard without a sweat.
Gups 5 gün önce
@Joseph Eady Not yet, but in the sequel series we need to see him ascend to that point. Similar issue in the books, they've been building him up, in all of this he is learning and being shown to be human. Now he needs to become more, a legend. And die as one
Arthur Goes
Arthur Goes 27 gün önce
@Compatible with Love i am another country, you listent something knows phone corrector
Arthur Goes
Arthur Goes 27 gün önce
@Compatible with Love Jon umber os strogest swordsman Alive in westeros
Compatible with Love
Compatible with Love 27 gün önce
@Arthur Goes I guess you don't either since you can't spell Umber correctly, btw Greatjon is already listed in the video's mentions. 😅
Arthur Goes
Arthur Goes 27 gün önce
Jon amber is the strogest swordsman in westeros and is not mencioned, the guy dont read the book
Trollselektor Aylar önce
Someone not mentioned here is Cregan Stark. He's regarded by Prince Aemon the Dragoknight (a legendary warrior who should probably be on this list as well) as being the most skilled swordsmen he's ever faced. I'm a little hopeful that we get to see something of him in action in HOTD as he is the current Warden of the North. We'll probably meet him anyway in the first episode of season 2 as Jacaerys is flying to meet him.
Waffelmeister 2 gün önce
More like cringen stark
Star Platinum
Star Platinum 25 gün önce
Yep n daemon blackfyre is definitely close to arthur with morning blade.
EJ Smith
EJ Smith 29 gün önce
I think Cregan or one of his sons will be invoved. The show is really playing into Aegon's prophecy and that would involve the Starks.
Lord Mathis Rowan
Lord Mathis Rowan Aylar önce
time period: Robert's Rebellion and the main series
Publius Ventidius Bassus
Robert Baratheon for me is #1. Guy fought more large-scale battles than everyone else in the list combined as barely a late teen, (won 3 in a day, that's insane) he defeated one of the greatest warriors of his time and then personally crushed the Greyjoy Rebellion like a Lvl. 100 Boss doing side missions. An older, obese, drunk Robert manhandled a prime Jaime Lannister like he was a toddler and he even managed to kill the boar that got him with a puny knife while being pissdrunk and disemboweled. His was the Fury.
Bolt6604 Gün önce
@Tom Walsh Disagree Rhaegar was a very talented Swordsman. Skill wise I would put him around Bronn's Tier. Very good, and elite. Though no one will ever say he was the best. Robert Baratheon killed him, simply because Robert Baratheon was amongst the very best. He would of gave Jamie Lannister and Arthur Dayne a legit challenge if they went toe to toe. Bronn or Rhaegar just simply couldn't do that. While very gifted at fighting, they just not at the same level.
Ryan 6 gün önce
@789blablajaja Bobby B🤣
LegendInThaMakin 10 gün önce
@Leo97 I didn’t say rhaegar was bad. Rhaegar beat dayne and barristan in JOUSTING, not swordplay, JOUSTING. He was never on their level with the sword.
Leo97 10 gün önce
@LegendInThaMakin If Rhaegar was that bad it only means Robert wasn't that great as well. Rhaegar beat both Arthur and Barristan in tournies call him tourney knight all you want, but he injured Robert seriously after that 1 on 1, to the point that Ned had to go to Kingslanding himself.
Ool13 Konu
Ool13 Konu 19 gün önce
@J K. Robert was a beast but why is "crushed a Targaryen in single combat" a feat?
SomeGuyOnYouTube 8 aylar önce
One moment I definitely love about the TV series is when Barristan is fired, and he draws his sword. All of the other kings guard, Trant, Blount, Moore, Greenfield, and Oakheart don’t take him that seriously, but Sandor Clegane very cautiously loosens his sword in its sheath, because Clegane knows you don’t mess with Barristan the Bold. When he says he could cut through the five of them like cake, he means it.
MylesUK 2 aylar önce
The Hound was shitting himself at that moment - like right there and then I feel like he would have rather met Guy Fawks on a night out than be in a scenario where Barristan is coming toward him
Tywin Lannister
Tywin Lannister 5 aylar önce
@Joseph Conway Dayne lost largely due to loss of plot armor to serve the stories narrative. The stories and legends and personal (anecdotal, but I don't think Barristan is one to lie) account of how skilled Arthur was are pretty astonishing. It makes one thing extremely clear; no one, living or dead likely could hold a candle to Arthur in a duel or even a 2 on 1 with skilled combatants. As someone who grew up in New Orleans and having been jumped a lot as a matter of course, I can assure you; that is simple ***INSANE***. To be able to defensively adapt and press the offense when an opening presents itself against TWO PEOPLE AT ONCE is...well its pretty incredible. TL;DR People seriously don't understand how ridiculously strong the force multiplier (literally lol) is play against you if you are having to fight more than one person at the same time.
Joseph Conway
Joseph Conway 5 aylar önce
Only fire scared Clegane. Grew up with the mountain. And Barristan obviously loses that fight. Even Dayne lost against numbers.
Speaking Of Being Correct
white ppl are so slow on the draw
Torque 7 aylar önce
@Flokoba it isn't, it shows that even the best are only humans. Even Dayne The Sword of Dawn, best swordsman of his era in his prime got killed because someone stabbed him in the back while he was occupied.
kronos1794 2 aylar önce
Arthur was 100% that good. Jamie doesn't mess around when giving praise and he knows what elites like Selmy are capable of and yet he still puts Arthur above without question.
LegendInThaMakin 10 gün önce
@Leo97 the source is the books, read it. During the fight with brienne, you read it through Jaimes pov. He said that dayne was physically stronger than him but he himself (jaime) was faster and more skilled and because of that, he could have beaten Arthur Dayne. This is not my take, this is not my opinion, this is just what was written in the books. I didn’t say I agreed with it or disagreed with it, I simply quoted what was written, you’re going to have to argue with Jaime Lannister himself about that, not me.
Leo97 10 gün önce
@LegendInThaMakin Lol! Martin claimed Arthur and Barristan are tied in terms of skills, but Arthur could beat him because of Dawn. Jaime is nowhere near this 2, potential isn't everything, Loras got crazy potential as well but never get to fulfill it, just like Jaime. There are also a lot of knights in Westeros' history who could beat Jaime, both Daemon, Ser Duncan the tall,Aegon... Even in Jaime's timeline, he wasn't the best, the Hound and Mountain could beat him and he knew it. He said it himself he won't fight Gregor even with both his hands, he could win, but with one false move, he's gone.
kronos1794 25 gün önce
@LegendInThaMakin Source?
LegendInThaMakin 25 gün önce
Jaime claimed he could have beaten Arthur dayne though. He says dayne was stronger but that he himself was faster and more skilled.
Yeah 12 gün önce
Aragorn is 87 years young and was trained by immortal elves (among others) and is incredibly experienced I find it hard to believe Jaime could be better than him
skaraturbo 3 saatler önce
Aragorn was not even the best warrior in Tolkiens book that goes to Hurin from the first age who after all hes friends died fights Morgoths army alone for several hours before he finaly got captured
ali ramezani
ali ramezani 15 saatler önce
Aragorn was a superhuman with heritage of both Elves and Human, and a king bloodline of that too, but Jaimie was just a naturally skilled swordsman. George Martin only wishes that Jaimie could defeat Aragorn. Maybe Andre Sakofski could compare his Geralt of Rivia with Aragorn son of Arathorn in terms of combat skills and powers. But not Jaimie Lannister, the guy with a rich Dad!
ali ramezani
ali ramezani 15 saatler önce
@Utred Maethor agreed
Utred Maethor
Utred Maethor 6 gün önce
The only man froma fantasy book who could defeat Aragorn would be Geralt of Rivia, the Witchers have magics,... and are very skilled with swords. Jaime is good...but Aragorn won against the nazguls ( 5 of them ?) with a broken sword and a torch ! And fight a lot of Uruk haï on Amon Hen and all the war of the rings he show how deadly he was with Anduril. And I have not even mention his raid on Umbar when he was know as Thorongil ( sorry for my english, I'm belgian ^^" )
Stephen S
Stephen S 9 saatler önce
Carl Tanner shouldve gotten an honorable mention! The fookin legend of Gin Alley!
wfield123 2 aylar önce
I think the show handled ned and Howland Reed's fight with Arthur Dayne pretty well honestly. It fits with neds arch and why he is so quiet about the whole affair. Noble myths aside Ned was always going to protect his family, even if it meant an unchivalrous kill
kckillakrack 14 gün önce
@Josh Windeler he didn't beat him lol. Meeras father stabbed h in the back
Josh Windeler
Josh Windeler Aylar önce
@Matthew Burdick agreed. Had he whipped out a blowdart and hit him with a poison dart it would've been ridiculous but understandable. Some trickery or something was required.
Matthew Burdick
Matthew Burdick Aylar önce
@Josh Windeler At one point they list a whole bunch of tricks the crannogmen use in combat, and I was hoping one of those is how Howland beat Arthur Dane. I was hoping it would be a poison dart, personally.
Josh Windeler
Josh Windeler Aylar önce
But since he did beat him. How can he be number one when ned isn’t even on the list? Not my number one.
burymeinpink Aylar önce
I also think it's a good explanation of how they could beat him when he's basically legendary.
Sam Edwards
Sam Edwards 8 aylar önce
Qhorin Halfhand has got to be up there somewhere. Already a deadly swordsman, he loses some fingers, trains with the other hand, and is described as even deadlier than before. Armored knights get a lot of credit, as they should, but Qhorin had been warring and fighting in the most inhospitable lands this side of Asshai for decades
void_pepsi 4 gün önce
@Useless fighting 3 men at once and winning isnt impressive?
Dhiraj Pallin
Dhiraj Pallin 9 gün önce
@Slinky I think it's meant to be ironic. We assume Jamie could be like Quorin, but it's rather quickly apparent that ambi-dextrousness is not something you simply gain through training.
Christopher Suchy
Christopher Suchy Aylar önce
@Useless No, he's great at both. He's just better at jousting than fighting
Useless Aylar önce
@Christopher Suchy Since when Loras is top tier fighter? He's great lanceman, that's all
Christopher Suchy
Christopher Suchy Aylar önce
@Useless Not true, she did beat Loras in a melee. That puts her in the upper tier
Thanos5 8 saatler önce
what about ned he totally wouldve beat jaime if one of his guards dint interfere
Macoooos 5 gün önce
Ned is underrated, Barriston says he cut down a dozen knights. He held his own against Jaime Lannister. Plus fought at the tower of joy.
Howard Lemon
Howard Lemon 3 gün önce
Need is a GREAT COMMANDER and above average fighter.
Howard Lemon
Howard Lemon 3 gün önce
That was in the show, not the books.
Paawan 5 gün önce
There are two different Neds. One from the book, other from the show. Book Ned is better than a common soldier but nothing exceptional. Jamie could take on 5 book Neds and kill them all no sweat. Show Ned is a WAY better fighter who seemingly holds his own against Jamie.
W T 5 gün önce
Ned never fought Jaime
Guxrra 4 gün önce
Barristan Selmy is so underrated, would have enjoyed watching more action of him
John Larsen
John Larsen 4 gün önce
Since the whole Game of Thrones saga is nothing, but a story out of the imagination of one man, how can you seriously make a ranking of the best swordsman in Westeros. No, that is not a question!
TottiKarotti 8 aylar önce
The fact that Barristan lived to his 60s is proof alone that he was/is an incredible fighter. The amount of fights and battles he must have survived is incredible.
John Scilleto
John Scilleto 13 saatler önce
They say always fear the old man in a job where you die young or something like that lol
Antoine 23 gün önce
Kingsguard usually dont die young, they are the last line of protection for the king
AdeptKing Aylar önce
Age does take its toll but clearly not enough to hamper Barristan.
Lx Dead
Lx Dead 2 aylar önce
@Anatol de Nevers still, he always was respected but nobody called him to be god of war reincarnated, very thing Daemon was. He was unrivaled in jousting, melee and in battle. If not for cowardly move from Bloodraven, Daemon would win the first Blackfyre rebellion an sit on the Iron Throne as a new king.
Anatol de Nevers
Anatol de Nevers 2 aylar önce
@Lx Dead Barristan was put in some pretty crazy situations. In the War Of The Ninepenny Kings, he slaughtered his way through the Golden Company and killed Maelys Blackfyre, a man who was strong enough to rip people's heads off and kill a warhorse with a punch. At Duskendale he snuck into the city alone and rescued the King singlehandedly, killing anyone who got in his way and protecting Aerys despite taking an arrow in the back.
Troy Koeppel
Troy Koeppel Aylar önce
Qhorin halfhand deserved an honorable mention based on how John describes him in the books. He lost his sword hand and learned how to fight with his other hand and was still considered the watches most renowned ranger and fighter
W Aylar önce
Ser Barristan standing in front of the Kingsguard after being excised, insulted, drawing his sword, knowing he could kill them all but staying his hand for his honor's sake... yet still letting them know, "Even now, I could cut through the five of you like carving a damn cake." That has to be the most badass thing ever written. Even if he's not the best fighter, he definitely wins on style.
Andrew Park
Andrew Park 17 gün önce
Even if he could beat all the kingsguard, there were dozens of Lannister soldiers still there, so the odds someone gets him are very high.
Jack C
Jack C Aylar önce
I think Euron greyjoy deserves an honorable mention as well, purely through inference. The man is a cunning manipulator and capable of immense cruelty, not to mention he braved the doom of Valyria to retrieve a number of artifacts, and nearly every Ironman is afraid of him to the extent that even victarion wouldn't dare try to fight him (though the sorcery might have something to do with that)
Pedro H
Pedro H 2 aylar önce
I feel like you should've mentioned that Brienne fought a literal bear with nothing but a short dress and a wooden sword and survived long enough without major wounds till she got rescued
MaxxVII 14 gün önce
Leonardo Dicaprio could never
Anthonest 2 aylar önce
Oberyn effortlessly beat the Mountain in battle, not a single detail in the entire chapter indicates he even exerted himself in the slightest. After reading the series over a bunch ive got to say its probably the most one sided single combat next to Barristan vs Khraz. He deserves a spot without a doubt off of feats alone.
Richard Koen
Richard Koen 5 gün önce
@LegendInThaMakin if frogs had wings they wouldn't bump their ass. Dummy.
Richard Koen
Richard Koen 5 gün önce
apapz3245 15 gün önce
How lmao he lost
LegendInThaMakin 25 gün önce
Barristan only beat khrazz because he had armour on and khrazz didn’t. Khrazz’s sword got stuck on the ceiling and Barristan took to chance to cut him open. He was slashing Barristan a lot but couldn’t get through his amour. If things were more even, Barristan would have probably died that day.
Young Buck
Young Buck Aylar önce
He's a Mandalorian, so it's easy for him
jirikfr 2 aylar önce
Finally ranking I can agree with. (no Arya or Jon etc). Maybe I would add Oberyn in top 5 because he was the second most impressive fighter we had a chance to see in the show (after Dayne). He lost (and died) only because of wanting a confession from Mountain so I would rank him top 5. Otherwise I can not agree more!
Video Game Addict
Video Game Addict Aylar önce
Jamie is actually N1. Martin says so when he said that in a trial by combat he'd choose either Jamie or Dayne as his champion depending if they are using their own swords or standard swords. He'd choose Dayne if he has the Dawn otherwise he'd choose Jamie. This proves at least to me that Dayne was only stronger when he has Dawn by his side but without it Jamie is the greatest swordsman is the series. The sword Dawn just has magical properties as Martin himself has hinted too many many times. What does it do? Make you faster? Stronger? Simply better? Who knows but it does something to enhance the user as such it makes Dayne the strongest fighter. But Imo Jamie is the better swordsman. Not a fangirl or anything my favourite fighters are the long lost Targaryen's on dragonback. Just going by what Martin has hinted towards. Jamie was so good that for him to remain in the story and not just kill everyone he had to lose his sword hand.
Joshua Wood
Joshua Wood 2 aylar önce
Ser Brynden Tully “The Blackfish” in the books and the show he is greatly revered for his feats in battle. Syrio Forel another greatly renowned swordsman, unfortunately he is unarmed and unarmored, and well past his prime the only fight we get to see.
divinefallfromgrace 2 aylar önce
No love for Areo Hotah? Kills Arys Oakheart with a SINGLE move. Doran, Oberyn and Darkstar all have reverence for him, and are grateful he serves House Martell loyally. Displays UNCANNY levels of discipline, functioning like some kind of sentinel killing machine that follows orders to the tee. Can't WAIT to see if he's unleashed more in 'TWOW' and 'ATOS' 😁 Bonus mentions:- Randyll Tarly. Yeah, we don't 'see' much of him, but he's an infamous fighter with a badass sword. Quorin Halfhand.
darthcarnage12 8 aylar önce
Oberyn definitely goes above the Mountain in my mind; he had him pretty handily beaten and only died because he needed a confession. He was fighting for that rather than to simply kill and win.
ben1ben2ben1 3 aylar önce
Styles make fights. Oberyn prepared for years to beat The Mountains style. He even used a spear to get more range when he usually used a sword
Avrace 6 aylar önce
He won only because he fought with total idiotic guy who never was skilled in duels ,most of regular duel knights would easly killed Oberyn the Bitch
Uppi 7 aylar önce
@Speaking Of Being Correct Sure he wanted the confession! That is the main reason! My argument is that he got careless in the end by underestimating that the mountain had some strength left to pull him down and kill him. That misjudgement might be caused by the wine
Speaking Of Being Correct
@Wazzlopio K LMFAO THE fact that so many ppl think Jon snow would be anywhere near this list shows how delusional this fanbase truly is if they like someone.
Speaking Of Being Correct
@Uppi nah. He was cooking the mountain up even while being drunk, he just wanted a confession. That’s why he died.
Игорь Ставицкий
It was mentioned in the books that Areo Hotah is one of the best warriors, along with Barristan, Jaime, Cleganes, Victarion and Jhon Umber
Richard Koen
Richard Koen 5 gün önce
Ser Barriston killed 14 men at 60+ saving Grey worm. Lightly armored and old he ripped through the men that ripped through the men of the most feared army.
BattleBeard Aylar önce
I suspect that a good part of Gregor not seeming to feel pain has to do with him “Taking milk of the poppy as lesser men drink ale.” As I believe Qyburn said.
Bloodraven Aylar önce
"Beware of an old man in a profession where men die young" That line being said for Barristan the Bold.
Alejandro Hdr.
Alejandro Hdr. 8 aylar önce
"the only time we see Oberyn fight" we actually see him dismantle and humiliate one of the most feared warriors in Westeros. He basically made the Mountain his bitch, just with a spear and a buckler. Meanwhile, we mainly see Gregor shred random nobodies, and most of them shit themselves just at the sight of him regardless. Against competent opponents of great skill -like his bro or Oberyn- that don't get intimidated, he can barely hold his own.
kckillakrack 14 gün önce
Everyone for dorn can fight even the women. Aegon couldn't even conquer dorn. Arthur dayne was from dorn no one is stronger than him
Harry Siddall
Harry Siddall 2 aylar önce
@Nad Stock but using all skills available to you is part of fighting. He's noted to be an extremely skilled poisoner, utilising that shouldn't take away from his fighting ability, it should add to it. Preparation is a key part of fighting.
Sensus Communis
Sensus Communis 3 aylar önce
@ben1ben2ben1 Not so sure. We know the Mountain was fighting and pillaging all the time, but we don't know any of that about Oberyn. Even if he did train - which is nothing compared to a real fight - how do you prepare to beat someone like Gregor? By finding similar sparring partners? Good luck with that xD
ben1ben2ben1 3 aylar önce
@Anonymous Wombat The Mountain is a better warrior. Oberyn won using tactics that would not work in a battle
ben1ben2ben1 3 aylar önce
@Tj Anderson Its been stated many times The Mountain is shockingly fast for his size
Robert Miller
Robert Miller 2 aylar önce
Even if he died early in HOTD, remember that Harwin Strong was the strongest knight in all of the 7 kingdoms at his time. He just died in a fire while being stuck in his castle. Imagine what he could've been if that never happened
A.K.D Aylar önce
Criston Cole is the strongest during that time bruh, he beat Harwin's ass so bad in a tourney that everyone started calling him Brokenbones 😭😭
-_- Aylar önce
Friendly reminder that he gets completely annihilated in a tourney by Criston Cole, leading to him being called "Brokenbones" instead of "Breakbones" Considering also the respect as a fighter he earns from his opponents during the Dance it would be very fair to call Criston the greatest knight of his time (in regards to fighting prowess of course, chivalry Not so much). The only people with a similar infamy to him would be the psychopaths Daemon and Aemond, and even they often relied on their dragons.
Doomah 2 aylar önce
strongest or most skilled?
BattleBeard Aylar önce
Good to know that I’m not the only one who felt that the mysterious gravedigger was actually Sandor.
Chris P. Bacon
Chris P. Bacon Aylar önce
I LOVE when Dany is deciding who should fight the Mereenees Knight in single combat and Barristan casually says "I've won more single combats than any man alive, your grace." He isn't bragging, he's just stating fact. You get to see him fight in the books against the pit fighting champion and he just puts on a clinic. "I will eat your heart old man." "Then come" said Barristan the Bold. He wins without taking damage. But it isn't just that, he beats the pit fighter using his experience. He doesn't bother blocking any attacks not aimed at his head, but instead lets the hits harmlessly bounce off his armor while letting the pit fighter get tired and using it as an opportunity to land calculated, highly damaging blows. Douche and Dumbass did him DIRTY in the show. Fuck those guys.
Anatol de Nevers
Anatol de Nevers 22 gün önce
@earl pipe Barristan squired for Belwas as an act, he wanted to get close to Dany and assess her without revealing his identity. Then when he dropped the tired old man act he beat an armed swordsman to death with a stick in like 10 seconds. Belwas is remarkable but Barristan is probably the most accomplished warrior in history.
earl pipe
earl pipe 23 gün önce
Strong Belwas was better & Barristan agreed, he even squired for him he was in such awe of his fighting prowess!
Chris P. Bacon
Chris P. Bacon 24 gün önce
@Anatol de Nevers Yeah unfortunately I think it's only going to go through the Targaryen civil war. But I'd love a separate Roberts rebellion show.
Anatol de Nevers
Anatol de Nevers 24 gün önce
@Chris P. Bacon I doubt it. They're still like 150 years away from that. Would be cool to see though.
Chris P. Bacon
Chris P. Bacon 24 gün önce
@Anatol de Nevers We might get it on HotD. I wonder if they'll go all the way to Roberts rebellion.
Cmudd Aylar önce
Yoren Yronwood deserves a mention. Outnumbered 12 to 1 and took an arrow straight through the chest and still manages to kill half the Lannister Soldiers before they took him down.
Nick Longo
Nick Longo 8 aylar önce
This is such a good video concept. You should do top 10 commanders/generals next!
Renny Hernandez
Renny Hernandez 3 aylar önce
i want a top 10 worst commanders to see Elend Venture.
Joe Friedman
Joe Friedman 3 aylar önce
@TG Lake Hell yea
Eric Humphreys
Eric Humphreys 8 aylar önce
oohhh, yes!! or top 10 diplomats, schemers, or magicians. lots of comparisons/rankings to be done by one with such a comprehensive understanding of the world.
Drelam 8 aylar önce
Great idea
moon on dp
moon on dp 8 aylar önce
rob stark won every battle but lost to the horny
James Roberts
James Roberts 19 gün önce
This conversation reminds me of arguments about the greatest wide receiver ever. Randy Moss and Calvin Johnson are likely the most talented ever if looked at in a time capsule, but clearly the greatest was Jerry Rice due to his longevity, consist production, and championships. Or think of Mike Tyson absolutely annihilating his opponents for a few years meanwhile the longevity, level of competition, and resilience of Muhammed Ali easily overshadows him. Is the greatest really who is the deadliest is at their peak (see Jon Jones in MMA), or is it who fought the best for longest (see Mighty Mouse, George St-Pierre, and Khabib), or who accomplished the most (even if they never were actually the very best at any one time - see Daniel Cormier), or is it who left the greatest legacy and trained the next generation most? George is completely right, "the greatest" generally depends on context and circumstances, as it is rare that someone clearly stands above the rest, like Tom Brady, Michael Jordan, or Usain Bolt, and it always takes defeat to forge the very best since they need to learn from their mistakes (even the undefeated have all lost in practice). In the end, the true ultimate warrior is Time, as it eventually defeats us all.
Pat westrope
Pat westrope 9 gün önce
Thanks for this, it's good! But I do think you did Oberyn a little dirty here. :) He was clearly a superior fighter to The Mountain, and that would have been a relatively straightforward victory for him, except that he didn't finish him off after he defeated him. That fight was very personal for Oberyn, but in most other fights that wouldn't come into play. I'd put Oberyn in the top 5. Also, no Rhaegar?
John Mørke
John Mørke Aylar önce
I love this list. I think Ned deserved honorable mention for surviving the fight with Dayne. Also because he held his own with Jaime and the fight was interrupted before it could conclude.
kckillakrack 13 gün önce
@Lord Mathis Rowan so ned stark only survives because of reed and we know Arthur dayne was there but we don't know exactly what happened? Plz tell me you are not a detective or a PI
Lord Mathis Rowan
Lord Mathis Rowan 13 gün önce
@kckillakrack I have that quote literally in my first comment... but what exactly happened is not known
kckillakrack 14 gün önce
@Lord Mathis Rowan in the books ned literally says he would of died if reed wasn't there
Ool13 Konu
Ool13 Konu 19 gün önce
@Antoine Yes and season 1 isnt the book, that fight never happened or else Ned would be dead AF
Lord Mathis Rowan
Lord Mathis Rowan 22 gün önce
@Antoine in Season 1....... has nothing to do with this video. Ned and Jaime never fought and what exactly happened at the Tower of Joy is not known this is about the books!
Jello Talks
Jello Talks 2 aylar önce
I like how GRRM is just like "Ya he can beat Aragorn." Like dude that's not up to you 😂
Leo97 10 gün önce
@Zelenach Saturn You're tripping, so Jaime is a man isn't he? A skilled swordsman, yes, but has normal physical attributes as any of those men in Westeros. There's magic, there are giants, and there are dragons in GoT, but men are described as the same, some are stronger but they are still men. However, Aragorn is not a normal man, he is a Dúnedain, which makes him a 6'8 Captain America basically. So yeah,Grrm is tripping as well, since he never made Jaime a superhuman but claimed that he would beat Aragorn, which we all know he can't. The comparison is more like saying Batman would beat Spiderman both without equipment, which is ridiculous when you think about it.
Simon Kingi
Simon Kingi Aylar önce
@Zelenach Saturn My point is his claim is more opinion then fact. Tolkien could claim the opposite if he were still around.
Zelenach Saturn
Zelenach Saturn Aylar önce
@King killer the op said that it's not up to GRRM Martin and my point is that GRRM can make Jaime as powerful as superman if he wants to, and I don't think Aragorn can beat superman so yeah its up to him
Zelenach Saturn
Zelenach Saturn Aylar önce
@King killer yeah that's what my entire point is, making Jaime way more powerful than Aragorn is up to him and he can make Jaime a superhuman if he wants to, not that he'd ever do that though
King killer
King killer Aylar önce
@Zelenach Saturn First of all, if he makes Jamie omnipotent then the comparison is no longer valid anyway because they belong to different categories. That's like saying Gandalf defeats Ser Arthur Dayne 10 times out of 10. Because ofcourse he does, one's a demigod the other a human. The comparison doesn't make sense. I was talking, as GRR mentioned, specifically in the context of skill level between 2 humans. And in that comparison no one person can be better than the other. Because they belong to different worlds. Jamie could be the best swordsman in all of Westeros and Essos. We still don't if he's better than Aragorn because we don't know what skill level the average swordsman in Middle Earth is at. And vice versa.
Jesse Jordache
Jesse Jordache 4 aylar önce
The Jaime vs. Brienne fight leaves them both stunned at how good the other is. While Brienne is realizing that Jamie was handicapped by his long period chained to a wall (and having his wrists chained together during the fight), Jamie is realizing that Brienne had to limit herself mostly to defense and strikes that wouldn't lead to serious injury, as she had sworn an oath to deliver Jamie to King's Landing unharmed.
Diogo Vieira
Diogo Vieira 2 aylar önce
brienne is not that great in the books, but the woke shit made her the best westeros warrior of all times in the shit series cause shes woman, and woman are stronger.
JJ 2 aylar önce
The Viper and the Mountain. One of my favorite episodes
Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler 2 aylar önce
Jesse Jordache
Jesse Jordache 3 aylar önce
@Prajjwal Tiwari If you're laughing, you took it in the spirit I intended.👌
Prajjwal Tiwari
Prajjwal Tiwari 3 aylar önce
@Jesse Jordache 😂😂
noody moody
noody moody 3 gün önce
Sorry but book Brienne is no-where near the greatest warriors of her time. Any of the warriors you gave honorable mentions to can EASILY beat her.
Remington Wright
Remington Wright 2 aylar önce
I really, really wish we had seen more of Gendry and that hammer. we see it twice in the show, I don't even know what's in the books. but the show shows him killing two king's landing guards and then throwing it down to run from whitewalkers.
Azrielxo 2 aylar önce
What about Benjen Stark, a ranger that lives beyond the wall. I think a lot of people forget about him and how skillful he is at swordplay and survival
Arthur Goes
Arthur Goes 27 gün önce
Jon umber os the best, and was nota mencioned
Swaroopanand 27 gün önce
Same with Qohrin halfhand
Fellino Aylar önce
History was written by archmaester and people who knows their achievement in Westeros while Benjen lives in the Wall and no one know what he capable of and no one will write achievement about him.
MylesUK 2 aylar önce
I’d say he’s a great survivalist, warrior, etc But in a 1-1 is very different. The assasins for instance - awesome - but Benjen on a 1-1 is difficult as most of what he’s trained for is behind the scenes, in wilderness A badass - not a top 10
Flagship Athletics
Flagship Athletics 5 gün önce
I loved the Victarion chapters in ASOIAF. When he takes the Shield Islands was epic.
Crimsonfang 6 aylar önce
I personally would've put Oberyn toward the top. Regardless of his emotions getting him killed, he effortlessly defeated the mountain.
Lucas Victer
Lucas Victer 3 aylar önce
@Piotr Palonek the spear wasn't pinning him down, it was just stucked.
Piotr Palonek
Piotr Palonek 3 aylar önce
@Lucas Victer That would never have happened if he was not overconfident about already having won the battle. He might have at least left the spear that was pinning the mountain down. He got his head smashed because he let Mountain do it.
Bryce Sikes
Bryce Sikes 3 aylar önce
@SRank Outcast After he magically recovered from having a spear shoved into his chest
Bryce Sikes
Bryce Sikes 3 aylar önce
@SRank Outcast What a gross simplification lmao Howard Reed is a better fighter then Arthur Dayne I guess 🤷
Bryce Sikes
Bryce Sikes 3 aylar önce
@SRank Outcast So did Arthur Dayne?
Shivam Guie
Shivam Guie Aylar önce
Daario Naharis deserves a mention I feel, so does Oberyn, Jon and Tormund.
William Stephens
William Stephens 11 gün önce
This is based on the books
prska 27 gün önce
@Joseph Perez not really, the top 5 warriors in this video would wipe the floor with jon, he's still young and has a lot to learn, there's no way he can stand a chance against prime robert, jaime, selmy and dayne
Joseph Perez
Joseph Perez 29 gün önce
Finally someone said Jon snow... I think he is easily top 5
Legz Diamond
Legz Diamond 2 aylar önce
I’m not sure Robert was as generously proportioned as that when he was actually a warrior. Great stuff as usual.
AllPowerfulLamp 2 aylar önce
I think as an honorable mention people are forgetting karl. He was the best paid killer in flea bottom and even the other rangers say he hasn’t lost a fight since he was nine then again he may have chosen his fights carefully
Aniber Moras
Aniber Moras 18 gün önce
The sword skill by Arthur Dayne in that scene from season 6 was probably the best sword display I’ve ever seen on screen.
Johnson Pernesky
Johnson Pernesky 16 gün önce
Pff wasn't that special by any stretch
Karem 6 aylar önce
For people wondering why isn't jon snow mentioned its because this is based on the books, the show kinda make jon as the most op warrior (for fan service maybe) while in the books jon is still a young fighter that has potential but would get destroyed by any experienced fighter
Ool13 Konu
Ool13 Konu 19 gün önce
@Michael Ayers "(Robb) was a terrific swordsman in his own right" Was he?
daniel Irl
daniel Irl Aylar önce
@**Zenobia** they made it seem that way by giving him battle scenes... there is no proof that he js the best swordsman, there isn't even proof that Arthur Dayne is the greatest swordsman in the books. I believe Grey worm on the show would destroy Jon on the show thanks to style
**Zenobia** Aylar önce
@daniel Irl Jon in the show is one of the best. D&D made him one of the best because Kit Harington was the best at doing swordfights.
Herobrine April
Herobrine April Aylar önce
dang people hate jon wtf, in the tv im watching he's so badass, he teaches and beats everyone. I dont give a fuck about the books, the tv did a great job with his character.
skwirrlmaster 2 aylar önce
@ben1ben2ben1 They show had the plot arc through Winds of Winter. Season 8 was all D&D as Martin has even now admitted he's rewriting it with a different story. Jon will be reborn amidst salt and smoke just like he did in the battle of Winterfell (when the show shows him crawling out of a sweaty mass of humanity on a firey battlefield) and this time it will mean something.
Unsaletype Aylar önce
"The Hound then killed Berrick, which can be considered a family tradition at this point." The savagery, the pure savagery.
Miguel Lucero
Miguel Lucero 7 gün önce
It’s interesting to me that House Stark doesn’t really have any amazing swordsman. I wonder where Jon Snow stands in all this. I only have the shows to go off of but he’s set up as a formidable fighter. Also Robb Stark, I wonder where he stands.
Aa A
Aa A 29 gün önce
Strange that you never mentioned Stannis in honorable mentions, his performance at black water was legendary
Lord Of Faiyum
Lord Of Faiyum Aylar önce
Bron was dangerous and underrated because of his assassin nature. Him and Arya are dangerous based on those skills alone.
Brad Stark
Brad Stark 8 aylar önce
I'm almost certain that it's mentioned that Oberyn has beaten both Tyrells in tourneys. He's also been to several fighting pits in Essos and him still breathing before the Mountain means he's won all of them. It could be argued that based on pure skill demonstrated against Gregor, he absolutely out classed the mountain and his demise had more to do with bad luck and circumstance. Hell, he by all means killed the mountain which is why Qybern had to reanimate Gregor in the first place. And details of his genius and reputation as a warrior are not just expressed through his own skills, but also that of his offspring and sell swordsmen who owe all there skills to his training. The top 3 I agree, but Oberyn should of been number 4 and the fact he's not even on here was really disappointing.
Sensus Communis
Sensus Communis 4 aylar önce
Bringing a poisoned spear to a duel is like bringing a gun to a knife fight.
Ricky Daley
Ricky Daley 6 aylar önce
@okdok gg he also got him around the armpit and was bleeding very badly frim that 1 thrust alone he could have just let him bleed out no need to finish him he couldnt even stand up at the end he had already won lol
Eric M
Eric M 6 aylar önce
@okdok gg Oberyn pinned Gregor to the floor with his spear in the novel. If you consider having a spear thrust through you into the floor a mosquito bite...I dunno what to say...
LukasLambs 7 aylar önce
He’s right around Robert Baratheon imo. Robert seems like a less freakishly strong but more skilled version of Gregor. Oberyn probably would give him a great fight.
Scotty C
Scotty C 7 aylar önce
@okdok gg this is a discussion though I believe about the books, in the book The fight was not even competitive. He also had the spear shoved through his stomach and out his back and pinned him to the ground!!! But we all know how it ended for the red viper!!
Kunga phurzom
Kunga phurzom 2 aylar önce
Prince Rhaegor should be on the list, he was known as Arthur Dayne's rival and bested him twice in jousting
Fellino Aylar önce
Jousting? fancy game for fancy lad. -Slave trader
TheKilopoo 2 aylar önce
The top four I think are spot on. Young Robert was nigh unstoppable. He deserves to be listed with the best.
Stake Land
Stake Land Aylar önce
Honestly fighting the mountain is basically dark souls, not as hard as many might think, but extremely unforgiving. Mr Oberyn can attest to this :)
Bread Aylar önce
Of all the bad closings to plot lines in the show I do believe the hound and the mountain was incredible and a great conclusion to the characters
Underneath The Underneath
I think I'd cut out Loras, Victarion and possibly Brienne or Garlan to fit in: - Oberyn (who beat a top 10 guy fair and square) - Bronn (who is just ruthless and skilled and seems capable of matching many of the top 10) - Drogo (who even if unarmored would likely pose a threat to any top 10).
Anatol de Nevers
Anatol de Nevers 2 aylar önce
@Hannes Hartmann Qhorin Halfhand is probably the best the Night's Watch has to offer, he's pretty badass.
Anatol de Nevers
Anatol de Nevers 2 aylar önce
@Trepur349 That was jousting though, I think that's pretty different than a sword fight.
Anatol de Nevers
Anatol de Nevers 2 aylar önce
@Lucas Gueiros True, but to be fair the guy who fought Barristan lost to arguably the greatest warrior who ever lived.
Roronoa Law
Roronoa Law 3 aylar önce
Drogo could be in the top 10 if he wore armour. Based purely on combat skill, he might be there.
TheAwakenedINFJ 3 aylar önce
Bronn - NEVER. Drogo - NO... Oberyn is a top 5 in the books.
Jay k
Jay k 20 gün önce
"George says Jaime could beat Aragorn in a fight" Listen, I love GoT, I've read the books multiple times and watched the show 3 times from start to finish as well. But ain't no way in hell is Jaime Lannister, a mere mortal, gonna beat the Dúnedain ranger, heir to the throne of Gondor and Arnor, King of the Dúnedain, descendent of Isildur and Elendil, and one of the greatest and most skilled warriors/swordsmen whose ever lived in any fictional world ever imagined. Maybe when Aragorn was 4, an adult and fully trained Jaime at the height of his strength and power could've won, but past that there just ain't no way bruh. Aragorn is a much, much, much, much better and skilled warrior than Jaime fuckin Lannister ever was, is, or will be. Aragorn at 83 years old is better than Jaime as 30. Aragorn without a sword and armed only with a knife with no armor or utilities could defeat Jaime with his most preferred sword, armor, and 10-15 gold cloaks/Kingsguard with him. That's just a dumb statement by George tbh, and one that I will not be supporting or forgetting, considering he still hasn't finished his series (a much smaller and less detailed series in comparison to Tolkien's) and is actively refusing to even work on the books that he has millions of fans waiting for.
Tomato Glider
Tomato Glider Aylar önce
"Killing Beric seems to be Clegane's tradition at this point" 💀 Edit : I am so glad that Ser Pounce is on the honorable mention
Shane Scott
Shane Scott Aylar önce
From experience, defeating a group of people is way more skillful than any particular one person no matter how amazing they are.
Ali dude
Ali dude 2 aylar önce
every time I rewatch this video (which I do a decent amount) I’m still shocked that oberyn didn’t make it when he 100% beat the mountain when it comes to the fighting 😭
Ali dude
Ali dude 2 aylar önce
@Guillaume Marcoux-Legault oberyn not only beat clegane, he schooled him. He would best victarion at least, and I’d bet on him over most of the lower tiers on this list. In general armored knights are slower than oberyn would be and he would be able to get in, he’s a proven warrior with a reputation and the one fight we see him in is immensely impressive I think it’s ridiculous to not put him in the top 10.
Guillaume Marcoux-Legault
While I think Oberyn is a very good fighter, I don't believe he's top 10 material. I'd put all of these fighters listed here above him, including the Mountain and others not mentioned like Book Areo Hotah. Gregor Clegane lost to Oberyn because he isn't used to fighting an opponent that has a reach advantage over him and thus a skilled spear user capable of keeping him out of reach just perfectly countered him. It's kinda like two pokemon fighting where one is a level 40 Water type and the other a level 50 Fire type. But basically every other person on this list is more than capable of fighting with a reach disadvantage and would win over Oberyn in a fight.
tim mo
tim mo 2 aylar önce
A TV show of Robert's Rebellion would be amazing. Imagine the storylines: a young, cocky Jamie Lannister, falling for his sister and all the guilt that would bring - offset by his burgeoning skill. A young Robert - played by the actor who portrayed Gendry - bearded and buffed up. A young Ned Stark, with all the ideals, trying to steer Robert right. All the side characters, fleshed out, Arthur Dayne, Barristan Selmy, the Mad King's descent. That would have been the story to make - familiar characters, but its own story.
Alicent Hightower
Alicent Hightower 24 gün önce
Would be a horrible idea, we need to focus more on the Hightowers!💚
Wyatt Rota
Wyatt Rota 26 gün önce
Not gonna mention Rhaegar
The dog
The dog 28 gün önce
If there's one fucking thing they would do it should be aegons conquest.
tim mo
tim mo Aylar önce
@Hypatia Kovalevskaya Sklodowska No, he was a centrist.
Hypatia Kovalevskaya Sklodowska
Steer Robert right? Was Robert left leaning?
luis ortiz
luis ortiz Aylar önce
The scene with sir Arthur Dayne is my favorite sword fight off all time. Next to Tory’s Achilles fight scene.
LeeTSimba Aylar önce
I'm really glad to see your channel still have relevance after the Game of Thrones show ended. I always thought you made great videos and would have hated to see your channel die just cause the show was done.
Destroyer94100 Aylar önce
Ned Stark was also known as a great swordsman. Also most in Westeros actually think he beat Arthur Dayne since that story was told to them.
Ool13 Konu
Ool13 Konu 19 gün önce
No he wasnt
Michael Romigh
Michael Romigh 2 aylar önce
My theory is that Ned and Howland never defeated Auther Dayne. Howland and Aurther knew each other because Aurthers sister was in love with Howland, and Howland used that to get him to negotiate for Ned to save his sister's life and return the sword Dawn to his home. Aurther then either let them kill him, or went with his sister to live with Howland.
Ool13 Konu
Ool13 Konu 19 gün önce
ABDELLAH SAIDI 4 aylar önce
Oberyn died because he got carried away. His performance in that fight was objectively outstanding. For me, he is easily in top 5.
MylesUK 2 aylar önce
@When Something Cries Again ​ ​ true - but.. Oberyn deserves his slot in here anyway. Even in the books Gregor did do to Oberyn what he did in the show. So the personal aspect is still there for Oberyn. Also his exploits and skill are clearly shown, even in the fight with Gregor and the legend that follows him. Oberyn in the fight vs the Mountain showcases his skill, he should be in the top 5 - because what you have to look at Is how would the others do against him? Gregor is stronger than the others, and fast for his size as well as his feeling of pain doesn’t hold him back like others (even pre-Robert strong /Zonbie Mountain)… Robert Baratheon/The Hound/Victarion/Brienne/Garlan - these strong style Knights in the top 10 here aren’t as strong right .. their style relies on strength and very close quarter combat - Oberyns style (spear and the classic Dornish speed and cunning) would be the same and they wouldn’t be able to use their physicality & resilience To the pain from the slashes and cuts (and poison) of Oberyns spear to be able to break his spear at all.. so Oberyn (imo) beats them and therefore should be placed on the list Now, how he fares against the rest is tough due to their speed but more importantly their battle IQ, Jaime.. young and maybe not as battle hardened however it would be close, Barristan I think may do it and Arthur with Dawn likely does too .. So even though the books he doesn’t get beaten the same way, his skills still rely on him to be above most of these on the list
MylesUK 2 aylar önce
Easily - I feel he would only be behind the smarter knights - Arthur, Barristan. Possibly Jaime (although he’s another cocky soab) .. in that his mentality and attitude may let him down BUT saying that he only let himself get carried away because of WHO it was and more so he wasn’t just fighting the mountain he was fighting Tyrell too
hellatze 2 aylar önce
@King and yet he underestimate his opponent. Being drunk. Not use helmet. Then dies.
King 2 aylar önce
​@hellatze if you don't think you'd get emotional about fighting a guy who raped and murdered your sister and her kids then you're lying to yourself. anyone that wouldn't get emotional under those circumstances is either a sociopath or a badly written character. he didn't fail at anything. he was just being as human as the rest of us.
slowdive 2 aylar önce
Mountain was a walk in the park for him. Definitely top 5
Alessandro Delbianco
Unfortunately we know very little about prince Rhaegar to compare him with them, but the way he's portrayed he should be up there too. Also I would't be surprised if his fight with Robert ended in a Ned vs Dayne fashion...
D' MaN
D' MaN Aylar önce
Was surprised to see Baratheon that low on the list, then with every new member i found myself saying “oh yes, ofc, he was way better”. Great list. I remember Ser Barristan described as “one man army” in some occasion, can remember if that’s true or was my own conclusion.
Viktoria G.
Viktoria G. Aylar önce
Thanks for including Ser Pounce here, even as an honorable mention He does not get enough recognition
YourDailyViewer Aylar önce
10:55 I highly doubt Jaime could beat Aragorn in a 1 on 1. I don’t even think he could beat Boromir. Just pointing out I’m as much a GOT fan as I am a Lotr fan so this isn’t bashing him or anything, I just think Aragorn is possibly the greatest fictional warrior in cinematic history. He’s a descendant of the Dunedain meaning he has expanded life and abnormal strength and skill compared to the average human. He has more experience (190 years of it) and he was trained by the elves. Not to mention he was a Ranger for a while. In the movies he was originally supposed to fight Sauron himself but they replaced him with an armoured troll. Now why Boromir? I think Jaime has more skill with a sword than Boromir, but ultimately it comes down to his durability. Like he took 3 poisoned arrows to the chest and still kept fighting (and killing) the Uruk Hai who are even stronger than average orcs.
JT Cunningham
JT Cunningham 8 aylar önce
Ser Pounce might have a mixed record but that fails to take into account his compassion and sympathy for others. Maybe he realized that the mouse was needed more by someone else. He’s one of the most courageous cats in Westeros so I think that says something about how he approaches combat.
Akutz47 7 aylar önce
See pounce compassion makes him weak
Kain 8 aylar önce
Not to mention that ser pounce is azor ahai too.
Self-Righteous Ideologue
João P
João P 8 aylar önce
Dont knoww, man. There is theories that he Balerion's son. I think he could go up in the rank if he beat his father
Jacob Niemann
Jacob Niemann 25 gün önce
Anyone else noticed it said Arthur beats Selby specifically with Dawn? I think that implies they are on par and Selby would likely win if they both had standard swords
YuSHiN Aylar önce
More honorable mentions: Greyworm, Dario Naharis, Lord Commander Gerold Hightower, Ser Balon Swan, The Bravosi waterdancer that schooled Jorah Mormont in Mereen.
Eric Jepson
Eric Jepson 2 aylar önce
Brienne beat the hound in 1 v 1 combat (unless that only happened in the show) I only made it to about half way through book 4...) but even without that I'd still have her ahead of him. Oberon basically beat the mountain but emotions, as mentioned by Martin, probably cost him his life.
Johnny boogalo
Johnny boogalo 18 gün önce
Brenne got her ass kicked by some brave companion named biter in the books.It's gross part if you read up it tho but her face got mauled hard damn gross part tbh
Frank Gallagur
Frank Gallagur Aylar önce
They implied heavily leading up to it that the fight was unfair. whole reason he got bit. the hound is like a bigger brienne on steroids.
Lord Mathis Rowan
Lord Mathis Rowan 2 aylar önce
"Brienne beat the hound in 1 v 1 combat (unless that only happened in the show)" never happend in the books
The Kids Nice
The Kids Nice 2 aylar önce
Oberyn and The Hound were probably the only two ppl in the world who could have killed the Mountain during the time of Game of Thrones
ThePhantomSquee 8 aylar önce
Interesting video. I think it's important to remember your note at the end--that it's not about "power levels" and getting caught up in who is "stronger" is quite silly. Personally, I'm a big fan of Barristan's comment to Jorah: "I have seen a hundred tournaments and more wars than I would wish, and however strong or fast or skilled a knight may be, there are others who can match him. A man will win one tourney, and fall quickly in the next. A slick spot in the grass may mean defeat, or what you ate for supper the night before. A change in the wind may bring the gift of victory. Or a lady's favor knotted round an arm."
Carlton Penaloza
Carlton Penaloza 7 aylar önce
@P. A. Wiley So true! Songs attached to movies, shows or other memories can have the strongest sentimental connection!
Isamu T
Isamu T 8 aylar önce
He knew Jorah was a big simp lol
P. A. Wiley
P. A. Wiley 8 aylar önce
yeah. I love the "or a lady's favor knotted around an arm." When I'm running or doing any kind of boxing training or sparring, a certain song will give me a remarkable boost in energy, will, and impetus. Just think of what something maybe vastly more sentimental might do for you.
A Coop
A Coop 2 aylar önce
I gotta say it feels like Martin gets really excited every time he writes a new character and he forgets that they can’t all be “7 feet tall” or “the greatest swordsman ever” lol
Ronnie Law
Ronnie Law 2 aylar önce
I’m very annoyed that we didn’t get to see more (If any) of Jamie’s swordsmanship on the show. Criminally underused.
WÆNDERER Aylar önce
when we see arthur fight ned and his men u can see that he is the greatest just by his moves just look how smooth fast and strong he is and + i have never saw anyone use dual swords like that it was an expert usage
Super atlit
Super atlit Aylar önce
Ser Meryn Trant. When he faced barristan, jaime, dayne, at once he thought it was too easy by simply said "Too old"
Belisarius 8 aylar önce
Something worth mentioning, the Hound unhorsed Jaime at the tourney of the hand. Some additional Honorable mentions that were left out, Lyn Corbray, Balon Swann, Gerold Hightower the white bull, Qhorin Halfhand, Prince Rheagar. The biggest miss of all? Ser Twenty of House Goodmen. He could've kill Arthur Dayne, Baristan, and Jaime all with just his left hand.
Ícaro Corrêa
Ícaro Corrêa 3 aylar önce
@thatdude I agree with your observation on Thoros of Myr. There's also the fact that he was praised by Jaime on the account of the battle of Pyke, and Jaime has no reason to be biased in Thoros' favor. He has also been battling and running in the last couple of Years in the Reach with the Brotherhood Without Banners, which has been having moderate success, I would bet, greatly because of his contributions as a warrior. Thoros probably deserved at least a honorable mention in the video. Now, in your argument about Selmy. You do realize you're giving the grounds for a counter point against Rhaegar being the perpetrador of such wound against Robert, right? Unless you mean to tell there was someone in that battlefield at least as good a warrior as Barristan, then you are accepting the possibility that, in the middle of a battlefield, and this is obvious, there are attacks coming from every direction Meaning Robert's "grave wounds" after the battle of the trident didn't have to be specifically caused by Rhaegar. And besides, I repeat my point: even if said wound was effectively caused by Rhaegar, how "grave" were they really, if they didn't even cause any lasting effects in Robert's life? He kept on battling and hunting for many years after the battle of the Trident. A boar was more harmful to him then Rhaegar. A boar. Rhaegar was a good politician and jouster. Not a good warrior.
Gyani Bekar
Gyani Bekar 3 aylar önce
I also remember Victarion and Aeron mentioning that Balon Greyjoy was a great fighter and a King they chose. Balon was by no means an easy fighter. You dont get Iron Islands to rally behind you blindly into two wars just by stories. Also Euron.
thatdude 3 aylar önce
@Ícaro Corrêa well Robert wasn't with ned after the battle of the trident because of his injury. That's why he took kingslanding without Robert and found his sister without Robert. Also selmy was injured worse than Robert and Ned left his maseter in selmys care when he rode off.
thatdude 3 aylar önce
Thoris of Mer is very underrated. Won a lot of melee tournaments. Also was the first across the breach at Pyike with his flaming shord. Jorah morment thought his was the bravest man he had ever seen
Moh Khan11
Moh Khan11 5 aylar önce
​@Jacob nice fanfic
Ace Dabasol
Ace Dabasol Aylar önce
I would definitely put Oberyn in top1 He always drink before fighting and never lose. That one time he got done is when he is so emotional. Fighting is like a child play for him
Dezzyx Aylar önce
I lost it at the "Jaime could beat Aragorn in a fight" lmao so random, and shots fired at Tolkien
Don't Care
Don't Care Aylar önce
George RR said without dawn Dayne and Barristan could go either way so there's no definitive answer. They are tied for the best swordsman when they were both alive as stated by George RR himself in a interview. Dayne only wins if he has dawn but without it they are equal.
İki Elin Sesi
İki Elin Sesi Aylar önce
I think, if Drogo had seen how an armoured man fight and pick a blunt weapon like a mace to crush armour or a good short sword or a dagger to cut through the weak points of armour, he could've beaten every one of them except for Arthur Dayne. Huge strength and very agile. Armoured men of Westeros with their heavy ass weapons wouldn't catch and blow a single hit on Drogo. Just like the Mountain couldn't catch Oberyn Martell until Oberyn let his guard off. Arthur Dayne also seemed to be very agile himself so Drogo's agility wouldn't be an advantage.
Matt Noyes
Matt Noyes 8 aylar önce
I just wanna give a shout out to you for singlehandedly maintaining my interest in this series even after the massive deflation I felt after season 8. I still hope one day that he'll finish ASOIAF just because your videos remind me of what I loved about them in the first place.
subtlewookiee 7 aylar önce
Absolutely. Watching this video made me nostalgic for a time of about a decade ago when I was enamored by this series and the beautifully crafted world that GRRM made. I fear that all the many plots and intrigue are too much for him to resolve in a satisfactory way, even if he even tries.
Casey H
Casey H 7 aylar önce
@X V eh. Dunes books at least all had endings
X V 7 aylar önce
Agreed. If he finishes the whole series i will read the books but im not starting another series that doesnt get finished (looking at you dune)
Aplaceofshadows 7 aylar önce
Absolutely, I've just discovered this channel and I've been bingeing all the old videos. Also, if Alt Shift X had written the last two season we wouldn't be here mourning 🥲
Casey H
Casey H 7 aylar önce
Never gonna finish and he has stated won't even do a WoT and let another author finish them (Sanderson would crush GoT I bet) The hate is so far with me that I am literally saving up to fly to New Mexico if GRRM passed before finishing and then pulls Strong Belwas on his grave. Dying before finishing is one thing, but dude has been on so many other projects it's hard to argue he even cares. Screw ASOIAF, go read Stormlight Archives
John II
John II 2 aylar önce
Love the Honourable Mention for Ser Pounce.
Bakugou, Dynamight,king explosion murder.
you're unfair to oberyn. he could have easily beat gregor,he did beat him, gregor just caught him off guard. oberyn was trying to make him confess and was deliberately taking his time to torture him. he could have easily killed gregor.Also no. Jamie wouldn't beat ms granger and aragorn. aragorn is basically geralt with less magic and less experience. and Hermione is... well Hermione. but George saying Jamie as being able to beat them proves that he is dangerous. but no he wouldn't beat them.
-_- Aylar önce
Considering all the comments of "where is Jon?" here it might be worth to clarify next time that this video is only about the books ^^ Nice list tho, but I think Areo Hotah should definitely be included.
Starfall: will House Dayne save Westeros?