Top 10 Best NBA All Star Dunk Contest Dunks - ALL TIME (1984 - 2016)

Javier Mendia
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28 Şub 2016




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Dolphinreacts 2 yıl önce
Most iconic: Mike
citizen cain
Finally a top 10 that makes sense. The sit down dunk should be in a class of its own.
David Gonzales
David Gonzales Yıl önce
Aaron Gordan's dunk is going to be near impossible to beat! That's just superhuman athleticism and talent. I've been watching the dunk contests since 1992 and that dude is the most impressive dunker ever when it comes to the dunk contest. Lavine and Vinsanity are right behind him!
jayjayart1 3 yıl önce
Nothing will compare to early 2000s all star games and dunk contests there was always great energy and the crowds were always excited just like if it was the finals or playoffs
Veda Yıl önce
Aaron Gordon’s Air chair dunk is so unique, difficult, never heard of & so creative that even the dunk legend Jordan kilganon who has more than 250 unique dunks hasn’t got in his books.
Zach Wilson is goated
Announcers: it’s over, it’s over
Stacy Pokey
Stacy Pokey 4 yıl önce
Oldanlipo is a beast for making that reversal after damn near a 540 spin. Still one of the single best and luckiest dunks in my opinion.
User619 TLSDCA
User619 TLSDCA Yıl önce
Very much love the 360 from top of key from Stansbury of the Nuggets. To glide so smooth without losing the grip of the 360 move in flight is very impressive and still underrated dunk.
d_won1 4 yıl önce
Glad you gave the #1 to AG's dunk. Best dunk ever made in an NBA Dunk Contest. This list was spot on 💪
Dud 2000
Best Slam Dunk contest of all time was 2016. MJ and Dominique's battle is a close runner-up, and MJ's free throw line dunk is definitely the most iconic dunk of all time.
El Joelo
El Joelo 6 yıl önce
Dunk number 2 has never been replicated with the degree of force that Carter did it. I have seen people doing it but not with that style and strength. Number 1 has never been done before. Great vid man. Carter is my favorite dunker of all time.
CARLOS RUIZ 2 yıl önce
Todos son fantásticos, pero el de Gordon es el mejor, más difícil y espectacular de todos con diferencia
notoreeuzz 4 yıl önce
When looking at Vince's 360 windmill dunk you have appreciate the fluidity & elegance in the way he performed it that makes it great. Yes, many people have done 360 windmills since then but literally no one has been able to even come close to the way VC did it. The dunk is always butchered when you compare them to VC's whether it's done by professional dunkers or NBA players, whereas hundreds of people have done Gordon's dunk. This isn't taking away from the impressive-ness of Gordan's dunk, but it does show the degree of difficulty is not as impressive as it seems.
SamSee Yıl önce
The fact that Aaron Gordon did both of his dunks from this list BACK-TO-BACK, WITH NO MISSED ATTEMPTS, is absolutely insane to me. God-like shit.
Ariel Bolante
Ariel Bolante 2 yıl önce
One of a kind dunk by Aaron Gordon 💪😁
Andy Bassham
Andy Bassham 2 yıl önce
That Oladipo dunk, I'd been saying that for years if someone could do it. I guess I just missed this contest because a couple years afterward I saw it and was amazed. 360 reverse under the rim. Some sick stuff.
Qiang Zeng
Qiang Zeng 5 yıl önce
Given the elegance and power of Vince's dunk, he definitely desire no.1 I haven't seen anybody close to that.
dave rogers
For the longest time MJ had the best dunk taking off from the free throw line. In the mid 80’s we had never seen anything like it.
Sx2ap Yıl önce
The Vince Carter 360 Windmill is the best all time Idc what anyone says. That dunk was a piece of art
Li-Yi Chen
Li-Yi Chen 4 yıl önce
Thanks for all the outstanding dunkers of all time. Their excellent performance is really beyond my imagination. That could make me forget what “gravity” is.
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