Top 10 Best Fishing Moments from 2019

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2019 was one of the best fishing years of my life! We passed two million subscribers, had the #1 trending video on TRvid and caught multiple record-sized fish (39.5lb tripletail and a 1300lb hammerhead shark). In this video, I’ve selected my top 10 favorite moments from 2019 and a few other clips that were just awesome!

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• 10 - Best Topwater Shark Fishing Ever!! → bit.ly/topwater-shark-fishing
• 9 - MASSIVE Topwater Snook Fishing → bit.ly/topwater-snook-fishing
• 8 - Sight Fishing Prehistoric Dinosaur Fish → bit.ly/sight-fishing-dinosaur-...
• 7 - BIGGEST Fish Caught from a Dock → bit.ly/biggest-fish-dock
• 6 - Monster Yellowfin Tuna!! → bit.ly/monster-yellowfin-tuna
• 5 - MONSTER Fish Caught from the Beach → bit.ly/monster-tarpon-beach
• 4 - Found Over 10,000 MASSIVE Redfish!! → bit.ly/found-10000-redfish
• 3 - MASSIVE Record Size Tripletail Fish→ bit.ly/massive-record-fish
• 2 - MASSIVE World Record Size Hammerhead Shark Caught Fishing with Greg Norman → bit.ly/world-record-hammerhead
• 1 - Strongest Men VS Strongest Fish → bit.ly/strongest-men-vs-fish

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Catching Spawning Tripletail, Redfish and Black Drum:




30 Ara 2019




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Devon Larratt
Devon Larratt Yıl önce
im so glad we got to have this with you buddy.. for me its the top 1 fishing moment of my life.. by a Looooonnnnnggg shot.
Husin Zomba
Husin Zomba Aylar önce
Murugan nathan
Murugan nathan 5 aylar önce
Lince Musa
Lince Musa 5 aylar önce
Jorge Garcia
Jorge Garcia 6 aylar önce
Devon you are my idol buddy!!!
Mang ujank Wik wik
Mang ujank Wik wik 7 aylar önce
Hello uncle 😄😎
Carlos Gavino
Carlos Gavino Yıl önce
All of your content is amazing thank you so much for sharing all of your adventures and trophy catches makes me want to fish more with my modest equipment I wish your team much success and keep posting more amazing content
Oscar Aranda
Oscar Aranda Yıl önce
Dude I love the fact you get excited with all your catches !! It pumps me up !! Somehow I feel I’m there with y’all 😂
1Lance1984 Yıl önce
@BlacktipH I have recently discovered your channel especially after the one with Devon and Juji. Ive gotta say these are helping with the quarantine! Even my 5year old daughter keeps asking for more of your videos 🤣. Your energy and charisma for me are only rivaled by Robson Green who I used to watch, thank you for the content dude 🤘
Keegan Walker
Keegan Walker Yıl önce
The excitement on these boys is like a kid on Christmas I loved every second of the reactions too hooking these fish!
Lucas M
Lucas M Yıl önce
Honestly you are so amazingly talented in fishing. I caught a small shark once and I thought I was insane. But seeing this makes me want to lose it.
302-FISHING Yıl önce
Holy crap....That was a massive hammerhead...insane catch!!!!!!🎣🔥💯
Dj AMIT GILAD Yıl önce
Is it just me, or have these videos become more cinematic lately? They look amazing!
Chip Chapley
Chip Chapley Yıl önce
man, juji is the coolest most awesome guy you'll ever meet. guy is super nice and incredibly humble, all around great guy to work out with. never knew he fished.....
Sharon Kasper
Sharon Kasper Yıl önce
Nice to be able to fish like that. You should feel very fortunate and blessed to be out there all those times. Thank you for sharing.
Angel b
Angel b Yıl önce
I love the excitement you show when fishing...love this channel
Nhà Đất Hóc Môn Giá Tốt
You are so awesome! Wish I was fishing like you!
Tim Baker
Tim Baker Yıl önce
That looks like a blast! That would be an awesome experience. Great video!
This dude is living his dream.Listen to him when he lands a fish, he loves fishing so much.
McCubbin Aerial
McCubbin Aerial Yıl önce
Greg Norman "the Shark", shark fishing.. freaky awesome... Great channel you guys! I love the variety of catch and lures, the compound bow was a great shot too.
Harrison Brush
Harrison Brush Yıl önce
Dude I love how excited you get over the fish. Exactly what I do haha. Cant help it
TsaltSlinger Yıl önce
You are one of the best fisherman I've seen on TRvid. Great video!
Jozy Mendoza
Jozy Mendoza 4 aylar önce
2 reasons why I subscribed…. One ☝️ the fishing action and two ✌🏽 the hype this guy has every time he catches a fish 😂 dude instantly starts yelling with excitement 🔥 great videos 👌
La Deda
La Deda Yıl önce
Looks like you boys had a lot of great adventure last year! 👍👍👍👍
Adão Batista
Adão Batista Yıl önce
Monstros! Venham pescar os bagres gigantes aqui no Brasil!
zakaria ott
zakaria ott Yıl önce
This is the best fishing highlight reel I've ever seen. Amazing catches! Those big browns in Milwaukee sure are fun! I'm lucky to live only 1hr away from there!
nathan M
nathan M 2 yıl önce
That drone footage of the sharks hunting then crushing that lure is insane
Ik ben een hond
Ik ben een hond Yıl önce
nathan M gh
Drew Bonnema
Drew Bonnema Yıl önce
The hammer head that ate a smaller shark, and the blacktip that hit on a top water lure
Drew Bonnema
Drew Bonnema Yıl önce
You guys are talking about 2 different sharks lol
Krish Govender
Krish Govender Yıl önce
@tri siagian lol
Hamza Mazhar
Hamza Mazhar Yıl önce
Thats insanely awesome fishing 🔥
C Palado
C Palado Yıl önce
So glad I found this channel Don’t even fish But love the energy
Omastar 777
Omastar 777 Yıl önce
I cought a 32lb catfish last month, it was a beast, I go fishing with my parents and the biggest one we have ever cought was like 22lb, I was surprised when I reeled it in
Roger Roopchand
Roger Roopchand Yıl önce
Your videos are the bomb. Its so exciting to see you and your crew pull hug fish
prophet DJS
prophet DJS Aylar önce
Sensational compilation, I've seen most of these but man fighting those groupers has gotta be exciting
Fl Bizowner
Fl Bizowner Yıl önce
That triple tail still blows my mind!
CsStoker 10 aylar önce
I've always wanted to catch a yellowfin tuna but my fear of open sea makes it very difficult to go on a fishing expedition
Brayden Hays
Brayden Hays 10 aylar önce
I was the same way it is a game changer when u just send it
BaBa Stanzverbot
BaBa Stanzverbot 10 aylar önce
You only live once get it
Illusive Toxins.
Illusive Toxins. Yıl önce
Out of all the vids I watched you are the best salt water fisherman also amazing vids keep up the good work.
Jill A
Jill A 2 yıl önce
Thanks for all the awesome content in 2019 Josh. Happy New Years n see in 2020🐠🐬🐟🎣
Vleek Yıl önce
I like how juju fought that grouper screaming and josh just fights it moaning😂
Adrian Pulido
Adrian Pulido Yıl önce
Makes my heart happy seeing the boys get a massive catch with some cold ones yesir
DG Bourdon
DG Bourdon Yıl önce
Classy content and some awesome adventures...and holy cow, size of some of those fish dude!
Raheela Taj
Raheela Taj Yıl önce
Thenew on
Francinete Lima
Francinete Lima Yıl önce
Que lindos peixes.
Валентин Белоножко
Шикарная рыбалка 👍
Cody Call
Cody Call Yıl önce
I watch these videos and I feel empty inside. Living 5 hours from the ocean really is a drag.
Ils Grade
Ils Grade 4 aylar önce
Mimimi, I live 12 hours from the ocean......I'd be thankful for 5 hours
Ur One And Only Slim Beautiful
I accept your challenge. On my way to go fishing with you guys !!! Game On !!!!!
camaysar222 Yıl önce
Laughing my ass off watching #1 over the abnormally quiet streets of Brooklyn while "sheltering in place". You guys lightened up some heavy times. Thanks for that!
Tripletail Tv
Tripletail Tv 2 yıl önce
There were alot of amazing moments over the past year. Our favorite was when you took your kids out. It's cool seeing the side of Josh that many have never seen. From our family to yours, Happy Holidays bud!
doink slayer
doink slayer Yıl önce
loved watching in 2019! looking forward to blacktiph2020
These guys are absolute professionals, i once caught two fishes on the same line but each weighed like 0.45 & 0.5kg and was so happy as if i caught a Grouper or shark LOL
Christine Saah Nazer
8:58 that’s insane look at that hammerhead
Hero 6 aylar önce
1 is not a hammerhead
8D Yıl önce
@mancing terus 85 p
DaddyMatto 8 aylar önce
That Hammerhead shark catch will always be iconic especially with the video of him going in for the kill at first
glenn bennett
glenn bennett 2 yıl önce
look forward to new shows every two weeks. Cant imagine how to beat 2019. keep great shows coming
I love your videos nice good job mate ! keep doing!
I love how you had the drone flying over the shark!
Doriath Yıl önce
I wish I could fish with you guys
Frankie Vazquez
Frankie Vazquez Yıl önce
You are no 1 most exciting, it shows your having fun and it's fun and exciting to watch keep doing what you do
Tawfiq Pirmohamed
Tawfiq Pirmohamed 2 yıl önce
Thanks for making 2019 better for many of us .. have a great new year full exciting catches to come..
Sebastian M. Arreola
I love how much fun this guy in every video
Sebastian M. Arreola
James' Fishing Adventures
Awesome work! 🤘
joe Yıl önce
Please one more with Davon laratt!
Nate Yıl önce
14:11 he didn't just miss the high five, he slapped him in the face
Late Late
Late Late Yıl önce
Arfan Qazi
Arfan Qazi Yıl önce
Red Rider 250
Red Rider 250 Yıl önce
14:13 pause it
Schimba Ceva!
Schimba Ceva! Yıl önce
Antonio Martinez
Antonio Martinez Yıl önce
Waooooo mi respeto 🇧🇷🇵🇦🌎
Erin Linko
Erin Linko Yıl önce
These videos crack me up. If only everyone could as happy as these guys are and love their jobs! So jealous!
10:50 THAT WAS INSANE drop the reel in the water and recover it that’s insane
George Booth
George Booth Yıl önce
@eric garner that's funny! Must have been a double stuffed Oreo 🤣
eric garner
eric garner Yıl önce
10:11 Me trying to fish the cookie that sank into my milk
Exceed Yıl önce
What fish was it?
BeauDavidG Yıl önce
Yeah it's tied to the boat though
Exillious Yıl önce
Don’t you mean 10:30?
Elias Oliveira Santos
Brabo muito top vlw👍
Budget Vlog
Budget Vlog Yıl önce
The bait design is irresistible. Good job!
Rishav Masih
Rishav Masih Yıl önce
You know the thing is a monster when it takes a toll on devon and juji combined.
Oliver Walker
Oliver Walker Aylar önce
Some huge incredible specimens, when a hulk man and his huge arm wrestling and power lifting buddies almost get pulled overboard you know its gonna be big, wow. Your videos are awesome BLACKTIPH, keep em coming please.
Nick S
Nick S Yıl önce
I was just scrolling through TRvid, bored, trying to find a decent fishing video and this was probably the best fishing video I've come across. The strongest Men VS Fish had me geeking.
Carl Angelo Pino
Carl Angelo Pino 2 yıl önce
2019 is the best year ive ever had, also BlacktipH Happy New Year And Happy New year to everyone else, i hope you had a great day on coming of 2020
bima rin
bima rin Yıl önce
Omg thats devon larrat its crazy man im always support this channel love you
J F Yıl önce
Omg! The giant hammer swallowing the black tip!! Amazing footage there!
Dillon McDermott
Dillon McDermott Yıl önce
Fishing is way more intense than I thought
John Sims
John Sims Yıl önce
Never in my 10 years of fishing have I seen that type of rod bend so much in the strongest man clip
Karamo Pompey
Karamo Pompey 2 yıl önce
I love how he have been doing this for a long time but still gets exited when he makes a catch
Karamo Pompey
Karamo Pompey Yıl önce
@BIMSY 657 thanks mann, same to you
Alicia Holcomb
Alicia Holcomb Yıl önce
I love the excitement and sheer joy that is all over this video! That’s living! Only thing missing is giving thanks to the Lord ❤️
Latin Lover
Latin Lover 8 aylar önce
Great Lifestyle 🎣
Sam's fishing
Sam's fishing Yıl önce
It's a good video. Adrenaline will come out. I want to go fishing, so I'm going.
Michael Akobi. BCM Boxing Channel.
I'm not much of a fishing guy but these guys are hilarious!! Top channel.
Clay Peak
Clay Peak 2 yıl önce
This by far was my best fishin year, I’m up in the Great Lakes, I got my 37” pike, My 15” crappie, and I caught a war mouth bass
Audrey Simpson
Audrey Simpson Yıl önce
Nice video !! Those are some awesome fish.
Evan G
Evan G Yıl önce
Great compilation! Number 11 on the list could have been that Monster Sawfish episode!
happyfwog Yıl önce
That first shark seemed really fast 😂😂😂
Fishing Channel
Fishing Channel Yıl önce
You have a nice channel, I'm praying for your success 😀
gang qwerty
gang qwerty 4 aylar önce
Реально круто 👍
riff724 riff724
riff724 riff724 Yıl önce
I live over at ponce inlet and was pier fishing with my brother who uses the typical walmart cheapie with idk maybe 20 lb mono at best and he hooked into a spotted eagle ray maybe 8 feet wide . So beautiful , and literally 2 swats of his find and it was all over with . Impressive and on a shrimp PM
PanicMose M
PanicMose M Yıl önce
11:24. Nice catch using a tiny zebco/spincast! Who would even think of using that reel on a saltwater trip??!!
Jorge Rueda
Jorge Rueda Yıl önce
Dude perfect being all happy catching the small fish😅😅
Mulgogi 2 yıl önce
Happy New Years - may 2020 catch us all lots of fish!!! 🎣🥂
Definitely Denki
Definitely Denki Yıl önce
I think Coronavirus says otherwise
Mercury Boy
Mercury Boy 2 yıl önce
Hell yeah, got a brand new rod I made myself, and I can't wait to use it
Dolphin Clipart
Dolphin Clipart 2 yıl önce
happy new year
Daftoh 2 yıl önce
Your Mom
Your Mom Yıl önce
Bro something about the feeling of getting a fish on your hook hypes you up
Nikola Ćirković
I watched Juji and Devon try to fight the beast. That video is FUN!
Traditional Fishing
Great video. Really best moment. love this
LakasTamad Yıl önce
9:40 strong enough to be called as strongest man
Wa Fishing
Wa Fishing 2 yıl önce
Let’s get Blacktiph to overtake catch em all fishing! 🤙👍🤙 Good stuff guys!
Lucky Sipin
Lucky Sipin Yıl önce
Watching cuz of Juji and Devon 😊
man saves fish from drowning. isnt nature just amazing
MY FOOD Yıl önce
wow, good fishing , I Love fishing
Zachary Braam
Zachary Braam Yıl önce
Literally living his best life Edit: who do you guys think? Did u watch the video😂🤦
Reggie Yıl önce
shut up
Рыбалка в Дагестане
🐟 👍👍🐟🐟 👍👍🐟🐟 👍👍🐟🐟 👍👍🐟
Camilla Emerson
Camilla Emerson Yıl önce
That was amazing I never seen Anything like that
Constantly hungry
This video is epic ..I love this channel..I watching it maybe 100times
Dre da Don
Dre da Don Yıl önce
Not only is he like the best saltwater fishing youtuber he can fish with both hands wow
Tim Potteiger
Tim Potteiger Yıl önce
I want to see how big that Goliath was that Juji had hooked when he dropped the rod, because that is by FARRRRRRRRR the most i have ever seen that rod bend, and on another note, whoever made that rod is the best there is becuase that thing can take a beating like no rod on the planet and it clearly isn't going to break.
Robert Chadwick
Robert Chadwick Yıl önce
That was epic!
Hendra Sinaga
Hendra Sinaga Yıl önce
Wow... Big Fish Amazing 👍
Doge Sensation
Doge Sensation Yıl önce
"Were gonna make some awesome videos in 2020" -BlacktipH 2019 2020 be like NOPE
NoobMaster69 ک
NoobMaster69 ک Yıl önce
i mean its fishing so it aint near people but it still limited contend production
Ari Wessell
Ari Wessell Yıl önce
이주영 2020 happened
이주영 Yıl önce
Did something happen?
Sporkinstien Yıl önce
Larrait is such an awsome dude
FelixKSS 2 yıl önce
I got twins and started fishing again after 15 years of a break, i liked 2019! I think only 2 videos a month is absolutely fine, watching 2 HQ videos a month instead of 4 medium quality is a good trade.
Silas 2 yıl önce
kill the fish you incompetent idiots don't let them suffer so long! 😨😨😨
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