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7 Aug 2019




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Kushagra Sachan
Kushagra Sachan 8 saatler önce
Westworld, take attention! We need this somewhere.
Suzanna Pierce
Suzanna Pierce 9 saatler önce
For waiting thirteen years seems to be well worth it. Kept missing it on the radio and now finally hearing it for the first time here lol. The beginning is beautiful I think. I love that kind of “India” feel to it. (Now TOOL, don’t ever make s fans wait another thirteen years please?!!!! That is so sad and wrong.)
Agris Alonderis
Agris Alonderis 10 saatler önce
Hmm, I better prefer previous albums. However, after ten years listening, my opinion could change!
masterpacspb 10 saatler önce
KuJi podcast?.... Нет, не слышал, что это? 😁👋
Fractal Stranger
Fractal Stranger 11 saatler önce
Hey this is not shake it off by my favorite artist
Katie O'Connell
Katie O'Connell 12 saatler önce
I repaired my K99s just for this
Givemeriffs 1414
Givemeriffs 1414 12 saatler önce
Now we got the new tool album and now we want half life 3
Тор Хилт
Тор Хилт 12 saatler önce
Billy Karapetis
Billy Karapetis 12 saatler önce
Best song on the album 🤘
koboldnational 12 saatler önce
First time in ages that I continuously don’t skip a track!
Ian_M 13 saatler önce
_a long time_ _coming_
Chris Lewis
Chris Lewis 13 saatler önce
Best 24 hours of my life! TOOL, you bought it back!
Krispy KAOS
Krispy KAOS 13 saatler önce
I silently rejoice that this album is currently number 1. Sorry Taylor Swift, I think Tool is walking away with an award.
Ghosty. NYC
Ghosty. NYC 13 saatler önce
who else got chills listening to this for the first time
All Relative
All Relative 13 saatler önce
New tool, could have been bad and I still would have hit the like button.
John Smith
John Smith 14 saatler önce
Holy shit....I just grew a tail... Damnit Tool!!
Cory W
Cory W 15 saatler önce
trvid.com/video/video-xW6FOQ5sGKw.html WATCH IT, JUST TRUST ME TOOL FANS. (caps is intentional.) They break down the entire tool album.
Rakesh Rocky
Rakesh Rocky 15 saatler önce
Tool 🤘🏼
Shane Case
Shane Case 15 saatler önce
There's moments in life you remember. I was picking apples in an orchard back in New Zealand 20 years ago and a mate handed me enima... with head phones on I lay back in the long grass under an apple tree and didn't move until finished...
Annay De
Annay De 17 saatler önce
To all the people who are joking about Taylor swift and fear inoculum there should be a limit to the misogynistic comments and the shades of them. It's just shaming in the name of being cool. all Swifties are happy about FI and none of them are commenting anything cheap against them. There's no hatred or shaming. We should learn to respect all music and learn to appreciate good music. And loving someone's music doesn't mean we should celebrate the failure of someone else.
Hadigan Madder
Hadigan Madder 17 saatler önce
Tool one of the few rock bands to stay true to their original sound
Joe_Chill 17 saatler önce
I was born in the right generation
Ash Exodus
Ash Exodus 17 saatler önce
Arturo Ernesto Mendoza Hernandez
Bien muy bien me gusto
Tyler Smash
Tyler Smash 18 saatler önce
If you get really high and stare at the album cover it looks like a snake staring at you.
SoonerBoomer 18 saatler önce
Fuck! Now I know what took so long.
Aeron Jones
Aeron Jones 18 saatler önce
Jewdo Master
Jewdo Master 18 saatler önce
To think that all the 12 year olds have never heard a new tool album in their entire life time until now. It's almost like Cicadae.
Marc Raschella
Marc Raschella 18 saatler önce
This whole album is the embodiment of a dmt flash straight up I almost had a flash back the first couple of listening to it idk how they do it TOOL gets a standing ovation from me #perfection
Secret Identity Network
Secret Identity Network 18 saatler önce
It's like hearing a different song each time I listen to it and I love it
Cary Sontag
Cary Sontag 19 saatler önce
Great album that could have been an exercise in masturbation lol.
Cary Sontag
Cary Sontag 19 saatler önce
Smoke DMT while listening. It was made for that.
ZacharyBinx86 19 saatler önce
Maynard and the Tools #1 fan😃🤔
Nate Ober
Nate Ober 19 saatler önce
wade gustafson
wade gustafson 20 saatler önce
This album takes me to a new level of consciousness
Rodrigo Samper
Rodrigo Samper 20 saatler önce
And yeah #1 in the Billboard top 200, sweet
Rodrigo Samper
Rodrigo Samper 20 saatler önce
My cat loves Tool, every time I listen to it she comes and sits with me
Vanessa Carroll
Vanessa Carroll 20 saatler önce
How does anyone with half a brain think talor swift is good?
Alfredo Martinez
Alfredo Martinez 20 saatler önce
This song has some native american music vibe.
GHOSTPLANETABLE 21 saatler önce
Does this mean half life 3 is out too?
Hybrid 9
Hybrid 9 22 saatler önce
If you listen to this album in sequence without any of the skit/filler songs it makes for a amazing listening experience (Must Listen) Fear Inoculum Pneuma Invincible Descending Culling Voices Tempest
Kurt M
Kurt M 22 saatler önce
Great album...does anyone know how to buy it without having to pay 150+$? Seems outrageously expensive
Goth Farmer
Goth Farmer 18 saatler önce
Digital copy is only $11
Kyle Cantrell
Kyle Cantrell 22 saatler önce
the cover art is still better than the songs, cmon tool
Othman Benhamamouch
Othman Benhamamouch 23 saatler önce
2:24 .......!!!!!
Aaron 23 saatler önce
The screech got my dog going
Rich Aftanas
Rich Aftanas 23 saatler önce
Writing this stuff has to be so easy now. Throw a few obscure lines together, then good to go. Genius. Laughing all the way to the bank.
Eduardo G
Eduardo G 23 saatler önce
Lets Rock!! Rock will live FOREVER..
Maxwell Heuberger
Maxwell Heuberger 23 saatler önce
He sits in awe of the majesty of reason, his new understanding of life. He look towards his friend to tell him of this found knowledge, as his eyes finally meet his friends figure he sees nothing but light. Before he can even speak, his friend turns to him and says "Yes, I know what you are about to tell me, for once, let me just realize it without your help."
The Dude
The Dude Gün önce
The noise in the beginning sounds like the Curiosity's soil analysis instrument
Дмитрий Gün önce
That was VERY GOOD. So, see you in 21 years I guess
sebastian Barrera
Aburrido donde estan los riff heavys ? Metal ? Where!¡¡¡¡??¡?¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¿?,¿?!!?¡¡?
Steve Grubb
Steve Grubb Gün önce
Heard this on the radio (!) and thought it was new Perfect Circle. Well, close enough.
1967haze Gün önce
From 5:50 the guitar of Adam Jones sounds like a diamond drill boiling into the rock.
Jorn Brenoe
Jorn Brenoe Gün önce
Last time I experienced, explored and enjoyed a new Tool album with my son, he was 5 years old and already a longtime fan... Can't be with him now 'cause he's playing guitar on some stage somewhere out there, only texting with his old man about that new Tool album when he's too tired to make much sense... I blame Tool for that. Lol
Google User
Google User Gün önce
What the fuck are people talking about Taylor swift for... Are you not all aware that that is completely irrelevant to your lives.....
Mordhorst Gün önce
How About that Album order: 1.Fear Inoculum 2.Pneuma 3.Invincible 4.Mockingbeat 5.Chocolate Chip Trip 6.Descending 7.Legion Inoculant 8.Litanie contre la Peur 9.Culling Voices 10.7empest works better for me... just an idea. ;-)
Josh’s Gaming
Josh’s Gaming Gün önce
There’s only 200 cds of the album in the world
coldwarunicorns Gün önce
yes! Excelent
aBanabis Gün önce
So far I'm not really drooling over it, but I wasn't really drooling over 10,000 days at first either. Hearing it live is a completely different experience. Not to mention if you're lucky enough to be tripping like I was at their bonnaroo show in 2007. After the show I was completely exhausted and I didn't even move. Music moved through me. Saying I got chills up the spine is an understatement. At least everyone knows what I'm talking about these days. Wonder what happen. Good times?
Daniel hansen
Daniel hansen Gün önce
So some dude on eBay, has the new Tool CD up for sale, the sticker on the CD is upside down due to factory mistake, this guy is asking $10,000 for this CD. just curious who in their right mind would pay $10,000 for any CD? Just because the sticker is upside down. Have A Tool kind of day my brothers and sisters.
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