Too Close! Airplane Nearly Lands on HOTEL! 

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Imagine sitting in your #hotel room on a tropical island, casually looking out through your window and seeing the landing lights from a #Boeing 737 which is coming straight for you at an altitude of only 50 feet over the sea!
This might sound like a #movie scene but it actually happened on the island of Sint Maarten a few years back and the fascinating story of what lead up to this, is what I will be covering today so stay tuned.
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Below you will find the links to videos and sources used in this episode.
Final Report: www.tsb.gc.ca/eng/enquetes-in...
Vor beacon: Phil Collier, NATS engineer
Quick Access Recorder: UNKNOWN
Aircraft used:
PMDG 737-800:
Scenery used:
Saint Martin & Grand Case MSFS by Airworthy Designs:
00:00 - Intro
00:33 - Sint Maarten
01:41 - The flight crew
03:22 - Approaches
04:45 - Eyes on the weather
07:43 - A slightly different approach
11:29 - Descent towards Sint Maarten
14:37 - Runway lighting
16:41:- Setting up for final
19:35 - A little psychology
21:29 - Runway in sight??
23:34 - A clearer picture
25:50 - What exactly happened?




4 Haz 2023




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Mentour Pilot
Mentour Pilot 2 aylar önce
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Mentour Now!
Mentour Now! 2 aylar önce
@ד it normally takes around 2 years for a final report to come out. The preliminary report is available.
Main Frame
Main Frame 2 aylar önce
20:36 LOL WHAT THE FREAK? HAHAHA I know airlines are saving money, but they could have offered you a better ride....! Haha Precious!! I almost spilled my coffee on the keyboard! What a good laugh!
マコト 2 aylar önce
when the airline literally takes you to your room, that's some level of service!
ricardo kowalski
ricardo kowalski 2 aylar önce
They may crash into your room, but they will still lose your luggage 😁
Rini Ishani
Rini Ishani 2 aylar önce
Tell that to 9/11 victims, from the airport direct to the office, if you dare.
Thundersnow 2 aylar önce
The stairway to heaven. We deliver you there! 😂
bicolouredprawn 2 aylar önce
​@Rini Ishani oh grow a sense of humour.
Shari Hazlett
Shari Hazlett 2 aylar önce
Anthony Waughn
Anthony Waughn 2 aylar önce
As a retired pilot, and have not been flying for a long time, this particular episode reminded me of a similar incident that I faced a long time ago. I have since learned to double check my initial perception before going to the second phase. Your very detail description would serve well many a younger gerneration of pilots, a cautionary lesson that I did have the benefit to learn. Good Job, Mentor Pilot.
Tony Miller
Tony Miller 22 gün önce
Seems a common problem - the brain tries to confirm what it expects to see from what is out there - then gets it wrong. Same thing with Air NZ slamming a DC10 into Mt Erebus in 1979 - while on a sight seeing trip over Antarctica - whilst doing the sightseeing at 2000 feet altitude. 300 paid the price for that mistake
JetBlast 2 aylar önce
Being a ramp agent in Canada, I sometimes work on this specific plane with its recognizable livery. That's fascinating how each plane has its story
Diego Silang
Diego Silang Aylar önce
I spotted this aircraft at YVR occasionally.
Jay Bhojwani
Jay Bhojwani 6 gün önce
I am feeling the exact same thing in here I have worked ramp on this exact aircraft at YXX Fascinating to think the aircraft I am loading bags into was 39 feet from water INSANEEEE
jon hu
jon hu 2 aylar önce
It's always refreshing to hear about an incident that doesn't result in disaster. Bravo to the pilots for their quick corrections once they realised that they were off course before colliding with the hotel
Terry Law
Terry Law 2 aylar önce
If they hadn’t recovered visibility at the moment they did this would have had an entirely different ending.
StrongDreamsWaitHere 2 aylar önce
They should never have been there in the first place.
Plamena 2 aylar önce
@StrongDreamsWaitHere yes but errors happen, it's how we correct them is often the difference between a disaster and a fright.
NHL 2K10
NHL 2K10 2 aylar önce
aviation is dangerous, thankfully those innocent people in the hotel weren't harmed, but so many lives have been ended by plane crashes. aviation should be abolished, pilots are a menace to society.
Simon C
Simon C 2 aylar önce
I really love about this series that you don't only cover the bad accidents, but also stories like this, which could have turned out way worse but didn't. It's always reassuring to see how every of those (even "minor") incidents eventually contributes to make the aviation industry safer for everyone by not focussing on blaming one single person but by addressing shortcomings of every player - the pilots, the airlines, ATC and the aircraft manufacturers, and recommending improvements from which everyone can benefit in the future. Keep up the great work!
Drew M
Drew M 2 aylar önce
As a current student pilot with the goal to be an airline pilot one day, I love all the lessons and information that can be learned from these videos.
Mentour Pilot
Mentour Pilot 2 aylar önce
Great to hear! Best of luck with your training.
Dino Schachten
Dino Schachten 2 aylar önce
I love to see pilots watch these. There are so many recurring patterns to learn from (for instance regarding go-arounds in marginal conditions). Would be fabulous to adopt these videos as some form of paid recurring theoretical training for pilots.
rhuttrho88 2 aylar önce
You need to stop watching TRvid and study more!🤨
rhuttrho88 2 aylar önce
Ryan Renken
Ryan Renken 2 aylar önce
Right there with you, Drew!
LoweLyfe XO
LoweLyfe XO 2 aylar önce
When you said "we will never know" I figured this ended disastrously, so happy to hear everyone was safe. Another great video!
toriless 2 aylar önce
Yeah, or using past tense.
Mentour Pilot
Mentour Pilot 2 aylar önce
You and me both! 💕
Clint Tapper
Clint Tapper 2 aylar önce
This is why I that there should be 'importance' departure and approach cones regarding the both the data and voice recorders so that they do not record over themselves at critical points during the flight, and or if something happens that needs to be kept for reference. My idea was always, to have a secondary tape running in parallel that would be activated in the event of an error, or a justification of some sort in order to preserve information in cases such as this. There are literally thousands of instances where the voice recorder and data recorded have been overwritten and information is lost that could be deemed as important.
Dirk van den Berg
Dirk van den Berg 2 aylar önce
Actually, we knew this beforehand. An accident/disaster would have been in the news prominently, and there isn't one on this airport, except for the spectacular landings over the called beach.
X 2 aylar önce
@Dirk van den Berg I knew by the title 😂
Clem20033 2 aylar önce
I like that WestJet didn't try to hide anything and actually changed their training and breifings for pilots, making it safer.
iiCautious 2 aylar önce
Safety Above All a motto we live by above or below the wing
T A 2 aylar önce
Mmm. They didn't save the 2 main systems which would have had more information. Events like this should be auto saved, of legally required to be manually saved. For education and safety improvement.
Snoopy 2 aylar önce
Unlike the NHS
BuffaloWarrior7 Aylar önce
And sounds like they didn't fire/punish the pilots either. While this was pilot error. When you break it all down it's understandable how this happened. And it wasn't due to outright negligence.
Zytronium Aylar önce
Why wouldn't anyone?
Matthew Balfour
Matthew Balfour 2 aylar önce
I use Mentour's thought process/learning process/questioning of what I know every time I step into a little Cessna 172. Really keeps you humble to think of highly experienced pilots falling to human-susceptible error and thinking things through in this way makes me safer (I hope).
Mentour Pilot
Mentour Pilot 2 aylar önce
Awesome comment Matthew! Thanks for being here and safe flying!
Anish Jain
Anish Jain 2 aylar önce
I like how the more recent episodes are much less severe with most having little to no loss of life. Just shows how the industry is becoming safer.
Mentour Pilot
Mentour Pilot 2 aylar önce
I love doing these episodes because the learning is the same, with no one getting hurt.
ironlionzion 2 aylar önce
Since 2009 there have not been any major lethal accidents involving a reputable commercial airline (that is from the US, Canada, Australia, western Europe, Hong Kong, Singapore, Korea or Japan).
Mac_cy 2 aylar önce
@ironlionzion Germanwings - 9525 from 2015 comes to mind. 150 people died there.
BB49 2 aylar önce
It bloody ought to be getting safer. I wonder, though.
Laudian 2 aylar önce
@Mac_cy Germanwings wasn't an accident though. It was intentionally flown into the ground.
Charisse Linnell-Morton
I have to say that West Jet is one of the best success stories for an airline. They actually made flying affordable for everyone in Canada forcing other airlines to lower all the prices to survive in Canada.😊
Valerie Rodger
Valerie Rodger 2 aylar önce
And they did so providing a level of service that put Air Canada to absolute shame.
Charisse Linnell-Morton
@Valerie Rodger I totally agree !
To The Point
To The Point 2 aylar önce
​@Valerie Rodger Ah yes, Air Canada - the JB Hunt of the airline industry.
gpaull2 2 aylar önce
Too bad they sold to a private firm and are treating their employees like every other big corp instead of being treated like owners.
J. Andrews
J. Andrews 2 aylar önce
WOW! You and your team are getting really good at the graphics.. the rain, the pilots in the cockpit .. just makes for a great presentation!! Bravo !!!
Mentour Pilot
Mentour Pilot 2 aylar önce
Thank you very much! 💕💕
Nethiuz 2 aylar önce
It's just MS Flight Simulator lol
Danny D
Danny D 2 aylar önce
The vacationers on the beach was a nice touch.
Luca Sottani
Luca Sottani 2 aylar önce
@Nethiuz even painters "just" use a paintbrush, but still they make art. Don't be dismissive of others, it doesn't reflect well back on yourself.
Mister Flibble
Mister Flibble 2 aylar önce
@Mentour Pilot The rendering of the Gravelly Hill Interchange is especially good ;)
Mari 2 aylar önce
Mentour team, by far my favorite aviation channel out there, your attention to detail and how well everything is put together to create these wonderful and informative videos is awesome!
toriless 2 aylar önce
Yeah, clearly there is a CG team too.
silvenshadow 2 aylar önce
So great seeing the changes in guidance even when the incident is 'harmless'. Thanks for covering this and to all those helping to keep aviation safe.
Annie Seaside
Annie Seaside 26 gün önce
I love that you cover surviving incidents not just the Disasters. Thank you, I am not a Pilot, only had a frw lessons but find your detailed explanations broken down so we can really understand. You are a great teacher!!
Ems 2 aylar önce
I’m really enjoying the addition of the psychology behind the incidents in the recent videos! Keep up the great work, Mentour!
Mentour Pilot
Mentour Pilot 2 aylar önce
Glad to hear that!
California Native
California Native 2 aylar önce
Yes, the human factors engineering aspects of flying, driving--all mechanical transport operations are critical to safe transportation.I am an Ergonomics Engineer and Human Factors Engineer.
Joseph De Freitas
Joseph De Freitas 2 aylar önce
I came across this amazing channel about 4 months ago and have binge watched every episode to date. As an ATPL rated helicopter pilot here in Trinidad in the Caribbean with over 13,000 hrs ,I love to read and research accident and incident reports. Mentour Pilot takes this to the next level and makes it very easy to follow even for the non aviation people whom I'm sure he has a lot of subscribers. Keep up the amazing work!!
Queen Kenna
Queen Kenna 2 aylar önce
I am the same - not an aviator but fascinated by hearing all the details about accidents and incidents, and the safety recommendations that come about from them. Love Mentour Pilot channel!
True River
True River 2 aylar önce
Do also check out the sister channel, presented by the same guy. There's Mentor Pilot, that deals with well reached historic events And there's Mentor Now! where he responds to recent aviation news, often before they're have been proper investigations is anything went wrong. I find them both fascinating.
FMC 2 aylar önce
LOVE THIS CHANNEL!! Nobody explains things quite like you. I'm thinking seriously about getting my pilot's license, and I pay such close attention, often rewinding a bit to make sure I understand what your explaining. I've bounced the idea around for a while, but your channel really has helped me solidify my decision. Thanks for all the work you put into this. It's made a real difference in my life, and the plans I have for the future. 🛫
Mentour Pilot
Mentour Pilot 2 aylar önce
That’s awesome to hear and I wish you the best of luck!
FMC 2 aylar önce
@Mentour Pilot Thank you!!! 🙏🛫💖
Raven 2 aylar önce
I'm so used to my own tropical island's airport having Cat II ILS approach (Mauritius) that I was very surprised to learn this popular destination only has VOR and RNAV! I'm glad this flight was ultimately okay - the experience of the pilots is sure to have played a part in their ability to recover from the situation.
Mar Hawkman
Mar Hawkman 2 aylar önce
If I was the hotel... I'd probably redecorate the roof. Maybe add a giant red-X and/or the hotel logo? I mean, don't wanna look like an airstrip.....
Trevor Da Costa
Trevor Da Costa 2 aylar önce
There is a public road between the start of the runway and the sea which probably can’t be re-routed hence cannot build platforms to cater to an ILS approach. Guess the experts can confirm or debunk this.
Legendendear 2 aylar önce
@Mar Hawkman If I was the airport I'd contact the hotel to ask if they could possibly do something about that
Mar Hawkman
Mar Hawkman 2 aylar önce
@Legendendear yeah, it seems like it'd be to the hotel's benefit to look different?
Tony Lee
Tony Lee 2 aylar önce
@Trevor Da Costa That was correct. may be they could build a bridge over the road?
vegasjill21 2 aylar önce
So glad you covered this. I remember when the video of the super low commercial airliner was flying almost into the ocean and was posted to YT. That was pretty freaky!! Glad everything turned out ok and the plane eventually DID land safely on the runway! Whew! That would have been horrible. 🥺 Thank you so much. 😘 Love your videos.
Seb SN
Seb SN 2 aylar önce
Hi Peter, I always enjoy watching your vids as I find nobody better at explaining than you. It's the perfect mix of content and how you deliver it. I don't know anyone who can do better. All the best to you, your channel and your family!
Kian Lechner
Kian Lechner Aylar önce
I’m fully convinced this is one of the most impressive channels on the internet. A perfect example of the quality that comes from someone who takes pride in their work / content. A pilot’s attention to detail and professional excellence applied to a TRvid channel. Only been watching for a week, but I’m a huge fan.
Carlo Berruti
Carlo Berruti 2 aylar önce
Excellent video! I’ve been following Petter for years, and this is one of my favorite clips. I enjoy a lot the detailed analysis of “apparently minor” incidents: it makes you understand that EVERYTHING is important and there’s a lot to be learnt even if the occurrence is not a full-blown disaster. Good psychological explanation - and BTW congrats for the quality of the virtual rendering: massive improvements, to an extent to which it starts to be difficult to understand if it’s computer generated or actual video footage
Casey Dbani
Casey Dbani 2 aylar önce
Fascinating how little is needed to create a possible desaster scenario! And how important sharp pilots are to avoid it last second! Thank you for these detailed analyses, perfectly presented!
Moses Akello
Moses Akello 2 aylar önce
I always love your stories. Detailed, easy language and interesting. Not to mention the introduction that keeps you glued and eager to know what is about to happen. Who else is with me?
James England
James England 2 aylar önce
Blatherskite 2 aylar önce
The pilot's perspective puts the cherry on the cake.
FlightHub 2 aylar önce
John Opalko
John Opalko 2 aylar önce
Same here!
Alexander K.
Alexander K. 2 aylar önce
Up plus plus!
Kent Slocum
Kent Slocum 2 aylar önce
I love how you always manage to discuss things that are applicable to us, as civilians, such as the Perception>Comprehension>Prediction framework. Knowing how we are wired to process our surroundings can help us avoid common errors!
Anna_ in_Aotearoa
Anna_ in_Aotearoa Aylar önce
Absolutely! 👍 I'm a big fan of disaster & near miss analysis content of various kinds, but not from any kind of morbid curiosity. To me, they're a super-valuable tool for all of us (regardless of life or work contexts) in encouraging us to keep our risk assessment awareness sharp, frequently check our biases, and advocate for safety and accountability wherever that is needed?
Cat Teel
Cat Teel 2 aylar önce
I’ve been on that beach by the runway many times. It’s a surreal experience. When planes take off , people literally line up on the chain link fence to get blown back by the engine thrusts during take off. There has been several injuries because of people doing this.
Sarah Ferris
Sarah Ferris 2 aylar önce
Thanks so much for this.I do love a happy ending! The psychology behind these kind of “errors” is so interesting. As a nervous flyer who is nonetheless fascinated by aviation ( my father was an RAF pilot) I take great comfort in knowing just how skilful pilots are and how many safety features there are on aircraft. I’m on a short flight across Europe in a couple of weeks and this has made me feel better about it.
The Hailerer
The Hailerer Aylar önce
I've just gotten into your channel after starting to play Microsoft Flight Simulator a few weeks ago and I really have to give you credits for making your videos so "beginner friendly" and even using MSFS to visualise the entire thing. Keep it up friend!😊
Stacy L. Finnegan
Stacy L. Finnegan 2 aylar önce
Thanks so much Petter and team for another great video! To see how far you've come in presentation, with the exceptional graphics that look so real, and the quality and accuracy of the information detailing the event being presented...absolutely phenomenal!! So thankful that this event had a positive outcome, and that changes were made to hopefully prevent it from happening again. Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge and experiences with us! Can't wait to see the next video!
Paul de Swardt
Paul de Swardt 2 aylar önce
Being, like most of your viewers, an aviation geek I choose to stop on Sint Maarten especially to experience those incredible landings!
Daniel Harrison
Daniel Harrison 2 aylar önce
You should absolutely go! We went in 2021 and loved it. We added it to our list of islands to return to. Everyone was friendly and the island as a whole is just gorgeous.
Dave Arbogast
Dave Arbogast 2 aylar önce
Paul, with your opinion, what IFR approaches with marginal terrain limits would be left? The bowel ROA in VA comes to mind.... EGE Colorado as well... Places who's IFR approaches have increased risks due to terrain.
Suburp212 2 aylar önce
I love the Mix of incidents that everybody knows about and less known near misses that show the incredible airmanship of truly remarkable pilots. Thank you, Petter and team.
HR Pietersz
HR Pietersz Aylar önce
Very clear and understanable report, giving me (a layman) a nice insight into the intricacisies of a flight, especially the approach and landing phases ! Thanks a million ! 👍🙂👌
PrairieWind 2 aylar önce
Its amazing how disaster was so close, yet for most of everyone, it was a completely normal day before and after. I wonder if the pilots were rattled. I wish they were interviewed to find out the nature of their decisions.
Warren Cash
Warren Cash Aylar önce
Stopped at the last slice of cheese.
Jon Bradshaw
Jon Bradshaw 2 aylar önce
Thank you for such a well done documentary. You really need your own series on the discovery channel! You do far better than most!
Flexflex744 2 aylar önce
I like that you explain incidents like this one in detail instead of just covering the most well-known accidents. I actually learn a lot about incidents I didn't know before in your videos. Keep up the work, thank you!
Isaiah Condreay
Isaiah Condreay 2 aylar önce
Been watching you're content for a while now. I really enjoy airplane stuff and as a child tried anything in an attempt to fly. I'm not really an aviation geek, but really enjoyed this video! Pretty cool to see the airline making safety recommendations. The safety environment around aviation is really cool and quite frankly should be a role model in many other industries!
Mentour Pilot
Mentour Pilot 2 aylar önce
Yes, it’s a very good industry to work in from that regard. 💕
Jamie 2 aylar önce
I’m really impressed with the simulation from the opening-I’m very familiar with SXM and was thinking “hey that looks like St. Maarten!” -- except the visibility, which I’ve never seen so bad!
FutureSystem738 2 aylar önce
Wow Petter, great description as usual, some years since I retired from flying these fabulous machines, and it sure brought back lots of memories. Very nearly all the holes lined up in the cheese- that was just far too close for comfort. They really got sucked in such that they made really bad errors. There’s a certain Indonesian airline that have a great record in stretching the limits on “so called” visual approaches to the extent of actually landing in the water. I’m sure you’ll know who I’m talking about. I don’t think I could have ever done the same- definitely would have called unstable approach I believe…. I even did exactly that as a new FO on the 747 (having come from the 767) when landing at another island strip, landing in heavy rain at night in about 1991 - actually to the point of yelling “You must listen, we’re low” at the very experienced captain. I don’t think it would have ended very well if I’d been intimidated by him and said little or nothing.
Jessica Nicole Belmonte
I really loved that clip of you in your pilot's uniform on a children's toy vehicle from 20:36 onward, as it made me laugh. Thank you for injecting an appropriate piece of humor into an otherwise very serious presentation. That juxtaposition of a very humorous clip with the very serious narration/presentation is just wonderful. Thank you for sharing these great analysis' with us (the public at large).
Sune Rasmussen
Sune Rasmussen 26 gün önce
For some reason, I had not really noticed this. Thanks for pointing it out, gave me a good chuckle 😂
Mohammad Faran
Mohammad Faran Aylar önce
Splendid analysis of the scenario , a gem for student pilots learning the produces and decisions making skills as well 👍🏻
freibert //
freibert // 2 aylar önce
Another episode with a happy ending, with no damage at all - love it! //
Korey Cryderman
Korey Cryderman 2 aylar önce
Thank you so much for these videos, sir. I'm a trucker by trade, not a pilot, but these videos are always interesting to me. I'm always a bit nervous when boarding aircraft or ships, and I'm making plans to visit the UK. While one might think watching videos on incidents and accidents would be a bad idea for a nervous flyer, I like watching yours because you explain the nuances of the situations, and what lessons the industry has learned to be safer which is actually helping me with the idea of flying over the Atlantic. Thanks again!
AaronOfMpls 2 aylar önce
Indeed, these are good at showing how multiple things have to go wrong in just the right (wrong?) order for a crash to happen. I've never been a very nervous flier myself, but I'm definitely even _less_ nervous now! And it's also heartening to see incidents that _didn't_ end in a crash -- and what was learned to make a future incident even less likely.
Mark McCulfor
Mark McCulfor 2 aylar önce
My favorite of these videos is where the problem is resolved with minimal injuries! Keep it up Mentour!
Mike Baynton
Mike Baynton 2 aylar önce
I always appreciate the reports and investigations on incidents where things ultimately worked out.
John McQueen
John McQueen 2 aylar önce
At that time (March 2017) I was often tuned to PTZ, which had (and still has) a camera always on at SXM. It was very stormy and several flights had diverted to nearby islands, but Westjet continued its approach. I could also see that it was still coming by watching Flightradar24 at the same time. So I saw and vividly remember seeing the plane almost disappear and then pull up again, seemingly out of the sea, or as we learned 39 ft from the surface. As Pettar reported, there were a lot of headlines about this and much discussion on avgeek sites. Sept 6 of 2017 Hurricane Irma hit Sint Maarten and devastated the island. The last live video there was was from the same PTZ camera at SXM, video which I saw used in news reports all over the world, with “PTZ” showing in the lower right corner
Amped4Life Aylar önce
I love your channel! You seem like a genuine and really caring person, mentourpilot. I looked at a short about training and can tell how much you truly enjoy training new cadets. It shows on your face and in your smile. Keep being you and never change! I keep watching because you are GENUINE - and genuine/authentic people are hard to find nowadays. Cheers from the 🇺🇸 and from a fellow traveler! 🌎 ✈🧳🗺
Norbert Kiszka
Norbert Kiszka 2 aylar önce
About ~16 years ago I encountered similar thing. I was on the balcony on last floor and some airliner was flying directly into me. With every second I was realizing that is my end... But they gained altitude just before building and nothing happened.
LiliumAtratum 2 aylar önce
Where? When exactly? Maybe that incident was also reported?
Norbert Kiszka
Norbert Kiszka 2 aylar önce
@LiliumAtratum It was more or less in 2007 - 2009. Cracow, Poland.
AlphaBravo 2 aylar önce
The passion and competence you put in your videos is always a pleasure to watch! Thank you for your great work!
KE0VH Cap'n Jack
KE0VH Cap'n Jack 2 aylar önce
Great video and teaching about the different characteristics of flight. Even for those of us who are just flight simmers we can learn so much by what you do. Thank you!
Mentour Pilot
Mentour Pilot 2 aylar önce
Glad you enjoyed it!💕💕
Ray's Stuffz
Ray's Stuffz 2 aylar önce
I watched the few short YT videos over this approach. Fascinating that I could follow every move of the pilots - exactly like you explained. In the video made by a passenger you can even hear how the engines are spooling up first to 75% than shortly after to full go around trust. Thanks for the absolutely fantastic explanation again🙂
AIKISBEST 20 gün önce
My mothers parents had a farm in the direct path of an airport/airfield in Mora, Sweden, and when visiting them during the summers as a kid theres two things I remember clear as day: The yearly(?) airshows and big aircraft flying over their house at a seemingly ridicuously low altitude on a few occations (though not in relation to mentioned airshows, I dont think), so I can only imagine what this wouldve been like.
Steven West
Steven West 2 aylar önce
Another amazing video. The professional quality is fantastic. Great team. I’d like to think they would still have got out of the situation in time even if the visibility hadn’t improved.
Rusty Aylar önce
I was glued to this the entire time! It's Amazing what it takes to get us all from one place to another! Thank You. My Deepest Admiration to all Piolets who Flys the Sky's of the world.
Greig300 2 aylar önce
I enjoy your videos man, must be an amazing feeling being an captain walking through the airports, sharing with family, friends and strangers when asked what you do for a living… I’m a pilot! Plus your success on TRvid. Amazing man. From Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
Mentour Pilot
Mentour Pilot 2 aylar önce
I am really grateful for what I have and what I can achieve. Thank you 🙏
jaws 2 aylar önce
​@Mentour Pilot awesome electric go kart.👍👍👍
Owen Walker
Owen Walker 2 aylar önce
Love the effort put in, great video Petter!
Aadå 2 aylar önce
Has any ground crew or ATC ever caused an accident or had an accident themselves? Would be cool to see a video about that where you speak about their procedures and what precautions they take to make sure no incident occurs!
True River
True River 2 aylar önce
There have been several Mentour Pilot videos where miscommunication with ATC has caused issues. They are rarely the only issue though (as in the Swiss cheese model, it takes a cluster of unfortunate mistakes for things to combine into a fatality
ETU Digger
ETU Digger 2 aylar önce
Petter, it's always a pleasure to see one of your videos pending on my computer. Your skill as an aviator and narrator are above reproach. I'm glad I found and subscribed to your channel. I wish you the best.
Laura Halliday
Laura Halliday 2 aylar önce
I've flown WestJet many times and remember when this happened. Not quite as dramatic, but just down the road from me the approach to runway 34 at Penticton CYYF has a lot in common with this approach. Final over water (Skaha Lake), treetop height over a beach and a road, land.
Frank Sells
Frank Sells Aylar önce
I have so much respect for experienced pilots. ❤
cowboychords 2 aylar önce
i always love how happy you look to be able to tell us about your passion
Mentour Pilot
Mentour Pilot 2 aylar önce
I am!
Chad BBC mustang
Chad BBC mustang 2 aylar önce
Huge aviation fan!!! You're the most knowledgeable pilot I've viewed and a huge asset to your employer!!
MaltaMcMurchy 2 aylar önce
WestJet is such an embarrassment to my country. Thank you for covering this one, Petter! ✈️
Dave Mc Donald
Dave Mc Donald Aylar önce
Always loved your writing and narration. Love the new visual format! Give your new editor a raise😊
Aswathi M C
Aswathi M C 2 aylar önce
Great video as usual Petter! You are a great storyteller and keeps my full attention till the end!
easy street
easy street Aylar önce
You wouldn't believe how close the landing jets come to hotels in Puerto Princesa, Palowan, Philippines. It was a complete thrill.
robin cowley
robin cowley 2 aylar önce
I suppose there's one obvious question: did anyone contact the hotel owners to see if anything could be done to change the profile of the hotel roof to try to reduce the risk of optical illusion?
Jim Vajda
Jim Vajda 2 aylar önce
I think in the US there are laws that can force building owners to make them aviation friendly
toriless 2 aylar önce
​@Jim Vajda Within a certain distance, same as height restrictions in the area. Heck, under Eminent Domain it can be removed entirely.
Mar Hawkman
Mar Hawkman 2 aylar önce
@Jim Vajda In this case, since the hotel has so many people see it from the air, a plain white roof seems like a low-budget beginner option. A corporate logo or name of the Hotel spelled out on the roof seems like it'd both be an effective way to prevent mis-identification, and also look nice.
Marcell Kovacs
Marcell Kovacs 2 aylar önce
@Mar Hawkman it’d still look like a runway from a distance. Why not simply put the typical flashing red beacons on the top that they put on everything else?
Mar Hawkman
Mar Hawkman 2 aylar önce
@Marcell Kovacs heh, you mean blinking lights like on a runway? :D hahaahah, yeah you'd have to carefully choose light colors or having a lighting roof would make it worse.
Carlos Quesada
Carlos Quesada 2 aylar önce
Wow, I don't really know what to be surprised and amazed the most, if by the outstanding editing of the video or by the story itself. Congratulations! Love it all. For me it is really tough to land there in my sim, specially because I land VFR and outside the cockpit. 😁
Ben Timagery
Ben Timagery 2 aylar önce
Great video! Good to see that the aircraft manufacturer, the airline and airport all revised their relevant procedures!
Carter Penland
Carter Penland 2 gün önce
love the videos i can tell you put a lot of work into them
Muldoni 2 aylar önce
I am always amazed about the level of production quality your videos have developed over time.
dan larcey
dan larcey 2 aylar önce
You're a first class guy brother you really are you've done a tremendous job making a series of instructional videos Nord has to be very proud of the the choice they made in you Thank you for all the great videos
hunspkij 2 aylar önce
Dear Captain, I know I might sound eccentric but I sincerely treasure your content and all the fantastic documentaries you put out. I have always wanted to be a pilot but I am too poor. However, my love and ambition for aviation will always remain and I feel as though your videos are fulfilling that desire. If I had money I would certainly gift it to you but as I said I am broke. Keep up the great work. Sincerely, Top G.
Justin Haase
Justin Haase 2 aylar önce
As a Midwesterner…things change in a HURRY. Almost seems like situation passing on would be a commonality and not random thing. Midwest storms are quick and wild.
kvadratbitter 2 aylar önce
Educational, non-sensational, interesting, you and your team are doing an awesome job with these videos! ❤ Greetings from Fjollträsk
Znamtozautopsji 2 aylar önce
Hey Mentour, could you do a video on PLL LOT 007 crash in 1980? There's already a couple of documentaries out there on that flight but none of them cover the subject like you do - professional, step by step, understandable, and very thorough. Love your work. You're doing a really great job. Each and every of your videos is vert engaging. Thanks for that. All the best
Martin Wade
Martin Wade 2 aylar önce
There was a similar incident at Dublin Airport some years ago, when the ATC officer realised that an aircraft on final approach had mistaken the vertical line of lighted windows on a nearby hotel for the actual runway lights.
Mary Eckel
Mary Eckel 2 aylar önce
Yikes! I can see how that might happen.
skayt 2 aylar önce
Did they analyse the level of runway lighting at that time? I hope it would be much stronger than some building's interior lighting!?
psirvent8 Aylar önce
@skayt The problem is you can't really regulate how bright people will illuminate inside their living spaces, hotel rooms or businesses, and runways light can only be so bright I think...
Simon Lathwell
Simon Lathwell 2 aylar önce
This video highlights something that should be done. Pilots are required to undergo reviews at set times during their carer, but I think that those working in the tower should also be required to undergo reviews every-so-often, say every two years. If someone in the tower causes a problem that results in an incident then they should undergo formal retraining, and training when new technology is implemented at an airport. Also all tower communications should be recorded as well for both safety and training.
MegaLS3 2 aylar önce
My dad and brother , who are in the aviation industry, are watching this with me, your videos are just so interesting!
Mentour Pilot
Mentour Pilot 2 aylar önce
Excellent, a watch party! Love it! Hope you all enjoy!
Badgersj 2 aylar önce
These accidents, or near accidents, are really interesting, but what is fascinating is your description of the procedures behind all these flights. Really makes one respect the pilots and cabin crew, and the people on the ground.
Badgersj 2 aylar önce
Mentour Pilot - I think you need to take a look at the reply below. Someone trying to harvest TRvid addresses???
ran g
ran g 2 aylar önce
Awesome analysis. Having grown up in an aviation environment, my father used to tell about air crashes. There was an air crash of an Air India Boeing 747 in Mumbai on 01/01/1978. Wish you could do an analysis of the same.
Yolanda Acevedo
Yolanda Acevedo 2 aylar önce
Loved that this episode ended well! Excellent report and analysis. ❤
Inside the Song
Inside the Song 2 aylar önce
Another great one, sir! When this story was in the news, my first thought was "I hope Mentour Pilot does this one." Wish granted! Thanks, and keep up the sterling work!
theAessaya 2 aylar önce
Always greatly enjoying your content. Lately been noticing how you manage to subtly emphasize the key points in the Swiss Cheese model that lead to the accident. Even more enjoying the lessons learned part, as always. Looking forward to more!
Ken Brown
Ken Brown 2 aylar önce
good to hear one that was more of a mishap than a close call. I'll be interested to hear your opinion on the increased number of runway incidents that are happening in the US this year, when you get to them.
skayt 2 aylar önce
I would consider this a close call. Leveling off and having to roll an airliner at only 12 m above ground is dangerous. Even more so because they had too much sink rate right before that.
Spice Shack
Spice Shack 2 aylar önce
Your editing today vs 2 years ago has gotten soo much better! are you outsourcing this, or do you work hard on each video yourself? I LOVE YOUR SHOWS KEEP IT UP!
M Silva
M Silva 2 aylar önce
So appreciate your outstanding knowledge, and respect and sensitivity you always show describing some disasters. I've been binging on your videos, and it's scary but also amazing what some pilots do, and don't do. To me, NO salary is high enough for well trained, experiened cockpit staff. I also wonder Petter, if one day you can review TP425 disaster in Madeira? Given it's a C class airport with challanges, a history of crashes and go arounds, I thought an interesting one to cover. Thx much for all you do & fly safe. 🙏🤗
Bilal Hijjawi
Bilal Hijjawi 2 aylar önce
You explain aviation so well I'm starting to believe I can fly . The work you do is so good, you're bringing aviation into the mainstream. One humble suggestion if you're looking into expanding your content repertoire is to share with us interesting developments in aviation history from your perspective that have had profound impact on the industry. Again, thank you so much for sharing your knowledge.
NicolaW72 2 aylar önce
That was very close. Fortunately, the cloud cover broke up just in time - otherwise this 737 would have crashed into the hotel and hundreds of people could have died. The experience of the pilots then certainly helped to save the situation.
furia cruzada
furia cruzada 2 aylar önce
Another fantastic video, thank you. I was under the impression that at some point you would show actual videos/photos of the low approach recorded by the people.
Eternal Tech
Eternal Tech 2 aylar önce
He may not have shown these photos and videos for copyright reasons.
Alan S
Alan S 2 aylar önce
Talk about the perfect storm (no pun intended) of variables that build up to create a situation like this, like the hotels roof shape and orientation that made it similar to the runway. Really highlights the importance of procedures and required rules for specific airports during different phases of the flight.
NicolaW72 2 aylar önce
John S
John S Aylar önce
Very interesting analysis, well done. Goes to show how things can change in moments based on perceptions detailed by Mentour Pilot.
Rogier Versteeg
Rogier Versteeg 2 aylar önce
Your video's have a non-agressive/threatening way of informing/educating the viewer WITHOUT insulting their intelligence. This is a perfect match, you are- if not a pilot- a born educater! And I for one am a proud student of yours😎 Thanks for your wonderfull content!
Dennis R
Dennis R 2 aylar önce
I really liked this one, well done. This was a very interesting case. I wish I knew how many times before this that they've landed at this airport, and how it might have affected their decision making. Also, the vid of you on gocart was great 👍🏻, but it faded away as you approached the pole. Really curious if you hit it 😂
ariandeelsii 2 aylar önce
I lived next door to a major hospital and my apartment was only slightly above the level of the heli-pad. Sitting on your balcony and seeing a helicopter barrelling past following the road is really something! But not what you expect on a hotel balcony and 737s are rather bigger!!
Alfredo Márquez
Alfredo Márquez 2 aylar önce
Excellent job! This video touches several very important subjects that are still hiding from view for many pilots accustomed to the "routine". Thanks so much for your presentation.
Mentour Pilot
Mentour Pilot 2 aylar önce
Glad it was helpful! 💕
Chris Shelley
Chris Shelley 2 aylar önce
Absolutely fascinating video, quite different from some others you have done but totally absorbing, good to see the airline giving advice/recommendations to the airport etc, better than excellent as always 😊
ronald brawders
ronald brawders 2 aylar önce
Excellent video, especially the part about "expectation bias". Almost all the bad approaches I have participated in or heard about involve weather conditions that were worse than the pilots expected (expectation bias).
AlTheEngineer 2 aylar önce
Absolutely awesome presentation and story telling! Great work as always sir!
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