TONS of Balance Changes, Skins, & MORE!

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Update Sneak Peek! Balance Changes, Skins, & More! | KairosTime
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In this video, I'm going to be going over all of the balance changes, skins, pins, and other changes coming to brawl stars in the update! TONS of Brawlers got Buffs, Nerfs, or Skins in this update!

I'll make sure to show all of the skins and their gem prices as well!

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24 Eki 2021




Yük bağlantısı.....


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KairosTime Gaming
I would love it if you used Code Kairos for the Brawl Pass or ANY of these Skins
Brock's main attack has turned from an extremely long range, kinda AOE attack, to a slow short range but huge AOE attack. Kinda makes him a whole lot more unique because previously his attacks were similar to Piper's.
So, I noticed some things:
Leon: gets a gadget nerf so he's less toxic
Sid Kolla Tiwari
It’s cool how unlike other companies like Nintendo with new Pokémon games instead of having to guess information from leaks Supercell recognises it’s content creators and allows them to give official sneak peaks which is really unique and awesome
Kishu The Great
If anyone noticed that the type of certain Brawlers had changed like bull is tank and gale is hybrid now and many other Brawlers are damage dealers
Lucas Ruckle
WOW, these might be the BEST update of skins that Brawl Stars has ever released. Each one is so high quality, and it seems the designers are getting even better at what they're doing.
Kishu The Great
Balance changes are one of my favourite parts of new update
Big Woke
this update is literally a 10/10, no complaints here, everything's an upgrade, and brawlloween is awesome this season
random account
A nice little detail is that they renamed the heavyweight class to tank.
Kartik OP
hidden change: health bars will be little curved
slime boi 29
I like how Leon says 'not fair' while his gadget is nerfed
brock is now more AoE focused and he's required to be played more passively but still good at closeup matches due to his damage, i like that for him.
I think that fire after stu's super got nerfed, it disappears almost instantly
Pepe Flores
"and don't ask me why that banana get so big"
MxngoCrvsh _Playz
Good job Kairos! I’m actually really happy with the new skins and I’m glad that you’re featuring them first-hand to us! Really appreciate it! I’ve been waiting for this video since brawl talk! I’m subscribed to you and good luck on 800K! 1K more to go!
Dhairya Kumar
i love how captain crow tries to fly away but fails even if he is a bird
Brawl Stars made mistakes 😭
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the hardest tongue twister
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Why does everyone hate Griff?
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