TOMAHAWKING SPIDERS FOR TRESPASSING | Earth Defense Force 4.1: The Shadow of New Despair (Reupload)

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Mainly just music from EDF, but the outro is:

Lupus Nocte - Nothing for Me: www.youtube.com/watch?v=_-tc4...




13 Ağu 2022




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TheRussianBadger Aylar önce
sorry guys had to reupload this because youtube age restricted the first time
Mr.why2005 11 gün önce
0:04 i still use bugshot for rouchs
Carter Kimberlin
Carter Kimberlin Aylar önce
Will you be doing this to other videos like the new Vegas video?
DividedJester89 Aylar önce
I see
Hunter Harris
Hunter Harris Aylar önce
I can't imagine why warcriming Japanese mascots would get age restricted
Darcidious99 Aylar önce
Badger got tired of hearing people complain about waiting between vids, so he decided to re-upload the same vid to keep them entertained... Absolutely based badger. Edit: you try putting a funny comment in a badger video thinking maybe you'll get a like, gets none. Throw some random BS comment on a badger video, everyone loses their fucking mind and likes it... I hate it here.
Paul Kreature
Paul Kreature 3 gün önce
"badger reposting videos is cringe" -🤓
Paul Kreature
Paul Kreature 3 gün önce
Then leave, simple
Piece of Schmidt Gamer
Says the guy with 17k likes and 82... now 83 comments...
Calmcraft 10 gün önce
Otter who hates watermelon continues to eat watermelon
The Fallen Empire
The Fallen Empire 13 gün önce
Edit sounds about right
irradia 26 gün önce
"I WILL use a 'hammer of dawn' as a cqc weapon, I'm not scared." The definition of "I am the violence"
ARK NINE 18 gün önce
Imagine being the most kind TRvidr that your even there for your own community. Literally Badger! My nephew was diagnosed with stage four brain cancer and Badger was so kind enough to make a 6 minute happy birthday video for him when the doctors couldn’t even talk to him for 2 minutes
iam made out of star stuff
@ARK NINE my heart goes out to your nephew and to all who suffered the same fate
iMAOusuc 6 gün önce
This is literally the most heart warming comment thread of ever read.
Tommy Fox
Tommy Fox 6 gün önce
@ARK NINE My heart's melting from the good news, not gonna lie. Um, if this ain't too weird for you, could you hug your nephew for me please? Hugging people is the best way I can show joy too someone, and I don't have the best history with cancer (one uncle died from it and another is dyeing from me), but I really want too show how happy I am that he survived- and I should go know because at this point I'm digging my own grave, sorry if this creeped you out doc, have a nice day.
ARK NINE 7 gün önce
@Tommy Fox thanks. Yeah badger said he was happy to hear about it too
Tommy Fox
Tommy Fox 7 gün önce
@ARK NINE He's alive, and survived the cancer? =D That is the best news I've heard in three years, thank goodness he's alive. =)
Meme Machine
Meme Machine 21 gün önce
As a Nebraskan, I can confirm we are currently being held hostage by giant ants
Xbox player
Xbox player Gün önce
As a fellow Nebraskan I can confirm that this is true
Spider Gün önce
@Catmanbossness Catyea cause we need them to move and do Spider-Man moves with them
Catmanbossness Cat
Spider Gün önce
@TheAussieCroc hey what’s wrong with spiders?
TheAussieCroc Gün önce
Space Battleship Yamato 2202
3:51 I love the fact that Badger referred to America as "The final Boss Of Planet Earth"
iMAOusuc Gün önce
@Space Battleship Yamato 2202 I love you
Space Battleship Yamato 2202
@Ryder Landau yep, that might just work
Ryder Landau
Ryder Landau 3 gün önce
@Space Battleship Yamato 2202 build space battleship Yamato, and then deal with the consequences of that ship rebelling against the US.
JackTK 7 gün önce
Is he wrong?
Nicole Parent
Nicole Parent 8 gün önce
He's right And He Should Say It
Max Ducks
Max Ducks Aylar önce
Fun fact: In an interview with GameInformer, the creative director of EDF addressed that a lot of people have a phobia of insects. He said he understands why, but that he sees EDF as a way to temper that fear. Because if you don’t like bugs, you can blow them up by the thousands with giant guns and orbital lasers in EDF.
Bryan A.P.OS.G
Bryan A.P.OS.G Gün önce
Shit that’s how I tempered my fear of spiders
Vizard754 5 gün önce
@Doc Jeg More like with brutal solutions
Doc Jeg
Doc Jeg 5 gün önce
He solved modern problems with modern solutions
memezo shitmada
memezo shitmada 6 gün önce
But then there's mission 6 that has giant spiders appearing from the darkness both infront and behind you. Did I mention they jump at you?
resident rump
resident rump 8 gün önce
I love insects and all manner of creepy-crawlies, but I have no qualms about blowing them the fvck up in this game! I may go away for a time, but eventually I come back to EDF 4.1 😁
Nicholas Koob
Nicholas Koob 29 gün önce
Man, you may have singlehandedly reinvigorated the EDF franchise for western audiences. Thanks for that, you got a fan out of it too.
Nox The dremora lord
Nox The dremora lord 28 gün önce
“I hope you’re ready to fight the entire dragon population of Skyrim” *I WAS BORN READY*
John McCalmont
John McCalmont 6 saatler önce
Nox The dremora lord
*are you sure I ain’t ready?*
Raiden Okami
Raiden Okami 2 gün önce
*_Not for THIS ya weren't!_*
Alisibeth Tolliver
Alisibeth Tolliver Aylar önce
Thanks for making my weeks better, Badger. 🤣🤣 16:47 "THE BLAST RADIUS IS Y E S"
Nim Sköll
Nim Sköll Aylar önce
"What is the blast radius? Yes." never ceases to make me laugh
daddy viper
daddy viper Aylar önce
Ranger: fps Wind diver: genshin impact Air raider: point and click adventure Fencer: doom
pov fencer gets the ban hammer: oh i see i have now achieved gods wraith but 100,000,000 times more powerful
Anarchic Doktor
Anarchic Doktor Gün önce
Ranger: Rocket launcher goes brrrrrrrrrr! Wing Diver: I believe I can fly! Air Raider: The Hammer of Dawn makes the insects kneel! Fencer: Rip and tear until it is done...
Optimum Energy
Optimum Energy 29 gün önce
Don't know if you will ever see this Russian Badger but in EDF 5 you actually fight. GOD. No joke. The final boss fight of EDF 5. It's essentially a floating super-powered alien with sacred geometrical shapes and lasers and meteors and shit. Pretty fun. Oh yeah and EDF 5 has GORE!!
Archangel 21 gün önce
This game is the definition of "be the American the Japanese think you are."
Xazy Aylar önce
You should totally play Deep rock galactic, it fits so perfectly with the type of games you usually plays in your channel
Wesley Kant
Wesley Kant 25 gün önce
i'm so glad i watched this again, i miss the golden line of "our head mage and counsel of elders" that's great i love it.
The King Samar
The King Samar Aylar önce
I still didn't know why did they age restrict the last one,it was a gem of a video. Great job man,keep it up
The Deep
The Deep Aylar önce
@Mocaw /Mocks what was the video
EvilPaladin11 Aylar önce
@CrunchEh what is it?
Limsha cutte
Limsha cutte Aylar önce
Here finally trvid.com/video/video-f_TJ9KMAGQg.html
we Aylar önce
Believe in Jesus Christ. He's coming soon. Read the Bible!
Sum dude
Sum dude Aylar önce
it was the old wing diver model
KzRFAUST 26 gün önce
Been playing EDF since 2017/3 on the 360, so glorious to see this series get the recognition it deserves
Professor A
Professor A 27 gün önce
13:14 BEST. LINE. EVER!!
spinal spiral
spinal spiral 28 gün önce
This entire video needs a theatrical release. Shit just hit different, lots of high brow comedy
Robert Reynolds
Robert Reynolds Aylar önce
@TheRussianBadger I buried my dad two weeks ago. Lost my job 3 days after burying him. I would be at my emotional wits end if it weren’t for these videos. I’ve binged these videos for the last week. Literally thanks for what you do and for lettin the pizza play a round.
Peremious Flameheart
"The only thing stronger than Godzilla is Japanese copyright lawyers." Me: *Looks at title and sees (Reupload) in the name* Me: *Nods head* "Sounds about right."
BEE3 11 gün önce
Tyler A. Forti
Tyler A. Forti 15 gün önce
@ultrajd bro no, Disney ain't shit vs Toho lawyers I swear on Godzilla
John Doe
John Doe 26 gün önce
Unfortunately, yes
ultrajd 28 gün önce
I know something stronger. Disney lawyers.
Logic Explanation
Logic Explanation 29 gün önce
@Raiden Okami Yeah... I was. I just didn't know the name of it.
Revan Valkyrie
Revan Valkyrie 6 gün önce
Love your videos. They provide a much needed laughter induced coma. My order of your gamer supps flavor arrived the other day and damn it’s good. So thanks for that!
Erik The Red
Erik The Red 29 gün önce
10:23 "I almost FPS Russia'd myself." Actually you DID FPS Russia yourself. Kyle ALMOST got hit by a truck door. You almost got hit by that spider.
๖ۣۜNibson Nation
“Ranger, why did you watch Russian Badger’s video?” “ *_Couldn’t help it_* “ (Thanks for covering this absolute meme of a game, it’s deserved the spot light for so long)
Jailen Gates
Jailen Gates Aylar önce
Everytime I watch a badger vid it only takes about 10-30 seconds to remember why I love every video he's every made
Dave357 Aylar önce
Badger is the literal definition of quality over quantity
Sebastian Andrei Stoica
Limsha cutte
Limsha cutte Aylar önce
Here finally trvid.com/video/video-f_TJ9KMAGQg.html
Candler Evans
Candler Evans Aylar önce
Bro he ain’t either/or. *HE’S BOTH*
Darth_Shadow Aylar önce
Connor Burris
Connor Burris Aylar önce
@TripleDart Humor? Shit we gotta ton of that.
Guru2115 22 gün önce
I swear no matter how many times I watch these its always such an acid trip and my sides are now toned from laughter
Starkiller512 17 gün önce
Once again Badger, you've got me back into a game I haven't played in a hot second. First was Payday 2, now EDF 4.1. it's the way you show how dumb and stupid the game is. Blowing up one spider with an orbital laser? Okay I'm sold 😂
Lord Gates
Lord Gates 27 gün önce
One of the greatest coop game series' of all time.
SANDWITCH LORD 19 gün önce
i just realized how has badger and his friends not just fucked up any metal gear game with a crazy amount of mods while we laugh
AshenLaw Aylar önce
Badger is the type of guy that when he has a literal time bomb strapped to his chest, instead of spending time saying good-bye to family, friends, and loved ones will instead try to sell you more gamer supps
Гражданин Советского Союза
Слава Советской Армии trvid.com/video/video-CAutQJ004bQ.html
ass fucker the joint pounder
778b is a lot more money than Elon Musk has and that is just our military, so who's funding us
Limsha cutte
Limsha cutte Aylar önce
Here finally trvid.com/video/video-f_TJ9KMAGQg.html
Captcatnap Aylar önce
EDF is one of my favorite games to just do shit in, want to kill giant ants with firecrackers sure go ahead. hand of god? why not? just the entire thing of the game itself not taking it serious makes it great.
frostだげ Aylar önce
Good video! I didn't watch it because of the spider alert but I've been watching badgers content long enough to know it was quality over quantity, and therefore good
Ayax McGill
Ayax McGill Aylar önce
Imagine being so big that a video "flopping" means that it only got 2M views (mostly because people don't know it got re-uploaded), sir, you are now officially goated with the S W A W S
AJ Rodriguez
AJ Rodriguez 3 gün önce
this man took "using rocket launchers on infantry" to a whole other level
Just Some Jersey Devil With Internet Access
8:06 Ahh, THAT'S why it got age restricted. For those unaware, the wingdivers apparently make EXCESSIVELY EROTIC noises when spiderwebbed. Badger included a sample of that right here in his original video. Also, apparently the booba shown in their game model was too spicy for youtube.
Denyh Aguilar
Denyh Aguilar 8 gün önce
Starkiller512 23 gün önce
And he got rid of the joke in that clip as well.
Just Some Jersey Devil With Internet Access
@EvilPaladin11 ah yes, my swear words are educational on this channel.
Sallem 58
Sallem 58 17 gün önce
You folks are going to love the next game if this one tickled ya hahaha I can not even express some of the "oh god no" situations you can find yourself in
************* 23 gün önce
The Earth Defense Budget would be around $2.1 Trillion, enough to fund any weapon with the capability to annihilate whatever you don't like seeing anymore.
bruh god
bruh god Gün önce
so usa really is the final boss of planet earth
Blank IT
Blank IT 28 gün önce
You've actually got so quality stuff on your channel. Keep that up man!
SpectralFX 10 gün önce
11:26 I'm all for it, combat engineering is great.
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João Gabriel
João Gabriel Aylar önce
"Much like all women, her armor scaling sucks" Sisters of Battle looking at this sentence are dying of laughter.
Paydelay Dallas
Paydelay Dallas 13 gün önce
Heh, women☕️
Misha gaming
Misha gaming 18 gün önce
@The_SUPERN0VA I meant the name.
The_SUPERN0VA 18 gün önce
@Misha gaming Mantis Lords (original) has you fighting one and then 2 sisters at once. Sisters of Battle in Godhome has you fighting one and then all three. They are also noticeably faster than in the original fight.
João Gabriel
João Gabriel 18 gün önce
@Phoenix8492 I just made a small reference but you just took it to another level! Lol.
alec christiaen
alec christiaen 16 gün önce
"This brawn is amplified when you combine it with brains." Now, Badger, you have gone on record before that that's not your strong suite.
Sparky's Malarkey
Sparky's Malarkey 20 gün önce
This purged something from my soul that I didn't even know was there. It wasn't pleasant, but it wasn't unpleasant either.
EXRampage 18 gün önce
I love every moment of this, fantastic!
Elijah 24 gün önce
Friggin love ya badger keep being awesome and radioactively funny
TheCatStrategest Aylar önce
Ranger: Rocket Boi. Wing Diver: Girl stuck in every single web. Air Raider: Are the aliens the threat or you? Fencer: The Children of Doomguy. Organis: Non descript lizards from space Nilan: Jeagers of Pacific Rim that are one shot all the time by none descript lizards from Ravagers: God's Humanity delete button Got it
TheCatStrategest 16 gün önce
@Jor Cornel thank you for clearing that up. I didn't really know how they were spelled.
Nukclear Aylar önce
@pls why … I’m more than aware. I only bring the Balam on missions involving dealing with robots. I was playing the DLC missions, and was like “STOP BRINGING THE BALAMS! WE’RE FIGHTING ANTS!”
pls why
pls why Aylar önce
@Nukclear The trick with Balams is more of understanding exactly how enemy DPS works in EDF. Erginus, as tall as terrifying as it is, isn't as damaging as you'd think due to really long pauses in its attacks. The basic idea is thus to close the distance, hopefully not lose a ton of HP to the non-descript energy beam, then use the one combo that actually knocks the lizard down in order to prevent it from attacking any further. You could even combo for a bit by jumping out of the Balam and firing a really powerful single shot weapon like a Lyzander or Monster and getting back in the robot in between each step you take. This will generally work very well except when you play in multiplayer with enough people because there enemy damage and health are both buffed. Sadly when doing this they kinda forgot about the Balams, so it would actually be better to do the Balam missions solo. Then there's the other counter to Balams in the form of insects. They weren't actually kidding here, the insects genuinely outDPS Erginus on the regular due to just how many of the damn things they are. Ants and especially spiders can tear your mech to shreds since it doesn't take a lot of them to reach Erginus level damage (your standard encounter will do for that). Usually this isn't as much a problem with ants since they just like to climb like idiots and you can punch them to death downwards. This becomes exponentially worse if you make the really dumb decision of bringing Balams to a mission with gold ants on hardest or inferno. A single gold ant is a 6k+ HP per shot draining monster, but get 10 of them and that Balam is gone. Hornets are also very annoying to punch. Dragons are basically like the ants except the red dragons which are kind of dangerous. Anyway basically Balams get worse the more people are involved. Thankfully if you really have issues with them Fencer and Wing Diver have solutions to beating Erginus on foot. Fencer gets a choice of Disruptors which cannot reload but deal an insane amount of DPS, or you could go dual Blast Twin Spears and go to town on its feet. Wing Diver is even scarier since she can reach 19k DPS that can be reloaded for a surprisingly generous amount of energy. Air Raider has some issues since the solution would be to summon another Balam since there's not many options to gain credits and Ranger despite the Fusion Blaster will have some issues regarding range and not being able to reload it. This would leave the AF100 and that's not enough DPS to really do much. They're not the prettiest solutions but if push comes to shove you gotta do it like in EDF 2017.
comyuse Aylar önce
air raider is objectively the biggest threat to humanity, and everything else
Joshua Rosquist
Joshua Rosquist Aylar önce
15:35 almost enough dakka
Gearran 14 gün önce
"...approved by our head mage and council of elders." Me: *DIES LAUGHING* I LOVE it.
EliteRider21 3 gün önce
If you loved this game, you'll adore 5. all classes have recieved quality of life improvements that make me not look back and more fun to play on there, especially the Air Raider, GOD that class went from fun to absolutelly fucking amazing!
Gil Rodrigues
Gil Rodrigues 16 gün önce
"I saw them take Nebraska" has a special place in my heart
hazel562luis Aylar önce
Ive played this on my ps4 alot and this guy just gave me flashbacks to the literal hell this game has caused
tj 1213
tj 1213 Aylar önce
Just the fact theres no background in the thumbnail and its just you, a spider, and explosion just sends waves of chaotic energy from you and the group, good job badger, 11/10, would watch for the 5th time gladly
Гражданин Советского Союза
Слава Советской Армии trvid.com/video/video-CAutQJ004bQ.html
tj 1213
tj 1213 Aylar önce
@Kian yeah since i wrote this comment i think I’m at 6 now, just shows that this video is a masterpiece
Kian Aylar önce
Would watch? More liek, already have watched.... more... than ... 5 times.... hehe
Limsha cutte
Limsha cutte Aylar önce
Here finally trvid.com/video/video-f_TJ9KMAGQg.html
ThePhantom 19 gün önce
15:01 When I first saw this part I almost died off laughing
Clockwork watcher
Clockwork watcher 13 gün önce
John Shepard
John Shepard Aylar önce
You should be in charge of every videogame and movie advertisement department. Absolutely amazing computer and editing skills.
Sale un cafe?
Sale un cafe? Aylar önce
I can't wait for Badger to play EDF 5
Uncle Rico
Uncle Rico 17 gün önce
I only play as the Air Raider. It's simply too op to not play it 🤣. Also there is an EDF 5 (with 6 on the way) that is just as chaotic and fun to play with the bois.
Haydarken 4 gün önce
RussianBadger is what you get when you give Let’s Game It Out friends that share his chaotic energy and throw them into a multiplayer game Speaking of which, I’m curious what dumb shii this chaotic unit could create in games like Satasfactory, and how Josh would fair in/enjoy fps..s
Octopus Gün önce
i’ve already watched this video 4 times and it’s still way to Funny 😂
Shrub Man
Shrub Man Aylar önce
I like how the Fencer is just the eldritch being out of all the classes.
RicJur 17 gün önce
I loved using the lancer! Using the dash cancel with two spike weapons, had me flying around the stage killing everything. Hahaha
Jose Ramirez
Jose Ramirez Aylar önce
Badgers description of our government and how our defense budget is decided is the best I’ve ever heard hands down
thi tran
thi tran Aylar önce
buddermonger2000 Aylar önce
Earth's final boss confirmed
N3SSTOR 23 gün önce
Funnily found this video after trying to get through the first mission and having a mild panic attack.
MegadethTillDeth 16 gün önce
Well, I found the channel two weeks ago, and just finished the backlog. I've never played Rainbow Six Siege but I know quite a fuckin' bit about it now. What a great fuckin' channel to find. Thanks for the laughs
resident rump
resident rump 8 gün önce
There will *NEVER* be a game greater than EDF 4'1! This video was hilarious! Btw, has anyone ever said you resemble Quentin Tarantino? Just me?
Text me👉telegram@0nepeg0
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matteo Cdt
matteo Cdt Aylar önce
To whom may concern: there are plenty of people on youtube that made a reaction video before youtube freaked out, so if you want to see the original version, you still can. The video is still good tho
Mr Mosquito
Mr Mosquito Aylar önce
Watching Badjur, and by extension his inordinately huge fanbase, discover how EDF "works" is a treat and a half. I'm a bit ashamed that he didn't mention the Air Raider's support 'team' providing the firepower, including the aircraft carrier Despine and the MVP, Attack Whale, canonically an oversized AC-130 with full-auto 120mm cannons, 150mm cannon, coastal missile volleys and theoretically, a fucking ICBM stapled to it.
One Edgy Anger Sniper
They didn’t attach an ICBM with rivets or anything, no, not even gum and duct tape. Nah, the fucking STAPLED it to the damn thing.
TheCondor 9 gün önce
@Jay's Den Wait until EDF 5 where you can target it by firing stick beacons.
Dehydrated Jet
Dehydrated Jet 21 gün önce
Don’t forget midnight, which uses grind buster to turn transport ships back to the drawing board in less than a second
Jay's Den
Jay's Den 25 gün önce
Ig I may as well shut up then since I'm not in the late game
Cop Unit 12
Cop Unit 12 25 gün önce
​ @Jay's Den The 105 and 120 are mostly useless (the first 105 is good for it's difficulty rating) but the 150mm C is scary. 1 kill on almost anything for it to be fired again and you can have 2. The Attack Whale Artillery is the "best" automatic fire power from whale is it can be used to lockdown a area with no real ff problems and very useful on city maps with dragons due to how cheap it is. The satellite lasers are very expensive and dragons don't provide much in the way of air raider credits. Overall the whale while a Chad is not as good as Charon with strafe plan C, Cheap, powerful, large AOE yet low FF risk. ​ @Pax Americania Depends on the version. The best 120mm (C) is 20 shots over 5-10 seconds. As for whale keeping the Tempest S1A, this is not accurate as all other tempest missiles come from the Despina and it's more then likely the Tempest S1a audio file was put in wrong OR whale is required to be in the area to help guide it in but I'm betting on a misplaced file as there are several other small errors that are present in the game. Also the description of all tempest missiles say Despina. Remember Attack whale does have 2 missiles launched from it (according to descriptions).
StarlightDragon 26
StarlightDragon 26 Aylar önce
I started laughing until I cried. This is why I watch Badger
THE EQUALIZER 19 gün önce
What a nice guide for newer players!
RetroNutcase Aylar önce
Y'know, all these comments about god sending this stuff to Earth makes me wonder how he'll react to EDF5's final boss.
Mr L
Mr L 8 gün önce
15:38 Had to confirm through the stream vods- there is no way this is a basic Splash Grenade. When I shoot it I only get one shot and it doesn’t feel like it shoots a bunch of grenades like this. I NEED to figure out what kinda magic Gorilla is working there
Text me👉telegram@0nepeg0
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Ray Merlin
Ray Merlin Aylar önce
"It's a bird, it's a plane, oh no it's LOCKHEED MARTIN" Oh my god, never before have I laughed so hard! Writing a list about famous aircraft as we speak!
Tri Tam Tran
Tri Tam Tran Aylar önce
Taylor Duncan
Taylor Duncan Aylar önce
I laughed for a solid 30 minutes to where my ribs were cramping. It was even worse when the description said "literally just Raytheon"
Ray Merlin
Ray Merlin Aylar önce
@xThorGoldx 0:46
xThorGoldx Aylar önce
Star Platinum
Star Platinum 21 gün önce
Badger, I'll tell ya what. I'll buy more gamer supps, especially the legit best flavor I've tried so far (Guacamole Gamer Fart 9000), *IF* you and the boys take a deep dive into the glorious and charming world of Deep Rock Galactic I shouldn't tell you anything about it because honestly it'd be for the best if you guys went into it blind to get a feel for it on your own. But from my own experience, the gameplay is fantastic, the soundtrack is fire, and the way Ghostship Games has handled both the cosmetic dlc and the performance pass (aka battle pass) has been absolutely phenomenal, with the pass being 100% ON GOD free with a single progression track jam packed with all sorts of goodies, no monetary shortcuts in sight, and no fear of missing out as anything you didn't get during the season will still be up for grabs.
Xzoron 22 gün önce
With all the clips you have to get for something this good, I am surprised you don't do "Extra's" videos
Chad Beckstead
Chad Beckstead 26 gün önce
I love this series. I feel like edf5 is the best game ever and ive 100% it long ago. Anyway love this vid.
smitninja plays
smitninja plays 20 gün önce
I would love to see badger flying a fighter jet in vtol vr🤣
Daniel Starr
Daniel Starr Aylar önce
16:46 “the rule of god is incoming” “blast radius= Y E S” 9:53 “Hammer of Dawn” fits so well And the “I’m not here to support the violence. I AM THE VIOLENCE. Just perfect 14:58 the four mini guns are unstoppable all together
Anhilliator1 18 gün önce
I mean, unless you decided to Spritefall the area under your feet... At that point you just hightail it out of the blast zone before the beams hit.
aola wili
aola wili Aylar önce
to sell you more gamer supps
Articomat 18 gün önce
Seeing the Wing Diver with Legion’s gun…is magnificent
The Man Of Myriad
The Man Of Myriad Aylar önce
While EDF / Earth Defense Force is "Space Battleship Yamato", I'm definitely picking this game up asap. Looks fun as hell!
PuppetMastersLair 23 gün önce
Me and my brother played this recently and holy crap it's as fun as badger makes it look
KinzakuGaming 9 gün önce
Picked this game up on steam for ~$8 and man is it ever worth it. I've only played 9 missions and then went back to the first on hard difficulty and proceeded to get messed up by a billion ants. 10/10 would recommend this game. Thank you badger for showing me a great game, once some of my friends get it I know we'll have so much more fun.
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Ian MacLellan
Ian MacLellan 24 gün önce
I came back from the original video. Badger got to play one of my favorite games. I never saw this coming.
Reaper 24 gün önce
Did you animate those bits? They looked WAY to good to be game footage and also fit the jokes and topic perfectly!
How does the EDF keep consistently brushing the Ravagers off as a non-threat despite them coming back with a new planet-killing weapon every couple of weeks? You'd think they'd just have a permanent response hotline set up. Like dial 611 in case of giant space bug invasion.
DMTtripbear Aylar önce
Love these videos too much but so infrequent. I guess thats the difference between doin this for a job and doin it for fun. Id imagine all this mocap takes 90% of the time between videos
Classic Media Room
Classic Media Room Aylar önce
14:47 He can go even *FASTER* If you combine a specific version of one of those spike launchers at 14:37 with a hammer. Constantly launch the spike and spam space and you can boost almost twice as often as the hammer/shield combo
Riley R
Riley R Aylar önce
@BelieveInMatter every hammer does but only during the swing You'll hear a loud clang and get bounced back from the armor if you get hit during the animation. For most of the hammers it's much lower like 65% ish and harder to notice because the attack actively moves you forward much more which gives it a tendency to dodge things if you're not armoring on purpose. Vulcan hammers benefit from the highest one at 90% and the longest swing animation making the timing more forgiving. This also works in EDF5 and is a very good way to fight big hordes and ant queens because being flanked or funky acid splash angles are no longer an issue.
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bandofbrothers235 Aylar önce
@Riley R hol up vulken hammers give a def buff?
BelieveInMatter Aylar önce
@Limsha cutte no, it’s not.
Riley R
Riley R Aylar önce
You can also equip 2 Vulcan hammers and stagger the charge timings of your attacks so that you never stop swinging. You'll occasionally need to uncharged attack a second time to cover your reload but done properly this provides you with permenant 90% damage reduction in all directions. Which usually gives you enough ehp to jump into masses of enemies on Infero / eat most lesser airstrikes with 0 concern.
Cohen Griffin
Cohen Griffin 3 gün önce
Ive watched this 8 times and it still is GREAT.
Gamer May Cry
Gamer May Cry 3 gün önce
Me seeing that quick picture of Yakuza 0 when they were talking about Japanese copyright law made me hope badge does a video on Yakuza 0 in the future because holy shit that would be one funny ass video just like Max0r's video on the game!
One Edgy Anger Sniper
One Edgy Anger Sniper 17 gün önce
What Badger conveniently forgot to mention is that this game has a tendency to eat through your RAM like the bugs through the world population in EDF.
Crow 2 gün önce
this video helped me get thru my first tattoo, thanks badger!
Chyrion_ 27 gün önce
Badger you for real are my favorite youtuber I enjoy your videos to no end. Im no fanboy but i sweat to god im having my gamersupps shipped all the way to germany .
Meme boy 64
Meme boy 64 17 gün önce
I would absolutely LOVE to see a collab with Badger and Max0r
lord rex414
lord rex414 26 gün önce
After all these years he still funny asf
FPoP1911 24 gün önce
What I learned from this video is that first, the publisher should basically higher russian badger and replace their entire PR team and that playing air raider is like tentacle hentai but the tables have turned. Oh and US armed forces can easily get whatever recruitment quota they want if they higher russian badger.
Leonora Arocho
Leonora Arocho Aylar önce
1:25 the way wing diver just looked at air raider in horror is such a unreasonable detail and i love it
Limsha cutte
Limsha cutte Aylar önce
Here finally trvid.com/video/video-f_TJ9KMAGQg.html
american crafts
american crafts Aylar önce
trvid.com/video/video-hf7E57fuPl8.html It's here finally
Fox Mask
Fox Mask Aylar önce
I mean I would too if my squadmate's blood was litteraly 100% made of Mountain Dew.
RoxyGotMoxy Aylar önce
@Maria victoria Antipolo Kasumi from the Dead or Alive franchise.
Chrome Eagle
Chrome Eagle Aylar önce
Makes sense cuz imagine that you're in an elite team of insect killers and you realize that your air raider comrade is able to laser and or carpet bomb literally anything that can breath and move regardless of how far or near it is from him And eating snacks while doing it
The Library
The Library 3 gün önce
When aliens attack us from the depths of outer space! The Badger Crew is who you call to save the human race! With missiles, lasers, Gundams, and some bullshit to the face! The EDF deploys!
Lolgistical Officer
Lolgistical Officer 2 gün önce
Actually Badger, I showed your videos to a friend. They didnt loose hope like you said in Wumbo Fuze, they just became his *whole personality.*
Quindroid 18 gün önce
17:17 Well looks like they got the right queen
Taylor Ramsay
Taylor Ramsay 4 gün önce
I absolutely love that fencer decided to bring a POLICE RIOT SHIELD to fight god's worst creations.
Superbux45 Aylar önce
Badger: "is that tomahawk missile coming?" Tomahawk missile: "Hello Mario."
Isaac Mayer-Splain
Isaac Mayer-Splain Aylar önce
"Is that tomahawk missile coming?" BOOM "Found it"
Oner Xowns
Oner Xowns Aylar önce
Thats was ballistic missile, and it is somehow both more less powerful than cruise and ballistic missile
Katarzyna Ka
Katarzyna Ka Aylar önce
the tomahawk missile is just like... "hello there"
SilentWrath6669 5 gün önce
Again love all your vids man im just trying to support the things you to the best i can with being busy and working alot i dont get much time home but your videos make me feel like i am at home!!!! Love ya Bud
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