TOMAHAWKING SPIDERS FOR TRESPASSING | Earth Defense Force 4.1: The Shadow of New Despair (Reupload) 

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Mainly just music from EDF, but the outro is:
Lupus Nocte - Nothing for Me: • Lupus Nocte, Zorro - N...




13 Ağu 2022




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TheRussianBadger Yıl önce
sorry guys had to reupload this because youtube age restricted the first time
BillehBobJoe Yıl önce
is it edited down though? or is it just a random restrict
It's the anime waifus.
Ra'kok Yo'sunu
Ra'kok Yo'sunu Yıl önce
still a banger
psycoman 95
psycoman 95 Yıl önce
It's ok badger no worries :)
JordanCMuh Yıl önce
It’s sad that TRvid keeps age restricting TRvidrs for no reason and explanation
General Rubbish
General Rubbish 11 aylar önce
This game is the literal embodiment of "They've got us surrounded, the poor bastards."
Big Chungu
Big Chungu 11 aylar önce
EDF support in a nutshell: God: We have you 100,000 to 1. Support with hammer of god: *I like those odds*
CHROMAtic_ecstatic 11 aylar önce
"Surrounded? That's High Gothic for 'target rich environment'!"
Realperson 10 aylar önce
My brother in christ (pause) you are witnessing our extinction
Sterling Carter
Sterling Carter 10 aylar önce
god: we fucking have you surrounded and outnumbered 100,000,000,000;1. just give up. united states: All the more chances to get headshots
No Name
No Name 10 aylar önce
"Commander, Ravagers outnumber our forces 50 to one!" "Then it is an even fight" "All troopers fire at will. Burn their mongrel skins!"
Griffin Crump
Griffin Crump 10 aylar önce
I’m arachnophobic but this game feels like the power trip of how we should come together to face those house spiders by using 2.1 trillion dollars of firepower
eric Gagnon
eric Gagnon 9 aylar önce
My gf who totally hates spiders agree with you.... And she's canadian so she's supposed to ne against Power abuse 🤣🤣🤣
Griffin Crump
Griffin Crump 9 aylar önce
@eric Gagnon for spiders any exception is permitted
Not A Casual
Not A Casual 7 aylar önce
Real arachnophobes prob wouldn’t even click this video but I get it. Most ppl hate spiders
Griffin Crump
Griffin Crump 7 aylar önce
@Not A Casual arachnophobes are allowed the power fantasy and ability to enjoy Russianbadger videos
le whales
le whales 7 aylar önce
Im not as scared of spiders but I do kinda freak out when I see one, then I find a paper towel, crush that fucker then throw the whole paper towel into the toilet and flushing it
Fujiwara Asaki - Sub. Channel
Japan devs don’t usually make shooters. But when they do, it is insanity
Hipxel 8 gün önce
Wish there were more.
HerrZhukov 7 aylar önce
MatPat should make a video on how many ants it would take to steal Nebraska.
Yesent1273 3 aylar önce
Would definitely watch
Nicholas Jayme
Nicholas Jayme 18 gün önce
The ants are the ultimate support class
NervousRon86 2 gün önce
I asked r/theydidthemath, here's the answer "The weight of the earth's crust is 6.1 * 10^22 pounds. Divide that by Earth's area (196.9 million miles), and you get 309,801,929,913,662 pounds per square mile. Multiply that by the land area of Nebraska (77,348 square miles), and you get 2.39625597x10^19 pounds. This is not taking into account mountains or different elevations as I'm too lazy to do detailed research, so we're going to stick with average weight per square mile on the Earth. The average ant can lift up to 0.055 pounds, so divide Nebraska's weight by the ants' lifting capabilities, and you get 4.35682904x10^20, or around 435,682,904,000,000,000,000 ants."
HerrZhukov 2 gün önce
@NervousRon86 good
Christian 2 gün önce
Ghostplay85 9 aylar önce
16:47 killed me. "What's the blast radius en this?" "Y E S."
Shinzo Luka Alucard
Shinzo Luka Alucard 8 aylar önce
*completely wipes everything with a 30 block radius with HAMMER OF DAWN* That!
Darth Vader
Darth Vader 7 aylar önce
Killed everything near them as well
GamePlayerN15 7 aylar önce
Blast radius: ohio
Koi Yujo
Koi Yujo 6 aylar önce
HHAA! YESSSSSSS lmfao it does lmao wipes over 50 blocks
GamePlayerN15 5 aylar önce
Lucian Silverpaw
Lucian Silverpaw 5 aylar önce
"JUST PUNCH HIM IN THE FACE!" Still the most hilariously legendary line in the entire game.
Sol Campione
Sol Campione 29 gün önce
Mine, since I have played EDF 5, at one point near the end where you are practically outmatched and out gunned, the intel lady says to make a strike team and the commander literally says "Strike, my ass." Though for this game, agreed.
Aarch Yıl önce
This game is the definition of "be the American the Japanese think you are."
furim industies
furim industies 11 aylar önce
It is the ideal American.
KaelEll 11 aylar önce
@furim industies yes
DarkonFullPower 11 aylar önce
No. That honor goes the "Metal Wolf Chaos" A Japanese mech game that *ONLY* has an English dub.
KaelEll 11 aylar önce
@DarkonFullPower metal gear momento
Aarch 11 aylar önce
@DarkonFullPower Yes. Once Badger makes a Metal Wolf Chaos video, then we'll talk.
Deeg Supreme
Deeg Supreme 8 aylar önce
When badger talks about how rifles lack firepower, shotguns lack range, and snipers lack rate of fire, the first thing that came to my mind as a remedy to all of these was the M2 Browning. God bless the M2 Browning.
Dr. Cave Curinas
Dr. Cave Curinas 4 aylar önce
Humanity will span the galaxy and the M2 will still be in service
AJ Ford-Arausa
AJ Ford-Arausa 4 aylar önce
It will only be replaced by a lazer version of its self
Tentrix 3 aylar önce
Just looked it up. “Belt-fed machinegun” chambered in 50 bmg; yeah, that’d do it
samuel young
samuel young 3 aylar önce
@AJ Ford-Arausa it'll still be an M2, just using laserv bullets instead
Primus Star
Primus Star 3 aylar önce
In the 42nd millennium, the m2 will be renamed the “Heavy stubber”.
SS E_Weston
SS E_Weston 8 aylar önce
I very much appreciate the amount of replay-ability Badger's videos are. Even with this being a reupload, it still racks up 5.6 mil at the time of writing, legend
Татьяна Щеглова
7.3 mil just four months later, damn
MisterHalt 2 aylar önce
7.9 million as of 20/07/2023
Greg Eugster
Greg Eugster Aylar önce
8.1 August 6th
obriz Aylar önce
If you declare with your mouth, 'Jesus Is Lord' and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. -Romans 10:9
SS E_Weston
SS E_Weston Aylar önce
@obriz naw fam hail Satan
BACON Aylar önce
"My brother in christ you are witnessing our extinction" as giant bugs charge towards them broke me I almost died from laughter.
Endruv_ 9 aylar önce
"Whatever your preferred pronouns are for the exterminators" kills me every time.
"I may be she/her but you are gonna be was/were after this"
Bobux man
Bobux man 4 aylar önce
I think they might be attack helicopters
Cybetrexs 26 gün önce
@JOJOJOJOJOJO JOJOJOJOJOJOi have unironically said that to my SL in an old arma unit, but it was “there’s enemy armor, I need AT to make its pronouns Was/were”
Alex Souls
Alex Souls 5 aylar önce
The best definition of "They have us surrounded! Good, no need to aim now!"
TotallyDapper Aylar önce
One of the in-game voice lines the friendly soldiers will yell is, “I could close my eyes and shoot!”
Alex Souls
Alex Souls Aylar önce
​@TotallyDapper Wait really?
Francis Page
Francis Page 11 aylar önce
For those who don't know, the game is Japanese, and because of ww2 treaties, Japan can't have an "army" only a group that can act if they're invaded, called the Self Defence Force (SDF), so because the game is Japanese, they made the Earth Defence Force
NPC N. 4743
NPC N. 4743 10 aylar önce
Having in mind that we cant attack the alirns for obiusly reason we have to denfense ourself... our that until we make a star wars like armada and star a galactic blitzkrieg
EnderBorn 9 aylar önce
ugh shin godzilla put that up to front heavily they had to go through so many loops just to get a chance to shoot that canceroius lizard
Luichin Playstation
Luichin Playstation 9 aylar önce
A lot of people still don't know
Deez Nuts
Deez Nuts 8 aylar önce
Isn’t that just an army with extra steps
NoESanity 8 aylar önce
@NPC N. 4743 i hope you recovered from that stroke.
Raeinok 10 aylar önce
Straps turrets to the helicopter blades. What kinda Ork WAAAAAGH engineering is this? Cause I support it. You just have to believe.
Barrage Three
Barrage Three 6 aylar önce
KasaresStern 2 aylar önce
It severely needs an "Ork engineering" mod to bring to life all that crazy sh*t only weirdboyz and meks can come up with.
zack ince
zack ince 9 aylar önce
As someone who plays as the air raider and fencer a lot, I can confirm that it is super OP, and feels like the crusades against giant ass bugs.
XD_YuNgPiRu55 5 aylar önce
Wtf did heavenly use
Christian Kirby
Christian Kirby 4 aylar önce
@XD_YuNgPiRu55i believe fencer no?
XD_YuNgPiRu55 4 aylar önce
@Christian Kirby I mean the weapon, I knew it was fencer
Nezerac, Final god of pain
Fencers are literally Space Marines from Warhammer 40K
bioware Aylar önce
Yo which of these games should I play nowadays? Like as far as which one has the most players?
CHROMAtic_ecstatic 4 aylar önce
The number of problems an Air Raider can solve with a properly-placed Spritefall is astounding
Derek Tavares
Derek Tavares 9 aylar önce
11:34 the engineer in TF2 would be proud of what you made badger
Soldier of Weed
Soldier of Weed 27 gün önce
"The awnser? Use gun, if that don't work, use more gun."
noah golden
noah golden 2 aylar önce
"Whatever your preferred pronouns are for the exterminators" kills me every time.. Watching badger explain defense contracting is the best thing in my life.
Max Ducks
Max Ducks Yıl önce
Fun fact: In an interview with GameInformer, the creative director of EDF addressed that a lot of people have a phobia of insects. He said he understands why, but that he sees EDF as a way to temper that fear. Because if you don’t like bugs, you can blow them up by the thousands with giant guns and orbital lasers in EDF.
Curtis Hamilton
Curtis Hamilton Yıl önce
Never thought of it like that
Aflay Yıl önce
Yeah, I agree. This game gives me more of a Galaga vibe than anything. Creepy Bugs, yes, but you can blow them the fuck up.
Baphelon Yıl önce
Same thing with Deep Rock Galactic
Daniel Tobin
Daniel Tobin Yıl önce
I have some serious arachnophobia but have no problems fighting them and blowing them all apart! Because I’m not trapped in a hive with a bunch of giant spiders, they’re trapped in here with me!!!
Mochi Man
Mochi Man 9 aylar önce
In edf 5 there are some qol changes, one is that fencers boost became an offical system, dash cancelling only works for firing speed, he is faster in this game if you believe it. Ranger gets a dash with a circle that gets stuff, vehicles do this too. Stuff goes to all classes now, weapons you get can be for any class, same for armor, but it prefers the one you are playing. Hectors are replaced with giant "Human" like frogs and grey aliens with armor, erginus is back, and archelus is now tag teaming up with it, shotguns pierce, dragons are replaced with tadpoles, they function the same, its a reboot, so story is a retelling, also pill bugs and the fact that mission control calls any creature a "Monster". Ranger has access to some tanks, bikes, and helicopters but air raider still has him outclassed. In general, its 4.1 but a reboot with qol changes
Mochi Man
Mochi Man 9 aylar önce
Oh and edf 6 is out in japan, now with octopus aliens on land and air, a giant erginus that FLIES, mutant insects, and androids that scuttle everywhere and ask to be blown up
The Sitting Acheroraptor
Luichin Playstation
Luichin Playstation 9 aylar önce
5 is a reboot?
TechnoPriest 9 aylar önce
My favorite part about 5 is that if yoh call in an air strike while a ‘civillian’ in the sotory, the guy literally acknowledges this “Wait, how did a *civillian* get access to this?! Ah well, commencing air strike.”
The Sitting Acheroraptor
@TechnoPriest "eh it's fine, im sure"
The bottle knight
The bottle knight 10 aylar önce
Jesus the only man who can do a sponsor ship in 10 seconds better then a sponsor ship lasting 2 minutes
COD man
COD man 9 aylar önce
what makes me a good sponsor
First Consul
First Consul 9 aylar önce
SS Ridge
Emanuela Cola
Emanuela Cola 7 aylar önce
@COD man "If I were a bad sponsor, I wouldn't be sittin' here discussin' it with ya' now would I?"
COD man
COD man 7 aylar önce
@Emanuela Cola would you
zizo chemlali
zizo chemlali 6 aylar önce
I didn’t even know that it was an actual sponsor I thought he just threw in a random joke
Twidgette Trefry
Twidgette Trefry 2 aylar önce
the potential for a warhammer 40,000 mod theme for this game is AMAZING. for the EDF, the Ranger class could be guardsman, wing divers could be jump marines, Aerator could be the Inquisition and fencer could be Angry marines or custodes. theres so much content that could be made from it
dumb little rat kid
dumb little rat kid 10 aylar önce
this channel is the definition of “ worth the wait “
G B 7 aylar önce
Watching badger explain defense contracting is the best thing in my life
Meme Machine
Meme Machine Yıl önce
As a Nebraskan, I can confirm we are currently being held hostage by giant ants
train fan 4014
train fan 4014 Yıl önce
Please help they are stealing all the corn we won’t have enough for corn bread
Teratoma Skyline
Teratoma Skyline Yıl önce
@train fan 4014 yes you do. It’s Nebraska
Franco Masini Official
Lincoln has fallen
Connor v
Connor v Yıl önce
If they can produce fire I’m afraid we will carpet bomb all nest’s.
Giga Chad Vergil
Giga Chad Vergil Yıl önce
What about giant spiders?
Chicken noodle soup
This game single-handedly ended my fear of spiders
Clockworklemon 7 aylar önce
Its given me a fear of red frogs in enclosed spaces lmai
TheComentingCat 5 aylar önce
Now you treat them with kindness right....
Chicken noodle soup
@TheComentingCat if your definition of kindness is blasting them with buckshot, yes
TheComentingCat 5 aylar önce
@Chicken noodle soup why tho
Chicken noodle soup
@TheComentingCat trespassing on private property
robert2german 8 aylar önce
Small, funny, easily missed detail: 2:05 when Badger mentions that the bomb will explode, all of the NPCs book it.
Ari Rockefeller
Ari Rockefeller 5 aylar önce
5:57 it's not every day you see a giant spider get Wombo Comboed by shotgun blasts.
Lazydoodle 8 aylar önce
Every Guilty Gear player just went into fight mode when "Totsugeki" voice line went off
RPGplayz 2 aylar önce
Lol I main her
MrWooaa 3 aylar önce
I like that when you describe a game, you make all the classes sound like loads of fun.
Not Demoman TF2
Not Demoman TF2 11 aylar önce
"If you want me to play support as a support class, you shouldn't give me a tomahawk cruise missile as a primary weapon" is a statement you never thought you would hear.
Daan Zwarthoed
Daan Zwarthoed 10 aylar önce
Ive been watching russian badger for years. Did not surprise me whatsoever lmao
Devil's Advocate
Devil's Advocate 9 aylar önce
Yeah, but I always sort of hoped.
Just Some Jersey Devil With Internet Access
Even in EDF5 the air raider gets the "Tempest A1" which can NEARLY ONESHOT a fucking ERGINUS
vix!! 7 aylar önce
Neutral Tired
Neutral Tired 9 aylar önce
Most creatures that have back spines have them to stop massive creatures from fitting them in their mouth. I am very afraid of whatever necessitates a kaiju having back spines
merc with the mouth's new phone
Another, bigger kaiju probably.
Barrage Three
Barrage Three 7 aylar önce
You are such a damn nerd and you have my full respect. You're welcome to stay in my survival bunker when the Kaiju Eaters arrive
KasaresStern 2 aylar önce
As Qui-Gon Jinn said: "There's always a bigger fish". Which begs the question "When the f*ck is the bigger fish going to show up, and how f*cked are we?".
Joshua Smyth
Joshua Smyth 9 aylar önce
Air Raider is the literal defination of "Chair Force"
Luichin Playstation
Luichin Playstation 9 aylar önce
Until it runs of of credits
SethWTFF 2 aylar önce
Dude. This was one of the most hilarious and entertaining 20 minutes I have had on TRvid in a long time. Well done, sir
Jerrome Lovelock
Jerrome Lovelock 9 aylar önce
I just love imagining the clean up after every mission, like shit they might just hit ‘em with more explosives to remove the corpses
BrickPuncher 6 aylar önce
Loving how the "Japanese copyright lawyers" were literally just Kazuma Kiryu and Goro Majima from the hit game series known as "Yakuza"
irradia Yıl önce
"I WILL use a 'hammer of dawn' as a cqc weapon, I'm not scared." The definition of "I am the violence"
Timwalton141 11 aylar önce
John B. (Judge_Payne / Lone_Wanderer)
I AM the one who knocks (with a sub-orbital weapon)
Rinko the L A D
Rinko the L A D 11 aylar önce
I read this and then 15:07 happened.
Aaron Carter
Aaron Carter 11 aylar önce
Fear not the man of war who loves long range engagement. Fear the man who smiles charging at the enemy holding a stick. For he knows no fear and shows only confidence. - Me 2022
echo specter the black dragon
When you cannot think of anything better an orbital gun and the call-out "broken arrow" should always be considered
ø 9 aylar önce
If anyone is wondering, Earth Defense Force is named after the Japanese "army", the Japan Defense Force. They have only recently been allowed to have a proper offensive army since WW2 for obvious reasons.
Adam Cheklat
Adam Cheklat 5 aylar önce
Because they sent their army on a rampage across the Pacific?
Tim Winterhalter
Tim Winterhalter Aylar önce
​@Adam Cheklatcoprosperity sphere goes brrr
tpayer03 10 aylar önce
4:35 Thank you Badger, for giving me and every other Guilty Gear player here PTSD
DaYemenball 3 aylar önce
18:30 Thx for being a one of a kind streamer and also the only wholesome one I’ve seen. Idk how but you end up in chaotic lawful.
BaxterAndLunala 9 aylar önce
Giant robot punches Erginus. "Slippery little bastard!" *STANDING HERE I REALIZE* "Making the mother of all spiders here, Jack! Can't fret over every ranger!" *YOU ARE JUST LIKE ME TRYING TO MAKE HISTORY*
pillows 3 aylar önce
i love badger because hes so honest bro, "do it because i get money and i always need more money" i love it, grade a hilarious
Thud Lite
Thud Lite 11 aylar önce
Fun fact: Akira Toriyama, the author of Dragon Ball, is a chill dude who bailed Team Four Star out of Toei’s copyright strikes and actively retcons goofy 4Kids translations.
Israel Campos
Israel Campos 10 aylar önce
W-wait for real?
Thud Lite
Thud Lite 10 aylar önce
@Israel Campos When 4Kids turned Hell into Hifle, Toriyama made a whole new world called Hifle that was basically just Hell but godawful boring. It’s no big secret that he also adores his fans.
Brandon Tolbird
Brandon Tolbird 10 aylar önce
@Thud Lite it wasn't 4Kids that made up HFIL, it was the original dub done by Funimation and contracted out to Ocean.
Thud Lite
Thud Lite 10 aylar önce
@Brandon Tolbird Alright, but Toriyama still turned HFIL into a separate dimension as a joke.
Daveonimus 10 aylar önce
Based Mangaka
Just Some Jersey Devil With Internet Access
I played EDF 5 recently, and I got all the way up through MISSION 109 OUT OF 110 ENTIRELYAS AIR RAIDER In the solo campaign.
Clockworklemon 7 aylar önce
Lmao. I managed a full solo run with air raider all the way up to the last mission, had to swap to ranger and dodge roll my way to victory for fighting that fight
A Random Mint
A Random Mint 10 aylar önce
I am a fencer main and I love using the Vulcan hammer to “clear a path” for tanks in the city
Michel van der Linden
I really wish there was a lets play of your group doing this because you guys sound hilarious
The Rangler
The Rangler 9 aylar önce
this game was my childhood. thank you for reminding me of a true classic.
Tiger System
Tiger System 6 aylar önce
10:04 is essentially a way to sum up technomancer in Outriders for sure
AVATARI 10 aylar önce
There is no other game that perfectly embodies the Engineer's philosophy of "The answer is a gun, and if that don't work, use more gun."
Vanquish 23 gün önce
I solve practical problems
Eliza Wilson
Eliza Wilson 14 gün önce
I agree
Falcon 10 aylar önce
For anyone who wants the full lyrics to the song the npc soilders sing in game. To save our mother Earth from any alien attack From vicious giant insects who have once again come back We'll unleash all our forces, we won't cut them any slack The EDF deploys! Our soldiers are prepared for any alien threats The navy launches ships, the air force send their jets And nothing can withstand our fixed bayonets The EDF deploys! Our forces have now dwindled and we pull back to regroup The enemy has multiplied and formed a massive group We better beat these bugs before we're all turned to soup The EDF deploys!
beaawsome 22
beaawsome 22 9 aylar önce
-uses 5ton suit of armor and moves faster than person with a jetpack- This feels about right
Ghost For Hire
Ghost For Hire Aylar önce
I would literally sell my soul to watch the full version of this 😂😂😂
TheColombianSpartan 9 aylar önce
16:48 the nuttiest blast sound ever
Christian Kirby
Christian Kirby 4 aylar önce
I knee I would find this comment. Glad I searched before putting it in. It is a heavenly sound effect.
tank head
tank head 6 aylar önce
In case your wondering, there is an edf5 and it's the same gig but all the classes have more speed options and there's about 20% more of everything
AlexZander 11 aylar önce
15:01 "Who sees giants insects swarming a city and says to themselves 'Oh boy I better grab my hammer'." Every Monster Hunter hammer main would like to have a word with the insects preferably within hammer range.
Cordell Hankins
Cordell Hankins 6 aylar önce
Jason Martienz
Jason Martienz 6 aylar önce
It's their natural instinct to bonk heads
Harmonaux Games
Harmonaux Games 6 aylar önce
Yep lol😂
Possum Orb
Possum Orb 5 aylar önce
Bonk indededeed
Christian Kirby
Christian Kirby 4 aylar önce
Me flying with the insects with the insect glaive.
Hayden Ponder
Hayden Ponder Aylar önce
I enjoyed this video way more than I needed to. Looks fun as hell, and your review was gold
Bastymuss Aylar önce
please do videos on 5 and 6, EDF is one of the absolute most fun game series ever created and anyone who hasn't played them with a group of friends is totally missing out. EDF EDF EDF!!!
Couric Aylar önce
I know I'm 11 months late, but this would be the perfect trailer for the class system in this game. I'm just going to throw that out there. I really actually loved this video, I laughed so much.
HyDrolik 2 aylar önce
I love the implication that the only reason badger and the squad lived through the war is because they're all collectively too dumb to grasp the gravity of the situation.
A boring content creator
Air raider is the definition of " I am not trapped in here with you, you are trapped in here with me. "
Davee357 Yıl önce
Badger is the literal definition of quality over quantity
Serrated Bread
Serrated Bread Yıl önce
Where else have I seen this exact comment...Oh yeah. Every single one of badgers videos. Although you are not wrong, just make an original comment instead of copying some other one.
Ju an
Ju an Yıl önce
@Serrated Bread Read my mind lol
Davee357 Yıl önce
@Serrated Bread Didn't copy anyone bud just had the same thought
Landsquid950 Yıl önce
no badger is the definition of quantity over quality because you cant watch this because more than five seconds causes oxygen starvation from laughing too much
Void 10 aylar önce
I have few memories on this game, but one thing I recall as a wing diver main was needing to keep my eyes glued to the minimap so I could To Infinity And Beyond my way out of the constant air strikes the fucking air raider was calling in. Also, being on item duty, which was actually kinda fun cuz WDs move at Mach 3 and look cute while doing it.
Nate Leasure
Nate Leasure 10 aylar önce
This was my introduction to badger and damn if it didn't set a tone. 10/10 would waste hours of my life being paralyzed laughing out loud again.
Vítor Schultz
Vítor Schultz 5 aylar önce
"He's supposed to be the heavy class with extreme fire power and jacked armour at the expense of turtle slow movement speed but by exploiting his dash cancel mechanic you can make him the fastest class in the game" so he's a Titan from Destiny 1
TheLoneTerran 9 aylar önce
The guys and I love this series. I'm a huge fan of the Engi and can still claim that I am the only person to punch God in the face out of our group lol.
Mr. K.O.
Mr. K.O. 4 aylar önce
This is my all time favorite RussianBadger video! It is extremely goofy! I love the references and how he describes the game.
AshenLaw Yıl önce
Badger is the type of guy that when he has a literal time bomb strapped to his chest, instead of spending time saying good-bye to family, friends, and loved ones will instead try to sell you more gamer supps
ED BOB Yıl önce
Badger the kind of guy to dm someone saying, “send this to 10 people or I will die tomorrow” for shits and giggles
Blue Lemonade
Blue Lemonade Yıl önce
It's not gonna be good when he reads this...
ass fucker the joint pounder
778b is a lot more money than Elon Musk has and that is just our military, so who's funding us
Reilsss Aylar önce
I love this review so much Badger, I watched it by now for the 5th time because its so insainly funny. Showed it to everyone I know, specialy those I play EDF5 with. That sayed. I do hope to see a EDF5 review from you one day. Why? Simply to get more fun like this. Love also your other videos but this one remains special to my heart. THANK YOU for making this :D
MisterLich 10 aylar önce
This video was so hilarious it made me look up EDF 4.1, see it was on sale, immediately buy it and try it out, and now it's basically my favorite game. 10/10 should be hired by a game studio for marketing purposes
Shiki Ren
Shiki Ren 6 aylar önce
I've been playing through EDF 5 with a couple of friends using Fencer, and when I finally got my hands on the Vulcan Hammer... Instant love. Jumping from Skyscrapers or across half the map just to deliver a fully charged hammer blow right to an Alien's face is just so incredibly satisfying. As for the carpal tunnel you get from Fencer's dash-cancel... Well in 5 it luckily is much less of an issue and Warframe bulletjump spam is harder on the wrist than it.
DevilBankai 5 aylar önce
This is my favorite Badger's video, I've seen it like 5 times and still love it
Cider Man
Cider Man Gün önce
The fact that you post about every two months is kinda a vibe 😂
Sfynx 10 aylar önce
Bro you didn’t borrow my eyeballs for 20min, you blessed them and gave me a huge shot of dopamine from the funny content.
Brady Harper
Brady Harper 9 aylar önce
He held them hostage
RandoInYourWalls Aylar önce
I liked the Jacket cameo when Badger said "Oh boy, I better grab my... Hammer."
Jacob B
Jacob B 3 aylar önce
I can't stop rewatching this vid even after months. It is the only video over 5 mins long that I can watch fully and without speeding up.
AJ The Anomaly
AJ The Anomaly 9 aylar önce
ive watched this like 12 times and im still not sick of it lol
Dragons of Storm
Dragons of Storm 2 aylar önce
Twelve? *try 36*
jonatan schwindt
jonatan schwindt Aylar önce
I just finished my first campaign with wing diver in normal and I loved it... just to see if air raider was as op as badger advertised i started one with it... and had to switch to hard right away.... boy was he right!!!! Air raider is just too much fun lol
MORTE Yıl önce
Imagine being the most kind TRvidr that your even there for your own community. Literally Badger! My nephew was diagnosed with stage four brain cancer and Badger was so kind enough to make a 6 minute happy birthday video for him when the doctors couldn’t even talk to him for 2 minutes
Tommy Fox
Tommy Fox Yıl önce
Holy molly, that is so wholesome; the happy birthday video part, not your nephew dying of brain cancer part. I do hope your nephew's in a better place, and I'm so sorry for your loss.
MORTE Yıl önce
@Tommy Fox he didn’t die he just got overcome his cancer
Tommy Fox
Tommy Fox Yıl önce
@MORTE He's alive, and survived the cancer? =D That is the best news I've heard in three years, thank goodness he's alive. =)
MORTE Yıl önce
@Tommy Fox thanks. Yeah badger said he was happy to hear about it too
Tommy Fox
Tommy Fox Yıl önce
@MORTE My heart's melting from the good news, not gonna lie. Um, if this ain't too weird for you, could you hug your nephew for me please? Hugging people is the best way I can show joy too someone, and I don't have the best history with cancer (one uncle died from it and another is dyeing from me), but I really want too show how happy I am that he survived- and I should go know because at this point I'm digging my own grave, sorry if this creeped you out doc, have a nice day.
dragon god
dragon god 6 aylar önce
7:47 had me laughing so hard I hurt my balls from laughing too much
Kill Switch Gaming
Kill Switch Gaming 6 aylar önce
I will never understand how Russian badger works in a reference to Doom in every single one of his videos
Christian Kirby
Christian Kirby 4 aylar önce
Because DOOM... Is based
mark 154
mark 154 5 aylar önce
we must see more edf games on this channel
AshLight 10 aylar önce
"Earth defense force 4 is a Japanese recreation of me finding a spider in my shower." *Gunshot* "While he is learning a valuable lesson on trespassing on private property! I'm gonna remind you that this is your first and *ONLY* warning that there are *Giant spiders in this video!"* *Spider-Man appears* Oh god!
Sharkastic 7 aylar önce
As a fencer, I can confirm that the class is an accurate depiction of what we do.
Nox The dremora lord
“I hope you’re ready to fight the entire dragon population of Skyrim” *I WAS BORN READY*
Raiden Okami
Raiden Okami Yıl önce
*_Not for THIS ya weren't!_*
Nox The dremora lord
*are you sure I ain’t ready?*
John McCalmont
John McCalmont Yıl önce
Noah Jester
Noah Jester Yıl önce
Dova'kiin! Dova'kiin!!!
nothing 11 aylar önce
Cmon 1 More like from 420
The xEli
The xEli 8 aylar önce
This Game Is So Amazing And Fun And So Funny I am so glad I watched this video it motivated me to play it and stream it Thank You Badger And Let’s GO EDF!!! EDF!!!
Garataur 6 aylar önce
This video convinced me to get this game for my bf so we could play together, 20/10 would genocide bugs again
Big Chungu
Big Chungu 2 aylar önce
Just beat EDF solo on pure insane difficulty, and I have never hated a personal project that much. I used Wing Diver, and I swear I literally died if I got hit once. Anytime. Ever.
Escah Faidhe
Escah Faidhe 8 aylar önce
As somebody who has used a hammer of dawn as a close quarters weapon in gungeon. Can confirm that this video is a certified hood classic
Bobux man
Bobux man 4 aylar önce
4:01 Is probably is the best badger has ever been
Combine Watermelon
Combine Watermelon 11 aylar önce
The unbelievably based premise of this game being HUMANITY FUCK YEAH combined with your style of humor is literal perfection
Deez Nutz
Deez Nutz 10 aylar önce
Greatest human powertrip
Just Some Jersey Devil With Internet Access
Untill EDF 5 forces you to go up against A BIBLICALLY ACCURATE ANGEL.
Shinzo Luka Alucard
Shinzo Luka Alucard 8 aylar önce
@Just Some Jersey Devil With Internet Access Wait....no joke?
Just Some Jersey Devil With Internet Access
@Shinzo Luka Alucard Look up a playthrough of mission 109 in EDF5. _I wish I was joking._
PKHT Jim 8 aylar önce
@Just Some Jersey Devil With Internet Access Damn, can't wait until I get that far.
Fluffy Flare
Fluffy Flare 7 aylar önce
Real quick: You can actually go faster with fencer if you use a javelin gun and pair it with a dash. For those that don't know anyway. Fencer was my main class for a reason, haha.
latexbeep 8 aylar önce
You know you've done a good job at being a Earth defense Force member when the city you were supposed to protect looks worse than Hiroshima after the bomb
OVERWRITER 7 aylar önce
This game is more chaotic than any shooter you've played.
Rogueplayz2913 4 aylar önce
The commentary in this video deserves to be in a try not to laugh
Iansurgent 7 aylar önce
God bless Badge and these videos man! Every time I watch one, I can feel the Ceratonin enter my brain and give me a high! Thank you so much man!!
Umbrael Yıl önce
"The only thing stronger than Godzilla is Japanese copyright lawyers." Me: *Looks at title and sees (Reupload) in the name* Me: *Nods head* "Sounds about right."
ZLongHead Yıl önce
It was the anime hentai noises the rangers made... *Blame them, not the copyrighted lizard*
nathan TEB
nathan TEB Yıl önce
This comment deserves more recognition
oneevilchef Yıl önce
Is no one going to blame the Teletubbies lawyers for the copyright infringement of having a TV screen on your chest?
1142eetmaaz Yıl önce
Dragon ball z super, dragon ball z kai , dragon ball z 🤔 yep based
1142eetmaaz Yıl önce
@oneevilchef what about the snorks, or fraggle rock , or eurekas castle
Bad.At.VideoGames. 8 aylar önce
This game is a hidden gem
Shura The Trap
Shura The Trap 7 aylar önce
im so happy to see other gamers calling big ass lasers "The Hammer of Dawn." Bring so much joy to me.
mathew thomas
mathew thomas 6 aylar önce
1:27: The look of pure fear on her face is amazing
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