Tom Hanks Impersonating Everyone (Funny Moments)

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Here are the funniest impressions by Tom Hanks. Which impression is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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25 Tem 2020




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José SCG
José SCG 14 saatler önce
At 16:40 it's pretty much exactly like Les Luthiers' Kathy la reina del saloon. Any argentinians sure know what I mean haha
Güneşin Oğlu
Güneşin Oğlu Gün önce
I want 1 hour Dave Letterman's laugh
Cat T
Cat T 3 gün önce
I love Tom Hanks! Always have from the time I saw him in Bachelor Party!
Aussie Talking
Aussie Talking 4 gün önce
Why was Hanks of Epstein's flight log?
Ray York
Ray York 6 gün önce
Pretty entertaining, but that incidental muzak between clips got to driving me crazy! SO annoying! I couldn't finish watching! Holy moly
Mikayah Blaze Rock
Mikayah Blaze Rock 6 gün önce
GOLD GOLD GOLD! the mr rogers intimidation incident is just priceless!
Dee Dennis
Dee Dennis 7 gün önce
Pedophiles are not rock stars. Wtf?
S Hamster
S Hamster 9 gün önce
Shame he's such a woke tosser.
Molly's Country House
Molly's Country House 12 gün önce
I really enjoyed this!! Real LOL all the way through. Thanks, Tom, for everything.
Marion cheatwood
Marion cheatwood 12 gün önce
How do people say someone is just a great person and have no idea who they are but by their act , note act is acting like someone other than yourself , but people that has no idea who he is like to say stuff like he is such a good person lol , those people want the common people wiped off this earth so all the resources can go to only them and their cult in Hollywood
dumbangel67 13 gün önce
Awe I laughed so hard i cried... I think a lil pee came out too!
Richie 16 gün önce
Hanks should've been in Letterman's last Top Ten list
elizabeth vazquez
elizabeth vazquez 18 gün önce
Couldn’t see the film
PeppyBreyer88 19 gün önce
I just love his energy. Like this man always seems excited about everything, always a story to tell.
Leslie Cooper
Leslie Cooper 21 gün önce
Not funny at all! BORING
georgia bodioti
georgia bodioti 23 gün önce
My favourite actor ...Loooove him
Christina Jackson
Christina Jackson 24 gün önce
I Would Love To See Him Do Stand-Up
tnt tnt
tnt tnt 24 gün önce
I wonder why he was on Epstiens flight list
proshotsdk 25 gün önce
Hes not a good actor. He has easy charactor on all hes movies. The manuscript is good, thats it.
Ryan Ray
Ryan Ray 27 gün önce
Most not funny boring actor .
Jason Todd
Jason Todd 27 gün önce
I’d listen to an audio book about peeling oranges if it weren’t narrated by Tom Hanks. The 100 voices and all.
J Bos
J Bos 27 gün önce
Has anybody ever said a bad word about Tom Hanks? His ass son doesn't count.
Dee J'ann E Mei & Urff Nicht
He's just such a solid sound nice guy which makes you enjoy his work and interviews even more.
GRIFFIN TV 28 gün önce
i made it through half way......did he talk about his trips to Epstein Island?
Rimone Media
Rimone Media 28 gün önce
The Burbs 2. Let's just make it. I don't care. Let's just get it out of the way. Live action. Let's go.. And ACTION!
Todd Perilloux
Todd Perilloux 29 gün önce
When is the last time anyone has seen Tom hanks.... The dude was executed. He is dead for all the crimes he committed
PaTypus Aylar önce
If we were the same age and went to the same school, he's the kind of guy that I'd have a crush on.
Alex Stewart
Alex Stewart Aylar önce
Too much interstitial music. It's distracting. Let the montage speak for itself.
jws1948ja Aylar önce
I already watched this. It is still good.
cranberriesgirl hype
Hands down the best actor of all time
Jagsfan2021 Aylar önce
Are you crying?
David Jones
David Jones Aylar önce
He likes making fun of everybody, but when Ricky Gervais says a few words, he can really get the hump! 😂😂😂 Haha just kidding Tom, we love ya!
B Mehta
B Mehta Aylar önce
This guy is such a great person. Down to earth, fun, and amazingly talented! God bless Tom Hanks.
Ken McPhail
Ken McPhail 28 gün önce
So you know him personally? I know his political views aren't down to earth.
Shirl Lee
Shirl Lee Aylar önce
I will now go watch every Tom Hanks film available.
Bout2freak Aylar önce
I liked the impersonation he did for a long time of being a decent human being. He was able to hide his love for little kids so well.
Bout2freak Aylar önce
@HamiltonSeen not as creepy as Tom Hanks hobbies. His hobby of posting pictures of gloves and shoes is what allowed the reddit people to link wayfair with ch1ld s3x traff1ck1ng.
HamiltonSeen Aylar önce
You have such a creepy hobby.
Sudharanjan Biswal
Sudharanjan Biswal Aylar önce
The elevator toy story incident with mother and child was the funniest 😂😂🤣😂❤️💖♥️♥️
PPOSEC1 Aylar önce
Eric Schickelgruber aus Linz
No worries. I can't wait to be in the US either. Just to get rid of the racist Clepto-Windsor scum is driving force enough.
Orange Boi
Orange Boi Aylar önce
3:17 is it wrong that i thought he looked like Chandler Muriel Bing?
PopEnt with Colin Munro Wood
He's the God of entertainment!
Kort Kramer
Kort Kramer 2 aylar önce
I bet Tom is glad that he just has to be himself these days.
D-monster 43
D-monster 43 2 aylar önce
Over rated air bag !!!!
Cindy Starling
Cindy Starling 2 aylar önce
Definitely freaking hilarious love Tom 💘🤣
Pamela Freeman
Pamela Freeman 2 aylar önce
I've been watching Tom since Bosom Buddies...he is one of the best actors on the planet!
Ellis C. Foley jr
Ellis C. Foley jr 2 aylar önce
What would have been out of this world , would have been Tom Hanks and Robin Williams performing on stage together. if that Happened I missed it. he is out of this world and hits the nail on the head with every example he does. Thank you for putting these all in one video made my day/night (actually it's after 1am. and I should have been in bed two hours ago! but thanks any way! ECF
Angela White
Angela White 2 aylar önce
I LOVE TOM HANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!
andemaiar 2 aylar önce
Talk shows must love having him on. He's such a great guest, very confident and funny.
kerfuffle 2 aylar önce
I love this man
Visual eYours
Visual eYours 2 aylar önce
This guy - Tom Hanks - is SO very talented. That was a wide variety of characters he imitated and he was totally believable as each and every one.
demolishunDOTcom 2 aylar önce
Hanks is a murdering scum bag. What happened to Isaac Kappy, Mr. Hanks?
James Reineke
James Reineke 2 aylar önce
down with the puke stain contest, who can make the most keg stands... Sort of funny for a pool game, seems I crushed your stringer bottle from the bar Frier Tucks. James Reineke
Vuk Jovanovic
Vuk Jovanovic 2 aylar önce
Arefin 2 aylar önce
2:53 my eyes don't see any sandwich but still, my brain doesn't believe...
Colin Pollock
Colin Pollock 2 aylar önce
The madly caterpillar comprehensively excuse because twist internationally escape onto a symptomatic anethesiologist. striped, well-made grade
G Money
G Money 2 aylar önce
Personally I think this dude is overrated. Mainly because he's so full of himself. Run, Tom, run.
Wildcard 2 aylar önce
Tom hanks more like NO THANKS
All our Tunes
All our Tunes 2 aylar önce
Don't be fooled, he's not who you think he is, most probably an alien... Certainly not nice
Melissa Hash
Melissa Hash 2 aylar önce
Tom Hanks is absolutely the quintessential human being ever!!!
Deborah Campbell
Deborah Campbell 2 aylar önce
I've had a crush on Tom Hanks since his Bosum Buddy days. He's my favorite actor.
Truth Teller
Truth Teller 2 aylar önce
Jarrod Rossi
Jarrod Rossi 2 aylar önce
the best part of this video is the volume going up and down... one second its a whisper, turn it up, next scene, eardrum blown out
Adrian Gabriel Gramada
Sooo cool 😁😉 Such a full and colorful life 😁😭
Kurt 2 aylar önce
the chameleon shall never be himself always scripts
intense gamer
intense gamer 2 aylar önce
The best standup comedian who became an a-lister in Hollywood, bar none.
Lucie Homola
Lucie Homola 2 aylar önce
Bill Stevens
Bill Stevens 2 aylar önce
Why is Tom HERE? he had C!19?????
mw99ch 2 aylar önce
1:44 kinda close to bruce willis character The Jackal.
MI Five
MI Five 2 aylar önce
toy story n clint eastwood
MI Five
MI Five 2 aylar önce
1000 imitations
MI Five
MI Five 2 aylar önce
Charles Borrall
Charles Borrall 2 aylar önce
Red shoe diaries.
Paige Thompson
Paige Thompson 2 aylar önce
I would have crapped my pants if I had been the guy on the bus. Lol. Tom Freakin' Hanks!!!!
Dakota Borrowdale
Dakota Borrowdale 2 aylar önce
He sounds more like Larry
Daniel Junke
Daniel Junke 2 aylar önce
And that's why Ron never hired him ever again.
James Laws
James Laws 2 aylar önce
Tom hanks the best
Mary Tornetta
Mary Tornetta 2 aylar önce
Tom Hanks is an example of someone that I intensely disagree with politically, but I have so much respect for his talent, I'll still pay to see him.
Sally F
Sally F Aylar önce
Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson are liberals -- right?
Phaneuf Anne
Phaneuf Anne 2 aylar önce
You’re right
Outland 2 aylar önce
Jesus Christ... Gemma Arterton with that pixie cut. 😍😍😍
Margarete Souza
Margarete Souza 2 aylar önce
That´s why he's an amanzing actor!!
mary doe
mary doe 2 aylar önce
Tom Hanks got arrested for treason from what I saw.
Ronald Martin
Ronald Martin 2 aylar önce
I think tom hanks needs to do an impression of a dying lib!
Paige Graham
Paige Graham 2 aylar önce
Tom Hanks is so exceptional, no one can compare to him
Brian Egal
Brian Egal 2 aylar önce
It's sad that Obama was even a stop on his tour. He and his piece of DUNG VP Biden have ruined America!!
VimyScout 2 aylar önce
Use to like Tom Hanks pity he turned out another hollywierdo in the end.
Philip Martin
Philip Martin 2 aylar önce
That was a lot of fun. Thanks for putting that together and putting it on TRvid.
Mike oran
Mike oran 2 aylar önce
Coaches voice sounds like Tony Curtis
Michael W
Michael W 2 aylar önce
Ok David (Letterman’s mom) Miss ya Dave
Bella T
Bella T 2 aylar önce
I wonder why 1.7k people did 👎🏻. Also canned laughter makes him seem funnier.
Mary Landry
Mary Landry 2 aylar önce
He's just wonderful-what a personality!!!!!
Adityo 2 aylar önce
good one
S00thsayer4 2 aylar önce
any "dumbshits guide to dark souls" fan here?
GOOGLE TAQIYYA 2 aylar önce
Great actor. Needs to stay out of things, not of acting. Know your strengths and your not so much so.
humanforotherhumans 2 aylar önce
Who are those two people on the sofa (British show) with Tom Hanks?
GOOGLE TAQIYYA 2 aylar önce
Famous, but not so much in your country. Smartass answer of the day.
Chase Rock
Chase Rock 2 aylar önce
There's something really wrong with Tom. Sad.
Alicia Swanson
Alicia Swanson 2 aylar önce
The elegant gymnast natively scratch because chin previously shelter pace a xenophobic click. windy, wary pot
Sister Wendy Beckett
Sister Wendy Beckett 2 aylar önce
The most INSANE thing about the way these clips are edited together is that maddeningly cutesy stock enchanted music that is inserted between each clip, always the exact same six bars, and, as this is a considerably lengthy video of various clips (at 17+ minutes), as you get to the last 7 minutes or so of this video, the pace at which a clip ends and that awful Disneyesque music invades the following introduction into the next clip, keeps intensifying and actually becomes more nerve-wracking with each successive clip switch. Terribly, terribly unintentionally anxiety-inducing pace quickening antics here, almost makes you want to go throw up in anticipation of the next clip transition.
UpNorth Twins
UpNorth Twins 2 aylar önce
How can one not be in love with him!!!!!
Clem Kaddilehopper
Clem Kaddilehopper 2 aylar önce
Not to much a liker. He is a really mean person inside. Too bad, He had some good movies.
dawoool 2 aylar önce
Most were great. The Ron Howard ones sucked. Why did they keep repeating them and end on one?
monster1 2 aylar önce
Bet he does a great Epstein impersonation.
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