Tom Brady on Comeback Win Over the Colts | Press Conference

Tampa Bay Buccaneers
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Quarterback Tom Brady spoke to the media following the Bucs week twelve win over Indianapolis.

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27 Kas 2021




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ted Davis
Big ups to Mike Edwards. He forced the first turnover. And he saved a touchdown by making the tackle on the heart-stopping late kick return.
Steve Diego dela Vega
The goat! But the game ball goes to Fournette guy was unstoppable
Ken Snedegar
Congratulations to the best quarterback ever in football great win and second-half team effort was really great
Sean Pen
Ya wasn't TBs best game. But his lack of TDs is only because of play calling. When they got close they ran it instead of passing it. He very easily could've thrown 3-4 TDs. Good team win
Xiangwei Chen
Teams are playing Bucs trying to take away the deep balls, so you have to run the ball. Fournette had a huge game, which really means a lot to the Bucs offense. Being able to the run the ball against one of the best run defense is critical down the road.
Brady struggled early but he always comes back and puts the team in a winning situation. They need to forget about the script early in games.
Mark Hershberger
This the definition of a true leader always takes the time to include everyone in his praise,has to be amazing being his teamate.🔥
Joel Ferraro
Tom Brady is an absolute legend!!!
Eddie Manea
38 points. The offense doesn’t “struggle”. They’re human. Can’t score on every drive but in the red zone they are lethal.
Carlos Pouzada
That was a big W on the road in a tough place against a pretty good team
Caroline Pandalove
Hard fought game! Go Bucs!!
Big ups to Mike Edwards. He forced the first turnover. And he saved a touchdown by making the tackle on the heart-stopping late kick return.
raymond menendez
The fact that this old man can stand there and seems like he can play another 4 quarterbacks is amazing
1’ Day
“Not the past not the future but TODAY” that’s why toms the goat 🐐
M. Denz
Leaned on our front 7, line and running backs. Everyone else seemingly struggled a bit. But I consider this evolution. Winning using different play styles
Zone Rouge
Brady you are still the MAN. #1 QB OF ALL TIME. (BRADY IS THE NFL)
Tracy Tucker
The Colts are the ones who accused the Goat of deflating balls and switched them out during the half in an AFC Championship game. Tom proceeded to throw 4 td's to move on to the bowl. The next year he was suspended 4 games because of the accusations and after his suspension was up, went on to win another Superbowl. In a way I guess I should thank them.
Karl Loucks
Can"t say enough good things about the Bucs ! Wai til AB comes back , which hopefully will be next week . Opposing players must feel a sense of impending doom when Tom gets "The Look ". Go Bucs....
the iron fisherman
Tom Brady is my favorite qb ever hes the best and great to learn from
OnesPeed 4 EvEr
I'm a Jags fan but before Jacksonville got a team I was and still am a Bucs and Dolphins fan
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