Tom Brady Is Spreading Rumors at Rookie Orientation | Gridiron Heights Season 6 Premiere

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“Who here has been personally owned by Tom Brady?”

x “Mean Girls” parody. Watch the Season 6 premiere NOW.

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7 Eyl 2021




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Luke Silvay
Luke Silvay 4 gün önce
Where you hiding in the trash?
Juicy sports
Juicy sports 6 gün önce
The rookies talk like babies lol
jaidan sanders
jaidan sanders 7 gün önce
bro they did mac jones dirty
Grizz 100
Grizz 100 8 gün önce
We need a Gridiron Heights movie! 😭😩🤣😂
The Rap Music Plug Podcast
The Kanye part LOL
Tyler Hart
Tyler Hart 12 gün önce
Y’all did Mac Jones wrong
Chase E.
Chase E. 12 gün önce
“Do they know everything or just the crab legs stuff?” 😂😂😂
iTzWolfKun 24 gün önce
"Taunting" 💀
Jeremy Martinez
Jeremy Martinez 27 gün önce
Mean Girls for the win! Mahomes as Karen lol
The Whale
The Whale 29 gün önce
"Auntie Cam's closed, Mac Jones coming soon" XD XD XD
Jaylan Cajuste
Jaylan Cajuste Aylar önce
Why did they make Mac Jones look so bad🤢🤢🤢🤮
Napoleon Bonaparte
Napoleon Bonaparte Aylar önce
Wakeith Marcell
Wakeith Marcell Aylar önce
Texans - no do not sit there 😭😭😭 they why was looking so miserable
Precursor Goblin
Precursor Goblin Aylar önce
“Josh Allens” *proceeds to show Josh Allen from the Bills and Josh Allens from the Jags playing paddy cake* Me:😂😂😂
Cleveland Fuzzballs
Lawrence: We got to dethrone the GOATS Lance: I can’t even dethrone Garoppolo
Alex Ortiz-Gonzalez
That Rogers ending had me dead 🤣
Carlos V
Carlos V Aylar önce
MacJones and Gaskin Dobbins had me rolling
Olly Oxin
Olly Oxin Aylar önce
These don't seem as good as they used to be.
t millz
t millz Aylar önce
They was really lying lying on Henry
It's Snoopy
It's Snoopy 20 gün önce
Sure about that? 😂
Jack Hancher
Jack Hancher Aylar önce
would love to see hardwood hills
Gilbert Guzman
Gilbert Guzman Aylar önce
Should do a gruden email scandal see how everybody gets butt hurt really quick
Gilbert Guzman
Gilbert Guzman Aylar önce
Oh shit I was cracking up hard at that mahomes voice
The One the Only X
The One the Only X Aylar önce
Julio a diva 🤣😂 lol
Garrett Nelson
Garrett Nelson Aylar önce
What is up my baby football dudes?
Max Nikolenko
Max Nikolenko Aylar önce
best... show.... ever !!!! GO BROWNS SON !!!!!!
Dr Phot
Dr Phot Aylar önce
The Crab legs joke was worth the wait!
Zachery Fryer
Zachery Fryer Aylar önce
1:11 you can see that Cam Newton got replace by Mac Jones. 😂😂😂
Terry O
Terry O Aylar önce
The ref throwing out the flag on Tom for taunting 😂😂
Zachary Brown
Zachary Brown Aylar önce
love the "vrabel punts on the 40 yd line poster"
Rich Nowak
Rich Nowak Aylar önce
2: 01 get out of our stadium KANYE
JakeTheSnake Aylar önce
they shouldve done lamar jacksons too lol
l.m 50
l.m 50 Aylar önce
Bruh Justin Herbert voice be funny asf
carbo19 Aylar önce
White receivers 😂😂😂
Big Breezy
Big Breezy Aylar önce
Rodrigo Blankenship as the "sexually active kicker" king.
BME DeVb1997
BME DeVb1997 Aylar önce
The rookies having kid voices will always get me😂😂😂😂
Jacion Bryant
Jacion Bryant Aylar önce
Bring the nba back to
Jacion Bryant
Jacion Bryant Aylar önce
Rookie voices are so funny
Jacion Bryant
Jacion Bryant Aylar önce
Raider nation
PrincessofthePages Aylar önce
What do you mean, the Tom Brady scene at the end didn't actually happen? Are you sure?
Mista Idgaf
Mista Idgaf Aylar önce
Mind as well do all the sports besides Gridiron heights
Devoo2x Aylar önce
Nice try freshman I like a mature qb 😭😭😭😭😭😭as a bears fan I’m so dead
Tony Effin Malony
Tony Effin Malony Aylar önce
The taunting shit was perfect
Andy Aylar önce
0:39. Which receiver is that supposed to be wearing number 13?
It's Snoopy
It's Snoopy 20 gün önce
Hunter Renfrow
Ademir Segura
Ademir Segura Aylar önce
Did no one pick up the sign that says MacJones with the Mickey ds logo replacing Auntie Cams
Carmen Bennett
Carmen Bennett Aylar önce
They didn’t have to do the Texans like that😩🥴💀🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Timothy Carver
Timothy Carver Aylar önce
Burrow messing with the Alabama rookies cuz he beat then in college
Harsh Patel
Harsh Patel 2 aylar önce
Juju is a fugly slot receiver sent me 😂😂
FFT 2 aylar önce
Trevor: Thank you 😂
Sensei Jay
Sensei Jay 2 aylar önce
RedViper33 2 aylar önce
Lmao at the mean girls parody
Pax Ton
Pax Ton 2 aylar önce
Mac Jones is just doped up
SN Manor
SN Manor 2 aylar önce
Zamboni Bluffs, Diamond Heights, Hardwood Hills. Bleacher Report does this mean spin offs are coming?
ZekeTheFreak 2 aylar önce
I wanna see hardwood hills
Raul Ruiz
Raul Ruiz 2 aylar önce
Of course, the ending!😂
Raul Ruiz
Raul Ruiz 2 aylar önce
The book at 1:28 is true! Juju is better on the outside than the slot. Dionate johnson could work the slot instead.
Raul Ruiz
Raul Ruiz 2 aylar önce
Did y'all notice the restaurants at 1:21 lol? Auntie cam's, mac jones, gaskin dobbins!😂😂😂🥨🍔🍟🍦🍨
ZJ13 goat
ZJ13 goat 2 aylar önce
0:07 Zach Wilson to jets fans after week 2
C RICH 2 aylar önce
Auntie Cams closed!
C RICH 2 aylar önce
Diagram of stereotypes bit is pure gold🥇
Timothy Carver
Timothy Carver 2 aylar önce
Matt Ryan “it was awesome” 😔
merrick deville
merrick deville 2 aylar önce
They are just kids first 30secs
mangmans 2 aylar önce
hahahahahahahaha the rant by Rodgers at the end classic.
Juan Macias
Juan Macias 2 aylar önce
Mahomes’ voice was epic! It gets funnier every time!!!
Ze Bucket
Ze Bucket 2 aylar önce
Taunting lol
Ryan Friesen
Ryan Friesen 2 aylar önce
What will last longer, the series of Gridiron heights, or tom bradys career?
Pootasaur 2 aylar önce
Two best parts are Houston Texans… do not sit there. And Sexually active kickers
BOBSUSHI32 2 aylar önce
Julio Jones isn’t a diva😭
Joseph Centola
Joseph Centola 2 aylar önce
Once again me and my fellow lineman are ignored
Antdeeziak 2 aylar önce
Mahomes voice is such a hyperbole lol
RageCFH 2 aylar önce
“Do they know everything or just the crab leg stuff” Lmfao
Eric Yu
Eric Yu 2 aylar önce
"SOOOWWWEY IM LERRRNING..." man... aging RLLY well here
InfiniteVincent 2 aylar önce
Juju is a fugly slot WR LOLOL
Alexis Farrington
Alexis Farrington 2 aylar önce
The merciful forgery plausibly measure because driving naturally note unlike a voracious polish. actually, impartial hobbies
Shakiem Jean Joseph
Shakiem Jean Joseph 2 aylar önce
The Gridiron Heights is Back!!
Kyle Tucker
Kyle Tucker 2 aylar önce
The ending bro! 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Sam M
Sam M 2 aylar önce
"I'm sure New York will be as patient as you guys!" Oh poor Wilson, if you only knew. :(
CheapestTactics 2 aylar önce
What happened to Mac Jones
Some Guy -
Some Guy - 2 aylar önce
I know it’s all jokes, but Julio a diva?
Jackson Sandell
Jackson Sandell 2 aylar önce
Baker lmao
DejaVuDudes 2 aylar önce
Matt Ryan is exactly how I imagined him
Zack Shaw
Zack Shaw 2 aylar önce
The Tua hate is unreal
Gerard Hearst
Gerard Hearst 2 aylar önce
“Do they know everything or just the crab leg stuff”😂😂fucking genius
Omari Prince
Omari Prince 2 aylar önce
Mac Jones coming soon LOL
SteelSith Nick
SteelSith Nick 2 aylar önce
A Jameis stole crab legs reference…I can’t remember the last time I saw that
ladysasha90 2 aylar önce
Tom as Regina, Aaron as Gretchen and Paddy as Karen is so on point. Just needed Russell to be Cady 😅 but I guess that wouldn’t work because you have to be new.
Captain Andrew Luck
Captain Andrew Luck 2 aylar önce
Mac Jones the lizard-man
Xelltrix 2 aylar önce
"The Bosas share cups" lmao
Drake Brady
Drake Brady 2 aylar önce
fucking rodrigo blankenship baby
LISTENER 2700E 2 aylar önce
“I’m sure New York will be as patient as you guys” Oof
DBoydart303 2 aylar önce
Where’s the new ep???
LameWays Artistry
LameWays Artistry 2 aylar önce
White receivers lmao Jalen Ramsey runs across
LameWays Artistry
LameWays Artistry 2 aylar önce
Lmao white recievers
Lance M
Lance M 2 aylar önce
Justin Herbert sounds exactly like how I was expecting too
jojokiwi 2 aylar önce
Patrick Mahomes voice still cracks me up 😂😂😂
Guy Turner
Guy Turner 2 aylar önce
Tom Brady would never be penalized
Robert Soto
Robert Soto 2 aylar önce
Yall had too much fun wit rodgers😭
Sky Hi Records
Sky Hi Records 2 aylar önce
That Aaron Rodgers bit at the end
Fool's Requiem
Fool's Requiem 2 aylar önce
Mean Girls parody. I'm here for it.
Ben Boeshans
Ben Boeshans 2 aylar önce
That linebacker scene 🤣
Affiliate Nick
Affiliate Nick 2 aylar önce
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