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Hey, it's good to see you. This video is an open and sincere conversation about the state of the community, some issues I've seen within it, and my gratitude towards you all.



7 Ağu 2022




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YORUMLAR 198 040
Love you bro! You put a lot of what I feel into words in this video. Good to see you in my sub box!
Kyubi Kitsune
Cory sounds like a dad every single time he comes back 😭😭😭
Shay Okami
It drives me a lil crazy that Cory has to explain himself every time he comes back, when he's already laid out his reasons. Every content creator needs RnR, they need time off. A month to a few months out of the year is plenty for a vacation. Content creation is hard work. It's not as much physical as it is mental, and anyone that doesn't believe me, try writing a story, or drawing something, or composing a musical piece, or making a video about something, and clock the hours you have to put in, and note how you feel physically when you're done - it's a full-time job, and a lot of us do it while also working a full-time or part-time job. If a content creator tries to go hard and make content round the clock for years, they're either going to keep repeating themselves or burn out, or both. They need time to get away from doing basically the same thing every day, because it becomes that. If you have to work a regular job, your boss doesn't care if you're doing the same thing every day, that's what you're supposed to do. To make entertaining content though, that requires a bit more.
The traveling monke
Cory is that one friend who’s account says “last online 6 years ago”, and when you finally come back into contact with them you find out that they now have a life
Ty O'Brien
Cory: "eventually your community gets so big, that you scroll down to the comments and they're not all saying I love you anymore"
Matthew 85k
I think I speak for a lot of Christians when I say I've come across your channel and was glad to see you giving honor to God.
Rita Kelley
Don't Feel pressure! Enjoy your life and prioritize it first! I assure you, if your happy all of us are also happy!
It is not easy to be a big TRvidr. Especially, you do everything by yourself it can be overwhelming. Thank you for being open and honest. There's still great things coming from you :)
Minki 21 gün önce
He doesn’t fear us. He fears how much he loves us.
Lus mane
Wow, that’s crazy when I was watching the introduction had me laughing so hard. It made me remember why i would check for his videos every like 2 weeks. Him being so unapologetically him made me feel so much better than him feeling guilty for taking a step away from something to satisfy others as much as he does.
Cory, you’ve spent 10 YEARS, 10 whole years dedicated to TRvid, I would never
Darya Gün önce
Wow, Cory is really mature. This is a profound video. We need to respect Cory and his outside life and uploading habits. He needs time off and time with his family. He's so caring to us as a community.
I remember what I heard before: When you start getting haters it is because you reached a good point in your career or you are doing something wrong. In this case, your content is fantastic and the haters have noticed it and they will start to post mean comments and horrible stuff, but the thing is to remember who you really are and that there are a lot of people who love you and they love your channel too.
Karina Aybar Life & Leadership Coaching, LLC
As a psychotherapist and mother of one of your biggest fans (My 9 y/o son Lucas who's jumping with excitement after seeing your comeback video 😁), I commend you for striving to create balance in your life. I also want to underscore that there's nothing wrong with taking a mental health break. Unplugging is part of honoring your mental health and overall wellbeing. 💙 💪🏽
I will admit that my little sibling has been a fan of yours for years. And they've been trying to get me to be a fan too. And I didn't want to. I don't know why. I've been watching more and more of your videos recently, and I can proudly say I've become a fan. I remember my sibling running at me, yelling about sss. And now we can enjoy your content together. Thank you for just being you
Amelia:P 14 gün önce
I honestly don't think you should have to explain yourself every time you come back, everyone should be allowed breaks. I understand that dedicating your life to TRvid for 10 whole years can be exhausting and that you may very well need a lot of time to recover your mental health or just so you can live your life, I just want you to know that
I honestly never cared how long Cory would leave for, just knew he'd be back because he legitimately cares about all of this. It's that simple.
Cedric Moore
God Bless You Cory! Your humility is honorable. Noble. And express the true meaning of a samurai. And more importantly, A Child of God.
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