TLC Forced To Pull Out Of Show, En Vogue Steps In

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Tracey Morgan car accident, car now fixed (00:10)
Patti LaBelle starting more with frozen foods empire (02:01)
TLC replaced by En Vogue (04:03)
Blac Chyna's mom Tokyo Toni no longer on her show (05:15)
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TLC Forced To Pull Out Of Show, En Vogue Steps In
The Breakfast Club features celebrity interviews, Charlamagne tha God’s Donkey of the Day, Angela Yee’s Rumor Reports, DJ Envy’s mixes and so much more! Every guest visiting the world’s most dangerous morning show is grilled with their signature blend of honesty and humor. The results are the best interviews to be found on radio.




16 Jul 2019

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ladileo 820
ladileo 820 12 gün önce
Dont diss them again
Nimaj Da Great
Nimaj Da Great 17 gün önce
Damn... the way Tokyo talks to her child is sad.
Tiphanie MosesSeantay
Tiphanie MosesSeantay 22 gün önce
the value go downs by thousands as soon as you drive off the lot!!!
BahamianLily 22 gün önce
Ummm...Envy, ALL cars depreciate, first, when you drive it of the lot. An accident is a diff type of depreciation.
Hasani Jitu
Hasani Jitu 24 gün önce
Definitely not feeling chili with her advice to Black women about dating outside your race.....Left Eye I believe was probably the only solid conscious sister in that group may she rest in power.
RelentlessPedigree 26 gün önce
Angela Yee stop trying to justify. Nasty azz
Beverly Waits
Beverly Waits 27 gün önce
jersey queen
jersey queen 28 gün önce
chyna need to cut her momma OFF
jersey queen
jersey queen 28 gün önce
well chilli i guess you do need that reality show now
Courtney Mitchell
Courtney Mitchell 29 gün önce
Dj Envy seems to be into appearances....just because you have the money to buy all those expensive things doesn't mean you need to. Like why?
Yvette Anderson
Yvette Anderson 29 gün önce
Depreciation begins the day that you drive the vehicle off the car lot.
Vapelifeclub. com
Vapelifeclub. com Aylar önce
Somebody tell Pattie ain't nobody checking for tv dinners in 2020
Terrance Maloney
Terrance Maloney Aylar önce
Tokyo Toni thinks it's how they "PORTRAYED" her on the show????? Really. Stop your shit ma'am.
James Major Burns
James Major Burns Aylar önce
Will-I-Will Aylar önce
It ain Ma fourth your mama fine 😂
Ayden_Chadway Aylar önce
Wait...TLC don't sing live...I'm confused. They lipsynced to all past performances so why is it an issue now? Did both loose their voice? If Chilli lost her voice, it's not like she hit Whitney notes, this sounds fishy.
Tonenology Aylar önce
Charlemagne a fool.. 😂😂😂😂
Daniel Finn
Daniel Finn Aylar önce
I felt DJ Envy on tht car rant. Nocap
Tony Martin
Tony Martin Aylar önce
Yo God! You wrong on the sold food thing! The seasons ar just checking in after a few days!
PrinceOfPassion Aylar önce
It's called diminished value, Envy. Charlemagne, I'm sure Patti appreciates you jeering her frozen meals. Also, every reality show doesn't have mothers telling their daughters to kill themselves and calling them bitches.
michelle barrett
michelle barrett Aylar önce
And can't give a black person a job!
Ari Aylar önce
I wonder what type of car Jeff Bezos drives.
Ari Aylar önce
The value goes down once you drive it off the dealership's lot.
Ms. L
Ms. L Aylar önce
Lol... Envy said he seen Patty but didn't speak because CTG be saying some wild stuff, lol..Too funny, lol..
frizza241 Aylar önce
Cece Giles
Cece Giles Aylar önce
How can a non singer loose their voice
McIntyr Mokuena
McIntyr Mokuena Aylar önce
it is the head ,that wears the crown
1234IZM Aylar önce
Soul food leftovers marinating in their juices overnight taste damn good.
cjb cjb
cjb cjb Aylar önce
The only time envy almost made sense
Todd Adams
Todd Adams Aylar önce
I wish black celebrities would stop doing reality TV. It's like the pitch meetings go one way: let's get some black folks in some opulent settings and watch them debase themselves
DropSixteenTV Tv
DropSixteenTV Tv Aylar önce
I don't understand super expensive cars and tattoos.
Anna Rodriguez
Anna Rodriguez Aylar önce
Chilli be acting old .
Erron Black
Erron Black Aylar önce
The Tokyo family is doing better i see 😃
Upgrade Your Life
Upgrade Your Life Aylar önce
My mom says whatChynas mom does. She just doesn't yell like that... I told my mom of my suicide attempts etc n she said "Don't forget to get that life insurance first". N laughs and walks off...
Dawn Duchess
Dawn Duchess Aylar önce
Y'all trust a car that drives itself🤔 REAL QUESTION❓
Tonice Mon’a
Tonice Mon’a Aylar önce
I’m over reality shows lol
Tonice Mon’a
Tonice Mon’a Aylar önce
I don’t want frozen soul food either lol
Naturally Meeks
Naturally Meeks Aylar önce
Why why why 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Portia Crawford
Portia Crawford Aylar önce
#TokyoToni is the poster woman for toxic mothers.
RatedFlyBizzy Aylar önce
I drive my 2000 honda civic like it's a bugatti.
Jae McFadden
Jae McFadden Aylar önce
Girl bye ... Chilli NOBODY is checking for you voice. Lip sing and dance
Ayden_Chadway Aylar önce
Right...ain't that wtf they go anyway with them tired choreographed 4 counts
lovale lovale
lovale lovale Aylar önce
ceb316 Aylar önce
CTG is becoming a hater. Seems like if anybody likes anything it’s wack to him.
yungCarter1211 Aylar önce
+2 Respect For Envy. #CarGuy
GeorgeJansen Aylar önce
Value went down when he signed "Morgan" on the got dam contract.
GeorgeJansen Aylar önce
TLC trying to eat like a muthaphuck
Maria Lewis
Maria Lewis Aylar önce
You crazy if you think Good soul food can’t be frozen and reheated. The key is it has to be good first. I freeze Thanksgiving leftovers every year and to me it seems like the seasoning is marinating and getting better. The only thing I wouldn’t want is leftover chicken. But collard greens, Mac n cheese, dressing....doggone GOOD.
Mzhelluva Aylar önce
3:39 soul food taste better the next day after all those cooked seasoning has marinated overnight. If she's a good cook it should still be delish.
e s
e s Aylar önce
T-Boz has never had a strong voice
Wise Diva
Wise Diva Aylar önce
I argee
Curtis Simmons
Curtis Simmons Aylar önce
In Luxury Car Envy Rich ass...i could understand a million dollar home...but a car 😒😒😒😒
madboyreadynow28 Aylar önce
Lip sync the songs
Erose Collectables
Erose Collectables Aylar önce
Chili is soooo extra. She barely sang as is and if she did, nobody cared .It's always been about T-Boz and Left Eye. She need to stop being so dramatic and just finish her list. En Vogue is dope tho
Brittany Na'Shay
Brittany Na'Shay Aylar önce
I agree with charlamagne , if i pay 2 million for a car , it better drive me , give me a massage.. etc
Blackton Obvious
Blackton Obvious Aylar önce
IDK why Envy's acting like he's enlightening anyone about automobiles, when it's common knowledge that a car depreciates the instant it leaves the lot. And it's also common knowledge that any damage done to your car also depreciates its value & it'll show up in the car report (specifically if you go through an insurance company). 🤦‍♂️
kia golphin
kia golphin Aylar önce
Frozen soul food is a great idea!!
mAGIC BLAck Aylar önce
When it comes to TLC all of those ladies are special and unique With envogue it was Just dawn and she's Gone. I would rather see Tlc Xscape or Swv...
The Bakery
The Bakery Aylar önce
It’s not jyro Angela it’s pronounced yeerowz. No j no g just a y sound.
DJ Envy it is like a micrimowave dinner..it's FROZEN soul food.
Vashti Perry
Vashti Perry Aylar önce
😂 He said, “It ain’t my fault your mama is fine.”
Chenae Mathis
Chenae Mathis Aylar önce
Ppl are so weird some one will buy that car smashed jus cuz a celebrity was in it in a tragic moment
Karl Ditz
Karl Ditz Aylar önce
TLC needs a third member...why they are not doing it is lost on me.
Wise Diva
Wise Diva Aylar önce
No they dont
JeepZJ 101
JeepZJ 101 Aylar önce
Without Charlamagne this thing with sink 🤣
Jasmine Aylar önce
whatudoin1 Aylar önce
I enjoy my cars that I can drive without checking every of they have a scratch...imagine those lil things that could ruin your day
Carmona Crafts
Carmona Crafts Aylar önce
Meanwhile how I have yet to hear anything about TLC in this video 🤦
Jamie Smiles
Jamie Smiles Aylar önce
En Vogue!!!:)
Jasmine Aylar önce
#43 on trending
twigz36 Aylar önce
SoRena Dix
SoRena Dix Aylar önce
For those who don't know what depreciation means... "When the cost goes down..." Okay, Envy. 😂
Native American
Native American Aylar önce
Where is The Inclusion and Diversity in this video? It's Too White!!!!!!!!
MarieBea Kelley
MarieBea Kelley Aylar önce
Chili’s face looks old as shit in the thumbnail. I’m sorry but TLC really needs to hang it up. Those outfits are played and I’m just going to say it...... just because Chilli has a flat stomach don’t mean she’s forever young, she’s aging for sure.
Just Whitney
Just Whitney Aylar önce
TLC is always lip singing nobody want to pay for that
80" Reach
80" Reach Aylar önce
Trust 32k will not remotely depreciate that car
God First
God First Aylar önce
The issue is not the accident at this point the issue would be if it’s a car that’s deemed a total lost and considered a rebuilt title. Also if the car is hit with frame damage or structure damage. For a car that expensive it will still be worth a lot when appraised but will most definitely be worth a quarter than the original price or for example if it was a small reported accident on the auto history report. Blessings from Dade.
J T Aylar önce
TLC at 4:00
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_1990_babyface Aylar önce
T C still performing???
Cynthia B
Cynthia B Aylar önce
Eeewww frozen soul food you put in the microwave.. I will pass, I want it fresh and the cook to put their foot in it.. Soul food is homemade with your heart in soul put in it..
UncleRusty 7
UncleRusty 7 Aylar önce
Patti need to chill. Those pies are disgusting. 🤢🤢🤢
Dream Star
Dream Star Aylar önce
TLC? or EnVogue? Uhhhhh🙄TLC😍l'm with Charlemagne on this one💯
Riley Grier
Riley Grier Aylar önce
Spoiler alert!!! Chili lost her voice, EnVogue will perform instead. 🤔💯
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