Tisha Campbell & Tichina Arnold Kicked Off The Soul Train Awards With A Musical Journey

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Four-time Soul Train Awards co-host Tisha Campbell and Tichina Arnold kicked off the Soul Train Awards 2021 with a classic performance of some of soul and R&B music's biggest classics.

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27 Kas 2021




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TimeBucks Aylar önce
they are literally the best hosts Ever
geewizwiz3 Aylar önce
@Darnell Turner TURNER No she don't!
Ever True Christianson
This is the only award show o watch all the others are boring
Gabi WW
Gabi WW Aylar önce
G. M.
G. M. Aylar önce
@Grace Green😌👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾
Grace Green
Grace Green Aylar önce
@G. M. that was sarcasm I truly believe black doesn’t crack. They are both gorgeous the more melanin the better
A Beautiful Mind
A Beautiful Mind Aylar önce
El Debarge is 60 years old and still got the voice and the moves. 🙌🏽❤
Shadrick Williams
Shadrick Williams Aylar önce
I've been loving them two for so many years. And don't El Dabarge kinda favor an kinda older Bizzy Bone? That's my dawg tho.
jvr69 Aylar önce
Sayvon Markese
Sayvon Markese Aylar önce
Tif Subarus
sarqRodriguez Aylar önce
I want to do a thumbs up but I dont want to mess up the 777
Kahja Traylor
Kahja Traylor Aylar önce
Yaassssssss I love u el
Badd_Barbie Aylar önce
I could not stop smiling they are literally the best hosts Ever! I hope they keep them for many more years to come‼️😃
Mom The Ebayer a.k.a. Angel Williams
Me either lol!!!! I’m all 😁😁😁😁😁
nigeyboi Aylar önce
Tish and Tich...They're not just actresses, they're performers...🔥🔥🔥
Autumn Skai
Autumn Skai Aylar önce
They've been singing together since Little Shop of Horrors lol Love them both!
Mervyn Greene
Mervyn Greene Aylar önce
They were both in the movie, right?
Nella J
Nella J Aylar önce
Agreed. I love that movie!!! I’m a huge fan of musicals!!!! 👏🏽👏🏽💯💯💯
DC Riloo
DC Riloo Aylar önce
Why didn’t they perform Push? You got to push it to you get it right
Alexis Carter
Alexis Carter Aylar önce
They’re besties!!! Still doing their thing!
Stacey Phillips
Stacey Phillips Aylar önce
Right...lot of people dont kno bout that...
K492Watson Aylar önce
They did such a phenomenal job! This is actually better than the BET awards. This was a good night. Everyone did amazing job with their performances, with their speeches, got the audience up on their feet. Also Tichina and Tisha need their own show. They are limitless together.
Linda Lackey
Linda Lackey Aylar önce
Ever True Christianson
YES to infinite yes this is the only award show I'll watch it's that good throughout
Karen jones
Karen jones Aylar önce
I 👍 agree!
Maderian Johnson
Maderian Johnson Aylar önce
I agree & "Well Stated"! 💯
Kiesha McCall: ImJustSerious
They definitely need their own show
Isaiah Kingsley
Isaiah Kingsley Aylar önce
I still can’t forget Tichina Arnold, who played Pam, on Martin, singing Tomorrow. I love her voice!
Isaiah Kingsley
Isaiah Kingsley 20 gün önce
@Dirty Dan Gina claimed he sexually harassed her way back in 1996 and she filed suit against him. They had her in a few scenes after that and didn’t put them together for filming. With the dynamic gone, the shows ratings suffered and was cancelled.
Dirty Dan
Dirty Dan 24 gün önce
@marie Burnett what I miss sis!!!??? What’s the Martin incident?
marie Burnett
marie Burnett Aylar önce
Ever since the Martin incident I don't really care for Gina
Isa Nefertiti
Isa Nefertiti Aylar önce
They're very famous here in Brazil with "My wife & kids" and "Everybody Hates Chris". I grow up watching them.
Nicole 4 gün önce
Simmmm duas rainhas 😍
Eunice Radak
Eunice Radak Aylar önce
In Kenya as well.
overpowerradio Aylar önce
That’s amazing! And “Martin” of course.
Awesome 🤩
Awesome 🤩
ISSA QUEEN Aylar önce
Chile I’m still living for their original performance together and now they give us this gem! Can we talk about Tichina’s underrated voice though! 👑👑
ARMY Barbee
ARMY Barbee Aylar önce
They haven't been able to top that
Dajah Jai
Dajah Jai Aylar önce
The moves, the voice control.. can we take some time to commend them for still being able to perform so well 👏🏾
Lewis P
Lewis P Aylar önce
@W. Dearth your bad breath?
Showemright YTchannel
THAT just comes Natural from a powerful people.
Angela Bush
Angela Bush Aylar önce
1goldbaby Aylar önce
@Thomas Taylor what do u need answered?
Thomas Taylor
Thomas Taylor Aylar önce
@1goldbaby ???
Robin Essence
Robin Essence Aylar önce
I love seeing these two besties perform ❤ They need their own show.
Lila Montoya
Lila Montoya 13 saatler önce
I'd watch that
Brittney Butler
Brittney Butler Aylar önce
Yes, THEY DO!!!😰🙌👏👍💖💥👑💎💯
MsGlobegirl Aylar önce
Whoever thought of getting Gina and Pam to host Soul Train Awards is a genius and deserve shares and shares of stock in the company.
Miz Shay Da B.A.E.
Miz Shay Da B.A.E. Aylar önce
They need to sign a contract to be the host Forever.. I love them together.. they are both very talented… Thank you for giving El Debarge some love.. I love him❤️❤️
Ever True Christianson
Martina Cold
Martina Cold Aylar önce
My girls since they broke it down in Little Shop of Horrors! The vocals were everything ☺️ These ladies are comedic gold. Thank you from Asia 🌺
The Keith-Donovan Experience 🌍
Imagine doing this with your best friend. So happy for their childhood dreams becoming their reality.
Monique Love
Monique Love Aylar önce
Did we forget, Little Shop of Horrors when they were teenagers.
C Harris
C Harris Aylar önce
They sang a song together on a soundtrack. The song is called Dont ask my neighbor.
Yolonda Yolonda
Yolonda Yolonda Aylar önce
Amazing isn't it! ❤
G. M.
G. M. Aylar önce
@ByondAvrgYES, YES *YESSSSSSSS* 'Pam' and 'Gina' showed their 'behind', embarrassed themselves and 'Martin'!!! LORD I fell out of my chair watching that episode, slapping my legs, screaming Lord HELP me and eyewater coming out of my eyes!!!!!! Everyone acted a fool, that was one of the funniest episodes I have ever seen!!!
ByondAvrg Aylar önce
@G. M. it’s crazy! That episode is still funny af 😂😂😂😂😂
teri t
teri t Aylar önce
I was EXTREMELY impressed by the voice control with full choreo because, let's be real, many "artist" who do this more regularly can not do it! I think some of these singers feel like they already "made it" so they can wing performances but, you can tell these ladies really practiced hard. Props to them! 👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿
Brittney Butler
Brittney Butler Aylar önce
Exactly...ALL OF THIS!!☝️👌
Last Laugher
Last Laugher Aylar önce
This brought tears to my eyes. Oh where did this vibe and music disappear to? Thank you BET.
꧁Vulcan Lady꧂
꧁Vulcan Lady꧂ Aylar önce
Same here, they had me dancing out my seat!
_PrettyBrownBrown Aylar önce
Right it’s so horrible now . This was much needed !!
Tami B
Tami B Aylar önce
me too. loved it
Colours Film
Colours Film Aylar önce
They are so fun. Also "Dancing Machine" is such a good vocal fit for Tischa... She sounded really good on that one
laina J
laina J 14 gün önce
Yes she sounded good while dancing...I would love for her to do some of jacksons 5 slow ballads
Sadé With The Receipts
I love Tichina & Tisha hosting. They be having so much fun it seems and they are hilarious of course 😆 😂 🤣
ibstayfly Aylar önce
Yasssss hosted four years in a row they're just too hilarious. They slayed once again like always. And they better host again next year
Bobby Taylor
Bobby Taylor Aylar önce
C. I qzssy v>
CrackberryMe Aylar önce
FACTS !!!! ALL FACTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tami B
Tami B Aylar önce
lets face it, this THEIR show now!! LOL.
Ashley Tucker
Ashley Tucker Aylar önce
Yes for sure! I enjoy them emceeing!
Shaq Smith
Shaq Smith Aylar önce
I second that emotion
The Hope Andro Show **Hope The Entertainer**
I felt like crying when El Debarge came out. Such a beautiful spirit!
Ruby Roches
Ruby Roches Aylar önce
What a freaking blessing!!! They’re still going and standing STRONG together... When Debarge came out😩😍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍
Maurice Huff
Maurice Huff Aylar önce
This actually made me emotional. It's nothing like having a true friend. God blessed me with one who has been there for me through thick and thin and I'm so grateful for her.
pinky aka AyannaJ
pinky aka AyannaJ Aylar önce
Same over here 🥺😌😌😌😌😌😌😌
Donya Nikko Baker
Donya Nikko Baker Aylar önce
I love their energy separately and together. They are electric.
Say What
Say What Aylar önce
Tachina with the vocals and El coming out, looking vibrant, was everything!!!
꧁Vulcan Lady꧂
꧁Vulcan Lady꧂ Aylar önce
Tisha's vocals were on point as well. Really enjoyed them.
I'M STRAIGHT Aylar önce
Bless Them Both !!! They are so good at hosting anything and, everything. They’re just natural at it, they’re so beautiful and, they’re natural stars. 🤩 Again, Bless Them Both !!!
Yessss 👍🏾🤩
fefesmith82 Aylar önce
I just love them!!!! Their friendship is incredible n their chemistry is undeniable!!!!
MaryamMure Aylar önce
These two need their own show. Like damn. They so cool and fun and funny. I would def watch it. They always put a smile on my face. Love them.
L. Chanelle Godfrey
I enjoyed Tisha & Techina as always! El Debarge represented as we all know he would! The Sandman that came out was the last one to perform before Apollo was off the air. They did an excellent job bringing out the memories of Apollo Night (Steve Harvey, Kiki Shepherd, the rubbing log, & much more)
The moves, the voice control.. can we take some time to commend them for still being able to perform so well
10K Javonne
10K Javonne Aylar önce
I just love them both. I’ll never forget the time I met them at the Soul Train Awards that was 1 of the best nights of my life. My mother is a Tisha doppelgänger and I know seeing her on TV is the only way I’ll be able to cope if I never get to see my mom again. I really wish I could meet her and Tichina again.
Artisan Home
Artisan Home Aylar önce
BET's Soul Train Awards are often a lot more classy than other award shows. The quality of music is also so much better. All the performances last night were so sophisticated and tasteful. There was hardly any half-naked Black women all on each other performing pornographic acts on national television. Finally! Please BET, keep it like this from now on. I really enjoyed Leon Bridges' and Fred Hammond's performance. The r&b cypher was also very classy and well planned. This is how I like to see African Americans showing themselves in public. NO strip club music and NO strip club dancing to embarress and misrepresent Black Entertainment Television. KEEP IT CLASSY and GODLY!
Ericka J Stevens
Ericka J Stevens Aylar önce
I love the both of them sooo much!!! 😍💕😍💕😍💕 They have matching energy!!!👯🏾‍♀️ El Debarge was a great surprise!!!😀 He still can sang and dance!!! 🎤🎶 🕺🏽
Kendra Williams
Kendra Williams Aylar önce
They did that and they proved they still got it and this is why they have hosted 4 years in a row!!!🥰
Pritpal Singh
Pritpal Singh Aylar önce
Fat Joe standing up when El DeBarge came out = pure RESPECT.
B. White
B. White Aylar önce
Mad respect to Tisha for doing this after a full knee replacement recently. They did that 👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿.
Sylvia Mckinley
Sylvia Mckinley Aylar önce
They have done a great job hosting!! They bring excitement and fun!! I love their friendship and personalities...xoxo
Gillian Lewis
Gillian Lewis Aylar önce
I loved when they would break it down and start singing on “Martin”… and Little shop of Horror.. I just love/adore them… ❤️❤️❤️
[Soffy] H0T Girl L!ve Cam
The moves, the voice control.. can we take some time to commend them for still being able to perform so well
KeSalon Coiffure
KeSalon Coiffure Aylar önce
Omg why am I crying when rythym of the night came on stage! It connected me to my childhood. I am a whole adult now! 🤣🤣🤣
a jackson
a jackson Aylar önce
They need their own show. It could be centered around the two running by a business together, both are single, each may have a kid or two and they are just living life, the funny way.
Alex #DABEAT88
Alex #DABEAT88 Aylar önce
Samantha Bullock
Samantha Bullock Aylar önce
Not single. Everything else: 💥💥💥
Pamela beles
Pamela beles Aylar önce
Now that is for damn sure lol
Chitown Mytown official one and only channel
@Shay's Fashionable Jewelry Yeah that's true but our black shows have the best content .
Shay's Fashionable Jewelry
@Chitown Mytown official one and only channel they dont want positive black shows
Refilwe Molemi
Refilwe Molemi Aylar önce
I love how the audience was so engaged and supportive of each performer and award recipient. 👏🏾👏🏾My favourite Soul Train Awards to date. ❤❤
Cammie Bryant
Cammie Bryant Aylar önce
This was awesome! Great job ladies!90's in full effect. El Debarge still sounds amazing!
B Toney
B Toney Aylar önce
I love Y'all and the friendship you've had for so many years it's a real blessing and to watch Y'all from "Martin to:Little Shop of Horror " and now Soul Train, wow that is amazing 👏🏽 ❤❤💖
Mousey Quintana
Mousey Quintana Aylar önce
I remember both of them being singers in Little Shop of Horrors movie. It's great to see them performing together after all these years
Jeromanoff Aylar önce
They are such a dynamic duo. Every time they are together it's magic!
Radiant Renee
Radiant Renee Aylar önce
They slayed. It was good energy and I like that they balanced each other. Good jobs ladies. Keep it up...and pay these Queens more, they deserve it
Malika Sampson
Malika Sampson Aylar önce
These ladies are in their zone everytime they host. Beautiful souls ❤
Chymeeras Lair
Chymeeras Lair Aylar önce
I love these two. This is true friendship…
Tangela H. Beard
Tangela H. Beard Aylar önce
They are two AMAZING ladies. There's nothing like some good old school music. Especially at THE Appollo Theater. ❤❤ GREAT SHOW 🙌🏾
Brittney Scoggins
Brittney Scoggins Aylar önce
This duo just does it for me everytime 👏🏽 They neeeeeed their own show stat!!
Yasssss hosted four years in a row they're just too hilarious. They slayed once again like always. And they better host again next year
Asantewaa Harris
Asantewaa Harris Aylar önce
Wow, I can remember seeing these talents on the live staging of “Mama I Wanna Sing”. These young women are FANTASTIC! I remember their history.
Mariposa Aylar önce
DAMN GINAAAAA and Pam! 🤩🤩 This is probably the best opener I’ve seen in a long time! Pam and Gina singing!! They had me at El Debarge too!
꧁Vulcan Lady꧂
꧁Vulcan Lady꧂ Aylar önce
They always do such an amazing job hosting the STAs. I hope to see them next year.
Niema Saunders
Niema Saunders Aylar önce
I would be in my feelings if someone else host the soul train awards besides these two. They are so good together.
Lyric Green
Lyric Green Aylar önce
They need to host every year because they always keep me entertained ❤
LaRhonda Burchett
LaRhonda Burchett Aylar önce
Love them hosting together! Shout out to El Debarge!!! That man has been thru soooooo much and lost so many loved ones. He still stands strong!!!
G. M.
G. M. Aylar önce
iamcasihart Aylar önce
Where’s Chico?!?
Jeremy Jones
Jeremy Jones Aylar önce
Yes indeed. Underrated comment for sure.
Call it all joy 🤩
Trash human
Trash human Aylar önce
O encontro das mães mais icônicas da TV amooooo!
Lorraine Dillard
Lorraine Dillard Aylar önce
I replayed that ending at least 10 times back to back🤣😂🤣😂 they killed it as always 💯
Yolonda Yolonda
Yolonda Yolonda Aylar önce
They've been in the game for about 35 years and still looking good! Get it ladies ❤💪🏾
Janet Toi
Janet Toi Aylar önce
Oh El 🥰 I can't express how much I love that man. So glad he was able to perform after losing a brother not too long ago. Rhythm of the Night is the ultimate pick-me-up joints 💜
Mrs. FancyFitz
Mrs. FancyFitz Aylar önce
Their voices are amazing! I love how they’re such natural performers, it’s truly spectacular how two best friends can be so talented !
Wicked Nana
Wicked Nana Aylar önce
I know brilliant
Tracey Butler
Tracey Butler Aylar önce
I love when these 2 host together. You know you're in for a good time.
Petey Pete
Petey Pete Aylar önce
I love them both. I used to watch their show when it comes on on tv. It's good to see Tisha campbell in a good place .
cutiec80 Aylar önce
When El came out!! I was like.....Yes! Rhythm of the Night!!! One of my favorite songs to sing out loud!
Pamela Hurt
Pamela Hurt Aylar önce
Two Amazing beautiful spirits...bringing the love of music to the four- front...we love them together ❤ 💕 ♥ both have remarkable voices...thanks ladies 4 blowing us away congrats on your 4th year...we love you.
Rod Willis
Rod Willis Aylar önce
It is paramount that Black shows such as this begin with a blast from our musical past. This should be a standard in all Black awards and entertainment shows. If we do not celebrate our musical history and influence in America, no one else will.
G. M.
G. M. Aylar önce
G. M.
G. M. Aylar önce
G. M.
G. M. Aylar önce
Nella J
Nella J Aylar önce
Agreed 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽💯💯💯💯
Marcus Darden
Marcus Darden Aylar önce
Big facts! 💯
conspiracyjen85 Aylar önce
I really love and appreciate that they took on the Soul Train Awards and kept it going. This show was like one of the longest in history.
LaToya Jay
LaToya Jay Aylar önce
Made me smile the whole 6 mins and 1 second lol!! I just love them 😁😍😍
Jamye Michelle
Jamye Michelle Aylar önce
I LOVE seeing these 2 host ANYTHING together!! It’s the talent and energy for me!!
Winnie Pooh
Winnie Pooh Aylar önce
They definitely are friendship goals. Two successful black women. I love to see it.😍❤️
LaReine Lester
LaReine Lester Aylar önce
Tichina Arnold looks amazing like she hasn't aged and has even kept her figure.
darlene Johnson
darlene Johnson Aylar önce
Look at DeBarge
darlene Johnson
darlene Johnson Aylar önce
Tichina haven't agedddddddddddddddd at alllllllllllllllllll... Wow
Live4 HIM
Live4 HIM Aylar önce
@Humble One That is why Bernie Mac gained weight according to a report I watched
Humble One
Humble One Aylar önce
@Live4 HIM yes, my neighbor has it, the steroids blow you up!😔
Beauty W
Beauty W Aylar önce
She looks fabulous
Raquel C. Gary
Raquel C. Gary Aylar önce
They are great! Living Legends!!! Of all award shows I would love to go to this one live.
KeSalon Coiffure
KeSalon Coiffure Aylar önce
I love this, so very entertaining! I love musical plays! I been missing out on life man! Time to reconnect 🔥
ThankYouBlackIce Aylar önce
Loved the whole thing especially Dance Machine and they did the robot dance 😍
Moyrah Roberts
Moyrah Roberts Aylar önce
Took me back 40+ years...brought back memories I should probably forget on my walk with God...
Gary D. Ford
Gary D. Ford Aylar önce
Natoshia Purnell
Natoshia Purnell Aylar önce
And so many memories
Katherine Haughton
Katherine Haughton Aylar önce
These two are so amazing! Love them both.
cuzIcan Aylar önce
I love these two so much. They legit remind me of my two youngest aunties. 💖💖💖💖 So much talent.
Truth3.6.9 Aylar önce
Bruhhhhh I thoroughly enjoyed watching this...Tisha And Tichina energy/vibrations always lit...The way I just cut up this morning hahaha...Keep them hosting....
toshadiva Aylar önce
As a dancer 💃🏽 myself I love the dance moves on POINT 🔥🔥🤩
Carrie L
Carrie L Aylar önce
I absolutely love these two together. I hate that people always try to put them against each other. Talking down on Tisha looks while praising tichina looks. Both ladies are absolutely wonderful and hilarious.
Dianne Mitchell
Dianne Mitchell Aylar önce
@Carrie L 💯✌
Carrie L
Carrie L Aylar önce
@Dianne Mitchell oh I’m sorry.
The 4C Queen
The 4C Queen Aylar önce
Tisha looks wonderful and she's moving well for a person with her condition. She's amazing.
Chinemerem Udoh
Chinemerem Udoh Aylar önce
It very likely is coming from the black community itself🤷Don't be surprised that there are some of their colleagues who are envious/ jealous of their hosting this gig this long. "Are they the only ones?" , "Couldn't the organizers get somebody else?" etc. And this is in spite of how well Tina&Tichina have successfully raised the bar for hosting this gig over the years!
Dianne Mitchell
Dianne Mitchell Aylar önce
@Carrie L I did not say you were hating on Tisha. I was agreeing with you. Go back and read my comments
Mary Gill
Mary Gill Aylar önce
Love this!! Their sisterhood🔥🔥 Tributes always on point. ❤🖤💚
The two did their thang out in the Soul Train. I was entertained the entire show with them. Xoxo 💕💕 they both got them vocals!
renata mitchell
renata mitchell Aylar önce
They jamming ❤️ I love these two women and Debarge.
COL3 AND3RSON Aylar önce
I've always LOVE Tichena Voice and Tisha started off dancing and is a boss at it
MelodyMaker151 Aylar önce
Whenever I see El, I really wish all five members of DeBarge were well enough to come back together for something like this. That would be a treat for us 80s kids!
Mister Ambitious
Mister Ambitious Aylar önce
@Gigi Armany el debarge is alive and well 🙏🏾 Chico on the other hand is still snorting 8 balls regularly
Gigi Armany
Gigi Armany Aylar önce
wait ,I'm confused was El not deceased?? sorry I not up to date
Chinemerem Udoh
Chinemerem Udoh Aylar önce
Don't we all?!
Capricorn Love
Capricorn Love Aylar önce
Mister Ambitious
Mister Ambitious Aylar önce
@MelodyMaker151 oops..
MsAnthony211 Aylar önce
I just love them to death and friendships like this is so rare nowadays.
Lenworth Aylar önce
They killed it! Love the whole production 👌
WesGriffin Aylar önce
I loved EVERYTHING about this ❤️ Nice clean entertainment 👌
Mrs. H
Mrs. H Aylar önce
Ok. Let me be as blunt as I can but I need these two to host from here on out!!!! No one has done it better. Black girl power,magic and full of entertainment!!! Love it!!!
truth hurts
truth hurts Aylar önce
They sound way better than today's young so-called female R&B singers...💯💯💯 Yes El DeBarge....💯💯💯🎵🎵🎵
1111Goddess Aylar önce
They have a music video together. I think it’s called, “don’t ask my neighbor”..
@Christelle Akobo Really? Her performance on this award show and the BET awards were very good. She sounds just like the track.
Christelle Akobo
Christelle Akobo Aylar önce
@Zoo Wee I know few of her songs but she is a poor performer. However, I'm sure she can still improve. No doubt.
Zoo Wee
Zoo Wee Aylar önce
@Christelle Akobo ari is an incredibly talented singer you should listen to more of her music before judging
Trey Mathews
Trey Mathews Aylar önce
@Christelle Akobo They were good
K. Rich
K. Rich Aylar önce
These two do everything together!!!!
diane ridley
diane ridley Aylar önce
I just love it when they pair up in any performance
young nurse
young nurse Aylar önce
I had the pleasure of meeting , talking and taking pictures with both of these beautiful sisters ! They came to the Youth Study Detention Center in Philly. Tichina destroyed the place when she did a solo gospel song!!!!!! Tisha and I had a private talk about something before taking pictures together ❤. They along with other celebrities who were there that day , were so down to earth and genuine!!! God bless them all for taking time to come and show the kids there that they are loved 😍🙏❤.
Candace Butler
Candace Butler Aylar önce
Best opening EVER!!!! Love to hear y’all sang together
Oneil Mackey
Oneil Mackey Aylar önce
I can't see them NOT working together! They are TRULY a Perfect Match Made In Heaven! A Dynamic Duo Indeed! 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾
Lene Domi
Lene Domi Aylar önce
The most talented hosts ever love it they have that flame 🔥 that can’t be dimmed
2bcome1 Aylar önce
Debarge kept his singing gift. Good to see him doing well and having fun.
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