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24 Eki 2021




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Ogawa 11 saatler önce
At my last job the 1 cent tips were great, always turned around to my friend and announced look at this tip, coulda been a 10 or a penny. Funniest thing.
LifeOfCandice 2 gün önce
I'll never forget one time I did that at subway but then sorta felt bad because the girl was busy so I was going to put at least put a dollar in the jar. But right after I put the penny in the girl says "oh wow a penny that getting me some gas today" I literally had the dollar in my hand and then said "well never mind then glad the penny helped, I'll give the dollar to someone in need" and walked out. Needless to say that subway has since closed, it was horrible!
KBP120 4 gün önce
i'm pretty sure the penny or few penny or nickel/dime tip is more of people just not wanting to have it in their pocket more than it is wanting to give a "tip"
Naruto Uzumaki
Naruto Uzumaki 5 gün önce
And then we have Canadians. Penny who?
brett stabler
brett stabler 8 gün önce
It’s funny how he’s never making food for a customer there’s no one even there
AwesomeNinja1xx 10 gün önce
How about I come in with 1 half the penny
MuHaHa 12 gün önce
Why would people tip a sandwich maker? Your job is sandwich maker. Thats what you get paid for.
Wyatt minecraft
Wyatt minecraft 15 gün önce
All those 1 penny adds up
Venomous Goose
Venomous Goose 15 gün önce
Had a guy throw two cents in the tip jar. He made eye contact with me and immediately knew he made a goof. I just laughed and he shrugged sheepishly knowing he'd accidentally insulted me, except that his acknowledgement of it made it less insulting and more amusing
Nathan Laplow
Nathan Laplow 18 gün önce
Idk how it is at your subway but at the one I live by they get 14 an hour. I’m a manager at a Taco Bell and make less than that.
S A 18 gün önce
Shouldnt tip fast food joints
Dav[e]id Bello
Dav[e]id Bello 19 gün önce
I knew it was a penny.
FakeGamer 19 gün önce
Never seen anyone tip eating fast food.
Just Here For The Videos
......r we supposed to tip at subway too? God damn it lol. Where was this mindset for retail workers now then??
Alejandro Renteria
Alejandro Renteria 20 gün önce
I will tip u with a 5 cent mexican peso which is 1/4 a penny.
XD 21 gün önce
How come you don't round?
DrPeppaer DrPeppaer
DrPeppaer DrPeppaer 23 gün önce
Here is a tip. Get a better job
7w2 23 gün önce
"we're really making that bread" yeah, i sure hope you do.
LyricsNotFound 23 gün önce
Wait. Subway wprkers get tipped?
Kianna Grier
Kianna Grier 23 gün önce
Wasn't the answer gonna be obvious tho
Madison Burdick
Madison Burdick 25 gün önce
“I took the tip jar and I threw it at his head” Me then he said that: 😂💀😂
Chris Toaster
Chris Toaster 25 gün önce
This is that guy that youtube threw the algorithm at back when he had 500 subs? These videos would pop up every other day. Is your dad a software engineer at Google? lol
Farbror Nilsson
Farbror Nilsson 25 gün önce
Glory Grace K.
Glory Grace K. 26 gün önce
Let's see.....the lowest tip my sister ever got (and we were working at Subway at the time) was a guy actually TOOK $4 ($1bills) out of the tip jar to pay for his bill. Now Subway doesn't allow the word tip on the container, but it is common sense that there wouldn't be a container with cash in it for any other reason. She was on the loner part of the shift, so she wouldn't have had to split. She was so astonished and because she was alone, she didn't say anything to him, but needless to say she wasn't happy. That would have been her biggest tip there ever from one person. We never asked for tips or hinted. Never expected any either. Nor would we have had it out, except they had the container so why not. Kind of odd to tip a place like that, but I am not going to say we didn't enjoy the spare money. Sometimes we got enough to pay for our lunch. We did have a horrible time with the other employees stealing the tips out of the jar when our backs where turned. And since we were leaders right under the manager, we where able to make the rule as soon as the customers left, it was getting split. That was a miserable store to work at with a vindictive former Store manager with a stooge still working there.
MetalVII 27 gün önce
Same in UK, no one wants to get that penny back and the majority seek out the nearest charity/tip/whatever jar. But if I was doing that I wouldn’t rub the cashier’s face in it with “don’t work too hard” or anything, that’s just a dick move. America needs a minimum wage though, a tipping culture can be (but mainly is) brutal.
Scary videos for kids so I can get rich not fake 1
I thought subway supplies you with bread
Marcus YouTube
Marcus YouTube 27 gün önce
Yoo made it to 1,401 comments !
Marcus YouTube
Marcus YouTube 27 gün önce
1402 LOL
Mr. Fahrenheit
Mr. Fahrenheit 28 gün önce
Why would you tip a worker who makes more than a servers wage?
Aslo 28 gün önce
Even when i'm in the USA i don't give tips except for exceptional service.
Leslie Clark
Leslie Clark 28 gün önce
0.01 is not a tip. They just too lazy to put it in wallet.
THEORYOSITY 29 gün önce
What things you do in the free time , like if costumers don't show up for half or one hour straight .
Bonk 29 gün önce
The part when u said u took the tip jar and Trew it on someone else's head
Hawokki Aylar önce
Well 1 cent for every order adds up quickly. To one free meal per week? Tip is bonus, right? I cant believe USA still relies on tips to pay wages
Zay rene Zay rene
Zay rene Zay rene Aylar önce
Jesus loves you all he died on the cross for you I pray and I believe that you will find him weather that'd be today or another day. Jesus loves you all AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!
Bread Aylar önce
1 cent tip is honestly more of an insult that no tip
Cade Stockman
Cade Stockman Aylar önce
How I always saw it, fast food joints= not necessary to tip. Fast food managers always stress service time so much that good service usually gets lost along the way. Restaurants= if you can’t afford to tip bring your ass back to that McDonald’s buddy. It’s certainly not required, but everybody is judging you :)
Semaphor Games
Semaphor Games Aylar önce
1st world countries don't have tipping culture :^)
Every penny matters
Mr Deadbush
Mr Deadbush Aylar önce
Better than nothing right?
Utes Aylar önce
Americans have such a weird culture based around corporations fucking over everyone they can.
Demo Man
Demo Man Aylar önce
Fast food employees that don't file tips on their taxes by tax law can't accept tips, they make an hourly set wage. So if you are taking tips but not reporting them on your taxes it's tax fraud.
Radu P
Radu P Aylar önce
take that tip jar everyday and put it into crypto at the end of the month. thank me later
Nabil Tech Volo
Nabil Tech Volo Aylar önce
The sandwish look Like very good.
Ali Aylar önce
I’m Aussie, I’ve never seen someone give away a tip since it’s not recommended here.
brownhard Aylar önce
If I ever come to your store, you will not be receiving any tip from me
ab i.
ab i. Aylar önce
i mean, a penny would be alot wt the 1 penny store
The tipping part of America makes me never want to go there, that and GST isn't included on price tags.
Paul swabek
Paul swabek Aylar önce
Chances are you make plenty of money from the advertising revenue from this channel. And your subway sponsorship. Plus isn't this subway your family owned one? I bet you make a decent wage for the position.
Hisoka 4
Hisoka 4 Aylar önce
Joel Dodds
Joel Dodds Aylar önce
Just funny that America still distributes pennies
Hopper Aylar önce
Hey if you got tipped one cent then it might become 3 cents if u get 2 cents
Mitchell Keil
Mitchell Keil Aylar önce
Better than nothing, I guess
Thurnis Haley
Thurnis Haley Aylar önce
These sandwiches always look so good, I wish subways around here treated them with that much care. In my area they're all staffed by tweakers and high school students
AfterDusk Aylar önce
Did he take the seasonings from his mouth and then put it back?
thisisyoohoo Aylar önce
they gave you a penny for your thoughs...so let them have it..
Pre Flexy
Pre Flexy Aylar önce
Y e s
Magic Portal
Magic Portal Aylar önce
"Keep the change you filthy animal" 🕴
Myde Aylar önce
Has anybody came in your subway Tipped you and asked for the tip back? Also keep up the great work!
bilishu aliss
bilishu aliss Aylar önce
“We’re really makin that bread” 😂 You’re not wrong!
doliio volay
doliio volay Aylar önce
was going to stop making pennies.
1upKyle Aylar önce
You have millions of subscribers. You don't need to be working at Subway and expecting tips.
Hawk Kid! And IronBoy
An1m3 G4m3r
An1m3 G4m3r Aylar önce
The smallest tip I got was a old circus ticket from 2017
senni bgon
senni bgon Aylar önce
someone's day. After that I let them keep the change which is usually around £2
Adele Dazeem
Adele Dazeem Aylar önce
I'd hate to be a customer in America.... (or even just a worker)... here we only tip if we are overly happy with the service.. which is just a bonus for the workers on top of their pay
chiptrail Aylar önce
This is why we have cash rounding in ireland
cqvio doli
cqvio doli Aylar önce
eating in subway for a reason
The Spicy Boy
The Spicy Boy Aylar önce
We don’t even have the penny in Canada anymore 😅
liouy cnny
liouy cnny Aylar önce
service, but the other way around if the service is good. Most servers are hard workers and see that their customers are taken care of. They get very generous tips.
senni bgon
senni bgon Aylar önce
Tip is a tip, no matter how much low it is
Johnny Boy
Johnny Boy Aylar önce
One penny? Don’t you have cents in the USA?
Peter T
Peter T Aylar önce
I don't believe in tipping
cqvio doli
cqvio doli Aylar önce
customers pay for snacks. Especially if they’re paying with card for a dollar or 50 cent item. We just lose money if they use card so paying for it with loose change 👌
nijuo joing
nijuo joing Aylar önce
“We’re really makin that bread” 😂 You’re not wrong!
PePtUrbEd Aylar önce
Justin Lynch
Justin Lynch Aylar önce
Here in Newfoundland I don't think they even make pennies anymore. I'm not sure, I rarely use cash or change these days. But I could swear it was in the news at one point they was going to stop making pennies.
toijg avnnr
toijg avnnr Aylar önce
Restaurants should pay a livable wage so people so don't have to rely no tips. Especially fast food since people don't generally tip there.
liouy cnny
liouy cnny Aylar önce
Not supposed to wrap with white paper. Its a mark down on audit or atleast used to be.
Kevin chung
Kevin chung Aylar önce
I get paid 12$ an hour to be a chef at a Mediterranean restaurant. Minimum wage in LA is 15$. Thankfully the customers are nice to tip so I get around 30-40 dollars working a 13 hour shift 🤷‍♂️
Kingston Aylar önce
When i worked at subway it was rare to get tips to be honest. I dont know why its a big deal.
Kingston Aylar önce
Very few people honestly haha
nijuo joing
nijuo joing Aylar önce
Who is giving tips at subway?
Mariusz Hope
Mariusz Hope Aylar önce
Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth, the Life. No one comes to the Father except through Him. There is no other intermediary. May Jesus Bless you, trust Him, give your life - and He will take care of it :pray Convert yourself and believe in the Gospel.
serdy ximi
serdy ximi Aylar önce
service, but the other way around if the service is good. Most servers are hard workers and see that their customers are taken care of. They get very generous tips.
toijg avnnr
toijg avnnr Aylar önce
should take notes, Europeans.
Manarul Hidayat
Manarul Hidayat Aylar önce
50th Dollar
50th Dollar Aylar önce
What if I rob the tip jar would I have the lowest?
Varun Aylar önce
Tip is a tip, no matter how much low it is
Mr WEST Aylar önce
Ya kno it’s funny because a lot of Americans don’t know that “tipping” is a relic of the slave era.
Mr WEST Aylar önce
@serdy ximi a follow up, there’s a thing called a “tipped wage” in America 🇺🇸 and certain workers who earn tips on the job get far less than the minimum wage. It’s like 4 or 5 dollars an hour. So the people who serve you food everyday do not make a living wage and with COVID ppl eat out and don’t tip as much cuz everyone is struggling
Mr WEST Aylar önce
Ofc there is an hourly rate but most working class ppl aren’t paid a livable wage in America. I think like half make $30,000 a year and most make under $60,000. Poverty is about $25,000 a year
serdy ximi
serdy ximi Aylar önce
Never understood tipping in the US, do you not get an hourly rate or salary ?
Ayden Plimbley
Ayden Plimbley Aylar önce
Don’t kill me but I’ve never had subway
misolou fout
misolou fout Aylar önce
customers pay for snacks. Especially if they’re paying with card for a dollar or 50 cent item. We just lose money if they use card so paying for it with loose change 👌
lololol Aylar önce
Milad you're soo famous that you now have a bot haters :DD
Alx Medina
Alx Medina Aylar önce
Not supposed to wrap with white paper. Its a mark down on audit or atleast used to be.
RoxAnn Duran
RoxAnn Duran Aylar önce
What’s the correct tip for making a sandwich? not being bitchy I really want to know... I usually tip $2+
John Burrows
John Burrows Aylar önce
If the person makes me a good sub, I tip $5. Anything else I’ll tip at least $2-3 bucks for a sandwich. I’m a working guy, I know what it’s like to break your ass. When I give a $5 tip I say hopefully that’ll make up for some of the cheap pricks today😜
Tim Sakada
Tim Sakada Aylar önce
Who is giving tips at subway?
The General
The General Aylar önce
E pluribus unum
misolou fout
misolou fout Aylar önce
If u save every one in 30 years u will have 400k and be unrobaboul
316SR Aylar önce
Tipping isn’t fair. It’s not the customers option to give a fair wage.
Jesse Porter
Jesse Porter Aylar önce
Europeans saying how thankful they are that they don't have to worry about tips while ignoring that the United States is the richest country in the history of the world.. Maybe you should take notes, Europeans.
SethX 132
SethX 132 Aylar önce
As a Subway worker in a small town, I can vouch that this does happen. Normally it's not just a penny, but all there cents
Jesse Porter
Jesse Porter Aylar önce
The IQ of this group is astonishing. Everyone talking about how immoral tipping is instead of paying a "living wage" while the people in my life working in food industry make more than I do in the IT field. If you do a good job, you move up. If you're good at your job and you aren't making enough, go elsewhere. My buddies fiance started at Sonic. She provided such great service, she's now working in one of the high end restaurants in our town, making 6 figures. Take some self responsibility. In a free market economy, the only person preventing you from making more money is yourself. Be lucky you don't live in a country that controls every aspect of their economy that limits your options drastically. You can do almost anything you want in this country if you work for it. This man is making Subway sandwiches and probably makes more than 95 percent of you. He's not complaining about his wage, he's using his skillset and other opportunities to bring in more revenue.
Aaromal K . J
Aaromal K . J Aylar önce
I won't even tip, I am broke.
TroyFM Radio
TroyFM Radio Aylar önce
Never understood tipping in the US, do you not get an hourly rate or salary ?
woohoo247 Aylar önce
I don't know where those pennies go because I keep them but I never put it in the jar bc I feel like they wd spit in my food if I did
Louis Myer
Louis Myer Aylar önce
Be thankful you are being paid at all.
Chess Dad
Chess Dad Aylar önce
I once received such poor service at a restaurant, that I intentionally left a $0.01 tip. I even had to get my own water. I wanted to let them know the service was terrible and this is what they deserved. If I left nothing, then they might have thought I had forgotten the tip. This way they knew I hadn't forgotten.
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