Times Nikola Jokic Went TOO FAR... 

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Times Nikola Jokic Went TOO FAR...
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5 Mar 2023




Yük bağlantısı.....


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R M 6 aylar önce
He’s such an underrated defender. Reads passing lanes better than anyone else and can run protect too
Clark Robb
Clark Robb 6 aylar önce
Jagged Skar
Jagged Skar 6 aylar önce
@Clark Robb Watch his game sometime.
that guy
that guy 6 aylar önce
He is insane how good he is, nearly every time he touches the ball he makes the right decision. Guy might be top 5 ever when he gets done.
OldManSportsOG 3 aylar önce
He is literally a Machine
Robert Kemp
Robert Kemp 3 aylar önce
He is already top 5
zeljko obradovic
zeljko obradovic 6 aylar önce
Jokic is pure talent
VukanS 6 aylar önce
+ hard work!
Alex Beslin
Alex Beslin 6 aylar önce
Djokovic also.
firey 5 aylar önce
NeVale LaPena
NeVale LaPena 6 aylar önce
This year I'm watching every single Nuggets game and I've learnt something... In order to play well with Jokic you have to love him, and you need an incredible faith in his abilities... Look AG... Every action he's sure, absolutely sure his big man knows exactly where and when giving him the ball... Just keep your eyes open
Fahmi Aulia Rachman
Fahmi Aulia Rachman 6 aylar önce
I kinda have a feeling MPJ is also getting a into the rhythm of Jokic game.
Kovee Bryant
Kovee Bryant 6 aylar önce
I hope Aaron Gordon keeps getting better in the system, seems like he's got a lot more to give. Either way, he seems happy playing with the nuggets
art vallejos
art vallejos 2 aylar önce
AG went to Jokic hometown last off season.
HALFTIME 6 aylar önce
This man derserve a lot more respect love your content by the way
VukanS 6 aylar önce
Nobody dares to say but he is one of 2-3 best passers ever that played basketball, perhaps even the best!
Dee Robinson
Dee Robinson 6 aylar önce
He already does more types of passes than anyone ever.
Dirty French
Dirty French 2 aylar önce
Magic Johnson and John Stockton are the best passers period... but Jokic is the best passing big ever.
mlrd 6 aylar önce
Error. Jokic is the best passer of all time. Magic is is the second, but people still don't have the courage to say it out loud. Pistons Isiah Thomas believes that Jokic is the best passer after Magic so that the biggest legends of basketball already recognize him as one of the greatest. It is not disputed that there are extremely strong arguments for Magic, but Jokic is in any case side by side with the great Magic. Centers are three ranks below Jokic in that segment of the game. Pistol Pete, Bird, Stockton, Kidd, Nash and Chris Paul are right behind them, and LeBron is nowhere near the best passer of all time. His personal analysts will say that LeBron is the best player in every segment of the game and the best human being since the beginning of the world, but we don't all have to agree with that. LeBron is a smart passer and Jokic is a magician.
Nikola Kovac
Nikola Kovac 6 aylar önce
Hahaha….bravo, Lebron one of the best passers… give me a break! It makes me sick. The others,I truly enjoyed watching ( Kidd, Paul, Nash, Ginobili, J. Williams, Teodosic)
Adel Ahmad
Adel Ahmad 6 aylar önce
Not a horrible take, but you're wrong on this one bro. Magic Johnson had a 24-assist game, led the greatest fastbreak offense in basketball history, led the NBA in assists four straight seasons, had a season with an assist percentage of an insane 45 percent, averaged at least 10.5 assists in a season from 1983 to 1991, including one 13-assist season and two 12-assist season, and finally, had an entire season of at least 800 assists in 10 of his 12 seasons. He only played 12 years and had a passing resume that no one will be able to eclipse. Jokic is a transformational passer, but he's not Magic; nobody is Magic Johnson passing the ball. The eye-test ultimately says it all.
@Adel Ahmad You seem to forget the number of hof players Magic was blessed to play with. Stacking passes with someone who can score isn't as hard as it is when you don't even have a single all star teammate. Let that sink in.
Fahmi Aulia Rachman
Fahmi Aulia Rachman 6 aylar önce
Jokic has the potential to be the best passer ever, but calling he's already the best ever is wrong, He still has a lot of to prove. I would say Jokic might have the most unreal passes watching him cause hes taller and he use that height and vision as an advantage compared to all time great passers.
Fahmi Aulia Rachman
Fahmi Aulia Rachman 6 aylar önce
also Ive been seeing a lot of people underestimating playmaking ability when it comes to Jokic, like saying assists are easier for center, like if it is why every big man is not doing what hes doing. Cause having the vision is a rare skill. that's why we see a lot of high volume scorers every era but we only get a few great passers every era
SlobodanLx 6 aylar önce
Jokic is already one of the best passers all time. In terms of the quality of pass. His no look is really no look. He's not peaking. He brought us to the point that we do not find "touch down" special any more. That is how frequently he is making them. What I enjoy the most is how Stephen A is explaining Joker. Heck, I like it so much that I recorded it LOL
Frank Forster
Frank Forster 6 aylar önce
A game away from leading the next category, team record. He kinda already is the leader: when he plays, the Nuggets are 43-14. The Bucks are 39-13 with Giannis - who's really the only other guy in the vicinity of Jokic. One of the most clear-cut MVP decisions I can recall, it wouldn't take me a second to think about whom I'd give my vote.
Mark Andrade
Mark Andrade 6 aylar önce
It's unfortunate that Wilt Chamberlain isn't alive to see how Nikola is playing. If Wilt was alive, he'd be the first person in the Nikola Jokic fan club. Nikola is Wilt without being the freak of nature athlete Wilt was. And if my memory is correct, when Wilt played for the Harlem Globetrotters, he played point guard/ center.
Jacek Dudek
Jacek Dudek 6 aylar önce
"If you're not willing to go too far, you will not go far enough in life" - Undisputed & Undefeated, The Great Chael Sonnen
Ivan Ćorović
Ivan Ćorović 6 aylar önce
He's just a savant with an insane basketball intuition. Infact he's so good he doesn't need athleticism at all. And even then he can phisically crush you
Bins Wanger
Bins Wanger 5 aylar önce
When you’re so good that winning 2 (and maybe 3) mvp in row and it still considered underrated. He could win the championship and still probably be underrated. People literally can’t process just how good he is. It’s called being way ahead of your time.
Jation Mivioni
Jation Mivioni 6 aylar önce
Jokić is one of the best of all time already
Jersey Blvd
Jersey Blvd 6 aylar önce
The production of this video is immaculate great job
XxgalaxyxX1494 2 aylar önce
That pass under the legs was not just straight back, it was at a crazy angle.
northcackalacky 6 aylar önce
The Smartest and best athlete is seen in the last 3 years. He is a chess player on court! He looks slow, but can see that game 3 steps ahead of his opponents!!
Samuel Black Metal Rider
He can still play with the same style in the next 10 years to come… imagine the numbers added in 10 years. He could be #1 All Time in TD & PER
Anew Life
Anew Life 5 aylar önce
I grew up outside of Denver on English, Mutumbo, Anthony, but Jokic.....the best ever. Elway style. Go nuggets!
Empire Visuals
Empire Visuals 6 aylar önce
Great quality content bro! Editing is definitely 🔥
Milan Nedeljkovic
Milan Nedeljkovic 6 aylar önce
What we really need to see is play offs, when it really matters! He always failed to go through, but this season looks promising!
A 6 aylar önce
Jedno finale konferencije protiv tima koji je osvojio te godine. Posle toga tim oko njega jednostavno je bio katastrofalan, bukvalno 70 posto saiigrača više ne mogu ni da pridju NBA klupi a Jokić ih je odveo u plej off.
cindy canaga
cindy canaga 6 aylar önce
Hey, last year he was without his 2nd & 3rd option...without a single top 75 player with him during the whole season, and year before, they were in WCF...
cindy canaga
cindy canaga 6 aylar önce
@serbiangamer. And I agree..this playoff season looking great!
birb watcher
birb watcher 6 aylar önce
ne moze jedan covek sam da osvoji prsten. kada marej ima 23-26% suta iz igre, o cemu pricamo?
Rawzilla The Thrilla
Rawzilla The Thrilla 6 aylar önce
Fun fact , that second play is one joker created , both he anr Murray have hit that pass to MPJ. Man's is a wizard
MikeDixie Normus
MikeDixie Normus 6 aylar önce
It's funny how you mentioned all time assist but you never mentioned John Stockton. Lol
Samuel Richardson
Samuel Richardson Aylar önce
Bro he looks muscular af. He’s super strong
Miles Hall
Miles Hall 6 aylar önce
Joker finally started standing up for himself.
A. Barker
A. Barker 3 aylar önce
Can he even Palm the ball. Never saw Bill Russell play but that was my father's take on him, he had amazing touch.
Gwen West
Gwen West 2 aylar önce
You are right Jokic is the best ! Lots of talent
gh057w01f 5 aylar önce
That's why I couldn't believe he was picked 2nd to last in all star game
bak eteng
bak eteng 6 aylar önce
In the 90s, Brad Daugherty was considered one of the best passing bigs but I'm sure he's nothing compared to Joker.
Adel 6 aylar önce
Fire video! Loving this content. Underrated!
032HULK 6 aylar önce
Basketball savant,Zizou of NBA.
Evocati Augusti (PLVS VLTRA)
If he doesn't take you down..hes monster-sized brothers in the 2nd row don't mind coming on the court and throwing down...that's some gansta sht...
Chazz X
Chazz X 3 aylar önce
He plays in Denver. It isn't exactly a major market. You notice how much attention he's getting now.
OldManSportsOG 3 aylar önce
Best part lf the Bullet Pass to MPJ is it was in the perfect spot for EITHER MPJ or AG, both of them was right there and could of got it
Troy Weigel
Troy Weigel 6 aylar önce
I've watched a lot of Joker vids but this one is spot on.
Todd Walker
Todd Walker 2 aylar önce
One word why Jokic is so underrated . . . . marketing.
zpetar 3 aylar önce
light skin this light skin that.. Why Americans can't simply appreciate Jokic as one of THE BEST players in this generation regardless of his color?
Patricia McCormick
Patricia McCormick 5 aylar önce
Why name guys as assist leaders without naming John Stockton who leads the all time list with 15,806 assists, followed by number 2 Jason Kidd who had 12,091?. It’s ridiculous the disrespect Stockton gets!!
carsokk 3 aylar önce
Yo. If your going to talk about great NBA big men passers, you MUST mention Bill Russel.
Don'tTakeMeSeriousYT 3 aylar önce
Jokic is better than any other player in this video....MVP
Victimize Aka boomsta
Victimize Aka boomsta 2 aylar önce
Well now everyone is aware cuz he won the championship.
JoinPsye 2 aylar önce
He's just proved that Jokic as well as Lebron are playing against the real plumbers! Not during Jordan, Magic, Bird era, but this era. Bunch of plumbers!!! But excuse me I love Jokic. I hated Jordan when he was ruling the NBA, still respect on both men.
fawaz jarbo
fawaz jarbo 6 aylar önce
The goat nikola jokic…. Great video
KingSerbon7 6 aylar önce
Thats what we all ask for!!! Little bit of respect!!! Jokara brat!!! B3BMVP!!!
Viktor Lazic
Viktor Lazic 5 aylar önce
Yes, he does desire that.....😂😂😂😂
Meaning What
Meaning What 3 aylar önce
Nice feature video. Enjoy watching Nikola play.
Chalcides ¨
Chalcides ¨ 6 aylar önce
let's apprecieate that right now only Milkwaukee (46-18) has better record that the Nuggets (46-19)... Compare rosters with other teams...
Prasid Vemuri
Prasid Vemuri 4 aylar önce
joker is way too underrated
beebala3 6 aylar önce
3:45 Jason Williams should definitely be in the conversation as one of the greatest and most creative passers in NBA history.
v ilic
v ilic 6 aylar önce
In terms of creativity and flashiness, I agree with you, J Will is easily top 5. However, we should keep in mind that for his every highlight reel pass he would botch at least 5 of them; they would be either overhit or pure turnovers. In short, he was highly creative yet highly inconsistent passer.
michael john decano
michael john decano 6 aylar önce
Easy top 1 player most scratched by other players all time. Like what do we do? he's killin us let's scrape him down.😂😂😂
AndynAZ 2 aylar önce
Jokic didnt go too far, his competition was just outplayed.
Kenneth Shaw
Kenneth Shaw 2 aylar önce
Wow, You left out the greatest passer of all , Larry Bird. He probably is over looked sometmes because he is also a great shooter.
Milan Stokrp
Milan Stokrp 6 aylar önce
João Avelino
João Avelino 6 aylar önce
Now they are 7 ganes ahead on the west. But there are still people on the television saying that he's going to win this MVP award because He's white, using lies to justify his argument. (yeah.. straight wrong information). He's creating a narrative of Jokic being a stat-padder. Nah.. This year it will be hard to take this award from him. Only a tragically awful end of the regular season would change things. I'm really rooting for him to get to the finals (because people forgets the MVP award is a regular season award, and will start complaining because of the lack of playoff success)
marko markovich
marko markovich 5 aylar önce
Well, they, (the media) have taken it away from becoming MV3, + he also felt that he doesn't need the backlash from the very same media, and he put his foot off the gas as well; It will be the free-throw merchant from Philly, (but clearly out of pity).
BadxxxMonkey 6 aylar önce
Didn't Wilt lead the league in assists one year?
the gungas
the gungas 3 aylar önce
Jokic is the best thing to happen to the NBA since Jordan Bird Magic. Jokic is making the NBA great again
Hodge Podge
Hodge Podge 6 aylar önce
Great Video putting Highlight on a very special talent in Jokic. But c'mon man, when you talk about the all time assist leaders, it's not fair to put him in there yet. I give you best passing Center in the history when it's said and done for him. But he's not even in the top 50 yet of the all time assist column yet. Also not mentioning Stockton and Chris Paul (1st and 3rd overall) in that category is just blasphemy imho. I guess names like Magic and Lebron are more catching
Samuel Black Metal Rider
I love & respect Stockton, I’m a teen of the 90´s but think about it this way: John was pretty much doing ONLY assists. Jokic is also catching rebounds like crazy and scoring more than Stockton ever has. Also he’s 27. He can still play 10 years in the NBA if no accidents. So we’ll see in 10 years of +/- 10 apg where he stands ;)
Tracy Gittins
Tracy Gittins 6 aylar önce
You couldn't bother to mention all-time assist leader (by far) John Stockton among the great passers?
Another highly underrated player. My all time fav pg. Yeah Magic was good, but he had, probably, best teammates ever (alongside MJ). Stockton has the most assists, in total, and I really doubt anyone will surpass him on that list or even come close, but I still prefer Jokic, cause his no- looks passes are second to none.
Brandon Smoot
Brandon Smoot 3 aylar önce
How'd you leave Stockton out, on greatest passers??
Fanta Biscuit
Fanta Biscuit 6 aylar önce
Maybe kids will idolise passing and finesse now? We are at the tail of the Curry revolution, and we had the Jordan/Kobe revolution of athleticism and ISO ball
J.D. Arino
J.D. Arino 6 aylar önce
I'm a really big LeBron fan... but the last 5 years I've not been impressed with how he's playing. Giannis, Jokic, Curry, and KD's game are much more enjoyable to me now.
Derek Rushe
Derek Rushe 5 aylar önce
Jokic has never lead the league in assists. Wilt has. Wilt is the best big man passer of all time.
Kristina Stan
Kristina Stan 2 aylar önce
Jokić ❤
Joao Marveloso
Joao Marveloso 6 aylar önce
Excellent video..and analysis
Pedro Mora Jr
Pedro Mora Jr 3 aylar önce
There is a huge difference morris bumped him in his side a foul to stop the shot, jokic elbowed him the spine while he was walking away which is a very dangerous thing to do. Could leave someone paralyzed...
birb watcher
birb watcher 6 aylar önce
Jokara would have even more assists if his teammates can hit something.
abdulallahi 6 aylar önce
LaMelo is actually going to be a better passer than jokic
arc.byl.dur 5 aylar önce
3rd strait MVP trophy holder.
Doc Holiday
Doc Holiday 6 aylar önce
very cool sequences, only thing, you forgot to mention Dražen Petrović
Dejan Zivkovic - psiholog
Great video 🤟🏆👌
Wayne Kocher
Wayne Kocher 3 aylar önce
Ask Steven A. Smith or Kendrick Perkins, why he does
the Incredible Sulk
the Incredible Sulk 6 aylar önce
He's playing hot potato out there
Mi abuelo es Amunike y mi padre Luis Enrique
Jokic play like Arvydas Sabonis.
Mgames Mgames
Mgames Mgames 2 aylar önce
Jokic have BRAIN
Robert McNearny
Robert McNearny 3 aylar önce
Jokic should have stomped on Morris after the shove.
Kendall Fountain
Kendall Fountain 3 aylar önce
This is f😢people who know basketball. And can see everything that it takes to be great at the game.
Lilith 6 aylar önce
He is the second coming of Larry Bird.
Ken D
Ken D 6 aylar önce
closest thing, yeah their games look so similar except you can't really Trash Talk today smh....
Lilith 6 aylar önce
@Ken D no one can trash talk like Bird
Don Dempsey
Don Dempsey 5 aylar önce
He said light skin twice that's disappointing
Joel Rogers
Joel Rogers 6 aylar önce
The nuggets are ahead of second place by 6 games, not 4&1/2 games get your stats right and on top of that they have won the series between the second place grizzlies so if the season were to end as of this morning they are technically seven games ahead of the grizzlies
HALFTIME 6 aylar önce
By the time the video was been made bro
Thunder Chicken
Thunder Chicken 6 aylar önce
Actually its 7 after tonight, but I'm sure this dude probably edited this vid a few weeks ago.
SeeerSerious 6 aylar önce
Have you ever been elbowed in ur ribs? Cops beat me once so bad, several of those punches were close to armpit and I can't explain it to you how much that hurts, I thought they were broken, took an x ray but they werent. I coudnt move or breath properly for couple months. You can clearly see that Morris didnt just push Jokic, he elbowed him straight in his ribs, and I absolutely understand impulsively reaction of Jokic, pain makes your brain not run right
Sagdrag 3 aylar önce
No probably on that Marcus Morris bit.
Francus 6 aylar önce
He'll never win a championship until he's traded...
Jovan Grant
Jovan Grant 6 aylar önce
Jokic is not SOFT
strelicijum 6 aylar önce
Lebron is nowhere near Jokić when it comes to passing.
Stan Webb
Stan Webb 3 aylar önce
Maglatrend ekspert
Maglatrend ekspert 2 aylar önce
Jokic There is a ball, there is a ball - there is no ball - where is the ball - here is the ball, oppp... points... Let's go again! Let's finish as soon as possible because my horse races are starting soon!
John John Manziel
John John Manziel 3 aylar önce
Lebron is not at Magic, kidd, nash, jokic, bird, Paul, marc jackson, stockton level passing....
Stevan Lončar
Stevan Lončar 6 aylar önce
2:50 which team played against?
Cornell Scott
Cornell Scott 4 aylar önce
Amazing video.
jimmyswaggcorn 6 aylar önce
3x mvp
BEASTking18 6 aylar önce
He soft remember 🤣 Jokic is the most disrespected player ever
Kerry Alfaro
Kerry Alfaro 6 aylar önce
HE'S nasty
Truth Hurts
Truth Hurts 3 aylar önce
Why are you concerned with his light skin?
Danijel Android
Danijel Android 3 aylar önce
I think Jokić is a lazy guy with a good work ethics. I know it is a contradiction.😅😂
NOT NOW 3 aylar önce
Trying to coordinate the two, but can't. Lazy, b/c his body is not defined? like Giannis, now his body/arms are define, for sure.
Mortan Á. Mørk
Mortan Á. Mørk 6 aylar önce
Bro retaliates nd its toof darm
chitzzz 6 aylar önce
he is european they fight back when hurt
NOT NOW 3 aylar önce
Is this what braddah KPerkins means by stats padding !? has anyone ever equal it?
quentin crisp
quentin crisp 2 aylar önce
Ever heard of John Stockton?? Geez!
Frank Costa
Frank Costa 6 aylar önce
"Times Nikola Jokic went to far." 🤔🤦🏻‍♂️😂 Stoopid.😂 Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.🤷🏻‍♂️
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