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22 May 2022




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Chad Chad
Chad Chad Aylar önce
thank you all so much for 1 million subscribers i still can't even believe it :')
Mason Wright
Mason Wright Gün önce
@LORD J. OfDaAlphaKingz can you tell me what I said that's so throw up-y?
Mason Wright
Mason Wright Gün önce
@LORD J. OfDaAlphaKingz ???
LORD J. OfDaAlphaKingz
@ShattMayne 🙄
LORD J. OfDaAlphaKingz
@Mooby 🥴
LORD J. OfDaAlphaKingz
@Mason Wright 🤮
Lynn Aylar önce
I’ve NEVER understood the whole “hating your spouse” thing. It’s like a bitter end to the “enemies to lovers” trope
Katie Loves Warrior cats
Katie Loves Warrior cats 14 saatler önce
@GalaxyFlight_HD i think how healthy the trope is depends on the two characters, pacing, as well as how much the two hate each other at the beginning, like if the two characters are enemies but not on a personal level, only on the level of 'we're on opposite sides so we are enemies', so it's really the initial set up of the two characters that determines how healthy it is
GalaxyFlight_HD 16 saatler önce
Ships that follow 'Enemies to lovers'... I noticed most of them wouldn't be healthy relationships
Katie Loves Warrior cats
yeah, like it's not even snowed in a endearing way, like if it were two lovers who joking poke fun at each other then it could be seen as romantic but outright hating your partner?nah
Focused Fighter
Focused Fighter 7 gün önce
@Lynn Never to be understood because it doesn't make sense.
alicia. Aylar önce
I always hated when people described getting married as a prison sentence for life, like if that is how you feel especially before the marriage don't get married please.
Mx. Menacing
Mx. Menacing 8 gün önce
And then people wonder why you don't wanna get married when they describe it like that.
imouse1 13 gün önce
As my parents always joked: If one had killed the other, they'd have been off parole by now.
Windows XP autumn wallpaper is a superior choice
I understand playful teasing but I think it's a thing to do between each other or in a small circle, cautiously. I wouldn't wanna watch people do this jokingly or not as well as question if there's truth to that.
catcomputer 15 gün önce
I guess those jokes came from when people where forced into marriage / you couldn’t get away with being unmarried because people would look down on you. However, lots of people marry for love now but still use those jokes because…? Idk lol? Idk why you would joke about marrying someone you love.
Ayumu Chorizo
Ayumu Chorizo 18 gün önce
True. I get it when it's just genuinely a joke or sarcasm but even then just keep it between friends. It's not a good idea to be spreading this kind of impression on a very large platform. That's how toxic relationships get mistaken as normal, or worse, glorified. Some people really have no sense of responsibility just because they can upload whatever they want.
Spec Aylar önce
The incredible world of marriage jokes. We got some classics like: - I hate my wife - My husband is useless - I will kill my mother in law - Goodbye Freedom
hellomasterchief1 4 gün önce
@monus782 That's arbitrary as hell, making a joke about your relationship is direct condemnation of it, unless your making an N-word joke directly to the face of an African American, I see no reason how these are equivalent at all ..
Micah Foley
Micah Foley 8 gün önce
@Spec lol i aim but to please
Spec 8 gün önce
@Micah Foley I can't believe that I forgot the classic. You're awesome.
Nice Material
Nice Material 15 gün önce
@CyberWarezz05 I think you're on to something
Cherilyn's Arts
Cherilyn's Arts 20 gün önce
@JunimoHutt All people should know this even kids.
wizardmotors Aylar önce
I’ll never forget when I found out that when my dad was around 19 and his mom was dying of lupus, his whole family still had her cooking, cleaning, and essentially doing everything for them. They never helped her and she did everything until she died. I can never find these “ha ha my partner doesn’t consider me a human, isn’t their incompetence adorable? 🥺” videos funny.
PrincessOfHell 5 gün önce
That's so awful, how did they even manage afterwards anyway
saturation station
saturation station 7 gün önce
depression potentiator comment lol.. this is basically what we do to 99% of the species but just in different settings
Llama_From_Mars 8 gün önce
@Master Markus i mean if youre dying you wouldnt have a chance to go to jail and may actually spend your last few days in peace so id do the same tbh
Shirumoon 17 gün önce
When I read this stories, I can't help but think I would have rather died of poverty than to have "lived" as a domestic slave aka wife in the 20th century. This is pure madness and it's not even like these things happened hundreds of years ago.
Erin C
Erin C Aylar önce
learning the term "Weaponised incompetence" made me understand the whole stereotype about men being helpless- it's not about being stupid, they choose to rely on their wife as a form of control and laziness
LORD J. OfDaAlphaKingz
@mushroom 🙄
LORD J. OfDaAlphaKingz
@mushroom 🙄
LORD J. OfDaAlphaKingz
@issecret1 🤭
LORD J. OfDaAlphaKingz
@Esteemed character actress Margo Martindale 😫
LORD J. OfDaAlphaKingz
@ToastyCinnabear 😫
{xTURQx} Aylar önce
Can we normalize healthy married couples in loving marriages? Catana Comics are a good representation of what long term couples should be, not these weird “mY wIFe IS a NaGgIng wHoRE” jokes. Like relationships are PARTNER ships, not a one way thing
Focused Fighter
Focused Fighter 7 gün önce
Yes, partners! Team commando against the world!! I always say this to my man. And I back up what I say wit actual actions and words. Protect, care, laugh, tease each other, pay for stuff, share all loads etc: repeat.
Emily N
Emily N 16 gün önce
Right, like, you guys aren't adversaries? 😂
frogdad 17 gün önce
this is why i love malcolm in the middle so much! lois and hal are so in love & hal is never misogynistic towards her. and guess what? the show is still one of the funniest i’ve ever seen. it’s almost like a guy hating his wife for no reason isn’t funny at all hmm 🤔
Em 12344
Em 12344 17 gün önce
@monus782 They are ! In the movies and the 60s tv show, they love each others and are couple goals honestly (and parent goals too)! They are some of my favorite movies for this reason among other things. In the show, it was the first time in tv that it was implied a married couple had sex regularly too (off screen obviously). It was part of their "weirdness", same for Gomez taking care of the kids since it wasn't the norm at that time. I highly recommend watching the movies and serie. They're excellent !
Anne Kostecki Design
Anne Kostecki Design 20 gün önce
I completely agree
Sonisis Speedpaints
As a married woman in a healthy and respectful relationship. These tik toks trigger my fight of flight reflexes, Is this what “owning the libs “ is? Making us cringe at toxic relationship pranks?
towerofgodfan 12 gün önce
Ya it's so lame. They're bent on taking cringe to the next level. And if u question them they'll probly say something like 'we were running a social expreiment'😐😂
Krabby Patty
Krabby Patty 18 gün önce
Probs! I messed with my brothers feminazi ex girlfriend because it made me laugh HYSTERICALLY! If you have no sense of humor don’t get married. That’s the best part of marriage, you can joke with each other!
Santsi 22 gün önce
I have been afraid of marriage because of this stuff. It's not good for the brain.
HUgeneral647 29 gün önce
I’m conservative (leaning) and I’ve never met someone who finds this kind of “humor” funny. I will readily admit that the basis for this type of “humor” is definitely a man problem though, regardless of political views. Jokes like the tiktoks we see here confuse the fuck out of me, why would even want to be with someone you don’t like, never mind married, NEVER MIND having kids. I love doing nice things for my wife, pulling my weight, I probably compliment her 5-6 times a day (not exaggerating) and I thank her each time she does something that benefits the both of us. For example, if she does the dishes, I’ll pretty much always say “thanks for doing the dishes my love, I appreciate it”. Obviously I do the dishes regularly as well, but my point is that I LOVE to make my wife feel valued, heard, respected, and confident. I also flirt with her constantly and try to live the notion of “you are dating your spouse for the rest of your life”. She’s an incredible woman and deserves to feel that way.
Matthias van Trigt
Matthias van Trigt 22 gün önce
Conservatives: "I hate my wife and my life!" Also conservatives: "The sanctity of marriage must be preserved at any cost!"
beth 9891
beth 9891 2 gün önce
True.I'd laugh if they weren't ruining it for everyone around them.....
YouTube Sucks
YouTube Sucks 3 gün önce
Also conservatives: flock to shit like Ashley Madison, the affair website
「M0TH1E」 Aylar önce
“Let’s turn our unhealthy marriage that is on the verge of divorce into a unfunny tiktok!!”
Here to STAY 🌟
Here to STAY 🌟 5 gün önce
''And let's influence younger audiences by introducing them to mysoginic and toxic ideas!!''
「M0TH1E」 15 gün önce
@Glory don’t worry I made it correct 👍
Glory 15 gün önce
"funny" 😬
「M0TH1E」 28 gün önce
@Frick Frack hmm I have to agree they have no humor
Frick Frack
Frick Frack 29 gün önce
That's not entirely fair. They're not _funny_ .
g!3333 Aylar önce
Suddenly being a “cat lady” doesn’t seem so bad
Kaodi 12 gün önce
it became a life goal after seeing these tiktoks
Natylyn Wassing
Natylyn Wassing 13 gün önce
@JazzSpider thanks
JazzSpider 14 gün önce
@Natylyn Wassing We welcome you ♡
Lexa 14 gün önce
@Ginger Soul Eater Only when you are the kind of person who would let themselves be pushed around by a 3-year old.
Lexa 14 gün önce
@JazzSpider and once a month we meet to discuss the books and the funny stuff our kitty-companions got up to.... I love it😍
Feynix Aylar önce
Are… are people okay? I can confidently say that I am no longer scared of being along forever, because it would be so much better than being in a marriage like this
海竜朝日 11 gün önce
At first When I was 12-13 I was excited to get a girlfriend/boyfriend whatever it doesn’t matter But looking after my parents marriage and these tiktoks Actually I am better off single my whole life.
Nihil Ego
Nihil Ego Aylar önce
Better to be alone than in bad company.
kirakira 29 gün önce
The "helpless husband" trope is sadly so common it seems, at least where I live. I live in the south, so gender norms are incredibly upheld here. I've witnessed this behavior firsthand or seen parents confess to making their sons helpless. A lot of parents refuse to actually teach their sons household chores (aside from "masculine" yardwork, helping to fix cars, etc.), or the basics of cooking, because "that's a woman's job, his wife will do it for him". Just ignore the fact your son will probably move out on his own eventually, actually needing those skills. Thankfully a lot more men are starting to reject this and learn for themselves, but there are still, sadly, a lot of men who embrace this helplessness and treat their partners like their moms. And since it's so normal to see (at least around here), their partners just put up with it.
Anastasiaz 5 saatler önce
Thank you! But I realize some of these women are actually encouraging their behavior because they continue to do their work then they get resentful because they’re not getting what they want back which doesn’t make sense.
War Hawk
War Hawk 5 gün önce
Same. My parents do the same with my brother but my brother-in-law cooks and cleans by himself and his cooking is actually better than my sister (shhhhh...)
Personator 11 gün önce
I live in Virginia but we speak with a southern accent so idk if I live in the south but I don’t see this very much my father always cooks and occasionally my mom will cook if it’s fathers day or something but most of my male friends are proud of their cooking skill
물건 23 gün önce
im in the south too and my own dad is this way... my mom literally does EVERYTHING, even our freaking taxes and making his doctor appointments... my dad would not survive a single day without my mom. never EVER marrying someone like that, no thank you!
Chrissy Irwin
Chrissy Irwin 23 gün önce
Not everyone, but I do see it a lot where I live (in New York). My coworkers will talk about their husbands refusing to take care of the kids or do anything to help and be like *sigh* *casually makes comments/jokes about how maybe they should have married someone who takes on responsibilities* and then another coworker is like "no they're all like this." No they aren't. How unfortunate that your standards are based on thinking all men mistreat and disrespect their wives like this.
Agonz Gonzalez
Agonz Gonzalez Aylar önce
After watching these it makes me want to call my parents and thank them for showing me what a normal loving marriage looked like where everyone shared responsibility’s.
Ariane 18 gün önce
I'm lucky that my fiance grew up with parents in a loving marriage at least
Kira Carver
Kira Carver 29 gün önce
Why don't you? They'd probably appreciate it a lot
TheReclusive Aylar önce
“My wife just nags me” = she makes you do ANYTHING in your own fkin house instead of having to do it all herself. A man cleans out his own closet once a year and is a hero. He changes one diaper and is a saint. My mom literally would ego boost my brother for everyone, she’d throw a party for him taking the trash out, he didn’t wipe his own ass still he was 3 yrs old. I’ve literally been cleaning and cooking my whole life and people wonder why I refused to ruin my life and have kids. Like why would I choose to endlessly take care of other people forever?! My mom also told me men need constant ego stroking or they refuse to do anything. I called her out on this because all I got was guilted and punished for not taking care of my brother and the housework. I realized women are taught as girls that if we put others first we are evil b*tches who must be punished so we just give and give until we break.
gretchen k
gretchen k Aylar önce
Words can’t describe how much I hate the “quirky helpless husband” trope. “Haha! My husband can’t do basic adult skills, he’s so silly 🤪” like no that’s not ok
hellomasterchief1 4 gün önce
@Person Social media is almost no different than a movie or tv show, stop putting so much emphasis on how social media affects you. Most of it is misinformation, most of it isn't a real glimpse into people's lives, and most of it isn't supposed to be take at face value... As other people have said above, if you are letting media personally effect you and your day to day life, touch grass lol
hellomasterchief1 4 gün önce
@taddy mason So you can attempt to change people's minds... Being stuck in an extremely biased mindset is kind of cringe, not really helpful for the betterment of future generations, as every human being tends to get hardstuck on toxic and bad mentalitys that might be healthy at first, but the unwillingness to change will lead to people retaining toxic ideals in other aspects. Relatively speaking, things are changing and constantly evolving, culture even faster due to the internet, now more than ever people should be attempting to be more nuanced and less narrow minded in their interpretations of anything and everything. Being skeptical of not only other people but yourself is an extremely humbling experience, and being skeptical of your own skeptical thoughts is extremely healthy self reflection. If you are writing comments like this it's quite clear you need to hear it, just reading the comments of others can implant a seed, whether it dies, or it sprouts, it's implanted in there and it might go somewhere healthy. Don't need a full on discussion or debate for healthy positive change. We're all on this channel for one reason or another, I genuinely like the content posted here it constantly challenges the status quo, toxic masculinity, and other topics, but more needs to be done than just accepting everyone but yourself is problematic lol
hellomasterchief1 4 gün önce
@Jelly Jilli Arbitrarily cutting off edgy humour because you find it lame is completely subjective with no bearing on real life at all. The only determination that matters is public/private setting and who the joke goes out to. Whether or not the context Is understood by the joke teller/recipient, if someone is dog whistling it's bad, if someone is using post irony it's generally speaking bad, but just telling edgy jokes is fine... Every single comedian of all time that's half way funny crosses the line... I laughed as a kid for the same reason, but I laugh at fucked up shit even more as I get older because it's still funny, and is even more funny now that I understand the context. The wider implication that this stuff is somehow an indication that people support the underlying meaning is somehow widely accepted and is such an insane equivocation it's unimaginable... The funniest people/comedians are usually extremely edgy progressives, because they understand why the jokes subject matter is messed up and that makes the joke funny. Side not, shock humour≠edgy humour, it can be a sub genre of said humour but both are entirely different, ones based off funny jokes, the other is funny because of people's visceral reactions to the jokes, the person getting offended becomes the butt of the joke.
SUNA Aylar önce
Okay but really this kind of relationship is a genuine fear of mine. I’d literally rather be single my entire life than be stuck in a marriage with any guy who disrespects me like that as a ‘joke’. My parents had this kind of relationship. Mum does everything and gets shit on by a man-child who came home from his job of sitting in a chair all day to sitting on a couch all night complaining about dinner and having real no interest in his wife or kids. They eventually split up (which was beneficial to everyone, my Dad’s attitude and outlook changed when he had to learn how to do everything for himself) but as a woman I do my best to steer clear of these kinda guys. Good thing is, I think relationship and gender dynamics are changing a lot recently.
SavStinks 12 gün önce
@Cloverbun i hope to have a relationship like that one day 🙏 its wonderful to see two people who gives and takes equally
oceanrose that sails across the sea
@Cloverbun reading your reply makes me hope that i can find this guy one day and treat him like the king he deserves to be.
Cloverbun 16 gün önce
Just don't date guys like this? They're pretty easy to spot in the wild, and so are good guys. I met my husband in high school, he would do cute shit like give our girl friends chocolate if they were on their period, and was super respectful in general. He was always there for me, and was my best friend for years. And unlike 'nice guys' and 'white knights' he didn't expect ANYTHING back from any girl (or guy!) he was nice to, ever. Pure unconditional love. I know I'm lucky and all, but there are so many great guys out there. Guys you get to play games with and cuddle with and enjoy the sun with. Guys who are happiest in life when they get to share it with you. Funny thing is, I'd do anything for my husband, cook and clean if he'd want me to (he doesn't). If only these tiktokkers realized you can't have the 'doting wife' stereotype if you don't respect and support the fuck out of her always. It's a two way street, after all. Sorry, I just get defensive about men because so many of them screw it up for the others, and I feel like if we all dare to believe in them they could prove themselves. Rant over.
oceanrose that sails across the sea
me too. I thought I was the only one with this fear.
Animany Aylar önce
It baffles me how 'I hate my wife', misogynistic, 'my husband is useless' (how quirky) humour is still so prevalent, especially on an app for teenagers
Alexey Andre
Alexey Andre 17 gün önce
Misogyny has and always will be prevalent unfortunately
S.S Umbrella
S.S Umbrella Aylar önce
I like the idea of being independently together in a romantic relationship, like having two separate rooms or even your own apartments/houses while married but still understanding each others love and commitment to each others regardless of what assumptions other people have.
wet sock full of hot meat
I might genuinely have to get separate beds for my gf and I because I have restless leg syndrome. When I have to share hotel beds with my family, I'll Liu Kang kick them in their sleep lmfao
Cloverbun 16 gün önce
Omg... that's literally the best thing to me 💖 different strokes for different folks though
Cloverbun 16 gün önce
My boy and I like to be as close to each other as possible, 24/7, so that wouldn't work for us 😅 but as a concept, I think many more people should realize you don't HAVE to share everything with your partner just because society says you should. Live however you prefer as a couple. Hell, meet up once every 3 years if it suits you! I believe Dolly Parton had a relationship like that, and she is just amazing and always felt loved by her husband. I should say, despite my husband and I being glued together most of the time, we do take trips seperate from one another every now and again. Only makes seeing each other afterwards that much more special!
Ariane 18 gün önce
@The legend of SQUIDWARD Living and sleeping with a partner and letting them have their own life outside of the relationship is literally a normal, typical, healthy relationship
S.S Umbrella
S.S Umbrella 20 gün önce
@M. Josena that exactly
Ruthanne Marie
Ruthanne Marie Aylar önce
Toxic spouse/parent culture makes me so mad. It could be a mom complaining about how much she hates watching her kids and they ruined her life, a husband saying he wishes his wife would just drop dead, or a wife belittling her husband for being “useless” ALL of it is disgusting and should stop being joked about
NotMy RealName
NotMy RealName 18 gün önce
It doesn't tend to be belittling, it's the man using a tactic called weaponised incompetence and the woman normalizing it in jokes because she feels she is in a situation where she is forced to accept it even though it's fucked up.
nisipisa 27 gün önce
bear-tch is literally the funniest thing i've ever heard
Frick Frack
Frick Frack 27 gün önce
I'm surprised more comments don't mention it. It made me laugh so hard and it goes by so fast
Elenable 27 gün önce
Jokes aside, I'm really glad that we're having this discussion somewhere. I was stuck in a severe version of a situation like this for several years and I'm still dealing with the repercussions to this day, as is our kid. I feel like if I had seen more stuff like this video, I'd have left sooner. But it's so normalised in society, often it feels like that's how it's supposed to be even if deep down you know it's wrong. I can't imagine having actually married my ex. There's nothing even remotely funny about hating or taunting the person you've purposefully tied yourself to 🤦‍♀️ Please let this be your wake up call if you can relate to ANY of this - either get couples counselling or if it's gone too far, get the hell out of the situation. This is not a life anyone should live.
spinat Aylar önce
Fun fact: Finnish people used to think bears were our ancestors so we respect the frick out of bears. Don't shave guys, you're insulting your bear ancestors.
Adriano Aliboni
Adriano Aliboni 4 gün önce
Ooh, täälläkin on suomalaisia, Chadchad videon alla, ihana 😂
Kai L
Kai L Aylar önce
Moment my s/o starts making "I hate my wife" jokes, we getting therapy. If they refuse that, or just continued to do it, divorce papers are getting served, I love myself more than that
Cloverbun 16 gün önce
Griffin Hutchinson
Griffin Hutchinson Aylar önce
I've never found the 'bitter old marriage couple' trope funny. Like, if you're miserable, get a divorce? Also loving the hair! 💜
Griffin Hutchinson
Griffin Hutchinson 7 gün önce
@mustaroh sri rukmini Very true! I'm sorry, my phrasing was terrible.
mustaroh sri rukmini
hii, its not as easy as you say. not even talking about some stigmas or social norms, just like getting out of a toxic relationship is not easy for some (probably most) of people, and i think its wayy harder than just a toxic relationship
Griffin Hutchinson
Griffin Hutchinson 7 gün önce
@Mora Ocampo Yeah that's a very good point, I'm a sensitive person so even though I can tease my friends and vice versa there's only so much I can take. I suppose I'm a little biased😅 An excellent point though!
Mora Ocampo
Mora Ocampo 7 gün önce
On one hand, same, because I kinda do believe the whole generation of marriages in this video HATE eachother, but on the other hand, I'm in a very serious relationship, and I JUST got it: you know when you tease a friend for fun when you're really close? It's exactly like that. And when you're in that stage of the relationship, it's really funny and it even brings you closer even though it sounds actually mean to an outsider haha
Nekuro 9 gün önce
@Luís Andrade Ran out of things to say, huh. I don't even know how I'm supposed to interpret that as an insult, lol.
decoraqueen a
decoraqueen a Aylar önce
Growing up and living in a society where DV was normalized has effed up my perception of marriage permanently. Even though I'm in a good marriage now, i always live with the fear that someday my husband will change for the worst. That's why i find 'i hate marriage/wife jokes' unfunny.
Brawler 15 gün önce
@Cloverbun Domestic Violence*
Cloverbun 16 gün önce
Tsu Aylar önce
The sheer incompetence of the men I've had in my life traumatized me, honestly. They're like children in the bodies of adults who married just to force a woman to pamper them. Sickening behaviour.
Tsu Aylar önce
@Yuri's SSecondaccount ...what?
J 29 gün önce
I do wonder how many times the words "come on, it'll be funny!" Were uttered while filming these marriage tiktoks
ViloniousTV Aylar önce
I subscribed to your channel like 2 weeks ago and I swear you had like 500k. Congrats on the well deserved come-up!
LORD J. OfDaAlphaKingz
@mushroom LMAO I know u tf ur doing here "beta male" toi
mushroom Aylar önce
@LORD J. OfDaAlphaKingz Lmao i know u tf ur doing here "alpha male"
LORD J. OfDaAlphaKingz
Salsay💗↘️ Aylar önce
I'd love to be One-Nightlove.Online youngboy is my idol. Hes the person I aspire to be, hes my light of day
wibbles Aylar önce
I work in a jewellery store and I constantly have to awkwardly laugh off "I hate my spouse" jokes that are just so a w k w a r d
tbh if u dont think its funny i dont rlly think u should laugh. by not laughing u r showing them that its rlly not ok to make those jokes.
Madison Willis
Madison Willis Aylar önce
@robbiesilverwolf you know that acting like men are helpless is also misogynistic, right? Because it's claiming all women and only women are good at domestic tasks, while men are incapable because they're men, when that's not how it is. Also, me poking fun at my foreign bf for using British English and using prepositions wrong sometimes is different than me saying I hate him and he's so useless, on multiple different levels. I would never think to tell him the latter bc it's simply NOT funny.
robbiesilverwolf Aylar önce
@Specularfoot a joke that takes out context and changes the idea of the video
Specularfoot Aylar önce
@robbiesilverwolf she used that clip to make a joke, something im sure you are an expert on based on your comments but i suppose we all make mistakes 🙃
autie emery
autie emery 18 gün önce
I get way too excited when I see a man on tv actually loving his wife and children, without making the jokes💀
MJ Wu Aylar önce
I'm not sure what's more concerning, that these men exist or there are women out there that tolerate them
Miss Rose
Miss Rose 15 gün önce
I just wanna say that it is so cool that Chad Chad is sponsored by a company like Adam and Eve. I feel like a lot of TRvid’s are too afraid to get sponsers like this and just stick with the average mobile game or headphones. There’s nothing wrong with promoting a business like this as it is sex positive, and spreads awareness about HIV and the severity of the spread. Thankyou for better no suxh an icon Chad Chad. We love you ♥️♥️
C L Aylar önce
clear and fair minded people like you always reminds me that there are still hopes in this world. thank you for making my life less unbearable ^^
Trolli Sour Brite Eggs
This series needs to be renamed because there's always way more than just a twinge of cringe. I guess "broadsided by a freight train of cringe" doesn't have the same ring to it.
Jetti Aylar önce
my dad is basically the exact same as "When you're sick and your husband is helpless". when my mom is sick, or not home, he makes (microwavable) chicken nuggets, and looks around the house for a bunch of snacks. the funny things are, he can cook/grill, but he leaves me to fend for myself. when my mom gets home from work late, i have to tell her that my own dad didn't feed me, so she has to tire herself more making me something to eat. it's astonishing how common this is. there shouldn't be one role for one parent, they should both help out (especially if they're *married* and have a child). sorry for the rant/vent thing, it's just kind of shocking how much husbands choose to just survive off their spouse
Jetti 8 gün önce
@FireZebra Art i don't make my mom do it, but there's barely food in my house. i mean, we do have food, but it's only little snacks or things i have already eaten all week so they're no longer appealing to me lol i also no longer have oven priveleges (idk how to spell that right oof) sadly
FireZebra Art
FireZebra Art 9 gün önce
if you’re older than like 12 you should be able to help yourself instead of making your mom do it, but your dad needs to definitely step it up and cook more
Jetti Aylar önce
@Madison Willis i wish not to specify but I am a minor :) I can make things for myself, but what matters here is that my dad is mostly pretty careless for me also very sorry for any grammar mistakes or things that don't make sense, i'm kind of tired and still learning english haha
Madison Willis
Madison Willis Aylar önce
How old are you? Jw
Mr1whiteguy 18 gün önce
The last time I followed someone from 1000 subscribers to 1 million was PewDiePie, and you 100% deserve it. Your content is a fresh a breath air due to the way you speak and approach your topics. I really appreciate how you can use humor to point out the stupidity in these trends without it ever feeling malicious or belittling. It always feels more like concern and care to bring attention to the topics, and not about making fun of those in the videos at their expense (just what they post or did). I think that's what I enjoy about your videos the most (that and your edits) You are a very sweet and genuinely funny person and I look forward to all the future content
StrawberrySurge Aylar önce
Dude I'm too nervous to even say certain curse words out loud how could a man call his own wife a bitch? Both husband and wife should mutually respect one another :(
Alex u
Alex u Aylar önce
My daughter and I saw a couple in Disneyworld while we were on vacation there. They had two young boys (probably 5 and 7-ish), a baby in a stroller, and a toddler, cute as a button girl that the mom was holding. As we waited in the Magic Kingdom for the end of evening fireworks, we watched as mom struggled with ALL FOUR KIDS while dad played on his phone. It was hot outside, and I imagine they'd had a fun (but long) day in the park! The toddler was squirmy, the two boys were shoving each other, the baby was whiny - ordinary kid stuff. Finally, mom says to dad, "CAN YOU HELP ME, PLEASE?!" He takes the toddler girl from her for .00000000000015 seconds and then hands her back and says, "SHE WANTS YOU." and goes back to playing on his phone. I DON'T GET IT. I just don't.
Steel 16 gün önce
​@Cassandra M Yeah you're right, I agree. Its sad that the idea is instilled in their heads at an age when they cannot actually realise the cons of raising a human being. But another thing I wanna add, which I'm not sure if its just an asian thing, but speaking from personal experience as an asian, boys are also subjected to that mentality, "when you'll have kids you'll know". I dont wanna discount your experience but just adding to it. its just a revered model in society to marry and have kids which is incredibly overrated. Sure, its priceless a lot of ways, but only in a figurative way. In real life, it comes with very heavy prices.
Cassandra M
Cassandra M 16 gün önce
@Steel Growing up (I’m 49 now) I constantly heard “when you have kids you’ll see” or something similar like it was just a given. It wasn’t until I was in my early teens when I realized I don’t HAVE to have ANY. And I didn’t. I got married and when asked about kids I was told I’d change my mind, or my favorite “why’d you even bother getting married then?”. Like love and commitment didn’t matter. The sad part is, I still hear people tell little girls the same things I heard. Society has drilled it into women’s heads about having babies before they even know where they come from. Grow up, get married and the next step is having kids. Because if they don’t they’ll regret it (I haven’t). Or pressure from parents who want grandkids (get a hobby), or they feel all their friends are and how you kind of have to find new ones, or the kicker “who will take care of you when your older”. That is the worst reason and so unfair. Plus your kids could move across country, have their own family (taking care of an elderly adult who is incapacitated is dangerous to them and to you. I’ve found my neighbors mom with Alzheimer’s outside calling for help terrified until they did the responsible thing and put her in a home with 24 hour care. Also, sometimes adult children and parents have falling outs. People never had a problem asking why I didn’t want them, but I knew if I asked that same question back? I never did because to me it’s very personal and rude. Sorry for the book but complex answer to do it properly.
Brenda Jacobo
Brenda Jacobo Aylar önce
I've been married for 13 years and never have found this miserable marriage funny.
Stacy! T[A]P Me!! To Have [S]EX With Me
Words can’t describe how much I hate the “quirky helpless husband” trope. “Haha! My husband can’t do basic adult skills, he’s so silly 🤪” like no that’s not ok
DiisplayNaame 9 gün önce
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Karma Sauce
Karma Sauce 26 gün önce
Copied and pasted from another commentor
Mika Aylar önce
I like how u copy paste any popular comment
Kar!na Aylar önce
fr people need to stop acting like women suffering from the patriarchy is funny goofy hehe
one more
one more Aylar önce
woke bot
The Keys Knees
The Keys Knees 21 gün önce
Some of these just make me sad. Even when it's a joke, disrespecting your partner really makes me feel gross inside.
Micah Foley
Micah Foley 29 gün önce
I feel like these people have simply found a clever way to document the revolting behavior of their spouse for use in future arbitration.
FalseEef Aylar önce
All marriage comedy is always either “My wife is annoying and materialistic lol” or “My husband does nothing and makes my life miserable” and there’s no in between
robbiesilverwolf 4 gün önce
@Jane you’re still over looking the fact that most of the women in this video ARE THE ONES WHO OWN THE CHANNELL!!!!! WHY ARE WE YELLING!!!!!!?!!!
Ad Absurdum
Ad Absurdum 10 gün önce
@EagleLeft For sure, I just had to qualify that my comment was not making a false equivalency. It really boils down to this: most people who seize power and determine themselves as someone who should dictate the lives of other people are not very nice, and the vast majority of the time it is a man who does so. I am a man, I don't hate men, I don't think all women are good, but just going by the data, men have caused a lot more harm than women.
Jane 17 gün önce
@robbiesilverwolf oh and one of China's best Emperors was a woman, the only woman Emperor even.
Ciclo Torneos
Ciclo Torneos Aylar önce
I trully love how seemless she can be in going from a cute jewelry, tied up hair look, to a gorgeous blue sweater pull down hair, to a comfy neutral top with messy hair look all within seconds and following the same tone and narrative while being all beatifull and perfect. I love her.
K H Aylar önce
The thing that I find most disconcerting is that there is an AUDIENCE for this type of "comedy"... like there must be a substantial amount of people going "HAHA SO TRUE" in response to this kind of "humor" or there wouldn't be so many people doing it, which is unfathomable to me in the year of our lord 2022
Earth-sine 29 gün önce
It seems a lot of people fall into the mentality of feeling obligated to get married as a default next step in adulthood. There’s an Opie & Anthony segment with Patrice O’Neal that perfectly encapsulates this idea. One of the hosts was talking about his messy divorce and brought up the fact that he only got married because he wanted to be seen as a “man” amongst his mother’s older male friends.
Halle Moseley
Halle Moseley 23 gün önce
It’s amazing how fast chad chad’s channel has grown. She’s hilarious and deserves every bit of support she gets.
shreksjuicykneecaps00 28 gün önce
I think it's amazing how much you've grown as a youtuber in such a small period of time, and I'm rlly happy to say that I've been there for the majority of it. Best of luck with you and your fantastic platform!
totallynotanalien Aylar önce
i hate those “oh i’m just a useless baby i can’t do anything” husbands who will also get in a fist fight with someone if they deny their masculine.
Flare the Jolly Dragoness
My dad is sadly one of these men. It’s partly due to his upbringing and old fashioned mindset, but that doesn’t excuse the pain and suffering he’s causing his whole family for decades now.
asdf Aylar önce
@The Fine Game of Nil i thought it said masculinity
totallynotanalien Aylar önce
@Monk Killedababy no
Monk Killedababy
Monk Killedababy Aylar önce
Stop personally attacking me
dean 26 gün önce
i think one of the "jokes" i hate the most is how absolutely dreadful the husbands find having to be faithful is.
maxwell 14 gün önce
I grew up with a dad who was "helpless". He couldn't (read: wouldn't learn how) to boil water. I couldn't rely on him for anything. He forgot my birthday every year. He never got any of us Christmas presents. He barely spoke to me. Its exhausting having to learn to cook when youre only a child because the grown man in your house is "helpless". It isn't funny. It isn't quirky. It isn't fun.
KipechaWolfe Ortiz
KipechaWolfe Ortiz Aylar önce
So glad I'm giving my baby to a gay couple that are genuinely in love with one another .. I don't understand why anyone who's actually in love, straight or not, would even consider joking or treating their significant other like this.
Spence Duggs
Spence Duggs 7 gün önce
I've been with the same person for five years and married for more than three, and I can count the amount of fights I've had with my partner on one hand. I can tell you right now that, if you genuinely love your partner and communicate effectively, the whole "marriage is hard, love is a struggle" schtick is bullshit. Literally just talk to your partner if you're unhappy, and listen when they talk to you. Edit: "Bearch" is brilliant, subscribed.
Rinae Aylar önce
I hate people that perpetuate the belief that hating your spouse is normal and healthy. You don’t have to love everything about your s/o, but if you just constantly go on about how much you hate them then that’s just not healthy at all. You should love those close to you, especially your s/o.
DearRationals 24 gün önce
It seems to be especially men doing it despite the fact that women's unpaid care work is estimated to be a trillion dollar industry. They need to be more grateful and do more work.
Rose Golden
Rose Golden 26 gün önce
@robbiesilverwolf the tiktoks being owned by the wives doesn't disprove anything Tiff said. Women can be just as misogynistic toward other women as men can be. This isn't new.
robbiesilverwolf Aylar önce
@Terra77 go check in the video how many of the profiles used on the video are channels owned by the wife
Adri Pie
Adri Pie Aylar önce
When people do this I just assume they ave a degree in clownery, and that's their full time job.
Lief Theorine
Lief Theorine Aylar önce
Yeah you actually shouldn't be LEGALLY OBLIGATED TO STAY NEAR someone you hate!
synthiandrakon 29 gün önce
I keep seeing this dude who is like "tricking my vegetarian wife into eating meat." and it's like why is this a thing?
Devon Wood
Devon Wood Aylar önce
I don't understand why anyone would even joke about hating their spouse...you picked them??
andreina Aylar önce
Thank you Chad Chad for making me laugh so hard despite this type of content making my blood absolutely BOIL.
Babs Strijkert
Babs Strijkert 26 gün önce
this one time at the supermarket, this older guy was 'jokingly' complaining to the cashier about his nagging wife asking him to pick up something from the store.. i told him: 'wow that must suck, i can't imagine how stupid someone has to be to stay with someone they dislike that much.. yeah he didn't like that once it landed :')
Ailin Longo
Ailin Longo 7 gün önce
When I was dating with my now husband, we made clear that those jokes would never be acceptable in our relationship, we both agreed on it and we’ve kept it that way! We’re really happy and caring to each other 💕 there’s hope
Jordon K
Jordon K 22 gün önce
You're one of the best, if not THE best TRvidr I've discovered this year. Really looking forward to your content 😄
Rory Triscuit
Rory Triscuit 11 saatler önce
the broom one was hilarious tho... his face, her pose... i love couples who can laugh at themselves
Tink Aylar önce
congrats on the 1mil! I've found you through the video you made with Nick and have literally binged all your videos shortly after lol I really like the way you talk and express yourself, I feel like you have a different style with every new video and I love it honestly. it's very inspirational and also just very fun to see^^
Jacob D
Jacob D Aylar önce
I’ve grudgingly come to accept that Chad Chad’s hair has more personality than my entire being.
Sam Starba
Sam Starba 29 gün önce
Oh my, I was contemplating the boring nature of my personality and this comment perfectly sums it up. :D
Lynn Keating
Lynn Keating Aylar önce
@bean. I'm talking about all her videos not this one. This one is real.
Lynn Keating
Lynn Keating Aylar önce
Wigs definitely have to be involved and I mean that in a good way
AzureAnie Aylar önce
I want to say it gives Ramona Flowers without being insulting
Emotional Damage
Emotional Damage Aylar önce
Finally it's here. trvid.com/video/video-lE5U2d1shBM.html
Abigail Herrmann
Abigail Herrmann Aylar önce
I found your channel yesterday and girl, your amazing I’ve been watching your videos back to back and your so hilarious, corky and genuine. I just love it ❤️ so glad I found your videos
pastellemons Aylar önce
congrats on 1 mil!!! it’s been so cool to see your channel grow & im so happy that your channel is getting the attention you deserve
Gillian Kelly
Gillian Kelly 29 gün önce
Ok, where’s that adorable video of the sweet old lady pulling the water bottle and penny trick on husband and them both laughing and being happy? THATS couple humor
Maddox Rowland
Maddox Rowland Aylar önce
I'm so happy to see your channel blowing up recently! So many more people are now experiencing the high quality cringe you show us
Katt Smith
Katt Smith Aylar önce
This trope is so upsetting to me, always has been. After my toxic relationship, I wound up in therapy for a long time because I believed this fate was inevitable - glad to report that's not true and my current boyfriend is amazing and supportive.
robbiesilverwolf Aylar önce
@crying cuz i got keqing it’s an iPhone 7
crying cuz i got keqing
@robbiesilverwolf robbie...sir...please put down your nokia and take a walk or something. I'm begging, just please get out
TheAmazingfulOne Aylar önce
Similar for me. I had two multi-year relationships in HS and then right out of HS and both were toxic and abusive and I thought I was doomed to be hated by my partner until I dated someone who actually was nice to me. Don't stay in something if you don't feel valued. You have other options and you will not be alone forever without that person.
robbiesilverwolf Aylar önce
Your probably the only person in these comments that is in a relationship
kelly belly bee
kelly belly bee 23 gün önce
love you chad chad :>! it’s been wonderful seeing your growth, i’m immensely proud of you, everyone is :,). can’t wait to see what you have in the works!
BaeCat 29 gün önce
Women who make those jokes like, “omg can you believe I exist as a human being haha eww poor hubby” make me deeply, genuinely sad
Claire Thomas
Claire Thomas 14 gün önce
“ I’m ROLLING in my grave right now” that was such a ……TREAT TO HEAR :)
Chandler Fox
Chandler Fox Aylar önce
It’s actually crazy how fast you’re channel has grown but you dead ass deserve it. Your videos are genuinely hella funny with your editing style and sense of humor so it’s always awesome to see someone who really deserves it hit such an insane milestone and so damn fast. Here’s to another million!
laurennnn7 Aylar önce
so it's not okay to "expose" kids LGBTQIA+ relationships is indoctrination but teaching them to accept being in a toxic/potentially abusive heteronormative relationship is...fine?!?
duwapka1nefan 24 gün önce
@Le_Prime godd you’re so sensitive
ligmaballs 29 gün önce
I don't understand what is this even??
jj Aylar önce
I’m so confused by this phrasing
Liss Füchsin
Liss Füchsin 26 gün önce
This has been the third video of you I've watched today (you landed in my suggested videos today) and I have to say: I love your style, I absolutely love your eyeliner (damn, that's art!) and I love your humor! Keep it going and have a wonderful day! And for everyone who reads this and needs this today: Feel hugged. Things will get better.
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui 29 gün önce
I've never found the 'bitter old marriage couple' trope funny. Like, if you're miserable, get a divorce? Also loving the hair!
Harley HackEmUp
Harley HackEmUp 22 gün önce
My parents divorced when I was about 10 and it felt devastating at the time but my mother found her wife shortly after who helped raise me and my sisters and recently my dad proposed to his long time girlfriend. It was a difficult few years in childhood but as an adult I'd say i'm actually lucky to know these two exceptional women who are really important in my life now. My parents are in loving and healthy relationships, not with each other which was honestly a hard pill to swallow at the time, but now i see them happy and that makes me happy. My aunt and uncle are still married but I find it uncomfortable to be at their house, they've been constantly arguing since i've known them and there's a tension in the air whenever they're in the same room. They both clearly love their kids and they've clearly been staying together for them but at a certain point I honestly think it's better for kids to have their parents divorce. What do you want to say to your children, is marriage or happiness more important?
Jane 26 gün önce
chadchad makes my life a little brighter 💜 fucking hilarious content as always
Red Lady Archimedes
There's a line between playfully teasing your spouse and being mean. They obviously crossed it, true it might just "be a joke" but why would anyone in a healthy relationship want to even say stuff like that about someone they love
Ronnie Lyn
Ronnie Lyn Aylar önce
this reminds me of boomer wife jokes lmao
whatever Aylar önce
Not only that but it's teaching their audience that it's ok to treat ur spouse like that
Lollie Aylar önce
No. It becomes mean if the it isn't a joke and is just a comment disguised as a joke. Guys, it's not that deep, they're just cringy jokes on TikTok, not signs of a future divorce.
hestiputri Aylar önce
I'd love to be Hotstean.Cam snowquen's is my idol,Hes the person I aspire to be, hes my light of day...z
Lorena Jaimes
Lorena Jaimes Aylar önce
I just discovered your channel, I love your content and your sarcasm! Felicidades por 1 Millón! You have a new subscriber from México 🇲🇽🙋🏽‍♀️
Microwaved egg
Microwaved egg Aylar önce
Happy million! It feels so great to watch cheaters you support grow!
Cissy Drag
Cissy Drag Aylar önce
been watching for a minute! so happy and proud of you!
Nobody 0-0
Nobody 0-0 15 gün önce
1 million? Your content is so good and entertaining girl! You deserve so much more❤️
Hvnterly Aylar önce
These are just internalized “truths” for people who don’t know their issue is communication. Like, household chore division should have been worked out before the marriage, and if your partner couldn’t pull their weight you work it out or break up. Petty digs and insults are the easy way out for people who can’t verbally work through a disagreement. Learn deescalation and how to communicate, compromise, and tackle life together as a team.
bD AARMY Aylar önce
Except the husbands that don't wanna do chores will not care of you're communicating or not. They'll make excuses, intentionally mess up and you'll end up doing it all.
rook bee
rook bee Aylar önce
You can only communicate with someone who wants to communicate, though.
Repent and believe in Jesus Christ
Repent to Jesus Christ “And he said: “Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. Therefore, whoever takes the lowly position of this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven. And whoever welcomes one such child in my name welcomes me.” ‭‭Matthew‬ ‭18:3-5‬ ‭NIV‬‬ F
Masterskibum Aylar önce
the editing on this video is phenomenal. the quality of these jokes is through the roof!! so happy to see such an excellent TRvidr on the rise
Mari's Costumes
Mari's Costumes 4 gün önce
Shit even enemies to lovers tropes have better love than these. People, it's okay to have different opinions to your spouse but when you argue it's no longer healthy. What is healthy is learning how to resolve the conflicts
Valen_vu Aylar önce
Girl, I aim to have your sense pf humour. Every time I watch one of your videos I end up laughing so much. Keep goingg! 💯
Kate Woods
Kate Woods Aylar önce
Congrats on the million Chad Chad! Love following you along the ride
niduoe stre
niduoe stre 26 gün önce
I’ve grudgingly come to accept that Chad Chad’s hair has more personality than my entire being.
Sonisis Speedpaints
5:40 if this is how you describe marriage to you kid don’t get mad at them for coming out.
• Craz •
• Craz • 27 gün önce
This video has convince me not to marry or even fall in love in anytime in the future thank you, chad chad! 😂
mello 19 gün önce
This goes without saying But the editing in Chad Chad’s videos are really well done
K Tyler
K Tyler 24 gün önce
I watched this after the podcast video thinking I lost all faith in men. This gave me faith back. These husbands are sweet and funny af 😅
FractiousFauxPas Aylar önce
Love the "eight year old called emily" look. You wear it well
Kylie XOXO
Kylie XOXO 15 gün önce
New to this channel and let me tell ya, you’ve got me hooked. I love your personality, I feel like you’d be a really cool friend to have.
Addison Sobotta
Addison Sobotta Aylar önce
Chad Chad, you are genuinely one of the funniest TRvidrs I’ve ever watched. I laugh out loud every single video, congrats on 1 million subs!!
ItsHammerTime Aylar önce
ChillCreep Aylar önce
Yo congrats on 1mil! Your content is always hilarious and at least mildly infuriating - just the way I like it. Keep it up, be well
uncomfortably oversized bread
Your videos always exceed my standards. Every time I watch them, I'm genuinely surprised at how many times I'm lsug*ng at them:)
Random Artist
Random Artist Aylar önce
unrelated to the video but congrats on 1 million! I found your channel a bit ago and remember loving it instantly, so cool to see it continue to grow
BaddaBing BaddaBoom
BaddaBing BaddaBoom 29 gün önce
i subscribed at like 200k subs and i knew you were going to blow up, your content is fantastic, its great to finally see more representation of women in the comedy/commentary genre
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