Tide CEO: Soap Isn't Medicine

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David Taylor is back, and he still can't believe this has to be explained.
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1 Jun 2020




Yük bağlantısı.....


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CollegeHumor Aylar önce
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Eli Rose
Eli Rose 3 gün önce
So happy you’re continuing to make content!
Oluwafemi Kingsley
Oluwafemi Kingsley 21 gün önce
I will never go to that garbage dropouttv
Clayton Brown
Clayton Brown 23 gün önce
Trumptards don’t get it
Kendell Adams
Kendell Adams 28 gün önce
But I thought you didn't have any people now
Adric Waibel
Adric Waibel 28 gün önce
FROM MINNESOTA: Please do CEO of Target or Best Buy!!
GenuineBronxite 40 dakika önce
3:58 is the standard response to being told to ingest cleaners.
Declan Jones
Declan Jones 2 saatler önce
Edward Ng
Edward Ng 4 saatler önce
Tide should use this for advertisement. I think a lot of people would be interested to see the new products
UrsusArtifex Colfuck
I seen this like 10 times now
King Crimson
King Crimson Gün önce
Trump never said eat soap watch the full talk from his office
Panic Panda 9994
Panic Panda 9994 Gün önce
"I'm gonna break quarantine to find you." Imagine saying this to someone over video call before 2020
Z S Gün önce
"Why does this have a safety cap like an epi-pen?" "So the soap doesn't get out" That tight-lipped laugh is our new "Say what you said" moment
Renzo Herrera Giuria
DAT BOIII 2 gün önce
No cap I want a tide suppository
Forget your Vanity
Forget your Vanity 2 gün önce
So people can clean their ass
TheRiolumon 2 gün önce
These ceo are dealing with dumbass workers.
Travis Strange
Travis Strange 2 gün önce
He never said not to snort tide pods
tom 3 gün önce
I love how close he comes to breaking character throughout the skit, it makes it golden
X-zen Next Gen
X-zen Next Gen 3 gün önce
CEOkiller 3 gün önce
Tide pods for Trump!
Angel Almendariz
Angel Almendariz 4 gün önce
Not gonna lie those soap tabs that fill a hand soap bottle might actually be useful
Troy Coleman
Troy Coleman 5 gün önce
Love Brennan, love Dimension 20, love injecting tide into my veins, love the 2k ppl who disliked for no reason.
Nikki Mitchell
Nikki Mitchell 5 gün önce
The aspirin hand soap is actually a good idea though. Like that’s so much hand soap I could have.
Wise Owl
Wise Owl 5 gün önce
It is sad that they even have to say this, but GREAT VIDEO CH! 😂
xsincarnationx 5 gün önce
That close up shot had him looking like syndrome from the incredibles
Annie Le
Annie Le 5 gün önce
*plays bright acoustic music*
Gaming with Kody
Gaming with Kody 5 gün önce
dropout CEO next!
Chase Caplet
Chase Caplet 6 gün önce
This is your parents scolding you
Tamarai Selvi Muthusamy
Too bad it is true
Country Cracker
Country Cracker 6 gün önce
This sadly wasn't as good as the first one
Mekastayfab Steele
Mekastayfab Steele 7 gün önce
Funniest one, love him 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Mitchill DudeBre
Mitchill DudeBre 7 gün önce
4:19 is the energy I want to radiate
God of Evil
God of Evil 7 gün önce
*Don't drink bleach!* Don't go to the beach? *NO Don't drink bleach* Oooooh the top shelf i can reach! *NOOOO!* Hey it's ok i got the lesson you were trying to teach. *Ugh FML*
Captain Rex
Captain Rex 7 gün önce
What are you talking about me and the clones love shooting up dove 🕊
honor andrews
honor andrews 8 gün önce
"how do i fix someones brain" i feel u
Christopher Harrison
FoxGaming76 YT
FoxGaming76 YT 8 gün önce
I can’t tell if the part where Brennan muttering a bunch of stuff was a skit, or he actually went insane.
nodvick 8 gün önce
Wow this was good. Like, really funny. It sucks that something being funny these days from this channel is surprising.
Connor Jones
Connor Jones 9 gün önce
•lightning struck•
brennan getting increasingly manic as the video continues is my aesthetic
MathisMagic 9 gün önce
I know we always give Brennan the love, but I think the guy who did the voiceovers deserves a shout out here too. Especially the subtle offended irritation in lines like "there's also coronovirus in Switzerland..."
Lovely Doll Time
Lovely Doll Time 9 gün önce
Remember when some idiots thought it was a "good" idea to eat Tide Pods in early 2018?
Albert Noble
Albert Noble 9 gün önce
I haven't been following ch for a while because of videos becoming shitty, but it seems like you guys brought the quality back up.
Rin 9 gün önce
"this is a bad idea, okay?" (bright, acoustic music)
Andy Reinsel
Andy Reinsel 9 gün önce
I will break quarantine to find you
Lance Knuth
Lance Knuth 9 gün önce
You know Tide Pods never looked like candy to me. I did kind of get it after that Congressman said something to that effect though.
Aaron Simmons
Aaron Simmons 9 gün önce
Technically soap suppositories can be used to treat constipation.
PyRose 10 gün önce
Not going to lie, the first product shown, very useful in practice given what it was supposed to do. Think of how much good that would do for the world.
Britton Dallape
Britton Dallape 10 gün önce
Karens pis me off
George Herren
George Herren 10 gün önce
why are his lips SO pink?!
Guilherme mesquita
Guilherme mesquita 10 gün önce
I needed to relief the stress and i laughed a lot with this sketche!!🤣😂😅
Ryan Muehlemann
Ryan Muehlemann 10 gün önce
These are full on the funniest collage humor and even internet videos ever
vinayak ojha
vinayak ojha 10 gün önce
He can voice gru
TheAce King
TheAce King 10 gün önce
5:51 damn Shakespeare monologue
Angry Nerd Bird
Angry Nerd Bird 10 gün önce
"It's not actually a defibrillator" "I *KNOW* THAT!"
DarkSide2377 10 gün önce
Man, this was the deep, heavy laugh I needed right now.
Senbu Johns
Senbu Johns 11 gün önce
CoolAsFreya 11 gün önce
"You're a dead man... I will break quarantine to find you!"
Orion Tigley
Orion Tigley 11 gün önce
The 2k dislikes are from people who just want a balanced meal of tide pods with a tall glass of Bleach.
Andrew Swarm
Andrew Swarm 11 gün önce
The look ge gave at 1:40 was perfect 😂😂
Melty Draws Art
Melty Draws Art 11 gün önce
he looks like Pennywise
Grass Dungeon
Grass Dungeon 11 gün önce
Your wrong, my moms a healthcare worker and loves and appreciate it when people makes signs, even though it doesn’t increase her pay.
Sir Sytham
Sir Sytham 9 gün önce
everestfalls 12 gün önce
Damn I love this TRvid Channel, really missed this series too.
GoRogue CauseMayhem
GoRogue CauseMayhem 12 gün önce
Hahaha that's so funny did you actually listen to the video clip nobody told anybody to drink bleach or inject disinfectant Jesus Christ people are f****** stupid
Soviet scientist
Soviet scientist 12 gün önce
I will break quarantine to find you
Racer_o_the_Reaper 12 gün önce
This is actually a PSA lmao! This is pure comedy gold!
Sophia 12 gün önce
Do the quibi CEO next!!!
King Wan
King Wan 13 gün önce
I am enlightened
CHONG 13 gün önce
The dog name Steven too ?
Aasiya Khan
Aasiya Khan 13 gün önce
"It's crazy I am not in jail" - David Taylor 2020
Aasiya Khan
Aasiya Khan 13 gün önce
_I told them the Tide pods looked like little _*_gooey candies_*_ and they said NOo_
Aasiya Khan
Aasiya Khan 13 gün önce
Brennan in thumbnail looks like Max from Beyblade
Tommy Dräger
Tommy Dräger 13 gün önce
those sketches are honestly the most hilarious stuff by CollegeHumor xD! german guy living in japan watchin both japanese and german media: 4 years ago It was funny to see the situation in america.. almost every newscaster made a facepalm here and there.. but things got serious since then.. Im freaking releaved to see that there is still hope for america... and not all americans got insane
Luke 13 gün önce
CaptainB 13 gün önce
“The president said anybody over 18 can eat soap” “What!!!”
Evy! 13 gün önce
This is so fucking funny
The Krimson King
The Krimson King 13 gün önce
i swear to god brennan could not do a better job of this role
Stera Sigma
Stera Sigma 13 gün önce
How people would believe eating soap/drinking bleach/injecting disinfectant into their bodies could treat COVID-19 is honestly beyond me (Then again, the dead don't get sick, so...)
Samurai_Yang 13 gün önce
I got a Tide ad at the end of the video. Lol they're watching me
Ella W.
Ella W. 14 gün önce
In case you want to use this stunning monologue for your next audition: *Am I Cassandra? Doomed prophet, alone and unheeded by the weary world? I told them the Tide PODS look like little gooey candies. And they said, “No,” and now, the leader of the free world wants us to drink bleach.* *Do I drag my carcass to the mountain top once more? Just to scream a warning that will go unheeded and unheard, or do I just...end it?*
Hatim Zeineddine
Hatim Zeineddine 14 gün önce
who does the voice of the guy on the other side of the call? I'm losing my mind trying to figure it out.
Some_Random_Dude16 14 gün önce
This is super funny but stop saying bad things about Trump. "President said people over 18 can eat soap" that's something Obama would say, he was an idiot
Sir Sytham
Sir Sytham 9 gün önce
We can tell you’re trolling, you’re not good at this
David Cone
David Cone 14 gün önce
Ngl I would actually buy tide suppositories
Brand X
Brand X 14 gün önce
I want that tide normal soap!
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