Thousands gathered to pay respect to Shanquella Robinson at her funeral🕊

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18 Kas 2022




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Allyssa 🔗
And might Shanquella’s story open the eyes of many people and be used as an example of why we need to be extremely careful and selective of who we surround ourselves with. Not everybody is a friend. RIP shanquella.
Brittany's ASMR World
Funeral fit for the queen she was! Lord she's been heavy on heart! S.I.P Quella Justice is coming
Merrill Lynn Gustavis
Rest in peace to this beautiful lady 😍 horrible story and I am SO proud of us for not letting this go and making it go viral. My heart and prayers are to the family. I hope justice is served and those responsible rot in Mexican prison.
Caren-Leigh Jonas
Wow you can tell how good of a person she was and how loved she was. Even when enemies tried to end her due to their own jealousy, her spirit is so large that even after death she receives huge amounts of grace and respect. Wow.
A S I A 🪬
My heart can’t take it!
This is so heartbreaking and to think that if the video never surfaced they all would’ve been there how sickening these people are.
India Jones
I could not hold back my tears this is so sad this beautiful young lady had to lose her life in such a horrific manner by people she associated as her friend a life stolen my sincerest condolences go out to her family💔🕊️
Bo Ma
I love the roses because her father said he didn’t get to walk her down the aisle. There’s a man out there that was supposed to be her husband. But I know she’ll find one in heaven.
Red Rouge Romantic Wear
Sleep in peace ❤ this case really hurt me… I haven’t been able to shake this AT ALL! This is tough I truly pray she gets the justice she so deserves !
Mark Zelinski
This honestly breaks me to my soul! If it wasn’t for social media this would have been brushed under the rug! Absolutely disgusting!!! We all are still waiting for a press conference on what’s going on!
Patricia Reid
Rest easy baby girl and may those who caused your tragic death reap what they have sowed and get locked up for life.
Jaheem Wilson
Jealously is a disease ☹️I would never forget what they did to Jenkins , My mom & quella 😩
Ms. Jaye
Also a beautiful idea to have friends and family to sign her casket and wish her a farewell ❤️ 😢
Ruthmeli Charles
I cried like I knew her, knew her.
The Homegirl Healer
Rise in Power Shanquella ❤️❤️❤️
No matter how much those demons hated her, the world knows her and loves her 🥺🥺🥰 fly high with the angels 🕊️🕊️
Autumn Skai
I can't imagine going on a trip to have fun and celebrate with ppl I thought were friends. Only to have these friends end my love so tragically, and be so heartless.
Tatiana Ragland
And this just adds to the MANY REASONS why I do not FUCK WITH EVERYONE! 😡 Some people be crying/begging for friendship but... look at how "friends" act towards each other every damn day out of pure jealously & hatred 🤦🏽‍♀️.
Sunshine Love Yashar'al
Shanquella’s story got everybody side eyeing their friends 😩… So sorry this had to happen to her! Just think if she had never trusted these demons she would still be alive today. 😢💔
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