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15 Eki 2021




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Keep Cool Scenes
Keep Cool Scenes 7 aylar önce
All Powers & Fight Scenes of the Scarlet Witch in Doctor Strange 2 here: trvid.com/video/video-A4ICS3PSFX0.html
Matrix 2 aylar önce
Sabina Rajbanshi
Sabina Rajbanshi 2 aylar önce
Alcatel2020 Hu
Alcatel2020 Hu 3 aylar önce
I’m going back
Lakhan Mahato
Lakhan Mahato 4 aylar önce
Actavisprime Yıl önce
Mjolnir’s sound effects are on point. You can hear just how powerful it is.
David Emanuel Arroyo Portacio
@Thomas Leon George Robert Gladwell i know that he's nerfed do to comedy so might as well infinity war tho stands at peak
Thomas Leon George Robert Gladwell
@David Emanuel Arroyo Portacio sorry to tell ya bud but he gets nerfed hard in Love And Thunder AND uses child soldiers
Elvis Presley
Elvis Presley 3 aylar önce
Indeed! I am not a fan of Thor say'n $hit like..." You take the little one".... I grew on Marvel comics & Avengers & Thor mostly. The bond between Thor & Mjolnir are a big part of the attraction...as if it's alive. Especially in that Celestials .umm... Grr , can't remember issue number. But IN that issue the Celetials end up saying something like.... " The bond that You & your hammer share is worthy of even US ... to respect."... or something to that effect. That was HUGE at the time , when ya read that.
Patou Nimi
Patou Nimi 4 aylar önce
Please i need the movies nam
David Emanuel Arroyo Portacio
@Xyz no thor doesn't match jesus jesus is way to powerfull
ANTHØNY Yıl önce
I love the pure joy and bliss Thor finds in literally EVERY battle 🤣 Chris Hemsworth is perfection.
Adrian 3 aylar önce
​@Xyz I mean Jesus can walk on water and control the weather so idk how that helps him take a hit from thor
Xyz 7 aylar önce
Can he beat Jesus tho?
William Mason
William Mason 11 aylar önce
@Eivor Simply by his birth, He has the Right to be arrogant. HE IS A GOD, after all.
Сергей Ястребов
Битва не нсть выйгрыш!!!
Сергей Ястребов
Бог един!!! Переводи это на единный!!!
Alex Linhege
Alex Linhege Yıl önce
Thor gets underrated in Avengers to make other heroes look good. But he could practically win almost all those wars himself.
brett strongquill
brett strongquill 20 saatler önce
What if says it all driving its battle.
Marshkan Aylar önce
@Stephen Kasputis we saw captain marvel try to apprehend a pre awakened Thor not trying that much and she gets put on the ground rather easily. Thor shows that he can easily dodge her photons while even racing towards her.
Heroebal Aylar önce
​ @Symali Williams These comments I made were before Dr. Strange: MoM came out, I was comparing Wanda's durability to Hulk/Thor/CM/Iron Man b/c up to that point in time as she really hadn't shown the ability to take a punch yet. Also MCU Iron Man went toe to toe with Thor & Hulk and Thanos ripped apart a moon to drop on IM including a giant sized rock right on top of him in which he tanked & didn't die from it.
Uzzy Aylar önce
@Joeygood joke
Symali Williams
Symali Williams Aylar önce
@Heroebal u added iron man like he has durability on par with hulk and Thor plus Wanda wipes all three
Matthew 9 aylar önce
I like how Thor is always badass with or without his power, he took on bodyguards like they were nothing.
Elvis Presley
Elvis Presley 3 aylar önce
@Matthew Cheers M8 ^ ^
Matthew 3 aylar önce
@Elvis Presley nice
Elvis Presley
Elvis Presley 3 aylar önce
...and now old-age meories of me writing this to you with better odds at hit'n the lottery than you seeing this ...BUT..hey , ya NVR KNOW!
Elvis Presley
Elvis Presley 3 aylar önce
Just think of the THOUSANDS of years of training... Your technique wood be...perfect. Nothing wood get to you unless you wanted it to. All that time to learn & hone so many skills & training with diff weapons. I just love Marvel's premise of Thor. More so the comic books but both are great , respectivly. Stan Lee... R.I.P. & TY 4 the memories ! And..quick shout out about Walt Simonson ! My fav writer & in top 3 artists. Walt , your run on Thor was ....MOST WELCOME ! + using stories from the Norse myths & bringing those legends alive again....yes , yes...MOST welcome ! Many thanks for the amazing childhood & adult life- memories.
Camara Diop
Camara Diop 6 aylar önce
He should be able to defeat those bodyguards; in the comics when he lost his godhood and was reduced to a mortal, he defeated Captain America in hand-to-hand combat.
Paraone Ngatai
Paraone Ngatai 9 aylar önce
The first clip, The 1 in Avengers where he lights up the tower, The 1 in Avengers Age Of Ultron where he helps destroy the rock, Him taking on hulk in Thor Ragnarok, Him gaining his lightning powers without his hammer, his entrance in Avengers Infinity War and Stormbreaker taking on all 6 infinity stones pretty much shows how powerful this guy is.
hobovan 18 gün önce
@ALPHAnOMEGA well, jesus was definitely a real person, but his divine power is yet to be proven. i’m not talking about beliefs, i’m talking about what we know for sure at this point in time. for all we know, jesus’s powers are also fictional. he’s also the son of an omnipotent being while thor is odin’s son, who, while extremely powerful, is not omnipotent (as far as i know, at least). so, by that logic, jesus would likely have been more powerful than thor if he dedicated himself to training for battle instead of being a pacifist. since he is a pacifist, though, thor would likely win. i’m too sick to keep up a debate rn, so feel free to respond to whatever i say but don’t expect a response.
ALPHAnOMEGA 3 aylar önce
@ThorCharan well the difference is that Thor is a fictional character and Jesus is real
ThorCharan 6 aylar önce
@Xyz Jesus can't stand before Thor
ThorCharan 6 aylar önce
@Xyz bro don't bring our god's
Sanatani 🖤
Sanatani 🖤 6 aylar önce
Challenge accepted and done🤣
Edmund Tan
Edmund Tan 8 aylar önce
Always my most favourite Marvel character since a child. Really hope Hemsworth plays Thor as long as he can throughout Phase 4-5 even 6. One of the Unreplaceable Perfect Castings.
Bruce David
Bruce David 2 aylar önce
Great battle scenes and cinematography . . .
Taylor Bohn
Taylor Bohn 9 aylar önce
This alone should give an idea to how much power and capabilities Thor possesses, he was able to drive Stormbreaker into the chest of Thanos, who already had 5 of 6 Infinity Stones, the way he easily dismantled Cap, Banner, and the others, Thanos was untouchable to literally 99% of the universe at that point. That is something insane, honestly.
Jitendra Singh
Jitendra Singh 3 aylar önce
Even tony stark was untouchable when he had six stones but died. Wielding 6 stones and using an enchanted weapon doesn't make you powerful.
CR7 _THE GOAT 3 aylar önce
@Naturally Selected excuses form Thor fans as usual
AgDriven12 4 aylar önce
@Naturally Selected True
Naturally Selected
Naturally Selected 4 aylar önce
@AgDriven12 To be fair, if you tell someone there's only one way they win , they're probably going to give it everything. Tony might have thought twice about using the stones himself if he thought there was another way you know ?
AgDriven12 8 aylar önce
Exactly. Strange could've been lying when he said there was only 1 win out of 14,000,605. I can see many ways the Avengers could've defeated Thanos.
magortom Yıl önce
Thor versus malekith is underappreciated in my opinion, that was some pure comic book action with them flying through rifts in reality and shooting energy at each other, punching each other through buildings and stuff, getting there took a bit but the action was awesome
darrin webber
darrin webber 5 aylar önce
I agree. Others may not like Dark World...but I liked it overall. My only issue with it...and whole MCU timeline...is way MCU keeps using the "5000 years ago" in scripts. Apparently, the universe is only 5000 or so years old....
magortom 10 aylar önce
@Steven Godoy i love this description
Steven Godoy
Steven Godoy 10 aylar önce
The Dark World is basically both an episode of GoT and Natalie's second chance at the romance arc in Attack of the Clones rolled into an unofficial epilogue of The Avengers event blockbuster.
Jon Shortt
Jon Shortt Aylar önce
I love the fact that on other planets Thor can produce lightning, but on earth he can produce storms because his mum, Jörd (the Norse name for Gaia) doesn't like her children being hurt, Odin's wife, Frigga, was well aware of what Odin did and supported it. Thor was not given Mjǫllnir (Crusher, not Star Hammer) to summon lightening, but to teach Thor how to control it. Regardless of what he looks like or how he acts, Thor is the Asgardian equivalent of an 18 to 19 year old. He still very young, but he revelled in that he was gifted with superhuman strength, rapid healing and a lust for battle. Like his father, his grandfather and even his great grandfather before him, he had to go through tragedy in order to learn to temper himself, become stronger, not just in body. To see what glory actually meant...after the fight, that not everyone in the universe heals as quickly as him or at all. Odin was going to give Thor the kingship because he and Frigga would be there to advise him. That scene in the vault, showed Odin that his son was not ready and was fully aware that Loki was manipulating the situation for his own ends. You don't get a title like All-Father by being last with the news. After losing his family, his home, his brother and his closest friend, Thor had finally learned enough to be able to wield Stormbreaker. The fact, is no matter how powerful he thinks he is, Stormbroker works by its own rules. It is a King's weapon, so only a king can wield it. That a friend (Groot) sacrificed to allow him him to wield it and he almost died to forge it, satisfied the Norse rules. Sacrifice and honour are the highest virtues. So not only did Thor become worthy of wielding a king's weapon, he also became worthy of wielding his family's greatest power. The legacy of Buri, called the Odin force while carried by him, now the Thor force. Thor achieved his full Godhood. Which is why his arrival in Wakanda was so powerful, why Proxima Midnight and Black Dwarf were afraid of him. They were facing a true God of War!
David Emanuel Arroyo Portacio
got give it to thor he out done himself so far
SSJ Phenom
SSJ Phenom 6 aylar önce
Thor went from having to hit the bridge in Asgard about a dozen times to break it to being powerful enough to break it with one lightening strike to being even more powerful after getting Stormbreaker to be even more powerful now that he's back in shape and has both of his weapons.
ICE W000TAH Yıl önce
imagine if thor wasn't nerfed in end game.. i mean all 6 stones can't even stop him
daquan94 Aylar önce
Wait what ? The stones can’t ? Where’s this info from?
CR7 _THE GOAT 3 aylar önce
@Angel Cadena Thor cannot beat Thanos. Get over it
Relozo de garu
Relozo de garu 4 aylar önce
@Wruce Bayne hmmmmm anyone smell spoiled milk?
Andrew 5 aylar önce
In the comics nothing can stop him only one that can is billy ray thor
ICE W000TAH 6 aylar önce
@Umang Mahajan hahaha..
Калдан Дархан
Did you notice that Thor's lightning cloak from movie to movie was disappearing. In Ragnarok, he is completely covered with lightning, and in the following films only when he is tense or angry, and then mostly his eyes glow.
Thor Joshinson
Thor Joshinson 2 aylar önce
@ThorCharan or probably cause he was the most powerful in asgard just like hela and odin
ThorCharan 6 aylar önce
Because he is learning how control his powers
T Yıl önce
Imagine Thor having the God-Powers of Loki, Hela and Odin together 🤩
ThorCharan 6 aylar önce
Rune king Thor 💥💥💥
Reflect 6 aylar önce
@Thundah after lat this statement didn’t hold up😂
LastAndroid 6 aylar önce
He'd be unstoppable.
Thundah 8 aylar önce
@Dave he's gonna fucking need it to fight Gorr
Dave 9 aylar önce
@aman kumar singh he might get the thor force in the next movie
Chan 6 aylar önce
Thor always and will be the strongest and the one of the most iconic avenger ever.
User123 8 gün önce
@Tony stark wandas power strength is stronger than thors physical strength💀
Tony stark
Tony stark 8 gün önce
@User123 you really don’t know the meaning of strength kid
User123 12 gün önce
@Cool Kanchu is thor a nexus being? no he’s not THOR IS WEAK
Cool Kanchu
Cool Kanchu 13 gün önce
@User123 When your 🍆 rising you feels like Wanda is the strongest but every other time you have to accept the fact Thor is the strongest 😄😄✌🏻
VeriousShifter 14 gün önce
@행복yongbok Plus, I don't really like the fact that Wanda is the strongest in the mcu now since there is barely anyone that can go up against her thus removing the stakes from any fight she or anyone is in
AllMighty⚡️⚡️ 10 aylar önce
I like how they had a dope ass scene with Thor’s hammer in ragnarok while at the same time they showed how powerful he is without it and now he’s even more powerful with stormbreaker
OAJ EDITS Aylar önce
@HamzaTGamer He poured beer on Storm breaker 😕
HamzaTGamer 4 aylar önce
Dude still is missing his mjoIInir
Akkim Sreenivas
Akkim Sreenivas 5 aylar önce
Literally GOD OF THUNDER.. Strongest Avenger.. Hail Thor Hats of to Stan lee to create this epic character..
Jun Jun
Jun Jun 5 aylar önce
love how it goes from thor being an absolute badass to thor escaping a nursing home
LemonSoup 6 aylar önce
Is it just me who noticed that in every movie he fights in at one point Thor always jumps in to the fight and releases a thunder blast that defeats all the enemies in his radius
The drastic change from age of ultron to ragnarok is very evident.that movie changed the pace of all thor movies till then.i liked that transition
Hey have you noticed? In 20:23, Thor used electrical telekinesis, ie, he threw a monster out of Bifrost bridge without even touching him, just by using electricity. Also in 20:36, Thor was swinging his swords in air and enemies are thrown off. This means Thor can also do electrical telekinesis. Also he just made a small thrust on ground and got lifted high in air, in Infinity War, due to his electrical telekinesis ability, in 22:23. And he pushed Thanos using electricity before throwing Stormbreaker at him.
@xStar NxB But in Thor 4, we discovered his new ability, magic. Means he also knows magic like Loki and other Asgardians. But he rarely uses them, because he is a warrior. He is bored in magical fights. He even detects Loki's illusions because of his magic. Also I think in Ragnarok, he probably read Loki's mind before placing the tracer at his back. Because his trust on Loki would never let him know that Loki is going to betray him again. And moreover, he is an All-Father, means he can use countless magic now, because of Odin Force. Odin Force provides him knowledge about magic, also he can amplify his physical abilities using it. Although we haven't seen using Odin Force yet.
xStar NxB
xStar NxB 4 aylar önce
Yeah but the director/writer seems to forget about it in the future thor movie
mischief managed
mischief managed 11 aylar önce
I still think to this day, his fight scene with the Jotuns is highly under apperciated.
BELLIGERENT APJ 10 aylar önce
Exactly. He could have wiped a population without even using any special powers
Maxi Santucho
Maxi Santucho 11 aylar önce
same with his fight agains the destroyer
Arman Rafid
Arman Rafid 11 aylar önce
Infinity War Thor the most Powerfull thor in mcu. But we need The Rune King Thor in his upcoming film Love and Thunder. All Thor fans wants it😍😍
Son of the Chosen One
Son of the Chosen One 9 aylar önce
Aaron Alkor
Aaron Alkor Yıl önce
Remember how long it took Wanda to destroy the Mind Stone in Infinity War? Yeah, look how quick Thor destroys the Reality Stone in The Dark World. Sure, due to its fluid nature it was only temporary, but that’s some power from the God of Thunder
Athul 6 aylar önce
@Eris which comics ???
Eris 6 aylar önce
@way up softly🖤 Her durability is insane she’d eat those lightning bolts up and disintegrate Thor or turn him into a spider. It’s sickening to see that people can’t accept the fact that Wanda beats Thor in both comics, and MCU 😂
Retro 8 aylar önce
@way up softly🖤 u seen multiverse of madness yet?☺️
BBL81 9 aylar önce
@Aaron Alkor Lol nice bro.
way up softly🖤
way up softly🖤 10 aylar önce
@Phills Gaming zone don't try to act cocky and try to measure it like Wanda is superior to hulk when all somebody has to do is cut her throat when early weapons can't penetrate thor skin. Powers oh yes she's strong but being struck by lightning numerous times back to back will fry her human inferior body to bits before she can react or how about sending her through out of space without oxygen. Please put some respect on thor name the strongest avenger
BigBeauf _____
BigBeauf _____ 7 aylar önce
Growing up as a kid, one of my heroes was Thor because he's so strong.
Efe Alim NALBANT 4 aylar önce
You can go up against normal people but you can never go up against a god Thanos
A Fúria da Noite
Kevin 78
Kevin 78 Aylar önce
scene 1 0:00 scene 2 3:51 scene 3 8:26 scene 4 12:03 scene 5 15:14 scene 6 21:04 scene 7 23:06
VipeR SP Lite
VipeR SP Lite 6 aylar önce
Even still he didn't get his best version, his supreme level but still he can beat them all single handedly 😄
EBESTCOMEDY 3 aylar önce
Thor energy is beyond imagination 🤔🤔
Boy17 4 aylar önce
Powers: Superhuman strength Longevity Lightning manipulation Invulnerability Flight Super human speed Healing factor Weapon calling God blast Worthy Human - God physiology Fighting skill Weather control Super jumping
David Emanuel Arroyo Portacio
forgot super speed and teletransportation
Mob 6 aylar önce
Imagine if hulk knew how to fight instead of just being strong he would be unstoppable
Lore Master Patriot
I know it’s not accurate but I feel like Ragnarok Thor was stronger than he was with Stormbreaker.
David Emanuel Arroyo Portacio
@Ben Dover not thanos beat him with out stones in the beginning of IW without using the power stone and stormbreaker thor pretty much is at cosmic level not multiversal which is why he's still inferior to thanos with the gaunlent but he can't die because he can regen and heal and his weapons are also use for him to counter with the infinity gaunlent so yep ragnarok thor couldn't beat thanos with or without the stones if he doesn't use his lightning powers because thanos is pretty much powerfull to take on alot of heroes still think that thor could beat him but other statements say thanos would win
David Emanuel Arroyo Portacio
@Alatus nope wrong
Alatus 6 aylar önce
@Devadarshan S your wrong yknow. Thor and Hela grows stronger when they are in Asgard.
Ben Dover
Ben Dover 6 aylar önce
so ragnarok thor will beat thanos with all 6 stones much easier?
Xyz 7 aylar önce
Can he beat Jesus tho?
Gravity Creations
Gravity Creations 10 aylar önce
I think 22:09 is Thor's best scene and also the one where he withstands the power of literally a neutron star
jmisc Yıl önce
20:00 is still the best Thor scene.
Rehman Abdulrehman
Rehman Abdulrehman 3 aylar önce
Thor Dr strange combo is🔥🔥🔥🔥
Mason Mcfadden
Mason Mcfadden Aylar önce
Thor raganrok was one of the best marvel flims.
Wanderer132 3 aylar önce
That lightning bolt to malekith face is so underrated🔥
Ben Chris
Ben Chris 3 aylar önce
Thor in infinity war was probably the greatest we will ever see him. He was such a prefect character with insane power. Now his depressed and weak.
Scpawh 8 aylar önce
"No no give me that, you have the little one." Haha best part.
Another One
Another One Yıl önce
The most strongest enemy to Thor: the device he once had in his neck. That gadget didn’t make any sense at all.
Jitendra Singh
Jitendra Singh 3 aylar önce
Hes overrated for nothing. Anyone like Black widow can easily kill him.
Animo et Prudentia
Animo et Prudentia 10 aylar önce
"movie magic"
Kelly Jocelyn
Kelly Jocelyn Yıl önce
@Addicted to Mosh it more painful if he try to electrify it IG
Addicted to Mosh
Addicted to Mosh Yıl önce
@K sure sure but how much electricity can that thing take?
K Yıl önce
It's a neurotoxin device, you can see the poison in the veins of thor
Ly0n 5 aylar önce
I love how Thor makes noises when he's swinging his hammer
Cartoon Kids BD
Cartoon Kids BD 4 aylar önce
I love how Thor makes noises when he's swinging his hammer
Debanjan Dhar
Debanjan Dhar 6 aylar önce
In love and thunder he is on a whole different level.
Aaron Alkor
Aaron Alkor 7 aylar önce
16:40 It’s a shame we’ve never seen him disguise himself like that since
M. Richatd Helton
M. Richatd Helton Aylar önce
To me Thor is the best fighter ever. I have followed him for over fifty years. I waited for ever for the right person to play Thor and movie special effects to catch up. So cool.
Denny Fisher
Denny Fisher Yıl önce
Great video. He’s like a pirate that had a baby with an angel. To me Ragnarok is 1 of the top 3 movies in thee entire Marvel-verse. And it’s pretty damn funny. Hemsworth gots a little of that comedic swag
Amarte Asi
Amarte Asi 7 aylar önce
RAGRANOK the best Thor movie ever! 😍😍😍
Jak0l Boyz
Jak0l Boyz 9 aylar önce
trvid.com/video/video-wtbcaWnybzs.html ,
AidenPlays 6 aylar önce
Poor Mjolnir having to fly every where in dark world.
TROLLOLOLOLOL S 8 aylar önce
24:25 “you have the little one” is still the funniest scene 😂😂🤣
OAJ EDITS Aylar önce
@Akshit Probably Odin wanted to save Thor in order to do that he had Rogers call to Mjolnir hence the callback to AOU where he shifted the hammer
Akshit 6 aylar önce
@AngriestKnight yaa i get it but he was able to summon it that i dont understand
AngriestKnight 6 aylar önce
@Akshit since mjolnir gives the power of Thor to the person who uses it, cap got enough power to be able to lift stormbreaker
Akshit 6 aylar önce
But how does captain America call the Stormbreaker
William Mason
William Mason 8 aylar önce
There are but six beings who can even lift Mjönir : the one who made it, Odin, Thor, Hel (who, if they had done any research, they would know She is NOT the daughter of Odin. She is Loki's daughter), Vision,and Captain America (I loved it when he first picked it up, "I KNEW it!!!")
Don't Subscribe⚡️
Don't Subscribe⚡️ 5 aylar önce
I feel like Thor could just put the hammer on thanos just how he did with Loki in the first Thor movie
Tony stark
Tony stark 8 gün önce
@Joana Jodun he still can
Joana Jodun
Joana Jodun 5 aylar önce
I mean thanos is much bigger than loki so ..
Undead Hound
Undead Hound 6 aylar önce
I thought before that Thor didn’t look mighty enough in the earlier movies. I was clearly tripping.
Vanessa JS
Vanessa JS 6 aylar önce
The perfect character for Chris 🥰
Martin Mwangi
Martin Mwangi Yıl önce
Thor: you listen well brother Loki: I'm listening
Paul J. Hermelin
Paul J. Hermelin 6 aylar önce
Marvel and Taika Waititi have done a fabulous job of castrating Thor in his latest film outing. I realize that Thor was on a journey to “find himself” after all the losses he had endured, but making him so effeminate and a complete goofball is such a jarring contrast to his persona in all his previous films. It’s like he’s had a lobotomy. Ragnarok worked because there was a balance between his masculine and feminine side, if that makes any sense. The comedy in that film was sprinkled here and there, but the overall tone of the film still had a sense of jeopardy and high stakes compared to Love & Thunder. Even Zeus didn’t take Gorr seriously. So why should the audience? Gorr was made to look like a campy villain in the way he talked to the kids he had taken hostage. Hella in Ragnarok was portrayed as a much more menacing threat. Turning Thor into a nonsensical character is just painful to watch. They’ve done an amazing character assassination.
Crafter 4 aylar önce
It's sad that he went from a literal god that everyone admired to someone who acts like a lost dad in his 40's after his divorce and either gets clowned on or outdone by.
Samuel Lima
Samuel Lima 6 aylar önce
Glad you kept the “I’m listening” line from Loki
xStar NxB
xStar NxB 4 aylar önce
Iron man is lucky thor was holding back the entire time
Mr. Web Designer
Mr. Web Designer 10 aylar önce
Thor Character development is really amazing!
JG Guitar Covers
JG Guitar Covers 5 aylar önce
Chris was born to play Thor.
MSN FREE FIRE 10 aylar önce
The god of my hero ❤️✨
I'M BACK 5 aylar önce
Last scene very emotional 😭
Vlad Yıl önce
Damn this actually made Thor look badass. Two words I never thought I’d put in the same sentence.
Vlad Aylar önce
​@Vagodin Fir I didn't say anything about hating the character. But if a superhero "God" is being portrayed as a clown performing for 12 year olds then personally I don't find that respectable. That kind of humor is as cheap as it gets and it doesn't at all lead to me thinking "Wow what a mature and interesting character full of depth". They literally had Thor bounce a ball against some glass, and then hit him on the head for some laughs. And nevermind his whole Endgame portrayal. If that's the kind of humor certain audiences like, great, but it's definitely not anything your average 4th grader couldn't come up with. So it's not exactly worthy of praise or anything I'd find cool. This video (actually showcasing more of his maturity and the fact that he is a God) is what got me to watch the standalone Thor films for the 1st time. Not something I'd do if I hated him lol. And exactly. As usual it's Marvel that decided to tarnish the character by trying to turn everything into one big joke. As I said before, as an actor Chris is incredible and put on incredible performances given the script he had. The thing is like you said it's SO clear that Thor could have been so so so much more if a more serious director got a hold of things.
Vagodin Fir
Vagodin Fir Aylar önce
@Vlad you shouldn't be hating the character just because the movie is goofy,Thor is a fuging god that can summon lightning with his hammer that he can call back whenever he wants how cool is that? It's sad marvel itself couldn't portray their best character to the fullest,if Thor was taken serious and his powers more " raw " it could have been so much better,considering how much budget they have.I seriously want them to get new costume designers on Thor and fire waiti taiki or whatever,that guys skills are going down
Vlad 11 aylar önce
@William Mason they did such a great job with that show (Daredevil)! Yeah that is cool. Hemsworth did a phenomenal job in each and every movie. I just don’t find goofy, slapstick humor and self referential jokes to help tell a compelling story. It completely takes away from the immersion imo. Even as a kid it wasn’t my thing. It’s so cheap and easy to do, feels very generic. And it immediately places the movie in a category well below greats like the Dark Knight, Inception, etc. With that said the writing and delivery (from the actors) of the 3rd movie was brilliant. So well done for the type of movie they were going for.
William Mason
William Mason 11 aylar önce
As a kid, I only ever bought two comics (I know, misnomer for these two). They were THOR & DAREDEVIL. IMO, it is awesome that only 4 beings are worthy of wielding the Hammer: THOR, ODIN, VISION and STEVE ROGERS. :
CRINGE KILLER 11 aylar önce
Thor was always badass
Sahil kamuni
Sahil kamuni 11 aylar önce
Marvel know thor don't have any weakness they always find excuses to show him weak cause he is strongest in hole mcu
Eris 6 aylar önce
@Tamman She could just destroy stormbreaker then what? He can’t do shit to her. She has surpassed him after Wandavision.
Eris 6 aylar önce
@Tamman The same Wanda that took multiversal punches and kicks that rip through space and time and make entire mountains shake like they were nothing? Yeah. Her durability is awful.
Tamman 6 aylar önce
@Eris Wanda’s durability is garbage, so no, Thor is stronger. Wanda would only win the fight if Thor wasn’t trying to fight her. One swing with Stormbreaker and Wanda would be lying around in two seperate pieces lmfao. Not like Thor who literally took the power of a neutron star.
Eris 6 aylar önce
Strongest after Wanda x
AgDriven12 8 aylar önce
It's for the lore, they have to nerf Thor so he can get buffed even higher and then nerfed once again.
Spicy Nickel
Spicy Nickel Aylar önce
I just love this scene 22:24 great vid 👍
DRAGOTH BELMONT 6 aylar önce
The Greatest Reason to care for Avengers ⚒⚡THOR⚡⚒ If only he wasn't so NERFED into coma in this MCU version... honestly feel like we got the last done right portrayal of him in AGE OF ULTRON after that it most of it just turned into Clown mode Thor active and less majestic deeper Skygod Norse God
danny Travis
danny Travis 5 aylar önce
I absolutely love Storm Breaker
Flash Pubg
Flash Pubg 10 aylar önce
All time my fav… Thor ♥️
Mark 9 aylar önce
Strongest Avenger.
$hreyanshu $hukla
$hreyanshu $hukla 2 aylar önce
one of the mightiest god of the norse mythology is fighting with some powerful humans
Scott Beesley
Scott Beesley Yıl önce
Hell yeah! That was awesome. Hyped up for my workout now.
Matt Rosa
Matt Rosa Yıl önce
The funniest thing; I keep forgetting and randomly remembering that the Scarlet Witch is an Olsen sister! Lol 😂 she's one of my favorite characters cause I truly feel she's a powerful character.
Rithunand k Sudheesh
Rithunand k Sudheesh 8 aylar önce
@aman kumar singh bruh they cant just use the comic power for the characters its too much
Rithunand k Sudheesh
Rithunand k Sudheesh 8 aylar önce
@aman kumar singh what about now stronger yes powerful no
Rithunand k Sudheesh
Rithunand k Sudheesh 8 aylar önce
@Matt Rosa Wanda truly is powerful than thor after dr strange 2
Rithunand k Sudheesh
Rithunand k Sudheesh 8 aylar önce
@aman kumar singh after multiverse of madness
Rithunand k Sudheesh
Rithunand k Sudheesh 8 aylar önce
olesn sister?
Maiko Yıl önce
What’s nuts is Loki had 2 Infiniti stones and didn’t know it
way up softly🖤
way up softly🖤 10 aylar önce
He knew and it belongs to him the stone was how to put it been at his birth place since before Odin. That's why he was the only person other than thanos being able to hold the cube without fearing death
Iwona Kaplon
Iwona Kaplon 11 aylar önce
He didn't? Wasn't the point of him going to earth in the first avengers to get the space stone for thanos? Surely he knew what he was actually there to do. Also pretty sure he also knew there was one in his sceptre.
Eric okonkwo
Eric okonkwo Yıl önce
Imagine if that in order to prepare for a Future threat as powerful as Thanos or Ultron, Thor has Loki cast a Dark Magic Spell were takes the God-Force Powers from both Hela and Odin, and combines it with his own. With Thor's new God Powers for the Thor 3 Film along with Hela's and Odin's, he can be ready for Omega level threats. He still has Storm-breaker too!
Andrew Yıl önce
odin got his two brothers and his father power could that be past on tho thor too? or just odin force?
Boy From The Mountains ♾️
*Thor* is The best THOR movie till the date . Don't know why people are crazy after Ragnarok instead of this masterpiece .
Bob is Uncanny
Bob is Uncanny 6 aylar önce
Because this movie was so cringe,Thor was just annoying. The only good things were the Asgard look/design and every scenes with loki
Charlie Singh
Charlie Singh 8 aylar önce
I like both. Ragnarok is maybe more intense that's why people love it more.
Most people are crazy about Ragnarok, but if you don't, maybe you're weird~? ^^
Rahul Varghese
Rahul Varghese Yıl önce
18:06 - 18:29 Baffling he didn’t think of using this power against Thanos
Sir. Jay
Sir. Jay Yıl önce
Two theories. 1) Maybe he tried initially but thanos and the black order were too strong for him. 2) If he used his power he could have potentially killed everyone on the space ship by destroying it.
Hendrik Van t Veen
Hendrik Van t Veen 11 aylar önce
22:15 real power of thorr
igwe obumneme shadrach
Thor is the Warlord of the avengers.
Thor is most powerful
it's_Ñôbï-Nøbìt@ 10 aylar önce
Tony stark's death in Endgame didn't hurt as much as saw Thor ko being helpless.
Sahas Joshi
Sahas Joshi 7 aylar önce
Thor should be with mjolnir That gives him classic look
Eshwari Dalvi
Eshwari Dalvi 10 aylar önce
Thor is my favorite 😍 💓
kashmala durraj
kashmala durraj 7 aylar önce
Thor:listen well brother Loki:i'm listen😂😂😂😂
DavidFMayerPhD Yıl önce
I saw an outtake in which Cate Blanchett was mock fighting Chris Hemsworth, with the usual motion capture suits etc. She accidentally ACTUALLY hit him on the side of his neck and he fell to the floor like he had been hit by a truck. She apologized profusely and kneeled down to assist him, and discovered that she had knocked him silly. After he cleared his head they resumed. He weighs TWICE as much as she does. This shows that a proper hit by even a much smaller opponent, delivered by skill or luck, can fell ANY opponent.
Mr. Web Designer
Mr. Web Designer 10 aylar önce
Imagine the Muscular Thor vs Thanos In Endgame!!!
Mr. Stephens
Mr. Stephens Yıl önce
Love Thor! I remember when people said that "Thor is gonna die in Endgame, you have my word" Well for anyone reading this just skip to 9:20 in the video for the answer.
Daily Positivity
Daily Positivity 4 aylar önce
people here commenting on thor's power while I'm just glad that there's a clip without any annoying editing or commentary. There is just pure footage.
خير الإسلام
خير الإسلام 23 gün önce
Genuine question as I'm a new Marvel fan - Who would win in a fight between Thor and Black Widow?
Forthis Bipi
Forthis Bipi 6 aylar önce
J’aime beaucoup cette scène
crazy RR
crazy RR 6 aylar önce
18:05 it's best scene of thor power . Thor beat hulk. 😍😍😍 Thor is very powerful
Just a Regular Guy
Just a Regular Guy 9 aylar önce
If with all the stones thor's storm breaker punched through and cut into thanks and it has blue flames if you look at his wakanda intro it can also summon the bifrost..its op
raurlyy Yıl önce
19:43: Thor, can become a boxer one day lol
DRAGOTH BELMONT 6 aylar önce
4:00 i remember screaming THOR!!!! so loud out of excitement that i thought i was going to be Kicked out of that Cinema XD much love Odinson, the Skygod will always be that one main reason of why i loved that movie even if am much more of an X-MEN person
Alex-junior Draman
Thor hitting them with that Raiden move😂⚡
Darrin Cothran
Darrin Cothran Aylar önce
6:27 "Are you ever NOT going to fall for that?"
Shawn Couch
Shawn Couch 10 aylar önce
I never understood why in Age of Utron when they were all blasting Utron and starting to destroy him they just stopped...for no reason.
Anthony Holmes
Anthony Holmes Yıl önce
Thor had to be pulling his punches or just enjoying a good fight with the security officer at 1:33
Matthew 9 aylar önce
Even without his powers Thor is a badass
SonOfWrath Yıl önce
This was when Thor was cast out of Asgard by Odin. He didnt have his powers, he was fighting to get to his hammer.
hina Yıl önce
thor is my favourite avenger
Ogbodu Peter
Ogbodu Peter 6 aylar önce
Bring me Thanos!!!!
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