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In Thor: Love and Thunder, Gorr the God Butcher arrives to fulfill his quest to kill and eliminate every God throughout the universe. Thor and Jane Foster must team up to take him down, alongside Valkyrie and Korg.

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22 May 2022




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Heroes Reforged
Heroes Reforged Aylar önce
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Jeffrey Allan Backowski II
I live under a rock, I am behind the times😢. Are you what they call, soy boys? Something about you three seems off.🤔
Repent and believe in Jesus Christ
Repent to Jesus Christ “Let your conversation be always full of grace, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how to answer everyone.” ‭‭Colossians‬ ‭4:6‬ ‭NIV‬‬ h
Michael Gulick
Michael Gulick Aylar önce
I love how Gorr is literally black and white, both in color palate *and* in "If you're a god, you die."
Forlorn 24 gün önce
@Repent and believe in Jesus Christ Bruh this is a thor trailer.
Volzarok Aylar önce
@Repent and believe in Jesus Christ All gods will die
Repent and believe in Jesus Christ
Repent to Jesus Christ “Let your conversation be always full of grace, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how to answer everyone.” ‭‭Colossians‬ ‭4:6‬ ‭NIV‬‬ h
Ishraq Talukder
Ishraq Talukder Aylar önce
Christian bale will be given a powerful intense villain vibe almost like josh brolin and willem dafoe. And so exciting to see Natalie Portman be so awesome as mighty Thor.
James Fifer
James Fifer Aylar önce
@Rudra Singh I’m sure they will keep the 2 gods nameless so they can whip that out later so only die hard fans will get the reference. Where they’ve left Spider-Man they have a chance to make a great spidey vs venom movie and save knull for later when the cosmic entities start becoming normal for the common folk.
Rudra Singh
Rudra Singh Aylar önce
@James Fifer Knull is a symbiote related character, which itself is a Spider-Man related thing, so Sony probably has rights to him (imagine a Spider-verse movie with Knull as the villain) But im sure if Marvel wants to use him Sony might let them use him(for money ofcourse)
The Hobbyist
The Hobbyist Aylar önce
Gorr imo, is the most sympathetic villain out of Thor's villains. Losing his faith in the gods after losing his wife and children and being outcast as a heretic from his people... I can't wait for Christian Bale to bring that to Gorr
Repent and believe in Jesus Christ
Repent to Jesus Christ “Let your conversation be always full of grace, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how to answer everyone.” ‭‭Colossians‬ ‭4:6‬ ‭NIV‬‬
@IARO product 501 only ucm, right, no comics.
Eric S
Eric S Aylar önce
The best thing about introducing Gorr is that his sword in the comics was used by Thor to kill Galactus. It would be the only weapon powerful enough to do it when Galactus is introduced
CARS can CAMP! 15 gün önce
i just want to see knull
Will Johnson
Will Johnson Aylar önce
@Aditya Nath We don’t know for sure which universe that particular version of Venom came from. A multiverse means that there’s likely a universe out there where Peter Parker and Eddie Brock are roommates.
Raj Patel
Raj Patel Aylar önce
@WeAre Paramore that would make Knull insanely powerful then Galactus.
Repent and believe in Jesus Christ
Repent to Jesus Christ “Let your conversation be always full of grace, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how to answer everyone.” ‭‭Colossians‬ ‭4:6‬ ‭NIV‬‬ K
Kpt Maci
Kpt Maci Aylar önce
@Michael Jordan thats so general statement that it doesnt mean anything + im talking about 'sonyverse' which is beyond shit and created from pure greed. Understood now?
Steve Shaffer
Steve Shaffer Aylar önce
I wouldn't be upset if the movie had no dialog from anyone other than Korg and it was literally just Korg reading us a bedtime story in his own voice for the entire movie.
Ben Holmes
Ben Holmes Aylar önce
You lot sure want a minor supporting character beaten into the ground by overexposure don’t you
Paule Anonuevo
Paule Anonuevo Aylar önce
@feyzal92 they should make mini series like Thor Civil War where Korg and Luis talk together!
feyzal92 Aylar önce
Kinda like Iron Man 3 where Tony narrated his story but here it's Korg narrated Thor's story.
Tony7567 Aylar önce
The Jason Aaron run with Gorr is very interesting. Thor becomes a bit of a detective trying to find the person who keeps killing gods. You can feel how scared Thor was of Gorr after he finds more and more mutilated gods
Tony7567 Aylar önce
@Strawberry BudZ Yeah it’s actually kinda eerie how Thor describes he knew that god. He didn’t know him personally, but they passed each other in space and waved to each other
Cream2128 Aylar önce
@Strawberry BudZ yes a patron god of the frontier Thor knew him as the champion of the tournament of immortals for five centuries and knew him to wrestle black holes for fun.
Strawberry BudZ
Strawberry BudZ Aylar önce
So that big monster was that one of gorrs kills??
Mav Vynne
Mav Vynne Aylar önce
In the Marvel comics, Thor is quite terrified when he find out an abandoned Pantheon full of dead bodies being butchered like an animal.
Daniel Bright
Daniel Bright Aylar önce
I'm gonna need everyone to start calling Gorr "Christian Pale".
TBOHN Aylar önce
Stayed up late tonight hoping to see your guys reaction. Well worth the wait!
Ki Nawa
Ki Nawa Aylar önce
I'm on the other side of the world with 1:54 PM ahah
H Cas90
H Cas90 Aylar önce
same here
Ghost8386 Aylar önce
Gorr the God Butcher looks great and terrifying.
Isaiah Wood67
Isaiah Wood67 Aylar önce
@Felhek Lehrian that’s an extremely subjective take, j bc it isn’t a CGI monster doesn’t mean it’s “low budget”. Terrible take
Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan Aylar önce
@Jack Nicholson he looks like the nun 😂
Cream2128 Aylar önce
I don’t like his look either but I’m hoping Bale does the character justice even though I’m very skeptical about it.
K Aylar önce
@Felhek Lehrian stop whining
Jack Nicholson
Jack Nicholson Aylar önce
@Felhek Lehrian He absolutely does dude.
Jen Nanquil
Jen Nanquil Aylar önce
so excited for this movie. i wonder how it ends though, given that i read the comic series. i'm also wondering if there is a "final form" of Gorr in this movie other than what he looks like in the trailer, because Gorr in the comics was really terrifying. and yes i agree with Hector saying that Gorr's scenes would probably be more serious than the rest of the cast, like, "dead" serious.
Shaddicted Aylar önce
I'm loving the Dark tone when Gorr arrives 😍 Was waiting for your reaction guys. Thank you. You 3 are amazing. Edit : I don't want MCU to kill Gorr in one movie. He should get a proper build up and he is a God Butcher, he shouldn't be killed in one movie. I would hope to see this character more in future. Bale is looking so good. God full of colours and Gorr when he arrives it becomes dark tone... woooo😍 ♥️🇮🇳
CABLE 715 Aylar önce
Gorr looks so much better than everyone anticipated, I heard alot of premature complaining
Aisha Kenya
Aisha Kenya Aylar önce
The God Butcher storyline is very dark. I’m hoping they keep Gorrs charter dark and creepy and flesh out the pain he had to endure. Not super happy about the character design, would have preferred him look more alien, but all in all I’m super hype!
Sid Dacles
Sid Dacles Aylar önce
Hector is just so good.. I’m hyped up to see this movie by just seeing Hectors passion with all this Marvel stuff. Great reaction guys!
Advanced Gaming Cow
I feel like this movie might just be amazing
David Grider
David Grider Aylar önce
I am sooooo digging Natalie as "The Mighty Thor". This movie is going to be EPIC!
The Jedi Of Us Part II
Christian Bale looks dope as Gorr who I can't wait to see as potentially one of the best MCU villains. Also can't wait to see Natalie Portman as Mighty Thor make the biggest glow up her character ever had considering her poorly written damsel in distress/plot device role the last time we saw her in Dark World and how can I forget Tessa Thompson's KING Valkryie?🔥It looks like her role will be a lot bigger in this compared to Ragnarok and Endgame where Ragnarok introduced her way later and she had a very limited role in Endgame and I just can't wait to see more of her. I'm also excited to see the Greek Pantheon or Greek mythology side of the Marvel universe considering we obviously spent so much time with the Norse Pantheon in the MCU through Thor and Asgard. Russell Crowe as Zeus looks like he'll give us many scenes that'll make us laugh so hard and I'm curious to see if they'll introduce Hercules who is also another hero in the Marvel universe which maybe we could get a potential movie or D+ series. Despite the dark nature of the villain, this movie looks like it will be this fun entertaining breath of fresh air which is what we needed especially after Multiverse of Madness where it was a straight up dark horror. Lol I also found it a great point about how Phase 4 doesn't look like it's setting up the next big event in an instant since it did take us a while to get to Infinity War and Endgame which Phase 4 is pretty much dealing with the fallout of Endgame for the characters that were in that movie while also introducing all these new characters like Shang-Chi, the Eternals, Moon Knight, America Chavez, Ms. Marvel, She-Hulk, Namor, Blade, Fantastic Four, etc. And I feel like Phase 4 is pretty much the decade-long breather that we needed after the setup of Infinity War/Endgame that Phases 1-3 gave us. And if I'm going to be honest imo, I rather not have an Avengers 5 at this point preferably until we finally get a movie with a Latino lead superhero. We have been getting all of these projects with non-white leads who will all potentially appear in Avengers 5 and there's literally no excuse at this point for there to be another Avengers movie that doesn't have a Latino superhero with their own movie yet. That's just me.
Kammy Aylar önce
Heroes Reforged!!! Whoo!! Loved this trailer. Gorr looks so good.
Wico90 Aylar önce
I think they'll tease Thor's death here. We'll get a bit of Thor "dying" and Korg ending the story with that, likely as bookends to the story. Then Thor walks in and we get the "spoke too soon" line.
sokin jon
sokin jon 28 gün önce
I am sooooo digging Natalie as "The Mighty Thor". This movie is going to be EPIC!
Maceofbass Aylar önce
Everything from the God Butcher arc thru King Thor and War of the Realms is an absolute treat. Whether you read the run first, or see the movie first, you definitely owe it to yourself to read through them at some point. Aaron, Ribić, and Dauterman really nail everything Thor / Mighty Thor.
Rick A
Rick A Aylar önce
Christian Bale as Gorr looks amazing.
Sean Midson
Sean Midson Aylar önce
I hope they don't kill off Gorr like they did with Hela. Also, I have a feeling Thor won't survive by the end of this, just from the way Korg says "He was a God." 😞
sokin jon
sokin jon 28 gün önce
Zeus flicked too hard I would’ve said “Wow, so you have another hammer!”
Frank Waits
Frank Waits Aylar önce
I don't think this ties into Loki virtually at all, unless a small element. There is so much to do in this story with Jane Foster, and Gorr, I just don't think they have the bandwidth to add another major element.
MrTGamer Aylar önce
Don’t forget marvel trailers can be deceiving, then again some of the recent trailers have given too much away(Dr strange 2 example), Though I am feeling this one to be deceiving
Eduardo Oronia
Eduardo Oronia Aylar önce
Bale is one of my favorite actors and I’ve been wanting him to play Doom ever since Disney acquired Fox! That being said, I’m very excited to see him in this film!
aola wili
aola wili 29 gün önce
Love it when a trailer makes the gents discuss what comics have done, expande on it and.... the PONTENTIALLITY! 🤘⚡
Atari 303
Atari 303 Aylar önce
I love that Thor's new helmet is heavily inspired by Walt Simonson's Thor art from the comics!!
Julia K
Julia K Aylar önce
I also hope they don't kill off Gorr - Hopefully Marvel will have the main overarching villain (probably Kang) plus a few other major threats (like Gorr) hanging around so the heroes always have to watch their backs and not just worry about one person the entire time, plus the added worry of villain team-ups. From what I can tell, Phase 4 so far has been about introducing new superpowered people, and the multiverse, because they'll need a lot more people to fight the new big threat (again probably Kang) that will happen across the multiverse.
Jay Aylar önce
Galactus still needs to be brought back in a big way....sure kang is needed...but galactus needs to be in mcu
The Hobbyist
The Hobbyist Aylar önce
I wonder if Thor will get his comic God blast that he got from fighting Gorr
Josiah Ferrell
Josiah Ferrell Aylar önce
They could have Thor continue on his arc of self discovery in another movie. I don't know the comics, but Gorr sounds like his role is too grand to have it wrap up in one movie, along with everything else. We'll have to see what they pull off. err...not THAT kind of pulling off.
Mike Powers
Mike Powers Aylar önce
I reached out to you guys on Instagram as I watched your reactions and proposed an after credit scene leading to Thor 5...We start with Jane-Thor landing in front of a hospital, just outside of view and reverts back to a very frail form of herself. As she makes her way toward the hospital entrance, a nurse recognizes her and says sarcastically "Mrs. Foster. So nice for you to show up for your appointment." Jane smirks, nods her head and walks on into what we see on the door as the cancer treatment wing...Thoughts???
Dark Jedi Knight
Dark Jedi Knight Aylar önce
Just from the look of Gorr and considering how in the comics he once killed an entire alien planets pantheon of gods and left some of them cut to pieces and even hanging on hooks like slabs of meat (hence his name The God Butcher) it’s possible Gorr will be even more terrifying and formidable than Scarlet Witch, and Hela combined. Also after Zeus flicked too hard I would’ve said “Wow, so you have another hammer!”😂😂😂
GingerBeardedOne Aylar önce
Judging by the reactions of those around Zeus, Thor really was the God of Hammers all along..
RONIN Unchained
RONIN Unchained Aylar önce
Love it when a trailer makes the gents discuss what comics have done, expande on it and.... the PONTENTIALLITY! 🤘⚡
TheLucien Aylar önce
For those who don’t know Gorr I would read Jason Aaron’s run. They are some of my favorite Thor comics and Gorr is so epic that what he does to Thor scars Thor forever…
dreadmac1 Aylar önce
Theory for post credits, hoping that we'll see Gorr's nerco sword either revert to it's symbiote form or the symbiote Venom left behind merges with it and links to Knull in some way.
Graveyard Ghoul
Graveyard Ghoul Aylar önce
I just love listening to Hector talk about Marvel lore! I always learn something new. He’s great.
rhaspodel Aylar önce
Definitely I feel like Phase Four has taken some of our characters and showed us different variants of themselves. From Captain America to Captain Carter; Doctor Strange to Superior Supreme Strange; Loki and his variants; the three Parker Brothers (Spider-Men); Wanda and her variants; Moon Knight's multiple personalities; now Thor and Mighty Thor; as well Professor X's and Reed Richards' variants. I love this phrase. And I won't be stunned if we get news of the Fantastic Four release and news of the first MCU X-Men sometime late 2022 to late 2023. I predict we will see one or both of these big anticipating films sometime in 2024 or early 2025.
Jagpreet Singh Arora
Loved the monochrome part in the trailer. From taika's magnitude of Colors to Bale's terrifying looks in his monochromatic avatar; the movie has the potential to be a top class one. Can't wait ! 🤞
Jacob D
Jacob D Aylar önce
If they kill Valkyrie off, I’m rioting.
kbeautiful1 Aylar önce
Agreed!!!! They better f^*+ing Not!!!!!
Martinbumms Aylar önce
I'm so excited for this movie! I have to say though, that Thors blue-golden armor with the huge helmet looks ridiculous, I hope it's more like a midlife-crises armor and meant as a joke. I'm okay with the Gorr look, I read some of the comicbooks and love them, but because of that I had a more demon-looking like Gorr in mind. In the trailer he just looks like a pale human, which is fine but ... I don't know I expected a more Voldemort type of guy but it's fine. I'm still excited as hell!
M Noir
M Noir Aylar önce
I agree. I really hope they do not kill Gorr. I like when we can build up characters over time.
Rebecca M
Rebecca M Aylar önce
“Hemsworth have you had a carb in 12 years?” 🤣🤣 always enjoy your guys reactions! Can’t wait to see Thor Love & Thunder!
Toe Knee
Toe Knee Aylar önce
Love your reaction! Just joined your channel! Keep up the great work you three!!!
TheDizZorder Aylar önce
That first front shot of Gorr, really looks like a little fanservice towards the look Gorr has in the comics. Getting really hyped for this one!!
-[ S O F F Y] 🥂T[A]P Me!! to Have [𝐒]𝐄𝐗 With
The best thing about introducing Gorr is that his sword in the comics was used by Thor to kill Galactus. It would be the only weapon powerful enough to do it when Galactus is introduced
[Soffy] H0T Girl L!ve Cam
The best thing about introducing Gorr is that his sword in the comics was used by Thor to kill Galactus. It would be the only weapon powerful enough to do it when Galactus is introduced
The best thing about introducing Gorr is that his sword in the comics was used by Thor to kill Galactus. It would be the only weapon powerful enough to do it when Galactus is introduced
Woo Kim
Woo Kim Aylar önce
👏 Gentlemen, I cannot wait to hear your guys' review of this film! "Excelsior!"
Legend123 Aylar önce
It looks so good cant wait till it comes out!!
noel dandes
noel dandes Aylar önce
Awesome!! So hyped for this one!
Phillip Quinn
Phillip Quinn Aylar önce
Looks great. I found you guys after hearing Hector on another podcast talking about Ragnarok a couple of years ago, so I'm pumped.
Paule Anonuevo
Paule Anonuevo Aylar önce
This is gonna be a Thor Ragnarok experience again! Ugh I wanna see it in IMAX so bad if it wasn't so expensive.
sokin jon
sokin jon Aylar önce
For those who don’t know Gorr I would read Jason Aaron’s run. They are some of my favorite Thor comics and Gorr is so epic that what he does to Thor scars Thor forever…
Adam Freedman
Adam Freedman 29 gün önce
I’m glad they have evolved Thor since the first movie and really gone full comic-book. That being said, I did not enjoy Ragnarok, too much silliness (which is different than humor) and I don’t like using storylines and villains that are from comics released within the past 10 years, when there are decades of comics to draw from
Kevin Kuo
Kevin Kuo Aylar önce
Taiki never fails to get you excited for the next Marvel movie. Can't wait to see it in theaters
Dominik Janúch
Dominik Janúch Aylar önce
I love Thor, i am ready for him being my best super hero again. I cant wait for the movie :)
Cassie O
Cassie O Aylar önce
There’s a lot going on in the film. Guardians, Greek Pantheon, Mighty Thor, King Valkyrie and New Asgard… I am sure it will all tie together with a nice little bow by the end: In Taika We Trust. I think poor Thor is going to lose most of his friends to Gorr before the film is over. Probably Korg and Jane. I think Loki and Kang will be in end credit scenes. (💡 Loki might turn up as a third act reserve in Quantumania, much like Spider-Man in CA: Civil War.)
ArtWithSR Aylar önce
I think they went less comic-accurate with Gorr's look due to it being soooo close to Voldemort (at least for the casual moviegoer, I presume) and them not wanting to cover up a great actor like Bale's face, so I can see why they did it. Do I like it? No, I do not. Do I see an option for him to change into a final form through his sword perhaps? Yup, for sure. Tempering my expectations a bit as Ragnarok wasn't my favorite. Love Taika, but it was too much joke for me personally. Hope this one has a better balance considering how serious Gorr is
Thiago Pires
Thiago Pires Aylar önce
Great trailer, the hype is real !!!
Mashna Myambuwai / M.M.
I swear if they censor Thor's booty in the movie, I'm gonna riot.
Jessica Magri
Jessica Magri Aylar önce
Hmm, they might. I think the only times I have seen uncensored “booties” is in R rated movies. And I think they let Hulk’s booty show in Thor Ragnarok because he’s technically not “human.” But that’s just my theory
Benjamin Flagg
Benjamin Flagg Aylar önce
You guys are killing it, as always. Pre-congratulations on the soon to be 100k! 🙂 Viva la CzechXicans Podcast!
Josh Hood
Josh Hood Aylar önce
If Jane thinks it's been 3 or 4 years and Thor thinks its been between 8 and 9 does that mean Jane got snapped? That's a 5 year difference in their perception of time.
Nathan Whieldon
Nathan Whieldon Aylar önce
I have a terrible feeling that Gorr is going to bring an end to Thor 😭😔
Roman Penna
Roman Penna Aylar önce
I mean instead of the Thor Core, I would love to see the Captain Brittan Corps, since they're some of the defenders of the multiverse, and I love the Braddock's. But still looking super forward to this movie, it looks fun!
aaron barr
aaron barr Aylar önce
I’m an enormous Valkyrie fan, so my butthole fully clenched seeing her fighting Gorr, seemingly alone, for a second. Upon further reflection, I don’t know if the general audience holds her in as high regard as I do yet, but we know Marvel loves presenting a devastating loss in its films. So they’ll need an established, beloved character to sacrifice for the sake of impact… Oh my god! ARE THEY GUNNA KILL KORG?!?! Taika, say it ain’t so!!
Colton_Wisco Aylar önce
been waiting on yalls reaction. Love it!
zengamer21 Aylar önce
I agree they're building out the universe with phase 4 but we need a direction. If they keep just adding characters without a main story then people are going to lose interest.
CJ3 Aylar önce
Bale is one of the best actors in history, so I am really happy that they didn't use cgi with him. I have the feeling that he will be a profoundly terrifying villain, and really emotionally deep because is Marvel, they don't call Bale for a plain bad guy.
krazygreekguy Aylar önce
The trailer looks great, and I’m fine with putting the spotlight on other heroes, but Thor’s name is not a title, that’s his name. You wouldn’t call Sam Wilson Steve Rogers would you? No, because that sounds stupid. It’s great they’re building other heroes up and giving them a chance, but they don’t have to continue to disrespect the great og’s like Hulk and Thor. It’s just disappointing to see them do that to my childhood heroes. I’ll give this movie a chance, but I already have a feeling I know exactly what’s going to happen based off of evidence this current phase in the MCU is giving. They should be focusing on supporting plenty of the original badass heroes for diversity and representation, not these tokenized characters that are lackluster and basically just gender and/or race swapped characters. It’s lazy and pandering. Scarlet Witch, Monica Rambeau, Ms. Marvel and America Chavez are a step in the right direction if they really care about diversity and representation like they say they do.
William Alvarenga
William Alvarenga Aylar önce
I’m always waiting for this trio’s reactions 🥹
Darklightning084 Aylar önce
Looks like "The Conjuring's Valek" in the MCU. Amazing and Terrifyingly Exciting!
Juan Medina
Juan Medina Aylar önce
Great show as always compas
Benjamin Flagg
Benjamin Flagg Aylar önce
Ragnarok: A love letter to 70's rock Love & Thunder: A love letter to 80's rock
Rico Campos
Rico Campos Aylar önce
Powerfull! From Queen Padmé Amidala to Mighty Thor, Natalie Portman is the greatest hero ever!
RicoMorehouse Aylar önce
Hector and Adam made good points. I think there will be three major threats this time around besides building to Thanos in the infinity saga. Let’s be real for a minute, nobody predicted there would’ve been an Avengers level film after watching the first Iron Man. They built up to that. That’s what this is. I think Adam is right. Phase 4 and 5 are build up phases for the big team ups especially with X-men and FF
Nurhadi Roshaimi
Nurhadi Roshaimi Aylar önce
So much ❤️⚡️in this reaction😂
The Red Guy
The Red Guy Aylar önce
great job as always guys I've been a follower since Super Hero News (first vid I saw was the BvS Comic Con trailer) until Hyper RPG, and now Heroes Reforged as someone who has never read any comics, I'm looking forward to Gorr
Unknown User
Unknown User Aylar önce
I’m confused by the complaints about Phase 4 being disconnected. Even in the first three phases, not all of the films contributed to an overarching story. These films aren’t a typical franchise like Harry Potter or Fast and Furious; they’re a cinematic universe. These films and shows should be able to stand alone without connecting to every other property. It’s the same premise the comics have been using for almost a century now; I don’t see why it couldn’t work for the films.
Richard Turner
Richard Turner Aylar önce
Com1xguy Aylar önce
Annihilation would be an incredible set of movies once enough cosmic stuff gets introduced.
Shaun Fleming
Shaun Fleming Aylar önce
I can believe how beautiful Natalie Portman is in this movie. She's going to be gorgeous even Valkyrie. But I don't know if you guys heard the news, but Chris Hemsworth is going to be doing a Netflix movie based on hulk Hogan's really career. That's why he's so buff for this movie
H Cas90
H Cas90 Aylar önce
I was waiting for your guys reaction. looking forward to see this movie.
Roger Gregory
Roger Gregory Aylar önce
Seeing Valkyrie fighting Gorr the God Butcher has me worried about her. We may lose Valkyrie in this, which will force Thor to finally claim his birthright as King of Asgard, which he's been shying away from.
Wesley Colvin
Wesley Colvin Aylar önce
If they go with Gorr's ending from the comics, then he'll still be standing when it's over.
Pray4Drip Aylar önce
Safe to say Jane was part of the blip since her and Thor have a 5 year difference since last seeing each other
Wico90 Aylar önce
This is likely a few years after the Snap so I think it's a combination of her just not realizing how long it's been, AND getting snapped too. Although the math could work if they dated for a couple years pre Ragnarok, she got snapped, and this is a year+ later.
Adam Carlson
Adam Carlson Aylar önce
Onslaught would of course be an epic level of badass but there would have to be a pretty thorough introduction of mutants beforehand.
Beck Aylar önce
This movie looks gooooood! Damn!
Adrian Ruiz
Adrian Ruiz Aylar önce
Love the quick upload on the reaction! Cuidense mis amigos!
Chris K
Chris K Aylar önce
Hemsworth is back on high TRT...i love it!!!!
Zul Wong
Zul Wong Aylar önce
Yahoooo! my girl Valkyrie is back...I mean, my King
chirag sisodia
chirag sisodia Aylar önce
When they show "bast"(The Black panther goddess) I want all gods to Neel before her (including Thor).
Zack Man
Zack Man Aylar önce
They gotta keep Thor around for Thor 5 and more team ups. Cause he’s the only one that could really be apart of every new team. We’ve lost so many OG hero’s and they keep replacing them with a great value copies lol
Advanced Gaming Cow
I agree with Agustin: I don't think we need to kill off villains every movie (cause I want an escape movie of marvel's worst) but also we don't need to kill Thor even if the character is done after this film. It's just way too predictable.
Advanced Gaming Cow
@Wico90 I know! That explains the recasting! Plus, if the MCU keeps going c'mon...we really expect no more Iron Man? Or others?
Wico90 Aylar önce
The best part about the Multiverse is they can always bring them back, but slightly different.
Reno van der Made
Reno van der Made Aylar önce
Wondering if Jane thinks it's 3 or 4 years since they've last seen each other instead of the 8 years, 7 months and 6 days Thor mentions is because she was snapped
Lee Carlson
Lee Carlson Aylar önce
Jane says it has been 3 years and Thor says it has been 8 years. Based on this, I think that Jane was dusted during The Blip.
Kami Billz
Kami Billz Aylar önce
I will admit it’s going to be a little weird to have a Thor movie and not have Loki in it
Frank Waits
Frank Waits Aylar önce
Dude, Augustin, read the Jason Aaron Thor run from beginning to end. SO GOOOOOOOOD.
Luke F
Luke F Aylar önce
We've got Zeus so what's the chances of a Hercules appearance be it in the main runtime or post credits
Stebbi LV
Stebbi LV Aylar önce
Gorr looks so good
Ryan Tom
Ryan Tom Aylar önce
I’m waiting for Darkhawk to make an appearance lol can’t wait for this movie to come out
DEED ROOKS Aylar önce
Does Thor die? Is Korg telling the story after his death?
Ishan Joshi
Ishan Joshi Aylar önce
May be
kris slaght
kris slaght Aylar önce
How, EXACTLY, did Jane aquire mjil nir when hela destroyed it?
[C H E R R Y]-T[A]P Me!! To Have [S]EX With Me
I love how Gorr is literally black and white, both in color palate and in "If you're a god, you die."
SUCKED Aylar önce
I am Hella stoked for the new MCU villain POWDER🔥
How the dialogue in Star Wars was saved
Kesinlikle öyle 😅(ABONE OLUN)
Sonu harika komik😅😂🤣😅