This Unhinged 90’s Movie Should Not Exist

Kurtis Conner
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25 Kas 2022




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I wish someone would compile all “I hardly know her” jokes kurtis ever said in one video
the brain cancer bit with sitcom special guest wooping and cheering when jacob is introduced with the cheering gettin louder and louder and the last zoom in with jacob saying fuck you almost unintelligibly under the loud cheering really cracked me the fuck up. ahh kurtis and his crew of hilarious friends! love them
The whole reason why chuck and the lifeguard got together was because they knew chuck and the officer were meant for each other, and this is the 1990’s, so they wouldn’t allow that.
That Black Sea joke was way outta pocket💀💀
the way I KNEW where this was going when he said that their depiction of the terrorist was crazy 💀
the reason the cia agent is so terrible at driving is because the actor was possessed by the spirit of Cosmo and the people making the movie didn't wanna try and redo the scenes
Kurtis calling the beach cop a pig and then immediately turning around and shipping him with the other guy is funnier than anything in this entire movie
The Dream jokes and then calling the goggles “goggies” was a MISTAKE Kurtis. You have summoned a beast and it’s only a matter of time before it arrives on your doorstep
The millie bobby brown clip made my jaw drop
There are actually 4 kids in Malcolm in the Middle. The oldest one is late high school/college age and away from home, but he still exists, Kurtis.
kurtis wasn’t holding back this video, calling out drake for being a creep and the police for racial profiling within minutes of each other dhdhhdjd
Kurtis appearing from nothingness is proof he mastered being a magician after all these years
i love when kurtis says "back to the movie" sounding as if he also just had to watch the random demented sketch with us
Who else hopes that Kurtis will keep the "yeah" like he kept the "balls" sound?
I love how fast the chase scene escalates in absurdity
Kurtis was a huge part of my trans awakening but not in a necessarily profound way I just used to think I was a girl and then I saw him and was like dang... he look kinda dope tbh.. I kinda want to look like that
love how the movie frames this as a kid exposing a villain lmao. "You already have a couple hundred bucks on you!" Even assuming that roll of ones is a couple hundred dollars (I kind of doubt it), homeless people are obviously going to be keeping their money on them because you need an address to open a bank account. A couple hundred dollars still isn't enough to live on, especially when you have no income, health insurance, shelter, etc.
clearly chuck kept up his beach treasure-digging lifestyle so he could see the cop and further drive their romance plot
I think it's quite nice that the guy who just dicks around on the beach looking for treasures wants to use this mind-blowing technology to just... keep doing that but just a bit more efficiently. It shows a character who is exactly where he wants to be in life.
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