This Speedrunner was convinced he could beat me in a race

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THANKS @Linkus7 for the Breath of the Wild Lockout Race :)

You should watch me live on Twitch:

▶Discord: discord.gg/Smallant
▶Twitter: twitter.com/Smallant
▶Reddit: reddit.com/r/Smallant
▶TikTok: tiktok.com/@Smallant

Edited by: Devine_CMD




25 Haz 2022




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Linkus7 Aylar önce
This was such an intense and fun race, I hope you all will enjoy! If you guys are interested in more Speedrunning content you can check out my channel as well! ^^
JOHNGOOD 23 gün önce
I like it do it again 😁
dennis Aylar önce
You’re a good sport dude. That was a fun run.
Lucca Kincaid
Lucca Kincaid Aylar önce
nice headset bro, i love the steelseries arctis wireless headsets
Raustex Aylar önce
Linkus you’re a legend! Good race!
Mr. Stuff Doer
Mr. Stuff Doer Aylar önce
As someone who’s 100% this game twice, the idea that someone could memorize Korok locations terrifies me.
DozenScroll Gün önce
Same I played it twice and it took me weeks
Aberodon 2
Aberodon 2 4 gün önce
Ive 100% it 13 Times and memorized only 207 of them : >
alonzowizard 6 gün önce
@IMMUN3 it’s been 5 years lol
IMMUN3 6 gün önce
How twice lol!
Deff Tonic
Deff Tonic 12 gün önce
I have 52%
Cheddar Sun Chips Y e s
“This speed runner was convinced he could beat me in a real life bingo match.” “Alright guys let’s get started I think I’m gonna go for the bottom horizontal row we just have to kill 1 person and commit arson.”
Something cool
Something cool Aylar önce
@PKfireice you know, those real life speed runners don't usually last that long
LayZee Aylar önce
But you should also do "Host a BBQ" as well since you already started the fire and the RNG for that is hard
PKfireice Aylar önce
@Jono Hartland I'm more curious where he's gonna find someone who speed ran life.
Alban Temple
Alban Temple Aylar önce
Corona Spreader
Corona Spreader Aylar önce
@Radio#9 honestly that sounds like it should have been made at least once
traingirl323 Aylar önce
I love that Tanner always edits the other person's perspective in. It really adds so much to these type of videos. Edit: Guys, I know he didn't edit this video personally. Please stop trying to "gotcha" me in the replies with "oh but tanner didn't edit this!". I'm referring to this channel as a whole, regardless of editor. The other perspective is always added in.
Irish_EnderMan 28 gün önce
He's far from the only one who does that
Kate Simechak
Kate Simechak 28 gün önce
Same. Makes it so much more enjoyable.
SouthLakeFilms Aylar önce
@Bashful Wolfo it simply is more awkward to do that than to call him by the handle he uses. It's just a fact.. Like calling me SLF is less awkward than calling me SouthLakeFilms. Both are awkward. One is less so.
Bashful Wolfo
Bashful Wolfo Aylar önce
@SouthLakeFilms A lot of Smant’s fans call him Tanner. It ain’t awkward or weird at all lmao
SouthLakeFilms Aylar önce
@traingirl323 smant, small ant..lol calling him by his first name when you don't likely actually know him..is far more awkward Lmao I don't even call my own fiance by her real name in her videos XD
mercury a2000
mercury a2000 Aylar önce
Smallant is just so good at the specific skills needed to do lockouts and map randomizers. Even if he's not as good at the game itself (as seen by the korok race.) He just routes so much better that it doesn't matter.
90Legos Aylar önce
He knows enough about the games too to win without doing many tricks
Fingr'z B'Grubbin'
Fingr'z B'Grubbin' Aylar önce
@Ent yes, his ability to think on the spot and make a plan as he goes. That's his advantage over his opponents.
mercury a2000
mercury a2000 Aylar önce
@ChuckNormis218 That's routing. They try and get a headstart on that stuff for late game, but it puts them behind on the board and gives him time to focus on only a couple hard tasks.
CrampedTurtle Aylar önce
@ChuckNormis218 I think that just has to do with the fact that smant does a lot more lockout bingos so he's able to quickly route things better
AussieDragoon Aylar önce
Ant's goal is to go through the speedrunner community and systematically destroy their confidence through Bingo.
Emmett Henry
Emmett Henry Aylar önce
Well, one down for sure lol
Israel Aylar önce
Yo I find Will Witt so attractive I don’t know who to confess this to
90Legos Aylar önce
Well Simply and Puncay are just fine over in Mario 64
Eevee Aylar önce
I like how Linkus was thinking through EVERYHING and trying to figure SmallAnt's in-depth plan, while SmallAnt was simply just going with whatever caught his eye and looked easiest.
MTG Studios
MTG Studios Aylar önce
@Jenny Tulls Avatar the Last Airbender, Book 1 Water I think the Kyoshi island episode?
Jenny Tulls
Jenny Tulls Aylar önce
“How am I supposed to find him? He’s clearly a master of evasive maneuvers.” “You have no idea where you’re going, do you?”
MTG Studios
MTG Studios Aylar önce
@Android 19 not really. what set small ant aside in this is good multi-tasking. small ant does multiple goals at the same time when he does these bingos. such as how he mounted a lot of creatures even when it wasn't his priority at the time. to do really well you have to look at multiple goals setting aside 1 of them, but also focusing on 3 or 4 more in the process.
Android 19
Android 19 Aylar önce
that's what you can pull when you've done enough of these to have good intuition of what's easiest. In this case, the imperfection of that intuition ended up helping him by going for good but slightly sub-optimal plays
Kale1300 Aylar önce
We all know what happens when someone says they could beat smallant in a race. We actually get to find out, and it’s very entertaining
Kyleigh Godsey
Kyleigh Godsey Aylar önce
was just thinking that. I like that he uploads wins and losses, because the races are always fun regardless
Waxo2 Aylar önce
@V HYPLEX! ayoo the circus is in town!
V HYPLEX! Aylar önce
Ratio + k-pop better👶🏻👶🏻👶🏻👶🏻👦🏼👦🏼👦🏼👦🏼🧑🏼‍💻🧑🏼‍💻🧑🏼‍💻🧑🏼‍💻🧑🏼‍💻🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓
Sean Ferree
Sean Ferree Aylar önce
For real
Christine Katzman
Christine Katzman Aylar önce
22:05 "So if I ride Sidon, I finish?" ...okay, then. You do you, buddy.
TetraforceTheory 3 gün önce
@Christine Katzman It's time for you to look inward and begin asking yourself the big questions. Who are you and what do you want? And why isn't a big muscular fish daddy? Maybe you need to reevaluate everything up until now.
Christine Katzman
Christine Katzman 3 gün önce
@literally everyone I'm sorry but I'm not that kind of person (as in I question the intent of anthropomorphism)
Car Man
Car Man 5 gün önce
Ok but honestly Sidon is the hottest character in the game and I’m not even gay. He just looks so hot for some reason And that’s ironic, because he’s a fish so he’s probably cold
Ora Wisteria
Ora Wisteria 8 gün önce
Damn I wanna ride Sidon and finish too 😩
TetraforceTheory Aylar önce
@bezalel avrhamy He's a giver
Tikkel Bikkel
Tikkel Bikkel Aylar önce
8:12 "Umm... That is not... What just happened there? That dude's just walking on the air" Says the guy who's flying
CookieCreeperPlayz Aylar önce
Because Bomb Flying is a known bug while lizalfos flying is not a known bug.
Leoxes Yude
Leoxes Yude Aylar önce
@Nova Master Somebody watches Charii5 I see.
SkySaito Aylar önce
Rules of nature !
Shachco Studios
Shachco Studios Aylar önce
Like for real
michael b.k
michael b.k Aylar önce
@Nova Master you know the rules and sp o do i
NestOfThought Aylar önce
I'm convinced that smallant has an insanely good sense of direction and routing. Like his strategy and internal GPS when it comes to lockout bingo is just insane
Chel Ronin
Chel Ronin Aylar önce
Its a pretty simple skill tho, usually the other contestants aren’t thinking of routing and stuff. Its basically just tic-tac-toe but gaming. He’s really good at multitasking like how the other comment in this thread said. And he’s a certified gamer, so are speedrunners, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they have good skill in general at video games
MTG Studios
MTG Studios Aylar önce
its more his multi-tasking
Sponsie1000 Aylar önce
Also Tanner: "Google, is the korok l want to go to the east or to the west of here?" :')
CloudPerson Aylar önce
Man, smallant can lockout any game. I’m just waiting until he lockouts the original Zelda game
Pierdolec Fabryka Sp. ZOO.
waiting for Tanner to play irl lockout
Sean Ferree
Sean Ferree Aylar önce
Z3ZP Aylar önce
Anyone can with sufficient skill and a cheatsheet.
BEANS Aylar önce
My guy could probably figure out a way to do a Putt Putt Saves The Zoo lockout at this point
Maxthekillbot Aylar önce
Whoever edited this video did a great job, I really liked how it showed both of their cameras when they were talking to each other, a small detail that improved the video.
Devinator Aylar önce
@evenman27 that certainly was the case a few years ago, but he has hired editors since then. Currently he has 3 editors for his main channel videos, for this one in particular it was Devine_CMD
Maxthekillbot Aylar önce
@IceBen4444 He must have forgot to put the editor in the description before, it wasn't there before :P
Maxthekillbot Aylar önce
@evenman27 That's completely wrong, he has multiple different editors who work for him.
IceBen4444 Aylar önce
Devine_CMD as per the description of the video
evenman27 Aylar önce
Smant has clarified before that he edits all his own videos. I'm not 100% sure that's still the case though. I think that's kind of insane though lol, I definitely would have hired an editor long before now if I were him.
Yash MJ
Yash MJ Aylar önce
"If i ride Sidon... Do I finish?" That striking realization afterwards... Damn
"I literally speedrun this game!" A famous man's last words. ~Linkus7
Brett Hudecek
Brett Hudecek Aylar önce
He said it cause he knew he would lose, not cause he would win
XdivineExp Aylar önce
More like Linkus o7, amirite or amirite?
MrSpenfo Aylar önce
That back and forth between Smant's and Linkus's perspectives during the Lanayru Koroks was perfect!
Eyrt6 Aylar önce
I still find it so incredible that people are able to put the effort into speedrunning 100% of a game
V HYPLEX! Aylar önce
Ratio + k-pop better👦🏼👦🏼👦🏼👦🏼👶🏻👶🏻👶🏻👶🏻🧑🏼‍💻🧑🏼‍💻🧑🏼‍💻🧑🏼‍💻🧑🏼‍💻🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓
Sean Ferree
Sean Ferree Aylar önce
Right! Me too
Anjelo Maskelunas
Anjelo Maskelunas Aylar önce
@Axeeco do a 100% speedrun of this game and I’m certain you would not see it as procrastinating
Axeeco Aylar önce
Who wouldve guessed that in our current era one could become a professional procrastinator and make a career from it by streaming
MGlBlaze Aylar önce
And in tonight's video, Linkus gets repeatedly objective sniped and experiences PAIN. I really love the editing for the Lanayru Koroks. Linkus made up so much ground so fast but just barely got beat to 15.
Milbo06 Aylar önce
I feel like at this point, no one can beat smant in an equal race
Z3ZP Aylar önce
@Chel Ronin Exactly. Smant is very entertaining and fun to watch, but he is also very, VERY competitive, which makes him sometimes seem a bit douchey when he plays with other people.
Chel Ronin
Chel Ronin Aylar önce
@Z3ZP smallant has that minecraft video where he loses, although tbf the narrative in that video is that he got “unlucky” so it wasn’t even a “real loss” to his audience. Literally everyone saying he would have won if he had better RNG. I somewhat understand if one side just dumpsters the other, that isn’t as entertaining for a TRvid video. But any close race would be entertaining regardless if Smallant wins or not so idk he hardly ever uploads that.
Z3ZP Aylar önce
@Apex Konchu yea, except theres alot of losers side POV content too on their own channels. Losing doesn’t equal bad content, unless you are super competitive.
Apex Konchu
Apex Konchu Aylar önce
@Z3ZP That's not it. They generally have a rule that the video goes up on the winner's channel, since it's better content for them.
Z3ZP Aylar önce
@xpineapple Smant doesn’t put up vids where he loses in these, he’s wayyy too cocky and competitive for that.
Hariol Aylar önce
1:17 "I literally speedrun this game!" is such a mood for these types of challenge races. I used to speedrun SMO and do some lockouts with friends who had only beaten the game 100% once or twice, but I was never able to beat them. I have said that exact line so many times.
Emily Aylar önce
I didn't see Linkus' perspective when I watched this live, so it's really cool to see his side of it! Also his ABSOLUTE SPEED with those koroks was amazing, love to see it
Iffondrel Aylar önce
I choked at Smant's expression when he said "If I ride Sidon... I finish?"
LimaBean49 Aylar önce
Tanner is really good at making quick decisions and completing goals fast! Linkus did really well too, so overall this was such a good race! Hope you do more in the future.
wildcat Aylar önce
i like how it starts out announcing him as just "friend Linkus" not even "my friend" or anything
dsproductions19 Aylar önce
He was speedrunning the commentary, obviously.
lyricalcarpenter Aylar önce
It’s like in Pokémon. “Friend Linkus sent out Korok!”
NK_20 Aylar önce
Starfire says hi.
Nelly Aylar önce
Friend is his official title
abyssmal_kismet Aylar önce
I just restarted the video about ten times laughing my ass off at that. Pretty obviously an editing mistake, but still funny as heck.
Azzy X
Azzy X Aylar önce
I just wanna give an applause to the editor here cause they made a fantastic edit that kept me on my toes this entire video. Thanks for the competition y’all!
The Traveler
The Traveler Aylar önce
Bless his heart, he isn't constantly praising himself or talking about his skill, and he has enough self awareness to make fun of his own mistakes. These are the kinds of gamers that not only make the community better, but actually help advance gaming as an interest.
Wabbit_Szn !
Wabbit_Szn ! Aylar önce
“That guy was just walking on the air” as he wiggle bombs thru the air had me in stitches 😂
Potato Queen
Potato Queen Aylar önce
Perfect timing, I needed something to watch
o Luy lima
o Luy lima Aylar önce
Your majesty king DDD
Same bruh
The one and only me
Mystery Man
Mystery Man Aylar önce
Gabriel Cruz
Gabriel Cruz Aylar önce
"Incredibly skilled speed runner" was no match for you, SmallAnt! Was at the edge of my seat when you both were at 14/15 Lanayru Koroks. That was a fun game to watch, gg!
As you can clearly see, I am Person
I was there watching the stream the whole time and I wish I had forgotten everything about it so I could experience it again! This was such a good lockout!
Roxin Starbreaker
Roxin Starbreaker Aylar önce
Whoever wins, it'll be fun to watch Edit: the korok race portion was honestly so intense! Loved the video
Guinta Aylar önce
I know right
TheAdvertisement 6 gün önce
14:25 This race for the 15 Lanayru koroks was actually so intense, it was terrifying seeing how down to the wire it came. How'd it get that close!?
twisteddragonn Aylar önce
This was so awesome, cant wait for more races like this!
"Seth FakeLastName"
Love these lockout races. They are so awesome to watch. Excited for the next one!
Alexander Carter
Alexander Carter Aylar önce
Linkus had a big advantage for the harder goals, but he made the mistake of going for them since that leaves all the easier ones for Smant. If he instead sniped the easy goals Smant would get stuck on the hard ones while Linkus would go through them much faster. It was never about being good at the game, just about picking the better route.
diebuekill Aylar önce
I think Ant is so good at organizing chaos which is why he is so good at these races.
Scott Montgomery
Scott Montgomery Aylar önce
You are such a nice guy. Entertaining, knowledge, easy to watch whilst still making every second enjoyable. You deserve nothing but the best Smant. What a guy
Keebe the reincarnated kirby plush
With a game like this, racing can be really fun
Gaming For Fun
Gaming For Fun Aylar önce
"He would be really good at a game show." Little does linkus know, he is, and was. (Glass is very tasty)
Kritur Aylar önce
@Korhu Draak Twitch sponsored a game show called Hivemind, hosted by Ludwig and Charlie. Search up Smant’s episode. It’s great.
EternalOmen Aylar önce
@Korhu Draak apparently it was Ludwig's gameshow, aka not a show
Korhu Draak
Korhu Draak Aylar önce
Wait when? What?
DrBoarger Aylar önce
its hard to watch a smallant video without smiling at least once.
detective pikachu
detective pikachu Aylar önce
It is because of his dumb luck, his great story arcs and his good use of words like 'riding' a person
Oskar Antonsson
Oskar Antonsson Aylar önce
I am convinced small ant is insanely intelligent. There is no way he could be so good at quickly maping out a plan for every game he plays otherwise
J Blen
J Blen Aylar önce
that lanayru korok seed one was so hype. I genuinely sat up when Linkus got to 13 and Ant passed by that one place he was looking for
SemiHypercube Aylar önce
No matter the game it seems SmallAnt can do well in a race/bingo
Daniel K
Daniel K Gün önce
The editing on all of your videos is amazing. You somehow turn hours of footage from multiple sources into what seems like a fluid and continuous conversation with no gaps. Keep up the great work!
I still find it so incredible that people are able to put the effort into speedrunning 100% of a game
DannyDVito Aylar önce
Was I the only one who misread the thumbnail? “Dang, it took him 2000 hours? How good of a speedrunner can he really be…”
Landon Powless
Landon Powless 11 gün önce
I couldn’t tell if this was satire or not so sorry if it was but yes you read it wrong it means he has 2000 hours in the game
XanderTB Aylar önce
Smant is probably the greatest person at doing an amount of scrambled tasks I have ever seen, has he even lost a fair lockout once?
LunarMuphinz Aylar önce
He had a narrow loss on a Minecraft lockout he posted awhile back
Jordan Ertz
Jordan Ertz Aylar önce
I believe he lost a Minecraft lockout to Illumina. I think he also did lose an SMO one to Cjya, but that one was on Cj's channel.
Aron Fiore
Aron Fiore Aylar önce
It's amazing how SmallAnt can beat any expert in any game in those type of challenges or like the ones with the randomized loading zones in Pokémon. He never fails to surprise me
Eli Gibson
Eli Gibson 5 gün önce
16:10 the fact that Linkus almost caught up is terrifying
sledgen. Aylar önce
Yeah I remember researching the lotm and it took like 2 days to work it out. Basically I… think you talk to the guy at duelling peaks stable who tells you what moon it is and then it’s either on or the day after the waxing crescent. Only the hour it spawns within that set day is random. Oh yeah and fun little fact is it’s named after satoru iwata and is why the lotm is called satori too. But also the moon phase it spawns is the moon phase iwata was born on, or so I’ve heard. Apologies for the really nerdy comment xD
Warlord Doctor
Warlord Doctor Aylar önce
So fun watching these two battle it out with each other. Always some cool strats and mind games on display.!
Ghi102 Aylar önce
Ant has to be so infuriating to do bingo races against. Nearly every one he's done, he always gets into the other person's mind and messes them up
That Scar
That Scar Aylar önce
This is the editing of the future. Perfect supplement for the content without anything annoying. Thank you, Divine_CMD and others.
Voi_D Aylar önce
Love the BoTW lockout and bingo races always looking forward for more, can't wait to see what happens when you get your hands on the multiplayer mod.
ChargedBonsai98 Aylar önce
Can't wait to see more collabs/races/etc with Linkus! You guys are so wholesome!
Raustex Aylar önce
What a great race! I love competitive content like this. Also a joy to watch Linkus, he’s super skilled. I can’t believe how many close calls there were this time! Loved it!
Kyle Lee
Kyle Lee Aylar önce
Love the content Smallant! Love seeing these great collab videos. Keep your head up through all situations!
weeklyhan Aylar önce
The 15 Koruk one was such and upset, a big time loss for Linkus, great race!
Spinner891 Aylar önce
Honestly at this point I'm rooting against Smallant because he keeps winning all these bingos xD
ʀ ᴏ ꜱ ᴇ-Vlog Go to My Channel
Smallant is just so good at the specific skills needed to do lockouts and map randomizers. Even if he's not as good at the game itself (as seen by the korok race.) He just routes so much better that it doesn't matter.
Kier Simmons
Kier Simmons Aylar önce
This was brilliant content for both youtube and as a live stream. You def need to do more of this.
Tate Allen
Tate Allen Aylar önce
Man, linkus is awesome. Your Styles of content mesh so well together
M'lady Aylar önce
These bingo videos are one of my favourites for sure, you can never expect what's going to happen in them!
BadBoi CR
BadBoi CR Aylar önce
When the world needed him most, he returned
Cordes Batchelder
Cordes Batchelder Aylar önce
Would you be arrange a four player botw lockout at some point? The more chaos, the better.
Velvet Butterfly
Velvet Butterfly Aylar önce
I'd like to see one of these where getting a full line gives you bonus points, making it more strategic to lock your opponent out
Grimm 22 gün önce
I’d love to see Smant do some more irl speed runs, kind of like the pencil sharpening one. Like, there’s a walk in Spain called El Camino de Santiago. Would be cool to see a “no gps, no map, speed run of Spain.” The walk is basically time and resource management while looking for quest markers irl. I bet he could do 500 miles in under 3 weeks if he put the work in. Would be epic.
Kevin Armes
Kevin Armes Aylar önce
This is my absolute favorite style of video. Super fun to watch! Entertaining.
OG_PLAYA _NUB Aylar önce
Congrats to Falorni who got a shiny drifblim early on in the race.
Vallyent Aylar önce
Love your videos man. It always makes my day when I watch them.
MrBombsti Aylar önce
Would love to see this one again, I think Linkus could have won but there were a lot of routing and priority errors on his part
DSouls Aylar önce
Bruh, I'm already laughing seeing linkus struggling to parry the guardian laser. Great content and editing like always!
eroi bior
eroi bior Aylar önce
"Incredibly skilled speed runner" was no match for you, SmallAnt! Was at the edge of my seat when you both were at 14/15 Lanayru Koroks. That was a fun game to watch, gg
Jamie Aylar önce
Your lockouts are probably my favourite content to watch. Will mostly watch the TRvid videos but if I see you're streaming lockout will sit and watch a 5 hour vod which I have never done for anything else from anyone
TheAdvertisement 6 gün önce
I think what's funny about these videos is while the speedrunners are objectively more skilled at the game, they're used to speedrunning, not lockout bingos. Lockout bingos you have to forge your own route in real time, and adjust it quickly based on what your opponent has gotten. SmallAnt has had _much_ more practice with lockout bingo, so of coursehe's gonna figure out the big brain strats!
Cristobal Garrido
Cristobal Garrido Aylar önce
I died when Linkus' korok count went down to 0 after so much work he put into it. And when he was about to make a korok glorious return, bam he gets sniped. Love these videos.
Shiny Rayquaza
Shiny Rayquaza Aylar önce
All i understand is that no one can truly defeat you in a race
St. Nicolas
St. Nicolas Aylar önce
This was GREAT I loved it so much fun to watch
Zlilbro22 Aylar önce
Peoples demise is unpreventable as soon as they think “I can beat smallant”
Noodles Aylar önce
I love Smant he makes video games look easy when I try this stuff it takes me hours
Scorpion Sen
Scorpion Sen Aylar önce
Great video! Love the botw content/races!
Zero OutRage
Zero OutRage Aylar önce
Poor linkus getting beat damn near everytime 😅 I might have to root for him one time in hopes that he wins one, but damn ant well played 👊🏻
Dalynx09 Aylar önce
Everybody Gangsta until SmallAnt Beats himself in a lockout
Deuce Ditton
Deuce Ditton Aylar önce
8:12 “that dude was just walking on the air” *Looks at Link* Yeah I don’t think you’re in a position to question that.
Devilkin Aylar önce
Smant's organizational skills and prioritizing make him so good at lockouts, it's not even fair.
Brad Doods
Brad Doods Aylar önce
Found you from the as we go along podcast and have been obsessed ever since. Love the botw challenges you do
Sacren365 Aylar önce
Watching Linkus miss several shield parries in a row makes me feel much better about missing double as I’m playing through BOTW for the first time.
Y0G0FU Aylar önce
its always incredible to see how SmallAnts adaptive nature can overcome Years of Speedrunning experience. While Linkus is an incredible Speedrunner he has problems to adapt to the situation and he is so stuck in his patterns that he cant see opportunities when it comes to routing. Amazing Video and great performance from both.
AlphaChaser Aylar önce
Agreed while any seasoned Botw player will tell you Linkus is better at Botw, Ant is just so clever and calculated with his pathing that it makes up for the skill disparity and more.
Ace Wolf456
Ace Wolf456 20 gün önce
I love the in universe absurdity of 8:12 where link's like "wtf that thing's walking on the air" and the lizard's looking at link like "wtf that things flying with a bomb"
classicalgamer Aylar önce
Before every video "This man won multiple speed running awards/ fastest times in the world for 100% and has over 10000 Hours clocked in this game" My Favourite speedrunner who breaks all laws of physics: "Yeah yeah thi-this was t-tough you got so close to beating me"
LaxManSpiff Aylar önce
“That dude was just walking on the air” he says while literally flying
Mantyke Aylar önce
“That dude was walking on the air” Ah yes flying.
Jean Neymar
Jean Neymar Aylar önce
You're a god, you keep wining these races 😂
Bill Jones
Bill Jones Aylar önce
My fave kind of smant videos. Always love to see it!
Kanii Aylar önce
I love to watch you play botw against others. I have a suggestion. What about a Botw bingo or lockout but it’s literally your worst gaming nightmare Settings: Relics of the past Randomizer This would be like the literal definition of Botw nightmare mode. Would be insanely nice to watch. I‘d love to have you consider it 😁 thanks for the nice content and greetings from Germany
Traceyius Memton
Traceyius Memton Aylar önce
Fun to see smallant obliterate a 2000h speedruner, great video
Prestige Aylar önce
“That dude was just walking on the air” Ant says as he rides through the air on a flying bomb…
Julia Cora
Julia Cora Aylar önce
I still find it so incredible that people are able to put the effort into speedrunning 100% of a game
I still find it so incredible that people are able to put the effort into speedrunning 100% of a game
Ryce Borzym
Ryce Borzym Aylar önce
Korok snipe was the greatest moment I’ve seen in any lockout
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