This Show at Universal Studios is INSANE! 🔥😱  

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This is the WaterWorld show at Universal Studios Hollywood. The Waterworld show is an incredible live stunt show that brings the audience into action. The most impressive part of the show is the talented performers that are capable of doing such stunts!
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12 Kas 2022




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@JPland21 8 aylar önce
Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios (and Mario Kart Ride) trvid.com/video/video-aMxEkKJ66oA.html
@dilnozasattorova3094 8 aylar önce
@amaliaamal3320 8 aylar önce
@faujdaryadav1980 8 aylar önce
@user-qy5ct1tg9e 8 aylar önce
​@@faujdaryadav1980 🥰🥰🥰🥰
@maggicocom2526 8 aylar önce
He best be getting paid extra 💀
Po üppig
@@eminadzinovic3977 ? Ok ? ( ͠° ͟ʖ ͡°)
@Its_Asteria Yıl önce
Fire proof protection keeps them safe during stunts like these
Bro wont need to get paid in heaven
@DidayNim-bl6pj 8 aylar önce
Bro acted better than a game Npc💀
@Kasubaz 7 aylar önce
He was acting like one of those GTA NPCs tho
@rocketpocket6515 7 aylar önce
This guy better be David Blaine's stunt double..
@CosmicFist 6 aylar önce
Icecream so good, Icecream so good yum yum
@sumarnitambunan3236 6 aylar önce
@sumarnitambunan3236 6 aylar önce
@@rocketpocket6515 7
@hisdudeness7564 8 aylar önce
These folks better be living very comfortable lives
@HvacHeathen 7 aylar önce
Most of them are struggling to not be homeless and broke
I went here and I love it
@shujunzheng4121 Aylar önce
Bro had a bise to used by whitebeard
@juanzamarripa3778 Aylar önce
@@HvacHeathenthat’s sad because they are entertainers working for probably the biggest movie production studio in the world
@tomato_potato10 Yıl önce
The way he just ragdolled off the edge💀
@manojsahu4815 Yıl önce
. L L l L. @@ . Lol
Right to a fuel tank
Straight out of GTA 5 🤣🤣🤣
@goldenstate443 Yıl önce
I like ppl that use the same words as me. “Ragdolled”😅
@goldenstate443 Yıl önce
@@iacovoskritz4896 I remember on gta 4 I would fly helicopters on ground level as fast as I could then jumped out one time he ragdolled and smacked a pole then got to flipping so fast that his body looked like a perfect square me and my best friend were on the floor in tears losing all our oxygen it’s like the game couldn’t register what was happening all we could say was “floppy square body” niqqas couldn’t breathe or put it in words what we seen 💀💀
@rebeccarose6818 8 aylar önce
Damn this is beautiful I've literally never seen a performance this good
@kikovillaluz9514 7 aylar önce
Bro thats irl and hes getting burnt irl
@yung_bow 7 aylar önce
@@kikovillaluz9514wait nahhh rlly?
@RATKINGSUPREME 7 aylar önce
@@kikovillaluz9514it’s fire protective clothing, it’s just a performance
@dannydepresso 7 aylar önce
​@@RATKINGSUPREMEso its not real?
@Novasobright 6 aylar önce
@@dannydepressoit’s real but I assume they put sum on him so he isn’t actually burning
@Aaron-kr5vg Aylar önce
Water World is an amazing show. So Cal resident here who’s been to Universal Studios many times and even though I love their thrill rides, watching this show is always at the top of my priority list whenever I visit the park.
@williamsum4798 Yıl önce
Mad respect for them actors and actresses
I only see actors
@Angel_213__ Yıl önce
​@@Fishy100thousand theirs both
@Red-hot_Pyro Yıl önce
@@Angel_213__Actress wasn't in the video goofy
@bung6042 Yıl önce
didn't need to add the "actresses" since actor is gender neutral
@Angel_213__ Yıl önce
@@Red-hot_Pyro how are you gonna tell me when I've been to this show over 30+ times
@FoxRmiles 8 aylar önce
bro falling like a gta character 💀
@luismercado9720 8 aylar önce
@lakshdeepthakan771 3 aylar önce
@user-fg3xo7hz1l Aylar önce
Who that advanced good 😂💀💯🔥
"Bob.. they're cutting our budget again, we're getting rid of the fireproof stunt suit."
@Bob-io2vn Yıl önce
Uh oh, Bob. They're cutting your fireproof stunt.
@sajaddidas1411 Yıl önce
@@darrellwillis4871 uh bob they said no more fireproof suit but John made this home made fire retardant cream that is enough to cover half your body. He said don’t worry it works mostly
How are ya bob
@brandonvillatuya9539 7 aylar önce
This was definitely one of the better attractions of the park.
@ralphdecastro-pu7km 3 aylar önce
Bro using whitebeard Bisento💀💀💀
@CabousN 6 gün önce
@thatverseguy Yıl önce
Imagine how many times you have to do this perfectly in a day.
They probably have FUN doing this every time!!!
@jahmon7117 Yıl önce
@@AsianAmerican2007 cap
bro fell into the gasoline💀
@thelightboy7 Yıl önce
Made your 1k
@makotomachiyuki Yıl önce
​@@AsianAmerican2007They are good actors performance for a reason
@jahincansee 6 aylar önce
Resident evil game💀
@LockRainmaker 5 aylar önce
Fun fact, the guy who plays Deacon is legendary professional wrestler, The Fallen Angel, Christopher Daniels!
Nobody’s gonna talk about the brave that he had jumping? 💀
@jara9017 Yıl önce
@nerdyjomar Yıl önce
@@lauralynnluvbug1985 congrats u can type and read
@Mejjjuu 7 aylar önce
This show Is and always will be a core memory of mine
@Magmamaticbuilds Aylar önce
I went there. It was insane. I got splashed a lot.
@jakebulette6485 Yıl önce
When everyone started booing the bad guy when he entered, I was doing an evil smile and clapping. I remember his eyes went straight to me and he almost started laughing. Best show at an amusement park
@qx4n9e1xp Yıl önce
Damn. He had to have given you his number after this (his SECRET LAIR number).
That was me but with Megatron.
@2playajay Yıl önce
Niggas cap for anything😭😭
@jakebulette6485 Yıl önce
@@2playajay so your logic is to assume everyone on the internet is a liar?
@Blue-vd6bv Yıl önce
@CringeModeActivated 6 aylar önce
"Stand up" "NOOOOO" "yez"
@cooperjackson614 5 aylar önce
Waterworld Stuntman... best job on planet earth!
“No NAOOOOOOO!” That was a truly villainous way to say it 😂
No fr
it was funny tbf
@kulaspaguia2820 Yıl önce
@dukes1993724 Yıl önce
Reminds me of that Saints game announcer call where the kicker missed the kick lol
@user-sm7lo2zb2l 2 aylar önce
@zachTeehee417 8 aylar önce
That was fucking insane
@T1Oracle 7 aylar önce
It was lit for real! 🔥
@arturoacosta6583 6 aylar önce
Professional actors at work. two thumbs up ✌
@nitidarane2172 Yıl önce
“Honey how was work?” “Cool I gone on fire 20 times for a show at universal”
E tu bznrjchbbs nc
378likes and no replies? Let me fix dat
@paulyanez210 Yıl önce
​@Kian Evacula 428 likes imma have to help u out
Let me fix that
Let me fix that
Bro has the sword of whitebeard 👇
@gabanzocoolness Aylar önce
they got dr eggman bending over for the fire 💀
@Pixelcraftian Yıl önce
_”Alright, for this little thing we’re doing the villain has to be.. lit on fire for like 8 seconds”_ The actor: “The villain has to what”
@CoachT_grindSZN Yıl önce
@WunnaDblack Yıl önce
😭 bro said "so I'm getting a lil extra right"
@urilou777 Yıl önce
good one 🤣
@Matadordetrolls Yıl önce
@user-uu1rs2be9m 5 aylar önce
@kinggabsean2336 11 gün önce
That fall was personal😂
@jdel14 Yıl önce
This is Waterworld at Universal Studios Hollywood. Had a great time watching this growing up its been an attraction that's been going for decades now.
@xx-Dadd-xx Yıl önce
​@@Dont_click_this_profil3 Okay we wont
@ericshun2552 Yıl önce
The stunt show is certainly better than the movie
@nicholassee8855 Yıl önce
We also have this in universal studios Singapore
@HashPapi Yıl önce
Unfortunately I went there after my depression hit peak but it’s one of the few memories I have there.. such a great show!!!
@tokyosnow2413 Yıl önce
I though thats what this was but wasn’t sure, great movie though
@mickeyumphries495 Aylar önce
People that are just likeing texts 👇
@xvr1466 7 aylar önce
Saw this in April 2022 and it was so cool
No gonna lie simply by far the best stage play I've seen, great acting.
@aswaltan8962 Yıl önce
Super danger.
They're not acting... They're not even talking, it's a recording and It's all choreographed.
Can't be serious.
The Bourne ultimatum one is INSANE too, they do an amazing job
Did bro actually caught on fire 🔥
@user-ht4rd6os3t Aylar önce
I love waterwold so much
@Vowku Yıl önce
I saw this performance when I went to universal studios and it is truly incredible Edit 1: MOM IM FAMOUS Edit 2: she doesn’t care Edit 3: thx for 1.3k likes
@pablobaez3281 Yıl önce
@meIIoww Yıl önce
​@@pablobaez3281 yo mama dry
@metali0826 Yıl önce
What show is that?
@hagenabe7314 Yıl önce
​@@metali0826 water world
@hogswaddle Yıl önce
@Z4chattackYT 7 aylar önce
The water world show is so cool
@therisangtam-gv6mx 7 aylar önce
The sword looks like Whitebeards ngl
@memeboi813 Yıl önce
Man jumped into big ol’ area with a huge tank labeled *FUEL* Edit: you didn’t have to cut me off-
@azoya3376 Yıl önce
Probably a pool
@dog5696 Yıl önce
@@azoya3376 nooooo really?
Umm what?
Trying too hard to be funny
@azoya3376 Yıl önce
@@theboyinthedark6521 wdym?
@IHateYou.51 7 aylar önce
He better get a raise for that
@claudiosalib774 5 aylar önce
I can already see at least one major safety hazard with this scene. The performer alight in flames should be well away from the large fuel dump only metres away from his dive. I can only ascertain that the fuel dump may be fully laden with gasoline or another volatile explosive mixture. Another criticism is that the man dangling from under the ledge does not appear to be wearing any safety restraint, which would be a violation of the safety regulations act. Other than the aforementioned concerns, the stunts look genuine and should garner praise from both the audience and the stunt coordinators of the public spectacle. ☝️🙄 👀
@clearancy Yıl önce
Saw this show in person when I went, theres people below spraying the whole crowd with water lmao
Went last night all cold and what not sprayed us with water without any mercy
​@@VictorHernandez-du3lh sound like a horrible experience
You’re not a real G unless you sit in the splash zone lmao
@rico-228 Yıl önce
White water
@sup3rNico 7 aylar önce
That was cool 😎 back in 1995
@TheAhtziry 8 aylar önce
And there is a man that can go underneath water!
@FBillz Yıl önce
The way my man's just literally falls off....somebody give this man a raise
@Numbergamer2024 Yıl önce
The fact that they made thousands of shows and he gets put on fire lots of times 😨
@chillkid1465 Yıl önce
Dude had to become bald so that his hair wouldn’t catch on fire. He fit the role like a glove. Such dedication
@reeturani4125 Yıl önce
@salamdalaf2993 Yıl önce
@NihalSingh-gh6ck 8 aylar önce
@@salamdalaf2993 to.
@bluelove808 8 aylar önce
When I went to that show a spark of fire got in my eye
@ramonamojica8882 25 gün önce
Nah if I was there I would already be dead 💀 🤣 😂
@arshiarfadhia3019 3 aylar önce
Universaĺ studio of Singapore.. I went there many times❤❤❤ love it much
@alexnewberry3279 7 aylar önce
Why does this remind me of the movie water world
I remember seeing this performance of Waterworld when I was a kid. I’m so glad they’re still doing it
@amarillo856 Yıl önce
Me too but it used to scare me 😂😂
@tobicrowther Yıl önce
I thought it was that damn it's looks so cool
@aguyonyt1 Yıl önce
this is the future
@Alex-dk9jr Yıl önce
I knew this looked familiar
@elza3em123 Yıl önce
​@@amarillo856 د
@RonoFCVK20 7 aylar önce
I watched this in 2016 and it was insane
@I_Like_Turtles890 7 aylar önce
At universal I wanted to see this soo bad! but my brother wanted to ride all the rides so we couldn’t
“how was work?” “it was fire” edit: MOM IM FAMOUS
Lol 😆 literally 🤣
@sleepyzero7039 Yıl önce
Literally flames🔥😂
@-roll-8678 Yıl önce
Totally lit
@msssky Yıl önce
Clearly 💀 😂
@nevaehchannel4625 7 aylar önce
Me as a kid: Why didnt he stop dropped and rolled
@elitetrucker5150 7 aylar önce
The have been doing it for like 20+ years . Time to update the show
@XxFinexx_DGTxX Yıl önce
Yea Water world is entertaining af. The fire hurts my eyes, and everything is so loud, and the deaths are crazy
Best movie ever
@skither4305 Yıl önce
God loves you
@HughJanuus Yıl önce
@Dyslexic Mitochondria don’t worry. i’m not that stupid to give you fame for you being a pest in comments
@@skither4305 I've wondered for a long time if he does love me. I'm still here tho so that counts for something I guess.
@fidgetpro6361 Yıl önce
@Dyslexic Mitochondria uejwiwjejsusysuisisisjiiisixjaksksjsizjsidjsjuddkxk$isisoisos
@joyjoelegot4200 3 aylar önce
@melissachu7013 8 aylar önce
@adamtamimi Yıl önce
I find it amazing how those same actors are able to perform that 1 show thousands of times, almost without flaw, in their career, amazing show. I wonder if they every grow tired of it.
@DraG0Ne Yıl önce
I think they do multiple shows but that must get boring
@GoonRides Yıl önce
Yes they do
@ianc643 Yıl önce
100% they’re tired of it. You perform the same thing over and over again.
Actually not always the same actors
@JohnnyAppleW33D Yıl önce
@@DraG0Ne I don't think it ever gets boring to jump 30 ft off of a set structure into a small window of safety
@benyboybob 4 aylar önce
Nothing beats the Bourne Stuntacular!
@katyboehler2703 7 aylar önce
My dad works at the water world show at Universal Studios
legend has it his draws are still on fire to this day
@blacksheep7910 Yıl önce
For a second, my mind processed this sentence: legend has it his dwarfs are still on fire to this day 💀 💀 💀
@tono6136 Yıl önce
@user-tq8km8ti2e Yıl önce
​@@blacksheep7910 ооо или угол кг не удабмбплцфвымы
@sivepate1743 Yıl önce
@Lolkingttd Aylar önce
@Mcqueen__editzzz 7 aylar önce
Why does it looks like animation?
@huevos808 Yıl önce
I was at this 15 years ago, and they had to stop the show because the guy they hanged hurt himself...
@juanmendez2832 Yıl önce
Sad because that was my favorite
@castlecat-gb9bb Yıl önce
@MrGamerDoesVids Yıl önce
I’m never going there because it’s too expensive so you guys are lucky you can go
​@@castlecat-gb9bb b Upbvcic
@gracemartinez7637 7 aylar önce
@JaquelinRamirez3231 5 aylar önce
I witnessed a major emergency during this show, it was from one of the actors, apparently a stunt went wrong and he ended up falling into the water on accident and passed out almost drowning.
I’m so baked that I was going through the comments looking for the name of the “show” so I can watch this weekend 💀😂
@Charchar289 Yıl önce
@nickzwolfz8070 Yıl önce
@@Charchar289 don’t be an ass
@Cojay96 Yıl önce
From the movie water world lol
@1eighty Yıl önce
​ fake Saul Mf deleted his comment 😭
@bladeyn9078 7 aylar önce
I love that show but did you know there is a movie of it on Netflix?
Ughhh that killer is on fire is it real or fake?!?!
Saw this at Universal Studios Singapore 12 years ago. Still one of the best memories.
@lopyus Yıl önce
Yep same i watched this in 2009. Same place. Triggered really old memories😊
@avgaming3002 Yıl önce
I watched it in Singapore a few times from 2010-2012 it was so good
@sovietbear8606 Yıl önce
Same bruv
@GhulaMuhammad1 Yıl önce
​@@sovietbear8606 666666c66666v66666666c66c66
@GhulaMuhammad1 Yıl önce
​@@lopyus 666ccc666v6cv66ccvc6vvcvvvvvvc
@Demonchild-VR Aylar önce
You can hear a little kids in the background say no root beer no root beer
@Shonen_edits. Aylar önce
“That’s not CGI folks, that guy is actually on fire!” -Ryan Reynolds, May 18, 2018
@lucasthebigl Yıl önce
"Hey guys sorry im late, so when are we starting?" "...Jerry...weren't you the one who was supposed to set the landing mat?" Jerry: 👁👄👁
@coolbrotherj Yıl önce
water landing, soft, safe and puts out the fire in one
@Duffyboi Yıl önce
@Shawn they could have been moving the water so it wasn’t like landing on concrete
@Shawn bro you gotta be way farther up than that for it to be like concrete. Like over 100 feet and the water would have to be still or barely moving.
@LeonneGaming Yıl önce
@Shawn U acting like hes jumping off a plane lol, the water is not gonna hurt that bad, people in real life jump of cliffs into water
@randirawa6142 Yıl önce
​@@coolbrotherj LP
@Pico_and_nacho Aylar önce
I remember this when i was a child now i have nostaligia😢
@masonkoechley3280 8 aylar önce
The materials use for the tower reminds me of the one part of the map in fortnite in an older season
@interanium3427 Yıl önce
"How's work?" "I dont wanna talk about it."
@o_x_y_g_e_n Yıl önce
@DarkWolf22K Yıl önce
Flare up my butt... Always Works Like A Charm
@@o_x_y_g_e_n v
@thebirbestbirb Yıl önce
U know he is okay right, I've been to that show it's the water world one it's meant to happen
@thebirbestbirb Yıl önce
And it's absolutely fucking amazing to watch
@quit726 8 aylar önce
i wish i could go to hollywood universal i can only go to the flordia one
@kylelavoy4308 Aylar önce
This looks like a video game
@cloudyboyy8549 Yıl önce
wtfff this was better than any action movie made this decade.
@manolo5042 Yıl önce
@rahulk2633 Yıl önce
Nah, but i guess you've just meant it as an expression
@eyoutube1 Yıl önce
Definitely the type to say "Millennials" multiple times a day
@leticiavi6921 Aylar önce
I seen that show it’s amazing❤🎉🎉
@whoamichelle 2 aylar önce
NAH somebody sprayed a water canyon on a little boy during the show
@ultrarex6077 Yıl önce
Don't worry, he drank a potion of fire resistance before the performance
@theisgood0 Yıl önce
Thank God😦 I got so worried
@Ayo_Riki Yıl önce
Bro he then did a sick water bucket mlg
@makokommakokom 8 aylar önce
He really set set himself on fire🔥
@reksplay Aylar önce
@darksaber5437 Yıl önce
I would not jump off as calmly as he did 💀
@Sweeti924 Yıl önce
Thats why your not up there 🤓
@jeremy506dfitz Yıl önce
Only in Ohio
@leaf7997 Yıl önce
That’s why your not up there 🤓
@v1nceisthebest434 7 aylar önce
I thought I heard spiderman 2099 theme somewhere in there
@brandonbutler8177 7 aylar önce
Was that man exposed to be on fire?
@jackylegs2817 Yıl önce
Better acting than most Disney shows/movies these days.
Then you have been watching most movies and tv shows with a literal blank sheet over your face. Or better yet you were blind and stupid. Make better statements.
Disney sucks now
@@anthonyhenderson2641 Multiple projects under disney is still ongoing. So no not everything. Live action films have been divided.
@@alexanderhardianto253 they suck, weirdo content directed towards kids.
@@anthonyhenderson2641 Disney content has always been for kids lmfao. They can be enjoyed by adults too. Star wars is for kids aka 12 yr olds. while marvel can be enjoyed for all ages.
@Fo4lexess 8 aylar önce
Nah he better get 1000000000000$ for that fall
@HYKGA 8 aylar önce
Looks Like Waterworld with Kevin Costner
@natthecat3602 Yıl önce
I went and saw this a few years back! The stunts were incredible and the actors were great!
@ndap72 Yıl önce
@kirozoshi_satori 7 aylar önce
@heatherfalagrady2211 8 aylar önce
Ahh I saw this show it was crazy , you get splashed with water. But he was supposed to catch on fire
@xen0su Yıl önce
Bruh didnt even hesitate, i know straight in his head he wanted to scream ‘YOLOOO!!!’ Edit: two days and already 770 likes? jeezums
@alexboehmer6888 Yıl önce
With performances involving fire they usually wear a flame retardant suit or gel and or both .
@@alexboehmer6888 think he’s talking about jumping
@SuperPotatoKing Yıl önce
It’s his job to jump + he did this many times
@alexboehmer6888 Yıl önce
@@gavynekellett6983 oh shoot wrong one all well haha
@TCO_404 Yıl önce
I was the 900th like.
@Isabnormal2 7 aylar önce
It looks so real😮
@lakshdeepthakan771 3 aylar önce
He is falling like a Gta character
@mrrandom3110 Yıl önce
normal day in ohio be like:
Idk it what is with ohio now
@Chris-iq5pr Yıl önce
@@josemartinezz9152 Ohio
unfunny comment
@@Chris-iq5pr im asking whay it started
@r3fre5h_iwnl Yıl önce
What's up in Ohio?
Büyük kardeşin kurnazlıkları
Ah o Müjgan yok mu Müjgan😅