This Show at Universal Studios is INSANE! 🔥😱

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12 Kas 2022




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Brittyboolovesyew 2 aylar önce
I remember seeing this performance of Waterworld when I was a kid. I’m so glad they’re still doing it
Piedy Mounika
Piedy Mounika Aylar önce
​@Alex 74
Crister Sjoblom
Crister Sjoblom Aylar önce
​@Fire gamingm
Fire gaming
Fire gaming 2 aylar önce
@Autumn 95 99999p9999 999 999999o0
Floki 47
Floki 47 2 aylar önce
Damn your old
Dev Reddy
Dev Reddy 2 aylar önce
Jacky legs
Jacky legs 16 gün önce
Better acting than most Disney shows/movies these days.
Alexander Hardianto
Alexander Hardianto 2 gün önce
@Anthony Henderson Ohhh what's the matter? You are gonna cry? What do you have against children? 🤣. Guess the only one who sucks at life is you while the kids are laughing and enjoying themselves.
Alexander Hardianto
Alexander Hardianto 2 gün önce
@Anthony Henderson Disney content has always been for kids lmfao. They can be enjoyed by adults too. Star wars is for kids aka 12 yr olds. while marvel can be enjoyed for all ages.
Anthony Henderson
Anthony Henderson 2 gün önce
@Alexander Hardianto they suck, weirdo content directed towards kids.
Alexander Hardianto
Alexander Hardianto 2 gün önce
@Anthony Henderson Multiple projects under disney is still ongoing. So no not everything. Live action films have been divided.
Anthony Henderson
Anthony Henderson 2 gün önce
Disney sucks now
SeaMe Green
SeaMe Green Aylar önce
I haven’t been there in years it was waterworld it was awesome
Itz_Ace Aylar önce
No matter how many times I’ve seen that show, it amazes me every time
Georges X El-Gharib
Georges X El-Gharib 6 gün önce
You should check out the Bourne Stuntacular show at Universal Studios Orlando
Isabella Xiong
Isabella Xiong Aylar önce
That was insane😳😳😳
Whitney Williams
Whitney Williams 2 aylar önce
No gonna lie simply by far the best stage play I've seen, great acting.
Camron Harris
Camron Harris 2 aylar önce
@Miss Daisy The Raccoon 💀💀😂nicca what u think they just playing
A C 2 aylar önce
dissociate 2 aylar önce
great acting 😹😹 that was the most robotic body language and reaction to being set on fire
Hiney Music
Hiney Music 2 aylar önce
Star Wars hai
David Montague
David Montague 2 aylar önce
@Miss Daisy The Raccoon that’s a form of acting bruh
EMPATH Gün önce
People like THEM deserve an oscar.
Ripsy Aylar önce
For anyone wondering, this is a ~25 minute show called “Waterworld” (Yes, based on the movie) at Universal Studios in Hollywood. I highly recommend seeing it if you’re near, I saw it a few days ago and was stunned by all the acts, stunts, pyrotechnics and sound effects in the show!
Cailyn Elizabeth     #STOPLIVHATE
WATER WORLD WAS SICK!!! When I was on my wish trip for kids cancer care (my wish was to meet Gordon Ramsay, they let us go to universal and a little treat) we went to water world and I was captivated the entire time. Nothing else existed, just the show they put on. It was absolutely incredible, and I will 100% take my kids there one day when I’m an adult
Longstraid 8 gün önce
@Sidar Tekkaraman г частог чегомггмггмг со сог, со сгг
Sidar Tekkaraman
Sidar Tekkaraman 8 gün önce
Adın ne yapıyor
billabong1264 28 gün önce
That guy needs an award!
∆M0ONLIGHT∆ 5 gün önce
@Fun Gaming damn he's dead?💀
Fun Gaming
Fun Gaming 5 gün önce
How can he get an award if he's dead 💀
∆M0ONLIGHT∆ 13 gün önce
​@Cumulus Vapes nah bro is jealous bcause that guy acts better than him 💀
Cumulus Vapes
Cumulus Vapes 19 gün önce
Worst actor 2023?
NatTheCat 2 aylar önce
I went and saw this a few years back! The stunts were incredible and the actors were great!
kenneth ragin
kenneth ragin 2 aylar önce
K-mart ridlin
K-mart ridlin 2 aylar önce
Philip Nguyen
Philip Nguyen 2 aylar önce
Stratis Leacc
Stratis Leacc Aylar önce
Holy wowsers I did not expect that,😱😱🤯🤯
Chad Minnaar
Chad Minnaar 5 gün önce
I saw this show live at Universal Studios in Singapore about 10 years ago. An amazing performance doing justice to an awesome movie… Water World
Perry the Platypus
Perry the Platypus 27 gün önce
I actually know how this works! If anyone wants to know. Basically, he’s covered in a freezing, fireproof gel. It’s all over his skin and clothes. He’s been trained to be able to keep the flame away from his face while doing this stunt, and land safely in the water. So if you’re wondering how he feels this whole time…it’s weird, but he is probably colder than you have ever been
TheBritishGoose Aylar önce
BTW that was real fire but he did it many times before
Pixelcraftian 2 aylar önce
_”Alright, for this little thing we’re doing the villain has to be.. lit on fire for like 8 seconds”_ The actor: “The villain has to what”
Lord Ishimura
Lord Ishimura 2 aylar önce
Then throw himself from 10 story tower
Matthew W
Matthew W 2 aylar önce
it's just cgi fire
Troll killer
Troll killer 2 aylar önce
Uriel F
Uriel F 2 aylar önce
good one 🤣
Vaneide RIBEIRO Silva
Vaneide RIBEIRO Silva 2 aylar önce
​@Top priority pressure washing&Mobile detail
SwampRat666 2 gün önce
It’s a really cool show. At the end the literally fly a plane down onto the stage. It’s crazy
Liz Lombera
Liz Lombera Aylar önce
That's so cool!!! I would love to do this!
Lilo 5626
Lilo 5626 Aylar önce
Waterworld is the best live action show ever to be at a theme park! You can feel the fiery action right in front of you!
Kurtis Lawler
Kurtis Lawler Aylar önce
is it better than the movie or just a kick ass theme park show?
Anthony F
Anthony F 17 saatler önce
It would be cool to see them perform the whole movie
William Sum
William Sum 2 aylar önce
Mad respect for them actors and actresses
Goodhelpful 7 gün önce
@Bung exactly
Goodhelpful 7 gün önce
You can just call them actors 🤦‍♀️
Lucy wa Ruaka fb
Lucy wa Ruaka fb 9 gün önce
​@XoticFN. Pp p 9⁰
Mid Gard
Mid Gard 20 gün önce
​@XoticFN. Reading comprehension is important
Queen of The Ashes
Queen of The Ashes 24 gün önce
@Sean why are some of you so pressed about them adding "actresses" ?
Sum sum🦩🦩
Sum sum🦩🦩 Aylar önce
Oh yes Waterworld gets me every time😂😂😂 it’s just so cool to watch🎉
Galactic_Yukii Aylar önce
I remember seeing this show on my trip to Universal, it was awesome
America 29 gün önce
How he was on fire: so, he before the show started they planned the whole thing but it was still safe but kinda dangerous at the same time so, the secret is this is called a fire stunt and he put a special fireproof lotion thing. and put it all over his body. So he was 100% safe while doing the stunt. Thanks for reading the explanation!
Big lez Sf
Big lez Sf Aylar önce
I’ve watched this show 5 times at universal studios every time I went there best show ever
Kollins Brown
Kollins Brown 2 aylar önce
He best be getting paid extra 💀
Cinna Mon
Cinna Mon 3 gün önce
Probably not!@
wiz abi
wiz abi 5 gün önce
Julie 18 gün önce
​@Random Commentator The only way you can claim what he thinks is if he told you personally. Did he?
Saul goodman
Saul goodman 20 gün önce
Nah he has the fire proof enchantment
FlowerPower123 20 gün önce
14$ an hour + tips
Poison RBX
Poison RBX 29 gün önce
I watched this 5 times and it never gets old
Marcthenoob 1234
Marcthenoob 1234 27 gün önce
I remember that it was such a great show and the wait wasn’t too long
con sâu nghiện genshin impact
M Aylar önce
Seeing it in real life is epic!
JC Tell
JC Tell 2 aylar önce
Show still holds up. Saw it several times last summer. Nice relief from the heat. Great cast.
Righhhhht.... 23 gün önce
Ive seen the show. Its wonderful. The preshow is so much fun too!
SCARAMOUCHE ♡ 21 gün önce
i went to universal last year and saw this show and i loved it so much
LoraHadACookie! Aylar önce
Oh my gosh I loved that show so much!
Keith Prater
Keith Prater Aylar önce
Seen the show in April for Father’s Day, the ending part with the plane was nuts
Bill Diehl of Midwest Federal
Wow, this show has been going on for over 25 years, I remember seeing it back in 96 when I was 12
MrChickinMan 2 aylar önce
@Kermit is_green 38 is pretty good tho
Kermit is_green
Kermit is_green 2 aylar önce
U old bro
Justin Otto
Justin Otto Aylar önce
I watched that one as well it is Waterworld. It was the same like 8 years ago and It is still as amazing as It was back than.
iloveurtoenails 29 gün önce
i remember watching this when i was at universal studios, one of my fav things at the park
The Goverment
The Goverment Aylar önce
love Waterworld one of my favorite parts of Universal Studios and I like to go at night for there final showing it shows off the water better and it's a nice end to a long day just sitting there and watching a man on fire jump off the edge
Nullpo Aylar önce
That’s pretty incredible 😮
DarkSaber5 Aylar önce
I would not jump off as calmly as he did 💀
TxT Aylar önce
@MOON especially the fall with one leg
MOON Aylar önce
There's a bunch of safety mats not visible to the viewers
Max The Frog
Max The Frog Aylar önce
@Gaming channels at 3 am ayo bro- 💀
DarkSaber5 Aylar önce
@Bernadette Garcia yes and it’s water
Gaming channels at 3 am
​@Max The Frog i love you
Itssoph157 22 saatler önce
Bro needs a Oscar 💗
danielle chiem
danielle chiem Aylar önce
I watched this like so much and omg I still love it 🥰
cbstevp 6 gün önce
That's the same show I saw in 1998. Glad to see they stuck with the plan.
Indrajit Bora
Indrajit Bora 22 gün önce
They should get recognition man 😌
Leaping Crackers Productions
When everyone started booing the bad guy when he entered, I was doing an evil smile and clapping. I remember his eyes went straight to me and he almost started laughing. Best show at an amusement park
H K 5 gün önce
@Leaping Crackers Productions that’s usually the case
ABCole 24 gün önce
​@Leaping Crackers Productions I have no reason to doubt you. I used to work 2 jobs, which came after a period of working full-time and going to college full-time. My wife loves to spoil me with good seats for concerts. Sometimes it meant that I didn't sleep after working so that I could go. I couldn't always hide how tired I was. Yawning and fighting to keep my eyes open. There were multiple concerts where the lead singer repeatedly did a double-take or would fixate on me with a death glare. I had all the outward signs of finding the concert boring to the point that it probably seemed like exaggerated gestures with a sarcastic connotation. I've seen most of those bands multiple times while in similar seating positions (1st-4th row) and I never got the same agitated look during their other concerts when I was fully awake. It's psychological. One possibility is that they saw me as one of those people that get dragged to a concert they don't want to be at. It impacts the vibe of the crowd. It makes it harder for them to get the entire crowd involved in a show, which subsequently impacts how the concert is remembered. Anyway, I can see it happening so I have no reason to doubt your story. However, I would think the interpretation of the reaction might be off. If you're smiling during a scene where the performer wants a dramatic crowd reaction, it throws off the vibe. He may have even assumed that you were laughing at his performance like you would when an actor is so bad that it goes past being boring and comes full circle to being entertaining in a different way. If they thought that was the case it may have caught them off guard, leading to a break in character. If it's a serious antagonist, they constantly hold a more serious facial expression. a break in character would be neutral, which looks more jovial in comparison to their in-character face. If you have seen the same show and actors multiple times, you have an idea of what a character-break would look like. Anything different for that one performance would stand out when compared to the rest. You may be right. I wasn't there. They also could've thought you were intentionally messing with them the way that obnoxious tourists do sometimes. Honestly, it's not like the story was particularly brag-worthy. If you wanted to come up with a tall tale that impressed, why not go the extra mile and claim to have been part of the show? I've been to many live shows at amusement parks, and getting a volunteer involved is a staple for a lot of them.
kidd collier
kidd collier Aylar önce
Wat movie is they doing
Zenith Zanti
Zenith Zanti Aylar önce
I always cheer and gives thumbs up whenever the deacon enters
Joel Rivera
Joel Rivera Aylar önce
You fall in love, because he was so hot that caught fire.
Skolix Aylar önce
the old universal studio western shows i miss em
Cumulus Vapes
Cumulus Vapes 19 gün önce
at least it was believable and they were actors
Conner B Bennett
Conner B Bennett 21 gün önce
God loves you!
Carlos Felix
Carlos Felix Aylar önce
DiamondDepth YT
DiamondDepth YT Aylar önce
To the people saying they're robots/animatronics, they most definitely are not. They are stunt actors. They even talk to the crowd during the show. I would know. I've sat front seat multiple times.
EL PLAGGA Aylar önce
Pure Talent 🦅🦅🦅🦅
-Ghazt in a box-
-Ghazt in a box- Aylar önce
I wish I could go back to universal studios Hollywood, it has cool shows and rides
Better Late than never
Those live shows at universal are something else, I remeber in the really early 90’s they had ghostbusters and was legit jaw dropping movie special effects but in real life, it literally looked like gozer was throwing lightning bolts around, even my parents were like “Damn….that was amazing!?”
Blast Wave
Blast Wave 11 gün önce
@youALLadopted95 its alr
youALLadopted95 11 gün önce
@Blast Wave after a quick google search I believe you’re correct. I swore it was universal but it was MGM(now Hollywood studios). My fault
Blast Wave
Blast Wave 11 gün önce
@youALLadopted95 ohhhhh yeah thats disney not universal
youALLadopted95 11 gün önce
@Blast Wave nah. It was Orlando Florida. I remember it was Indiana Jones because it had him being chased by a Boulder and a scene where they fight around a running airplane
Blast Wave
Blast Wave 11 gün önce
@youALLadopted95 it used to be miami vice action show I think your in singapore or somthing
Alisia Aylar önce
I watched it with my family it was insane
Daniel Munoz
Daniel Munoz Aylar önce
I remember seeing this as a kid it is so cool
Poorvi 29 gün önce
Yes this is my favorite show in Universal Studios It is so cool Btw the show is called Waterworld
Londynn Hale
Londynn Hale 29 gün önce
Omg i watched that in person and it was such a cool experience
trisz Aylar önce
“how was work?” “it was fire” edit: MOM IM FAMOUS
xDchokeplayz Aylar önce
Quite literally
Koffing Aylar önce
“On another level”
Sunny_ Aylar önce
Badum tss
Sunny_ Aylar önce
meow Aylar önce
@Kaye Anne Alonzo nooooooooooooooooob
Mad Cat Sphere
Mad Cat Sphere 26 gün önce
It's pretty freaking cool!
Link City
Link City Aylar önce
I feel shows like this and Broadway should take priority on TV least be more jobs as well as more direct interaction with consumer and achieves better human connection as is live humans
em r.
em r. 19 gün önce
my favorite part when i went to universal i haven't even seen mad max i just love stunts
Mr Meme
Mr Meme Aylar önce
Legend has that he still laying there to this day.
scared doggo
scared doggo 2 aylar önce
The way he just ragdolled off the edge💀
Rover 2 gün önce
@3rd eye gang 👁who asked
Revan Abdullayev
Revan Abdullayev 20 gün önce
​@Iacovos Kritz exactly like when you fall off the crane or something there...like after climbing up with a ladder.🤣
bro really pressed R 💀💀💀💀
Kmakehitz 28 gün önce
lilbigmorgan Aylar önce
​@3rd eye gang 👁I've been there. Absolutely 💯 dead laughter.
jovialjulia Q
jovialjulia Q Aylar önce
When the airplane crashes through the wall and lands in the water on fire!!!! I love that show
Da Pace
Da Pace 6 gün önce
Goddamn and he’s older and just jumped like a champ respect
OMG 😱 This is Unbelievable
NismoFury Aylar önce
May look simple but the stunt is quite complex. Land wrong at that height can result in serious injury. And fire 🔥
Adam Tamimi
Adam Tamimi 2 aylar önce
I find it amazing how those same actors are able to perform that 1 show thousands of times, almost without flaw, in their career, amazing show. I wonder if they every grow tired of it.
Kyle135 2 aylar önce
He’s a veteran pro wrestler, best training to do live stunts in front of a crowd I can think of
Will Smith
Will Smith 2 aylar önce
Almost without a flaw as you rightly said. And when there's a flaw then they just get a new one 😬
Adam Tamimi
Adam Tamimi 2 aylar önce
@DARVIN 50K Amen! Thank you for that, wish you the best as well.
DARVIN 50K 2 aylar önce
Whoever’s reading this, i pray that whatever your going’s through gets better and whatever your struggling with or worrying bout is going to be fine and that everyone has a fantastic day! Amen
Marcie Owens
Marcie Owens 2 aylar önce
@Danny Arevalo yea
Kanwal Kumar
Kanwal Kumar Aylar önce
Same here I went there this summer it was amazing would totally recommend
Simon Granados
Simon Granados Aylar önce
First saw this show back in 05. Glad it's still there. R.I.P Terminator 3D
DJDumbitDWN Aylar önce
This looks amazing
DrewICECOLD Aylar önce
I remember seeing this like 10000x as a kid lol
Muhammad Rayyan
Muhammad Rayyan 23 gün önce
Oh man that was fire🔥
Amir Ordibi
Amir Ordibi Aylar önce
FINNALY some good live acting
Rip_king Aylar önce
I was at Universal eight months ago so I didn’t get to see this but the rides are awesome on the Spider-Man ride whenever the part where the monster got on the car I would just cover my eyes
Nguyễn Danh Bằng 11A2
jdel 14
jdel 14 2 aylar önce
This is Waterworld at Universal Studios Hollywood. Had a great time watching this growing up its been an attraction that's been going for decades now.
A Bowden
A Bowden 2 aylar önce
@Hoopla uh no, fox studio Australia holds exclusive rights to perform this act look it up, you're thinking of s different act. Not this 1.
Andrew Werdna
Andrew Werdna 2 aylar önce
Yeah I used to love it as a kid too
Grand Master Pro
Grand Master Pro 2 aylar önce
@Robert Johnson Was it really considered a laughing stock? I love that movie!
DraigPorffor 2 aylar önce
Omg!! I remember my dad putting the movie on when I was younger and I was so stressed when he would dive down for dirt or something..? I can barely rmeneber now! Did they find land in the end i can't even remember!?
Weird0-! 🎀🐾
Weird0-! 🎀🐾 2 aylar önce
@eric shun what is the movie I’d really like to watch it or at least see what it’s about Edit oh I thought that it meant the place at universal was something called the water world it’s the movie and it’s called water would 😅
Error51 Aylar önce
I used to love these at Lego Land 😂
vzs 8 gün önce
Damn I remember seeing this on my vacation in 2012
Loud Packiow
Loud Packiow 29 gün önce
Definitely got the best shows 💯
Libby Morgan
Libby Morgan Aylar önce
That was INSANE
You 2 aylar önce
Imagine how many times you have to do this perfectly in a day.
Blast Wave
Blast Wave 12 gün önce
@Jah Mon my dad was on that show for 18 years and he did that stunt and he thinks its fun
DiamondDepth YT
DiamondDepth YT Aylar önce
​@BIg Man I've seen this in person. They are definitely not robots
wms Aylar önce
Lot of hard work
Anuruddha Naranpanawa
Vamadevan CK
Vamadevan CK Aylar önce
bennickss 2 gün önce
The perfectly cut splash at the end
Lawleet Gün önce
This is insane lol 😆😂
Chevy_Playz Aylar önce
I saw this 4 years ago in Singapore
Oswaldo Roman
Oswaldo Roman Aylar önce
I was there I remember and it was amazing
CPATT 2 aylar önce
Definitely insane!
Timothy Cedrick Alves
Timothy Cedrick Alves 2 aylar önce
FiRsT 🤓
Bianca Carranza
Bianca Carranza Aylar önce
Not gonna believe me but I was at that exact show and place!
Not duolingo 🦅
Not duolingo 🦅 Aylar önce
The fact that he squatted right where the firework went to make sure he got caught on firw😂
xuebing niu
xuebing niu 23 gün önce
I saw that 4years ago I loved it when I was a kid
Braden Davidson
Braden Davidson 29 gün önce
The outfits they wore reminded me of fallout 3 and 4 plus the scrappy looking structures made it look even more like the wasteland in the game
F. Billz
F. Billz Aylar önce
The way my man's just literally falls off....somebody give this man a raise
Mariá Avalos
Mariá Avalos 16 gün önce
Mariá Avalos
Mariá Avalos 16 gün önce
​@Chill kidRodrigo Herrera el juego del gato negro
Salam dalaf
Salam dalaf 16 gün önce
Reetu Rani
Reetu Rani 18 gün önce
Chill kid
Chill kid 21 gün önce
Dude had to become bald so that his hair wouldn’t catch on fire. He fit the role like a glove. Such dedication
Daljit Kaur
Daljit Kaur Aylar önce
Dude I saw this at universal the best part is when the plane crashed into us And all the water sprayed us it was so fun
DolphinexpertBR 4 gün önce
Bro I went to see that and it was a master piece
Rinkitochi Aylar önce
Let's all agree that water world is the one to offer the best show that created in action live staged
Honey _boba bear
Honey _boba bear 6 gün önce
POV: your here after the bad guy got caught on fire 😭(he couldn’t put it out but when he jumped in the water he wasn’t coming out of the water and was under for like 2 mins or so and the paramedics he was sent to the hospital)😢
Stacyann Nelson
Stacyann Nelson Aylar önce
This scene Is Not "Insane"!!!! It's Great!!
MYRMOURN 3 gün önce
This seems insane
Yourgurl_3466 8 gün önce
I’ve seen this! It’s so cool!
douvze 18 gün önce
I once went to universal studios and I was a kid I thought it was real since there was a plane that crashed it was so good
CoconutGtag Aylar önce
I was at universal 3 days ago and I watched that I met one of them and they are actually famous the one I met was in the new movie “wakanda forever”
Cheeseburger Superior
Cheeseburger Superior 18 gün önce
if this was waterworld is supposed to be. it would have been phenomena in stage plays.
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