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4 Ara 2022




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Andrew P.
Andrew P. 2 aylar önce
I miss when fractal design used to sponsor videos and Linus would have to inhale helium or do the ice bucket challenge during the sponsor spot. Dbrand has gotta step up their game.
Jaydev Raol
Jaydev Raol 2 aylar önce
Abby Normal
Abby Normal 2 aylar önce
Lol, maybe Linus just says no now. This is channel minor fun.
Ocastiâ 2 aylar önce
@Thunder Arch how can you forget the fucking Torrent!?! It's really good.
Bill Gaudette
Bill Gaudette 2 aylar önce
@Andreas Merletti He was in a video with Kyle a while back, Vlog style. Shortly after WifeySauce left, so probably there for friendly support.
Thunder Arch
Thunder Arch 2 aylar önce
@Lost in Technology define 7, Pop, meshify C2 Are you for real?
Tom Pike
Tom Pike 2 aylar önce
5:18: Yes, motherboard manufactures should continue to include analog audio ports on high end boards, especially when the the PC is being used for productivity. Being able to hook up a very high quality stereo to the PC without any adaptors is a very good thing.
Will McCarty
Will McCarty 2 aylar önce
Agree, having the option is good. And plus good we'll made audio equipment lasts decades
Doc Ferringer
Doc Ferringer 2 aylar önce
Why?!? I'm not an audiophile by any means, but for the last 2 decades I have been using the optical audio port for streaming music from my PC (S/PDIF, TOSLINK, etc.) There is ZERO interference on this link. No noise crackling and popping, ruining your immersion and breaking your concentration. It is the cheapest, easiest, and most painless solution to getting your audio to wherever you want it to go. Run a cheap optical cable from your PC directly to your stereo, and let your stereo do any necessary analog conversions. If your PC does not have an optical port then check your stereo for other options. Part of the reason for HDMI was passing multiple audio channels from your PC/TV and giving you the most state of the art surround sound experience available. No HDMI either? USB. Granted, your PC's analog audio is an order of magnitude better these days than it used to be but once it leaves the computer it still has the same interference issues.
LiK 2 aylar önce
I just love that we’re seeing more and more air cooling back in premium prebuilts. For a couple of years, seemed like everyone was doing liquid cooling.
Stuart Fury
Stuart Fury 2 aylar önce
If only that case had some airflow.
Costanza the Mage
Costanza the Mage 2 aylar önce
NH-D15 and Fractal Design Torrent is pretty much all that most people need. AIO's can be super unreliable. A lot of things can go wrong. No thank you.
EstonianFinn 2 aylar önce
5:01 Those analog surround outputs are one the ways you can get uncompressed 5.1 or 7.1 audio from a pc. S/PDIF can do uncompressed stereo but anything above that is compressed. You can also use hdmi or dp to carry the sound but the sound data is interleaved into the picture data. So no sound without picture. Analog outputs seem to be the easiest way to hookup an amplifier to a pc.
Juri Stöckli
Juri Stöckli Aylar önce
i just use the network for audio. my dac and adc connecto to the network and i just have a virtual soudcard witch sends the audio over the network to the dac. it supports 64 channels input and 64 output channels (there is even a 128x128 chnnel version)
RAHelllord 2 aylar önce
If you want high quality audio from a PC get a dedicated USB DAC instead of using onboard. Even cheap USB solutions are generally better than the onboard stuff when it comes to the noise floor in particular.
j.a.cole 2 aylar önce
USB to an external DAC, this is what the majority of your audiophiles and homecinema users do.
Daniel Brynych
Daniel Brynych 2 aylar önce
You should try running Stable Diffusion on workstation builds like this. Would love to see some AI workloads being used :)
blanknam3d 2 aylar önce
5:08 - I actually still use all those ports, though not for their intended purpose. I use FL/FR (green) as stereo out with parametric EQ + highpass to my main studio monitors, C/SUB (orange) as stereo out with lowpass to my subwoofer, and RL/RR (black) as stereo out unprocessed to a stereo amp that I test speakers with, though I plan to also use this for the sake of making mixing in desktop audio easier when I have a physical mixer board. All three operate independently from each other with EqualizerAPO, or with HDAJackRetask in Linux, and all three process the exact same stereo signal.
Juri Stöckli
Juri Stöckli Aylar önce
i use dante for any non standart thing. it works great, and uses one a reliable network.
Adam K
Adam K 2 aylar önce
YES! Please keep including surround sound ports! I love it on my PC for when I am home alone playing single-player games or just want to blast music while working on something else.
Juri Stöckli
Juri Stöckli Aylar önce
but 7.1 over 4 crappy 3.5mm?
JohnSheppard92 2 aylar önce
Since you asked, yes I do in fact use my onboard 7.1 soundchip and it is loaded up :) got a 5.1 speaker system that uses 3 of the ports and another one goes to my wireless headphone base station. So I'm very happy that these ports are still standard for the slighly more expensive tier up to the top. I do have another gaming headset that uses USB but since I'm also nearly out of USB Ports (my PC has 8 or 9 USB Type A Ports which are all full or sadly don't function anymore) there are some limits, and I do love my old sound system :D
ArtistaFrustrado - KFP Noon Shift
considering good sound systems stay good for decades (especially when you don't have to deal with planned obsolescence Apps) yeah the 3.5mm is totally worth keeping
nick longstaffe
nick longstaffe 2 aylar önce
I like how Linus gives me advice as if I'd ever buy this
Jaydev Raol
Jaydev Raol 2 aylar önce
Emulation_Junkies 2 aylar önce
@Arnie's Tech As a person with kids(No money.) Its far more cool to see stuff I'd buy if I had loads of money, instead of basic builds.
SuperSuperka 2 aylar önce
TRX40 Creator allows placing 4xRTX A5000 in ATX-size case.
deepblue812 2 aylar önce
Today's crazy PC/Workstation is tomorrows regular person PC/Workstation
Ners Marte
Ners Marte 2 aylar önce
@Splarkszter True. Also, this is actually one of the rare occasions I would like to see Linus playing Cyberpunk with that hardware. Unfortunately he always jumps to Eternal Doom, the game that runs in every spec... :)
KimaRo 2 aylar önce
About the 7.1 channel outputs, YES! Do you realize how hard I've been looking for motherboards that have 7.1 surround for my speakers and SP/DIF for my headphones. My speakers are 12 years old and my headphones are 9 and when I was upgrading my setup a few months ago, I realized how hard it was trying to find all the right ones, managed tho! But was hard.
CSwords 2 aylar önce
There are really affordable (and good) soundcards that sometimes are more cost effective to buy that work hand in hand with the motherboard that you want. Sometimes it's even cheaper to buy a lesser motherboard plus the soundcard than it is to go for the "top of the line" motherboard.
Edward Stripp
Edward Stripp 2 aylar önce
did you know they make sound cards
formerviking 2 aylar önce
I have a VRLA Apollo model I bought a couple years ago when Linis ran his first video about them. It's not a top of the line pc, but I've had no issues in the time I've owned it and have been very happy with it. It is a very basic setup with little RGB. It has a ton of room in the case if I ever want to add anything to it. I highly recommend them as I've had several pcs over the years from various companies.
TheCapsuleCorp 2 aylar önce
I have that case, and I love it. You can fit approximately a billion hard drives in there, and still have room for 2 radiators. Perfect for those of us who use their main PC as a home server as well.
Gizfreek 2 aylar önce
I'd love to have this machine as my simulation workstation, right now I have to start bigger simulations in the evening to let them run over night because it wouldn't be feasable during work hours. With this I guess I'd get them done in my lunch break, what a monster.
Boris Lampman
Boris Lampman 2 aylar önce
I'm not convinced anything is shipping damage if Linus opens it.
ProAverage 2 aylar önce
underrated comment! LMAO
Andrew Bishop
Andrew Bishop 2 aylar önce
Granted, it's only a 5.1 system, but I do have surround sound speakers for my desktop, really nice for gaming to be able to hear things behind you, spatial sound helps give a nice boost. Please keep including the 3.5mm jacks, even older speakers still work great so lots of options for people who want to utilize the ports
@Inkskasher02 on Bestgram
Thanks for the love and support, congratulations to you, reach me out.👏🎉
Jeffrey Hudson
Jeffrey Hudson 2 aylar önce
Yes, absolutely, some of us do use normal surround systems. And it still puzzles me why now they aren't considered "cool" anymore despite still sounding miles above all the dinky headphone surround emulation technologies. Their use become so niche, that possibility itself is often overlooked. Case in point: when I chatted with devs of one of my favorite games and mentioned how great and immersive it sounds on surround speaker system, their response was basically "Oh, we didn't even knew nor checked that it supports that. I guess it comes enabled by default in the game engine we're using" *sad surround noises*
Juri Stöckli
Juri Stöckli Aylar önce
but you can just use a 7.1 usb dac.
Jon Adams
Jon Adams 2 aylar önce
Agreed, disappointing how many games use stereo audio or only optimize the audio for headphones these days!
sefh 001
sefh 001 2 aylar önce
yes they should keep putting those audio jacks in, some of us like to multi use the pc also has a media center Linus...
Cyberunit1 2 aylar önce
Yes! I still use my 5.1 surround and I love it! It's a really nice speaker system to be fair 🤔
Mark Jensen
Mark Jensen 2 aylar önce
Whopping counter: 5 4:44 USB 5:31 M.2 5:52 CPU power 6:09 RAM 7:25 HDD
KingCloudsCape 2 aylar önce
this thing whops
Johannes Binder
Johannes Binder 2 aylar önce
and the M.2 isn't even that special. many mainstream MBs have 3 slots
Pedro Zambone
Pedro Zambone 2 aylar önce
Omg ilysm
Nathaniel Villemaire
Nathaniel Villemaire 2 aylar önce
HAHAHAHAHA This is gold
Alyssa 2 aylar önce
@GreenZapperZ thanks you too
Cynersi 2 aylar önce
hey! idk if it’s fixed yet but the nvidia overlay actually kills frames a little and i would recommend the msi afterburner one. the profiles can be imported and exported so u can move it around
snoozy355 2 aylar önce
Never have used the analogue 5.1/7.1 plugs But I definitely am using the toslink plug on my computer, love it - one clean cable from PC to soundbar.
Rex Goeckeritz
Rex Goeckeritz 2 aylar önce
I have a 2.1 surround system that plugs into the green line out. It was a good pc sound system when I got it back in 2003. It still sounds decent and I have not felt I needed to replace it.
ndrfillmore 2 aylar önce
I have had the same set of Logitech THX certified speakers for like 10 years, and they still sound absolutely amazeballs. So yes, yes they need the audio connectors. I also use passthrough audio for my TV (that is connected as a second monitor 55" mostly for watching Linus on TRvid) to send its audio through the computer (yes when i am using the TV functions only) so i get 5.1 surround in my office. :)
Andrea Sverkmo
Andrea Sverkmo 2 aylar önce
I actually do use those analog audio out ports. Living by yourself means you can use your stereo as computer speakers
LaDeX 2 aylar önce
@Ghost Peepers 👀 Bruh. Worse audio quality, has delay, actually needs to have Bluetooth on both ends. Nothing good. Does Bluetooth even support surround sound?
Ghost Peepers 👀
Ghost Peepers 👀 2 aylar önce
@LaDeX yep. No wire. Better in every way.
LaDeX 2 aylar önce
@Ghost Peepers 👀 Bluetooth isn't better in any way. Also, having a receiver is extra stuff.
FAQUERETERMAX 2 aylar önce
@Sasha the Lemon that adds way more bulk than just some extra ports
Sasha the Lemon
Sasha the Lemon 2 aylar önce
USB and DAC my man
MakoTacos 2 aylar önce
As someone who started building PC's for productivity I really enjoy these "business" style builds
Marisa Clardy
Marisa Clardy 2 aylar önce
"Sometimes it's not about the looks" he says about one of the nicest looking computers on the channel in a long time. I'm so sick of this RGB everything BS. Give me a clean computer with no window any day. So much prettier and sleeker looking. This case is something I'd actually put on my desk, not something with a window and tons of RGB. I don't want or need to look at the inside of my computer... ever... Really can't wait for the trend of windows and RGB to die.
timeshifter08 2 aylar önce
Mobo 7.1 is perfectly good for everything short of actual music production. There hasn't been any reason to buy a sound card for simple consumption for a looong time.
Jared Tashjian
Jared Tashjian 2 aylar önce
I use those ports! I still used my creative gigaworks s700 system for my pc. Granted I use an external sound blaster x7, but I would see those ports being useful especially because my x7 is extremely flakey and I’m about to give up on it.
Luffy West
Luffy West 2 aylar önce
I actually do use that 3.5mm port on my motherboard, for my Logitech Z623 speakers. Which does give excellent separation and sound stage, provided the video file has Dolby Atmos hard coded in them. If you know what I mean ;)
Rob Vellenga
Rob Vellenga 2 aylar önce
the 7.1 audio system is nice, and I would still like it to be included. Having the option to add speakers means I'm not wanting for choice.
albertomon 2 aylar önce
I have some Logitech 5.1 speakers and use those ports for surround sound on games.... Also that breaker blowing could be more common with the RTX 40 and Raptor Lake combination ....You should make a video about good UPS for those.
Michael Patrick
Michael Patrick 2 aylar önce
Yes I love all the audio outputs on my pc it makes for easy and amazing surround sound
Custom Computing
Custom Computing 2 aylar önce
this thing is amazing!!!! the dual 3090TIs and that motherboard is nuts!
Kalvin O
Kalvin O 2 aylar önce
Yes, I still use 7.1 surround sound... and have a mini heart attack when something actually supports it and the back of my room goes wild. Not enough things support 7.1 T_T
Archery713 2 aylar önce
YES! I use all the surround sound ports for a home theater setup. I have an older Denon receiver that's still an absolute beast for my living room but because it's older I need to run all the audio cables. I am planning on doing a minor upgrade of the PC and switching to the TOSLINK however since we have 5.1 and not 7.1.
TheDave 2 aylar önce
I think they should include the old school audio just for those who do use them, but I haven't used one since graphics cards included HDMI output.
Caleb Davis
Caleb Davis 2 aylar önce
To answer your question, yes, I still use analog 7.1 audio ports (when I game, I use a pair of Razer Tiamat 7.1 v2 headphones, with discrete drivers for each channel). It helps with hearing the bogey shooting over your shoulder.
Juri Stöckli
Juri Stöckli Aylar önce
i have the version 1 of this headset, still works, but i dont use i any longer. i switched to a logitech pro x wireless.
Stefs Engineering
Stefs Engineering 2 aylar önce
I actually used the line out for audio up to 5 days ago... got rid of it because of noise in the audio due to lack of shielding. Light doesn't care about that. I also got this case and really like it! enough space allthough I would've liked it if the front fan mounting wasn't as bulky because it does obstruct quite a bit of the fans when you use 140mm fans. (liquid freezer II 420mm in my case)
Stefs Engineering
Stefs Engineering 2 aylar önce
@gamagama69 I'm not sure what you mean exactly but if you mean the options of surround (decoding) types, that is not really a problem for me because I run 2.2 audio and have no center or surround channels of any kind.
gamagama69 2 aylar önce
optical sucks tho it has super limited surround unlike analog which can do any kinda surround.
wwpdmedia 2 aylar önce
I'm using the audio ports to put in and out different channels to an external mixer. This way I can have communication and game sounds on different volumes, adjustable without alt-tabbing.
1steelcobra 2 aylar önce
I have a Logitech Z5300e set that sounds amazing and I'd love to have hooked up, but I got word about noise complaints about the sub two floors down and had to pack it up, 'm using Edifier R1280Ts now. But the rear surround audio ports can be great.
JustKevin 2 aylar önce
Hey Linus! I do use the analog surround sound on my pc motherboard! I jerryrigged a couple of normal speakers into a surround sound set up in my room and it works really well for VR immersion without the need for an headset.
ProudOfYourRoots 2 aylar önce
@Talanani Yiyaya must be linus and his mods blocking comments then
Talanani Yiyaya
Talanani Yiyaya 2 aylar önce
@ProudOfYourRoots Response to what? This is the first you've replied to me and the first notification about it I have received.
lambda 2 aylar önce
@Akimbo Furry i don’t get your point? VEGA=VGA? My inertial argument was 3.5 on main board is like VGA on GPU. There are still many Monitors and KVMs around that support VGA. But no sane GPU manufacture would put VGA on high end card in 2022. Server on the other hand often still have VGA because they absolutely don't care about onboard video quality. So what is the reasoning for putting Analog 3,5mm on high end board? sure you still can finde speakers with 3,5mm in like you can find monitors with VGA in. The difference is you don’t need audio for testing and you absolutely don't need analog 5.1 for testing and servers. You can get 10$ USB DAC next day from Amazon taht’s better in every way. so why bother putting it on the board?
Akimbo Furry
Akimbo Furry 2 aylar önce
@lambda vega needs a graphics card that supports it. 3.5 is still commen. So if shit breaks, malfunctions, or what ever, you still got those to fall back on, for testing, or to wait for replacements.
ProudOfYourRoots 2 aylar önce
@Talanani Yiyaya whats up? no response to that? Pathetic. All mouth.
Rogoth01 The Master Wizard
we are now living in the timeline where Intel is seen as the value option and AMD is the powerhouse, wild times.
Kestrel 2 aylar önce
Audio hookups are still important, especially for this grade of hardware
Lezlie Newlands
Lezlie Newlands 2 aylar önce
Yes, I still use surround sound on my setup. Makes shooters super immersive and in Team Fortress 2, I can hear footsteps and Spies actually behind me.
George Chadwick
George Chadwick 2 aylar önce
I really love using the input ports, I hook my Xbox up to it for game audio
MrJr 2 aylar önce
Yes Linus, I just bought a surround system from 2001 for my sim rig and the sound is fantastic!
Pixels 2 aylar önce
Yes, I do use the analog surround, getting surround sound with different sets of speakers saved me a ton of money
Luke Sheardown
Luke Sheardown 2 aylar önce
I still have an old set of 5.1 Logitech speakers that use analog connectors! They’re one of the old pairs from like 2010. Still works great!
IceLom 2 aylar önce
I hook up 5.1 analog speakers. got my speaker system ~20 years ago a Logitech system still running well. I don't use it for competitive gaming but for videos and casual games, it's fantastic if not a bit too much base sometimes. I won't buy a board without the hookups as sound cards are not really much of a thing anymore.
tramcrazy 2 aylar önce
An awesome machine. But I think it’s a bit silly that we’ve got to the point where circuit-blowing levels of power consumption are acceptable. Especially here in the UK where energy bills are now so high, we need to be thinking about high-efficiency as well as high-performance.
M.C. Squared
M.C. Squared 2 aylar önce
Yes, INCLUDE the speaker ports, i love my 5.1 surround sound on my PC.
Christian Flügel
Christian Flügel 2 aylar önce
I just want to,point out that those stickers like the one covering the IO Panel at the back can generate quite a lot of static electricity when you tear them off. Either use ones that are specifically anti-static and for electronics or don’t use them
Philip Mitchell
Philip Mitchell 2 aylar önce
Love the viewsonic monitor, great bit of kit. Has great under stated looks and great performance
@Inkskasher02 on Bestgram
Thanks for the love and support, congratulations to you, reach me out.👏🎉
ASmallGreenBean 2 aylar önce
You should definitely start reviewing courier/mail services!
Alan M Eben
Alan M Eben 2 aylar önce
Yes! Those audio ports are important. If you're one a budget and get a surround sound system with only analogue inputs, PC audio is a godsend. Even ancient motherboards with realtek audio sometimes have simple room correction stuff built in. I can only imagine how much better the audio quality on these motherboards has gotten by now.
Katrina Bryce
Katrina Bryce 2 aylar önce
@Bip Bop I've never had any problem like that with the Apple ones. I'm sure the Samsung ones are of a similar quality.
Bip Bop
Bip Bop 2 aylar önce
@Katrina Bryce I don't think so about those dongles and my understanding is they break so frequently they cost you a lot.
Bip Bop
Bip Bop 2 aylar önce
@OfficerRambo this is why I need 3 - 4 usable drive bays in a case. 2 disc read write, USB expansion (a hub with a tower is BS) & a multi card reader. A jack & a USB A CBS a USB C on top is some BS. There are a few relic drive bay cases, but nothing decent. The ones that are decent might only support 80 mm fans and not modern sized components & definitely not rads. Ok, I'm fine with air.
Thiago Duarte
Thiago Duarte 2 aylar önce
@first name maybe he isn't, maybe he already have one like I do. Sometimes people aren't able to spend the same amount of money...
first name
first name 2 aylar önce
if you're on a budget why the hell are you buying this ?
IonNight 2 aylar önce
Yes, I use 7.1 audio outputs on my pc to run a 5.2 setup (the front side speakers is Fluance XL7F and has its on down firing sub. So no active sub which would be the best for that kind of audio setup. I have also neighbors down stairs in my apartment from 1955. No one has said anything yet, but with a large sub they might have been.
SimGunther 2 aylar önce
13:53 You would think with all that performance, the computer would render the web page much faster than that
Ryan Watters
Ryan Watters 2 aylar önce
I like how Linus is telling us all to be careful as we remove the packing so we don't dislodge a cable, because yeah... we're all going out to drop $20k on a workstation system.
Leo Synowicz
Leo Synowicz 2 aylar önce
Yep. Full 7.1 worth of speakers pluged in and used. Love it for gaming
TwilightWolf032 2 aylar önce
Linus: *drops the back panel* Also Linus: "It appears to have received some shipping damage"
Y 2 aylar önce
@TwilightWolf032 your joke sucks
TwilightWolf032 2 aylar önce
@𝒪𝓁𝒶𝓋 ℋ𝒶𝓃𝓈ℯ𝓃 I know that, I was just making a joke -_-
𝒪𝓁𝒶𝓋 ℋ𝒶𝓃𝓈ℯ𝓃
point is more that the back panel fell off without him trying to remove the panel. the panel falling off was a result of the damage.
ROF 2 aylar önce
5:08 I actually still use the line in port on my pc. I use it with a male to male 3.5mm cable so I can get sound from my consoles, through my monitor, and into my pc's headphones. That way if I play console games I can hear the game sound and still talk to my friends on Discord.
Sizume 2 aylar önce
My dad uses optical on his PC to hook up to our surround sound speakers! It may not be the best, but at least it is something!
EazyEXE 2 aylar önce
I use external speaker, so those ports are great!
Deep Fried Smurf
Deep Fried Smurf 2 aylar önce
I use surround sound on my PC, even bought a sound blaster zx 5.1 sound card & wouldn't have it any other way, it's a lot better than my onboard audio & much more configurable
Glenn McGurrin
Glenn McGurrin Aylar önce
Linus, I've got an idea or 12 for your crazy cooling schemes, several start with putting the computer into a pure dry nitrogen atmosphere to avoid condensation, combine with some very high "air" flow (like duct 200-800 cfm directly across the cpu cooler alone, more air for the rest of the system as well) and a variety of somewhat normal to rather exotic cooling mechanisms to cool that air flow (air conditioner, dry ice, liquid nitrogen) to see what blasting crazy amounts of very cold gas can get you to. Another thought, they have wind tunnels for testing icing on aircraft. NASA icing research tunnel is up to 350 knots at as low as -25c through a 6x9x20 foot test area, you might need to reinforce your computer first though at that level of forces. I don't think you have ever used blowers close to that size before.
Bill Gaudette
Bill Gaudette 2 aylar önce
I still use my late 90's era Logitech Z560 surround sound system when I'm playing games without voice coms, so I appreciate a full analog output on the back panel. Sad to see some of the latest (really expensive) X670 AM5 boards only have analog line in and out.
Monster King
Monster King 2 aylar önce
I use those analog outputs for my 5.1 speakers (90% of pc usage) and the one that is left over is used for headphones (10% for co-op gaming) since it's mirroring the stereo channels to the headphones.
Collinnation 2 aylar önce
gotta say love having audio jacks on the back for plugging in wired headphones or inline from my hdmi audio extractor for my ps5 so i can use my optical audio soundbar for my pc and my ps5
Blanked :3
Blanked :3 2 aylar önce
they should absolutely include those audio ports! it's very conveinent for any tech nerd or artists like me who use those ports to imports sounds into my DAW software
Nanami Sonohara
Nanami Sonohara 2 aylar önce
5:09 actually there are some uses for those ports. I have relatively old Sony Stereo Tower (with casette player :D ) andI have it connected to those ports so I can use tower speakers when I want my head to rest from wearing headphones in summer or when I washed my hair.
Gareth Packard
Gareth Packard 2 aylar önce
As far as your audio question. Yes. When I built my last desktop a couple years ago a requirement for my motherboard pick was that it had all 3.5mm audio outputs for surround.
tml962 2 aylar önce
This is my kinda PC. Love the plain look
ishmael isaac
ishmael isaac 2 aylar önce
I still use my surround sound dell speakers from 2007. Still work great for movies or audio cloning for vr.
Blue Rocket
Blue Rocket 2 aylar önce
Those audio ports are very useful! I cant go without them!
Juri Stöckli
Juri Stöckli Aylar önce
@Cytro why not? just get one decent usb dac, use it on any device, including phones.
Cytro Aylar önce
@Juri Stöckli and what's used to connect to the headphones? Not USB
Juri Stöckli
Juri Stöckli Aylar önce
@Cytro usb dac are a thing.
Cytro Aylar önce
@Juri Stöckli dude, you must be oblivious. Many audiophile headphones still use that port and many other devices do
Juri Stöckli
Juri Stöckli Aylar önce
@Cytro nope. even in AV we dont use 3.5mm. its either a usb dac with balanced outputs (xlr) or a usb dongle to send the audio over dante (audio over ethernet). the 3.5mm is crap.
Amauri E. Alcántara
Amauri E. Alcántara 2 aylar önce
Well, with the 4090 you soon wiill be able to blow a circuit with just one GPU!
Bob Sentell
Bob Sentell 2 aylar önce
Yes. Most of my wife's heading equipment requires either optical or analog audio. That's what makes pretty much every current streaming box and games console useless to her.
Gabi Koonings
Gabi Koonings 2 aylar önce
14:58 Like a true member of the Mechanicus, appeasing the machine spirit.
MR MEESEEKS! 2 aylar önce
I would have loved to see this thing tear through some AI things
Yannick Landry
Yannick Landry 2 aylar önce
I still hookup my 5.1 surround sound speaker setup. Not my fault it's still alive after 20 years and working fine...
R Forde
R Forde 2 aylar önce
@whatever 12 No black bars.
Ethan Stillwell
Ethan Stillwell 2 aylar önce
My Logitech Z-680 5.1 speakers are going strong after 18 years
whatever 12
whatever 12 2 aylar önce
@R Forde never heard anything about this 😮 Does it fill out the screen without any black line? You just might gave me a reason to save for a monitor
Andrea Sverkmo
Andrea Sverkmo 2 aylar önce
20 yo Pioneer is doing great as well. Inb4 I jinxed it lol
MatthiasDuyck 2 aylar önce
@Jon Adams I believe this is a licensing issue. SPDIF (wether over coax or toslink optical) can only carry DTS or Dolby Digital surround formats. PCM audio carries no license, but there is not enough bandwidth for more than stereo PCM on SPDIF. I believe most games don't want to pay the Dolby/DTS tax, so only do PCM surround. I believe more recent versions of HDMI and recent HDMI reveivers can actually handle surround PCM over HDMI, but why throw out that nice but slightly older receiver for this alone?
hotrod54chevy 2 aylar önce
As a Threadripper/Noctua/Fractal fanboy, this video has me drooling, saying "MOAR!!!!" 🤤
ppage27 2 aylar önce
I still rock a logitech surround system via analog. Always thought it sounded so good.
Alejandro Sánchez
Alejandro Sánchez 2 aylar önce
Hey i still use a sound card, a Creative one, with my trusty Logitech z906, exactly 10 years since I bought them and still going strong! Really good quality with the Dolby encoder
Qcom M
Qcom M 2 aylar önce
I still use my old creative 5.1 setup with the analog hookups. If the mobo doesn't have that I'd have to go external like that external box creative sells. Would a bigger setup be better? Maybe, but then I have to deal with trying to find a good tuner, speakers, sub. my small space is perfect. I wish I could get some kind of atmos but stupid ceiling fan prevents it.
superowen21 2 aylar önce
Hey Linus, is there any possible chance you could review the Dell precision tower that costs upwards of $200,000?
Thulfe 2 aylar önce
I still use a 5.1 speaker system. Recently when moving I tried connecting my TV sound bar via TOSLINK and was very happy, so even if I do swap to that I still need the full audio options on my motherboard (as I don't want to extra bits and pieces plugged into my mITX build causeing desk clutter)
Sammy Scott
Sammy Scott 2 aylar önce
YES they need to include the audio jack ports!
Brendan Erazo
Brendan Erazo 2 aylar önce
This is similar how I built mine in my old R5: No windows, Aorus Master, 5950X, RX5700XT and brown fans everywhere, including side fan. All cable managed and stealth.
@Inkskasher02 on Bestgram
Thanks for the love and support, congratulations to you, reach me out.👏🎉
Francesco G
Francesco G 2 aylar önce
I always use the audio ports at the back of the pc for 5.1 audio. Best way to get 5.1 surround from PC games. They never output 5.1 via optical or HDMI (from my experience, anyway).
fredEVOIX 2 aylar önce
@girlsdrinkfeck also any external dac is trash unless it has it's own power, usb powered = heavy sound distortion gadget, this is the same reason why onboard sound isn't that good already and I use a pci soundcard which breaks my case airflow but once you heard it you can't go back
girlsdrinkfeck 2 aylar önce
@Vaskedama no its pointless money spent and more clutter and more outlets needed
Vaskedama 2 aylar önce
But how good are onboard audio my friend. Get your self a external dac for premium sound.
JoseLgamer 2 aylar önce
I still use the analog audio out on my board, granted, just the stereo/front speakers one (the lime one, usually bottom middle), to hook up my speakers, that are 10+ years old, but still work just fine, and still sound good. Honestly sometimes it's useful just to use as an very loose indicator of a good board, if it's not present, likely not a good sign.
@Inkskasher02 on Bestgram
Thanks for the love and support, congratulations to you, reach me out.👏🎉
tht1kd 2 aylar önce
Yes they should include those ports, my main gaming system is still hooked up using analog speakers into an old Yamaha Receiver.
yoyodavid2002 2 aylar önce
i believe they should keep the audio jacks, there are some good sound systems that use them
Laurent Renaud
Laurent Renaud 2 aylar önce
It looks alot like my 5 yrs old specs dual xeon 32 cores workstation but it's 4 times more powerful at twice the cost. Kind of a good deal when you look at it like that.
SuperSuperka 2 aylar önce
TRX40 Creator allows placing 4xRTX A5000 in ATX-size case.
Debbie Heaney
Debbie Heaney 2 aylar önce
I use those audio ports on my Z390-A Pro Motherboard. Connected to a Logitech Z906 surround sound system. Does me fine.😀
Vaping Vigilante
Vaping Vigilante Aylar önce
I bought the VRLA Centaur after your review Linus , I upgraded the ram to 64 gigs of Royal Z, I7 10700k with the evga rtx 3080 ftw3 ultra and except for them including some low end SSD and a 10 year old HHD that died, its been great. All running to the samsung 49 inch ultrawide
@Inkskasher02 on Bestgram
Thanks for the love and support, congratulations to you, reach me out.👏🎉
Nick Castillo
Nick Castillo 2 aylar önce
Linus, I still hook up my Logitech Z-5500 5.1 speakers. And they still, to this day, 18 years later. sound better than anything else I have in my house, my parents houses, my friends houses......They still rock. I still have to manage the bass as it will quite literally shake my apartment apart, lol. So yes, keep those analog audio jacks.
FritzCeo 2 aylar önce
Imagine having a computer so powerful that it actually has issues of being too powerful lol
David Reid
David Reid 2 aylar önce
I still use my 20 year old Altec Lansing 5.1 surround speakers. I definitely need those plugs. I’m grateful my B550 creator MB has them
Big Pilgrim
Big Pilgrim 2 aylar önce
altec lansing club! i use mine all the time as well!
Stephan Stangl
Stephan Stangl 2 aylar önce
Yes, analog for speakers is importnant. I do use a Pioneer AJ7 Amplifier along with Wharfdale Crystal speakers. Nothing modern can match that sound.
akyhne 2 aylar önce
Yes, I still hook up my 5.1 system to my sound card, although I use a dedicated sound card for that. I don't even own, and have never owned a headset.
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