This is why we can't have nice things

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This video is about stuff: light bulbs, printers, phones and why they aren't better. Go to NordVPN.com/veritasium and use code VERITASIUM to get a 2-year plan plus 1 additional month with a huge discount. It’s risk free with Nord’s 30 day money-back guarantee!

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Written by Derek Muller and Petr Lebedev
Animation by Ivan Tello
Filmed by Derek Muller and Raquel Nuno
Edited by Derek Muller
Video supplied by Getty Images

Music by Jonny Hyman and from epidemicsound.com "Aquatic Planet", "Rhythm of Dreams", "Tread Lightly", "Unexpected Visitors", "Curved Mirrors" "Drunken Lullaby" "Fluorescent Lights"

Thumbnail by Raquel Nuno and Karri Denise



25 Mar 2021




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Burns Blown Glass
Burns Blown Glass 11 aylar önce
A GM engineer once told me, "it's easy to make a car last forever, getting one to break down in 7 years is the trick"
Mayven 2 gün önce
@Burns Blown Glass omg! I'm surprised you answered! And remembered. Thank you for answering lol.
Burns Blown Glass
Burns Blown Glass 2 gün önce
@Mayven Well... It was about 23 years ago, I was a mechanic in the army. I was talking to him about why cars break down and isn't it his job to design them to outlast the competition. He replied ^^^
Mayven 2 gün önce
I kinda wanna know the context of that conversation
Tinker Man Mick
Tinker Man Mick 2 aylar önce
Apple was the best example you could have used for planned obsolescence. Great video thank you!
PfropfNo1 2 gün önce
​@Marcos Patrício Yes, it is difficult to get exact data on how long a phone was used, because when someone buys a new phone, you cant know how long they used their previous phone. Also the Android vs Samsungs is a dilemma. Because to make it thoroughly I would need to make 20 comparison for each Android brand. Because some Androids might be better than others, it would also not be good to "mix" all Android phone companies for the comparison. There are other inidicatiors that are easier to capture in numbers: - 1) Software updates: iOS is supported way longer than Android OS - 2) Resell value: iPhones keep their value much better than Android phones. This not only makes them effectively cheaper, but shows high demand for 2nd hand phones. High demand for 2nd hand phones suggests a long life time of the iPhone. Or other way around: there is no demand for 2nd hand Android phones, which means most of them end up as electronic waste after the 1st user. - 3) There is an observation that iPhone sales decreased even tho number of apple users with active apple accounts grew. This suggests that a major competition for new iPhones are old iPhones. Either because people keep their phones longer or because they buy 2nd hand iPhones. - 4) Most investigations that try to directly compare longevity come to conclusion that iPhones last longer. However, these comparisons have the drawbacks you mentioned. In the end im not sure if their is concrete proof, but the existing evidence pretty much all points in the same direction. Now if you google _iPhone Battery and Performance_ and click on the apple support page, you will find this paragraph close to the bottom: "*Performance management turned off* If you disable the applied performance management feature, you'll see this message: This iPhone has experienced an unexpected shutdown because the battery was unable to deliver the necessary peak power. You have manually disabled performance management protections. If the device experiences another unexpected shutdown, the performance management features will be re-applied. The option to disable will also be available." So basically performance is automatically reduced after each _unexpected shut down_ to prevent more shut downs but you can choose to get peak performance and risk more shut downs
Marcos Patrício
Marcos Patrício 2 gün önce
@PfropfNo1 you keep saying Apple products have the longest lifespan, but claim no sources, except one second-hand quote (from a source that almost opens bashing these businesses for their usage of planned obsolescence) that 1 - compared the specifications of SECOND HAND Apple and Samsung phones only 2 - said there wasn't any significant difference in hardware on them 3 - the second hand source complains about planned obsolescence in the body of the article (albeit their complaint isn't restricted to apple) 4 - closes with a mention of how psychological factors of the phone's owners are also a factor at play 5 - is literally entitled "Brand Name is More Important Than Hardware" It's a study bashing on everybody, apple included! I do agree with your statement that poor battery life is more of an universal problem than a case of planned obsolescence (specially for people who don't treat their batteries right, FFS...), but apple batteries aren't that much better than Samsung's, and they purposefully make changing the battery as much of a chore as they can. You can say Apple isn't alone at this dickery (and are, therefore, just another example, rather than the best), but they certainly do it. Also you didn't answer to the fact that apple fabricates demand much more than it's competitors. There's an argument that fabricating demand is different from planned obsolescence, but it's a matter of semantics. And Apple DOES fabricate demand and enforces brand loyalty. There's no doubt of it. As for your explanations for why apple's OS updates aren't bad, there's a legitimate reason for the problems on them, and you can improve performance sacrificing the battery if you want, can you pretty please share your source? I'm really curious about that, and would rather hear it from the horse's mouth than have to dig trough the web to find it.
Marcos Patrício
Marcos Patrício 2 gün önce
@Daniel T cool. I've had my Motorola phone for 4 years and counting. It has exactly one problem, and it's due to a fall. Both the guy attacking apple, and you, are being foolish by using personal experience. You ought to use a bigger sample space.
Damian 5 gün önce
@Squant have it break next week?have you ever used an android phone.they last way longer.especially if you dont drop them off a cliff like you must have been doing if thats your experience with them
Anonymous Cause thats how i roll
All of this neglects one of the worst parts of planned obsolescence: the overwhelming waste. We don’t have infinite resources, and even when we recycle the old models and items, we still produce emissions and non-recyclable components. Planned obsolescence only further exaggerates resource depletion and pollution
ooievaar 67
ooievaar 67 5 saatler önce
@cringe my father is 93, and an electrician, dont you think "they" (the boomers) knew ? Dont blame it on a previous generation of consumers. And btw, nothing has changed with kids walking around with Apple phones, travelling around the world, ordering with "a click" some chinese plastic nonsense or take away food because they are too lazy to make something theirselves. You can only change your own behaviour and be an example to others.
K-oz Dragon
K-oz Dragon Gün önce
@Tyrone Washington I have no clue what you're talking about. A car is wholly different than a tank. It's not like the companies just took the tank design & added four wheels to it. A car is not a "military product." Also, how do you account for washing machines, refrigerators, & other similar popular consumer goods at the time? No one was making a tank refrigerator. You also have it backwards. Car companies retooled to make tanks - not the other way around. When the war ended, they removed the machines that made tanks & put back the ones that made cars, & continued to be car manufacturers. They didn't cease to exist postwar. Things were made to last because they weren't cheaply made. Consumer expectation was to buy something once & use it for a lifetime. It's why companies like Maytag advertised that their repair guy never had any work. People back then also had far less capital for fruitless purchases. We live in a much more prosperous era where goods are far wider available, & people have extra income to spend on these things. Our culture has also changed, telling us to upgrade to the latest version constantly, rather than keep what we have or fix a damaged item.
Tyrone Washington
@K-oz Dragon Factories for WW2 made things to last because war is hard on military products. After ww2 not many ppl want to drive a tank to work, so they retooled that factory to make a smaller tank called automobiles. The silent generation made those tank factories that became obsolete after ww2.
K-oz Dragon
K-oz Dragon 3 gün önce
@Tofuto Echnaton Erzmaester Erde People didn't sell their cars just to buy a new model because the color changed. Not like consumers today would buy a the same exact phone that they already own because the "newer" one is pink. Automotive paint just gained a competitive edge over the other makers to sell more cars. Henry Ford painted cars black because it was the only paint at the time that didn't change color over time & dried quickly. Car makers literally painted cars with paint made from fish scale pigment. Something the average person couldn't afford. It has zero to do with planned obsolescence. As far as fashion goes, when has that ever not changed? Clothing always evolved since it was invented. The only difference is more people can afford clothing. Find an era in history where those who could afford clothing weren't looking for something new & unique to wear. Good luck. Both of these things are market forces involved in every purchase ever made in history by consumers. If GM made a car that would break on purpose, & was constructed so the consumer couldn't repair it, you might have a point. The light bulb is a glaring example of that. However, the practice of replacing things that don't need replacing, buying purely to say that you own the latest version, or designing things with the intention of them breaking, is a far more modern phenomenon.
Tofuto Echnaton Erzmaester Erde
@K-oz Dragon Did you not watch the video? xD ...there's the example of DuPont and General Motors in the video. Another example would be clothes.
Smidgefish 2 aylar önce
I've been thinking about this a lot... its wildly annoying. I visited my grandparents a few years back. And one day it rained, so I borrowed their umbrella to walk dads dog. Their umbrella was from 1985, and in perfect condition. No rust or holes, nothing wrong. However at home, I have to buy a new umbrella every time it rains, or deal with an older umbrella which is either stuck, rusted of cracked/broken somewhere. It doesn't matter how nicely I treat my umbrellas, they just fall apart like a sandcastle being washed away by a wave. And it doesn't seem to matter what price they go for. I'm sure I could order an umbrella from wish for 1 dollar, and get something better than what I paid 20 dollars for here. I am so tired of this happening to almost all our things that we need. I am tired of having to replace everything almost the instant we get it. Idk, maybe we are buying the worst batch of everything, but... really though? what's the odds of buying a defunct product every single time?
Marcos Patrício
Marcos Patrício 3 gün önce
@Smidgefish Not a specialist, but have you considered, in the lack of a better term, re-making an umbrella? Buy an umbrella with a decent mechanism. Remove the fabric and all the pins, and check them for their quality. Buy some anti-rust spray paint and paint all the pieces of your umbrela. See if you can buy better pins or the same type at a local store (you might find some at the same gauge but not the same length, so ask at folks there how to fix it). Buy some good impermeable fabric on the internet, and take it to a tailor. Re-assemble the umbrela, now better protected from rust and with good fabric, and see if it works.
Smidgefish 6 gün önce
@Kas Office to be fair, I'd love to make my own umbrella that lasts for ages, but I feel like I'd need some expensive equipment to do so xD
Kas Office
Kas Office 6 gün önce
​@Smidgefish "I become a top-class scientist to create myself an everlasting umbrella, and dress"
Kas Office
Kas Office 6 gün önce
​@Smidgefish When you hate something so much due to its "absurd quality", you started to create your version instead. And that's where the DIY trend landed in.
Smidgefish 11 gün önce
@Katrina Bryce with that in mind I hope I one day can find a unicorn umbrella ☂️ haha :^D
Rob The Picture Guy
Rob The Picture Guy 3 aylar önce
LEDs were originally designed to last several years. Planned obsolescence affected them as well. Having worked in electronics for decades, I have seen so many of them failing well before what was a reasonable lifespan. And not just randomly. In batches.
Robert Zippel
Robert Zippel 2 gün önce
So true. It's not the LED, the cheap power converters break, the LEDs intact. Industry made sure there is no LED that outlasts the house. In the early days the light wasn't acceptable, wrong color temperature, etc. So you bought new ones because they got better. Once that was solved and you could actually keep them, you noticed how short lived they are.
Kay Ohtie
Kay Ohtie 10 gün önce
@Gamefreak924 What are you using instead as primary lighting, fluorescent?
Löded Diper
Löded Diper 14 gün önce
@Gamefreak924 why tho
YourFriendStChris 15 gün önce
@Gamefreak924 Unfortunately the industry has shifted that way. We'll be sure to know it's repercussions in a few decades.
Gamefreak924 15 gün önce
Outside of emergency uses, LEDs are awful. I don't care if they could last 100 years, I don't want that in my house or as streetlights
Louis Rossmann
Louis Rossmann Yıl önce
8.5 million people watch you, and you planted a seed today in their mind about right to repair. Thank you.
IceOfPhoenix88 29 gün önce
17M now :)
Andrew Bergamann
Andrew Bergamann 3 aylar önce
This comment should be pinned by the young lad in the video.
Amiir. 4 aylar önce
Well, 15M bro Lol.
Juju Bean
Juju Bean 6 aylar önce
@BlinkBlink 🤨😁🙃😉😂😂😂💯💀🔥🤓
Youtube Account
Youtube Account 7 aylar önce
Most ominous way to put it, wtf
Bon of a Sitch
Bon of a Sitch 2 aylar önce
Man, the fact a lot of these obsolescent trends began cropping up around the 1920's/30's really adds a whole new level of context to the Great Depression, which I think is really fascinating as a rare but extremely enlightening crossroads between science, history, and economic principles.
Eric MacRae
Eric MacRae 7 gün önce
that was all predicted by Karl Marx
Natecas08 3 aylar önce
this reminds me of my laptop that I got 11 years ago. it is a dell inspiron running windows 8, and was a bit under 300 dollars at the time. I've been regularly maintaining it, upgraded the ram and changed the hard drive to an ssd, and today it is still the laptop that I use in college. I was shocked when I found out that the average laptop nowadays has a lifespan of about 2-3 years, since after that, there is a good chance of something breaking that "costs more than the laptop is worth". I gotta say, mine is not the most visually pleasing, it is bulky since it has a DVD reader and burner, but performance wise it is still on par with most $500-$600 laptops today. until something catastrophic happens, if my laptop can still keep up with the others on the market, I will keep using it.
Natecas08 4 gün önce
@Empmortakaten That's awesome to hear! And yeah, I realized I probably did not use the best choice of words. Like you said, our machines are still capable of doing what we need them to do, so why bother replacing them when we can just repair them as needed? It is pretty difficult for me to justify buying a new laptop. Like I'll take a $550 HP for example. It is true that the processing power is better due to the newer generation CPU, being nearly 2ghz faster. But that is pretty much it. It has the same RAM and half the storage space (to be fair I upgraded mine, putting my laptops value at around $400). The HP also comes with a touch screen though which is nice but not a necessity for me. My laptop is still capable of handling everything I need for college, including 3D modeling. So yeah, perhaps when I graduate I might look into getting a better one, but for now, I have no reason to replace mine. Also call me old fashioned but I still like how mine has a DVD burner on it. Still comes in handy every now and then. 😀
Empmortakaten 4 gün önce
This is exactly how you defeat planned obsolescence. Don't buy the trendy new version every iteration (like a sucker), maintain your products well, and only replace/repair what needs it. I'm currently rockin' an Inspiron several years older than yours. It's the core of my whole living room entertainment center. It stores and runs all my music, movies, regular TV, streaming services, light-moderate gaming like SNES/Genesis emulators and can even run a lot of modern non-3D games like Rimworld perfectly well. I've had to replace the case itself once, as the hinges snapped off when moving one time, and I've had to replace the battery twice. I'm watching youtube on my HD TV right now and writing this comment, piped through this 15+ year old laptop, at this very moment. @ThunderingRoar is right though, our laptops performance specs are not just the same as a new year model. They are however still perfectly suited to what we need/use them for and if you don't currently need anything more powerful then don't bother replacing it.
ThunderingRoar 9 gün önce
you re delusional if you think your laptop with 11 year old cpu/gpu and probably a shitty TN lcd panel is on par with todays $600 laptops
vanshika gupta
vanshika gupta 24 gün önce
@Glyn archie i also have sony vaio which is working fine. I use it till today. I also accidently dropped it on the road and man... just a little crack near the keyboard and is still working fine🧿 it doesnt look nice and is bulky but it still works fine and thats what i care about. Wont buy a new one until i actually need a new one
Glyn archie
Glyn archie 2 aylar önce
same here about 12 years ago I bought a Sony vio, still OK, admittedly I just use it for music, nowadays, I've learned as I got older buy really good makes.
Linda C
Linda C 3 aylar önce
I wonder if it's possible that when we build something, we plan it into it's next metemorphosis. For instance, when they build a factory, the eventual demolishion should be figured out and funds acruing in escrow, and the necessary steps can move smoothly and easily. When we create a soda can, we could also have the next step for it figured out: can it become raw materials, or be upcycled? It seems to me that this could create more and varied small industries and niches. Less pollution. Less mass production of specialized parts. Less need to concentrate substances, and create toxic spoils.
Laszlo Bandi
Laszlo Bandi 2 aylar önce
on Mars they plan to build modular domes and modular storage. Basically everything standardized and replaceable one by one. Since it costs a lot, and not many people are willing to spend without instant profit, it's a huge part of the process, to be effective, best bang for the buck. Not best quality or best price disregarding the other part. Imagine that this mentality there can create a tradition.
Sirius Joker
Sirius Joker 2 aylar önce
My Bachelor Degree in Design and Technology taught me that, unfortunately, we lived in an age where we would have to learn to design products to last 2-5 years. And! that buying fixing parts would cost more than a new product. Ouch! For us designers who want to excel in our craft, and make quality, long lasting products. Sighs. Great informative vid! 💯👍
Marshall Chandra
Marshall Chandra 2 aylar önce
I hope you can be the difference
BADWOLF42 Yıl önce
Slightly different than obsolescence, but when I was 13 or so, my neighbor (who lived about a mile away since I grew up on a farm) hired me to help him cut and load some old, dead oak trees to sell the wood. For those who don't know, wood is usually sold by the cord when dealing with large sales, which is a measure of volume (around 1,000 gallons, I think). So I started loading this wood into a trailer, and on the second day I was helping him, he stopped me and told me that I was loading it too well. I was being too efficient, packing the wood into the trailer too tightly and thus reducing his profit from the sale of the wood, since there was more wood per cord. He made me stop and instead load it loosely and less efficiently. A few days after that, I came up with a way to use his tractor to load the wood faster than either of us could by hand, and he fired me once he realized how well it worked. Really taught me a lot about the world.
James Halliday
James Halliday 18 gün önce
@Altorin firewood is always sold by volume. If it was sold by mass you’d be encouraged to buy wet/unseasoned wood and paying more but getting less efficient wood that clogged your chimney and started a house fire.
Lavonne Russell
Lavonne Russell 2 aylar önce
Wow. That was harsh.
Yolanda D2.0
Yolanda D2.0 3 aylar önce
@Swamp Donkey Is satan Ayn Rand?
Yolanda D2.0
Yolanda D2.0 3 aylar önce
Before reading the end of this I was thinking I'm surprised he didn't get fired. Seriously. I was fired a few times before I realized hard work and efficiency does not pay off. It's a myth. It only pays off if one is the owner.
Mark Sawyer
Mark Sawyer 2 aylar önce
In my experience, LED light bulbs seem to be designed to fail at around the 1 year mark. Even the well known brand names, like Philips, only seem to last around 1 year, despite the wild claims on the box that it can last 15 years. The sad thing is, I'm sure the LED technology is capable of being durable, but it doesn't make business sense to allow that to happen, so it is still being held back by planned obsolescence. I dont understand how they can legally get away with claiming 15 years on the box, when it's actually 1 year in reality. The energy savings from these LED bulbs are totally wiped out by the cost of having to replace them every year.
Xerisz 6 gün önce
The only reason I can think of how they get away with it is because it creates jobs.
Mike Blum
Mike Blum 9 gün önce
Because I saw too, I try to use non-LEDs . Better quality light as well.
Nina NASA 9 gün önce
"There is no best... only different" Apparently I learn new life lessons everyday; which is why I love science. Science is a reason to look at things objectively and curiously in order to produce a definition.
Ashley Demko
Ashley Demko 23 gün önce
Don't you love how capitalism means "we need planned obsolescence so we don't lose our jobs" and not "long lasting products mean we don't have to work as much"? Something went wrong there.
Dude Bros
Dude Bros 13 saatler önce
@Ron McCabe Crony Capitalism kept up by the government and their interference, so lets give government even more power am I right! Though a little more seriously I believe true capitalism to be a fine balance between the power of the individual and the regulation of the government, never trying to tip it either way to keep stability.
Ron McCabe
Ron McCabe 13 saatler önce
@Dude Bros Mostly agree. In theory. We now mostly have crony capitalism, and corrupt capitalism, not true capitalism.
Dude Bros
Dude Bros 14 saatler önce
​@Some Shitposter How so? Switzerland is an extremely cultural homogenous state, you can't use the exception as a rule. Also what are you insinuating? That Switzerland is perfect? Utopic? Your just another one of those Americans who thinks listing some European country as supporting evidence for socialism(or any communal oriented system) actually functions in practice when in basically every case it really just doesn't. His point stands.
Dude Bros
Dude Bros 14 saatler önce
@Ron McCabe Only difference is within capitalism, everyone becomes richer, just to different degree's. Wage stagnation isn't real even adjusting for inflation. Socialism or at least the end result of socialism that is, a authoritarian mess really just hurts the common man way more.
Marcos Patrício
Marcos Patrício 3 gün önce
@Tara Schumacker "Hurr i called people who disagree with me stoopid and the one who agree with me smort, me so wise!"
Nina NASA 9 gün önce
Ever since I entered middle school and found that everyone around me was buying pricey apple products that fail more than they should, I always felt like a conspirator when I said that the failure was planned. I still feel like one today on many topics, but I'm glad I can now call it 'planned obsolescence' instead. Nevertheless, my teacher (of whom owned an apple), did *not* like what my essay had to say about it. Lol.
Be Smart
Be Smart Yıl önce
On the other hand, TRvid is filled with lots of unplanned obsolescence
Kaththee 2 aylar önce
@Leo Leon That is an easy one. It is the plea of every government agency along with a petition for more money- incompetence of course.
Fahim Jaowad Sam
Fahim Jaowad Sam 2 aylar önce
Joeee, my man!!
Mark Pillion
Mark Pillion 2 aylar önce
@bananaboy🍌🍌 what has lead you to your conclusion?
sonofsun 3 aylar önce
S H 3 aylar önce
@Leo Leon lol
Kim Vitali
Kim Vitali 2 aylar önce
It amazes me how many people boxed in by the thought that this short lasting disposable goods creates more jobs. There are much higher ways societies can work
David Gasser
David Gasser 2 aylar önce
I'm convinced the razor blade companies have done the same thing. 15-20 years ago Gillette made a razor that lasted a month plus before it got dull. They started an ad campaign telling me to replace my blade when the color changed (in about a week). When that didn't work, they went ahead and created a new blade that lasted about 7 shaves before it went dull. Meanwhile they claim science and progress in their organization.
Armnel Angeles
Armnel Angeles 2 aylar önce
Henrik Ibsen tackled this societal issues in the same vein in "An Enemy of the People". When the doctor of a small spa-town, Dr. Stockmann discovered that the towns baths are polluted, he wants it to be known, but doing so will kill the town's livelihood. So they branded him an enemy of the people by trying to do so, even if he was right. Planned obsolescence is a very unpalatable fact of our modern society. And whoever rallies against it will be silenced or paid off. All for the sake of the "economy". All about the money 🤷‍♂️
HabitualLover 2 aylar önce
It’s annoying because once you have the basic necessities, you’re freed up to do meaningful, thoughtful things with your life, time, mind, talents, money, etc. Why on earth would anyone want different? What kind of person needs to perpetually generate such grossly wasteful wealth besides a person who doesn’t know the value of anything- and how could that person be called wealthy? What a vulgar perversion, right?
CHU ! 2 aylar önce
Wonder if the same thing goes for finding a cure to an illness, or just finding a way you can live with it.
Adamo Conscientia
Adamo Conscientia 22 gün önce
Hahahahaha hoooman we have many cures, but cures don’t make world turn!! Cures don’t put kid in school!! Cures don’t put food on table!! Ppl who work for corporate medicine pay for your sustenance!! Viva la corporacion!!
P Rowe
P Rowe 2 aylar önce
Yes. Curing people is not good for business.
SoulfoodFight Yıl önce
Imagine the trillions of tons of unnecessary garbage planned obsolescence has caused our planet, the poisoning of our rivers and air and soil... It's so backward and disgusting. 😞
Siluda 2 aylar önce
@kristoffer3000 better than a planned economy on socialism :)
No No
No No 2 aylar önce
There is no political solution. Turn your disgust into hate.
Star Wise
Star Wise 3 aylar önce
Greedy men don't think of the future and sustainability as a whole. Only themselves. If people in America realized you don't get a break when you die, you are reborn into the mess you left behind, they'd be more responsible now.
Samantha Kim Manoban
Samantha Kim Manoban 4 aylar önce
Brooks 20 gün önce
One thing I do like about obsolescence is that I can buy a "dated" model for much cheaper that is only fractionally worse than the most up to date. I get a new cell phone every 3-4 years, new car after 10 years, etc.
S. S. Young
S. S. Young 2 aylar önce
Planned obsolescence, right to repair, history repeating itself. All a lot to think about and hopefully learn from
Brian Boni
Brian Boni 2 aylar önce
The Harley Earl quote brought back a memory. I used to support a wide range of lab equipment and GM was one of our main customers. I was often in the Color and Design Studio and as a GM prefered supplier got invited to a number of events where we previewed the new models months in advance. The color studio would travel the world and follow trends in other industries and use that info in picking out the new colors. One time in the lab I was setting up a bank of machines they were using to test light bulbs. The goal was to reduce the expensive materials namely tungsten and that even a small savings in each bulb would save millions over the years. The manager of that lab told me that the goal of his department was to produce an automobile that would self destruct the day after the warranty expires.
Cable Waffel
Cable Waffel 24 gün önce
And all Apple and other tech companies would need to do to prolong device lifespans is sprinkle in a bit of software and make their hardware slightly easier to repair. I think Tesla is gonna be the new Apple when it comes to planned obsolescence. They have the worst repair program of any car manufacturer, yet they're the most advanced and valuable one.
Ryan Taylor
Ryan Taylor Yıl önce
When I was a young boy and my Grandfather complained "They keep making this junk cheaper so you have to keep buying it"... he must have said that a hundred times to me over the years... turns out Grandpa knew what the hell he was talking about.
sonofsun 3 aylar önce
Bruh everyone says old things work better and longer. Around me this was a fact
Allan Bonadio
Allan Bonadio 3 aylar önce
I've also had a lot of LED lightbulbs go dark - way more than they're supposed to.Sometimes I think it's a loose connection, mostl y on the cheap ones.
loa one8
loa one8 3 aylar önce
when i was a young boy, my father took me into the city, to see a marching band…
Jane L.
Jane L. 3 aylar önce
You could repair things to keep things longer. Now it’s expensive to keep old items running.
Casey Ray Harris. Esquire
@Titania true. 120 years since climate change was theorized. But idk I think Tesla had something in his notes that was seezed and returned with large gaps missing. Also said he was communicating with et. Who knows. I feel like that was our next Isaac Newton but he wasn't funded because of capitalism. Free power? Solves our dependence on petroleum companies
Laura G
Laura G 12 gün önce
I absolutely love and appreciate your videos! As a HS science teacher I frequently use them to generate interest in various topics throughout the year. I want to say though that I think LED bulb manufacturers have done the same thing! We have all LED bulbs and we’ve had to replace some after 2 years!!! I was SHOCKED.
Fellner Michael
Fellner Michael Gün önce
I'm kinda sad cause I already know this stuff, so I won't watch the video to the end :) thank you for bringing this story to so many people. I think most fascinating is the fact that it was in fact a big conspiracy, but conducted in the open, because forming kartells wasn't technically illegal back then. All the notes of the meetings, price agreements of the big corporations and many more details are preserved to this day for everyone to read. And there wasn't a conspiracy theory necessary cause no one tried to be too quiet about it. Love it
Jamie Rosales
Jamie Rosales Gün önce
How can you know what's in the video if you haven't even watched it
Brian Haygood
Brian Haygood 12 saatler önce
I've seen plenty of LED lightbulbs blow out in a year or two of use. I think a lot of manufacturers are using poor quality heat management in the bulb's base to make sure their bulbs don't last.
Cernunnos W.
Cernunnos W. 3 gün önce
Planned obsolescence was something I figured out when I was a young boy. But I still didn't entirely like. I understood the situation but didn't totally agree with this being apart of almost everything we have. Let the situation and consumer make that market decision. Is this something I want to change every now and then? I always liked the idea of continual innovation -including producing entirely new markets and products. Fix the price based on it's longevity, production, and want?
A G Yıl önce
As an electrical engineer, I can assure you... We are literally educated in school about how to design for the desired failure timeframe. It seems criminal
Tony Montana
Tony Montana 6 aylar önce
@mr.niceguy the fact that you said 'at university' and not 'at a university' means that you are not from the US. this is specifically related to the US, not other countries. granted other countries are now trying to copy it, but this started with the US.
Billy Jones
Billy Jones 7 aylar önce
seems like most companies now adays. it's profit over everything else.
L.W. Paradis
L.W. Paradis 7 aylar önce
@Arestheos What Adam Smith described was a free market, not capitalism. Like the difference between a star cluster and a black hole. Some of the things he says about a rentier class controlling enough wealth to control massive numbers of people suggest he would see modern-day billionaires as a return to feudal overlords. He didn't come close to Marx in describing what would actually happen, but some of his insights do show that the capitalists who invoke him today are lying.
Arestheos 7 aylar önce
I don't know when people will realise capitalism actually is holding and even regressing humans technologically and industrially. Which is funny because these two areas are the capitalism's pride for advancements, in the other social areas of course it is terrible. We're unaware of how many other things that could be accomplished, like free electricity. Humans are really good at enslaving themselves. Edit: Reply in advance; stop talking about Adam Smith's Capitalism. People talk about that are delusional as much as communists that want a quick revolution. Be realistic and see the today's world.
BCrem 2 aylar önce
Great video! Really like your presentation style! Found the content in this video disturbing and infuriating. Think of all the unnecessary waste and pollution these profit-centric practices are causing. We need to stop being so wasteful - the world’s resources are not unlimited.
Cliff Kennell
Cliff Kennell 16 gün önce
Absolutely love your videos. Thank you for the education and for doing such a great job. Bravo.
Steven Phelps
Steven Phelps 2 aylar önce
This really made me think about the purpose of industries, and that maybe they aren’t meant to live as long as they do for the sake of profit. What would the world be like if things were made to last, maybe indefinitely, and the makers just took their turn selling their product, and then stepped down once their product was in everyone’s hands? What if the business model was changed to match the rate of sales to the rate of people being born and reaching the age at which they came to need the product? Rather than being constantly available at a lower price, but for a lower level of quality? Why isn’t the system built around this model? It would spend the same amount of money proportionally in the end, as the cost of efficiency could make up for the lost number of sales. I think I know why things have to be this way. Bills. Recurring charges and services. The advent of this billing system forced people to operate in a system of constant income and constant involvement in the economic ecosystem. I think perhaps we practice more necessary evils than we realize in the name of societal longevity.
brad Payn
brad Payn 2 aylar önce
I loved the hornts nest raised in your ' instantanius light experiment', and I hope the same with this article. The planned obsolescence in the led lights, is now the power driver module, half of which are potted so as you can't repair, or even investigate the quality of the construct of the driver. Secondly, the supplier refuses to replace faulty units, blaming the supplied power fluctuations as the cause. AND, VPN's do not allow the functionality that you are touting, as I have you recomended one, in operation, and most sites pick up immediately that you are routing via vpn , and block you. Case in point, The famous BBC. VPN's apparently are excellent for getting movies.
Jellyf0x Yıl önce
The thing I hate most about planned obsolescence is that it assumes we have endless resources. It's terrible for our planet.
Luis RG
Luis RG 18 saatler önce
The oligarchs could care less about our planet.
KonZ ZonK
KonZ ZonK Gün önce
@William S capitalism has a lot to do with it, what are you smoking. This crap just shows capitalism needs to be kept in check/regulated.
Ukrainian Patriot
Those who plan obsolescence need to be made obsolete.
Love istheanswer
Love istheanswer 9 gün önce
Very good comment. 🙂👍
Sinmum Gaming
Sinmum Gaming 22 gün önce
Planned obsolescence just seems greedy. When we CAN make the things that wear, not wear, we should. There is trash everywhere. Phone batteries are extremely dangerous. We can solve problems like that if business owners suck it up. Most people make something else to market. Meanwhile these people make their stuff worse. The sad part is that it works. We can solve problems like these... Why shouldn't we?
Oliver Cuenca
Oliver Cuenca 2 aylar önce
Hey now, The Man in the White Suit deserved that screenplay nomination. That film's a lot of fun, and the core concept's so geniusly out-there that only a really great screenwriter could have come up with it.
EmberFlower 2 aylar önce
I already knew about some of these things which is why I never bought Apple products and support right to repair. We need more videos like this and more awareness.
M. Riggs
M. Riggs 3 aylar önce
I fight for my right to repair reversing engineering everything I need. Some stuff never get like originally was, but often get modified to better suit my needs.
Sarah Schulz
Sarah Schulz 10 aylar önce
My parents recently got a new microwave and gave me their old one they got for their wedding - I'm 25 and warming up my leftovers in the same microwave my baby food was warmed in... pretty amazing. I would love if everything lasted forever. Planned obsolescence feels like such a waste of resources.
Siluda 2 aylar önce
what would you do if you micro broke and all the companys were no more because there is no one producing the products ?
Agni Das
Agni Das 3 aylar önce
save that thing. those microwaves are rare now. serious. it's a collectors item. you named the right time period. Certain hobbyists will even pay you just for the insides of it - there is something you cannot buy anymore inside really well made which fits so many DIY projects.
sonofsun 3 aylar önce
We are already reaching the all robot and no human work force we need plans for everlasting products
sonofsun 3 aylar önce
I dont agree with the forever part
withdirtybags 3 aylar önce
It is possible that the screen or rubber seals around the door may have perished, allowing some radiation to leak out. For peace of mind, buy a microwave leakage tester. Many homeware and electrical stores sell them and, at about a fiver, they're cheaper than buying a new oven.
Koutroubas Athanasios
Koutroubas Athanasios 3 aylar önce
Since i was a kid i had this weird idea about our race. That we will make one breakthrough after the other, when it comes to necessary but mundane things we need in order to make our lives easier. And then allocate resources and brain power onto the next exciting "discovery" that will take us a step further. Early in adulthood i realised that we have already discovered the very thing which chains us to the ground and will forever prevent humanity from reaching its peak, because its more profitable to stay in a loop. Of course this "thing" is the concept of money. Limits us and keeps us "to the ground", while forever being the main focus of whole generations and livelyhoods. The fact one has to constantly worry about how to make enough in order to live a life that could, at this point, be void of basic needs, theoritically. It was a painful discovery, but it does goes to show that the limiting factor of our race comes down to our insticts. Much like in nature between animals (even of the same species), the will to dominate always prevails. You would expect that a species which brags about being unique within its habitat, "the most evolved" and so on, wouldn't be enslaved by such primitive instincts. Yet here we are, millennia later, trying to scam each other by holding back on progress. Over some pieces of cotton and linen, we give so much meaning to.
tomfreddy 10 gün önce
Reminds me of the system I designed that was perfect with human experience, progression and sustainability as subject. Gave everyone full uncompromising equal freedom and made possibility of corruption impossible while making the need for laws obsolete. Shouldn't have to give away in taxes what you earn working, shouldn't be able to hoard all the money in the world. Solution being single person allocated reward based currency while having basic things needed for survival provided.
Peter Kropotkin
Peter Kropotkin 3 aylar önce
I know I'm late to the party but thanks for making me feel good about light bulbs man. That LED monologue at the end really put a tear in my eye lol
JustA Dad
JustA Dad 3 aylar önce
Watched many of your vids, this one was fantastic. Shows the manipulations of all these companies. I am so glad we got Elon Musk behind Tesla, making the source code open and free is one step forward, for all. We need more that want to make the world better, from right now to forever forward.
Crypto With Lorenzo
Crypto With Lorenzo 7 aylar önce
My mum had an oven that lasted 30 years, fully functioning right till the end. Then when she got a replacement, the technician told her that the company who manufactured them went broke because their ovens very rarely broke down. It's sad that we've gone from one extreme of excellent durability and reliability to planned obsolescence.
Possum Jesus
Possum Jesus 3 aylar önce
@gizzy guzzi I have an unrestored 60 -year-old car with untold miles that still runs. Original generator, even.
JEFF GREEN 6 aylar önce
Forgot to add...the furnace is our present home was a 1954 model, that furnace finally died in 2020. 66 years of service, had it repaired once. Sure don't make things as durable as they used to. I had 1962 Fender Showman Guitar Amplifier that I sold last year(2021) it still worked perfectly, and it still had some of its original tubes. New stuff...not so good.
JEFF GREEN 6 aylar önce
Mom and dad bought a used Hot Point Stove in 1949. The stove was still there and working when the last member of our family left that home in 1984. Dad had replaced the burners twice. I went to our old home during a 1991 open house when it was up for sale again, the old Hot Point was still there. Years later I saw our old house is for sale again, and in the photos I see the Hot Point! This was 2010! Maybe it's still there! I had 1 light bulb in a hallway at my house that was still burning after 15 years. I sold that house in 2000 when the bulb was still working. Must have been a reject! Ha!
The CNSR 6 aylar önce
True say.
shush 6 aylar önce
Surely they would have just stopped making more money, not gone broke
Ilias Antonopoulos
Ilias Antonopoulos 3 aylar önce
Very interesting! You've answered a lot of questions about what more and more people notice. Technical products tend to break in a short time. It is not a conspiracy. It is a fact. It is the Phoebus Cartel legacy.
Empmortakaten 4 gün önce
For the record; something can be both a conspiracy and a fact. Those terms are not mutually exclusive.
Gregory LaGrange
Gregory LaGrange Aylar önce
Explains, and confirms my thoughts, on the hesitancy and expense for bringing LEDs to the market. And for the cars in different colors. It seems they have gotten away from that form of obsolescence because for a nation that has such a deep history of love for the automobile, they oddly have a dearth of variety now when it comes to car colors. Take a look and count how many cars are white, black, or some version of gray (I include silver as a version of gray). And cars that are some other color are usually such a dull that they might as well be gray. That's one of the reason classic cars are so cool. And why just based on color variety alone I'm a fan of Royal Enfield motorcycles.
CRUSAYDA UK 2 aylar önce
Thanks for the video, it shows that as long as a bank is involved in whatever humanity does, this planet and its various lifeforms are doomed. We need some means of encouraging people and their endeavours without destroying our only planet at thin present moment in time. Love to you all, from Smethwick, England 🇬🇧 ❤
Tejas Kulkarni
Tejas Kulkarni 2 aylar önce
A fun reliability story we have here! I love this :)
David Letasi
David Letasi Yıl önce
My aunt moved into her family home in 1919 at age 14 and had a 1913 Edison light bulb on her second story stair well. She lived in the house untill her death in 2002. She replaced that bulb a year before her death and she gave it to me and I have kept it right up to writing this comment and the other day plugged it in to see if it's still works. Bright as ever! Going on 108 years old.
Gil Batzri
Gil Batzri 5 aylar önce
@David Letasi What a beautiful respectful response. You are a mensch sir.
Gil Batzri
Gil Batzri 5 aylar önce
@Jenna Eisel no, they are not efficient heaters, they merely burn most of the power they consume in heat creation, it doesn't mean that they are efficient, because you think you can heat your house with that heat, you can't because they don't produce enough heat for the power they use.
joseph carioggia
joseph carioggia 5 aylar önce
I wonder if you have some monetary value in that bulb?
Catherine S. Todd
Catherine S. Todd 11 aylar önce
@Mys. Wren : it was clear to me that you meant no offense and I thought your comment was helpful and informative. I was shocked at the defensive response by David Letasi and would have been interested in buying the bulb until I read his barbed response. I'm sorry you had to experience that, and I was glad to read David's response. Perhaps he did not realize how hurtful some responses can be, even if unintended. I hope you are feeling better as I too have chronic illnesses and know what the flare up can do, especially after an emotional attack. Hope you feel better soon and God bless!
Catherine S. Todd
Catherine S. Todd 11 aylar önce
@philoguy : or Rick will offer a whole lot more!
grimtt 2 aylar önce
One reason right to repair is gaining traction is the enormous amount of trash that the world outputs now that the shopping trend is “lots of crap” vs “a few quality things”. I love repairing rather than throwing things away, and was surprised to find iphone battery replacement kits when online recently. And anyone who has Beats 🎧 knows how easy it is to get replacement parts for them 😂
newwavepop 12 gün önce
this is sort of what happened to me with my computer recently, you know the saying was always that the quality would keep improving while the prices simultaneously went down. well ive bought about 4 computers since my first one in 2000 and they have all been about the same price and while they did at first improved a good bit from the last one my most recent one was a massive let down. i got my last one about 8 years ago as a Best Buy, when i went in there were like 4 aisles full of PC's to chose from. i am a home body and dont go shopping unless i need to and i am not a keeping up with the Joneses type so i dont follow things and havent been paying attention to computers, bt when my computer finally stopped turning on after about 8 years i went back to Best Buy to look at computers and where they once had 4 aisles of PC's they now literally had 3 PC's to choose from and they were all a massive downgrade from my old computer but still about the same price. there were a ton of laptops but i could not give a crap about laptops, like i said i am a home body i dont really want or need a computer you can pick up and carry around. so i started looking all over online and i could not find a computer anywhere that wasnt a downgrade from my last now dead one, all i could find were inferior PC;s still in that same price range or a bunch of far more expensive fancy gamers PC's. the computer i had was not some fancy one when i got it it was a lower mid priced pretty standard computer, now my new computer costs just as much and doesnt seem like anything runs any better or faster and it clearly just looks cheaper and most of all i was pissed off because it only has one fourth of the hard drive space so i couldnt even try to transfer all the stuff off of my old computer when i managed to get it to turn on just to transfer my files.
Av3 12 gün önce
the new computers likely arent inferior... as it's very unlikely... you could've just built one
Victor Kuklin
Victor Kuklin Aylar önce
Thanks for a great video, I really didn't know that companies were fined for making a long lasting light bulb. In our consumer society where profit is of highest value, not people's life, we will always have this situation where we can't have long lasting quality thing. We have to change consumer society to creative society format where human life is of the highest value. Right now millions of people are already actively building such a society. I encourage you to check out this project! It represent a true evolution of humanity.
Victor Kuklin
Victor Kuklin 4 gün önce
@Empmortakaten ok, thanks for clearing this up. But for us, consumers, does it play a big role knowing where this fine is coming from? I don't think so. We are at a disadvantage anyway. But there is a way out : changing consumerist format of society to creative one. Where human life, safety, and freedoms are protected in reality , not on paper, like right now. Don't you agree?
Empmortakaten 4 gün önce
It wasn't a government fine, it was a fine imposed by the cartel. By signing on to the cartel they agreed, legally, to pay such fines to the cartel if they were found in violation of the agreement. Modern cartels, like OPEC+ do the same today. They all agree to only pump and process a certain amount of oil per day. Any member of the cartel that violates that agreement gets fined by the rest of the cartel.
Trithnania 2 aylar önce
It's funny how back in those days they thought that the future would be that work would be done by robots and humans wouldn't have to work anymore, or not as much. And when this starts to happen people panic because there is not enough work. The trick is that when a company replaces employees with robots and fires the employees, it stops paying them. Not a single company would want to replace humans with robots and keep paying humans who are doing nothing. And every time our lives become more simple thanks to some product, we can know that there is never free time. The time you save for yourself will be spent by someone else. Someone else is going to try to take it away from you by making you busy on their thing.
Nikolay Tonev
Nikolay Tonev Yıl önce
Imagine the waste of resources, human labor and damage to the environment, that the planned obsolescence have costed the world... For all the products that this tactics have been used combined, we're probably talking about many millions of human lives wasted to sustain this system, let alone the resources and the environment...
Puzzlesocks Aylar önce
@April Hare If you read into the utopia experiments, there are many interpretations for the why. Communists think it could have been solved by more fair distribution. Some think it's caused by excessive forced social interaction. Some think it was just sheer overpopulation. Regardless of the reason why, we can see many similarities to our situation today. I think the only thing we can realistically do is focus on helping our local communities instead of trying to come up with radical plans to save the world.
April Hare
April Hare Aylar önce
@Puzzlesocks Well then the experiments need to include little books and activities to keep them busy. I probably would beat others to death if all i had were endless tunnels to run through.
April Hare
April Hare Aylar önce
@Puzzlesocks my theory would include having to grey rock them. Stop participating in their game. It doesn't work for us. Boycotts. Strikes. It would all have to be coordinated to be affective. Give them our own great reset.
Chef Gucci
Chef Gucci Yıl önce
@Puzzlesocks I literally want you to name a single issue that the modern world doesn’t have
Chef Gucci
Chef Gucci Yıl önce
@Puzzlesocks what issues can we not already have lmao
Walt H
Walt H Aylar önce
I think I am seeing this in the medical community as well. I recall my physician would give me a prescription for 6 months. Now, the practice seems to be to have you come back every month to get the same medicine, same dosage. The idea of drug refills drives down physician revenue. If you need the medication, you have to return to the doctor and pay for another visit coupled with more lab tests. Limiting the refills drives down office revenue. This feels like planned obsolescence in a way.
MissAsyan 9 gün önce
Our english teacher mentioned this back in third grade. One of the most interesting things I've heard, I remember the parts about lightbulbs and stockings were prime examples Austin made a similar video but it's only about printer ink. Not exactly the same, but you get it. Purposely making things more inconvenient and making rights to repair so expensive. Man
Peter B
Peter B 5 gün önce
Great job! I have to admit iPhones are lighter and larger now. I just pulled my old one of a drawer today by coincidence, and it "felt" old, while it's not really that old. It was just surpassed. It looks small and heavy, compared to my new one (only iPhone 7). Even without "style" judgements, it has been improved upon. What hasn't been improved is the flip phone. I went back to a flip phone for a while. I didn't think the early iPhone was worth the cost. The flip phone was perfect for what it was supposed to do. The older iPhone was slow and the only time I used any of the cellular data options was when I had to wait somewhere, like the tire store, with nothing to do. It was just a phone and a paperweight otherwise. My current iPhone/ camera/ radio/ podcaster/ bank teller is much better.
nervmich.net 13 gün önce
Very nice video indeed. Industry shifted from "constant sales" to "constant service" for quite some time now - in every aspect, not just physical objects. It must be ensured that a new product needs service on a regular base.
Abner Mascarenhas
The worst part of planned obsolescence is that it affects the environment negatively ....waste produced by us would be far less if it wasn't for this stupid money making strategy
Bellator Dei
Bellator Dei 6 aylar önce
That's the least concern, this impoverishes everyone and is halting innovations
Beeman 7 aylar önce
....you mean greed?
Martin P.
Martin P. 3 aylar önce
I worked for a company that among other things made parts for low and mid grade lawn equipement. I could see by the customers engineering on some of these parts that they were designed for a shortened life span. We made hundreds of thousands of parts every year. I have a high end mower with 14 years on it and I do preventive maintenance that isn't even in the manual and it's a shame because it should be. Based on my experience with this piece of equipment it should be around for many more decades. The new version of my mower has more fluff but a much lower life engine. I'm keeping mine. planned obsolescence
Spoonman 2 aylar önce
I'm just gonna say now that as soon as I heard International General Electric being involved, I wasn't surprised. Their namesake, General Electric, had been involved in all sorts of scummy screw-you-over business practices for years. One of the main ones being... the electric bill that we all know and love and have to pay monthly. Thank the big electricity companies for that one. In essence it was one of the first subscription services.
The Daredevil Incognito
This obsolescence thing has been doing my Ford Explorer good (sarcastically) to the point that everytime I send it to the dealership mechanics, it always ends up worse than before.
SFS Delta
SFS Delta 2 aylar önce
This has been absolutely true for just about everything I own. And it infuriates me. It wastes valueable resources and its false advertising. 2010 laptop? Slow, but works fine. 2017 laptop? Whole thing started to go haywire once warranty passed. I had to replace the screen, cooler, battery (twice) and wifi module. Crl light I got in c.2009? Still working fine today with frequent use. LED light from 2017? Dead.
Konrad Peters
Konrad Peters Yıl önce
As an industrial designer I can honestly say that’s one of the most frustrating aspects of the industry. One always wants to design a product with the best characteristics.
Sparkey Jones
Sparkey Jones Yıl önce
@Dennis Raes Well, of course, but the end result is the same no matter how you look at it.
Dennis Raes
Dennis Raes Yıl önce
@Sparkey Jones every developing technology is more expensive, nothing to do with quality. After the production is running factories will look how to make there products cheaper in production cost wich creates a loss of quality and how to be able to sell more of them by any means necessary..
Konrad Peters
Konrad Peters Yıl önce
@Electron Resonator will you give me the startup capital? ;)
Electron Resonator
then why not make your own company and become the HERO of consumer?
Sparkey Jones
Sparkey Jones Yıl önce
@Mystery Man Thank you, I will. You too.
Gregory Hyde
Gregory Hyde 5 saatler önce
"LEDs last longer" is just yet another case of convincing the public of a false claim to drive consumers in a particular direction. They don't last nearly as long. Regardless of brand, I've always found they fail far faster than incandescent bulbs.
eekee 2 aylar önce
One of my cleaners had microfiber cloths which lasted many times longer than other cloths. Then the supply dried up. I could say some things about programmers, even in open source, and I don't mean security updates. Still, it's been a few years since I was in touch with the scene and my memories are getting fuzzy. I will say that Red Hat's attempts to increase their business when they became a publicly-traded company in '98 actively hurt me. Their business is getting customers to sign up for their support contracts... Oh, VPNs and media! I don't have time for mass media -- I don't have time to watch half the TRvid videos I want to -- but I remember the time when you could buy physical goods from other countries with little if any tax. That was a good time! :D
Domenick Giambattista
It’s nice to talk about or think about right to repair, and I know you don’t wanna hear this, but I promise you that the vast majority of you have zero chance of repairing your most complicated electronics without damaging the device or yourself, no matter how many parts or instructions they give you. Yeah, everyone wants to save money, and they certainly shouldn’t make things objectively worse than they can be at the same price, but nobody wants an inch thick iPhone because you fancy having a whirl at replacing parts yourself. A lot of people seem to vastly overestimate their first-time success rate in working on sensitive electronics. Some of us still screw up after years of doing it.
Mohammad Reza
Mohammad Reza 3 aylar önce
"The only type of obsolescence we should support is technological"
Destruction Katchup
The phrase “They don’t make’m like they used to” exists for a reason.
Jon Blund
Jon Blund 7 gün önce
​@A1 Uplift I dono which pulls the strongest but the brain is really good at remembering the bad too, natural defence mechanism
Adamo Conscientia
Adamo Conscientia 22 gün önce
The reason is also “Balancing Counter argument theory” which states that no matter what you say online there will always be an equal and opposite reaction to your statement.
Okaro Yıl önce
@hailey grey And It uses electricity like three new ones.
Okaro Yıl önce
@Hifi Teen So? There never will be a new device that has lasted long. In 2050 there will be people looking back at head phones made in 2020 and they will say: "They will not make them like they used to do.".
Okaro Yıl önce
Yes, it is called nostalgia. Other examples are: "Summers used to be warmer". "People used to fight fairly an did kick someone one the ground." I have heard those 40 years ago.
Dude Bros
Dude Bros 14 saatler önce
Hold on I'm confused, LED light bulbs last pretty long according to some studies I'm looking at. I think you're blowing this out of proportion. The wealth generated by this and than re-invested has probably brought a lot more tech to us faster because believe it or not wealth hording isn't exactly an issue in the US(see japan for actual wealth hording issues). And I mean, you have the freedom to go out and make the better products, maybe not on a factory level but certainly on an individual level. I really can't see any issues here, I could maybe see a pollution issue but, I really don't see why people are having melt downs in the comments about losing their faith in humanity or us potentially being set back in time? There isn't anything that supports those claims that I know of, enlighten me please. Also on the right to repair, yes you have a right to tamper with your product how ever you please but, you don't have a right to force a company to help you along the way. You own the product you bought nothing more nothing less, not the company who made it. I mean you could study what you purchased and share it online for people who want to know about it to see, if companies stopped you from doing that I would be behind stopping them but, forcing them to divulge all the details(unless it's something deadly) is not your "right to repair". Your right to repair is to tamper with it, not to be given all the details about it. Don't like it? Don't buy it. Again this is just another 1st world problem you can only complain about due to the wealth that's been generated by a free market.
Angel Santana
Angel Santana 2 aylar önce
What a great video! Honestly excellent in all fronts 👍
jimmy king
jimmy king Aylar önce
Very informative video. However, to your mention of how an LED bulb will outlast the older bulbs, it’s actually not the case in my experience. All my bulbs were replaced with LED bulbs and per every single bulb, they’ve gone bad/died and needed replacements just under 2 years on average, whereas the older bulbs lasted well over 2 years on average.
Kevin Sorrell
Kevin Sorrell 2 aylar önce
I am in the business of Appliance Removal and I often tell my customers that it is planned obsolescence as refrigerators used to last for decades, now there is one brand I recycle that is only a year old, the worst is LG and the second worst is Samsung, and they all are following the new protocol that they must be more "economical" as to not use so much electricity, but if you are changing it out after a year you are not saving any money. But I recently ran across a guy who said that he knows people who have been hired to make things fail, like this guy who makes dryer door hinges that fail in a short time, and they are paid a lot of money for that... so it still goes on today.
Zan 6 aylar önce
The fact that it's so well known and still being allowed to exist is criminal
Hue Lu
Hue Lu 3 aylar önce
@ASIF ISHAN nurses and doctors failed
michael andrews
michael andrews 3 aylar önce
Only in the USA and other third world countries most modern countries have consumer protection laws that stop this.
madalyn sibble
madalyn sibble 3 aylar önce
Well if you want these luxuries you have to accept that the people making them for you must stay in business . It would be different if everyone was making everything themselves instead of buying things . But there’s a huge gap in knowledge these days .
Wyatt Newton
Wyatt Newton 3 aylar önce
@Brandy Lou Small business would pop up and create a much more competitive marketplace. Big businesses are mostly a negative as they collude to keep prices high, artificially limit competition, and lobby the government to pervert laws to their benefit. Small businesses are more likely to care about their employees and local communities. The world would be a better place if companies like Ford, GM, GE, Dupont, and Wells Fargo among others just disappeared.
lIlIlMlIlIl 3 aylar önce
It is not that simple. Tell me, if everyone buys the perfect product, and never have to replace it, what happens to the jobs at the factory?
Robert Borchert
Robert Borchert 3 aylar önce
Simply amazing, isn't it? I understand the manufacturer's zeal to have an everlasting market, but in reality, they are missing the point. Simply stated, if you build a better mousetrap, people will buy it. Look at something we all know and like, our automobiles. They are a necessity. Being able to affordably maintain them is good business for everyone, and people buy a brand because it lasts. One can maintain it. Here is the heart of brand loyalty. The new vehicles have a higher value, because of trust in their durability. Tastes change, needs change, and people will buy your latest offerings. It's all about not being greedy in the process. Many folks who enjoy a product would like to keep and maintain them. Things eventually wear out, or age, and folks enjoy new things. There's enough business to keep everyone happy, including the repair trades.
Cara Diann
Cara Diann 2 aylar önce
"planned obsolesence is good cause it creates jobs" ... good is relative. The fact that it's good in that context is in iteself a bad thing. we should not have an economy that benefits from the inefficient use of resources and technical ability. That's the antithesis of an economy.
whitewolf262 3 aylar önce
When I was small, my father and I went to visit with a man who had apparently invented a a set of windshield wipers that lasted for a long time. According to him, he was "strongly encouraged" to sell to Ford. And of course, that was the end of that.
vadim nesen
vadim nesen 8 gün önce
Yep and ford probably buried it
NebukadV 2 aylar önce
Would have been nice to at least mention, that also LED lights are victim to planned obsolecence, because either the power supply or the LEDs themselves are designed to run so hot, that they die after 2-3 years.
Alyenbird Yıl önce
My most recent experience with planned obsolescence: Most laptops typically can be unscrewed at the bottom and opened up. It is necessary to do this every few months to blow the dust and hair out of your computer fan with some compressed air- especially if you have pets. If you don't ever clean that dust and hair out, the fan slowly gets clogged up, ceases to work properly, and your computer can become dangerously hot. A lot of people are unaware that this maintenance needs to be done at all- which is a win for the company that sold the computer when it overheats and breaks. However, apparently some computer manufacturers don't even want those who know they need to clean their laptops to clean them. A relative of mine recently noticed that her laptop was overheating and that the fan is clogged. So she turned it over to unscrew it and clean it out. There were no screw holes. She called the professionals, and the professionals told her that model of laptop could not be cleaned. It was *glued* together rather than screwed. From now on anytime my family goes laptop shopping, we will be checking the bottom for screws!
Gïlda Nonofyabiznez
Gïlda Nonofyabiznez 7 aylar önce
@Lucas van hamburg my thoughts exactly
Gïlda Nonofyabiznez
Gïlda Nonofyabiznez 7 aylar önce
@Anthony Grimaldi "sounds like you're using your laptops in an extremely dusty area" you're saying it like he's a fault??? Sometimes you can't help, I live in shithole town where most of the streets aren't even paved, so naturally there's always a lot of dust flying around. Tf am I gon do apart from just coping?
Lucas van hamburg
@Anthony Grimaldi Old small blocks are easy to rebuild and there is a huge aftermarket for them. I'm pretty sure the ls series fits rigth to the transmission that the old small blocks would be fitted to, so you don't know how many old american cars are driving around with modern engines. German cars were great back in the day when people owned their cars for more than the warranty... I have a golf 3 diesel myself. Now they are trash just look at the price depreciation.
marshalllucky Yıl önce
always if youre old compter it is broken then why no just buy there new laptops? they are no verr expensives :-(
Andreas Klein
Andreas Klein Yıl önce
Have you seen the Chinese products with those special bolts with triangular heads? 10 years ago I looked for screwdrivers for those heads but obviously nobody sold them. The moment those screwdrivers appeared (mainly made in China) the Chinese stopped this practice so now you are stuck with a useless screwdriver. YOU CAN NEVER PROVE MALICE! so we all must come together and stop buying from China until they acknowledge the practice and make reparations.
Ron Hyer
Ron Hyer 3 aylar önce
Hmmm, who hasn’t replaced at least 2 LED lightbulbs? Planned obsolescence is alive and well.
SweetFoxGirl 15 gün önce
I haven’t watched the whole thing yet but from the lightbulb, I already knew that money was causing all this, well the person 6:10 says that he doesn’t care about what’s best for his customers, he wanted money…but why focus on money when you can make an even better thing? This is legit people now, people haven’t changed, ALMOST all people just want money, that’s why people are doing crappy work everywhere, it’s like people don’t know how to do their job anymore like we were at Starbucks recently and my dad ordered coffee and this one person kept over-filling the cup and then dumping it out ans then repeated the same thing…he did not like coffee…all they cared about was money…that person had a trans flag on their hat so idk what to call them, it looked like a girl. I wish people were more focused on their job and not money, when I grow up, I wanna become an example to people, like working at places for the sake of working NOT money, well I still want to earn money but it just won’t be my main focus :)
ari eggerts
ari eggerts 9 gün önce
Dude its a minimum wage worker,
Yuck Fou
Yuck Fou 3 aylar önce
Also I heard a long long time ago that someone invented a type of rubber that lasted 10 times longer for stuff like car tyres and shoes... He then put the recipe up for auction and Nike ended up buying it for millions... Then scraped it so nobody could use it...😠
Jonathan Vince
Jonathan Vince 2 gün önce
This was well done so good thank you.
Belaar Yıl önce
It is actually outrageous that planned obsolescence isn't discussed more. It is definitely one of the main issues we need to solve in order to save our planet.
Asa Foster
Asa Foster Yıl önce
@zee I called it that because I think it's a fitting criticism.
umbium Yıl önce
@zee who talked about communism here? It doesn't matter if the 1% is a bunch of old geezers or the government, the thing is that the ones who have the means of production are the responsible for many of our current problems we face as a global community. I want to think not because they are evil or stupid, just because they are the biggest thing
Asa Foster
Asa Foster Yıl önce
@zee what are you on about socialism??? I'm just saying capitalism is true evil bro lol
Asa Foster
Asa Foster Yıl önce
@zee no actually agriculture did that... All capitalism did was justify the crimes of colonialism, and it tends to lead to fascism.... As we Americans have witnessed recently
skymaster 3 gün önce
Hello, thank you for your Videos. You know the led lamp could be long lasting, BUT the electronic used, especially the capacitors are such cheap quality, that they go after one year of usage or less, thus making you throw that bulb away to buy another one, only the very first ones I bought in 2006 in china, are still running in my bathroom. Although I had to change one ceramic capacitor from the 2.
Brett Stroud
Brett Stroud 22 gün önce
Glad I have an authority figure like you to tell me what the actual conspiracies are. 😏
Angel Acevedo García
Angel Acevedo García 2 aylar önce
The one time i was certain programmed obsolescence was thing, was with my Xbox 360 controller connected my PC. One day the damn thing just upped and stopped working on my PC. Thing is, it still worked on Xbox 360's. I have weird USB for the switch that makes all controllers compatible with it, and the damn controller works with it. I even have a hacked PS3 and the DAMN CONTROLLER WORKS. So I'm pretty sure Microsoft did something to the 360 controllers so they would stop working on PC, to force you to buy one of the newer ones.
Chattaboxxx Aylar önce
This reminds me of a rumour from the early 2010's I heard about playstation... It was right before the PS4 came out that a rumour started to spread about how the PS4 had actually existed since the year after the PS1 was released, at least in terms of technical capability. And that they intentionally broke the advancement up into stages to release slowly over a decade or more so that instead of making a lot of money off one product, they could stretch it into making a lot more money over time with 3 more products... I kind of dismissed this for multiple reasons when I first heard it, but seeing a video explaining things like this, really makes me wonder if there is viability to that rumour. And possibly if ALL technology is intentionally held back, just to make more money off it. And to be honest, it wouldn't surprise me the tiniest bit if it's true.
Awoken Entertainment
Awoken Entertainment 7 aylar önce
Man it's crazy how as technology advances, the lifespans of products diminish... greed is really a powerful drug..
Chan 3 aylar önce
I think about how many people I know down here in older houses in Florida, with perfectly working appliances from when the house was built in the 50s...
aiRCoft 3 aylar önce
Powerful and innovative.
Desperado 4 aylar önce
On the other side your wasting finite resources purely on bottom line greed. What happens when they run out or demand changes? Dont think those jobs are there to keep you employed and having money. Its to make the ones already rich, richer. How do you feel about the constant increase in automation? You think theyre not gonna automate so you can keep your job? Yeah, those guys dont care about you and are selling you the lie that it needs to be like that. I dont have the answers currently, im not gonna pretend i do but there are better ways then keeping you toiling in meaningless labor just to be able to live. Some say late stage capitalism is the fault and theyre maybe right but its not just capitalism. Its also the greed that comes with it. Its not the system itself but rather the greedy companies snd fat cats that abuse it that are the problem.
Sergei P
Sergei P Gün önce
Wonderful words, my over-ocean friend. I hope that some day government would state that now all the phones must have replaceable batteries. Now I'm holding Samsung which's five years old. I hope that at one day products might become, or legally ment to be intended for purpose of satisfying people rather than gaining maximum amounts of money. Unfortunately, now mega corps do what they want, but maybe a federal agent on every holder's meeting might do the job.
Owen Toad
Owen Toad 16 gün önce
There's an argument that absolutely noone talks about with the whole light bulb situation. Longer lasting bulbs are dimmer and less efficient. Incandescent lights are very cheap and easy to replace, so I really don't know if the benefit to them outweighs the downsides. That being said, I fully support Right to Repair.
Owen Toad
Owen Toad 11 gün önce
@Some Shitposter I was talking specifically about incandescent lights. LEDs are a different point entirely
Some Shitposter
Some Shitposter 11 gün önce
No longer lasting light bulbs arent dimmer and less efficient. A LED bulb last way longer than any Incandescent one and it needs less electricity. The only advantage it has is that it is cheaper.
addusernamehere 2 aylar önce
Great video. Wish more consumers would watch this.
Aqueous_Fireball 2 aylar önce
I hope we can one day move past the inconveniences of doing things for marketing and instead for the good of humanity and inovation
Potato 3 aylar önce
Imagine just how advanced we would be if it wasn't for business practices like this
MisterHeroman 2 aylar önce
@Clark Potter That's not relevant to capitalism. In other words, it can still happen with capitalism.
DrPogo 2 aylar önce
Kaitlynn Golsan
Kaitlynn Golsan 2 aylar önce
All because of capitolism unfortunately
ihazdaforks 2 aylar önce
@RawDog People still upgrade their phone's every year even though they work fine. It would create a lot less waste.
Junko Enoshima
Junko Enoshima 2 aylar önce
in stoneage. Practices like that is the reason we have technological progress at all.
TruthyLucy Aylar önce
I remember hearing years ago that tires were originally made to last the average car 100,000 miles.
Xeverous 3 gün önce
15:30 LED lights aren't better. They produce unnatural set of waves. The incandescent bulb has the light that is most closes to the sun.
Ріхард Бах
Ріхард Бах 12 gün önce
It would be good to provide some tech details on what exactly made that everlasting lightbulbs to last so long and what exactly was changed to make them last shorter period, and also other specifications, e.g. CoP. It would make this video to look like not just talking… At the same time I’m aware of apple battery case, I do agree it’s true and I do agree this shitty approach may be used by some type other manufacturers
tomfreddy 10 gün önce
Also someone mentioned the base 10 numbering system which reminds me how ages ago I made a base 100 number system the was psychologically relevant. I wasn't going to talk about it till it was finished but it got stolen along with my string cipher. So now unless I want someone else passing my work off as their own I am forced to clarify how the number nouns abstracted away from the previously highly emotionally influential number names and each number started with the "m" sound and ended with one of the 11 distinct consonants with 1 of 9 vowels in the middle. Actually I've made a great deal of things all of which have been thus far stolen. I also mentioned a while ago how I thought electrons were just small clouds of negative energy and photons were just smaller dislodged bits of them. Also how the big bang theory is probably impossible on account of when a singularity would be likely to reach critical mass, the frequency of singularities in the universe and a few other things not coming to mind atm. I also had new time system that was going to be better likely by a lot but it will probably just get extracted from me so there is no point explaining anymore.
tomfreddy 10 gün önce
Don't know any as fact but I think it's probable given my experiences and current lack of education.
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