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This Is What Going Insane Feels Like - Mon Bazou - Let's Game It Out
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More about Mon Bazou (from Steam):
Build your crappy vehicle into a race car by installing the parts yourself. Make money by cutting wood, racing at night or delivering pizza. Maybe you want to manage a sugar shack and make tons of maple syrup or build yourself a big garage?
You need to keep yourself fed by drinking delicious Maple Syrup and eating Poutine, welcome to Canada!It's taking place in 2005 with the hot scene of tuned cars and wanna-be streets racers.
- Lots of upgradable parts on the main vehicle- Install the parts yourself on the vehicle
- Trailer / Boat / ATV mechanics
- Bodywork tool & a very flexible spray paint system
How about in-game cash?
- Boil sugar water and sell barrels of Maple Syrup
- Streets races at the night meet
- Deliver pizzas
- Grow plants / Sell weed joint
- Grow & Cut down trees to sell logs, or split it and sell for firewood
- Gather parts at the scrapyard to sell




6 Şub 2022




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@LetsGameItOut Yıl önce
Download Lords Mobile to win BIG prizes here: www.igg.com/event/letsgameitout $10,000 CASH GIVEAWAY and a $350 gift pack for everyone! Don't miss out on the limited Kung Fu Panda items!
@KevEdits429 Yıl önce
Your vids are so funny LOL
@KevEdits429 Yıl önce
Also first :)
@flexprime2010 Yıl önce
the number of vehicules is nearly spot on(they didn't include de ski-doo
@tonyschmire1137 Yıl önce
You mind playing some more horror games? They tend to be the best recommended ^^ love everything you do, and good luck
boom booom
@Vaelgresh8 Yıl önce
Josh couldn't even get past the title screen without playing "is there a limit." Absolute legend.
@lemonguy2962 Yıl önce
@ZachattaxYT Yıl önce
This is why we love him
@RoadkllReee Yıl önce
This is why they take so long to upload 😂
@wolfmanhcc Yıl önce
"Is there a limit" in the ad even.
@Izaraah Yıl önce
He will always find a way :)
@Thomas-oi3fs Yıl önce
3:18 As a Canadian, this game is literally the most accurate Rural Canada Simulator ever.
@alyssajoycb Yıl önce
can confirm
@aerialpunk Yıl önce
Pretty much, yeah, haha
@handlesRdumb Yıl önce
I'm from Nova Scotia and the only criticism i have is nothing is rusty enough
@GoddessRedina Yıl önce
@@handlesRdumb or an occasional in-game event, where it snows so much you have to dig out of your front door.
</Angled> 5 aylar önce
When Josh asks "how did we get here" you know he's done something special.
@planetnydro Yıl önce
I genuinely can't tell if this was made by a Canadian embracing stereotypes or if it was made by an outsider looking in without any context. I love it. The fact that maple syrup acts to keep you from dying of thirst is my favorite part. We Canadians are just built different, I guess.
@MrCreeperKicker Yıl önce
Josh will do anything to avoid playing a game normally, and that is absolutely what I am here for.
@KeopsTV Yıl önce
As a Quebec citizen, I can confirm this is a beyond accurate real life simulator.
@gabriellealtman Yıl önce
@asclover2992 Yıl önce
Lets go tarbanak
@chizo5594 Yıl önce
Mais oui
@AlphonseNAZA Yıl önce
Ahahahahha calis
@dudebrogames Yıl önce
I love how Josh’s definition of going insane is just playing a game that’s semi-normal.
@Eltrotraw Yıl önce
"Semi-normal" seems like a stretch
@snakemaster2 11 aylar önce
@@Eltrotraw well there was no game crash or 0fps, nothing went flying and no one got tortured. So for this channels standard, this is quite normal
@Bacon00024 10 aylar önce
@@snakemaster2 actually, you missed the part where the car is launched like 20 feet in the air
@Novastar.SaberCombat 8 aylar önce
Have you SEEN reality? It's extremely boring. But GLITCHES in any simulation are extraordinarily hilarious. I wish existence was MORE like simulations. No real, physical nor emotional pain. Death had no consequences. Hah. It'd probably be a bit of a bore after playing it for awhile, but eventually you'd just MOVE ON instead of die! 😂 🐲✨🐲✨🐲✨
Josh doesn't need to break things to be funny. He just is.
@Novastar.SaberCombat 8 aylar önce
Yes, but breaking things that are hilarious when you're ALREADY hilarious... is also super hyper EXTRA high-Larry-us. The more abdominal workouts I get from watching, the better. Seriously, I just about died laughing when the wood overflow started "breathing". 😳 I was like, 'OMG CALL AN EXORCIST. Isn't Russell Crowe about to... you know... the priest on the segueway thing? Exorcist in real life story thing?" Yes, it's real. 💪😎✌️ Sorta like "Velocipastor", but probably not. 🐲✨🐲✨🐲✨
@hamzical5299 Yıl önce
Josh is easily the most patient person I've ever met
@mattmurphy7030 2 aylar önce
Parasocial cringe
@maxhilton325 Yıl önce
As someone with some 30 hours in this game, I finally know what it's like to watch Josh ruin a game you like
@staceyjames732 Yıl önce
Whats the game called
@colin5227 Yıl önce
@@staceyjames732 it says on the screen at the start, "mon bazou"
@ChazDraycott 10 aylar önce
I actually went dizzy laughing at "Step One: Chainsaw the trunks! Step Two: Firewood it! Step Three: HOLD PLEASE!" PAHAHAHAHA! I found your channel just last week and have absolutely died laughing at every single video - epic stuff.
@rianshmalik7678 Yıl önce
first time I'm seeing a game actually getting on Josh's nerves, Good job Devs.
@mamamotoh3212 Yıl önce
that's what i'm thinking lol
@rbitrary Yıl önce
This style of game is the anti-josh. I would LOVE to see him play My Summer Car
@emi70000 Yıl önce
Yes, the first of many
The maple syrup got him
* irritated sigh*
@bananatheo3796 Yıl önce
Josh is the living definition of "I do things just because I can."
@Irohtheweirdo 5 aylar önce
I love how Josh says “you die of hydration” instead of dehydration because he’s in the water 😂
@tocalifekid8353 10 aylar önce
imagine being a eastern canadian watching Josh load a car onto another car...
I've seen enough of Josh's videos that I now automatically facepalm when I hear the phrase "I have an idea". The reaction is completely involuntary at this point.
@m15t3r_n8 Yıl önce
As an Albertan I can 100% confirm that there is nothing better than seeing you use the come-alongs to jank the car into the back of a pickup parked in a ditch! You truly captured the Canadian experience with this one bud!🤣😂🇨🇦
@carleduave2022 Yıl önce
"This is what going insane feels like" No worries Josh we already know the depth of your insanity just from your videos alone.
@DaDerpyBoi Yıl önce
@Feirho123 Yıl önce
@3AM_Archives Yıl önce
Lmao yeah
@swagradsuit108 Yıl önce
@mits_y Yıl önce
i think this is the most josh-proof game he's played
As a French Canadian, I thank you for all this firewood.
@FlyToLive1 11 aylar önce
Eastern canadian here, there are definitely a lot of people (usually not in urban ou suburbs areas) that own a lot of different vehicles, you could add a doombuggy to that, maybe 2 or 3 dirt bikes, a boat to go fishing, maybe a sea doo, and a ski doo, the pick up might be to bring back the hunt, the car to go to work, they might have different kinds of tractors as well 😂🤣 they dont have much more to do than that ahaha Omg the timmies on the car repair shop's counter 😂
@lylahsworld3930 Aylar önce
Yeah, I live in Manitoba, and it is the same here, almost everyone who doesn't have a boat, has an ATV
@SirLerm Yıl önce
As a Canadian I must say they nailed the poutine and the rack of maple syrup.
As a Canadian, I can confirm that this game is 1000% accurate
Josh is seriously one of the best TRvidrs. He takes a while to upload, but the uploads are always top quality and actually worth watching
@hi-es3dn Yıl önce
He makes even sponsors funny
@tlsuperdude Yıl önce
He plays the games like trash but the video is legendary
@PsycHoOone Yıl önce
Indeed! Same with SovietWomble for me! I always cheer, when one of them uploads
I mean he took 18 hours just to mess with the title screen 💀. It’s understandable it takes him some time to get through a game.
@MD-xw3jt Yıl önce
His uploads are actually pretty quick, considering how long he plays and how much effort he puts in to the ensuing shenanigans. Not to mention his editing, which really increases the near-frantic tone. Madman.
@KentoKei Yıl önce
This video is a good example of what I consider a good Let's Game It Out video, interesting start, several distinct things occurring, mayhem, and a video length above 1 second
@l0st.f0und52 Yıl önce
I love how Josh said "The game starts with us staring outside our window"
@JustFallingShort 2 aylar önce
Only Josh makes it to where I actually bother watching the sponsors rather than skipping them. Keep up the good work!
@bluerilius4362 Yıl önce
The dedication this man has is unmatched Thank you Josh for the Godtier videos
Josh probably is the most effective troubleshooter of problems in games literally ever
@expiredmilk85 Yıl önce
The fact that anxiety is a meter just proves this game was made for Josh
@angelwolfyt4810 Yıl önce
Lol it’s soooooo true
@charrii-san7403 Yıl önce
Mm.. I'm more interested in the "Maple Syrup" stat bar.
@expiredmilk85 Yıl önce
@@charrii-san7403 good point
He managed to do something that wasn't meant to happen in the title screen. He amazes me.
@littlebear274 Yıl önce
At this point giving a game to Josh just seems like a great way to get a bit of play testing and a bunch of advertising. And I love it.
@gabemead9634 11 aylar önce
It is astounding how foreign his confusion about the splitter was
I definitely think we should explore the rest of this game with you Josh. This one may not net you a chain of videos, but its sure buggy and hilarious enough for a second.
@XoeYStardust Yıl önce
It took me to the end of the video to realize the paint brand was a blend of Bob Ross and Rustoleum. Absolutely ingenious
@Milenos Yıl önce
I think Josh is the only person to have 18hours of playtime without having even leaving the game menu.
lol nope, anyone who plays MS Flight Sim has spent literal days on the updating and welcome screen. Nothing like starting a game for the first time and having to wait out a 60 gig download!
@Chan-Man Yıl önce
@@someweirdguyew9757 Yeah I have like 20 hours on flight simulator and 19 of those hours were spent installing it 😭
@Gaminguide1000 Yıl önce
@@someweirdguyew9757 me downloading 1 gig per second 😎
@dayaksrae7390 5 aylar önce
Legend says Josh is still transporting wood till this day
@GlitchBoxzK Yıl önce
everything is an action game with you Josh!
Dedication to take things to the extreme is why i love this channel
@killaonmoco Yıl önce
As something of a game designer myself, this is possibly the most funny channel I will ever watch for the rest of my life. Josh, if you can see this, please test out the games from my college Fullsail, if you want something to pull more videos from, you'd basically have an unlimited source of games to absolutely break, my college was Fullsail 🤣 and the students always need someone to bounce their games off of
As a Canadian, I can tell you this is the most realistic game of all time.
@Sprixyy Yıl önce
This dude sat on the title screen for a day just for a 7 second joke, you’re amazing
i want to see more of this, josh always makes my day
as long as you play games and share it with us, I could watch anything.
@AndyLundell 7 aylar önce
I really apreciate the editing trick of making Francis vanish at exactly 17:30
@OH-SIX-SPIT Yıl önce
Josh always finds a way around the games intended features
@HappyPurging758 5 aylar önce
Hey Josh. You need to play this again and see how far can go 😂😂😂
@Turudelas13 Yıl önce
Josh: "Hey there, it's Josh. Welcome back to Let's Game It Out." Every game in a 10 mile radius: *Abstract anxiety*
@nathanbair4069 Yıl önce
*Visible Panic* xD
You mean "abject?" Because the word is "abject."
@Turudelas13 Yıl önce
@@Handles-Are-A-Stupid-Idea No, no I do not.
@@Turudelas13 alrighty, what's so abstract about this anxiety?
@Semi_Demi Yıl önce
@@Handles-Are-A-Stupid-Idea If you look at it in my point of view, anxiety is a work of art. Anxiety helped me discover a lot about my self, such as the fact I have anxiety. And the fact that I’m anxious about the tiniest things (Don’t take this seriously I don’t even know why I’m replying)
@zulius7707 Yıl önce
I really like how he gets in the game, walks away without even playing for 18 hours, then finally comes back to go *in* it.
@dudebrogames Yıl önce
Josh has the patience of a saint.
@danisaksson3214 Yıl önce
I feel like this is the first game that somehow managed to play Josh while he also successfully played IT.
@declansuttle2392 7 aylar önce
Josh has so much patience at the beginning
@darkaine7344 9 aylar önce
This game was super cool, looking for another episode on it :)
@NobinTheAI Yıl önce
He hasn't even started the game and already had it running for 18 hours the dedication this man has to complete destroy whatever game is frightening and if he ever brings that dedication to destroy us I don't think we can survive
@trippcarey4305 Yıl önce
I can't imagine how bad game devs feal after Josh is done with it
@technicholy1299 Yıl önce
The trick is to make sure there is someone named Grace to distract him.
@GlennDavey Yıl önce
I've started playing games different
@CubeNinja07 Yıl önce
I like how he litterally spent 18 hours just on the title screen breaking the game
When you hear josh say “Hello? Helloooo” you know something funny is about to happen
@gamingchampion_1 6 aylar önce
You know it's a good video if you don't even get past the title screen before he even tried to break the game😂🎉
@fruitymelon4881 Yıl önce
Even though it takes long for these episodes I still love the feeling of seeing a new one of your videos
Please, PLEASE explore this game so more. I laughed so hard that i cried watching this.
It hasn't even been a minute and Josh has already done a "Is There A Limit" Joke, I can tell this is gonna be a good episode.
You see the thing is that question isn't a joke
@lavendermagic84 Yıl önce
I can tell ALL of Josh's videos are gonna be good episodes before i even start to watch 😂
ya mean he made an is there a limit APOCOLYPSE
Congrats on 4mil,legend,you deserve it 100%,thanks for making great videos for us,keep up the good work!;)
@aerialpunk Yıl önce
That was awesome. I loved the neon truck lol, and the random health bars (anxiety, lol). And as a Canadian I can confirm that we live off maple syrup, poutine, and Tim Horton's coffee (I loved that they put those cups around lol).
You know it’s gonna be a good video when 18 hours already passes on the MENU SCREEN
@Dimencia Yıl önce
I love how he just knew that it wouldn't check collision when building something new. Absolute prescience
@RustyMuck 11 aylar önce
7:42 Of course the road map was self-aware enough to have "Mmmmmm" and "Vrouuuuuummmm" as road markers for Josh
@supercat3d410 11 aylar önce
And diable wich means devil LOL
@matthewboire6843 7 aylar önce
Don’t your maps have that?
As a québécoise, i can say that everything in this game is a perfectly accurate representation of rural Quebec, and boy does it hurt to see
@runitsacow Yıl önce
An a non-Québécoise person, but still a Canadian. I agree.
@franx4168 Yıl önce
Je savais que ça allait être qqc juste au titre
@TheRenofox Yıl önce
This game looks like a Canadian version of My Summer Car, so I'm glad to to see how accurate real Canadians find it. :)
I live in Edmonton Alberta and fit with most Canadian stereotypes lol
@strickermic Yıl önce
serieux c'est parfait xD on dirait la vie d'un dude qui vie genre dans la beauce ou dans le coin du saguenay xD
@Furzkampfbomber Yıl önce
I love how some of those bolts seem to tunnel through the roof and the windshield. Looks like the people who claim that according to quantum physics, one could actually tunnel through a wall instead of crushing into it, enough tries provided, _are_ right. Excuse me for a second, I need to test something.
@tm2A Yıl önce
"God why do I have to do so much learning" he really is a legend
@hawk_gaming2054 8 aylar önce
people be like ' Why doesn't josh upload every day or every week' . Josh : *stays in menu * I wonder if this goes on forever
@VanitasShyguy Yıl önce
would love to see you play any game generally. Any game you play is just hilarious, love your content!
@senortailer5102 3 aylar önce
Hidden lore:all this time this was a documentary on how Josh slowly deprived himselft out of sanity.
Me: "I wish LetsGameItOut uploaded more, guess they have a busy ife" LGIO: "and this is how many bolts spawn at the main menu if you leave it for 18 hours" Me: "super busy life"
@saltiney8578 Yıl önce
I mean obviously he doesnt watch it.
@Verrisin Yıl önce
I bet he has 5 computers, with a different game breaking on each. XD
I love how the main reason his uploads are so infrequent is because he spends days at a time doing the craziest things known to man for a 25 minute youtube video
@samuraiguy0000 Yıl önce
@@saltiney8578 You've heard the guy talk, I wouldn't say obviously.
@zulius7707 Yıl önce
@@jonathanwarner3195 LOL IKR
@mallowman2794 Yıl önce
I can’t believe how hard I laughed when he ditched threw the atv from the truck and immediately is back in the ditch with the truck pointed straight into the air.
If let's game it out went insane, then I cannot fathom what happens in this episode
@russward2612 7 aylar önce
I love how, no matter the game, if there's a drivable vehicle, he never uses brakes to stop. He only crashes into stuff.
I have not once watched one of these videos and not laugh out loud. Always hilarious
when josh said "you live here with the potato now" i almost died with laughed! good job josh keep me laughing (and laugh to death i shall)
Nothing says LGIO like a quick game of "IS THERE A LIMIT?" to start things off. Another Instant Classic.
I'm officially a true Canadian. I knew what a wood splitter was 🤣
@MidnightDStroyer 9 aylar önce
Gotta hand it to Josh, when he can leave a game running on the intro screen for 18 hours just for humor's sake. Even Josh would have to admit that after 18 hours it was time to bolt from there.
@d-padqueen1103 10 aylar önce
You can't go insane. If you could recognise your own insanity, can you really identify as insane? Keep up your sweet vids :) They're awesome! ^_^
@colehetzel3093 Yıl önce
Great video Josh, would love to see more of this
@heyviper1238 Yıl önce
I'm surprised Josh doesn't have the exact number of pounds of torque required to break a human neck committed to memory yet.
@lightedfusion Yıl önce
I love how not even 30 seconds in the video Josh has found a way to break the game.
BOLTS: _it's part of a healthy breakfast!_ (but yeah those were OD unhealthy amounts of bolts ㄴㅇㄴ)
@DaDerpyBoi Yıl önce
This is called quality content!
@ancientdragondj Yıl önce
He didn't even get past the main menu XD It's like the game was made for him XD
@Skulhunter5 Yıl önce
the really nice thing is that 30 seconds is a rather long time for him
@Gobershmat Yıl önce
30 seconds into the video, but 18 hours into Josh’s unending life!
@TheGavalarnch Yıl önce
Love your channel!!! Your delivery is fantastic still!!! Been watching for years and you never disappoint! Thanks for that!
@DrFishsticks Yıl önce
5:19 I love that after the cut the “anxiety” meter is at its maximum
@WingerB17 3 aylar önce
Why does it feel like it's ten times as funny when Josh is trying to play the game correctly?
@alexisr4382 7 aylar önce
Being a real Canadian I can affirm you let’s game it out has really guessed everything he tried to translate
@gaige1015 Yıl önce
its 3 am and I have school in the morning yet I'm up watching josh (from let's game it out) crash a truck for 24 minutes.
@PaulCashman Yıl önce
When Josh rings out with "There's only one way to find out!" during the title sequence, you know it's gonna be a good day.
You know it’s gonna be a good video when let’s game it out breaks the game without even getting into the game.
@lkb_runner4893 10 aylar önce
By god when he cant get 30 seconds into the video without saying "is there a limit" is when you know its gonna be a good video😂
@kirkendauhl6990 10 aylar önce
I love how he was legitimately annoyed with the gas lol
@emi70000 Yıl önce
This game was built for josh I can tell, the fact that it tests its limits
imagine being a neighbor with josh next door
@SWISS-1337 Yıl önce
I'm glad that the developers took the time for realism and remembered to include the tyre skid marks on the sea. Just as nature intended.
@based980 Yıl önce
@kibbokibbo Yıl önce
@@based980 theres this crazy thing called "different countries use different spellings", its mind blowing I know
@@kibbokibbo tire
@beezzinha Yıl önce
@@savageraccoon787 tyre
@shgds Yıl önce
@@based980 there are these wild things called dialects you should check 'em out sometime
@munchmunch6328 Yıl önce
When you love every part of the video, even the sponsors : I see this as a win win for everyone
@victorgreen6872 Yıl önce
2 minutes in for us is 18 hours for him this man is amazing
@zanegaming4478 Yıl önce
As a Canadian this is very accurate to our lifestyle
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