THIS IS WAR - GAWNE x Tech N9ne x Atlus

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Directed, shot & edited by Tommy Jackson
Website: www.tommyjacksonfilmmaking.com
Instagram: instagram.com/indieblackm...

Actors / Actresses:
Pat Clifford, Erica Fumo, SEPPI, Grant Taubman, Nick Rohner, Mike Hoke, Elija Charbel, Justin Mobley, Isiah Robles (CreAsian)

Special thanks to:
Travis O’Guin & Strange Music, PsychTune Records, the Charbel family, Spencer Parsons (KS film locations)

Produced by Pendo46




3 Kas 2021




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GAWNE 2 aylar önce
We need your help with algorithm - please SUBSCRIBE, like & comment 🪖 #ThisIsWar
USMC 0451
USMC 0451 Gün önce
HOODIE HUSTLE 2 gün önce
It ain't about algorithm. Only sellouts at the top. Check my latest, brother.
Daniel Clements
Daniel Clements 7 gün önce
Awesome track! You killed it!
Josiah Patten
Josiah Patten 12 gün önce
Here's what you need help with .. History.... This weak attempt to butruss leftist idioligy with your revisionist history... laughing 😂
Atlus 2 aylar önce
I feel like I’m always saying this, but this is our best song yet#ThisIsWar
Andrew Gonzalez
Andrew Gonzalez 5 gün önce
Keep up the great work brother...🔺🔺🔺
You're a good men
This flow is amazing
SCP - 1471
SCP - 1471 17 gün önce
“You a bitch hope you know that shit” is his best song? The fact that tech collaborated with you two will never cease to amaze me.
Ksshortyb 26 gün önce
Its called progression by motivation. Some people got it. Some people dont. Run with it.
Dance Party Club
Dance Party Club 2 aylar önce
SCP - 1471
SCP - 1471 17 gün önce
Roasted him and it has likes lol
꾸숑 엄
꾸숑 엄 Aylar önce
Coach Corey
Coach Corey Aylar önce
Tech is one of those artists that has seriously never fallen off after all these years. Consistently just dropping bangers weather it's a feature or his own songs.
William Ford
William Ford 13 gün önce
Wtf uhhh no bro
kooz 23 gün önce
@F3NOM Music no it makes sense man, I correct people not to prove them wrong but to help them in life know the correct word to use. I feel why he did this and I don’t think you should attack him. I have friends that will say like “oh I’ve heard of that”, and then explain to me what they heard and they misheard. Instead of letting them go around and share what they heard, incorrectly, I correct them so they don’t and get made fun of for being wrong. In this case not so much because we all know it’s probably just auto suggesting the incorrect version of the word, but still, the man might genuinely have just learned something he did not know. Knowledge is power, and it’s better to have and not need then to need and not have. That man should thank whoever corrected him.
Jason Wade
Jason Wade Aylar önce
Techn9ne is a machine, literally his mind is a machine. He said he doesn't get writers block only block he gets he said is style block like how to fit the beat melody vocally. Tech doesn't get enough, props for his voices dude can rap and sound like 5 different mutherfuvkas in one verse like busta said about him in the worldwide choppers video.
F3NOM Music
F3NOM Music Aylar önce
@Robert Walker this is TRvid not high school… get over yourself
Robert Walker
Robert Walker Aylar önce
Dollar Dude
Dollar Dude Aylar önce
At this point I'm convinced Tech will be chopping until he's in his 90s
WhyMad Brah
WhyMad Brah Aylar önce
Man i miss the feeling of getting impressed by a song. Its so rare this days. But this one finally gave me the feeling and the vibe i was looking for . I never really coment on youtube. I just do it for the algorithm on this one. Cuz im impressed. I also see tech holding back a bit so that the younger talent can shine and have their moment. What a gentle heart.
M. G.
M. G. 2 gün önce
I've actually commented about how f*cking RAD T9CH truly is!!!!!!!💓💓💓 T9CH doesn't f*CK around with artists... He's always been about the music 🎶 He's an artist who embraces other genius artists; artists that otherwise could have been his competition!!!!☠️ I L 💓 VE YOU T9CH!!!💀 Thank you for sharing your art X💀X💀, Maegan
Crypt 2 aylar önce
So proud of you bro.
Natty and Daddy Show
I love seeing the team support each other. In my opinion, you guys are super over using this Atlus fella. But, at the same time, I guess that contradicts my original sentence. Lol. Just makes all the songs sound the same, to me. I love all y'all regardless tho
D S 7 gün önce
@GAWNE you should be called the next Eminem 👍🐐
Nick J
Nick J 21 gün önce
Can we get a reaction video for this crypt
terry Aylar önce
Ur so Good gawne 🤗 yeeha The next best wow,🤔🤪🤯
terry Aylar önce
Love ya crypt u are more than a legendary bloke
manglemesome Aylar önce
You can always rely on Tech to work with great artists, I’ve discovered so many artists thanks to his collaborations 👍 🔥
Jason Wade
Jason Wade Gün önce
Plus their roster
zeinebo erebih
zeinebo erebih Gün önce
Same man, Tech N9na is the GOAT
KillerClown001 _
KillerClown001 _ Aylar önce
Say what you want about Gawne, whether it’s critique about his motives, lyricism, POV. You can’t disagree that two things he does perfectly and incorporates perfectly in this song is pronounceability and flow switching. Even while rapping extremely quick you hear every word which isn’t all that common (tech also does this great.), it also for some reason adds almost sort of a melody to Gawnes voice.
Tyler Halloran
Tyler Halloran 16 gün önce
@Mr. Paulino I think it's a blessing and a curse for an artist to have his influence bubble over. A blessing because your able build on an established style and then use other influences to create a unique sound. But a curse because people will say your ripping off the artist you admire and that it's not good even when you are actually showcasing a level of skill that alot of people don't have. I definitely like new and unique artists.. I find cryptic wisdom one of those unique artist the dude knows he can spit. But his style for the most part relies on his grungy rock sound and tools his songs around that. I think that's were gawne should be going musically. Dude has talent and I mean to have Tech 9 to want to feature on his song that says something. Even tho tech 9 leaves him in the dust.
Mr. Paulino
Mr. Paulino 16 gün önce
@Tyler Halloran I agree with you on that. Some rappers take more time to develop their own style, but to just blatantly say he doesn't sound like Eminem like these other guys are doing is just down right in denial.
Sippy Whitesell
Sippy Whitesell 17 gün önce
I wonder if people would still be saying he's copying Eminem if he wasn't white. He could literally have the same style and cadence but if he was anything but white no one would be comparing him to Em. Also, no one owns a "style" the only thing he has in common with Em is that he's a white rapper. Who are you to say he's "copying", like why can't this just genuinely be him? You know how many people dress like him and don't even have a thought for Eminem in their brain. What makes you think Em is 100% authentic and not influenced by someone. Isn't this like when Eminem first came out and was influenced by and trying to "act like" "the black culture" and people kept telling him to "stop acting black". All sayings that someone judged him and came up with. The same thing you're doing to someone now. Remember you don't know these cats, so making statements about what someone is or isn't as if your words are facts just makes you sound kinda stupid. Claiming that one is trying to be the other is like comparing you to the people that said Em was trying to act "too black"...they sounded dumb as shit right. Like I said, if dude didn't change a thing except his skin tone you wouldn't be comparing him at all or talking the shit you're talking...
Tyler Halloran
Tyler Halloran 29 gün önce
@Mr. Paulino I hear some similarities in em and Gawne but I also see some similarities with tech. There are influences in his music and Eminem is definitely one of those. I do think he's finding his own style. His collabs with Atlus definitely sound different then em and his collabs. I believe that GAWNE is getting there tho! I'm here for his new shit his older shit is pretty cringe. The same with Crypt and DAX and Mac and all those rappers. Even guys like AK and cryptic wisdom took thier time to find thier own style
Mr. Paulino
Mr. Paulino Aylar önce
@Nick Kulp I said Eminem is a pioneer not Gawne.
Justin Was Here
Justin Was Here 14 gün önce
Love the singers voice, great job Gawne you killed it! I knew this collaboration was coming soon. 2022 gonna bring more success for ya. Much love!
dut0rify Aylar önce
Great job, like usual for me... and finally "recognized" ;-) Just keep it on br0! From France, Courage and Kisses 😘🙏
Pendo46 2 aylar önce
Honored to Produce this masterpiece! Y'all guys killed it 🔥🔥 gotta keep working in the future 💫
spike51234 Aylar önce
Dude, you skimped on putting sights on the guns and when you had them they werent up, come on bro lol, good video otherwise though!
World's Best Gaming Highlights
RJPD_Official 2 aylar önce
RJPD_Official 2 aylar önce
Great job with the beat. I remember trying to write to it before this came out. It’s a great speed beat and these two are the best guys for it.
patriot1918 2 aylar önce
The beat was fire 🔥
Shaggy Unbound
Shaggy Unbound Aylar önce
I literally have had this on repeat for a week. This song gave the inspiration to write lyrics again. Thank you for the inspiration This shit is 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Josh Amiotte
Josh Amiotte Aylar önce
3 things about this track. Atlus is amazing. Never heard of gawn but now I'm glad I did. And tech, fucking legend!
T Wilson
T Wilson 23 gün önce
Gotta check out "death to mumble rap"
Henry Tawnn
Henry Tawnn 2 aylar önce
Holy damn, GAWNE, I've been a huge fan of Tech Nine for so many years, and this was one of best features from any artist I've heard in a long time. Absolutely killed it. I've always thought that if Tech asks you on a song with him, 1. That means you're really good, and 2. You bring your best. And you absolutely killed your verse. Awesome bars. Awesome job.
kevin dotson99
kevin dotson99 Aylar önce
I love this shit I've never heard of gawne but that dude just blew my mind he just stood toe to toe with tech N9ne I couldn't tell you whose bars were better 🤘🏻 btw that's saying a lot because tech N9ne is my favorite artist
Vin Jay
Vin Jay 2 aylar önce
Big moves only 🚀
Jack Duggan
Jack Duggan 4 gün önce
@Singriiotic Studios yeah man. Gawne, Samad Savage and Vin Jay and Vin Jay, Bingx and Gawne on another.
꾸숑 엄
꾸숑 엄 Aylar önce
Singriiotic Studios
@randomdog really. ??!!?!
randomdog 2 aylar önce
@Singriiotic Studios he already has a few
Joe Gates
Joe Gates 2 aylar önce
My bruddah. Vin we need you and tech on a track now
David Coblentz
David Coblentz 2 aylar önce
Never heard this guy but he spits like a chopper! Tech nina my man you never stop amazing me! Love you guys thank you all for making my battles easier by listening to your music.
winns35 2 aylar önce
Tech giving an almost perfect salute. Usually people who never have been in the military give a terrible salute. Gawnes is a perfect side by side example.
Alteridade Aylar önce
Gawne tem um flow fantástico 🤙🤌
Franklin Mckean
Franklin Mckean 2 aylar önce
This shit slaps hard much love to gwane and tech n9ne been a big fan since day one
Mass of Man
Mass of Man 2 aylar önce
Love this guys congratulations on the feature with tech you both deserve it
World's Best Gaming Highlights
Nocturnal RS
Nocturnal RS 2 aylar önce
Sup man, I regret my poor performance when I was put on the spot to freestyle. I swear I am better than that but I just perform at random and not under pressure lol.
RedThunderBird -
RedThunderBird - 2 aylar önce
Mass got Anilyst so that's close enough to Tech 🔥🔥
Devo The Ambivert
Devo The Ambivert 2 aylar önce
Word! Imagine you and Tech on a track
gawne is snapping like always not sursprised he is a other beast im lovving it tech 9.this is wrecking i
dogma 90
dogma 90 Aylar önce
Dude this is fire. Much love to you and tech 9. Gawne they keep sleeping on you. 🔥🔥🔥
chris bellen
chris bellen Aylar önce
Bro I respect u so much keeping real bangers alive I have a top 5 for each decade/era and u my friend are most definitely in it and u know your dope when tech n9ne makes several songs with you 💯
SOLOxTRiPLe Aylar önce
This just blew my mind. First time listening and now I can't wait to check out more music!
ThisOffendsMeTV 2 aylar önce
The amount of times some of your guys pointed their guns at eachother💀 someone almost got Baldwinded
Enki Warrior
Enki Warrior 2 aylar önce
@Thatguythatdidthatonethingatthatplacethatonetime What else are you missing? XD
D Gaines
D Gaines 2 aylar önce
@pingusbror anti-gun people are involved in gun accidents when they pick up a gun and lack basic gun safety. Do you know what your suppose to do when you pick up a gun, or are you at least honest enough to admit that you have a fear of guns and don't know anything about them except what you see on a screen (tv, movies, or internet)?
D Gaines
D Gaines 2 aylar önce
@Nick Harris whose obsessed over tools. All weapons are an extention of the hand, and that why they're called arms. I can kill with anything in your kitchen or garage, and after reading this do you still have your same opinion on guns? You fight the way you train and after reading your comment I can tell you don't. God help your family and love ones if your the only one who can make the difference when evil comes after them. Whats wierd is not having any experence with violence. That's a sign of never being around the block.
James Edwards
James Edwards 2 aylar önce
@pingusbror from a gun enthusiasts....I agree. Some on this side if the fence lack common sense, and moreover the training needed themselves
James Edwards
James Edwards 2 aylar önce
🤣🤣them booger hooks too...the song is badazz though🔥🔥
Arkadius Goetz
Arkadius Goetz 3 gün önce
So glad I discovered this! I’ll look into Gawne and Atlus, nice job guys! Tech N9ne always delivers! One of the best rappers out here rn.
terry Aylar önce
Love it gawne ur a one in a million bro true legend
SarcasticGuy Z
SarcasticGuy Z Aylar önce
The flow through the whole thing 🔥🔥🔥
I like your flow.......... First time listening your rap, this one is mind blowing 🤯 You're gonna blow up someday..... Keep going Man ❤️ And Tech, you're the reason why I clicked this song...... Respect from Lakshadweep 🇮🇳
Rick Cruickshank
Rick Cruickshank Aylar önce
Badass,you guys might just save this world together
Ezekiel Yt
Ezekiel Yt Aylar önce
Damn straight got this lyricist killing it 😳
Fast Computer
Fast Computer Aylar önce
@Gawne, your flow is amazing your lyrics are amazing your voice is amazing You're amazing
SCP - 1471
SCP - 1471 17 gün önce
Paid actors everywhere
SuperEagle112 2 aylar önce
First time hearing Gawne and Atlus. Tech expanding my horizons. Loved it.
Samad Savage
Samad Savage 2 aylar önce
After hearing this song early, I didn’t think it could go any harder, then you dropped this banger of a video!
GAWNE 2 aylar önce
My boy! Can’t wait for your album 👀
SobaSaiyan 2 aylar önce
Honestly this is the best song I've heard in years the lyrics and delivery are flawless can we please get more music like this with the same type of beats and rhythm I mean come on this is amazing!!!
Coach Bailey Cooper
Love every bit of this!
Alex Partee
Alex Partee Aylar önce
Tech. And. Luke Gawen r a bad asss collaboration not one to mess with
Muhammad Al Faridzi
Muhammad Al Faridzi 2 aylar önce
Broooo this is fire! My friend told me to listen to this song cause he know I'm gonna like this. And fuck yeah, you're on my list from now on, Gawne! 🔥
9jaFanx 2 aylar önce
This is action movie 🔥💯
Joe Green
Joe Green Aylar önce
This is declaring war on Christians.
@X.Grover.X Sangmachn civil war gear wasn't even detailed like that either..
Cher Lee
Cher Lee 2 aylar önce
This is a Fall Out Everybody get down, Stay out of our way!
X.Grover.X Sangmachn
X.Grover.X Sangmachn 2 aylar önce
if by that you mean, they had no input arom any real firearm professionals, minimal and terribly set up gear, and the list goes on then sure! I mean they nailed the civil war gear but that's about it. ROFL. I can't listen to this and watch the vid at the same time ROFL great spits tho!
I∀I 2 aylar önce
Dieverse Raps
Dieverse Raps Aylar önce
Bro I'm here for tech but i just discovered this dude. He's fucking crazy
Art Vein
Art Vein Aylar önce
Content Shorts
Content Shorts Aylar önce
Listen to some of his other stuff. Recommendations: Hell To Pay with KING CROOKED, Nightmares, Scars, Homicide
L.H. LAICH Official
This is a true masterpiece man! 👏 💯🔥 flows are so natural with perfect syllables plus more from all of you!
Fast Computer
Fast Computer Aylar önce
This is the best song ever. Man, this is incredible.
The Kebblesnbits
The Kebblesnbits Aylar önce
Bro let’s get it! Hitting hard next to Tech all the way to the top!!!
HazmatFTW 2 aylar önce
Been listening to Tech for over 13 years now - how this guy keeps being new and innovative is beyond me. What a true master of his craft. A real one of a kind.
Jelli bizcut
Jelli bizcut Aylar önce
@Kevin Russell Tech literally been around longer🤣
King Richard the Great
Reason why I drink Kansas City Sweet Tea
Cody We
Cody We Aylar önce
Don't kill your foe just clone their God's then you Kontrol all your enemies.
Cody We
Cody We Aylar önce
M&M is a leftovers Repeat, an Illuminati Puppet.. cloned SEVERAL times... " Universal Contract "
Cody We
Cody We Aylar önce
@Mato Wakan Tech's been around since Warren G , biggie, ez E , Tupac, he's the one of the few that hasn't been assassinated..
Mrswitch Cars
Mrswitch Cars Aylar önce
So many different flows from one man. You don’t need features when you can switch it up and sound completely different.
Blockonator 2 aylar önce
Absolutely insane. These 2 are the best at their craft! Love this song!
Lønley Tøast —
Lønley Tøast — Aylar önce
This shit hits hard!!!🔥🔥🔥
C allen
C allen 12 gün önce
This is straight 🔥!!! We need a world wide choppers with GAWNE!! You have the cleanest delivery I've heard so far.
Real Deal
Real Deal 2 aylar önce
This song looks like they had fun and some real hip hop flows man they stepped on this one.
Alaa Shehayeb
Alaa Shehayeb Aylar önce
You guys finally gave us what we want 💥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💣
AGØRA Aylar önce
Y'all did your thing with this, love it man
Dan Allen
Dan Allen Aylar önce
Love this track and all 3 artists amazing
James Salt
James Salt 2 aylar önce
Mind blowing
FunnyMoney Aylar önce
Want a good rap song? Step 1: Get Tech 9 as feature and give him upbeat tempo Step 2: Relax
Alex Kuhn
Alex Kuhn Aylar önce
Absolutely on point men! Love it 🤘🏻
Mad Hatter
Mad Hatter 2 aylar önce
Disturbing explanation for the factors behind war done to a sick flow, loving it
Love what tech nine has become and this is my favorite of gawne
DKRapArtist 2 aylar önce
Legendary shit luke!
RedThunderBird -
RedThunderBird - 2 aylar önce
@Pug_Momma Anilyst fam 👀
Pug_Momma 2 aylar önce
GAWNE 2 aylar önce
My man
most prevalent
most prevalent 2 aylar önce
Tech, I've known you from your cousin Jason. Over 18 years. Port arthur. Rest in peace for him. Glad to see the fight coming out. Everyone is breaking away and helping others with words.
antimatterexplodes Aylar önce
Wow. That was incredible! My son raps super fast like that, too. I loved every note of that!
Yaboiseehow Aylar önce
This song is really good I put this on my playlist on spotify
Kevin Heichert
Kevin Heichert Aylar önce
This is fuckin fire bro. Damn, just found ya, earned yourself a fan. High 5!
UnwornOwl 521896
UnwornOwl 521896 2 aylar önce
Not many can hold their own on a track with Tech. Impressive, most impressive.
vexo timmer
vexo timmer 2 aylar önce
@GAWNE Great job, man. I gotta admit, this was the first time I ever heard of you. I'm a go back and check out more songs from you now. You and Tech killed it.
GAWNE 2 aylar önce
I appreciate it!
AreAyeWhy Aylar önce
Bro fucking insane love it kinda sad Altus didn’t get alot of time in it but none the less this was fire
J Tra
J Tra 2 aylar önce
F@ckin fire verses and beats! Well done sir! This collab should help you blow up this year and next!
Jøren Falk Pedersen
Jøren Falk Pedersen 2 aylar önce
Gawnes flow is so God damm amazing. And somehow Tech still stole the track a bit
Sh*tshow Central
Sh*tshow Central Aylar önce
Pretty sick flow my dude. I can't buy a tshirt fast enough!
Ong Joon
Ong Joon 2 aylar önce
I heard this song like ten times plus already, Luke, on Spotify, you killed it, dude, your cadences are polished as hell and Tech just does Tech, his verse speaks for itself. The message is excellent too amidst all the godly chopping from both of you. Keep it up, Luke, I've been a big fan of yours since late 2019 when you hit my radar and Tech is literally my favorite rapper of all time, so to see you two on this song together is a dream collaboration come true, man, for real
World's Best Gaming Highlights
Meshel_Mitch 2 aylar önce
Devin Struss
Devin Struss 2 aylar önce
I need more of this chorus please. Whole song fire though
ayaron 2 aylar önce
Been subscribed, been following, listen to this song every morning I get to work, and every evening I get home 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🤌
David Kowalski
David Kowalski 2 aylar önce
This track is flippin' lit baby, let's go! 👏 Good work fellas!
Primitive Outcome
Primitive Outcome 2 aylar önce
First time hearing Gawne very impressed to say the least. Nice to know there's still real mcs out there making there mark.
Zac Cramer
Zac Cramer 2 aylar önce
Tech n9ne is the goat. His live shows are always insane
1 day at a time..
1 day at a time.. 26 gün önce
@Thomas Zielinski I got to see him back when Something Else Dropped.. it was the independent Power house tour I believe, it was at the House of blues in Mobile Alabama
Mcgrooze420 Aylar önce
Na its tech then everyone else..
Thomas Zielinski
Thomas Zielinski Aylar önce
I seen him perform at a festival a couple years back and he brought krizz, shit was 🔥🔥🔥. One of the best live performers hands down.
Adam Jones
Adam Jones Aylar önce
Yeah definitely top 10 for sure
Ayden Lell
Ayden Lell Aylar önce
For real goosebumps throughout the whole video. Keep it up man
Hope Dies Young
Hope Dies Young 12 gün önce
How does this guy only have 150k subscribers. He is better than any of these so called rappers today.
Seth Rudfelt
Seth Rudfelt 2 aylar önce
You deserve to be way more known.. It's coming I'm sure. I'm gonna claim conspiracy if it stays this way much longer
The Brownie Bites
The Brownie Bites 2 aylar önce
Day 13 of listening to this all day 🤣 Love this entire song and flow . [Historical]
Haades 2 aylar önce
This is fire!
Luis Santiago
Luis Santiago Aylar önce
This is 🔥 %100 they all super talented
terry Aylar önce
I honestly listen to this song 28 times a day cant get enough
Jett Ison
Jett Ison Aylar önce
This deserves at LEAST 500,000 👍's.. C'mon ppl! #thisiswar
joshuawade249 2 aylar önce
I don't know why it stuck out to me so much but Gawne's voice has a great tone and he has great pronunciation too. It is so easy to understand what is being said without having to read the lyrics. Tech 9 the same way and is one of many reasons I have been listening to him since he dropped Anghellic in 2002. He is also the reason I clicked on this video and Gawne has a new fan. Keep up the great work
RANDY POWER 2 aylar önce
@CrackerJack 787 Eminem obviously knows him, “bitch let me remind you, shady records, slaughterhouse co-sign what I do” -Takeover (Gawnes verse from WorldWide Cypher Takeover)
Zark Hussain
Zark Hussain 2 aylar önce
@aaron horne
aaron horne
aaron horne 2 aylar önce
Eh. Too tinny sounding for me. Got bars for sure but I prefer my rap to sound more aggressive, that’s the difference between him and tech. Tech has more bass in his voice and sounds a lot more aggressive. No disrespect to Luke but I haven’t heard a song yet that I would bump, just my preference.
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Jaxon Goldthrite
Jaxon Goldthrite 2 aylar önce
His style is different, but voice wise he sounds like old school eminem
gang needlz Official
gang needlz Official 29 gün önce
killed it as always🔥🔥
Einstein - Chan
Einstein - Chan Aylar önce
Lyrics: [ Atlus: ] This is war, pick your sides know your stance This is war, no telling how the story ends This is a fallout everybody get down Stay out of our way (out of our way) This ain't a nice song no telling where we might go We've heightened the stakes [ GAWNE: ] You wishing death upon us? Better get ready with a vest and invest in enough Protection to lessen nuclear fallout go cry for mama You wanted war 'til you on the floor trying to hide from bombing Kamikazes fly supersonic right through the Eiffel Tower President Donny killеd Soleimani so now Iran's a problem Going Nagasaki atomics dropping on Abu Dhabi Twenty million bodiеs and five tsunamis arrive in Holland Few survived alive now the radiation is sure to follow All the bombing is now underway How you gonna save yourself y'all better pray? Y'all gotta stay down in the basement or Hallway closet otherwise die in the flames A lot of atomic waste concentrated in Metropolis watch As the hospital rates sky rockets to thousands of patients Nuke radiation becoming too dangerous No this ain't Tinder but I swipe left at you with a knife in fact Striking your back with a whole viking Axe tell Tech that it's time for the fire Let me get a funnel attachment run up and siphon The gas douse it around then we go light the match Igniting that like Iraq where Isis was fighting at Whole world 'bout to end so soon Kim Jong-un getting pissed at you Send a big fuckin' nuke to America to hit Your roof in instant blew like flipping a fuse Incinerating kids in school principal said it was miserable Missiles are dropping in Israel, Germany, London and Istanbul Not Godzilla but an ominous monster's still upon us Planet was hit with a comet, economy crashing Poverty, wobbly plate tectonics shifting a lot How could it not be the apocalypse probably got to be causing a lot? Of the death that we see when we turn on our screens Every night and we're watching the new up on our TV's Forcibly, torture these Enemies give 'em deformities Waterboard 'em 'til they orally tell us a story Sick and stick 'em up in quarantine There's not a hint of remorse in me Cold to my core feels like only in war do I ever find normalcy Like on the beaches of Normandy Live by the sword I'ma die when I'm 43 Together with Tech and I We met up and electrify the record every time that we etch a rhyme I reckon they recognize they're never gonna rise to my level I'm five times better with the pen when spraying venom 'Bout to end 'em when I get 'em in the center of the scope doot-doot Let a round off broken through open, a wound there ain't no hope for you Yeah I think I'm 'bout to kill a mother fucker with a gun You better get to running like you were a sprinter I'ma hit 'em in the ligament and ankle bullet ricocheting I may intimidate a witness, never give into the pressure When they interview 'em, bet they won't admit Or I'll run up shoot a bullet from the hip, pull up on the strip Hit 'em with the lead and put a body in the ditch Other words GAWNE and Tech just murdered this shit [ Tech n9ne: ] I can smell the smoke from hell, it's right in the middle of us Everybody wanna fight and they givin' no fucks When they do it on sight wit' a gun or wit' a knife Ain't even a bit of light, when you're living in dusk In the mind, why they gotta be stuck? The crime when you wanna go bustin' the .9 Never have no trust in your kind And you're really unjust How do they storm the capitol? (Cha) It's a war in the back of your forum, the horns attackin' mo' torn the radicals (cha) Never happen to mourn the scorned and born wit' a lack of dough (cha) Just like them (cha), when I think about it all it's quite dim (cha) Everything is really raw like a fright film (cha) If you ready for the brawl come and try grim (cha) On a level where the people wanna load up what they got and get it poppin' If he thinking 'bout the hood he better never come a knockin' They don't ever wanna take it to the B or the C zone (cha) We home nigga we got the heat on (cha) All the energy is separation, togetherness never was thee motivation Evil has really been sweeping the nation, because it was never no communication (cha) In a war the believers of Jesus, wanna make you bleed, it's egregious Shoulda had their fetus deleted, but the parents skeet is completed So now we stuck wit' the crazy, pushin' a lotta negative up in the babies What the fuck they doin' snuffin' the ladies? Killin' globally it's buckin' in Haiti (cha) This is (war) what are the fake well wishes (for?) Even the saint sell sickness, rank fell vicious, bank swell quick as (whores) (cha) Can't nobody be calm in the midst of hell, so I lit this bomb wit' the quickness Yell wit' the lip, it's 'nam and it's on, you don't wanna go to war with Tech N9na and Gawne! [ Atlus: ] This is war, pick your sides know your stance This is war, no telling how the story ends This is a fallout everybody get down Stay out of our way This ain't a nice song no telling where we might go We've heightened the stakes
Content Shorts
Content Shorts Aylar önce
Damn u deserve more likes for this
Duniee Francine
Duniee Francine Aylar önce
What a awesome song. Loved it. Thank you for sharing your talent!!!! Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!! Much love and light ✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎🙏🇺🇸🙏🇺🇸🙏🇺🇸🙏🇺🇸🙏🇺🇸😎🇺🇸
Josiah H
Josiah H Aylar önce
Sick as hell!! I love the song and the video!! Come do a concert in Idaho ( Tech used to come all the time COME BACK BOTH OF YALL!!! ) PLEASE!!
S B 2 aylar önce
Killed it
Keno Krause
Keno Krause 2 aylar önce
Nathan Martinez
Nathan Martinez 2 aylar önce
To be Honest and honesty is best always. I didn't know you #GAWNE but I do now and Brotha you all compliment each other like no other GAWNE #TECH N9NE And #ATLUS have fired shots #ThisIsWar
Faith Hector
Faith Hector Aylar önce
Saw this and now I got more artists to add to my everyday play
RC New Flyer
RC New Flyer 2 aylar önce
Atlus u made it bro I listened to u a lil bit here and there and u never disappointed. Tech 9ne is a legend helluva way to come out big man prod of u bro
Cihtym 2 aylar önce
Amazing track and the way tech did the melodic speed reminded me of krayzie bone so much and I loved it! Visuals were crazy also!
Nathanael Dmello
Nathanael Dmello 2 aylar önce
@Light of Destiny mate I told to Cithym But will check your work too
Light of Destiny
Light of Destiny 2 aylar önce
@Nathanael Dmello Me or Cihtym? 👀
Cihtym 2 aylar önce
@Nathanael Dmello didn't expect anyone to check my stuff I thank you man I appreciate it 🙏
Nathanael Dmello
Nathanael Dmello 2 aylar önce
Just checked your channel I liked your recent track
Cihtym 2 aylar önce
@Light of Destiny lol
DevHuman 2 aylar önce
This is your best song, I love it. 🔥🔥🔥
M. G.
M. G. 2 aylar önce
HOLY 💩, IT'S CHRISTMAS COME EARLY!!!😁 Gawne, I've watched you crawl your way to greatness... Your talent is ABSOLUTELY MIND BLOWING!!!💕 YOU HAVE MADE IT... Even TECH N9NE, the Godfather of rap, agrees!!!😁 Tech, thank you so very much for promoting the underdogs...🐶 You are a treasure!!!😘 I'm ecstatic you chose GAWNE to create this f*cking masterpiece!!! XOXO'S 💋
Kenneth Roundtree
Kenneth Roundtree Aylar önce
I love songs like this. Thank you #ThisIsWar
Granny Love
Granny Love Aylar önce
Y’all killed this is so freaking awesome! I love it!
MegaErtz 2 aylar önce
Such a bad ass song,, two of the best!!!
Awesome Rap Battles
I am a new fan of Luke. He is amazing. Raps are very clear and crisp. Why were there so many hate comments on the mumble rap video? This dude is really talented. I'm a rapper and new to TRvid and I hope I can get to work with you some day.
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