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Only 100 days left. Will you make the most of it?
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This channel, along with every video that has or will ever be uploaded on this channel, will be deleted after our year has ended. This is inevitable. Inescapable. Irreversible.
Do not archive or re-upload anything. This is our last wish. Our parting gift. Stay true to the purpose of our final year or we shall lay down wrath upon those that attempt to escape the end.
Memento Mori.
Unus Annus.




5 Aug 2020




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Rigbyglizzy 3 saatler önce
I like that they committed, to the one year of constantly uploading, most TRvid channels would just stop after a week, but I’m glad I stayed around
Dovah Wizard
Dovah Wizard 5 saatler önce
I feel like this is a very powerful message to everyone. Not many people see just how much they have changed and can change. The clock always ticks on. Use the rest of the time left for the best. Just as unus annus wanted.
Kailyn Hyun
Kailyn Hyun 6 saatler önce
I will fricken cry when Unnus Anne’s gets deleted
Kelsey Morgan
Kelsey Morgan 6 saatler önce
SKx7 / Ecnerf
SKx7 / Ecnerf 7 saatler önce
The end is near Ill surely miss this someday
wtf gamz
wtf gamz 8 saatler önce
I don't care all I care about is the pain of losing 3 mill
Xaki Prattico
Xaki Prattico 8 saatler önce
u know i had to do it to em
Guilherme Torres Barboza
Guilherme Torres Barboza 9 saatler önce
I'm sad I just found out about this channel
DaffireAnt 10 saatler önce
I’m going to have a manic breakdown when Unus Annus ends
Leighton Ellis
Leighton Ellis 12 saatler önce
This is my birthday episode and I don’t know how to feel
Kit Kat Sci
Kit Kat Sci 13 saatler önce
Who heard their last goodbyes a month later?
Kit Kat Sci
Kit Kat Sci 13 saatler önce
See dad, I'm not procrastinating, I'm savoring the moment
Gummygoo2 13 saatler önce
I hate that this was my birthday video
Sclaraidus 17 saatler önce
Em J
Em J 20 saatler önce
100 days, and I'm seeing this late... they tell me not to fear the end, but I cant help it... the end is scary.
Midnight Studios
Midnight Studios 20 saatler önce
I think something else is coming, not just them deleting this channel. Something, dark....
Atif Ehsan
Atif Ehsan 21 saatler önce
I will miss unus annus😭😭😭
Bee Linn
Bee Linn Gün önce
low key kinda makes me wanna cry.... its like some guardian angel like givin up on you... like ya know??
Riann Winters
Riann Winters Gün önce
im actually crying because this channel has helped me so much so i really am sad
K4MES Gün önce
Imagine if someone with premium just downloaded the videos and uploaded them to a new channel that could create a free channel
Eliasmoh Gaming
Eliasmoh Gaming Gün önce
Dafty Two Shoes
Dafty Two Shoes Gün önce
It’s scary to think that soon there will be physically not enough time to watch all the videos
Yuyu Minori
Yuyu Minori 2 gün önce
You guys have no idea how much you’ve helped me. I’ve been here since the started and This channel has gotten me through the worst times of my life. You’ll always have a place in my heart. You raised me to be the happy person I am now, and without you I probably would be dead. I love you guys, and you’ll always mean the world to me.
Gracie R
Gracie R 2 gün önce
So who’s saving these videos- 👀
elmo 2 gün önce
We'll all remeber the pee saga
Shoto Todoroki
Shoto Todoroki 2 gün önce
Me at the beginning of this channel: a straight cis girl Me at the end: a visual kei trans pan boy. Lots has happened in a year
They has us in the title
This is one someones birthday
DinoX Studios
DinoX Studios 2 gün önce
Man its sad that is gonna end
MaccaPlayz 2 gün önce
One of the best things was created on my birthday and will be destroyed on my birthday
sapnah chandradat
sapnah chandradat 3 gün önce
Frick you, I got a couple months left. This isn’t goodbye!!! Lol.
Marcus Wong
Marcus Wong 3 gün önce
Holy shit I just noticed this video is my at my birthday I’m happy because of my birthday but now I’m sad
Brynn Greene
Brynn Greene 3 gün önce
....there is 50 days left....
Shadow Mix
Shadow Mix 3 gün önce
Please keep the videos!!! A lot of them I rewatch cause they make me laugh on my sad days!
Shoto Todoroki
Shoto Todoroki 3 gün önce
I'm gonna miss this channel
Krista Bemis
Krista Bemis 3 gün önce
I'll be so sad when this channel ends. Also, I literally caught myself up, stopped, and am now currently doing it, again. I have less 50 days and 50 something videos to watch 🙃🙃
blayne taylor
blayne taylor 3 gün önce
end the chanel on a weekend for the people who have school
Tobycrate3 3 gün önce
This might be late, but I'm glad this video was on my bday
Nate 3 gün önce
You guys have inspired me to better myself. Thank you.
Gamer_ Cupcake
Gamer_ Cupcake 3 gün önce
Are they just talking about the Channel?
Ryan Hughes
Ryan Hughes 3 gün önce
I’m binging Unus Annus rn
I’m bored, send help
NOOO😭😭 I just found their channel like last week I don’t want them to go
Cj Nichols
Cj Nichols 3 gün önce
Is it just me or is it. A sign that this is my birthday video
Devil Rocky
Devil Rocky 3 gün önce
Where's the "good" in "goodbye"? Now I'll be the "lone" in "lonely" 🥺 (Ps. ye ye it aint the whole lyrics but FEEL THE FEELINGS!) idk
Sophia M.
Sophia M. 4 gün önce
please i need to catch up i'm missing like over 100 videos
Sydney Horton
Sydney Horton 4 gün önce
not this channel giving me daily comfort and ending soon 😖
Sly999 4 gün önce
Ok this just a theory but what if they accidently caused covid-19 and when the final day comes the world ends? Idk just kinda freaky that covid gets worse and worse going up to that final day. But hey if the world ends I hope it's cause of some ancient lovecraften god like cthulhu or terraria's moon lord. Just gonna say that all non pc users would survive with some good ole dirt boi.
Sly999 4 gün önce
(It's cause pc has the newest and last update and now the lasers go through blocks but consoles don't have that yet, especially switch which litterally is so behind it just recieved the ability to play any type of multiplayer the 10th of this month.)
teruplim 4 gün önce
Ilove_ Lemonpie
Ilove_ Lemonpie 4 gün önce
Me:still grasping there hand Me again:I don’t want unus annus to go...I’ve not grown I’m not ready to let go I’m never ready to let go I can’t let go I’m not saying goodbye no I’m not I can’t I can’t say goodbye....I wish it was a joke.....I wish unus annus would stay....I’m not just gonna let you up and leave that’s not happening....(sorry this got emotional but I hope some of you can agree)
Demitri Kristopher
Demitri Kristopher 4 gün önce
I come back sometimes just to hear "You're so much stronger than you know" :')
Georgia Grace
Georgia Grace 4 gün önce
I started watching this channel in order about 2 weeks ago and I’m here already... rip my sleep schedule though 😪
Zach Hughes
Zach Hughes 5 gün önce
For a next channel
Zach Hughes
Zach Hughes 5 gün önce
How about a channel that last 2 years instead of 1
Austin snowflakeaustin
If they delete this channel ill unsubscribe both
Ethan Taylor
Ethan Taylor 5 gün önce
The white suit tho, it's sharp
Do you Know de wae?
Do you Know de wae? 5 gün önce
Umm excuse me I’m new here I just found this yesterday and I called this my new favorite channel and that this is the only channel that made me laugh each episode and now they are deleting it?! 2020 really sucks.
Swagtronic Luigi
Swagtronic Luigi 5 gün önce
Oh no?
slenderkiller Svegeboe
it has taken me 48 days to rewatch every single unus annus video up til this point... im not sure of what to say.
Whirpool Galaxy
Whirpool Galaxy 5 gün önce
Bruh there is also exactly 100 days left in 2020
FlyingFist420 5 gün önce
Oh God, after so much catching up, 100 videos left, with about 50 of them already out. I will not despair, there is no time. Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock.
XxMoonlightxoxo 5 gün önce
When mark says “time moves faster when it’s running out” hits hard
Wzi_spartian 5 gün önce
this scared me because how close it is
Kath Andru
Kath Andru 6 gün önce
what's the name of the piano music in the bg?
TheeRavagerr 6 gün önce
Connor M-W
Connor M-W 6 gün önce
This is the good bye by them so give them a hi
Squingldoo 6 gün önce
ceeblock1 6 gün önce
chrolloswife 6 gün önce
Mark: "don't despair" as a Danganronpa fan, I've been summoned
Yooran 6 gün önce
When Unus Annus ends, I'm ending myself
PlushPower 6 gün önce
Don’t be sad that it’s over, be happy that you were born in the right time to ever know it existed.
Luxy 6 gün önce
this was my birthday unus annus video. i n t e r e s t i n g
Hooked On Chronics
Hooked On Chronics 6 gün önce
*Hooked On The End Is Coming. Memento Mori Mofos*
Tyler Lowry
Tyler Lowry 7 gün önce
Unus Annus
Zuley Ruley
Zuley Ruley 7 gün önce
me crying at the end: ThAtS tHe NiCeSt tHiNgS aNyOnEs EvEr sAiD tO mE
James F
James F 8 gün önce
No one gonna question how all this stuff happening in 2020 and they make this channel saying time is running out 😂😂
Animation Azzy
Animation Azzy 8 gün önce
I can imagine people screen recording all the videos lol
Lou Lou
Lou Lou 8 gün önce
Unus Annus
Akiru_the_Wolf 8 gün önce
I think the biggest loss of this channel being deleted is that this really helps come to terms with death
Celtic Scotland Mapper
I think I am the only one who doesn't think they are actually going to delete it, instead just say it was all a prank or something.
Welp time to binge watch
Magilla F
Magilla F 8 gün önce
this video hit my heart in a way it was never hit and as soon as mark said "this is goodbye" i started to tear up so fast, i know that there are a lot of the comments on this video like this one but it doesnt matter, people that are a big part of your lives saying goodbye like they are going to die is always heartbreaking but in the end i know what they ment with all of unus annus videos, it doesnt matter what comes out from the producer as long as it brings happiness to peoples lives they did a good job, even if they did very stupid things like pee soda (pee is made out of toxic and dangerus cemacles that the body needs to get rid of so thats why it itastes so bad all the time) all the need to know is that if they made someone laugh, smile, or even chuckle, they did a good job. it doesnt matter what it looks like or what it does, as long as it makes people feel good is good enough for them itdoesnt matter if mark or eathen sees this i just want to say all of this and like mark has said before and now "the clock continues to tick even when broken, time keeps on moving no matter hoe many times you stop it" "the fun times will be in our head, not our fingertips" and last but not least "memento mori"
PurplePonyFreak 8 gün önce
Omnitrickter 8 gün önce
Who is who White suit Black suit
Grant Plays
Grant Plays 8 gün önce
“The end is coming..” and this was made in 2020. wait- NOOOO!!!!!
Xander WRLD
Xander WRLD 9 gün önce
Somebody : uploads a vid* Unus anus : Do u know how 2 read
Pawn 9 gün önce
Jokes on you i already forgotten about this whole thing!
commander_starz 9 gün önce
To the person below me I like your idea but I want to see their reaction it should be live on the moon has on his channel and on Mark and Ethan's Channel their personal channels we can see their reaction
INF_North 9 gün önce
I love how you can literally see Ethan looking at his lines behind the camera lol
Polky Plays
Polky Plays 9 gün önce
i'm lost
Márton Olajos
Márton Olajos 9 gün önce
Honestly, 2020 couldn't get worse. Change my mind
Devone 9 gün önce
It’s a lil sad how they compliment us and it’s just going to get deleted...... I WILL ALWAYS REMEMBER YOU, UNUS AND ANNUS
Sirbruhthesecond 9 gün önce
50 days later, oh my god there’s only 50 days left!
Summer Lewis
Summer Lewis 10 gün önce
Can they just continue this channel with an Unus annus #2
DangerLord 8 gün önce
You need to understand death is permanent, not every story has it's good ending
Cesar Sanchez
Cesar Sanchez 10 gün önce
NO... do u not know why there doing this. i mean it does suck that there only doing this for one year but it makes seance why
Lilithic 10 gün önce
This reads more ominously since it's a 2020 video... if shit goes down after this channel goes down I'm looking at y'all
donutongfuel 10 gün önce
you can tell that ethan is reading from the script lol
Faith Nanje
Faith Nanje 10 gün önce
OMG at first i thought the world was ENDING XD but now, iv'e watched the first ever video "The end is coming. but it isn't something we need to fear, we are so much stronger than we know." NOW i'm sad and mad :'(
Random Wonders
Random Wonders 10 gün önce
Let’s take a better word making a video each day these are A few of my favorite for you I’m so sad this is over and I know bunch of people are like exploit you record a video first and then post them
Miyah French
Miyah French 10 gün önce
im really gonna cry :(
FlareRaidz 10 gün önce
Ashley W
Ashley W 10 gün önce
You guys, this is the last time we’ll ever see Unus and Annus. That’s crazy
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